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New site user? Check.

Lack of confidence? Check.

Overuse of ellipsis? Check.

Emoticons? Check.

Start the betting now, I predict less than a month before fresh meat gives up.

No. 2618
It ain't a bet if something's not at stake.
No. 2619
Good point. I'll bet one H scene (at community's request of subject matter).
No. 2620
I thought you hated Hatate.
No. 2621

I fucking love Hatate, she's easily top 15 or 20 material. I even have a dakimakura on order.
No. 2622
I have the feeling you have dakimakura of every touhou on order.
No. 2623

Nah, most of them still don't have any on the market. And a portion of those not on the market don't have any even drawn up that could be used for a custom order.
No. 2624
File 129952868682.jpg - (197.76KB , 750x750 , if you know what I mean.jpg ) [iqdb]
Glad to hear it~
No. 2626
File 129952890429.jpg - (67.64KB , 540x900 , 63023ccb7e299f692353535efee60555.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kujiran's art is wonderful.
No. 2627
File 129953090764.jpg - (176.59KB , 701x900 , 14165665.jpg ) [iqdb]
It is.
No. 2628
File 129953376458.jpg - (93.84KB , 546x746 , 1291555280202.jpg ) [iqdb]
Someone does not like other writer on his board.
No. 2629

That would be true if I was also talking about SLDT, SATA, Sukima, and I think Patch has some stuff there.
No. 2630
Are you trying to turn /at/ into a VIP board?
No. 2632
That is allright. /blue/ is here to help defend this site against unwanted elements.
No. 2633

What? No.

If he was writing in any other board and I stumbled upon it I'd be here saying the same thing. God forbid, though, that the site have a modicum of quality. New writer already botched details and referred to Rumia as a fairy.
No. 2634
>Rumia as a fairy
Wing fetish, activate!
No. 2642
It's just another new foolish writer. Nothing special about him. Nothing the site or even /at/ hasn't seen before. They come and go or stay and learn.
No. 2643
He seems eager to fix perceived slights, though. I guess that's something in his favor.
No. 2697
File 130085934083.jpg - (162.87KB , 1024x768 , yandere hatate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just out of curiosity, what do you think of Yandere Hatate? There's a bit of it on Pixiv but I can't figure out the rationale behind it. It's still kinda hot, though.
No. 2764
Honestly it's fanon trash like many other things before it (Ice Bitch Sakuya, Poopsock Kaguya, Stalker Alice)

As for the rationale? the dramafags figure that Aya and Hatate are in an abusive friendship where Aya abuses her and Hatate's envious of her to insane extents.