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File 13921450082.jpg - (257.29KB, 800x600, thisiswhatyoushouldbedoing.jpg) [iqdb]
The rage thread might be popular, and practically a time-honoured tradition for /blue/, but let's try to inject some positivity into our day as well. Talk about the little things that make you smile and bring warmth into your black heart!

I'm personally quite thankful for the privilege of working with a writer who cares a great deal about his stories.

Also, fairies are the best.
Finding a story you really enjoy, whether on here or IRL is always a pleasure.
File 139214730129.png - (232.23KB, 600x720, SmileGenerator.png) [iqdb]
Things that make me smile?

Very cute pictures
Seeing a story hit its climax
seeing people enjoy my updates
thinking of my story
playing a really good game (FF6,SotN)
The very fact this thread exists makes me happy.
Talking about all my ideas for stories with my friends makes me happy.
Hearing about my friends ideas makes me overly joyful.
Helping people who asks for it gives me a nice warm feeling and a smile.
Discussing a vote in a thread and lose the argument (Because then I've learned something).
Watching new writers make an attempt. Seriously, this makes me so darn happy because I still remember the feeling of just starting out.
Seeing a story I really like being updated.
When my readers manage to solve a puzzle/enigma I spent a lot of time and care to lay out. Especially when they do so with almost no clues, before when they were supposed to be able to solve it.

It makes me realize my readerbase are not just a bunch of dumb goldfish, and that underestimating their intelligence could backfire horribly. Also, the mere fact that they put effort to solve the puzzle means they are interested enough in the story to care about seeing all the loose ends tied up.

Well, either that, or I suck horribly at creating puzzles.
File 139215148338.png - (323.04KB, 500x700, 9a1dfc7ab234f0ff035e5f0ac24de945.png) [iqdb]
Happy Mokou makes me all sorts of happy in the pants
File 139217164230.jpg - (190.91KB, 849x412, yuu.jpg) [iqdb]
Images where Yuuka or Yukkuris are happy.
That chill in your back when a story is getting too awesome for you
Playing a Bioware game

I liked it. And it took us quite some time anyway. NOW UPDATE.
(unless you are not who I think you are, then ignore me)
That feeling of giving a story you passed on the first time a second chance and finding yourself charmed by it
I wish all of you some positivity in your day. Be well, THP.
File 139226373217.jpg - (153.68KB, 920x653, image.jpg) [iqdb]
Take it easy
Well this is one form of joy.
How are you today, THP? I wish you all good things and hope you're doing well.
Thanks for this thread. It improves my mood just by looking at it.
I wish I could be friends with each and every one of you.
Even if you don't feel the same way right now, I'm happy you're alive.
File 139248047249.jpg - (196.63KB, 500x463, DONT SHAKE IT.jpg) [iqdb]
This adorable official Shinmyoumaru makes me happy.
is that from WaHH or FS?

For some reason the touhou wiki hasn't updated with download links to new chapters.
I think it's from FS, but I'm not too sure.
File 139273964210.gif - (884.24KB, 680x414, What I feel like doing.gif) [iqdb]
When my girlfriend takes the initiative and asks me out, I get like (see pic).
Even more so when she's the one who brings up a discussion about THP stories.
It also makes me quite happy that she, not just accepts the fact I write on here, but also wants to help me when she can.

Might have been a bit personal, but who gives a fuck. It makes me overjoyed.
So endearing! Congrats for such an awesome girlfriend.
File 139288089033.png - (1.18MB, 865x1000, lovelydaichan.png) [iqdb]
Even in times where everything looks grey, smile. You're alive and somebody out there is glad for it.
I'm too busy to play many games nowadays, but it always gives me a certain joy to just play something fun for five minutes at a time in those lulls.
File 139327867523.jpg - (238.92KB, 1075x762, b2856788fcf6083216bddc02e36f4f83.jpg) [iqdb]
My readers are cool people.
File 13933875432.jpg - (46.47KB, 524x736, BUNNIES.jpg) [iqdb]

Agreed. My story's gimmick lets me interact with them a lot more often, and I will defend to the death the awesomeness of my readers.
Same here. My readers are a quiet bunch, but I know that they're there and I still appreciate them.
File 139338875090.jpg - (190.17KB, 850x637, sample-fd11df34164324955662b99cb62ffee6.jpg) [iqdb]
Reader here, your gimmick is ingenious. I really like it.

That said, I wonder why it isn't more popular. Maybe some people take themselves too seriously?

What story is this? The fact that it relies on a cheap gimmick to draw its viewers is probably why it's not popular.
Why are you making judgments like that when you don't even know what story is being talked about?
A gimmick isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn't automatically mean you rely on it. That's not what the word means.

"Gimmick - a trick or device intended to attrack attention, publicity, or business."
Gimmick as a word has a poor connotation - I don't know enough about the story to make a judgement, but that you both are praising the gimmick but not the actual story does imply things.
This is the joy thread. Watching people talk shit about someone's story without even knowing which one it is does not fill me with joy.
Take that shit else where.

Then could you tell me what story this is, so I can move my complaints, if any, there?
File 13933975065.jpg - (420.31KB, 423x600, eloquent_pixiv34504080.jpg) [iqdb]
Never fear, the Flan Brigade is here!
File 139339751818.jpg - (155.62KB, 1080x760, 10.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139339753656.png - (907.49KB, 900x656, 33.png) [iqdb]
File 139339755436.jpg - (654.62KB, 729x1000, christmas.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139339757724.jpg - (363.81KB, 406x600, pixiv38526995.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139339759869.png - (489.56KB, 424x600, scarlet-roses_pixiv36160824.png) [iqdb]
File 139339761799.jpg - (353.13KB, 425x600, queen_pixiv35872804.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139339766079.jpg - (574.75KB, 1000x690, pixiv33847104.jpg) [iqdb]
And now returning to our regularly scheduled joy.
File 139340209069.jpg - (809.59KB, 1000x1210, Come with.jpg) [iqdb]
Wait wait, one more.
Flan Brigade strikes again! Godbless.
File 139341964862.jpg - (272.30KB, 650x675, HNNNNNNNNNNG.jpg) [iqdb]
Hazuki Ruu's Catchouli always fills my heart with fuzzy feelings.
You're doing Kanako's work, anon. Bless you.
File 139366991077.jpg - (49.51KB, 680x505, we fucking did it guys.jpg) [iqdb]
This doesn't have anything to do with Touhou, but fuck it.

If you've been following Twitch Plays Pokemon for some amount of time, and you were around in the last stretch, I'm sure you'd understand when I say there was never a more joyous and euphoric moment in the history of Internet than when we finally defeated Blue at the Pokemon League.

It was a long, wild ride. The best ride. It was a pleasure watching and playing this adventure with you.
File 139368770185.gif - (1.69MB, 500x280, huzzah!.gif) [iqdb]
It was quite the journey. A true testament that humans can work together! Take that, Shingeki no Kyojin...
I updated! And I hit my third thread in the process! Hooray~!

I just hope my characterizations don't cause yet another shitstorm.
Even though I still have a long ways to go as a writer, I'm making headway in rediscovering myself as an editor.
File 139402191722.jpg - (740.90KB, 1700x1062, 4755c6fdcbb5a98fc6e064a0f116a98b.jpg) [iqdb]
After today, I will finally have time to re-read my stories, work on rebuilding my notes that I lost due to computer failure, and eventually update! After weeks of writing college essays, and defining extremely vague and almost impossible topics, I will finally be able to get things going again! Writing for THP is one of my few joys in life, so I can't understate how excited I am!

Whoa. You're still alive?
Imagining raiko and iku having a dance off makes me smile.
Life makes me happy. I'm alive and that's a wonderful thing.

I hope you have a wonderful day, THP.
I, too, enjoy being alive. Happy living, everyone!
File 139458962171.jpg - (294.46KB, 769x731, TEC - 水鏡のリボン.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks for cheering me up, thread.
File 139470306294.gif - (1.92MB, 326x244, Intensity.gif) [iqdb]
>mfw updating after a long hiatus
File 13950631507.jpg - (407.27KB, 750x750, Seija011.jpg) [iqdb]
I've made a Seija folder. This marks the third touhou I like enough to save pictures of.

And it was good.
Listening to a mix I haven't heard in a while brings back so many memories. They're long gone, but I'm happy to have been there. Here's to fond memories of times gone by.
SS of the thumbnails? I want to compare.
File 139529196856.jpg - (1.08MB, 1732x1510, seija is loev.jpg) [iqdb]
What, this? What the hell for?

I went through all her pages on Pixiv for these. Lotta shitty pictures there, lemme tell you.
Holy shit. The devotion is unreal.
Is it? My Mystia folder's 220+ pics strong, and I don't even like her that much.
that's the nature of Pixiv, while there's some great stuff, there's also some crap. in general Danbooru gets 99% of cream of the crop on it.
File 139536613181.jpg - (1.00MB, 723x1024, 33552460.jpg) [iqdb]
>danbooru gets 99%
hahahahahhahaha Maybe it's different for Touhou, but that's far from the truth in general.

Not that it matters if you don't enjoy wading through shit.
After over a year of reading CYOAs, it feels good to be writing one, even if you feel a bit sloppy off the start.
the exact number might have been wrong but I feel my point stands: Pixiv's crap is filtered out for the most part.
File 139544340835.jpg - (797.41KB, 850x1147, sparkly.jpg) [iqdb]
I assume you're talking about yourself, so congratulations! I'm always glad to hear about new writers around here.

The idea I had been fermenting for over a year ended up losing out to one I cooked up around 30 minutes before dinner time. Somehow it ended up becoming more than just a semi-gimmicky idea thought up on a whim.
Spring has come, and it fills me with joy~
Lily, contain yourself.
Ey yo man screw you it snowed here today, Letty pls go and stay go
I dreamed my readers sent me chocolate.
I was happy until I realized that meant someone found out my mailing address.
That's because we're always behind you.

Your hair smells nice.
>Spring has come, and it fills me with joy~

Surrounded by warmth,
the rain comes softly down.
I watch the leaves fall.
April showers bringing May flowers is a joyful thing. Though I can't say we're getting much rain in my locale.
I got to go outside without a heavy coat for the first time in months today and it felt indescribably good.
Today, it actually started raining, which felt so nice even if it was a little cold. I had to stand out in it for a bit just to feel a bit more alive.
My flytrap's flowers just started blooming. They're rather charming.
Last night I had a dream of my story, fully animated. I can't remember the voices, but it was so clear in my mind that when I wake up, I immediately check my TV to see if it's real.

And I got another Sunday morning cartoon.

The dream was only a moment, but it fills me with happiness. I hope I could see dream another this night.
I came across this quote from George R. R. Martin today. It made me laugh for at least ten minutes straight.

“So I need to write faster. The last two books took a really long time, so I’m hoping this one [the Winds of Winter] will go a little faster. But I make no promises. I found out long ago that when you look at the overall task, the cathedral you have to build, it looks so daunting that you just give up and sit down and play a video game.”

>you just give up and sit down and play a video game
I don't know, that makes me feel a bit disheartened. Learning that one of the most respected and acclaimed authors of our times indulges in procrastination whenever he is overwhelmed by the scope of his work, like the rest of us fanfic writers... On the one hand, it shows Martin is as human as we are, but on the other, it kind of stains the image of the hard-working, methodical writer I had of him.
It's raining again. Feels so refreshing to hear and watch.


Not surprised as there's also Berserk's maker who takes increasingly long amounts of time to publish a chapter due to his Nico and Idolmaster addictions.
After a month of work, I churned out an update. Hell yeah.
You deserve a break. A two-months-long one.
File 13971008003.jpg - (66.45KB, 500x567, aha.jpg) [iqdb]

It's YAF, shitposts are all he does nowadays.
That's not what Ironic means you fucking retard.
Oh I'm sorry, this is the joy thread isn't it?
That's not what Ironic means, you fucking retard~
File 139718964811.jpg - (79.99KB, 785x800, Joy Interrupt.jpg) [iqdb]

Oi, rage thread is thataway; >>18777

Now, let's get this thread back on track, courtesy of the Underground crew and a couple of special guests.
File 139718966361.jpg - (50.66KB, 600x600, No more shitposting or it's buckettime.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139718968095.png - (149.31KB, 900x720, 1.png) [iqdb]
File 139718969669.jpg - (205.52KB, 1130x1599, 2.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139718971636.jpg - (755.17KB, 1000x1000, 3.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139718973576.png - (460.78KB, 723x1023, 4.png) [iqdb]
File 139718974810.jpg - (202.58KB, 700x979, 5.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139718978628.png - (825.05KB, 723x1023, 6.png) [iqdb]
File 139718988438.jpg - (323.15KB, 660x858, 7.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139718990266.jpg - (182.11KB, 467x661, 8.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139719005210.jpg - (276.29KB, 1280x800, Flan Brigade cameo appearance.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139719008332.jpg - (746.84KB, 1023x723, 10.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139719046596.jpg - (725.89KB, 1024x768, 11.jpg) [iqdb]
Now sit back and relax as we return to our regularly scheduled joy~
All this love for the Underground crew fills me with joy.
This was just the amount of joy I needed to make it through the last day before a vacation.
Thanks Komeiji sister~
File 139720860282.jpg - (402.78KB, 850x1202, How did Koishi talk me into this.jpg) [iqdb]

Your appreciation fills me with joy~

>This was just the amount of joy I needed to make it through the last day before a vacation. Thanks Komeiji sister~

All in a days work for a satori! Now, have a joy filled vacation~!
This tilde stuff is seriously GAY.
But what brings you joy, anon?
To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
Very good Conan, that is good!

>This tilde stuff is seriously GAY.

>adjective, gay·er, gay·est.
>1. of, pertaining to, or exhibiting sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex; homosexual: a gay couple.
>2. of, indicating, or supporting homosexual interests or issues: a gay organization.
>3. having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music.

Well, I guess I can't really argue with that~!
File 139728419312.jpg - (41.91KB, 680x583, cc8.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm coming close to finishing up a side project. After that, Infiltrator will get back in gear. Stealth action Touhou CYOA is on its way again.
File 139733527836.jpg - (437.94KB, 768x1086, 9dc53e5c53378121ca3df01a8c891993.jpg) [iqdb]
And even with the most accurate title for a Touhou game ever! Amazing. Seija dun good.
This made me joyful as well. Seija love so good.
File 139736959956.jpg - (322.83KB, 850x1767, soew.jpg) [iqdb]
>And even with the most accurate title for a Touhou game ever!
I'd give it a tie with Story of Eastern Wonderland.

...For being both accurate and specific to the game, DDC probably wins out, though.
After several months of careful planning, back and forths with my proofer and loads of test writing, I’m finally able to see the end of the prep-work for my next story. It fills me with excitement to know I’m almost ready to start another story.

Which reminds me. Have you, dear readers, taken the time to appreciate the writers? And you, writers, taken the time to appreciate the readers?
Fuck those reader guys, yo. They're all "man we got expectations and shit". Fuck the writers too while we're at it. They're all lazy and shit.

File 139743985020.jpg - (141.96KB, 747x496, Yes! I see! My readers are excellent!.jpg) [iqdb]
Ahh, yes, I love my readers. I don't say that nearly enough to them, but without them my story wouldn't be the beast it is today... so, for that, I'm glad.
I am getting so much discussion on my story it's nuts. It's even spilling out of my actual story thread! WHOO HOO
File 139749306695.png - (220.18KB, 381x259, everyone loses their minds.png) [iqdb]
“If tomorrow I tell my readers that, like, a girl's route will get locked, or a truckload of characters will be killed off, nobody panics, because it’s all ‘part of the plot’. But when I say that one little Touhoe is a prostitute, well then, everyone loses their minds!"
File 139778388928.png - (166.25KB, 478x344, marisa smirk.png) [iqdb]
Marisa pls go
The rain cleanses my spirit and brings me peace of mind. Listen to the rain whenever you get a chance. You'll be much better for it.

I was just as surprised as you were by that negative reaction. Judging from past examples, one would think that including the LP would be a good thing.

I still trolled and counter trolled during the shitstorm though.
File 139804939474.jpg - (539.53KB, 751x1050, 7c408b0968a971c882c4542f1fd55afe.jpg) [iqdb]
Only thing to do is to keep pushing for more MAlice!
File 13982259114.jpg - (19.07KB, 213x320, 60s_batman_bomb_dk_joker.jpg) [iqdb]
Joker, you're so crazy.

...I panic whenever a truckload of characters are going to get killed off. I don't give a darn about routelock, but that's because I don't give a darn about routes in the first place.
File 139823063215.png - (549.62KB, 735x1000, behold.png) [iqdb]
No Aya in the joy thread? I'll overlook it just this once.
This offering of Aya makes me quite joyful. Thank you!
Weekends make me happy~! More time to write and train Pokemon and stuff like that.
There is no Aya here because you don't have updates. You know what I'm talking about
File 139923063391.jpg - (140.50KB, 650x550, it's dangerous etc.jpg) [iqdb]
Tsunamayo's drawings makes me all tingly inside.
Was he the one who made the Primsrivers on Drugs video?
A Dead Thread for Aya?
Big Brother Tree is Watching You Fap?
[x] Clean the Kyouko.
File 139978559455.gif - (0.97MB, 400x225, steiner clock.gif) [iqdb]
Concepts like time travel and alternate universes makes me really happy.

Speaking of time-hax, a fic about a non-op Chronomancer would make me happy.

We had one of those. It made me happy until it died.
I want to see happylight Gensokyo duke it out with grimdark Gensokyo for supremacy.
I’m overzealous right now, and I need to just dump it somewhere before it becomes too much.

I dropped an application about a trainee contract (I believe that’s what it’s called), into the chain of one of my favorite shops. I literally just (like 10 minutes before writing this) got a phone call about an interview with them. Considering I missed an earlier call they made, I’ll assume my chances are high. And I’m just so fucking excited.
I smell a flag, but I don't know if it's the bad or the good kind.

good luck.
File 140070812259.gif - (0.96MB, 299x248, you go dude.gif) [iqdb]
Glad to hear it! Good luck!
Best of luck, mane. I'm on the job hunt myself, so I know that feeling all too well.
There's nothing better than going to bed and knowing I'll wake up to votes for my new update.
File 140117125586.jpg - (32.07KB, 300x300, 25637426431461.jpg) [iqdb]
There have been times where I had such expectations with my stories, only to find out nobody voted in the 8 hours I was asleep. Usually because other more popular stories pushed mine out of the Latest Bumped Threads list.

I need a hug.
Are you in IRC at all? Say what you want about them, there's always at least somebody who will have a peek if you bug them enough.

Hugs, bro.
File 140117189560.jpg - (313.97KB, 700x560, hugs4everyone.jpg) [iqdb]
Hugs for everyone!
Hugs fill me with joy~
File 140234359757.jpg - (321.28KB, 647x748, patchy day.jpg) [iqdb]
Today it's Patchouli Day! (6/9 = mu/kyu)

Let's show some love for our favorite librarian!
File 14023737809.jpg - (208.46KB, 685x1024, jpeg.jpg) [iqdb]
Dear YAF,

You're welcome. faggit.
"This Shrine" rewrite pls.

File 140238929517.jpg - (55.01KB, 456x611, 1279651804751.jpg) [iqdb]
I am ashamed that I missed such a day.
File 140260743149.jpg - (170.11KB, 424x600, filename.jpg) [iqdb]
This Shrine, a rewrite
It’s too much to bite
There’s no Satori, to make a cute story
It just wouldn’t be right
File 140260773211.png - (23.92KB, 307x269, fv`qwofeqg`3rgh'13.png) [iqdb]

In all seriousness, though, get back to writing, fagit.
Hey YAF.
I enjoy your blog.
Also you're a faggot.
File 140313172642.jpg - (70.12KB, 285x317, 1363535809573.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what? Fine. I’ve fucked up my deadlines anyhow. Something short won’t hurt at this point. One catch, though. You decide which character(s).

So give my nigga ass somethang ta werk wit, yo.

Jeez some guys get all the luck. You better pick something good.

All the Y characters?

Sheesh, there are a lot of toehoes' names starting with Y.
Cunts. You forgot Yamaxanadu.

You faggot forgot what is important. Shame on you YAF.


C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
Welp, looks like we have a winner. I will see about procuring some ideas for Alice, then.

Unless someone persuades me otherwise.
Seija Kijin! The adorable rebel!
File 140329316186.jpg - (175.39KB, 700x840, Seija172.jpg) [iqdb]
She can have a chainsmoker's voice and be a seasoned drinker.
Seija a shit.

File 14033256028.jpg - (1.13MB, 1000x1414, Seija109.jpg) [iqdb]
u fuckin startin m8 im ready to go any time COM AT ME BRO DUKES OUT NOW
File 140335504479.jpg - (189.62KB, 850x618, sample-90cf7d8513faf52f20fd908e726d4ba7.jpg) [iqdb]
This is what happens when YAF gets involved in a thread, there is no joy here anymore...

Now ignoring false promises and annoying tripfags, why don't we talk about something fun?

Like smiling Touhous?
Screw you m8, you better keep your promises you made to me to write Alice.
File 140338901465.png - (755.29KB, 800x800, loli-music.png) [iqdb]
File 140338912370.png - (221.84KB, 600x425, 32.png) [iqdb]
File 140338917971.jpg - (330.63KB, 413x600, pixiv_40284499.jpg) [iqdb]
File 140338924315.jpg - (379.45KB, 600x511, pixiv_44208843.jpg) [iqdb]
File 140338931735.jpg - (177.64KB, 600x600, pixiv_44165034.jpg) [iqdb]
I bet Alice has a lovely smile.
File 140352615018.jpg - (271.95KB, 670x917, ca7e06858c6330a2fde4f0a47e4e68fa.jpg) [iqdb]
File 140352748010.png - (137.27KB, 345x460, ss (2014-06-16 at 02_22_36).png) [iqdb]
Dai-chan makes me happy
File 140354638137.jpg - (272.06KB, 746x709, 25090322.jpg) [iqdb]
>Dai-chan makes me happy

Of course she does. Dai is love.
Dai-chan is love, Dai-chan is life.
I wrote. Some. Check /shorts/.
File 140361476297.png - (634.73KB, 640x1088, 2acfa661f2b7797fab4c98e633e297dd.png) [iqdb]
People are lovely. There are a lot of people who make me happy.
I finally started the story that I spent months hemming and hawing about!
I'm almost there myself. It's gonna feel so great when I finally post it.
I prodded a friend into reading my story. When he finally got around to it he loved the characterization and style. Hooray for self-esteem boosting!

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but he's you're friend, of course he is going to say it's good. Go find one of your enemies and ask him/her to read it. That way you have someone who isn't afraid to point out the flaws.

Or maybe go find this Wiseman fellow, since he seems to pretty much be the enemy of all THP.
Fairies fill me with joy!
Depends on the friend. Ask Deme. He knows I'll tell him something that is shit is shit and why it's shit.

Buuuuuuuuut not everybody's like that.
I'd like to fill a fairy with joy.
A good friend will warn you of issues s/he notices and not be a yes man. Friends don't let others write shitty fanfics.
The rain has come again, washing my soul clear of things that worry me. I am joyful again.
File 140452134054.jpg - (126.75KB, 800x572, c25f0d0a523597769fb87347f4740011.jpg) [iqdb]
File 140453653670.png - (186.65KB, 720x358, you suck.png) [iqdb]
Hey, anon... you're pretty good.
Saturdays make me joyful~

A track for the occasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDywRDwiVYU
I'm putting in special effort for the opening post for my next story here on THP.
Because of a decision I made shortly before I started writing it, I knew it was going to be long and take time to write.

It really makes me happy to look over what's written already, and know how much closer I am to posting it. I can't wait.
I finally managed to update my story and people weren't completely mad at me~

Nope. I was completely and utterly mad at you. I just didn't say anything because low self-esteem writer isn't conducive with getting more updates.
File 140992449463.png - (230.90KB, 600x625, cfa8718e4c495fc3f7a1f6bd698fd4be.png) [iqdb]
I sense no joy in your post, and I don't appreciate it.
Picture because cute

You're right. Sorry for bringing the thread down, I forgot this wasn't the rage thread.


I'm sure RL must have been kicking ya in the behind, so thanks for remembering us poor readers.
My problems are very small when I have people to share a story with, so thank you for being amongst them.
Cirno Day fills me with joy because fairies are the best~

Why did this happen to that poor thread?
File 141040087337.jpg - (99.59KB, 500x500, 93d2d96be3492b75a1024bed78150d32.jpg) [iqdb]
the sad thing was once upon a time that was true before attitudes started changing. After all such an attitude prohibits growth.

I always say something when I see someone being an elitist jerk.
File 141057829343.jpg - (346.72KB, 800x1131, wannamomimomi.jpg) [iqdb]
This doesn't really belong in this thread considering it's not joyful in the least.

To balance it out, have a Momiji.

I think remembering the joys of days gone by should be acceptable.
File 141123596984.jpg - (9.57KB, 300x168, BIONICLE2015.jpg) [iqdb]
This has nothing to do with touhou but
this makes me very happy~
>After all these years, Hartmann is still salty
>Not just salty, but saltier than the black sea salty
>And we got a bunch of new stories and Glen finally recovered from "Trucks Hate THP" syndrome and finished his story
>And BSD wrote a new short

I am a happy man
File 141139113032.gif - (0.97MB, 500x429, itshappening.gif) [iqdb]

I'm not Hartmann, god damn it.

Holy joy, Batman. This is still going on?
File 14117078139.png - (100.24KB, 330x420, waggy saggy.png) [iqdb]
A guy likes my story! This is great and I feel happy!
File 141179527791.gif - (680.79KB, 320x240, k on.gif) [iqdb]
I'm glad for you, friend! It's really a wonderful feeling, isn't it? ~
I find joy in the pain and suffering of my readers as they watch their waifu get buried under other waifus.
The story I help with is finally getting a little bit more activity again after a couple of pretty quiet votes~
File 141377876775.jpg - (122.15KB, 839x640, 10604401_10152733560104020_4875534681803311062_o.jpg) [iqdb]
This makes me happy too... the site is moving again
After several weeks of pure chaos, I think things have finally settled down that I can actually write again.
I'm glad that people have stopped making fics featuring the Watatsukis or the Lunarians in general since most of them ended up being thin-veiled bashfics.
File 141554737195.png - (29.63KB, 510x510, 8a1f83c497637a5673b9c223aac04b91.png) [iqdb]
Y-yeah, friend, I feel you! Sure it's good to see the Watatsukis have stopped being the villains in fanfiction, hahahahaha... haha... ha...
I feel so New today. All calm and refreshed and carefree.
I'm getting over my other (IRL) issues and finally getting motivated to write. The update's going to be later than I ever wanted, but it will be finished, goddammit.
File 141571137397.jpg - (17.27KB, 186x182, 2.jpg) [iqdb]
listening to miko miko nurse on repeat while you write

for several hours

that makes me a happy camper
It's okay. I'm sure we'll choose the Enclave route.

File 141608429937.jpg - (1.59MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm spending the weekend out in Bosque. I kinda needed it. I've been cooped up too long at college and it's been slowly driving me nuts.

Also the lighting was absolutely perfect today morning so that made things even better.
File 141624835535.jpg - (350.56KB, 700x495, ee259ca9df579312f193729056bafc17.jpg) [iqdb]
I was finally able to enter my zone again and I managed to write over 3 pages without having to force myself. It's just the greatest feeling.

Have a kappa.
Blub blub.
I consumed several days worth of calories at one sitting.

Mission: Success.
Started reading lost bees quest.

Joy was had.


As someone who plays TSW, all the joy was upon me.
File 141844136930.png - (307.09KB, 1000x825, waitthisisntseibalion.png) [iqdb]
What the fuck is TSW? Please don't answer 'a MMORPG'

Also, JOY because Bees Quest seems to be good! Unless it isn't!
A story about how all myths are true and secret societies of humans are using ancient and powerful magic and fucktons of guns to fuck up eldritch horror from before time itself. If only said societies could stop bickering among themselves.
Bionicle story when?
In all honesty I've thought of several ways to start a story about that, but its making them worthwhile that would be the issue.
Well, lost things have a certain tendency to end up in Gensokyo. And the Toa Mata were lost for at least a thousand years.
Something where you play as a seven-foot robot walking around Gensokyo could be fun, maybe. You could also make it a bit of an Incident, depending on how you decide that their welcome would be. I could see Tahu getting attacked by a youkai and accidentally starting a forest fire in his retaliation, for instance, or the Toa in general acting hostile towards youkai in a way that would threaten to shake up the status quo.

Personally I'd maybe do something with Kopaka and Team ⑨, but that's entirely just because of my personal preferences.

But yeah, that seems like something that would be hard to make actually worth it. There's a pretty big difference between a setting and a story, after all.

Not to mention that it's a crossover, and with something relatively obscure to boot. If I were the one writing it, I'd be worried about whether or not I'd actually get any readers at all!
If a crossover story is good, people will read it even if they have absolutely no familiarity with the source material. I've never played a KH game, but thoroughly enjoyed High Contrast. Similarly, I've never played Killing Floor or The Secret World, and yet I'm quit enjoying both the untitled Killing Floor story and Lost Bees Quest. You just need to be careful about who you cross over and how you do it to make sure that you don't end up with either source material's characters being disproportionately powerful with the other's.
It started raining and I slept so soundly because of it.
>>21118 It's conceivable the Toa could see the youkai much like they see the Rahi.

In other news, I have home internet now, but I've been abusing it and not focusing on my writing.
Welcome to being a typical THP writer.
File 141951707178.png - (709.76KB, 774x1000, 965d347289c2f3db0d3a8fa67596480d.png) [iqdb]



I finally kicked myself to finish and put up the first post to a story I've wanted to run after a month and a half of procrastination. Feels good, man.

Also, Happy New Year in advance guys. I'll drink to a year of more stories and fun.
File 142004424550.png - (57.49KB, 251x251, 1412199595576-4.png) [iqdb]
He's gonna continue with HF2, right?

Played gekokujo(mount and blade warband mod), and through careful positioning and cavalry skirting, I managed to defeat a much superior armies of three lords.

Feeling like a badass now.

The regular or the 2hu edition?
It's raining again~
File 142170514334.png - (919.79KB, 800x1129, joyoushinainsnow.png) [iqdb]
Even in the chill of winter, a smile warms the soul.
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