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File 140469237854.png - (955.72KB, 1292x724, IDBSHABBENING.png) [iqdb]
20154 No. 20154
Once upon a time, a group by the name of Illusion made a game called Artificial Academy 2. When the good folks of #THP learned of it, they did what any reasonable group of people would do.

They got someone to genderflip them and throw everyone in a room together.

Now follow along as we find out who fucks who, who gets screwed over, and just what form of shenanigans ensue.

But first, what member of our messed up class should be our protagonist?

DISCLAIMER: When you get right down to it, this is basically an IRC circlejerk. If that ain't your cup of tea, feel free to leave.
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>> No. 20155


>> No. 20156
Obviously, the single male should be the protagonist.
That being Chris.
AA2: Now with 100% more circlejerk.
>> No. 20157
Clearly the token loli
>> No. 20158

This is the only choice.
>> No. 20159
As the resident lewds-master, BSDko should clearly get the honor.
>> No. 20160
A fair warning, Illusion is dildos and hotkeys to Puush don't work when focused on AA2, and AA2's built in screencapper goes over the allowed limit for image sizes, so I have to crop them individually.
Please wait warmly.
>> No. 20161
File 140469311715.png - (1.75MB, 1300x728, Just an orginary day.png) [iqdb]
Time for the start of an ordinary day, no sexual shenanigans will happen on our watch!



>> No. 20162
File 140469329913.png - (1.25MB, 1300x728, It Begins.png) [iqdb]
Well now, with a break in lessons, we should socialize with our fellow students.

Who should we talk to first? Should we talk to them or 'talk' to them?
>> No. 20163
]X]Obviously we should be Barko Stoveko. RAPESTOVEKO~!

Is that a not-so-subtle dig at my lack of writing?
>> No. 20164
>> No. 20165
[X] Talk to them.
RIP people late to voting
>> No. 20166
Those fellows from the Rape Club seem like a nice bunch.
>> No. 20167
[X] talk to Rabko
>> No. 20168
File 140469371063.png - (751.35KB, 1300x728, hmmmm.png) [iqdb]
Well she wasn't in the library.
Or on the rooftop.
Or even in the old school building.
I even looked in here, but Broko put a stop to my searching.

Oh well, perhaps I'll be able to find her next time.

Try to find anyone else?
>> No. 20169
>> No. 20170
[x] Talk to Rabko
There's nothing that can go wrong with this.
>> No. 20171
File 140469403885.png - (755.98KB, 1300x728, welp.png) [iqdb]
Well I learned of a magical technique that allows me to track down anyone of my choosing.

Sadly, it lead me to the same place.
>> No. 20172

dude we get it. You want to fuck your real life best friend's virtual female self.

So lewd. I bet Wander wants to hold hands too
>> No. 20173
File 140469412970.jpg - (170.95KB, 1300x728, success.jpg) [iqdb]

What should we talk to her about?
>> No. 20174
You realize Waymaker is Barkeep, right?
>> No. 20175
[x]Lewd things.
>> No. 20176
[x] Updates
>> No. 20177
Talk about food. FOOD UNITES ALL.
Also, consider turning on antialiasing if your PC can handle it.
>> No. 20178
Yeah, I'm Barkeep. Also, Just because I wanna fuck myse-...



Well, as I was saying, I just stole the name Waymaker from a friend. But I am both Way and Bar.
>> No. 20179
File 140469438014.jpg - (183.25KB, 1296x758, oh bother.jpg) [iqdb]
Well our request for a hug got shot down. I don't think Barko is lewd enough to do anything for a stranger.
>> No. 20180
[X] Spaghetti everywhere
Best option
>> No. 20181
Go talk to Buddha. He'll know what's up.
>> No. 20182
File 140469462823.jpg - (508.82KB, 1600x900, db34566a10bd4ca6f16000076e678de9.jpg) [iqdb]
Buddha can lie.
>> No. 20183
File 140469467810.jpg - (354.00KB, 1296x758, outside.jpg) [iqdb]
Well first break is over, now we're all outside!

Who should we talk to this time?

Also I talked to Barko some more after I got shot down, and ended up with 900% affection! Perhaps we can take advantage of this later...
>> No. 20184
[X] Talk to Glenko
They're like, childhood friends, aren't they?
>> No. 20185
>> No. 20186

Why not harass the loli?
>> No. 20187
[X] Glenko

Which is why she'll lose.
>> No. 20188
File 140469488215.jpg - (236.88KB, 1296x758, One of our destinations include a flowery glen.jpg) [iqdb]
Well at least it was easy to get to her!

What should we talk about?
>> No. 20189
Dicks, clearly
>> No. 20190
[X]Lewd stuff
>> No. 20191
[x]Encourage to study
>> No. 20192
[X] Classmates
Because it's not THP without shit talking.
>> No. 20193
File 140469502347.jpg - (209.34KB, 1296x758, blocked.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh dear, looks like openly talking about lewd stuff doesn't go over well with Glenko.

Should we keep talking to her, or track down someone else?
>> No. 20194
>That look
She wants the D

[x]Give her the D
>> No. 20195
>> No. 20196
[X] Give her the D
>> No. 20197
I believe [x]Force is what you're looking for.
>> No. 20198
People voting might want to read up on what you can do.
>> No. 20199
File 140469523938.jpg - (211.44KB, 1296x758, denied.jpg) [iqdb]
That's not how it works you stupid bitch.

>> No. 20200
[x]One of the girls to the left
>> No. 20201
Well, go find Twibko and discuss cats or something
>> No. 20202
[X]Find Ralko
>> No. 20203
[X] Talk to Danko
It must be hard to be class rep while surrounded by raging lesbians.
>> No. 20204
How the fuck do you refuse being raped?
[X] Go fucktalk to Taisako.
>> No. 20205
File 140469544110.jpg - (225.16KB, 1296x758, someone new.jpg) [iqdb]
Well at least she seems a bit more approachable than Glenko.

Wat do?
>> No. 20206
[X]Talk to Danko
Ha ha, time for puns.
>> No. 20207
[X]Praise the sun!
>> No. 20208
[x]Chat about Sex
>> No. 20209
[X] Bully with insults
>> No. 20210
File 140469561533.jpg - (219.89KB, 1296x758, eh.jpg) [iqdb]
Well I certainly talked about the sun.
If by 'sun' you mean 'sexual innuendos'.

At least her response isn't as extreme as Barko or Glenko.
>> No. 20211
Today we learn why nobody in THP is very successful with the opposite sex
[X] Talk about the weather
>> No. 20212
File 140469572093.jpg - (208.10KB, 1296x758, time to use THAT.jpg) [iqdb]
So it seems that grumbling does a good job at raising affection. Good to know.

Continue talking or find someone else?
>> No. 20213
[x]Discuss food
Sorry about this, but I need to satisfy my nature as being Always Hungry IRL.
>> No. 20214
[x]Chat-Daily Life
Close enough to the weather.
>> No. 20215
[x]Talk to Halko
>> No. 20216
[X] Talk about hobbies
We're off to quite the rocky start.
>> No. 20217
[X]Cotinue disussion. Talk about hobbies.

Everyone here can discuss magical girl fanfiction, I think.
>> No. 20218
File 140469585762.jpg - (223.38KB, 1296x758, eeeh.jpg) [iqdb]
Things Twibko does not like:
1)Lewd talk
2)Food talk

I think the second is a health issue, but that's just me.
>> No. 20219
[X] Talk to Stoveko
>> No. 20220
[X]Nuts to this. Go talk to Danko.
>> No. 20221
File 140469602265.jpg - (263.77KB, 1296x758, but who rapes the rapestoves.jpg) [iqdb]
Well at least I managed to find her this time.

Shall I continue my pattern of starting off all conversations with lewd talk, or shall I try a different method?
>> No. 20222
>> No. 20223
[x]Ask to Study
>> No. 20224
[X]Praise her breasts
>> No. 20225
Rolled some dice for this vote
>> No. 20226
[x] Talk about Life
>> No. 20227
Talk about hobbies.
>> No. 20228
>> No. 20229
File 140469623161.jpg - (256.11KB, 1296x758, Welp.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh bollocks I accidently hit the button too soon.
Well that went as well as you would expect.
>> No. 20230
>> No. 20231
[x] Go find the teacher
>> No. 20232
[x] Find Halko
>> No. 20233
[X] Go talk to Halko

I'm betting we'll have pissed off and alienated everyone within the first two weeks, possibly one.
>> No. 20234
File 140469651610.jpg - (198.85KB, 1296x758, ara ara.jpg) [iqdb]
Well the massage was a bust, but now I can try my luck with our resident teacher, Kapko!

Wat do.
>> No. 20235
[x]Put this on
Let's make the admin wear a vibrator
>> No. 20236
File 140469678914.jpg - (177.82KB, 1296x758, Oh well.jpg) [iqdb]
So it turns out the adult hired to ensure that us horny teenagers behaves actually has enough common sense to not perform a sexual act at the behest of a new student.

Go figure.

>> No. 20237
[X] Go talk to Halko
>> No. 20238
Locate Twibko, discuss Marisa's goat tower
>> No. 20239
[X] Apologize
Because, really.
>> No. 20240
[X] Go talk to Taisako
As if the attempted lewding will work with anyone else.
>> No. 20241
File 140469706949.jpg - (221.56KB, 1296x758, slight chocolate.jpg) [iqdb]
Well club practice came and went.
I had a riveting time.
In the Mens Club.
Of which I'm the only member.
Well lucky day! Halko happened to be in the same room as I was when club let out.

Perhaps we should try a more subtle approach this time.

(Note: Lewd actions only work if you have enough affection with the target, or you force a Masochist into doing it a few times. Maybe a few more, I forget. If you keep voting for lewd actions at the very start, dead little Chris will never get laid, and become a wizard.)
>> No. 20242
Oh dear, I meant to say 'dear' but my finger slipped.
The only person allowed to be dead would be HYko, but she isn't in this class.
>> No. 20243
[X] Become a wizard
[X] Ask if she loves Ralko.
Because there is blatant sexual tension.
>> No. 20244
[X] Hobbies
Her interests include shitposting.
>> No. 20245
File 140469742261.jpg - (196.55KB, 1296x758, oh ho.jpg) [iqdb]
Well well well, looks like our little Halko might just have a little crush on Ralko.

>> No. 20246
[X] Talk about hobbies.
My my my~
>> No. 20247
File 140469758927.jpg - (198.70KB, 1296x758, its a start.jpg) [iqdb]
Well she's starting to like us at least.
>> No. 20248
[X] Go track down Demeko
Let's leave worst girl and find AMERICA.
>> No. 20249
File 140469784431.jpg - (249.53KB, 1296x758, AMERICA FUCK YEAH.jpg) [iqdb]
Ah Demeko.
A girl so patriotic her eyes are AMERICAN flags.
The founder and sole member of the AMERICA club.
She used to have more members with her, but she kicked them all out when it was revealed that they weren't as faithful to AMERICA as her.

Wat do.
>> No. 20250
[X] Talk about America
The greatest of all lands.
>> No. 20251
Talk about AMERICA
>> No. 20252
File 140469806124.jpg - (221.09KB, 1296x758, FREEDOM PREVAILS AGAIN.jpg) [iqdb]
Nothing about AMERICA can fail, even just talking about it works.

>> No. 20253
[X] I want to get along with Rabko
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