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File 138039170384.jpg - (258.49KB, 620x406, paper.jpg) [iqdb]
Where we talk about your opinion of advertising THP on other websites, if we even want more people on THP or not, and if there are specific sites we don't want to draw more people from.

As well as all other relevant and similar questions.
I don't mind wicking people in by word of mouth. I personally bring up stories on THP all the time and suggest them to other people.

I wouldn't suggest thrusting our dick into some random site though and saying "please come", that's kind of eh.
We had a thread about this. We came to the conclusion that there was no ignoring that activity had crashed from say, 2011 levels, nevermind 2008 levels, and that something must be done. Then the thread derailed into a shitstorm and nothing got done. And things are, if possible, even worse now.
I remember that thread.
I don't know why you would have expected anything to come of it.
OP here. I wasn't around when that thread was started so if you could shoot me a link (assuming it hasn't dropped off the boards) I'd appreciate it.

Not the same anon, but I assume he meant this: >>16153


Here's you go.
Thanks. I read the whole thread.

Well, dang. All that discussion and nothing came of it? Some of the things in that thread looked really promising...

Also the thread derailed so gradually that I forgot what the topic was originally about.
Discussion just makes ideas; actually executing them is another matter.
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