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File 139520703083.jpg - (196.68KB, 707x1000, 1f8e2df547f4274e83036b5aee79f6d5[2].jpg) [iqdb]
19538No. 19538
Let's try to inject some goddamn life into this board.
This thread is for posting whatever you like, preferably touhou or writing related. Have a random thought? Find a good picture? A good arrange? Dug up a hidden gem of a doujin? Want to publicly declare your love for your waifu? Post, fucker. Post now.

I'll start us off. What drugs do you suppose the oni do, other than alcohol?
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>>No. 19539
Butt drugs.

Oni get off on suppositories, it's a proven fact.
>>No. 19540
File 139522509761.jpg - (585.01KB, 800x800, 6412c9cd043de83c39228ee35a069003.jpg) [iqdb]
I can post whatever I want?

Allright so i hereby declare that Alice is the best magician and that touhous and glasses is best.
>>No. 19541
Kapow pls go
>>No. 19542
File 13952276383.jpg - (741.24KB, 1233x1500, but then i got high.jpg) [iqdb]
Probably more like whole kilos of opium.
For each.
>>No. 19543
20 years later, I'm still mad that one story ended with Yuyuko NORMAL end instead of Prismriver gangbang.
>>No. 19544
File 139526221446.jpg - (201.46KB, 1000x1000, Ran Brush Fluffy Tails.jpg) [iqdb]
mofu mofu motherfuckers
>>No. 19545
File 139527093222.png - (104.12KB, 600x695, 26982896.png) [iqdb]
We need more Ellen. Lovely, fluffy Ellen.
>>No. 19546
Maybe Lion should get to finishing Border House. Must have read it three times.
>>No. 19549
File 139528015271.jpg - (166.30KB, 800x800, 61d07b512f2322e72f7355d3877597d1.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 19552
File 139529275356.jpg - (185.44KB, 1280x720, cd998d85c5fce3aa4034d019389f0871864166b9[1].jpg) [iqdb]
requiescat in paI actually never read it, even when it was running, because I'm not much into AUs.

By the way, what's the deal with the 'lost my notes' excuse(so to speak)? I'm not writing a terribly plot-heavy story, but shouldn't every writer have at least most of their story firmly in their head? Surely you'd be able to remember even the small details by just sitting down, rereading the whole thing and then hammering it out again.
>>No. 19554
Good point. Part of me wants to say it's an excuse, but I guess if your story is intensely plot-heavy, you might need your notes.

Personally, though, I keep all my notes in my head; even for plot-heavy stories. I can't write down my notes for the life of me.
>>No. 19555
Notes are plenty important. Key plot points may be something most people wouldn't forget but the devil's in the details. The notes could specify specific sort of language to use in key scenes, things characters are thinking or want to accomplish in relation to events as well as particular imagery and exposition of theme. Alternatively, seeing as how a lot of stories on the site easily breach the 100k word count they're useful for keeping track of details and enforcing consistency. Can anyone say what color the box in MiG was with confidence?

Sure, if you're just winging it or don't care about being 100% true to the original vision notes don't matter as much. Personally I only need them when dealing with consistency for objects and clothes (and spells and abilities) since it can be weeks if not months when the last time it was relevant came up and re-reading is a bit of a chore.

Also, Oni would do coke. Fits their lifestyle choices. Opium is for over-privileged shrine maidens.
>>No. 19557
In MiG? Nope. However, in DtRT thing it was definitely Black. And it hasn't even come up in like, 30 threads or something. Speaking of which what the fuck IS with that box? Even after all this time we've learned nothing about it.
Thanks Underground.
>>No. 19558
Point is: If an author of a short(ish) and fast paced story back in the day wasn't able to keep track of something as basic as that then I think it's a good argument for having notes.
>>No. 19566
File 139538490730.jpg - (489.74KB, 1050x1100, b3eb237c3255e9f821a14ebe91c860ce[1].jpg) [iqdb]
Do you love a banki?
>>No. 19567
File 139538570660.jpg - (435.07KB, 900x900, 36243109.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm all head over heels for her.

Let the head puns begin!
>>No. 19569
>>No. 19570
File 13954260624.jpg - (183.66KB, 802x608, 2dad6821f31cb3794a5a3efd5c628d62[1].jpg) [iqdb]
Quick poll, what's the best UFO who's not Byakuren? I need this information for reasons.
>>No. 19571
Wonderful Momizou Tail~
>>No. 19572
File 139544325479.jpg - (405.06KB, 600x592, rainbows_pixiv41291515.jpg) [iqdb]
A certain umbrella youkai.
>>No. 19574

Nue, because she's the only one who's actually a UFO; she wins by default.
>>No. 19575
File 13954553617.jpg - (160.76KB, 850x991, minamitsu12.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh captain my captain
>>No. 19577

>>No. 19578
Kogasa or maybe Nue.
>>No. 19579
File 139550634859.png - (1.00MB, 900x1450, UFOs made of ice cream.png) [iqdb]
Nue is best UFO, but they're all pretty great.

So THP, how do you prefer your Nue? There are a lot of ways to portray her.
>>No. 19580
File 139552186926.jpg - (80.37KB, 1000x1122, Nue.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 19581
File 139552815379.jpg - (428.91KB, 700x980, 96aa92c2883659c8b58143b021c4c0f6.jpg) [iqdb]
Why, like this, of course.
>>No. 19584

Delinquent, miscreant, and barely controlled but with a soft spot for Byakuren?
>>No. 19585
File 139556029962.jpg - (43.14KB, 450x300, adr-01.jpg) [iqdb]
I couldn't tell you. I strongly believe in understanding characters by surviving their bullet patterns, and I've not gone up against even one of Nue's real bullet patterns for more than long enough for me to lose my last life to it. And it's very different watching a replay or video of a battle than it is going up against the enemy yourself.

Then again, I also play the Touhou games pretty heavily, and I'm pretty bad at writing.

Oh gosh she looks like J-Reaper.
>>No. 19586
File 139562371954.jpg - (273.75KB, 642x683, nue sleepy.jpg) [iqdb]
That's a good question. Don't pay her much attention, but rarely run into a Nue I actually dislike. Such a versatile character.
>>No. 19587
File 139562756359.jpg - (202.36KB, 600x960, eebcdb0c81eff630bce5de1061af1177.jpg) [iqdb]
I like Kasen's design, but not her personality. Is there any way to make her interesting?
>>No. 19588
My first thought is to set your story in the time when Suika, Yuugi, Kasen, and the other oni were still rampaging, that is, the time the legend of Shuten-doji was set in. At that point Ibaraki-doji would still have had an arm and openly admitted to being an oni, and according to the story, would have been significantly more evil than the Kasen we know now.
>>No. 19599
Probably. What about her personality do you dislike?
>>No. 19600

Well, it could be that she's really defined by her hermit-ness. It seems like any premise she could be involved in has to mesh with her restrictive, complicated lifestyle and philosophy that I don't much understand.

She's also not very nice, and tends to come off as condescending. Fanon makes her into a one-dimensional morals officer and/or rape-bait, and I've already explored those avenues.

But I do like her design.
>>No. 19608
Technically, very little of her canon personality is actually known before WaHH reveals what her deal really is.
>>No. 19609
File 139589540643.png - (817.03KB, 655x925, kasen ping~.png) [iqdb]
>She's also not very nice, and tends to come off as condescending.
I've heard this time and again, but just don't see it.

She's not a very good hermit and doesn't follow their rules all the time. Plus she's, you know, not actually a hermit. You should have some knowledge of a hermit's lifestyle, but don't necessarily have to restrict her to it.
>>No. 19610
I don't see the condescending bit, she comes off as more a concerned friend in terms of Reimu and Marisa, and we'll find out more as more chapters are translated.
>>No. 19618

that's it
>>No. 19619
File 139604522117.png - (32.54KB, 337x307, k.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 19620
While the order is debatable, I approve of this selection.
>>No. 19621
I'm pretty iffy on Kasen.
She feels pretty Sue-ish to me.
>>No. 19622
1. Awful
2. Not awful
3. Awful
4. Awful
5. Awful
>>No. 19623
File 139610673311.gif - (534.24KB, 400x191, no.gif) [iqdb]
>>No. 19624
Your face is awful.
>>No. 19625
The fuck did you say about mokou motherfucker
>>No. 19657
The stories I've been reading have been kind of slow lately, what stories on any of the boards would you recommend?
>>No. 19658
Allow me to direct you
>>No. 19698
Posts should not bump threads by default.

It should be the opposite. Threads only get bumped if you add 'age' to the email subject. This would solve some problems for us.
>>No. 19699
I disagree. The only thing you gain is a slight dip in spambot posts, which are few and far between. You trade off active stories being near the top, you also introduce a non-standard imageboard method that nobody's going to remember, and you actively drive off new blood through it.

Sure, sage is courtesy occasionally on this board. But everywhere else it's mostly the opposite. And if someone forgets sage here on a non-vote non-story post, it's no big deal anyway.

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