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File 139163237990.jpg - (271.15KB, 850x1195, Mystia's band.jpg) [iqdb]
Exactly what it says on the tin. Not limited to Touhou and anything goes, although I'd suggest not posting anything beyond the ten minute mark.

One fella posts a song, another rates it out of a 100 (or some other arbitrary number), gives a little bit of commentary on what they thought of it and posts a song of their own. Another person gives it a rating, commentary, posts another and the cycle continues. Simple and fun.

Obsequiae - "Suspended in the Brume of Eos", title track of their 2011 debut.

File 139163298648.jpg - (56.29KB, 640x330, 523416_431672743550717_710650067_n.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, well, I liked your song because it has a unicron on it, and it was a pretty nice guitar, but then the vocals came in. The singer sounds awful sick. Has he been awful sick? Sometimes I have a sore throat. Lozenge help, only maybe they don't. Maybe my throat woulda gotten less sore even without the lozenge.


I rate your song a warm honey lemon ginger tea out of 100, pending a quick browse-through of other sore throat home remedies. Home sore throat remedies?

File 139163604949.jpg - (1.28MB, 1422x800, b2cb56b2ec89a5ee228ed441735b8d56.jpg) [iqdb]
Good stuff. Prior to hearing that, the only Men Without Hats experience I had was with the lovely Safety Dance. Can't say I was disappointed with that one, but it just seemed a bit boring in my opinion. It wasn't as energetic as their more popular hit but it still has its own charm to it. I'll pop a 7/10 to it because simplification of fractions.

File 13916386175.jpg - (246.34KB, 1364x2088, 059.jpg) [iqdb]
Your linked video was pretty rockin', but after a while it got kinda repetitious. Still rockin', but repetitious. I guess that's the tough thing about listening to video game music without anything for your thumbs to fiddle with.

Infinite Blue gets a video game review score of 7/10, with minus one point due to induced F-Zero GX flashbacks.

File 139164838785.jpg - (158.98KB, 500x605, pasta.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't know shit about music, but I like it a lot. Nice heavy drums (?) and the robotic effect on the voice is enjoyable. Cyriak, of course, is always bonus points. Little repetitive and grating at length, but that's that kind of music.


I have to post a random picture, right?
Forgot my rating. Let's say it gets a 'Human After All' out of Daft Punk.

It's pretty calming, just fades into the background after a while though. 50/100.

Dark Quarterer - "Angels of of Mire" - The Etruscan Prophecy

File 139166301763.jpg - (24.59KB, 300x450, dryh.jpg) [iqdb]
If you look at that album art right, the arm isn't an arm anymore. It's an octopus. Octopus, what are you doing on dry land? You do not belong on dry land. You are an octopus.

An octopus is a cephalopod. This means that it's a member of class Cephalopoda! But you couldn't confuse cephalopods with cephalophores, because they're completely different.

You can be a cephalophore. It's easy! Simply hold your head in your hands and be righteous. You may want to follow those steps in the opposite order, though.

Rating: Nicasius of Rheims out of Saint Gemolo

Odd, long, and kind of homogenous, excepting the odd part at the beginning. Not really my preferred genre either.

I think I'll give this an i/100, given my general confusion regarding the song.

What I have is a simple orchestral cover I did of the Halberd Interior theme: http://tindeck.com/listen/qlta

For reference, the original:
Interesting, but I wish they did more with the instrumentation. They've actually got more than the standard guitars/drums/vocals, I wish they used them more in the song. Alas.

Mildly Disappointed Father/100
File 139166449455.png - (26.12KB, 174x220, Pix.png) [iqdb]
On one hand, the cover seems to take all the zip present in the original away.

On the other hand, it's a lot more dramatic and orchestral.

On another hand, those drums really give off a good feeling of "something's coming, and it's important you mark that".

On the fourth hand, those horns can be a bit shrill and disjointed.

Rating: Pix out of


I really feel like I should recognize this from somewhere but I just don't know where.


Lacrymosa - "Opus 2" - Bugbear


I made the mistake of listening to that song while reading horror, which really added to the ambience. It was actually pretty nice listening, albeit weird, until everything went to hell near the five-minute mark with the screeching violin. That wasn't creepy so much as annoying.

On a scale from stony-faced acceptance to 2SPOOKY4ME, I give it a rating of 'now I'm checking over my shoulder every so often.'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgk1qlJrxlE (The Protomen: Keep Quiet)
File 13917009193.jpg - (233.33KB, 1600x1200, Konachan_com - 32603 letty_whiterock touhou.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn it.

Protomen, my only weakness...

Now I have to put that album on repeat for the rest of the day. Thanks a lot, Anon. I'll give you a Sniper Joe out of 100 for plaguing me with this again...

Here's what I was on before, though.

Savant - ♥
File 139171963489.png - (28.30KB, 1000x1083, there's a club music pun here somewhere.png) [iqdb]
That's a catchy rhythm! I enjoy the way it goes blee. I mean, it has all the usual booj-booj-booj-booj, but the wauu-wauu bits are jaunty instead of being repetitive and grating, and a jaunty wauu-wauu is something I can always appreciate.

The piano is nice, too.

Rating: Q♥ J♥ 10♥ 9♥ 8♥ out of A♥ K♥ Q♥ J♥ 10♥


Moody and punchy, feels like the prelude to some big confrontation. 70 out of 100 successful pipe-blows to the cranium.

Univers Zero - Triomphe des Mouches - Ceux du Dehors


You ever go to the museum, and see a whole crowd of art students oohhing and ahhing around a canvas with a random paint smear on it? That's kinda how I feel. I know there HAS to be something good about it, but I cannot for the life of me see what it is.

Im going to be the Russian judge, and give it a NON-DIRECTIONAL LASER out of Magicannon 「Final Master Spark」

War of the Dream Eating Tapirs from the Nightmare of Rebellion soundtrack.

File 139326553177.jpg - (8.63KB, 200x199, Spellbinder_(album).jpg) [iqdb]
and the horses weren't there i thought
i wished and looked into the plains
and dust

and explained
(had it explained to me)
with reasonable sweet that choked better
than the dust ever

(and i looked into the plains)


and the sky

and the feeling of inevitability, and nausea, and before yesterday
we took our belongings that we knew we needed
(that we thought we needed)
and somewhere between the home and the journey

sun-bleached and dead
(i told you so
quenched my thirst better
than any water)


Chillasfuck/10, love the drums. Really doesn't feel like a '66 song.
Would tap my feet to.


50/100 - Fun but really, really grating after a while.

Adagio - From My Sleep... To Someone Else

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