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File 137698636543.jpg - (149.72KB, 740x388, 1e57ea6ced1f2aa61d3aeb08a992c0cf.jpg) [iqdb]
18187No. 18187
So when's the next contest happening?
>>No. 18191
Why not run it yourself?
>>No. 18192
I'm always game to write.

Just remember, if you take responsibility for running the contest, people will complain.
>>No. 18194
If no one else then I'll have a go at it. Ya got a link to the old one by chance?
>>No. 18196
Announcement: >>/gensokyo/10247
Voting: >>/gensokyo/10322
>>No. 18243
If we are to do the third Writeathlon, when would be a good date to do it? And by good date, I mean a period when most writers have enough free time to dedicate one or two weeks to write.
>>No. 18244
Halloween is the next big event. I'd avoid early September. College starts up and a large part of the community, at least by the survey from earlier, is about that age.

Or, run it early September and maybe avoid the usual Summer decay...
>>No. 18245
So can we make it a sort of "seasonal event", with shorts themed on horror and suspense?
>>No. 18248
Aye, I was going to ask when would be a good time for people. I was aiming at mid September and stretching the deadline to two weeks this time for classes. Also, What categories would people like other than old/new writers?
>>No. 18249

Categories for specific genres maybe? Like Romance , Adventure, Humor, etc?
>>No. 18251
Honestly, I like the New/Old categories and it seems to have worked fairly well last time.

I'd prefer themes for the entire competition as opposed to specific genre categories. Using genres might make more 'fair' voting, but its splitting an already small pool of stories (plus I'm not good at labeling my writing)
>>No. 18256
Old/New seems to be best.
Offers a nice split and lets people wade in to writing.
That, and we don't have a large enough community to benefit from genre splits.
>>No. 18258
Themes like what for instance?
>>No. 18273
If contests become more frequent, seasonal themes or single-word prompts sound neat. If this is only a yearly contest? I'd say no theme.
>>No. 18289
I wouldn't mind running seasonal contests if few people raised objections to it.
>>No. 18291
Old/New and a porn old/new would be good. I might even get around to writing some porn for this.

Anyway, make sure you very, very specifically state the deadline (including timezone), because some people had issues last time with that, leading to anger and drama.

As far as more frequent contests go, I'd be interested, but seasonal things would probably not be something I'd write for. I did one christmas short a long time ago, and it bored the shit out of me to write.

The one-word, or possibly one-phrase one seems interesting though. Maybe one based on a picture (not necessarily a touhou-related picture?)
>>No. 18292
I think the format and divisions we used last time were fine, but having a clearly-set timetable would definitely help.

More-than-yearly contests might be a good thing, but they'd probably draw more effort away from my story.
>>No. 18328
It's time.
>>No. 18329
Crossboard linking is done with >>/board/##.

In this case, >>/gensokyo/11744
>>No. 18330
Moved to

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