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File 146042905853.jpg - (735.88KB, 850x1097, sample_d6827290927849fa4bf065e4859c8674.jpg) [iqdb]
22219 No. 22219
We have Joy and Rage, why not go for the trifecta? What's making you sad? What's going wrong in your lives? What's been bothering you for a while that you just need to get off your chest? Who knows, maybe telling a fellow 2hufag might make you feel better.
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>> No. 23456
File 150774811062.png - (211.56KB, 629x890, sekibanki_facebank.png) [iqdb]
>I can't write for shit to meet anyone's standards
If you are being read, someone’s standards are being met. Not their preferences or ideals, perhaps, but standards are a baseline, not the desired target. Mediocrity is, by definition, not bad.
>THP just seems to be in a slump the last few weeks.
Academic year just kicked off, and for those of us older than school age, Fall season is giving us rheumatism. It’s a miserable existence, but we try!
>> No. 23457
>Fall season is giving us rheumatism.
Not to mention Seasonal Affective Disorder's probably kicking in too. Gotta account for all the head-sick around here.
>> No. 23458
File 150776906515.jpg - (44.82KB, 489x682, rightbackatcha.jpg) [iqdb]
If it's not the autumn, it's saturnalia, walpurgis or the launch of a big-name game. It's almost as if people find excuses to be lazy and unproductive no matter the time of year!
>> No. 23459

Excuses to be lazy and unproductive you say? In the context of authors who donate their time and effort to this site and it's continued existence? Damn Anon, your sarcasm cuts me deep. All the way down to some unidentified, but vital, part of my soul. I'm not sure we can continue being friends after this.
>> No. 23460
>donate their time and effort
Yeah, those poor authors, saintly martyrs who ask for naught in return. Respect is a two way street, chuckles. The time I "donate" reading, voting and commenting deserves consideration too. Semi-regular updates aren't always possible, I get that (I occasionally write updates myself), but at least a fucking explanation after a few weeks would be nice. But no, let's allow these same people who spend hour upon hours on IRC talking about the latest flavor of the month game off the hook because they're selfless angels who are just misunderstood and without their divine grace occasionally descending form the heavens we would be stuck on a dead site.

Oh wait. Maybe calling a spade a spade isn't such a bad idea after all?
>> No. 23461
I wrestle with the idea of explaining a late update every time it happens, but it happens most of the time and people would get tired of seeing "I can't afford to treat my depression, so I feel like shit too much to write."
>> No. 23462

I mean, if you have a new excuse, then I don't see why not.
>> No. 23463
Finally got around to reading Palingenesia and Border House.

I'm in despair.
>> No. 23464
File 150799061177.jpg - (56.75KB, 636x900, wakarimasen.jpg) [iqdb]
>but at least a fucking explanation after a few weeks would be nice
Hope dies last.
>> No. 23465
Treating depression is just escapism, anon. Why don't you do what you have to instead of what you want to?
>> No. 23473

Dead stories are just a fact of life on this site, sadly.
>> No. 23474
File 15090383925.png - (492.03KB, 758x995, sekihaircut.png) [iqdb]
Even the “live” stories are looking a bit past expiration date. It’s all rather im-Moral, if you ask me.

>> No. 23475
File 150904579486.jpg - (65.72KB, 463x566, well_then.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 23534
File 15121252614.png - (554.04KB, 1200x1400, 3fb9fa223debdc10b56074f546e31562.png) [iqdb]
Most of the posts since the last one I made saying how much I miss how THP used to be have only reinforced my feelings.
>> No. 23536
It doesn't work if it doesn't rhyme before the punchline, dummy
>> No. 23550
File 151338496196.png - (207.55KB, 819x819, Happy birthday to me.png) [iqdb]
Spending your birthday alone is depressing.
>> No. 23551
You're not alone. I'm here with you.
>> No. 23552
File 151339249020.jpg - (1.02MB, 1000x1363, cd2ce0bc9e3f034a931274c07b55eead857aa82ce248054cc5.jpg) [iqdb]
Fuck you, anon. There's always somebody there with you, even if you can't see or hear em.
>> No. 23555
It's snowing /blue/
>> No. 23556
File 151372457653.jpg - (255.98KB, 1000x1178, festive?.jpg) [iqdb]
Sad girls in snow?
>> No. 23702
File 151486164872.png - (419.55KB, 900x639, its raining.png) [iqdb]
I'm still kinda sad about how the critique thread killed so many stories.
>> No. 23703
It did?
>> No. 23705
File 151487639432.png - (45.54KB, 600x400, who me.png) [iqdb]
> critique thread
> Kogasa pic
>> No. 23706
It did? Which?
>> No. 23707

We had a critique thread?
>> No. 23708

Over in >>/gensokyo/14857 isn't it?
>> No. 23713
>> No. 23715

I very much considered putting it there, but my rage has long since cooled. No tears now, only sadness.
>> No. 23717
It went on for another three months before stalling out, so I don't think it's necessarily because of harsh reviews.
>> No. 24129
File 153959732488.jpg - (291.06KB, 768x900, stop looking at me like that.jpg) [iqdb]
I thought the twinge of guilt I feel every time someone mentions my story would stop when I finished it.

I was wrong.
>> No. 24136
What about it makes you feel guilty?
>> No. 24139
The lack of updates.
>> No. 24140

Well then...I mean...why don't you just...like...update?

I swear you authors can be so silly sometimes.
>> No. 24141
Well, either you update or just deal with the guilt.
>> No. 24142
> I swear you authors can be so silly sometimes.

Yeah, it's not like we actually have lives that take priority over writing or anything.
>> No. 24143
If you have time for snark, you have time to write. Unless you're literally dying, being evicted from your home or being hunted for sport you can find a few minutes each day to write a little. I mean, you found the time to post here, right?

It doesn't matter how much time it takes so long as you haven't convinced yourself that it's impossible and given up.
>> No. 24144
> If you have time for snark, you have time to write.

Snarking takes two minutes, tops, while writing an average-size update takes me a minimum of eight hours. In case you can't do math, that's enough time to shipost well over two hundred times.

Since I haven't shitposted that many times this year, what do you suppose the problem is?

EDIT: fuck you Teruyo for making me repost this. Fix the post number links already.
>> No. 24145
>continuing to whinge instead of writing
Feel sad all you like but it's not going to change until you try to do something about it.
>> No. 24146

Wise words, but not exactly applicable in this situation. The sadness thread was created to help sad people feel better by letting them vent, so his response is just going to be more replies about how his sadness is stronger than ours.


You must be the same dude that takes 30 minutes to write four sentences.
>> No. 24147
Yeah, I know people are just venting. Still, as someone who has written and been busy and sad and all that other stuff I know that sometimes a good kick in the pants is the way to get someone out of a slump. They're free to disagree but it's still my opinion that trying is better than nothing. Even if it's just a sentence or a short paragraph a day, it still beats feeling shit about not updating.
>> No. 24149
File 154004903019.png - (6.63KB, 500x300, Subtle.png) [iqdb]

Isn't guilt tripping him a really selfish way to get him to write? It's kinda like whipping a slave in that he's only working to assuage the immediate negative feeling. What we need is some way to motivate authors in a way that positively rewards them for providing us a service.
>> No. 24150
>Isn't guilt tripping him a really selfish way to get him to write?
I wasn't aware that I was guilt tripping anyone. The guy feels bad about not writing and that's definitely not mine or any third party's fault. All I'm saying is that he try to do something even if the going is slow. Maybe he'll feel better, maybe he won't. If he does nothing, it's more certain that he'll continue to feel bad.

His problem is not motivation and there's nothing more I could do about that anyways. I read, comment and vote in the stories I like and occasionally recommend them to others.
>> No. 24151
>What we need is some way to motivate authors in a way that positively rewards them for providing us a service.
I don't think patreon/monetary incentives is relevant for any author below the tier of 'E-celebrity' in terms of active fan-base, of which there are none of thp. The most popular current stories would scrape pennies at best. Speaking as a writer of a functional though not at all popular story, I'd rake more profits looking for dropped change in a supermarket.

>positive rewards
As I am writing an interactive story, I look at the virtue of my story and work as a function of both how much I personally enjoy the story and how much readers engage and interact with it. It gets complex when you consider how the readers can influence a story, and other factors. The best external 'positive reward' I can get is having people being interested in interacting with my work, which they are. Failing that, it implies an issue with the audience and/or quality of the story.
>> No. 24152
And I will add there is also the factor of writer effort. The amount of effort per yield (of story and reader interest) has a great effect on how much I value my story. For example, if I inputted one unit of effort for 1 unit of enjoyable story and reader interested, it is better than if I inputted two units of effort for the same thing. The audience does not, nor should they, see or appreciate the effort unit. They only see the enjoyable story unit and react to it.

So if I input 10 units of effort for 2 units of enjoyable story and reader interest, then even if the readers love it, they don't love it to the proportion of effort inputted therefore making it a 'bad deal' for the author regardless.

Convert effort units to hours writing/thinking/etc if you want.

I'm simplifying, though this should get my point across.
>> No. 24153
What constitutes an acceptable sacrifice of effort will obviously change author to author.
>> No. 24154

>I wasn't aware that I was guilt tripping anyone

Well that explains it then. It's good that we can get to the heart of the matter without the need for 50 back and forth posts. Authors feel guily when they don't update because they feel as though they have broken a promise to their readers. Kinda in the same way a parent to poor to afford Christmas presents might feel guilty.

There's usually some life related reason authors don't update, and you telling them to update isn't going to fix that reason. It might guilt trip them into writing in the same manner a crying child might guilt trip a parent into working overtime, but it doesn't fix the problem.

His problem is motivation. The return on happiness generated by votes/discussion isn't higher than the pain of writing. clearly there's only so far he's willing to go into the red before he admits the life of an author isn't for him.
>> No. 24155
Nah, I reject your premise. And I say this as an author myself.

If you feel like crap about something, doing nothing isn't going to change that. Trying to do something may help. I'm not saying that he has to update but I am saying that falling into the trap of "it can't be helped" isn't going to help anyone.

Everything else like "return on happiness" in your post is you projecting and irrelevant, sorry.
>> No. 24156
Getting things done has fuck-all to do with how you feel if you actually have a good work ethic.
>> No. 24157
File 154011729412.jpg - (36.47KB, 720x480, it's hard to take it easy sometimes.jpg) [iqdb]
Uh, guys? You all seem to have missed that the story I'm guilty about is finished. As in, I came back and updated the hell out of that sucker. I still cringe on reflex whenever anyone mentions it because, well, shame lasts longer than a hiatus or three.

Guilt-tripping me into writing more is A-okay. The reason for the delays is still around, shitting on me from on high like someone slipped Kanako a year's supply of laxatives, but when it does let up I do sometimes need a reminder that I'm (allegedly) a writefag.

As opposed to, you know, pic related.
>> No. 24232
File 154956435515.jpg - (49.41KB, 720x450, crow.jpg) [iqdb]
Wish I had more time to write. youkai jesus knows this place could do with more activity.
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