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File 143329617886.png - (624.79KB, 500x738, index.png) [iqdb]
Do you guys mind touhous as main characters in stories?
Asking for a friend, I swear.
Not at all. It's a website about Touhou Project for crying out loud. Honestly anyone who has a problem with it is on the wrong website.
It's been done several times before, and I've never seen any complaints.
There's that one guy who used to be violently opposed to female protagonists because he had trouble relating to them or some shit like that. Is he still around?

Jeez, a guy can't even offer an opinion on something around these parts without being labeled as "violently opposed"?

This post >>21171 is the one you were refering to by the way.
I actually prefer it... If done well, of course.

I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't at least enjoy it.
Stories from the perspective of a well-written canon character are more than welcome. But don't feel the need to limit yourself to that set of characters alone either.
If you haven't already, go read "The Game" for an example of good handling of a 2hu as a main character.
It's more difficult to have a Touhou be the MC, but if it's done well it's often much better than some OC dude. Tell your friend to go for it.
I wrote one. It was fun and it worked out pretty well.
Which? I'd like to thank you properly.
I dunno about that. The Game is wonderfully written, but it doesn't feel very in-character/canon to me.
Favors Owed.
Well, it's not like guys and gals are really all that different. I mean, there have been female writers on this site, and I'm sure there were some who nobody even knew were girls cause they didn't divulge as such. It's not that big a deal.
It's the harder route as unless you do it just right, it'd fail harder. Unless the execution is well done or the story hooks them, people would sooner pass over such a story than read it.

Agreed though the scenario wasn't exactly normal. Though Fell seems to have be stuck in that sort of 'style' even for characters not quite nutty.
No, that's not the same person. The one I'm thinking of was nowhere near that articulate and practically threw tantrums every time a gender vote happened.
File 143391405316.jpg - (174.12KB, 750x625, plr1412199595576-3.jpg) [iqdb]
Thank you very much for that story. It gave our good rabbit much needed love (although it wasn't easy for her, you monster) and it was a very interesting premise. We need more dark and serious-ish stories.

The ending was weak (too easy) but the rest was pretty much spot on.

That said, I liked a lot your other story 'A shot in the dark' Not only it was on the same vein, but it had more focus on the mystery! That's two out of the three most ignored things in this site!
The humor was great too, it reminded me of that other great noir story that I can't remember right now. Y'know, the one with the detective that was a dick (with a heart of gold) and shot Sakuya in the head for no reason.

But I digress. Thanks again!

You're thinking of Compensation: Adequate, by the way.
File 143398197571.jpg - (67.44KB, 467x600, pixiv_41964347_have_a_wriggle.jpg) [iqdb]
I agree with you. I don't like it when people assume a man cannot understand a woman's way of thinking, or vice versa. Each person is unique. How they function and think is not purely based on their sex. I'd prefer we judge an author's understanding of a character on a personality-by-personality basis rather than the arguably arbitrary things like sex or race.

Yeah, I wouldn't call it a detractor of the story. In fact, I think it's a good idea to not follow canon so closely sometimes. It creates more variety, y'know? I have room for many different iterations of Gensokyo in my imagination.

>Though Fell seems to have be stuck in that sort of 'style' even for characters not quite nutty.
I feel this. Though my own story wasn't written quite like Fell's, it still had an unorthodox style. That style has stuck with my writing in general even in cases where it is not quite optimal. I'd love to write another story in that style again, though. It was fun, I think.
There is handling said Touhou MC so they still come off as themselves and not "some other person in a ______- costume"

And I mentioned Fell's tendency as I feel it sort of detracts from his otherwise solid writing. He's good enough not to need some gimmick.

>it reminded me of that other great noir story that I can't remember right now
>Compensation: Adequate

That would be because he wrote that one too. SolusLunes = Rabbit.
Guess who feels stupid now.
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