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File 148063792414.png - (2.42MB, 1032x1457, MeilingsSmileWarmsMyHeart.png) [iqdb]
22765 No. 22765
Autosage struck again. Let's fill another thread with joyful posts!
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>> No. 23782
Wait a minute. The front page now tells us when the writefag bumps their own thread. That means everyone will know with 100% certainty whether a thread was bumped with an actual update or just some random anon necrobumping. That means we can now bump old dead threads with a "hey writefag,we miss this story, please come back" post without having to worry about random anons bitching at us for not sageing and getting their hopes up.

This means we can bump old threads guilt free. This means we can freely let the writefags know that we still want to read their story. This means we have a better chance to revive our favorite old dead stories.

Oh joyous day!
>> No. 23784
File 151681639360.jpg - (180.65KB, 700x500, 55908266_p3.jpg) [iqdb]
>This means we can freely let the writefags know that we still want to read their story.

You do realize, I hope, that it was already entirely possible to do that without bumping threads, right? I mean, assuming the writer was using the "Watched Threads" function, they could clearly see that there were new posts in their thread no matter what page it was on. The writer gets your message, and you don't get anyone getting on your ass for making them think a story updated when it didn't. It's win-win!

This is, of course, if the writer is still around. Depending on the reason for them going AWOL, that could be a VERY big "if". If they're not, then it won't really make any difference what or how you post, since they're nor here to see it, anyway. You could change the banner image on every single board with a flashing gif reading "HEY FUCKFACE GET BACK TO WRITING" and it won't make a lick of difference if they're not even here to see it.

Honestly, the only difference I can see this making to necrobumping is taking it from being extremely annoying and highly frowned upon to slightly less annoying but still fairly frowned upon. The stories you dredge up won't be any more likely to resume because you bumped them up now than if you bumped them before, and this thinking of "we have a better chance to revive our favorite old dead stories" just seems like you're setting yourself up for disappointment.
>> No. 23786
>I mean, assuming the writer was using the "Watched Threads"

This is a big enough "If" that the rest of your post lacks traction. Well that, and recent anecdotal evidence on the matter.

Go necrobumping!
>> No. 23787
Based on what I've seen, few people bother even using the front page, let alone watched threads, a thought that boggles my mind, but there you go.
>> No. 23789
File 151682740629.png - (1.52MB, 1353x1965, unrelated magician.png) [iqdb]
It's hard to say how many people use the watched threads feature. I can only see who added what but not when in the database, let alone the last time that particular information was retrieved. I've just now deleted everything but the last 1500~ entries. I doubt there's even that many entries that need to be kept given the the number of daily visits we get and inferring user behavior from other parameters.

The whole feature is such a mess to begin with. Why does it only track per board instead of globally? It also depends on ancient script libraries for a lot of functionality that most users don't need to load every time but end up doing so regardless. And, most importantly, why is the data kept server-side? Having database queries and php code execute when you need to know when a thread gets a reply is far less efficient that a client-side ajax request to a static (html) file. I've been meaning to do a lot of scripting and storage changes on the site and I've been mightily tempted to do away with the WT feature wholesale until it can be redone from scratch because it's not worth holding up the rest of the changes and features for it.

But all that's tenuous, pending on time and meeting other objectives I have set out first.

Honestly, insofar as I'm concerned? Necrobumping is okay if you're not bumping stories that are years without updates or sighting of authors. Or if you're bumping it over a couple of threads that just recently got updates. That's a personal feeling, not an administrative diktat, btw.
>> No. 23790
Well, I tried putting this necrobump idea into practice. Unfortunately, the story I tried it on was already in autosage. So, I guess I'll bump it here too.

Hey Flanders! Come back! Your story is too good to let it die a second time.
>> No. 23792

If only we had a button that would call them a shit for not updating every time we pressed it. Like, no matter where they are.
>> No. 23840
File 151880497022.jpg - (1.20MB, 955x1350, yearofthedogues.jpg) [iqdb]
It is officially Year of the Awoo~
>> No. 23902
File 152255601946.jpg - (189.90KB, 850x1203, __mystia_lorelei_touhou_drawn_by_risui_suzu_rks__s.jpg) [iqdb]
Happy 10th birthday, THP. Here's to another ten.
>> No. 23903
File 152255673646.png - (1.46MB, 1103x750, aaaandwejustlostthedarkages.png) [iqdb]

Let's pray for another 10, comfy, years!
>> No. 23904

I don't support this motion. These authors have a bad habit of getting so comfy they forget to update a month, and then forever.
>> No. 23905

Ten stressful years, then?
>> No. 23906
File 152273357527.jpg - (821.02KB, 3000x1688, comrades.jpg) [iqdb]
Try and stop me from being comfy. You can't. Ten more years and ten more beers!
>> No. 23908

No no, that's way too sad for the Joy Thread. How about we meet up somewhere around "here's to 10 more vaguely content yet cautiously hopeful" years?


Be careful what you wish for, friend. I happen to be a retired Master Ruseman. I'll let you off the hook this time, since you couldn't have known. Just promise to not be so careless in the future.
>> No. 23909

I won't take less than ten draining yet optimistic years.
>> No. 23973

As much as I would love to get some early morning rage in, even I have to admit this site has hosted some truly exceptional and complete stories. even if the ratio is 1:Graham's Number
>> No. 23974

I only joke like that because it's sadly true. There are a lot of good finished stories, but there are far too many great stories that was just abandoned, without even as much as a word from the author. At least we still have the parts of the stories that was compelling enough to make them great in the first place
>> No. 23980
File 153090997214.jpg - (43.15KB, 480x480, shinmyoumaru_spaghetti.jpg) [iqdb]
Managed to finish my story despite numbing headaches for the last few weeks (with a known and unavoidable cause). Feel pretty good about it.

Still got the headaches, though.
>> No. 23991

>>23975 here, no name fagging this time

>I actually feel kinda guilty about this one.
Don't. I don't expect my readers to compensate for my shortcomings. I failed to make the proper connection beforehand, making the vote too vague. You should have to analyze the votes just to figure out what they're for, rather, I'm sure most authors here would like it if the readers invested more time into analyzing the best option among the votes, discussing it in the thread, though not all votes can allow for that.

>Assuming of course that what I have since figured out, without looking at the spoilers, is actually right.
Like I almost hinted at above, theories are always welcome. Seeing readers actively engage with our stories is one of the greatest feelings you can get as a writer on this site. Which isn't much, but it's something.

>You'd probably still be mad at yourself for my having to do so
I vented. I got drunk. I got my ass kicked in an online game because I'm shit. I slept. Using the remaining anger, I did some aggressive reading to correct the course of my story to work around the other pieces of information I've gotten wrong.
I stopped being angry less than a day after I posted that, since I figured it'd be better to direct that energy into not making the same mistake again instead of just blowing hot air.

>You are amazing and deserve to know it, just for this.
I want to contend that. Mostly because I'm highly critical of myself. So I'll just accept the compliment instead.
With that said. Since before I started my current story, I'd decided that all stories I make for this site, from that point onward, is part of the same universe. Meaning all stories have to follow the same rule-set, regarding magic, human-youkai relationships, territory in and outside the village.
A lot of the things I've spent time on will never get used in PoH, like for example the 12 segments fo the village guard force. Or the Qi based magic system. "True Mages" might get an appearances, if I can make it fit naturally.
Or my favorite little detail that's never going to get mentioned in the story.
Back in post 8, the smith you ask for directions. To try and make him feel like more than just a no-face character, I gave him a small backstory. He's a single dad raising a young daughter of 14. The mother died 8 years prior. The dad wants to marry the daughter into a merchant family, so she'll be able to live better, but the daughter wants to become a smith like her dad, which causes them to fight often.

In short, I try to be the author I wish to see more of on the site. To write the stories I want to read. THP's motto is "If you want something, make it yourself" after all.

And lastly, if it wasn't obvious from all the small things, like the thread this is posted in, or my comments about reader engagement. Getting any kind of feedback to that rant was unexpected, but highly appreciated.
>> No. 23993
> Seeing readers actively engage with our stories is one of the greatest feelings you can get as a writer on this site.

As a fellow THP writefag, I agree 100%.

But I'm still too lazy and insecure to actually post my theories. Meep.

> Or my favorite little detail that's never going to get mentioned in the story.

I'm glad you decided to accept my compliment, because I feel another one coming on.

You rock. And I want to be like you.

> In short, I try to be the author I wish to see more of on the site.

That's pretty much exactly what got me writing too. It ain't working worth crap, but tell me something I don't know.

> Getting any kind of feedback to that rant was unexpected, but highly appreciated.

Right back at ya. Like most greasy, mouthbreathing, basement-dwelling fanboys, getting a response from someone I respect makes me squeal and run around in circles while flapping my hands like someone half my age and the opposite gender.

In fact, it might even be enough to make me actually update sometime this month.
>> No. 24050
I'm so happy I could sing! A game I have been waiting for all year is finally coming to PC~
>> No. 24051

>> No. 24052

Yup! I've been a huge fan of the series since the original game, and with the PC release of World staggered so hard, it was quite painful to wait it out.
>> No. 24053
Goodbye, updates. Goodbye...
>> No. 24054

MHW is a heckofalot more important than whatever story he might happen to be writing. I have over 900 hours logged and I'm still having fun fighting the newly released Behemoth.
>> No. 24055

Corruption Quest, Youkai Academy, No Such Thing as Ghosts, Dark Tidings and Eastern Tale. Although, the latter two are on hiatus, so it's only a small work load, and my writing burnout from NaNoWriMo is starting to wear off. Easy enough to both write and play.
>> No. 24056
On that note, yearning to write again is also joy.
>> No. 24057
>want to write
>no solid ideas
And I refuse to start without one I know I can carry to the end. Not joy.
>> No. 24087
Wrote the first sentence of a story I've been putting off doing for a while now. It's not much, I know, but it's the first step towards finally getting it done.
>> No. 24088
Good luck on your journey.

It never gets any easier. You just learn to deal with the strain more effectively.
>> No. 24090
Thanks but it actually gets considerably easier for me once I get going. I get a feel for what I'm doing and immersed in the work and its voice. Getting the narrative beats just right can be tricky but I generally don't obsess about that until I at least have a first draft done.

The real problem here is resisting the urge to do more than one piece of writing at once.
>> No. 24091
Whoops, I took your wording to mean you were a newly-minted writer. Dumb mistake to make. Happy writing all the same.
>> No. 24096
I saw Genso Rondo in a brick-and-mortar store today! I don't even have a PS4, but it's the first time I've seen anything Touhou-related in meatspace. Amusingly enough, I found a JoJo movie on DVD on the same outing, making it the first time I've seen anything JoJo-related too.

I'm sure being joyful about either means I'm losing at life, but I don't care.
>> No. 24097
File 153754597828.jpg - (164.63KB, 1280x720, rebellion.jpg) [iqdb]

I really wish they would port Genius of Sappheiros/Devil of Decline/Nightmare of Rebellion to English on Vita. I got the Jap version of the first two and can say without a doubt they beat the pants off all current RPGs. Devil of Decline is still my Favorite RPG of all time just because the post game content is so difficult.
>> No. 24099
I'd heard they were good, but not that good. There a fan TL of any of them, or should I take it as motivation to brush up on my moon?
>> No. 24100
File 153763461556.png - (1.24MB, 825x1125, abda8644461cbc23d776a88e0e943e29.png) [iqdb]
Local temperature dropped by 10°C over the last two days. The BEST time of year is coming!
>> No. 24101

There's fan translations for the PC games, but I wouldn't recommend playing those since they lack the huge expansion added with the VITA version. I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of games/entertainment options that became available just by learning a few moonrabbit runes. If you got the time and interest, I'd say go for the Vita version. You can always refer to the English wiki if you need to look up anything.
>> No. 24128
It's quite a trend for when games jump to consoles they gain more stuff that we'll be lucky to see filter back to the PC originals.

It's quite telling that the western side of things is far better about that.

But in other news, I finished my update and have some hopes of picking up my pace. That ad seeing this site still kicking pretty decently in this age.
>> No. 24173
The front page is almost full of updates and bumps from a single day!
>> No. 24174
File 154112191022.png - (1.80MB, 1129x800, mailacopytoranlater.png) [iqdb]
A christmas miracle! ...in november
>> No. 24175
Makes me incredibly happy, even if I haven't had the time to check all the stories out yet! That's a good problem to have and I hope that the momentum is kept up during the month.
>> No. 24222
Happy X-mas, THP!
>> No. 24223
Merry Christmas to all my goons! I love presents!
>> No. 24259
Nuhu revealed! Looks like another qt jizou.
>> No. 24260
A little boring, but I'll take it.
>> No. 24262
Back home after a long trip~
>> No. 24266
what if nazrin kept trying to find things but her power kept pointing her to good friends because friendship is the greatest treasure of all
>> No. 24267
sounds pretty gay, my man. But I'm happy for you regardless.
>> No. 24268
I dunno, but Naz is a cute and that fills me with joy~
>> No. 24269
File 155799565692.jpg - (169.84KB, 826x2000, The real treassure.jpg) [iqdb]
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