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What would you guys like to see Touhou crossed with?

I would kill my mother with a hatchet for a KotOR style Touhou RPG.

No. 2687
Well, there's already a pen and paper RPG, so...

I'd have to say a Total War style strategy game. Or at least an english patch for Sengoku Gensokyo. No, wait. They did that this past October.
No. 2688
I would like to see a youkai army for Shogun 2 total war.

Karakasa vs. Ashigaru Yari.
No. 2689
Mutter the spell to the mini-hakkero tenderly: shake shake!
No. 2692
That would be the most awesome thing ever.
No. 2693
A Warhammer40K/Touhou crossover.

I already saw one such crossover, and they surprisingly meshed together quite nicely, and that was with a die hard This-Is-How-It-Must-Be-No-Questions-Asked Touhou fan. Heck, they're doing a sequel as well.

So I'd like to see one done as a CYOA.

I vote for being the Swarmlord.
No. 2694
We already have a 40k Rogue Trader CYOA, though it's been stalled for two years.
No. 2695
Maybe it's just me, but I want to see a demigod/half godling in Gensokyo.

And no, Sanae does not count.
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Star Wars kind of. Just replace everyone with touhous.
Just not that shitty ep2 and 3.
No. 2701
I never saw any episode 2 or 3. They never existed. NEVER.
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File 130093478616.jpg - (51.49KB , 750x600 , DarthRevan.jpg ) [iqdb]

Old Republic rapes all movies.


Brilliant, cookies all around.
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The fireworks from this would be epic.
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...Am I alone in wanting Touhou and Virtual-On?
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Mokou and Kaguya: Superstar Saga
No. 2785

No. 2786

But who would be Fawful? Because Nitori isn't that batshit crazy.
No. 2885
Batman. Oh wait..
No. 2931
Touhou MOBA. League of Lolis? Fuckin' right.
No. 2941
The Nasuverse.


No. 2942

They have that. I think it's called Defense of the Shrine. It's modded for the original Warcraft III/DotA
No. 2956
Not a crossover, but I thought of an idea for a short story, formatted as the terse lab notes of a biologist. The man would record the results of fairy experimentation, from attempting to sequence DNA to examining the effects of various compounds on their bodies. Of course, he wouldn't feel a hint of emotion during all this.
No. 2957
Taisa wrote a short something along those lines, although it focused on Flandre rather than fairies.
No. 2961

It also included a few other Touhous as well. Most of them committed suicide.

The picture he posted at the start of his next short story was what Flandre eventually did. It was a picture of part of the world exploding.
No. 2964
This, united with
equals to

The God-Emperor of Mankind in Gensokyo. Although he strenuously objects to being considered a God... and might try to stamp out religion in Gensokyo, to Kanako's horror.
A Primarch in Gensokyo. Choose amongst the 18 (Pre-Heresy or Post-Heresy) Primarchs and guide their actions, according to character, as they inevitably either bring order to Gensokyo or perish trying.
An interesting possibility would be a Crysis CYOA, where we would incarnate a Nanosuit wearing soldier, preferably a Nanosuit 2.0 for the added functions and SECOND. How would the most cutting edge piece of military hardware on the globe react to being in the land of make-believe?
No. 2983
Very interestingly. The MC could arm-wrestle Suika, race Aya, and take several hits in a danmaku fight, though not all at once.

Another fun one would be a Section 8 crossover - orbital drop right into Reimu's shrine, then watch her despair in the subsequent duel when you activate a lock-on, nullifying her dodging and grazing.
No. 2988
Take a few danmaku? Danmaku are made to be non-lethal, correct? Brother, the Nanosuit could take a whole damn avalanche of danmaku and not even break a sweat. Danmaku would make Prophet, Psycho, Nomad or Alcatraz laugh.

I mean, Alcatraz had broken bones and wounds all over, his lungs had collapsed and his heart was in bad shape, yet the Nanosuit easily kept him going above and beyond peak human capacities. The Nanosuit 2.0 does turn soldiers into Post-Human Warriors. More then that, with the Nanosuit 2.0, to quote Hargreaves, : "Death is an inconvenience now, nothing more." It also actively adapts to battlefield hazards and conditions, actively adapting to its opponents to give the wearer better chances against them.

Now, I disagree that a Nanosuited soldier could arm wrestle with Oni or outrun a Tengu, especially not the strongest and fastest examples of the species. However, he could definitively outfight any youkai by playing it smart with all the advantages of the Nanosuit, or at the very least have a far better chance of survival then a normal human even if said Youkai really wanted to kill him.

The biggest interest would be the reaction of Gensokyian locals to the Nanosuit itself. What would Youkai think at the sight of technology which is beginning to rival magic, capable of denying death, of invisibility, of speed and strength such as to level the playing field with Youkai, of full sentience and sapience. What would the local Humans think, seeing that Mankind is reaching levels of technology capable of doing the impossible? Of matching Youkai?

What happens when Non-Human Monsters meet a Post-Human Warrior?
No. 2991
What about Touhou mixed with Call of Cuthulu?

No seriously, what about it?
No. 2995
Replace Cthulhu by Yuuka, and you have your crossover.
No. 2999
I've been thinking about doing a Sengoku Basara/Rance crossover with Touhou.
Essentially the setting would be Sengoku Japan with a mixture of clans from both Rance and Basara, with each getting a few Touhou characters as retainers.
Gotta admit though, finding a good balance between all the clans while maintaining a semblance of characters getting along is harder than I'd thought.
I know this is more for games than stories but it seemed like a good place to find people who might be interested in the idea.
No. 3002

This thread is supposed to be for any and all crossovers. Hell, I was half expecting to hear an idea good enough to write myself.
No. 3004
Oh well that's lovely.
No. 3016
Go write the story you already have. Please don't be distracted by shiny objects.
No. 3816
>The biggest interest would be the reaction of Gensokyian locals to the Nanosuit itself. What would Youkai think at the sight of technology which is beginning to rival magic, capable of denying death, of invisibility, of speed and strength such as to level the playing field with Youkai, of full sentience and sapience. What would the local Humans think, seeing that Mankind is reaching levels of technology capable of doing the impossible? Of matching Youkai?
>What happens when Non-Human Monsters meet a Post-Human Warrior?

I'm taking this. I'm gonna integrate this into my story.
No. 3817
As the one who got the idea, I'm quite honoured.
No. 3821
I have to ask, considering one of the things mentioned in the rules was regarding crossovers, would still taking a single character from an established universe and dropping him/her in Gensokyo be considered a crossover? I ask that because it still focuses far more on Gensokyo than anywhere else.

For instance take say single marine, ODST, or even a Spartan- whether it be a II or III, and drop any of them into Gensokyo could something like that work? I picked Halo, but considering how many stories have even nameless characters among even those considered superior, I wonder if such a thing could work?

As for the Nanosuit 2.0 protagonist, would it still be considered magic when it's found out the suit is growing into his/her wounds? Finally what would Gensokyians, either youkai or human, think about the alien invasion and such?
No. 3822
Just don't do anything really dumb, like putting Meta-Knight in for no reason, and you'll be fine. Even if you aren't fine, all that'll happen is a bunch of strangers will yell at you over the Internet.

seriously no Meta-Knight allowed. the first time was the last, we shall never see his likes again
No. 3824
"The suit, man. Hargreaves was right, the suit changes all the rules." 'Course, the Gensokyo natives would probably consider it magic... and be hellishly surprised when it behaved far more intelligently and unpredictably then any magical artifact they know ever would. Heuristic systems that border on sentience and sapience are like that, especially since they operate on Clark's Law levels of sophistication. Literally, the suit-tech (and underlying Ceph nano-tech) is so freaking advanced, it's like magic. Except unlike magic, that technology that advanced is usually capable of adapting to nearly any situation, or any battlefield hazard. It's capable of adapting the soldier wearing it to the situation as well.

The wearer is terrified? Suppress emotional responses to the source of fear within the wearer. The wearer is feeling tired? Augment adrenal production and remove the chemicals that induce mental and physical fatigue. The wearer is feeling conflicted? Carefully dampen neural signals from the moral centres of the brain. The Nanosuit 2.0 can literally reformat the soldier to be better, faster, stronger and smarter even outside itself. It optimizes the soldier that wears it.

Of course, not every Nanosuit wearer is a fatally wounded soldier like Alcatraz. Alcatraz was likely missing most of the flesh and bone the suit replaced before Prophet put him inside it. Wounds suffered while wearing the Nanosuit are likely repaired with the very meat that was damaged. And the attack have to go through the Nanosuit first.

Similarly, Prophet didn't reach the same level of synchronization/fusion that Alcatraz reached. The Suit and Prophet were still considered two despite the three years between Ling Shan and New York, while at the end of Crysis 2 (a mere two days at most) Alcatraz and the Suit were one.

(I strongly recommend reading Crysis: Legion by Peter Watts. The depiction of the Nanosuit is really good.)

And then, you have to consider that Hargreaves managed to reprogram the suit-tech enough so that it considers Human Life, instead of Ceph life, to be the template to follow. The Nanosuit is a Virus aimed at anything not Human/Earth evolved life, and Youkai/Lunarians are not naturally evolved biological life. The conclusions are obvious.

As for crossovers, I think it varies. For instance, a Crysis crossover can work with just the NanoSuit, because, beside the Ceph, the Nanosuit is all that really makes the universe very different and interesting. Other universes work less as crossovers because it's not a character or a piece of technology that's interesting, but the setting itself.
No. 3826
Interesting. As for naturally evolved, while I doubt youkai are natural, aren't Lunarians just humans who use magic to go to the moon? I remember hearing somewhere that this sage decided he'd go to the moon and took his closest friends, family, and followers with him so that they'd all escape the impurity of the Earth.

You mentioned the Virus, will youkai start dying from it? That might honestly start a real conflict between the youkai and humans again right?
No. 3827
The Manhattan Pathogen was both a virus and a terra morphing tool for the Ceph. Take out the hostile macrofauna, clear the way for the Ceph in a way that extremely hard to stop unless you possess an equal or superior level of nano/gene-engineering. Humanity did not possess such technology in Crysis 2.

What Humanity did have was a "hacked" piece of Ceph hardware, a nano weave based artificial muscle covered in receptors molecules for spores, made by Hargreaves and Rasch to be able to re-code the spores used by the Ceph. From an Anti-Human/Great Ape Area Denial Weapon, the spores were recoded by the Nanosuit into a Anti-Ceph Area Denial Weapon, as Hargreaves and Rasch sought.

Now, the Nanosuit was perfectly capable of re-coding the spores' genetic/nano programming into attacking Ceph organisms and not Human organisms (the Time Square event proved that). What it couldn't do was provide a programming code that would be lethal to Ceph AND fix Human organisms infected by the original spores. That's what the Tunguska Iteration was, a code to transform the spores into a Ceph Plague and a Human Panacea. Effectively hijacking Ceph technology and repurposing it to serve Humanity, if temporarily.

The question, then, is how the programming made by the Nanosuit to favour Human life, using both Ceph tissue to target Ceph organisms and the Tunguska Iteration to heal infected Humans, is going to react to organisms neither Ceph nor Human.

Of course, this only applies to Alcatraz, as any other Nanosuit, even 2.0, is not going to have the samples of Ceph tissue and spores or the Tunguska Iteration to achieve such a re-coding or be able to spread the spores to "alien" tissue. Even with Alcatraz, it seems likely that the spores have a very limited life, likely because Hargreaves didn't trust the re-coding to remain stable over a long period of time, unlike the Ceph which were preparing (with the Central Park spire) to unleash an contagious version of the spores, which would have eventually swept the planet clean of Human Life.

If Youkai were accepted by the re-coded spores as targets, then the spread of the infection would remain only those in close proximity to Prophet/Alcatraz, and the infected would not be contagious. The cellular breakdown would occur similarly rapidly as it occurred on the Ceph, (I suspect either the Nanosuit or Hargreaves realized that a fast acting would leave the Ceph no time to react to the re-coding). So, after a small period of incubation, during which the spores would replicate to reach critical mass within the infected subject, the infected would suffer a rather... gruesome breakdown. Keeping in mind that there would be no massive exposure as during the Time Square and Central Park events, the subjects would likely suffer from rapid but gradual necrosis and liquefaction of the tissues, starting from the site of contact with the spores. Seeing as "wet" tissues are favoured by the spores as infection vectors, I theorize that the subjects would die rather quickly as the breakdown progressed into the optical nerve to reach the brain. Speed of the reaction in Ceph subjects would suggest... minutes, maybe hours, between infection and subject death, unlike the original Manhattan pathogen which killed Humans in hours or days.

The Youkai would first have to realize what they are dealing with is not magic but an highly refined bio-weapon and then correlate exposure to Prophet/Alcatraz to infection to begin taking measures. Even then, the speed of death, as well as the adaptive nature of the spores (anti-virals quickly lost effectiveness against the progress of the infection), would likely leave even Eirin stumped as to how cure the plague, as she could literally end up running out of patients to try to cure in mere days and would be starting utterly in the dark as to how the disease works on the molecular level. War with Humanity, at that point, would be unthinkable for the Youkai as it would simply result in more exposure to Prophet/Alcatraz and the pathogen.

Of course, this entire scenario is based on severals "if"s, including that Prophet/Alcatraz be willingly or unwittingly releasing re-coded spores continuously. Which neither the game nor the novel suggest even once, since the Ceph had no problems coming into physical contact with Prophet/Alcatraz, even after the Time Square event.

As for Lunarians, thousands of years of absolutely no contact with the greater Human gene pool, the removal of "impurity" and thousands of years of inbreeding could result in a population that genetically no longer registers to the re-coded spores as "Human".

But that's an absolute worst, "I want to kill all Gensokyo and the Lunarians in a horrible way", "MAXIMUM Hitler" scenario. It's more likely both the Nanosuit and the re-coded spores would go "What the Hell is that gene code?", with the Nanosuit/SECOND adding "Get me more samples of that thing. I want to figure it out."
No. 3829
Well I can see how a Crysis crossover would do well, but even for universes that are "bigger", I'm sure you could easily get something out of a character. I would say the biggest surprises for them is the fact that they're in the past, if they're from a future timeline, and the fact that they're in a magical land.

For instance look at Halo there are many anonymous Spartans that could easily be used, or ODSTs, or marines. For all the fact it's space opera/military science fiction, the novels and EU really show much about characters and how they interact with others. There's even going to be a novel set after the Human-Covenant War that is, unfortunately, written by Karen Traviss.

People have also mentioned Star Wars or 40K and there many groups or organizations where a protagonist can come from. In most of these stories, the things about technology and setting are sort of a background for the characters.

Honestly I would say the only place where technology is really important is in genres like hard science-fiction.
No. 3834
Hey considering crossovers how would a Battletech/Touhou crossover be?

For a fantasy crossover, would a Codex Alera/Touhou crossover be any good?
No. 3836
Star Wars x touhou cross-over?

Jar-Jar Binks in Gensokyo?
Oh god, please no.
No. 3837
I'm more interested in whoever wrote that My Little Pony crossover continuing it than any of this nerdy shit.
No. 3838
What, seriously?
No. 3843
File 130928514544.png - (101.77KB , 307x425 , 6a00d83452033569e2010534d74326970c-800wi.png ) [iqdb]
You all know you want it.
No. 3845
Yes, seriously. I've seen MLP while I could care less about all these potential crossovers you're listing.

I also want to see that Dennou Coil crossover continued for the same reason.
No. 3846

Then get out of this thread. This is for listing ideas, not bitching about dropped stories.
No. 3847
Yeah, sure.

Wall of text Anon is the only person posting ideas. The rest of you are spouting HEY CROSS THESE SHITTY SERIES. Elaborate on your "ideas", faggots.
No. 3849

Well, it's not like we have to discuss it. After all, it's just what we want to see. We don't have to get it made, especially if it would end up being a horrible mess.

Doesn't mean we wouldn't want to see it anyways.
No. 3850
I know I'd like to see Megaman, Protoman, Bass and a few others wandering around Gensokyo, with Megaman and Protoman doing the utmost to protect Humans from the rampages of both the Robot Masters and the Youkai agitated by said Robot Masters. The Laws of Robotics only cover Humans, bitches!

Not that Rock or Blues would go out of their way to kill Youkai, both are fairly pacifistic. The Robot Masters? Not so much.

A better idea would be Dr. Light and Dr. Wily continuing their bitter war to the knife in Gensokyo, with all the robots they created. Yes, including X and Zero. The Kappa would go absolutely nuts at the sheer mindblasting genius of the two old men. Light and Wily do things with robots that would leave even the Kappa's techno-magical contraptions in the dust.

People so often forget that, however awesome they are, Megaman and X were created by Dr.Light. That portly old man was, centuries after his death, still considered the absolute master of robotics, with his crowning achievement, X, still being the most sophisticated piece of hardware and software on the planet. And Dr.Wily wasn't that far behind him in talent or creativity. Introducing those two bitter enemies is the real game changer in Gensokyo. As well as how weird the fact of these two men considering their creations as their children would be to the locals, that would see only machines.

The author would, of course, be required by divine and universal law to write the story while listening to either the Protomen or the Megas. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
No. 3856
What would either Dr. Wily or Dr. Light think of that maid robot that Reimu has?
No. 3857
>Implying Reimu has a robot maid
>Implying PC-98 ever happened
No. 3858
Is it a good idea? No.

Does it have the potential to be hilarious in the way a trainwreck does? Oh god yes.

Duke Nukem in Gensokyo. He brought enough testosterone for everyone.
No. 3859
File 130932588143.jpg - (188.16KB , 850x971 , kirby_and_dedede.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kirby in Gensokyo
No. 3860

Kirby is already in Gensokyo. Goes by the name Yuyuko.
No. 3861
They would find her rather quaint and primitive (likely while also being bemused by the magical components in her construction.). Then Light and/or Wily would modify(/replace the magical components inside) her with what they've got at hand and name the result Megagirl. Wily would perhaps help just to prove to the luddites exactly what technology can do. They'd also do away with the nuclear reactor inside her, as it is far too crude a device for them.

Because transforming household/housekeeping robots into unstoppable warmachines is what Dr. Light does best. That's how he ended up with Megaman, after all.

You'd inevitably end up with Dr. Wily in a Skull Fortress, while Dr. Light modernizes the Human Village and continues his work. He might even build more Reploids if we also bring along X and Zero. Protoman X and Roll X, anyone?
No. 3862
It was mentioned that both Wily and Light see their creations as their children. I can see Light thinking this, but I'm surprised Wily would think that. Or is he much deeper than I imagined?
No. 3863
It's not because you see something as your child that you're not a megalo- and egomaniacal madman bent on world domination.
No. 3885

>Protoman X
>Roll X

That better not imply X and Megs are the same person.
No. 3896
Of course not. But X's aesthetic design was clearly based off Megaman's own. I only suggested that Light could decide to build more "Reploids" (X is far beyond common Reploids), with at least two of them looking like Protoman and Roll.
No. 3899
does anyone find it strange that we have authors are using their name/tripcodes outside of their story threads?

I thought it was a practice frowned open.
No. 3902
>does anyone find it strange that we have authors are using their name/tripcodes outside of their story threads?

You lost me.
No. 3922

But X and Zero aren't Reploids. Reploids are copies of X's design, with Zero the exception due to Wily being better than Dr. Cain.
No. 3926
To be honest it is looked down upon, but ultimately one of the primary reasons people don't like Tripcode use is because Tripfags are, well, a faggoty lot.

If you're more or less capable of conducting yourself in a reasonable manner then using your code here or there shouldn't be too many issues.
No. 3940

What if I already write all my updates listening to the protomen?
No. 3941
Then you are awesome.
No. 3942
A good question regarding a Megaman crossover.

How would Alice react to a mere Human (Dr.Light) making sentient, independent "dolls" far beyond her own skill?
No. 3943
She would become jealous, and she'll probably torture him to death.
No. 3944

Alas I am but a new(er) writer who's struggling to put out a good story.

The music certainly helps me feel cooler, though.
No. 3945
if your story does not by itself interest you, then it's probably not a good a story, or at least from my experience.
No. 3946

HAH. That's a joke. I wouldn't be writing if it didn't interest me. It's something I've wanted to do for a long, long while. The problem is putting it out there in a such way it is "good" and presentable. Plot, characters (plus development), and pacing, and all that.
No. 3954
What I think he meant was, if the story itself doesn't interest you, it's probably not good. You can be interested in writing but not your own story, which is obviously a Bad Thing.

Anyway. Crossovers. I want to see a World God Only Knows crossover. Anon won't shut the fuck up about routes, give them a story where the main character won't shut the fuck up about routes.
No. 3955
The World Remi Only Knows. Some sort of excuse plot involving being able to see girls' fates and whatnot, charismatic lesbo adventures ensue.
No. 3956
Not only can Remi see the red strings of fate, she trips over them constantly too. Enough is enough! She's going to play matchmaker and sort out the tangled skein of Gensokyo's relationship web!
No. 3966

So she's going to deal with Marisa's harem?

Good luck with that.
No. 4088
Might it be possible to do something involving the bosses of La-Mulana in Gensokyo?
No. 4100
>> Not only can Remi see the red strings of fate, she trips over them constantly too. Enough is enough! She's going to play matchmaker and sort out the tangled skein of Gensokyo's relationship web!

That would be sweet.
No. 4984
File 132025663760.jpg - (42.56KB , 438x500 , 1320250893559.jpg ) [iqdb]
Despite how stupid the idea is, I just want to see the characters interact.

How do you think Gensokyo would react to a pacifistic alien super-scientist that changes into a rhino?
No. 4985
You know what would be nice?

Some sort of Touhou RISK. Because it's nice, simple, and the sheer vagueness of RISK allows for all kinds of interpretations and modifications.
No. 4988
Step 1: Find or make a Gensokyo map that doesn't suck.

You will never get past this step.
No. 4989
crossover with Planescape: Torment
Don't know how that will even works, but somehow it'll be epic in right writefag. Maybe.
No. 4991
There's already one in fanfiction.net. Shall I link you to it?
No. 4997
Only if you want to look like a complete idiot by linking to a shitty site, go ahead.
No. 5000

Just because many shitty stories get posted to fanfiction.net does not mean that all stories there are shitty. Granted that I can't vouch for the story the other guy brought up, but it irks me every time someone makes the generalisation that "it's on fanfiction.net, therefore it's shit," without even looking at the story. There definitely are golden needles in the haystack to be found.
No. 5002

You're trying to reason with someone on this site. You know that can't be done.
No. 5003
File 132035577085.jpg - (146.88KB , 430x636 , motherfucking miracles.jpg ) [iqdb]
From what I can tell, competent writers use fanfiction.net as an archive and/or recruiting ground for their preferred communities. Its community is shit.

Then again, I have yet to find a shit-free fanfiction community. Feel free to link one.
No. 5005

Curses. Ah well, can't you just make one up?
No. 5006
I don't know. Can't you?
No. 5009

Ummm...Er...Well, um...

The village is in the middle. I think. Yeah. Sotuh is the lake and SDM, then I got nothing. Motherfucker.
No. 5010
This one?
Not the one I seek though, I want Torment-specific, Nameless one, and stuff like that.
No. 5011
Nameless One meets Touhous?
No. 5012
Yeah, like that. And maybe some of mage nameless one's spell used for danmaku.
Like missile of patience.
No. 5013
There's only really one good story on there that can actually qualify as something that actually has a plot thats not shit: Imperfect Metamorphosis.
No. 5015
Wow, that is some incredibly faint praise. I'd make a proper post about it, but I'd rather wait for the story to end first.
No. 5136
After a few drinks I had the idea of a CYOA about Dormammu aiming to take over Gensokyo becaues it's a sealed-off part of Earth which would make an excellent launching pad for taking over the rest of the world, and you'd be Doctor Strange travelling to Gensokyo to warn everyone about the incoming invasion, gain their trust, share magical knowledge, etc. Thor would come along to party hard with the Oni.
No. 5139
There's a good Touhou / Super Smash Bros crossover there. It currently has over 100 chapters and is still updated periodically.
No. 5141
having tons of chapters doesn't automatically make it good, just look at Bleach, Naruto and INUYASHA.
No. 5142
Well, I've read them all until the latest chapter and I have to say that they're quite enjoyable.
No. 5143
File 132134490615.jpg - (61.38KB , 500x740 , d9979f95-45c2-42e0-96c7-734c6cbb6485.jpg ) [iqdb]
Inuyasha? Enjoyable?
Last time I watched it, it was:
Inuyasha: "Oh noes! I broke Nakaru's barrier, but he made a new one! I must train more!"
Kagome: "Sorry Inuyasha, I'm too busy being jealous at Kikyo to be smart enough and avoid dangers and traps, so I'm going to be abducted!"
Miroku: "Sorry Inuyasha, I'm too busy Sango's ass to help. Good luck!"
Sango: "Sorry Inuyasha. I'm too busy being gropped by Miroku and pretends to blush to help!"
Unnamed comic relief: "Sorry Inuyasha! I'm too busy sticking to Kagome like a pet to help! Good luck!"
Inuyasha: "Screw this I'm outta there!"
Kikyo: "Let's die together Inuyasha!"
Inuyasha: "NOTHXBYE."
No. 5144
I mean the fanfic, not Inuyasha. I don't like that show, too. Naraku just never dies.
No. 5147
File 132135054941.jpg - (63.58KB , 389x592 , 5.jpg ) [iqdb]
At first, I though it might be a good show. I mean, miko, youkai, and spiritual attacks and stuff? AWESOME.
And then, the big bad arrived, and it became "New barrier > must train more > new barrier". Fights became repetitive, and the love stories are too dumb.

Hell, what I want is the same story, but with fights similar to Jojo's, and no fucking love background story.
No. 5148
I thought that you all like romance stories.

A lot of stories on this site have "romancing Touhous" as a goal, like GH and HLA.
No. 5149
File 132135224392.png - (35.56KB , 757x175 , 1320522232916.png ) [iqdb]
No. 5151
No. 5152
He's talking about Inuyasha, which is made by someone who loves tsundere-heavy romances and dragging things out. You know things that no one would do in the west.

>Wants action like Jojo but no romance

Read Shounen jump and enjoy the yaoi fodder then.

There are some stories here with some nice fights, though to be honest, text is often inferior to more visual mediums in terms of action.
No. 5153
I see. It's a culture thing.
No. 5155
Not to say Japan can't do romance well, it's just that the stuff most noted for it (Harems and "Romantic comedies"/Shit) suck at it mostly.

Sad part is that some early stories took pages from those books.
No. 5156
File 132141649435.jpg - (106.30KB , 477x738 , the-adventures-of-dr-mcninja.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why hasn't this been done yet?
No. 5157
Yeah, they sucked at it all the way to the bank.
No. 6400
What crossover do I want to see?
Half-Life. Combine find Gensokyo, begin the "KILL/ASSIMILATE EVERYTHING" approach, and Dr. Freeman stumbles in and must get rid of the Combine.
Better yet, it's the Freeman from Freeman's Mind.
No. 6403
File 132837435824.jpg - (7.46KB , 314x160 , metaknight.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not to long afterwards, Aya, Reimu, and Kirby got back to the Hakurei Shrine. "Wow! You sure came back fast!" Marisa said. "We were wondering what could've happened to the two of you since Dedede isn't in his castle for anymore."

"We weren't at the castle as well," Reimu said, "and I don't feel like going into details. Okay, what's the story here?"

Kirby looked at Meta Knight and said, "Hi, Meta Knight! Nice to see you!"

"There is no time for a friendly conversation, Kirby," Meta Knight said to him. "As you can see, the Dark Matters have been resurrected. Popstar is in danger of getting taken over by them again."

"Yeah, and I am very surprised to find out that they're back again."

"The Dark Star is closing in on Popstar even as we speak, so we need to make haste. Kirby, you have been to the Dark Star and fought 02 before, so you should know best when it comes to fighting him."

"Yeah, I faced that guy twice, so I know a lot about him. The first time I fought him, I used the Love-Love Stick, and I used the Power Crystal from Ripple Star during our second battle. I don't know what to use on him this time... I would need something that is as powerful as those two."

"There is something that is as powerful as those two. Does the source of dreams ring a bell?"

"Aha! The Star Rod!"

"Indeed! The power of the Star Rod is as powerful as those two, and I'm sure that the inhabitants of Dream Land won't mind if you borrow it from the Fountain of Dreams for a while."

"Okay! I'm off to the Fountain of Dreams!" Kirby said, and then he ran off as fast as he could.

"I'll go with you!" Meta Knight said, and so he followed him.

"Well, it seems like we have found a solution to this," Coo said, and then he looked at the sky to see that the Dark Star was coming closer and closer. "Let's hope that there is still time...

"Hey, what say we head over to the Fountain of Dreams and take a look as well?" Aya suggested.

"Not a bad idea," Reimu said. "We're used to getting involved in other worlds' affairs already, so we might as well lend a hand in saving this world." So the girls went after Kirby and Meta Knight.

Kirby and Meta Knight arrived at the Fountain of Dreams, and the pink puffball immediately flew onto the top of the fountain and grabbed the Star Rod. "Got it!" he said. "Now to use the Warp Star to go to the Dark Star!"

He took out a cell phone and pressed a button on it, and a few seconds after doing so, a large yellow star flew to him from the distance. It stopped in front of the fountain, and then Kirby jumped onto it. "I'm off, Meta Knight!" he said to the puffball knight. "Take care of everything here while I'm gone!"

"Good luck, Kirby," Meta Knight said to him.

"Wait a minute!" shouted the voice of Reimu. The duo turned to see the other girls, Gooey, and the animal friends running towards them.

"I'm in hurry," Kirby said to them. "We can talk again after I return. Wish me luck!"

"Actually, Reimu wants to go with you," Marisa said to him.

"If you don't mind, that is," Reimu said.

"You want to come with me?" Kirby asked. "But it's dangerous."

"Not like I've never faced danger before."

"I would recommend it," Remilia said. "Reimu's one of the best fighters in our world, so I would recommend that she accompany you in the fight against that guy named 02."

Gooey then jumped onto the Warp Star. "You want to come along too, Gooey?" Kirby asked him, and the black blob nodded as a response. "Okay! And Reimu, you can tag along too if you want to. I've seen you fight when we were in Dedede's dungeon, so I know for sure that you will be of great help!"

"Okay," Reimu said.

"Come aboard the Warp Star! It'll take us to the Dark Star in a jiffy!"

"Is there enough space for the three of us?"

"Oh yeah... Wait a minute," Kirby said. Both he and Gooey got off it, and then Kirby placed the star upright. "There! Hold onto it tightly!"

"Um... Hold onto it?"

"Don't worry! It's perfectly safe! You won't fall as long as you don't loose your grip, and it's not like the Warp Star is hard to grip onto! Here's how!" And he jumped at the star and grabbed onto the sides of the point at the top while Gooey grabbed onto the 'right arm' using his mouth.

"Okay... If you say so..." Reimu said as she held onto the side opposite of Kirby in the same manner. "You're sure that it'll be safe, right?"

"Trust me! It is safe! As long as you grip firmly, that is."

"You don't make it sound safe at all..."

"Good luck, Reimu! We're all counting on you-ze!" Marisa said to her.

"Do your best!" Sanae said.

"Thanks for the encouragement," Reimu said to them.

"All right! Let's get going! To the Dark Star!" Kirby loudly said, and then the Warp Star took off into the sky with a really fast speed, and everyone kept his or her eyes focused on it until it disappeared in the direction of the Dark Star.

"There they go," Meta Knight said. "It's all up to them now. Meanwhile, we should take care of the remaining Dark Matters in Popstar. 02's defeat will instantly end the lives of all the Dark Matters, but we should make sure that minimal harm is done to the inhabitants of Popstar before Kirby, Gooey, and that girl named Reimu succeed."

"I wonder how much harm you can suppress before they win," said a voice. Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice and saw The Emperor and Marx, who was bouncing on a ball, approaching.

"Who are you guys?" Marisa asked them.

Coo saw Marx and said in a surprised tone, "You! Impossible! You're supposed to be..."

"Dead," Marx said, finishing the phrase for him. "Heheh! Surprised, eh? I knew you would!"

"Kirby destroyed you a long time ago!" Rick said. "How are you still alive?"

"Maybe he's actually a relative of Marx?" Pitch said.

"Oh, you better believe it! I'm still alive and well!" Marx said. "To be precise, I have been brought back to life! Boy! It sure feels good to come back to life! Heheheh!"

Meta Knight pointed his sword at Marx and said, "I have heard of your evil exploits. I won't ask you how you came back to life, but I will ask you whether or not you still have intentions to take over Popstar, and who is this man with you?"

"I am Emperor Mateus, but you can simply refer to me as The Emperor," The Emperor replied. "We are here under the order of a certain person to persuade King Dedede to join our organization, but he turned down our offer. Whatever the case is, that's no longer important. We have actually convinced someone else to join us, and that person is currently on his way to Popstar. It would appear that your friends are one their way to fight him."

"You mean 02? You resurrected him, didn't you?"

"And what would you do if I say yes?"

"You people wouldn't happen to be from the same organization that is trying to take over the universe, right?" Aya asked The Emperor.

"You cannot be any more correct than that, young girl from another world. It would appear that the other members of the organization had problems with you girls. I'm surprised that you're all able to make it this far without losing anyone! I could've sworn that Sigma said he killed one of you, but it seems that all of you are still alive and well."

"That would be me," Alice said. "You can go back and tell him that I have a score to settle with him the next time we meet!"

"On the other hand, I prefer telling him that I have finished up what he failed to finish."

"Hmmm... From the sound of it, you're planning to fight us," Marisa said. "Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

"I wonder how far you girls will go if I let you live. However, I wonder how well you will fare against us as well."

"Heheheh! A fight is going to begin! A fight is going to begin!" Marx said. "It's going to be fun to watch! Heheheh!"

The girls and Meta Knight immediately got into fighting stances while the animal friends quickly moved away from the place. "I will not allow you to disturb the peace of Dream Land as well as laying a hand on them!" Meta Knight said to the two villains. "I have heard from them about your exploits as well, so I will not allow you villains to do as you want! This day shall mark the end of your lives!"
No. 6417
John Freeman was working at his computer one morning THEN SUDDENLY he recived an email form his brother Gordon Freeman that axed him for help!
So he went on the roof of the office he was working in, but before that he shuts down his computer so it is ecofriendly, and changes back into a rebel, and ride a broom to gensokyo

BUT THEN a combine officer comes out of nowhere and say JOHN FREEMAN SHIOW ME YOUR PAPERS and John Freeman sees that the combine officer is being devoured by a jiangshi and says I CAN'T GIVE YOUR MY PAPER OFFICER and the officer says WHY NOT and John Freeman says BECAUSE YOU ARE HOPPING CORPSE OFFICER and then he kicks him in the balls and run on his broom

GENZOKYO WAS NOTHING BUT SMITHERROONS and someone has wrote under the panel U SHULDN'T BE HEER and the hoomans were ded and the youkais were singing from the top of the lung of the sky
And then John Freeman heard his brother Gordong Freeman, who was impersonating a pirate, and said FUCK THAT I'M GOING HOME and he went home
No. 6418
>>6417 here.
Sorry, I never watched Freeman's mind.
No. 6422
John Kirisame, who was Marisa Kirisame’s brother, was one day a library, reading a book. He got a hakkero-mail from his sister that said that aliens and monsters were attacking her place, and aksed him for help, so he went. John got his book closed and wet outside to go to the yard where he left his flying broom and magical girl close because he was in his house chores apron.

John got on his broom and said “its time for me to live up to my family name and face ONE LIFE CONSEQUENCES.” So he had to go. John Kirisame focused movemented out of the yard and squirted danmaku and flew. He kept flying down the forest path and made sure there was no fairies around because he didn’t have spellcard.

The Forest of Magic was nice and the plants were singing and the birds and shrine maidens were almost down from the top of the sky. The mood was set for John Kirisame to help his sister where she was. John Kirisame looked around the Forest of Magic and said “its a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my sister to defeat the youkais.”
No. 6423
No. 6442
In the future the world was dark and scarry. One day taoists came and noone knew why. Taoists were zombies and hermit that weren't hermit with pretty face and sometimes strechtched arms and slaved people in Gensokyo and made them angry and sad. Henry Kirisame who was living in the city and with his mom said "mom why are taoists here" and she said "Henry Kirisame taoist are from religion and underground and hate humens."

Henry Kirisame realy hated taoists because they beat up every one and Henry Kirisame hated it. "mom why are they beating up that girl!" Henry said to his mom. "Because she is humen Henry , and they are evil taosits" Henry Kirisames mom said back.

"Hey you FAGGOTS stop beating her up you evil guys!" Henry Kirisame yelled loud at them. "Shut up kid I'll rape you!" says the pervert hermit and aimed there lazer guns at Henry Kirisames head. "taoists dont aim your lazers!" yelled mom then the taoists shot her and laughed "Ha ha stupid humen girl with no head" they said with smiles.
No. 6443
>Because she is humen Henry
Wrong. She should be a youkai.
No. 6449
That wouldn't be a bad fanfic if it respected the characters.
No. 6640
Oh god what have I done.
It can be summed up in one quote:
"I am Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes ordering you to open!"
As well as:
"I'm on your side, you fucking idiots! How many of you do I have to kill before you understand that?!"
Many more gems can be found in the series. Do a Youtube search.
No. 6650
>implying the "good" ones did much respecting
No. 6688
>implying I could write a good story by obviously ignoring the canon.
There's a difference between interpretating the canon and blablantly ignoring it.
No. 6691
Indeed though back then no real effort was made to looking into canon but rather going off of the popular fanon (Obsessive Alice, Neet Kaguya, etc). And ignoring canon is what often goes on in Touhou fanfiction, though this site is infinitely better about it than other places with the rare examples being in /th/ if at all.
No. 6693
Fortunately, THP is really original in its interpretation. I don't know if it's because we're really elitist. But I prefer it that way, because I remember reading a story using all those clichés (Sakuya using pads, Cirno being retarded -really retarded, not dumb-, and Tenshi being a complete masochist), and it was pure shit.
No. 7113
It's probably because we're really elitist, yes.

Getting back to crossovers, am I the only one who'd really like to see Harry Dresden in Gensokyo?
No. 7114
Mass Effect and Touhou.

One of the reasons is wanting to see Sukia wrestle a Reaper.
No. 7127
I'd rather see Touhous on Dresden's turf.
No. 7337
I want to see Twisted Metal crossed into Touhou.
...What? I can see Yukari hosting a contest where the winner gets whatever they wish for. And then screwing over whoever wins.
Also, Komachi on a motorcycle, throwing flaming chainsaws scythes at people.
No. 7338
File 133108793450.jpg - (462.58KB , 800x930 , 3a876d8b1840dd40f29d475854866325.jpg ) [iqdb]
Legacy of Remilia.

And yes, that is just because I’d take great pleasure in tearing off her wings.
No. 7340
That's hardly a punishment. She'd get beautiful crystal wings like her sister and they'd bond and bond and Flandre would be so happy~
No. 7341
They'd also grow back.
No. 7342
You do realize he'd just tear them off again, right?
No. 7577
File 133225191311.jpg - (81.12KB , 800x400 , holyshietdanmaku.jpg ) [iqdb]
Crossover with NieR.
I mean, this is maybe how 3D touhou works if they were ever made. That game has danmaku too!
No. 7584
Once the TRUE SECRET END is posted, all the other threads get deleted.

Is anybody actually going to get this?
No. 7585
And the archive too. The story will be removed from existence. Unless someone do a let's play read and post it.
Now imagine someone was picking that up at the end and on the way reading half of the story suddenly all threads goes deleted.
Not sure we have writer who have balls to do that...
No. 7586
File 133229748919.jpg - (336.20KB , 1125x1500 , bd19cafae76eb2e1f83505ec448ec4d7.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 7589
This is why I view Rumia as evil.
No. 7592
File 133234280962.png - (747.63KB , 1476x886 , 081e1d1d292b7ec4cae836d0fce6063f.png ) [iqdb]
เ ค๓ ץ๏ยг รคlשคtเ๏ภ!
No. 7594
And then she runs into a tree.
I will never be able to take Rumia seriously.
No. 7597
File 133235960373.jpg - (85.61KB , 706x914 , 25906678_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can't smell a forest for the bees.
No. 7605
File 133238276594.jpg - (37.54KB , 278x449 , Harbinger_278x449.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 7607
>ass effect shit
piss off
No. 7609
File 133239113931.jpg - (122.52KB , 500x500 , rumia bonk1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7611

I know you're mad about the endings. We all are.
No. 7612
>mad about the endings
Na, man. If you bought this piece of shit and wasted your time playing it, you deserve all the mads you get. It’s bloody Bioware. It was obvious the game was going to be rubbish. Your fault if you failed to notice.
I don’t want Touhou mixed with this kind of trash. You should feel bad for bringing it up.
No. 7613
File 133241296060.jpg - (214.44KB , 1280x720 , 2012-03-14_00005.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm Commander Shitface, and this is my favourite author.
No. 7614
Why don't you just go troll somewhere else, YAF?

Like Spacebattles.
No. 7615
>implying Bioware makes shit games.

3/10 Yaf, try harder.

Mass Effect/Touhou crossover would not work for the same reason Warhammer40k/Touhou would not work – it would be either a curbstomp with Reapers frying everyone and making husks out of survivors, or a “Gensokyo Fuck Yeah” fanboygasmfest.
No. 7616
spoken like someone who's never had a fangasm
No. 7618
Well, I kind of agree with YAF on this one. I tried Mass Effect 2, and it was one of my biggest disappointement since Darksiders. The game was predictable ("oh boy, crates everywhere, it means enemies are coming"), repetitive (enemy, door, treasure, enemy), there are no enough weapons, no infiltration, nothing else than HURR DURR shooting. Also, the IA is totally useless ("take cover is for the weak"), the discussion phase are boring, with the characters being unpredictable ("hurr im a bad guy oh god please dont hurt me im suddenly a wimp").

It's an easy game made for console morons, with his interesting point being the decisions you can make.
But here's the problem: they don't affect the game. It doesn't matter if you kill and betray, the game will stay the game. You'll still have your team, go kick some collector's ass, hump Harbinger's dead body, and rape the collector's base.
The decision you can make are only making a difference if you're buying the third game. And yes, I'm talking about a 60$ game, not a 30$ expansion.

Oh, and if you manage to beat the game, you can restart it. You probably think "awesome, I can try being a bad guy, and I can try another class".
WROOOOOONG! You're forced to stay with the same class! If you want to try another class, you're forced to restart a new game. Hooray!

In short, Mass Effect is just pure shit. If you want a real game, you're forced to buy the whole pack, three games, for most probably 150$ (haven't checked, but given that Bioware are faggots selling DLCs for a game that's just out, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the case).

And if you love it, you probably enjoy repetitive games with a false liberty. Enjoy being free to ge anywhere you want, except that you can't land on a planet unless you have a mission to fulfill on it. Yeah! Enjoy moving your ship, shooting people, waiting for your health to regen magically, shoot, regen, shoot, regen, move, shoot, regen, and loop this until the game is over.
No. 7622
Well, it's not really the game's fault, though. Third person shooters are near the bottom rung of video game genre hierarchy already.

Pretty much the only thing worse than them is facebook games.
No. 7623
File 133242278086.png - (248.36KB , 600x600 , 2568262.png ) [iqdb]
Not okay.
No. 7625
Well that's just odd. I'm playing through Mass Effect 1 right now and so far I'm really satisfied by it. Nice setting, nice plot, nice characterizations, etc.

Which one's worse then? I'd choose the Touhou wank one. Got enough of those from lurking for the past few years around the internet.
No. 7626
How's the gameplay?
No. 7627
Meh, KOTOR is better.
No. 7628
File 133243383128.gif - (222.84KB , 1182x1024 , 72359b9b8f15f3e2f67901a5f5ae6f93.gif ) [iqdb]
ME2 is where it starts going downhill (new main writer on-board, further consolisation). ME1 was actually more or less half-decent. Although I, personally, can’t get over the sterility, invisible walls and constricted environments of it—not that the latter iterations do anything to change this state of affairs.

Anyway, back on topic.
No. 7629
Oh well. Every person has his/her own tastes.

For example, I don't like any of the Nasu VNs.
No. 7633
Frankly, I loved Higurashi, but I hate Umineko. There are so many new characters in each episode that everytime you think you have a decent theory, Ryukishi brings new characters, and I read that as: "Screw you, screw your theories, I'm bringing new characters, have fun understanding what's going on, asshole."
And besides, Battler is so retarded sometimes that I almost threw up in disgust once.

Higurashi is much simpler, and it's also way creepier.
No. 7636
What a dick. Why would you even do that?
No. 7643
You've never crushed a flower before? You're missing out.
No. 7653
I did once. Afterwards I felt bad for pointlessly destroying such a pretty thing.
No. 7745
No. 7749
I'd imagine if you did that in Gensokyo, it'd be the last thing you'd do.
No. 7752
You called for me?
No. 7784
He's a devil hunter. That's very close to monster hunter. He's luring out his prey is all.
No. 7787
Being a monster hunter explains him being a dick, but it does not excuse it.
No. 7809
Is that an actual DMC Touhou crossover booklet, or some shit?
No. 7811
I know for sure that the crossover I DON'T want to see is a Monk/Touhou crossover.
No. 7822

Here's another you don't want to see: FATAL/Touhou
No. 7823
And another: YAF/Real life.
No. 7826
Worst crossover ever, I swear to god.
No. 7831
File 133328139651.jpg - (1.29MB , 1908x778 , 8b4d167694c9b2b9f03dcbc83d2c6419.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's a jungle out there
Youkais and monsters everywhere
No one seems to care
Well, I do
Hey, who's in charge here?

It's a jungle out there

Suzuran in the very air we breathe
You know what's in the water that you drink?
Well, I do, and it's a-ma-zing

People think I'm crazy
Cause I worry all the time
If you paid attention,
You'd be worried too

You'd better pay attention
Or this world we love so much
Might just kill you

I could be wrong now
But I don't think so
Cause it's a jungle out there
It's a jungle out there
No. 8655
Looking forward a Touhou CYOA, with sanity rules like call of cthulhu.

Looking at girls flying around? Sanity loss. See a youkai eating human? Sanity loss. Looking inside Yukari's gap? Sanity loss. Learn that your newly found friend is a half-youkai(Keine)? Sanity loss. Each time knowing the truth about gensokyo? Permanent sanity loss. Learning danmaku? You are not a touhou, permanent sanity loss each time you learn it further. Sanity way below the quota? Permanently insane, bad end.

Only works if the protagonist from the outside world, though.
No. 8657
That makes an interesting game.
But not an interesting fanfiction.
No. 8691
I want a Touhou/Madoka crossover.

With one rule of course, it has to have the same atmosphere as Madoka, that is, full of despair and sorrow.

If it's about Touhous curbstomping Kyubey or the witches, then forget about writing it. I could just go to Spacebattles for that.
No. 8693
Madoka isn't all about despair and sorrow in the end, though. Mind you, I'm not condoning Incubator stomping, but it seems like it white washes the series if you just apply that description to it.
No. 8694
Don't worry. I know about the ending.

So it should be "There's hope even within endless despair."
No. 8721
This would be at best difficult, and probably nigh-impossible, to pull off even reasonably well.
Touhou's universe does not obey the laws of thermodynamics, including conservation of mass (e.g. Mokou reforming a body when hers is destroyed) and energy (I don't even know where to begin), and so the purpose of Kyubey's magical girl cycle does not exist.
No. 8730
Oh well. If you can't do it well, then don't do it at all in my opinion.

That reminds me. There's that Gears of War crossover where Yuugi got killed by the Locusts in their invasion to the Underground. I know nothing about Gears of War so I don't know if it's bullshit or not.

Well, at least the author had balls to tell the readers right in the first chapter that he'd kill certain characters off.

>Throughout the story certain characters will die. I will not give in to complaints if you are offended by my decision to kill off one of your favourite characters, why should I be told which characters are acceptable or not to kill off? Any messages or reviews criticising my decisions like "OMG why you do that!" will be ignored, I can't be bothered to deal with whiny fanboys/girls who think they know what's best.
No. 8732
>I can't be bothered to deal with whiny fanboys/girls who think they know what's best.
Unlike me, the writer, who obviously knows better than all of those losers.
No. 8735
Eh, he's probably referring to MoTK where there are posts like this.

>OMG, Meiling's my favorite character! If you kill her off, then I'm boycotting this story!
No. 8742
How did they do that? Drop a colony on her? As It'd take more than mere bullets, grenades and rockets to drop her.
No. 8744
I think it was on another thread in /blue/ with Yoda as the first picture. Mostly, the author underestimated Yuugi's power.
No. 8745
>As she approached Mars swung his sword, Yuugi ducked and rammed into his chest with her head, bringing Mars down with her. The Drones rushed towards her to defend Mars, Yuugi was about to punch Mars until a spear jabbed her in the shoulder, the Oni grimaced and ignored it through pure adrenaline and her strength until another jabbed her other shoulder, Yuugi removed herself from him in pain, but then was jabbed in the stomach by a sword.

>Yuugi held the sword that was lodged into her stomach, blood formed and trickled from the wound, staining her t-shirt and rolling onto her skirt. "I'm an Oni it's going to take more than that to kill me!" She screamed at them, they responded and attacked, quickly overwhelming her with sheer numbers. The swords and axes hacked her violently before she could no longer fight back. The Drones continued the horrific assault while Mars watched as Yuugi fell to the ground defenceless.

>As Yuugi felt every axe, sword and spear blow, her vision clouded, the sounds of bloodthirsty Drones were muffled, her eyes slowly and forcefully closing for the last time, the injures her vital organs were taking could no longer keep up with the demand to continue living, all organs began to shut down or were forcefully by the swords
No. 8746
Goddamnit, my internet just crapped itself.

Basically, she died by getting slashed and stabbed by a dozen of swords, spears, and axes.
No. 8747
Which Oni can't do, yes.
No. 8748
What, the oni have metal skins or something?
No. 8749
Something like that, yeah.

It comes with the whole mountain-crushing strength thing. I mean, it's no good having enough strength to lift a mountain off the ground if the pressure will break your skin and rip your arms off.
No. 8750
More or less.
Youkai are ridiculously durable, oni are ridiculously tough Youkai, and Yuggi is one of the four strongest oni in existence.
No. 8751
You're taking the "lifting mountains" things literally, eh?

Well, I guess the author's just doing what they call "power balancing". I don't have a problem with that as it prevents curbstomps.
No. 8752
It would be better to cross over with a series with the same power levels already. Also, it's not balanced when a champion from one series is overrun by the other's mooks when canon power levels indicate that the champion is immune to their attacks.

For example, a Star Wars / Touhou crossover might not be unreasonable. Jedi aren't as physically durable as Touhou characters, but they would be really good at dodging. And spacecraft fights have been made the setting for shoot-'em-up games since the 1960s.

You are now imagining Reimu making the attack run on the Death Star.
No. 8753
>I don't have a problem with that as it prevents curbstomps.
No. 8754
Who's that Mars guy anyway?

As for the rest of your statement, point taken.
No. 8757
I'm not sure if a youkai could exactly ignore lightsaber damage, particularly if it turns out that by having a Jedi use it, it has some faith in it. But using brute force is for the dark side.
No. 9028

Because hahahaha
No. 9088
Keep that shit on /at/.

I don't want to imagine what will happen if it's written here. The horrors...
No. 9146
If it's written on /at/, it will include anal sex, tentacles, rape, and BDSM.

If it's written on /blue/, it will include rage, trolls, vicious headlock, and several groin kick.
No. 9148
Where will it include Rance getting eaten by youkai?
No. 9149
>Rance eaten by a youkai
No. 9153
File 133614018870.jpg - (337.73KB , 606x800 , 6d0dbdda54ae7ce1bea87e0ef32d05f9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sup guys. What's going on in this thread?
No. 9199
File 13361827879.jpg - (787.17KB , 900x900 , Spiderbite.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did you know that in some some species of spider the female will kill and eat the male during, after or instead of sex?

For mantises, it's only in captivity. But for spiders, it's not.
No. 9751
You know, there's already one like that in FF.net.
No. 9761
Hold up. I was fairly positive female mantises devoured the males’ heads (followed afterwards by the rest of the body) during copulation because apparently it speeds up the process + extra nutritients aid the female in carrying the eggs?
No. 9764
Early researchers thought that because copulatory movement is controlled by a ganglion in the abdomen, not the head, removal of the male’s head was a reproductive strategy by females to enhance fertilisation while obtaining sustenance. Later, this behavior appeared to be an artifact of intrusive laboratory observation. Whether the behavior in the field is natural, or also the result of distractions caused by the human observer, remains controversial.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.
No. 9765
No. 9766
In other words, that bitch gets so turned on by being watched that she kills the male?
Damn good things humans aren't like that, otherwise it would be difficult for a porno actor to reach retirement.
No. 9767
Ah. Well that clears it up. Although I’m not too hot on the “it’s just because people are looking!” excuse. So what, the bloody things know every time we watch them and adjust their mating habits accordingly to fool us? Sounds slightly silly to me.
No. 9768
>Mantises are highly visual organisms, and notice any disturbance occurring in the laboratory or field such as bright lights or moving scientists. Research by Liske and Davis (1984)[12] and others found (e.g. using video recorders in vacant rooms) that Chinese mantises that had been fed ad libitum (so that they were not hungry) actually displayed elaborate courtship behavior when left undisturbed.

What was this thread about again?
No. 9770
It was about Anon being a bachelor.
No. 9773
That’s not what I meant. I meant that I find it hard to believe they’d really care. Oh, so some stupid half-blind pink softskin is watching me having funtimes with my headless boyfriend. Big fuckin’ deal.
No. 9774
Clearly you're not a praying mantis. They're seriously hung up on that shit.
No. 9777
>Clearly you're not a praying mantis.
O—Of course not! A praying mantis, on the internet? That’s ridiculous!
No. 9779
File 133710578964.jpg - (52.67KB , 640x427 , a winner is me.jpg ) [iqdb]
YAF, forget that thing called "common sense".
No. 9780
It's a combination of factors...

Usually, mantises do have elaborate courtship rituals, which do not end in the male's death. However, in times of starvation, the male mantis actually allows the female to kill and eat him, because it would be worse if the female died of starvation before being able to lay their eggs.

Often early researchers would put the mantises in a relatively small enclosure, and thanks to not knowing enough about their diet, wouldn't feed them enough.

Humans are so big compared to mantises that, despite their relatively good vision for creatures with compound eyes (compound eyes don't work all that well), they perceive us less as "half-blind pink soft-skin" and more as "ENORMOUS HORRIBLE VAGUE WHITE GIANT MONSTER OH MY GOD HELP". While in a small cage with invisible walls and not enough food.

It's not surprising that the mantises' stress levels would be high enough that the backup mating procedure of "have sex less discriminantly, eat the male at the end" would kick in.
No. 9781
File 133710851856.jpg - (1.17MB , 2272x1704 , Mantis_religiosa.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying mantises are afraid of us? Honestly? Guy, look at them. Just look. You saying this monstrosity gives even half a second-hand fuck about us?

Well I don’t think so.
No. 9782
god, just write a praying mantis cyoa if you love them so much
No. 9783
Best fucking idea I ever read.
No. 9788
The grass looms over you, an ominous reminder of your relative size. Rasping your forelegs against a boulder, you look up only to see that the boulder is cut rectangular, and stacked with many other similar boulders in a stepwise formation. Further than that, you can make out the outer edge of a structure, one that enormous pale monsters come and go from. Below that, you can see a large rectangular thing made of tree-matter.
You are also kind of hungry. Mice usually congregate near these structures, and they would make a fine meal. However, you cannot bear the thought of confronting whatever dwells here.

[] Leave
[] Stay and explore further
No. 9789
[X] Stay and explore further
No. 9790

[x] Stay and explore further

I fully expect you to write a few half-assed updates and completely drop this within a week at least.

Holy shit how big are we?

No. 9791
>>Holy shit how big are we?
Obviously big enough to eat mice.
No. 9793
File 133714758817.jpg - (75.20KB , 500x354 , 3121356331_8d28a6402b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your digestive tract overcomes what little higher thought processes you had, and you decide to enter the monster structure.
You hop up the stack of rock blocks, using your wings to help you gain altitude. At the top of the stack, you can clearly see that the bottom of the structure is composed of tree-parts on top of more interlocking rock blocks. The large rectangular tree-matter thing sits in front of the larger structure. Maybe a shelter for a smaller monster?
You hear squeaking coming from the inside of the large structure. Mice! Your antennae confirm your speculation as the unmistakable odor of fur wafts from a direction forward and slightly to your left.
Mice aren't dumb, you need a plan, do you:

[]Approach quickly along the shortest route, don't give the prey time to escape.
[]Sneak along a more secluded route, mice can't smell you, so simply remaining out of sight would allow you to attack unnoticed.

I don't know, you tell me.
No. 9794
[x]Sneak along a more secluded route, mice can't smell you, so simply remaining out of sight would allow you to attack unnoticed.

Metal Gear!
No. 9803
[x]Sneak along a more secluded route, mice can't smell you, so simply remaining out of sight would allow you to attack unnoticed.

Cardboard boxes are too mainstream.
No. 9804
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNcIUIULafw
I fuckin’ told you. A mammal? Who gives a shit? You’re mantis snack, man.
No. 9824
File 133721787734.jpg - (21.50KB , 432x533 , mantis_eats_mouse.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]Sneak along a more secluded route, mice can't smell you, so simply remaining out of sight would allow you to attack unnoticed.

Taking care to keep some sort of obstacle between you and the source of squeaking, you carefully maneuver around, closing the distance. After climbing over a large, soft surface, you see the mouse consuming rice grains spilled from a large bag.

It hasn't seen you, yet.

Taking advantage of the shadows cast by the bag, you creep along the wall until you are on the other side of the it. You wait a few moments until the mouse turns it's back on you.

And then, you strike.

Quick as a lightning bolt, you leap onto the body of the mouse. Holding it down with your forearms, you sink your large mandibles into it's throat, tearing apart artery and bone alike. The mouse struggles a bit, but its pathetic resistance collapses as soon as you break its spine.
You click your mandibles together in celebration, and then proceed to gorge yourself on the mouse's flesh. While you eat, your senses dull a bit, so you didn't notice the monster approaching until the thumping could have been mistaken for the ground shaking.

You look up. The monster towers above you, it's loose hide appearing to be a combination of white and bright red colors. You can see its eyes staring straight at you with an intent focus.

[ ] Do nothing
[ ] Cluck your mandibles
[ ] Flee
[ ] Attack
No. 9827
[X] Bitch, I'm eating.
No. 9831
[☆] Attack

This ought to do the trick.
No. 9849
File 133726071710.jpg - (115.06KB , 850x637 , Good question.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Cluck your mandibles

"combination of white and bright red colors"
I like where this is going.
No. 9850
Yo, forget the human. Check this beaut.

No. 9867
[x] Flee
No. 9916
[x] Cluck your mandibles.
No. 9920
[x] Cluck your mandibles.

That is all.
No. 9961
[x] Cluck your mandibles.

Even the Red-White Giant shall not take us lightly.

Holy shit you did it I love you
No. 10034
Just got back from camping, head currently hurting like a mofo.

Will probably update later today.
No. 10062
[x] Cluck your mandibles.
Swallowing your fear, you cluck your mandibles at the monster, hoping that the threatening act would cause it to back off or something. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to notice, prefering instead to continue observing you.

Seeing no other, options, you resume feeding, looking up every so often to see if the monster is making any movements. After a few moments, it sets down the stick in its left manipulator and takes out a hollow cube from a container near the raised ground in the center of the area.You do not know what it is for initially, which made you feel all the more stupid when it comes down over your head, encasing both you and the dead mouse. A thin sheet slips under you and suddenly you are lifted into the air. A few seconds later, the container collides with a hard surface below, impacting your head against the ceiling and knocking you out.

When you wake up, you are briefly surprised at the shaking of your surroundings. That surprise quickly turns into horror as you realize what you are currently confined in.

You are in a wooden cage, you are familiar with this particular container made by the giants. Many of your friends have been seen trapped in these things and disappeared soon after, never to be found again among the tall grass and forest your kin inhabit.
The red-white is carrying the cage with its right manipulator, swinging it carelessly as it walks, which explains the shaking. You look beyond the cage, apparently the red-white is traveling through the long clearing the giants made in the forest. How ironic, to be so close and yet so far from your home at the same time.

At least the giant was nice enough to leave the dead mouse in the cage with you.

[ ] Sink into despair.
[ ] Finish consuming the mouse, can't plan an escape on an empty stomach.
[ ] Cluck your mandibles harder.

I'm pretty sure I misused "ironic" here.
Hey Hartmann, how do I do Zalgo text?
No. 10063

There you go:
and if that doesn't work, here's another one:
No. 10106
[X] Finish consuming the mouse, can't plan an escape on an empty stomach.
No. 10110
[x] Sink into despair.

Forced mating bad end looms. There is no escape. You will be consumed.
No. 10111
No, you fool! The mouse is the only thing standing between us and a female's stomach!
No. 10112
[x] Sink into despair.
No. 10154
[x] Sink into despair.

This is the end.
No. 10167
[x] Attempt to ascend to youkaihood.

Seems like a longshot, but it's better than sinking into despair.
No. 10172
I am changing my vote to this.

[x] Attempt to ascend to youkaihood.
No. 10176
File 133782794561.jpg - (110.40KB , 500x435 , 2933065059_e944f0538f.jpg ) [iqdb]
How does a mantis know what youkai is?
No. 10178
Instinct. If it's ready to ascend, it will be able to feel it.
No. 10180
Vote called, Writing commenced. And hey look I figured out how to use tripcodes.

[ ] Move this story to /others/.
[ ] It's fine where it is.
No. 10182
[x] It's fine where it is.

Unless you decide to turn this into a real story instead of something short written in a whim, keep it here.
No. 10187
File 133784120137.jpg - (20.51KB , 301x226 , zetsubou_sayonara_zetsubou_sensei.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sink into despair.

[x] Attempt to ascend to youkaihood.

Noting your hopeless situation, you ignore the delicious mouse and sink into despair. The giant will carry you to a place where it would properly feed on you, hopefully head first. You have no method of resistance against such an imposing entity, and the wooden cage you are in is far too sturdy for you to break through. Your despair washes you like the night, drowning you under its waves.

As you lie on the cage floor and let the darkness consume you, a feeling, not unlike a rush of warm wind, rushes over you. No, you would not submit so easily, it tells you. You are a praying mantis! The greatest of the insects! No matter how great the obstacle is, you must not give up. As the feeling flows, a bright light slowly begins to glow in the darkness, and you suddenly find yourself feeling a good deal more confident in yourself.

You follow the light, it is hard to tell at first, but as you draw closer you find it to be a massive, luminescent pile composed of dead snakes, mice, birds, insects, and many other creatures you consider prey, heaped up into a surprisingly intricate throne.

On top of the throne is a massive golden mantis, it is staring directly at you.

My child, your journey is not over yet, for the river of your fate has yet to flow into the ocean of souls. I shall provide you with one of three traits. Pick carefully

From the bottom of the throne, three objects roll out to a stop in front of you. Which one shall you grasp with your mandibles?
[ ] Body of Stone.
[ ] Mind of Crystal.
[ ] Heart of Iron.
No. 10188
[x] Heart of Iron.
Because it reminds me of a vidya title.
No. 10189
[x] Body of Stone.
Because we don't know if our mantis is a male or a female, and I don't want to be eaten alive. That would be a bad end.
No. 10190
[x] Heart of Iron.

Overcome all obstacles with the power of friendship and burning spirit!
No. 10222
File 13378497145.jpg - (2.95KB , 479x466 , theheart.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Heart of Iron.
No. 10243
[x] Surging Heart of Iron.
No. 10296
[x] Body of Stone.

And since only one guy inputted on moving the story, I'll take this opportunity to say I agree with him.

I will say that making this into a whole story would make me insanely happy.
No. 10434
Man, ascension into youkaihood must take a while.
No. 10476

We've got better shit to do. We don't need fire to prove our superiority.
No. 10477
I think the thread's on Autosage.
I think we need another thread. Might as well make the move. /others/?
No. 10479
New thread: >>44277

I'm deleting the last update and moving it over there.
No. 10488
You misswrote it. Let me help.