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File 148063792414.png - (2.42MB, 1032x1457, MeilingsSmileWarmsMyHeart.png) [iqdb]
22765 No. 22765
Autosage struck again. Let's fill another thread with joyful posts!
Expand all images
>> No. 22766
File 148063838822.jpg - (236.88KB, 850x998, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn.jpg) [iqdb]
Happiness makes me happy!
>> No. 22767
Somebody else starting the thread fills me with joy~
>> No. 22768
Losing my virginity, getting my own apartment AND working on updates to my stories fills me with joy!
>> No. 22780
File 148115838940.png - (2.74MB, 2000x1500, __imaizumi_kagerou_sekibanki_and_wakasagihime_touh.png) [iqdb]
Maybe I am a simple man, but pictures of Tohus I like from artists I like make me a happy simple man.
>> No. 22793
It took me way too long, but I did a nice thing for a friend~

And I guess I'm working on updates again because that's pretty damn good motivation~
>> No. 22800
File 148163537510.jpg - (173.84KB, 850x1055, __patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_kushidama_mi.jpg) [iqdb]
Dead authors are coming back to life and they are hungry for voters!

Well it only happened once but it could potentially happen again still!
>> No. 22806
Who's coming back from the dead?
>> No. 22808
Both Teruyo and Flanders. The first one had two two month hiatus in a row in CAAW! But returned and even started another story alongside that one and Flanders posted in a year and a half story saying he might update if there's interest.
>> No. 22811

From what I heard, there was a tie keeping it not going.
>> No. 22812
Come on. If there's the will to write, no tie can stop it. A coin toss takes two seconds.
>> No. 22817
You need to have a coin first...
>> No. 22818
File 14817438966.png - (668.28KB, 851x1000, cb1c6dc32fee2991b0a06a46408f79f0.png) [iqdb]

There. All the virtual coins you could possibly flip, and I can personally attest to their usefulness in deciding things, be it settling a stubborn tie in your story or just looking for a second opinion on whether or not you should finally get that mole checked out.
SPOILER ALERT: You probably should.
>> No. 22819
Which one of them?
>> No. 22820
File 14817585393.jpg - (54.91KB, 500x667, 147815434335.jpg) [iqdb]
He said 'All of them'

Geez, pay attention.
>> No. 22821
What if the decision is too important to leave up to chance?
>> No. 22822
Not worth abandoning the story.
>> No. 22823
File 148176460656.jpg - (832.02KB, 689x689, 10082912.jpg) [iqdb]
You're writing a story where things that happen in it aren't always determined by you, the writer, but by the sometimes fickle whims of your audience. Leaving choices up to chance is what you do every single time you let them vote.

If your readers are divided on a choice, and nobody is willing to change their vote, it's up to you as the writer to work something out. Flip a coin. Hop onto IRC and ask someone to break the tie for you. Do "eeny, meeny, miny, moe". Hell, just pick whatever choice you like better and go with it. At the end of the day, it's your story, and you can do whatever you damn well please with it. Just do something, because no matter what your readers may have been voting for to cause the tie in the first place, I guarantee you none of them want the story to just stop.
>> No. 22825
File 148177646888.jpg - (546.83KB, 500x667, stare.jpg) [iqdb]
It's not just my story, it's our story. My audience puts time into reading, thinking about, and voting on my work. Sure, an individual voter's resulting output is probably not as much as the writer's, but they vote for a reason: they care about the world and characters that have been crafted for them and want to work with the writer to bring the story through an enjoyable journey and to a satisfying conclusion.

Sometimes, an entry ends with something that will have complicated and irreversible effects. When a vote like this ties for a long period of time, leaving me to settle the outcome, I am immobilized. I don't want to remove agency from my audience. Leaving an important decision to a coin toss is silly and it tells my audience that I don't care about the process that goes into making a decision. Asking those outside of my audience to vote for the sake of breaking a tie is just as silly; I want those who have been following the story and are invested in the decision to be making that decision, not a passerby. As for deciding myself, that goes completely against why I write CYOAs in the first place. If I have to pick an option because the votes are tied, I would rather write a linear story without any voting.

I am not an automaton that waits for x number of votes after y amount of time and then spits out the appropriate predetermined description of events. I write with my audience. I take their concerns, feelings, and discussions, and try to build the protagonist's character off of how my audience thinks. I flavour the resulting entry after a vote with the worry or the pride or the joy of my audience as they discuss the events unfolding before them. If my audience is too apathetic to break the tie, I have nothing to work with -- even if I flipped a coin, what could I derive from my audience's motivations if they barely discussed the ramifications of the choice before them and the final decision was not even theirs?

As the writer, it is my job to paint a picture. I paint a world for an audience, but they provide me with the colours. If they don't provide colours, I can't paint anymore. All I ask is that my audience care enough to discuss, vote, and in the case of a tie, foster up a good enough argument to convince the opposite side to vote with them. This is not unreasonable. Even if my audience is mostly apathetic, a single passionate voter could stand up and argue a point, swaying the apathetic into changing their votes. Compared to the amount of effort I put into writing, it is not asking a lot that my audience settle ties amongst themselves.

When a story ties for days at a time, or even weeks, and none of the passive readers bother to vote, and none of the voters bother to discuss, it comes across as apathetic. I don't mind poking anon and reminding them that the tie still needs to be dealt with, but if my story often faces ties that don't move for days or weeks, it does a number on my motivation. If my audience doesn't care to vote, I feel like I shouldn't care to write. Before someone tells me that I should be writing for myself, I would like to emphasize that I wouldn't write if I wasn't writing for myself. It's just that I can't do it alone. My approach to CYOA requires team effort. That's why I love CYOAs and largely prefer writing them than to writing linear fiction.
>> No. 22826
File 148177811376.jpg - (29.68KB, 344x393, 811f9db46ed527b6c34e74dcebf6b59e99ab58dbc888b17e78.jpg) [iqdb]
You're overthinking it. Go with your gut.
>> No. 22827
So let me get this straight. You enjoy writing your story very much. Yet, in the event of a tie, instead of breaking the tie yourself, you would rather let your story wither and die a cold and lonely death?

If "removing agency from my audience" bothers you so much, just remember that everyone who reads the story gets one vote. Since YOU have to read your story at least once, that means you get one vote too. So use it to break the tie. Your audience will appreciate it far more than letting the story die solely because you refused to flip a coin.
>> No. 22828
sure is rage around here
>> No. 22830
You're not really addressing my points here. Maybe read my post again? Specifically, the third and fourth paragraphs.

Note that I am talking about extremely important decisions that end in ties. I wouldn't let my story wither away over something minor.
>> No. 22831
File 148179035081.png - (200.91KB, 500x500, 8675309.png) [iqdb]
Yes, these stories are collaborations between the writer and audience, but it is not an equal relationship. As the writer, you are the one with the most power over whether your story moves or stops, and you are the one with the most responsibility to get it moving again if it starts to stall, whatever the reason for it may be.

If your readers can't come to a consensus, or don't want to discuss or debate their choices and try to get others to vote one way or another, that's on them, and there is nothing you can really do about that. A deadlock is something you risk getting any time you ask a bunch of people to decide on something when there's no clear “right” or “wrong” answer, and when it does happen, someone has to be the one to break it things are to continue. If there isn't going to be any action from the readers' end, then it must come from the writer. That's all there is to it.

So your votes are tied. You have options for resolving this. You may not like them, but they're there, and when you refuse to use any of them, you are the one choosing to not continue. Flipping a coin as a tie-breaker might remove some agency from your audience, but you would still be giving at least half of your voters something they want, both by virtue of their vote winning and the story continuing. How much agency do you give them when you choose to do nothing, and just let the story lie there? Who is getting anything they want out of this arrangement?

This whole scenario makes me think of someone driving their friends or family around town to get something to eat, except they haven't actually gotten anywhere because nobody can agree on where to go. The driver can hope that everyone might agree on something eventually, if only he just waited long enough, but at the end of the night he's still the one behind the wheel. If he decides to park somewhere and wait for a consensus to be reached, then he bears a chunk of the blame if everyone winds up going home hungry, especially when all he had to do was step up and tell everyone “fuck it, shut up, we're all going to Cracker Barrel, deal with it.” And then he flips them the bird or something. I dunno.

Is it an ideal solution? Of course not, but it's hardly an ideal situation to begin with, and it's not going to get any better unless someone does something about it.

>If my audience doesn't care to vote, I feel like I shouldn't care to write.

I understand this feeling, I really do, but surely you can see where that line of thought leads? Your audience doesn't care to vote, so you don't care to write. But if you don't care to write, why should they care to vote? They can blame their apathy on you just as easily as you pin yours on theirs, and where does that leave everyone? Bouncing blame back and forth like a ping-pong ball for a situation that nobody involved wants to be in, but nobody is willing to act to get themselves out of? Is this really better than the solutions that have been proposed?
>> No. 22832
File 148180438354.png - (95.31KB, 431x551, 32b11a58dc6c8263babfd96b817427ef662c4aebcc2f74f077.png) [iqdb]
I really hate to put it like this, but writer/voter relationship is not unlike a relationship between a couple. If a writer is shit or if there's a problem with a story people tend to go away. On the other hand, if it's good, people stay and vote. Stories with less freedom (more control from a writer) tend to be a lot better because they have direction, which gives characters motivation and agency independent of player's - potentially creating complicated situations where a voter is forced to consider how interactions between TWO (sets of) characters (players and NPC's) may go instead of attempting to blindly adapt. CYOAs (or quests, I suppose) are all about forcing complicated, difficult and fun situations on your players. This would be impossible without a sizable degree of control in your story, a thing that so many people on this site are very afraid to do (It's hard to pull it off.) On the other hand, if you railroad too much, you might as well be on fanfiction.net, or if you're good (>THP >good) you could just write a fucking book instead.

What it comes down to, I mean, is that a writer has to write. If there's a tie in the way and you cannot resolve it, you're not writing when you could have. You're not getting better when you could have. If the decision is REALLY that important, mention that it is and give people a day to resolve a tie. If it's not swung in one direction by then, flip a coin and write - just like people quit relationships when their partner stops caring, if you stall too much there's not gonna be as much voters. Keep getting better. I say that because to have a 10/10 CYOA you'd need a good setting, wordsmithing skills, planning, quick wit AND the ability to put that wit into action when you need to put them through FUN situations, decent character development pace, good characters themselves, a natural sense of FUN, a degree of knowing what the voters want (AND need) and a pace that's not "post once every two months". You need all that (sometimes, though, if your CYOA is funposting general you get a pass on about half of those things, but it will become increasingly difficult to keep the pace up). If you just get better at juicy and beautiful descriptions it's not enough.

tl;dr gut fucking git and write you scruuub
>> No. 22833
>it's hardly an ideal situation to begin with, and it's not going to get any better unless someone does something about it.

This. Holy merciful Kanako, this. This is something people could stand to learn with regards to pretty much everything.

Also, maybe we could get this discussion moved to the rage thread?
>> No. 22836
In the interest of keeping this a joy thread, I'll be replying to both of you in the rage thread.

My apologies for disrupting the peace.
>> No. 22863
File 148192649469.png - (667.12KB, 733x733, Look at that smile.png) [iqdb]
I have joy that a writer that is considered good here is willing to help me out with editing and letting me bounce ideas off of them.
>> No. 22865
Oh, great, then we can—

Well shit.

But if you really do need a proofreader/editor/idea-bouncer-offer, then I'm here. Feel free to message me on IRC or Steam or whatever.
>> No. 22867
Hard to tell as it seems some people LOVE to make ties.

See above. You're fretting too much about something that amounts to "SHIT HAPPENS"

If you have a decent number of voters in general it's something to take joy in.
>> No. 22879
File 148263864239.jpg - (2.02MB, 1748x2454, what did she mean by this.jpg) [iqdb]
Hope you're having joyful holidays, lads. A little snow is always nice.
>> No. 22885
File 14827208427.jpg - (78.85KB, 770x875, santabrella.jpg) [iqdb]
No snow here, just rain. And that's fine with me. Joyful holidays~
>> No. 22890
File 148306425471.jpg - (485.70KB, 800x1000, f4464ca856aa36d465c3182c7188470734ccab9d.jpg) [iqdb]
I made it to Manhattan just in the time for new years. This vacation is just what I need after such a shirt year.
>> No. 22891
>shirt year

You know what? I'm going to blame 2016 for that too.
>> No. 22893
File 148323021020.jpg - (411.58KB, 674x700, __kurodani_yamame_touhou_drawn_by_tori_otori__d414.jpg) [iqdb]
Happy New Year, TH-P. X more years.

When-ever will I quit you?
>> No. 22897
>>22890 Here. I broke my shoulder in battery park by daring to use the slippery subway stairs. Fuck this year and fuck everything else.
>> No. 22898

Don't they have railings of some sort? Sorry to hear about that.
>> No. 22899

Railings? Dude, Subway can't even afford more than 5 vegetable options. I'd say them forking over the dosh for a rail ain't gonna happen.
>> No. 22904
Is it just me or did Google Translate recently get a lot better? That's very good news.
>> No. 22936
Maybe it's nothing substantial, but any little burst of talk on the site itself gives me joy~
>> No. 22938
Seeing that one of my favourite authors still ventures on irc every once in a while made me so happy I couldn't breath for a few seconds.
Now I just have to work up the courage to talk to them.
>> No. 22941

Just remember that they may one day leave even there. No time like the present, y'know?
>> No. 22945
I'm chhering for you Anon! Work up that courage and talk to senpai! (And let us know how it goes)
>> No. 22946
File 148609578198.jpg - (107.15KB, 1920x1080, 15676322_1289670414422366_3758997094763974849_o.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh man, I know your pain! I added one of my favorite writers to OW but then I realized that I suck so I started practicing and then I broke my fucking shoulder because NYC doesn't realize that wet metal is the slipperiest substance in the universe so now I suck again and I'm quietly dreading the day where he realizes he has one stranger on his list and deletes me.

Holy fuck, I'm a fucking fanboy. Kill me, please.
>> No. 22949
File 148618183633.png - (145.20KB, 317x238, mima is free.png) [iqdb]
Just watched one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I thought it was a horror movie and it turned out to be a horror themed comedy. I have no regrets. Anyone see anything that impressed them lately?
>> No. 22985
File 148698969793.png - (235.89KB, 1000x1425, suowukaku moriachi.png) [iqdb]
Hoping to make a silly drawfag-ish story in the future.

That'l be fun.
>> No. 22986
File 148699132241.png - (493.88KB, 1974x2205, sasuke macaroni.png) [iqdb]
Am certainly not a wellspring of artistic talent, but touhou designs are fun to mess around with.
>> No. 22987
Do it you wonderful person you
>> No. 22988


The above link is relevant to the conversation, but is spoilered because it brings no joy at all.
>> No. 22989
The only problem is figuring out what to actually write.

I fucking love the SMT blend of creativity and silliness.
>> No. 22990

>> No. 22995

Heh, now I'm thinking about a story where a human gets transported to SMT Gensokyo. I wonder how many Anon could find the strength to stay true to their horrifying waif us.
>> No. 22996
File 148707100347.png - (379.54KB, 1430x1037, richie richaco.png) [iqdb]
Will do.

I'll probably be going for something SMT-ish.
>> No. 23001

An idea I had for art unique to the site is to start an image thread to contain it. That way, it never enters the archive, and you never have to worry about future generations only seeing thumbnails. Just link to that thread every new thread.

Because who even uses that board?
>> No. 23002
Good idea, I'll keep that in mind.
>> No. 23019

Yes please. Seeing so many old stories with actual fanart that you can't even click on always annoyed me.
>> No. 23020
Holy fuck, when two popular stories update it's like the fucking Christmas of posting
>> No. 23027
File 148842917580.jpg - (112.37KB, 850x812, sample-d8fa09fb3861073f210460b7f8aa04e8.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm so happy that THP is getting more activity than usual. It brings joy!
>> No. 23035

Iku game definitely lived up the the hype. It's probably the most Iku thing in existence.
>> No. 23075
File 148964922276.png - (3.23MB, 4000x4000, caspert the vengeful moat.png) [iqdb]
Not sure when I can actually make this bloody thing, but I'm having fun dicking around with designs at least.
>> No. 23076
File 148965520582.png - (58.37KB, 777x777, Rumia.png) [iqdb]

At least you have artistic skill going for you. Hard to make unique character designs when you're terrible at it. Even harder when you can't find a style you quite like, leading to flopping about like a loose firehose of creative juices.

Although, it's also absolutely fantastic motivation to learn, as I've improved well beyond what I expected to.

Anywho, I can't wait to see how your story goes! I'm a sucker for a good alternate design.
>> No. 23081
File 148973391874.png - (1.82MB, 6463x4173, sasukeeeee.png) [iqdb]
I'll try my best. The first post is already written, just have to affirm all the details.
>> No. 23082
File 148973926020.png - (47.17KB, 777x777, Satoriel attempt.png) [iqdb]

That is certainly the most interesting Suwako I've seen. I can't wait to read it! Which board will it be on? Not sure if you said, but I hate missing the first updates. Feel I could learn a lot by studying your art, too, so that's great motivation.

Also, is that a sand hat?
>> No. 23083
Quite sure it will be /forest/. If not, /shrine/. Both work.

The hat is made of semi-liquid amphibian flesh and fat. It's perhaps represented poorly as I only made simple lineart.
That said, sand may be more appropriate given Suwako's position as an earth god. It's a perfectly legitimate interpretation.

I wouldn't recommend using my art as reference unless you fancy anatomy abortions. Learning to draw is a pain in the ass.

I've detoured this thread enough, have some joyful music:
>> No. 23098
Seeing the new print work fills me with joy. However, not knowing whether or not Momiji has wolf ears in canon bugs me. I know it's by different artists, but I wish they could have kept that consistent.
>> No. 23099
File 149093589473.jpg - (200.49KB, 722x781, hella.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes, this newest work brings joy to me in many ways.

And many places.
>> No. 23107
what print work is that? Just making sure if I heard of it or not.
>> No. 23108
File 149135486280.jpg - (2.03MB, 2160x1532, __donald_trump_miyako_yoshika_mononobe_no_futo_sog.jpg) [iqdb]
Alternative facts in eastern utopia.
>> No. 23122
Ah, from what I can see there's no translation/etc of it yet on the wiki.
>> No. 23127
File 149341432362.png - (1.97MB, 1200x899, penguin waifu.png) [iqdb]
Oh, did you hear about the penguin?
I hear a few youkai somehow wound up in a zoo in Japan. Seems like one of the native penguins fell madly in love.

>> No. 23128
I'm coming home from Japan after a shitty pseudo-job turned what was supposed to be a two-and-a-half week holiday into a month-and-a-half long nightmare!
>> No. 23129

Any recommendation for someone planning a visit? I hear asian chicks dig western guys.
>> No. 23130
Hang around Roppongi or other places where foreigners gather? I mean, I'll be real honest with you, the whole "lol Asian chicks dig Westerners" line is a little overplayed; if you're hideous/obnoxious/whatever in your own country, you'll still be the same in another. Not getting onto you specifically for that, but it's one of those misconceptions that gets repeated a lot and irks me deeply.

If it's not about getting laid, then go see the Shitamachi area (Asakusa being the big, touristy exception). Don't jump between sights: soak up the atmosphere of the different neighbourhoods. Wander around. Poke your head in places. Ride the train around. Explore, in other words. You can't see everything that Tokyo offers in any reasonable span of time, so don't sweat it.

Also, consider going to places outside of Tokyo. Fukuoka's one of my favourites.
>> No. 23131
File 149355507756.gif - (132.97KB, 311x366, triggered.gif) [iqdb]

I suppose my question was more geared twords the getting laid aspect of visiting Japan. Thanks for the info anyway, though.
>> No. 23133
I'm finally home! Albeit with a very screwed-up circadian rhythm.
>> No. 23134
File 149422168176.gif - (2.55MB, 205x241, 3bTYexg.gif) [iqdb]
Everyone look at this cute and pure touhou dance, and be filled with joy.
>> No. 23157
The Groundhog Day musical won the Olivier for Best New Musical. This is awesome. The only thing that can make this better is if it wins, like, all the Tonys next month.
>> No. 23178
I'm glad you are all alive, THP.
>> No. 23181
File 149673262030.png - (0.98MB, 1258x1600, what if undead.png) [iqdb]
I am insulted by the implication that I'm alive.
>> No. 23264
I'm on track to get my slow-ass story active again!
>> No. 23265
>> No. 23283
If this post goes through, then that means my quick-reply add-on script for THP is working. Coolio.
>> No. 23287
File 15011401872.webm - (3.52MB, 1920x1080, THP-scripts.webm) [iqdb]
>> No. 23290
Man, I don't even care about the waifus of questionable quality; I want that reply box now.
>> No. 23291
File 15011523827.png - (635.11KB, 1000x1050, How could you not pet her.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 23304
gibe script plos
>> No. 23321
I've discovered the world of Mastodon and find it immensely more fun and fascinating than Twitter! Community orientation and moderation, not to mention decentralisation, make for a much more exploratory atmosphere.

The anarchists and furries are sort of a drawback, but that's what the mute button's for.
>> No. 23322
The federated nature of it is cool. I considered running a server for it when I first heard about it a while ago. Still, I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to the social media and the things the kids like so I ultimately didn't get into it.
>> No. 23323
Hey, considering I didn't get to Facebook until years after the fact (and have since left), I'm practically a dinosaur myself. It can be fun if you leave your expectations for interaction at the door and just drink from the firehose. Although, personally, I just use it as an aggregator for content, links, etc.
>> No. 23354
Wow, you mentioning it is the first time I've heard about it. I'm in love!
>> No. 23355
File 150587197181.gif - (285.23KB, 600x600, honk core.gif) [iqdb]
Updating is nice.
>> No. 23356
File 150587327572.jpg - (156.09KB, 720x720, 141577419784.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone updated after I made a bump nagging him about it!

It probably was a coincidence, but still coolio
>> No. 23358
I got the beta key for Heat Signature and it was an awesome game.
Climbing back into your pod before you bled out after your rescue effort was interrupted by being trown out of the ship that was carrying your father hostage because said ship was under attack by other faction's ship, and then driving your pod back to that ship to continue your rescue effort as the clock ticks is quite an exciting experience.
>> No. 23360
If it was my story you bumped, it wasn't a coincidence. You 100% shamed me for not updating in forever so I got off my ass and slammed out that update.

Consider that a rule for me: if you think I'm taking too long, bump the thread and yell at me. I'm almost certain to listen.
>> No. 23361
I adopted much the same condition for a story which I had inadvertently dropped, quite the sad while ago. Nobody has bumped it in months.

More rest for the wicked, it seems.
>> No. 23362

Get to work. There's no rest for wicked.
>> No. 23363
Putting the responsibility on others to motivate you never ends well for anybody involved.

Gotta find your own motivation or you may as well quit while you're ahead tbh fampais
>> No. 23366
File 15060003229.png - (79.54KB, 500x500, 1265253853266.png) [iqdb]
Not so simple, old boy. Not to make an update out of a blog post, here is the short of it. After I had suffered a minor nervous breakdown due to ominously omitted circumstances, I had put the story in question on an unannounced hiatus. At its end, I was again motived to a degree, but still lacked for that final ignition piece. And thusly,

“Very good, you miserable, gaseous dog,” threw I, right into my shilly-shallying self’s teeth. “The moment anyone bothers you to write, you are going to toss whatever else it is you do, and write. Post-haste.

“OK,” meekly I replied, picking up my teeth. “Pinkie promise.”

And so, it was done. However, as time passed (which time is wont to do), no botherings were made in this writer’s address. Bereft of posts, but unable to update due to autistic self-imposition of rules, the writer slowly stopped caring.

And this is how my story ends. Thank you for listening.
>> No. 23367
>“The moment anyone bothers you to write, you are going to toss whatever else it is you do, and write. Post-haste.”

I am bothering you to write. Now toss whatever else it is you do and write. Post-haste.
>> No. 23368
File 150600170492.jpg - (194.63KB, 937x502, 129338858577.jpg) [iqdb]
>“The moment anyone bothers you to write, you are going to toss whatever else it is you do, and write. Post-haste.”

"I was looking for an excuse to give up, but didn't want to admit it; so I made up a condition for something that needed none. That way, I could shift some of the blame"

Mission accomplished?
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