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File 142971099465.jpg - (121.11KB, 512x384, 1429704244187.jpg) [iqdb]
21452No. 21452
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>>No. 21453
Playable Sanae and Reisen. Get hype.
>>No. 21454
New moonbitches?
>>No. 21474
File 143125293516.gif - (161.81KB, 600x399, 382[1].gif) [iqdb]
Full on invasion. The Lunarians send a mechanical spider that made all living things near it decay and die.

And the first stage boss says she's a moon rabbit being tasked to purify the Earth.
>>No. 21475
What a bunch of little shits! A rabbit who abandoned her allies and fled the moon has no place to criticize them, though.
>>No. 21476
All is forgiven with this development. Abandoning your allies is fine when said allies are genocidal monsters out to destroy all life in Gensokyo.
>>No. 21477
Both stage 1 and stage 2 bosses are Reisen's old comrades.
>>No. 21480
Indeed. It's sad.
There's some Metal Gear story in here, I'm sure of it. Who of you can say that tomorrow you won't be aiming your rifles at your comrades?
>>No. 21482
Reisen's cute bunny-gun is no rifle. No rifle at all. It's better than a rifle.

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