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File 14816173045.jpg - (1.14MB, 1000x1414, you know shes tired of your shit.jpg) [iqdb]
22796 No. 22796
On account of the previous thread being on autosage, we have taken the opportunity to take up operation of the succeeding thread. Kindly submit your rage for consideration. You will receive a reply in 3-5 weeks.
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>> No. 22797
This site is so slow. I'm mad.
>> No. 22801
File 148163545247.jpg - (92.82KB, 504x184, 129220856574.jpg) [iqdb]


(is still dead)
>> No. 22802

Didn't something horrible happen to him or something, and that's why it took so long to begin with? I could swear I heard something to the effect.
>> No. 22803
The last time someone said this, the writer in question was, actually, killed by a car. So let's hope not.

I haven't heard anything like that though. An active writer crashed his car, but he's okay.
>> No. 22805
He basically became Steven Hawking except not paralysed in one limb.
>> No. 22807
Okay... No, wait, that's not okay. Holy fucking shit. Holy mother fucking ass crack bitch son of a small city-state of whores. How I'm the fucking fuck fuck dick does that even happen? And baby Jesus in a goddamned cross why does that happen?
I'm out.
>> No. 22810

That's how.
>> No. 22824
Fallout Gensokyo is one of my favourite stories on this site if not my favourite. I'm not sure if the emotion I feel at it not continuing would be rage, but at this point I kind of just hope that fallout anon is alright.
>> No. 22829
I was reminded of some past failures and felt vitriol simmering in my gut. Anger isn't who I am, but goddamn if I don't sometimes wish I could loathe people to death.
>> No. 22835
File 148182568859.jpg - (12.18KB, 269x187, hmmm.jpg) [iqdb]
You're right, it is not unlike a romantic relationship, and just as in such a relationship, the contribution goes both ways. If a writer is rude, uncooperative, apathetic, and punishes their audience for things that they cannot help, the voters will leave, as you have said. However, if the audience is rude, uncooperative, apathetic, and punishes the writer for things that they cannot help, the writer will lose motivation to write. Of course, I do not have to deal with a rude or otherwise assholeish audience, and I'm sure most of THP writers don't. However, apathy can be just as damaging. If an audience is continuously apathetic, the writer will lose the drive to work together with them. To take this relationship analogy even further -- if you put your all into pleasing your partner during sexual relations, it is not unreasonable to expect them to do the same. Just like people quit relationships when their partner stops caring, if voters are constantly apathetic about reading, voting, and discussing, there's not gonna be much writing.

This isn't my job, it is a hobby. I write CYOAs because I enjoy doing it. Yes, I am responsible for my work, but I do not have an obligation to put in 150% just because my audience is putting in 50%. Again, if I wanted to write linear stories, I would. I write CYOAs because I want to craft a work with my audience. I enjoy writing and I enjoy working with my audience. I enjoy the CYOA process. There is no point in railroading. It doesn't accomplish what I came here to do, and it doesn't give my audience what they came for (an interactive story).

In your analogy, I am not the driver. I am the car. I take my audience where they want to go. I show them the world outside. I take them down roads that have been laid out for them. My audience is the driver; they choose where to go and what to do next. If the driver refuses to decide where to go, the car does not decide for them.

I would like to make it clear that I do not see a tie and immediately throw hands and walk away. I do wait. I do poke. And, sometimes, I do flip that coin. One must consider how often I should be flipping that coin, and the threshold on the amount of influence a given vote should lead to before I leave it to chance. Certainly, if my audience has gone back and forth over a vote for a bit and nobody seems to be budging on their decision, it would be prudent for me to step in. In my experiences, however, this has hardly been the case. The amount of discussion that goes into these important ties are not exhaustive. They come down to a few people voting with minimal, if any, back and forth. If you read some of the older stories on this site, you may find that many of the decisions are debated at length by their audiences. This is simply not the case in my experiences. I realize that the amount of traffic on THP has dwindled, but evidence suggests that voters still do exist. A little bit of discussion goes a long way. If I see that my audience is at least putting in the effort to think about these important decisions, I have something to work with. If I understand what my audience thinks of the situation at hand and how they weigh the risks, I can create compromises. However, I can't do any of that if my audience doesn't at least discuss the decision at hand.
>> No. 22837
File 148183029739.jpg - (69.31KB, 691x691, __nagae_iku_touhou_drawn_by_setz__5bf041a95bcf1a52.jpg) [iqdb]
>if voters are constantly apathetic about reading, voting, and discussing, there's not gonna be much writing
There's no active community that talks outside the stories that's not on IRC (from what I gather, anyway), and IRCs are not a valid substitute for shitposting on imageboards with random anons. That's why it feels apathetic or "hollow", right? No sense of community.

You know, if every anon took time to thoroughly fuck up front page with pictures and shitposts at least every week, we'd have what you want here. And I'm saying that unironically, we need the /jp/ spirit back.

Of course, there is always a Plan X that involves a hideous amount of proxies, two cans of beer (ZUN approved!) and a folder of reaction images. Don't tell the owner of the site.
>> No. 22838
File 148183236865.png - (54.44KB, 260x400, 126041907676.png) [iqdb]
I don't think even /jp/ has the /jp/ spirit anymore.

Also, your waifu is shit.

>This is simply not the case in my experiences

Your stories, compared to ye olde ones, had more discussion than the average. Less than the best stories on the site maybe, but more than what was usual, for sure.

Also, I'd really like to see you write a story with less focus on romance and more on mystery or action.
>> No. 22839
Everybody should probably just take up alcoholism and become a writer.
>> No. 22840
File 148183371874.jpg - (16.20KB, 255x243, 1a78954f7bb0e0a3f135cd9f723a165ac1bffe5582b7aa6a56.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 22841
File 148183423685.png - (678.42KB, 849x954, a pouty princess.png) [iqdb]
jaypee lives on in my heart. But please, don't even say that as a joke! You'd break my spirit with the amount of time I'd have to spend dealing with spam instead of writing playing the vidya.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think you probably believe that the previous poster was me. It isn't. I don't post on /blue/ generally because a) I find the concept of rage/sadness/joy threads silly and b) if there's shit I want to tell readers, I'll just tell them in my threads.

All I will say about the subject right now is that, motivation-wise, even the smallest gesture from the readers can go a long way in helping sometimes. A cute image, a silly tangential discussion about waifus in a thread or speculation can definitely fire me up. Whatever else, that feeling of solidarity, feeling engaged with the readers, working together, sharing good times is one of the best rewards of doing the whole CYOA thing. Just as it (hopefully) brightens up your day to see your favorite story update, it sure brightens my day to see fun reactions. I'm sure a lot of other writers will feel the same. Conversely, getting nothing makes it feel like we're just going through the motions and makes it harder to keep going. Or even realize if we're messing up until there's no one left voting.

But this is stuff that I've talked about in my threads and have no desire of typing out here needlessly. It's time better spent doing things that may or may not be writing about 2hus.
>> No. 22842
File 148183447455.jpg - (697.78KB, 1200x1600, 38215387_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
I just enjoy writing cute girls being flustered.

That said, it helps when your protagonist is almost as thick as your readers.
>> No. 22843
File 148183507223.png - (99.03KB, 320x320, 1328666068306.png) [iqdb]
>You'd break my spirit with the amount of time I'd have to spend dealing with spam instead of writing playing the vidya.

If you're not writing, shitposting or managing the site, you're not being a productive member of THP. I could single-handedly contribute to THP's activity and attract more anons. Just think of the sheer amount of votes! Daily updates of 3+ writers won't be just a dream again!

If you update and keep updating, nothing will happen.
>> No. 22844
File 148183712819.jpg - (193.99KB, 567x439, 128083423733.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey, I take offense to that, I'm pretty slim!

So you're saying that the only way to save the site is to shitpost? Geez that's like asking IRC to talk about Dark Souls.

You're on!
>> No. 22845
If you are the car, and the audience are the drivers, then that would mean that the votes are the gasoline. Some of the drivers want to put regular gas in the car, others prefer to use unleaded gas, and some other drivers prefer to use diesel. Any of these choices will make the car go just fine with any combination of gas.

The car in your case however is different. In your case, if the drivers put one gallon of unleaded into the car, and one gallon of diesel into the car, then the road trip is over forever because the engine will spontaneously burst into flames.

Most other cars have an emergency failsafe built in to prevent this from happening. When those cars detect that the gas tank is 50% unleaded and 50% diesel, the car makes an automatic emergency call to Flippy McCoinflip's gas station, who runs over and puts one more drop of gas into the tank. Sure the type of gas Flippy puts in will be random, but the roadtrip will continue.
>> No. 22846
File 148184372569.jpg - (70.19KB, 425x373, satorin_tantrum.jpg) [iqdb]
Tell me all of that again, but in food analogies.
>> No. 22847
File 148184387663.jpg - (513.00KB, 691x899, 6272b8b8819390f9ce234d15945809a00e5f5103fd77d28904.jpg) [iqdb]
tl;dr if your players voted and you're too autistic to break a tie when you want to write, gas yourself
>> No. 22848
>Suwako is a youkai

Frau Reimu what the fuck are you doing
>> No. 22850
Okay, I'll give it a shot.

The author is the kitchen, the audience are the chefs, and the votes are the ingredients. Some chefs fill the kitchen with vegetables to make a vegan meal, other chefs fill it with meat for a more carnivorous meal, and still others fill the kitchen with sugar and sweets to make all dessert all the time. Any of these ingredients will make a tasty meal in any combination.

This particular kitchen however, works a little differently than other kitchens. This kitchen was constructed in such a silly way that, if at any point the kitchen is filled with 50% vegetables and 50% meat, the kitchen catches fire and burns to the ground, which means that everyone goes hungry.

To prevent this, upon noticing that half the kitchen's shelves are filled with vegetables and half are filled with meat, other kitchens will call in Coiny McFlipacoin's Catering Service. Coiny will then rush over with a random ingredient in order to prevent the kitchen from burning down. None of the chefs know what ingredient Coiny will bring, but they don't care because now they wont go hungry.

Best food analogy I could come up with. How was that.
>> No. 22852
its shit desu

need more fast food analogies
>> No. 22853
you're a burger-flipping waste of space that works from nine to five for a living in McDonalds
you have a big burger and a small burger in your order queue, but for some reason you can't just pick one - you're OCD is triggered
so you just make neither, your manager fires you and you starve or find another job

please don't actually work at McDonalds
>> No. 22854
File 148187743622.png - (927.41KB, 706x1000, 2ea9fbf2d623ddd3427b11578d0dbd55.png) [iqdb]
>In your analogy, I am not the driver. I am the car. I take my audience where they want to go. I show them the world outside. I take them down roads that have been laid out for them. My audience is the driver; they choose where to go and what to do next. If the driver refuses to decide where to go, the car does not decide for them.

Yeeeeeah, no. That may be how you see yourself in this scenario, but that line of thinking is precisely the problem, here. When you say "I'm just the car, the readers are the ones doing all the driving," all I see is someone trying to absolve themselves of any responsibility for a problem that they helped to create and continue to perpetuate.

I feel like this is something I shouldn't have to point out, but just in case you need to be reminded, your audience is not a hive-mind. It is composed of multiple individuals with their own preferences, priorities, likes, dislikes, and so on. If you were to attempt to coalesce them all into a singular entity, you would most likely find yourself with a schizophrenic who, while having the occasional lucid moment, also suffers from an astonishingly short attention span.

That is your "driver".
That is what you are claiming to surrender all control over the course of your story to.


You are not just the car in all this. You are not a passive element with no control or influence over where everyone goes. You are not simply "showing them the world outside." You're making the world outside. You're not just "taking then down roads that have been laid out for them." You are the one laying those roads down. All those choices your readers keep getting tied up over didn't write themselves, you did. Your audience is unable to reach a consensus with the choices you created and presented to them, and yet you insist that you should have no part in resolving a conflict that you are directly responsible for creating? How the can you honestly and seriously claim "I write with my audience," and then turn around and take such a hands-off approach when your audience gets stuck on whatever choice you've given them because you think they just aren't tying hard enough?

You can say stuff like:
>There is no point in railroading. It doesn't accomplish what I came here to do, and it doesn't give my audience what they came for (an interactive story).

But you know what also doesn't give your audience the interactive story that they came for? Not continuing the interactive story at all. You're okay with that? More importantly, are your readers okay with that? Have you asked them what they would like done about their ties? Would they really rather not have the story continue if it keeping it going means compromising on their choices?

I'm asking honestly here, because for all I know your audience is full of the "I'd rather have nothing" type, though if that were the case I would wonder why we are even having this discussion.

I've said it before, but if you don't like the way things are and want them to change, doing nothing is not going to solve anything. Change has to come from somewhere, and if it's not going to come from your readers than it must come from you. There is no other way.

If you want to keep writing these things you claim to enjoy writing, then stop giving yourself excuses for not writing them.
If you want to write with your audience like you say you do, then stop placing all the blame on them for not keeping things moving and work with them to get things going again.
You have options. You've got suggestions for how to deal with your tied votes. You don't like those suggestions, fine, then come up with something else.

This is probably the last I'm going to say on this matter. It's late, I'm tired, and I fear the longer this goes on more likely it is that I'm just wasting time and energy that would be better spent working on my own problems. Whatever happens, I hope things work out for you.
>> No. 22855

I'll take a crack based on this guy's thoughts.

You are god! Your toys loyal subjects hunger for food and refreshment! Some want water, others want meat! However, one doesn't replace the other — they are completely different, which symbolizes the importance of the vote. Now, you're running low on god juice, so you have to give them one or the other. Meat or water.

Who dies? Who lives? Their lives are in your hands. But, if you don't do a thing, they will all die. If you wait too long, they will slowly drop like flies. Telling them to change may work, but not always.

There. I feel I've shown the difference in two bandwagon perspectives. Yes, you might convince some from one camp that you need water more than they need meat, but it's not what they truly want, is it?

However, to lay all blame on the au— god is also equally foolish. Without discussion, they may see inaction, regardless of one giving an 11th commandment that thou must make snappy choices, as apathy. It's not one party's fault. It's a team effort: you all failed to communicate, and now nobody is happy. Effort may be put out by the author to have effort put out by the voters, and effort might at times be required on the voters' part to poke the author, but, in the end, the blame rests with everyone.

There. I mangled it pretty.
>> No. 22858

The only thing wrong here is that nobody would willingly starve to death. They would simply find a different God. A different God that is, perhaps less preferable to the old God. New God is, however, putting out food to eat, even if that food is Kantai Collection flavored.
>> No. 22860
File 148191705747.jpg - (114.68KB, 728x1024, d86.jpg) [iqdb]
Goddamn if I didn't try, but that food is inedible. It's every animu stereotype in one, horrible, harem fantasy package.

Not saying Touhou is great, but it works. It's like comparing Sao vs Re ZERO, DMC4 with DMC3, Shantaram vs East of Eden, The Illusionist vs The Prestige. A similar premise with similar ingredients that just falls flat.
>> No. 22861
Poison is designed to be inedible.

>Sao vs Re ZERO
Both are equally shit. It's just that reasons why they're shit are slightly different, so it looks like one is better than the other if you squint hard enough, but they're both terrible.

>DMC4 with DMC3
Those two are radically different from each other by nature of the combat system, and while DMC4's levels were reused, it's combat system more than made up for it. They're both good, but for different reasons.
>> No. 22862

They're cantonese cartoons, of course they're shit. But a connoisseur such as myself can differentiate between street dog shit and a pure breed dog shit.
Of course, you may disagree with my views, but then you'd be wrong. And nobody cares. What wrong people think.

>DMC4 vs DMC3

Oh shoot, that's a good point. DMC3 vs DMC2 might have worked better.
>> No. 22864

Why not DMC3 and DMCDMC? Then you get Bizzaro Dante in on it.
>> No. 22866
File 148198918317.jpg - (756.15KB, 832x1000, I hope I don't pull too hard.jpg) [iqdb]

See, this is why writing a KC/TH crossover is hard. It's hard to make it not horrible while also striking a good balance that is true to the source.

And sometimes if you want to make something less horrible, you have to make it so horrible it inverts on itself like a prolapse of awful.
>> No. 22868
As far as fans go, they're the same, including fuckers who drag on fanon memes especially flat chest ones too long.

Dunno what to say about KC's mild tendency to canonize fanon, but I will say it's better than actively trying to shit on common perceptions of characters.

But one can't really compare them as one's a long running doujin STG series and one's a proto-mobage game.

It'd be better all in all to compare Touhou with a more typical doujin cute'em up.

>SAO vs Re:Zero
>Implying SAO was particularly good

Accurate shitposting aside, this is a classic case of something rather shit and a clone of such (well one of hundreds; the LN scene is flooded with shit)

>DMC3 vs DMC4
DMC4 wasn't exactly terrible, just that it was rushed for the PS3's launch. SO yeah it won't be as polished as DMC3:SE (the original non-SE launch had a few issues itself), which wasn't rushed. Though DMC4 one up'd DMC3 in that Dante can flip between all his styles in a mission.
>> No. 22900


>> No. 22901
File 148382765926.jpg - (71.55KB, 802x713, __nazrin_touhou_drawn_by_ishikkoro__19cb99871749ca.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't hate the player, hate your delicious garbage
>> No. 22902

I know your pain... We must have about a dozen or so mice at least, this year alone. It makes me miss my snake and cats. If I had the former, at least I could get some catharsis.

If the latter, cattharsis.
>> No. 22953





>> No. 22954
Nah, I won't. Given how dead the site is, there's nothing wrong with letting authors know there's still demand for their story. I know I'd feel glad/embarrassed/motivated if people kept the fire to my feet. So it's fucking stupid to make a big deal out of a simple bump.
>> No. 22955
Why isn't there a link to the archives on the front page? It would be so convenient and yet it is not there. That's somewhat inconvenient.
>> No. 22957
1. We don't have enough writers.
2. This anonymous thing is kinda pompous. If I want to go, "hey I was the one that wrote that write in!" or "you bunch of bloody bakas I said raise the prices ONLY A LITTLE" I shouldn't have to highlight the post I made.
>> No. 22958
File 148624132465.png - (628.90KB, 722x480, a pair of one-way tickets to hell.png) [iqdb]
Oh, and while I'm at it, point 3:

>> No. 22960

You can namefag if you really want, it's not explicitly forbidden. Though, why you feel people need to know your write-ins or opinions on pricing is beyond me.
>> No. 22961
>This anonymous thing is kinda pompous.
I'd say it's more self-important to put yourself on a pedestal on an anonymous imageboard. The purpose of anonymity is to strip identifying characteristics and make one judge far more on a case by case basis rather than an interpersonal one. Though of course there are many exceptions to this rule, if you desire reputation and prestige in general discussion, id recommend a forum.
>> No. 22963

Trust me, you stick out like a sore thumb no matter if you fill the email field with your name, the name field, or don't at all.

I can tell it's you every time I see you talking.
>> No. 22964
>he brings politics into THP and it isnt' the IRC

>> No. 22965
>We don't have enough writers.
No, we don't need any more. We have enough randoms who try and start garbage stories and disappear after two updates. What we need are current writers who are both active and engaged. And for older writers to stop fucking around on IRC and get back in here, I guess.

>blah blah anon
Look at the UI for this site. Does it look like a forum? No, it does not. You're on an imageboard; imageboards usually imply anonymity. Complaining about that particular part is missing the point by a mile.
>> No. 23003
Where the hell has Foots gone?!
>> No. 23004
File 148734632088.jpg - (164.72KB, 850x843, 147065809894.jpg) [iqdb]
Refreshing every hour does nothing!
>> No. 23005
it got me to post this, that's something.
>> No. 23006
It is good start.

Now all you need to do is write an engaging CYOA about Touhoes IN SPACE.

Oh and it must be updated daily because I'm bored and entitled as fuck.
>> No. 23007
>> No. 23008
Nah, already got plenty of stories to juggle. Just go read resonant with vivid tones and then despair.

Start small. Clear objective and scope. railroad for the most part, later you can handle more freedom smartly. See how that works out and learn from it.
>> No. 23010
A magical place filled with tentacle dicks and Alice butts.

That is to that he's around and working on making a comeback. How long it takes will depend on life not being crazy. Please wait warmly.

P.S. He got a kick out of being told that he's missed. Go you.

Try it anyway. Failure isn't a big deal, despite what some resident grognards might tell you. If you're not failing, you're probably not doing anything either.

I wish I'd followed that advice when I started out.

>tfw story running for three years
>tfw barely out of the beginning
>tfw can be writing everyday and still only make progress at the speed of an average glacier
>> No. 23012
Ah, that's good to hear. Well if you can tell him just say that I - and I'm probably not the only one - miss his story. We still have to go back to Meiling and Koa there.
Hope to see news in the future.

I may start to use IRC. Just to chat with some authors/users.
>> No. 23013



Starting small is also a good idea. /shorts/ deserves more than retarded contests.
>> No. 23014
Aye, aye.
Alas, since most new authors (like myself) have like, no readers,

>> No. 23015
That's just an uncommon rage.
>> No. 23016
File 14874299079.jpg - (218.53KB, 448x537, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_drawn_by_shangguan_feiy.jpg) [iqdb]
There is little difference between getting shipainter to work and summoning Amaimon. Because holy shit java is absolutely determined to confound me at every turn.
>> No. 23017
Readers suck.

I'd rather smoke railroads.
>> No. 23018
This guy gets it.
>> No. 23025
"I can't allow myself to enjoy anything that doesn't have a guaranteed ending this is a rational line of thinking and I am a reasonable person" - THP, current year
>> No. 23026
"Maybe posting passive aggressive comments about readers voting will get my story some votes" - THP, current year.
>> No. 23028
File 148856313210.png - (1.46MB, 1200x1600, caughtwithyourpantsudown.png) [iqdb]
>when you notice that you've left in really obvious editing notes in a post well after the fact
>> No. 23029
File 148856677271.jpg - (37.49KB, 400x400, 16228983_1082341931893725_901086573947256832_n.jpg) [iqdb]
"Anything but quality and consistency can affect voters."

Sorry kids, that only works if your name is Fell. Find another excuse.

By the way, I'm trolling. The taste of voters and our demographic have a ton of influence on the success of a story.
>> No. 23030
I do somewhat regret putting my story in /Shorts/, even if it was going to be short, if only because no one ever looks there.
>> No. 23031
After eyeing the second's update size and comparing it to the amount of votes, I immediately closed the tab. "Oh, it's one of those stories."

You know: weekly updates, zero advancement and with updates smaller than the voting options. At least only one of those is still alive today and it is taking the piss.

I guess the first few updates are very delicate for us readers.
>> No. 23033
Some boards just don't get traffic. Some of it has to do with peoples' tastes; some of it has to do with people not expecting activity there due to history. It'd be nice if that wasn't the case, but inertia is real.
>> No. 23084
File 148976616859.jpg - (54.29KB, 1063x600, cuethedragonforce.jpg) [iqdb]
I fucking hate cliffhangers. Few things piss me off like finally getting to the part of an episode that I wanted to see, only to have them immediately cut to the credits.

Those blueballing fucks.
>> No. 23086
File 149020501112.jpg - (65.92KB, 555x776, __hijiri_byakuren_touhou_drawn_by_zetsumame__1e48a.jpg) [iqdb]
TH is so active that a fresh update gets buried under five posts more often than not, sometimes hitting page two.

Mild irritation!

I feel horrible bumping myself after a day, but a few hours? Yeesh...
>> No. 23087
File 14902202417.png - (960.70KB, 992x1403, 62037125_p0.png) [iqdb]
I wish An Excuse for A-Who was that active.
>> No. 23088
Too bad the writer is a lazy piece of garbage that absolutely refuses to update.
>> No. 23089
File 149023182541.png - (102.35KB, 600x600, waggy_landed.png) [iqdb]
Aren't we all?
>> No. 23090
I bet he's a fag. A gay fag.
>> No. 23091
File 149023756153.jpg - (254.70KB, 850x1212, the end we deserve.jpg) [iqdb]
I wish EZMode didn't went crazy and retconned 8 threads of content only to abandon the story a thread later.
He only had to find youki and mima, visit the underground and beat Tenshi to turn celestial, bang Yuyuko and finish the story. Goddamn it.
>> No. 23103
>> No. 23104

This one ALMOST fits perfectly and it makes my OCD go into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

Same with OP's pic
>> No. 23112
fuck, i ran out of steam writing my contest entry 4.5k words in

not sure if i should give up or rush the last half
>> No. 23113
Submit half.

Put 'TO BE CONTINUED?!?!?!?' at the end

No one will notice
>> No. 23114

The deadline is like 3 weeks away, so rushing sounds odd. Just get steamy.
>> No. 23115

>> No. 23116

Well then go update. Jeez Anon, you should be able to solve this one.

Also, on a somewhat related note, I really dislike how authors on this site try to drag their dead horse story through the mud. Bringing your damn stories to a logical conclusion and starting something else in a timely manor is the first step twords renewing reader faith and confidence in their authors.
>> No. 23117
I dislike stories with shitty OC characters.
>> No. 23118
Yeah, well, your face is gay.
>> No. 23119
File 14921971888.jpg - (53.02KB, 190x313, reimu_growl.jpg) [iqdb]
That feelio when no long-dead stories viable for spontaneous (and one-time) revival to spite this Anon because I finished them all.
What about moderate OCs who fit within the setting's rules and origins? Though I'll say, I don't know how often we get, say, someone from the Human Village going around hareming the 'hus.
>> No. 23120
I originally put work on my as-of-yet unfinished updates to go on a holiday, and now I'm still here, away from all of my work and with little time to think about writing. Not quite a rage, but kind of a pisser when I think about it.
>> No. 23126




>> No. 23135

I hope all the bad things that can possibly happen in life happen to this touhou, and no one else.
>> No. 23136
Why? Is it because she lacks a hat?
>> No. 23139
File 149432641659.jpg - (398.56KB, 881x1024, 6152500834_cff5bbd1c5_b.jpg) [iqdb]

It's difficult to explaine. I just feel a deep...almost existential feeling of unease and disquiet upon seeing her. I also, happen to be an expert on this subject, so I know my predictions are true.
>> No. 23141
an expert, you say?
>> No. 23142

I guess he really knows how to take it uneasy...
>> No. 23168
A couple of years back I made a butthurt post complaining about how #thp people have next to no interest in touhous, this site and stories and rarely if ever discuss any of those. Now, while I'm still every bit as butt-frustrated about that and could rant on about it, I have yet another pointless complaint.

As if that weren't enough, they ALSO have garbage fucking taste in everything else. I swear to God, who discusses and plays fucking MOBAGE? You have to have severe brain damage to spend money on this shallow, exploitative, stupid, shitty glorified slot machine trash. Let's not forget the worthless boatsluts and awful anime, as well as a hundred other little things like people's personal problems nobody cares about. If you're gonna be useless and off topic, the least you could do is discuss things that aren't the absolute bottom of the barrel.

And before you ask why I'm there if I hate it so much, I have certain writing and touhou keywords that alert me if any actual interesting discussion is going on, though god knows it happens rarely enough that it might not even be worth looking at that den of shit taste.
>> No. 23169

Maybe you should make an off-topic discussion thread so authors post their butthurt/sob stories there instead of in thread.
>> No. 23170
That's exactly what this thread is for, you chucklefuck
>> No. 23171

Well then, maybe we can make another off-topic discussion thread, except name it something that doesn't make people think it's another rage thread. Less confusion, you know?
>> No. 23172
Nah, this is fine.

Also, did that guy just noticed IRC has shit taste?
Be glad they weren't talking about cantonese phone games. I'm a fate fanboy and even I can tell that it is a fucking waste of time.
>> No. 23174

Have you considered that maybe all tastes are equally shit when compared against the reality of our finite and transient existence on this rock floating through space?
>> No. 23175
File 149618420316.png - (221.33KB, 1187x843, rly makes u think.png) [iqdb]
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