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File 143140085537.jpg - (516.48KB, 600x1977, 1430085924378.jpg) [iqdb]
This is why we need Wizanon.
With this new canon, Deme has to send Reimu to hunt down and kill Wizanon. She's that fucking devoted to Gensokyo's laws.
I can imagine why this would be a great sin aka a great threat to society.

You have a human who is very intimate with human thought and social dynamics when suddenly, they turn into a youkai. A youkai that has no predetermined place (ex. water regulation for kappa, tending to mountain for tengu etc.), someone who discarded their humanity yet still knows how humans operate.

They could remain sneaky as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Alternatively, they understand humans and can appeal to their fear / faith / beliefs better to gather power.

This also raises the question: what about Keine and Kagerou? Where do they fit in?
Oh man, this kind of shit is what Deme wants Touhou to go to.

Goddamnit, the guy needs to stop writing about shipsluts and planesluts and start writing about hatsluts.

Keine and Kagerou are lycanthropes, and are for all intents and purposes human most of the time. She also doesn't seem to mind magicians (which are youkai) like Alice. Chances are that if 人妖 becomes a thing (who wants to stay a boring old human anyway?), then everyone will starve as it has been stated that youkai need the fear of humans to exist.
File 14314198431.jpg - (10.97KB, 188x150, 188px-FS_Jinyou.jpg) [iqdb]
>After peering into "the outer edge of our world", he came to resent how Gensokyo's humans lived at the mercy of youkai, and created a plan to become a youkai himself.

Holy fucking shit, this guy should be Wizanon's bro.
File 143144906054.jpg - (14.93KB, 350x300, [Freedoms Internally].jpg) [iqdb]
>yfw when Demetrious had it right
>yfw Wizanon did nothing wrong
>Wizard has already comprehended the gist of it - the status quo is something horrific and terrible; innocent people being exploited and used by murderous youkai. Oh sure, most of them live in relative safety and peace, but the few whom are eaten by the ferals, or the suicidal ones kidnapped from outside and fed to Remilia - well, does "for the greater good" seem like an argument the Wizard you're familiar with would accept? He's given his whole life to his crusade against evil, and to the magic that lets him defeat it; this is not something he'll take lying down.


Also from that thread:
>Just offering a bit of counter perspective here though I must say ZUN's angling towards a certain point with recent projects. To be honest I'm fearful of that point as it has a chance of being a finale to the series, possibly on a gray or dark note.

Two years later...

And there's this little prophecy by Rinnosuke

>With the 12 volumes I have on hand and the three volumes there, that's a total of 15 volumes combined. I have no doubt that this is a set of 15 volumes. The shikigami of the outside world are the same as the ones in Gensokyo after all. With computers, F represents 15 and F represents a state of maximum capacity. It is written that when everything becomes F, the highest value is held.

>I think that it's natural for 15 to have power. Even in ancient times, 15 meant perfection in this country. The same reason the full moon is also known as the fifteenth night. Computers must be familiars that have resulted from the ideas of the East and the beauty of the moon.

>Through Marisa's nonchalant actions, I realized something else. When lined up, the numbers on the books, "13", "14", and "15", make 131415. If the 1 in front is removed... it then depicts the number that represents a perfect circle, 3.1415. This also means a full moon, and thus affirms my theory that the familiars of the outside world use its power

Touhou 15 confirmed for beginning of the end for Touhou?

Wait this is canon, no bullshit?
100% canon. From the recent Forbidden Scrollery chapter.
File 143145860073.jpg - (1.01MB, 998x3624, therules.jpg) [iqdb]
Considering what a big deal everyone in Scrollery was making of a youkai disguising itself as a human child so it could learn in Keine's class, was Reimu's response to a villager willingly turning himself into a youkai really so surprising?
Well, if someone told me this would happen a few years back, I'd thought "no way that could happen on canon!"

This is the first, on-screen (former) human murder we see on Touhou.
File 143147787839.jpg - (107.74KB, 850x708, problem.jpg) [iqdb]
Goddamn it, why didn't we listen?
I've always subscribed to black Tewi, but it's nice to see ZUN putting in his 2 cents.
This is just complete horseshit. Dude turns into a youkai and gets instagibed, but all the ladies trying to damage or end Gensokyo as we know it get a few slaps and a tea party? Reimu says she doesn't mind random killing, where before she said she's prefer her work done nonviolently or whatever? Horseshit.
File 143250271081.jpg - (485.99KB, 960x1440, 24.jpg) [iqdb]
Except those "ladies" generally aren't actually removing any human villagers from the population by doing what they do, nor are they allowed to kill anyone should any human try to stop them, per the Spell Card rules.

Considering how crucial maintaining the human village population is to Gensokyo's continued existence, any loss of a villager due to anything other than natural causes is clearly going to be a big deal. Especially when the loss of life is due to the dead villager in question deliberately killing himself so he can be revived as a youkai. Even if he was being completely honest about his intentions of not harming anyone, he would still have set a very dangerous precedent if he was allowed to do what he did. If other villagers decided to follow his example, the simultaneous increase in youkai and decrease in humans could likely tip the already barely-stable ecosystem past the point of sustainability.

All Reimu is guilty of in this situation is nipping a potential catastrophe in the bud, and do so in a way that was almost certainly less disastrous than anything any of the major youkai would do if they caught wind of what was happening and took it upon themselves to try to "fix" things.
>tfw ZUN himself is saying that Gensokyo runs on a twisted system
Everyone's so troubled over this, and yet nobody at all questions the morality of the wholesale slaughter of kedama, evil eyes, flying yin-yang orbs, spirits (sometimes explicitly human spirits), and other miscellaneous minor youkai...

Nobody thinks of the stage enemies.
Yeah, how about those guys? They never got brought up outside the games.

A necessary evil. All those lesser youkai eat up the faith that could be going to the youkai capable of killing humans. By killing the unnecessary youkai, we can ensure that the humans and youkai that matter continue to live is harmony.
File 143318071673.png - (168.43KB, 1024x1024, 10574031.png) [iqdb]
What's to think about? Bare minimum, they simply respawn like fairies do, and quickly go back to their business of buzzing about like the giant, bullet-shooting gnats they are. In the event that they actually die when they're killed, then they simply get plopped into the cycle of reincarnation for a spiritual reroll.

For the spirits in particular, this is actually a desirable thing, because being reincarnated is what's supposed to happen to them. The fact that they're simply milling about, shooting at any random passers-by they come across instead of being reborn means that something went horribly wrong for them, and their soul is trapped. When you "kill" them in the games, you are actually helping them to move on, possibly to even greater things. You're actually doing them a favor, when you think about it.

Remember, reincarnation is a thing in this setting, so anytime someone dies, it's not the absolute end of them. So don't worry about the little stage enemies, they'll be just fine. Go right on ahead and keep on blasting away at any that dare cross your path. Purge them from the face of Earth. It's a good thing.
File 143394769049.jpg - (519.16KB, 1015x1440, 007.jpg) [iqdb]
Mamizou confirmed for youkai supremacist.
The big thing is if they were a villager as opposed to someone living outside of it or someone that came from Gensokyo from outside.

In Keine's case there's nothing say she went out of her way to get it and serves in a couple of capacities to the village (guardian and part of the history writers)
Disturbingly enough, that would mean that if the villager-turned-youkai said he would remain in the village and lay low Reimu might have spared him. Youkai are kept alive by fear and conflict with humans: regular humans, Gensokyean humans, hermits, celestials, monks, lycanthropes, etc. Anybody that fights youkai serves to help their existence. Which means that the villager's state of being may matter much less than their position in the Gensokyean ecosystem.
Except that's ignoring the whole "a human villager intentionally becoming a youkai" deal, which is the whole reason Reimu gave for killing him in the first place. The reason someone like Keine gets a pass could just as easily be due to her youkai status being acquired unintentionally/unwillingly, rather than due to any function she serves in the "ecosystem".

Pretty much this. A human choosing to become a youkai is like a gazelle choosing to become a lion. I would imagine the other gazelle in the herd would view such a choice as deeply abhorrent and disturbing and, if given a choice, would probably not hesitate to remove lions from the food chain.
Oh dear.
Time to be on the lookout for the Gensokyoan Svastika Brigade.
File 143564033318.png - (160.18KB, 450x450, USS Fap Angel - Implying.png) [iqdb]
>implying youkai could beat the creativity and efficiency of humans at kicking ass and blowing things up

It's the Hakurei shrine maiden in charge, not the youkai.
File 143671755374.jpg - (463.38KB, 955x1440, 016.jpg) [iqdb]
I wonder where ZUN is going with him bringing up the Outside more and more lately.
Reimu is preserving the status quo at all costs. Change is being stalled at any price. Change is the one universal constant though. Anything that can upset this status quo is a threat. Ergo, over time, the reprisals will just continue to grow more brutal to keep the ever-stronger winds of change from affecting the bubble.

So how long until Usami Sumireko gets wasted for upsetting the balance by handing out 3D printed guns in the village?

I have this funny paralell drawn in my head between GNU guns and the Gensokyo system being proprietary. I'd just like to interject for an eastern wonderland...
Was Touhou Mother 2 ever finished?
It's finished a while ago.
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