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File 140095566025.jpg - (285.42KB, 850x850, sample-f440ce9b5d673a83312722f5ec5b9b81.jpg) [iqdb]
Impossible Spell Card has been out for almost two weeks, enough time for players to at least have tested out how it feels to be stacked against the apparently unbeatable bullet barrages ZUN has laid out for us. Thankfully, we have been gifted an assortment of overpowered items to balance things out, which would have made our life much, much easier in the official games (they're not called cheat items for nothing).

I've crated a poll to ask you what is your favorite item. Many of them have incredible powers that makes otherwise impossible barrages a breeze, or save our butts in a pinch, or simply are just that awesome. I'm curious to know which is the one that you think is the best.


I'll leave this poll open for two weeks, and then I'll make a chart for all to see. So if you still haven't got the game, I urge you to grab it while the links are hot (there are torrents and a MEGA link in a thread at /gensokyo/). It's very fun and enjoyable, an interesting twist on the general formula.
I was pleased that there's a "no items" option. I live life on the edge.
3rd day after the supposed end.

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