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File 137645834710.jpg - (45.33KB, 514x343, HNI_0049_JPG.jpg) [iqdb]
18124 No. 18124
What caused THP's split from /jp/ "back in the day"? What's the point of /coriander/? Why is /blue/ called "blue," anyways?

Also welcomed are any relevant backatory. I'm curious of THP's history.
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>> No. 19849
For example, in Firefox, save page as --> Webpage Complete.
>> No. 19852


If only Firefox didn't hate my computer with a passion...

Anyway, I figured out the problem; it was just Internet Explorer being retarded and counter-intuitive again. "Save as" on the right-click menu refuses to give the option to save anything more than the html file, heaven knows why. If you want to save a full archive, you have to find "Save as" on the Page menu or use ctrl-s. Thanks for your help anyway.
>> No. 19889
Where does that brown tewi image came from?
>> No. 19906
This one?
>> No. 19951
What are the Lunar Defense Corps defending from?
>> No. 19952
Supposedly from any impure thing that dares to step on the Dark Side of the Moon. However, they are so incompetent, Watatsuki "God Mode Sue" Yorihime has to carry the whole army by herself.
>> No. 19956
What is a 'Genuflect'?
>> No. 19957
You kneel in a way where you hide your face to show you accept the superiority of someone else. Usually kings/queens and gods/demons.
>> No. 19959
there's rumors of them replacing the previous bunch, which were supposed taken out by earthlings. But yeah they're not really impressive as soldiers.

Then again I'm not sure if rabbit youkai are good soldier material. Guerrilla material perhaps (Tewi).
>> No. 19972
Can Touhous cheat at spell card duels? What are the consequences for doing that? How did Seija Kijin escape the wrath of the shrine maiden of paradise?
>> No. 19973
You practically answered all the questions yourself.

>Can Touhous cheat at spell card duels?
Yes, Seija Kijin shows how in Impossible Spell Card. However, she allegedly did it because her pursuers were breaking the rules themselves by using, well, impossible spell cards. Which begets the question: what is the criteria for labeling a spell card "illegal"?

>What are the consequences for doing that?
Usually, breaking the Spell Card Rules incurs in the fury of the Hakurei shrine maiden, who will pull out all the stops and probably exterminate the culprit for real. But if so, why did all the rivals in Impossible Spell Card begin using illegal danmaku first? Was the pursuit of Seija authorized by Reimu from the beginning?

>How did Seija Kijin escape the wrath of the shrine maiden of paradise?
This is a spoiler from the game's ending. Read at your own risk.

After defeating everybody who stood in her way, Seija became ostracized and lost all her friends and allies (but since she's an amanojaku, she's actually fine with that). My guess is that her pursuers lost interest in Seija after realizing the bounty on her head wasn't worth all the trouble.
>> No. 19974
So, Impossible spell cards shows that people can partially break the rules of spell card duels in Gensokyo and not suffer death by Reimu.

Now watch as writers proceed to completely ignore that in favor of picturing Reimu instantly killing anybody who ever thinks about breaking the spell card rules.
>> No. 19975
I think it really depends on the context. If someone ignores the rules to beat up a rebellious troublemaker like Seija, then Reimu may decide to look the other way, or even join the "party" if she feels like it. But if you break them to start an incident, then may the Moriya gods have mercy on your soul, because the Hakurei will not.
>> No. 19976
1) She caused the previous incident.
2) Reimu put a bounty on her head and told everybody to cheat at her.
3) She cheats back at spell card duels to win them.

And what we see? Reimu does nothing about this.

I think Reimu just doesn't care that much about cheating in spell card duels (as long as nobody dies, at least) as you think she does.
>> No. 19977
Upon re-reading the translation of the game's dialogues, I realize I was making wrong assumptions. Here's my (new) interpretation of how the events of IS really happened:

Immediately after the events of DDC, the tsukumogami that were born by the power of the Miracle Mallet (Raiko and the Tsukumo sisters) and the youkai that became aggressive (WaggySaggy, Banki, Kagerou) regained their senses, and realized Seija had manipulated them all. Someone puts a bounty on the amanojaku's head (I believe it was Shinmyomaru, more on that later), and all the wronged youkai go chase after her with impossible barrages, partly out of revenge, partly for that bounty. Seija, feeling threatened, resorts to using the remaining power of the Miracle Mallet and some cheat items to survive and defeat her attackers.

[SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk]
This goes on for a week, while the tales of the amanojaku who cheats her way through spread over, catching the attention of stronger youkai. Eventually, Seija crosses paths with Shinmyomaru, and the inchling tries one last time to convince the amanojaku that the social upheaval from DDC is over, and that she should give up. But being the contrarian she is, Seija refuses, saying that the revolution has just begun. Then Sukuna reveals that she convinced the strongest people in Gensokyo (read: Marisa, Reimu, Sakuya, Byakuren, Toyosatomimi, Yukari, etc.) to take the bounty hunt seriously. But Seija is having none of that, and keeps on fighting waves after waves of impossible danmaku. And the rest is what I said earlier.

That's only my interpretation, though. You're free to take it or rebut it.
>> No. 20009
What happened to the souls that get crushed by Kasen's hand? I don't get the 'removed from the cycle of reincarnation' thing. They cease to exist or something?
>> No. 20013
Basically. When they're removed from the cycle, they aren't reborn/reincarnated.
What exactly happens to them is unknown.
>> No. 20014
That's incredibly evil to be honest. So much for that peaceful hermit
>> No. 20015
They probably go into Nirvana (dimension?). That's where you go if you break the cycle the reincarnation IIRC.
>> No. 20016
Yeah, at least one of the eastern religions, Buddhism I think, follows the idea that all living things reincarnate indefinitely in a perpetual cycle of suffering and the only way to escape this is to achieve true enlightenment by detaching yourself from worldly desire, something that's usually expected to take several lifetimes I believe, at which point you are freed from the cycle and achieve Nirvana.

Exactly what Nirvana is, I've never been able to figure out. The way it's described, it's either a place devoid of suffering like Heaven or something, or simply a way of saying you cease to exist, which I suppose would be preferable to never ending suffering.

So, I guess she either sends them to "heaven" or destroys them entirely. Which again depending on how you look at it, is still better than living.
>> No. 20017
Youmu can kill them too. Komachi chastises her for this in PoFV

Pre-match, after admitting to slicing a few phantoms:
Aah, you can't!
The phantoms here have yet to receive their judgment.
They haven't officially died, if you kill some now
they won't ever be able to return to the circle of transmigration. With that I mean
the number of children will decrease in the outside world.

Post match:
Youmu: But I always kill some spirits in the netherworld.

Komachi: The spirits in the netherworld and the spirits here
before being sent to the netherworld are completely different.
Before they're sent to the netherworld,
they're still in a living state.
>> No. 20018
>Before they're sent to the netherworld,
they're still in a living state.
Well I didn't knew that before. Living ghosts, anyone?
>> No. 20019
Who is YAF?
>> No. 20020
Old-timer author of "THIS SHRINE" and the "X is in This Story" series, among other short stories. Goes by the trip !foOlREAVlE in this imageboard, if you wish to search his works on the story list.

Also, he's a huge faggot, even more than THP's standards.
>> No. 20023
I'm pretty sure this one is not limited to just THP, but why does everyone call each other faggots? Its even been turned into a nickname of sorts with the terms "writefag" and "tripfag". I can't tell whether its an insult or a term of endearment anymore.
>> No. 20025

It's neither. Calling each other faggot or some derivative of faggot is a meme associated with English 2ch style imageboards. Look more towards the context of the post, as well as surround posts in order to determine the speaker's intent.
>> No. 20026
I exclusively use it as a synonym for other words (writer = writefag) regardless of my intent.
>> No. 20027

He also holds the position of having the most completed stories of all the authors on the site, both full CYOAs and short stories, as discussed here; >>18799.

He's a bit of a controversial figure on THP; some people love him, others hate him. I'm not too sure of how many of the latter actually despise him, so much as they just enjoy taking the piss out of him though.

>Goes by the trip !foOlREAVlE in this imageboard, if you wish to search his works on the story list.

I'll point out that YAF has changed his trip at least twice over the years, usually due to someone finding out his tripcode. If you search for his current trip you'll only get his newest stuff, all of which are rather short. Search for YAF if you want his old stuff, and just type fool to get his most recent writing. That should at least get most of his stories.
>> No. 20028
How many YAF stories contain a Yandere Alice in them?
>> No. 20029
All of them. We just never got to see that part of her in any of them.
>> No. 20030
Why some recent stories have goblins in SDM? From what source do they come?
>> No. 20031
A recent chapter in wild and horned hermit (the Kasen manga) which had Yukari bring in Goblins to replace the house spirits that went elsewhere for a time. But they didn't prove as popular and the SDM decided to take them in.
>> No. 20045

Well...that certainly explains all the goblin doujin I've seen pop up.
>> No. 20061
I've seen the Lotus Pavilion get mentioned in at least three different stories now. Where did this come from? I'm pretty sure Zun didn't come up with it since, as far as I can tell, there are no whorehouses in canon Gensokyo.
>> No. 20076
/at/ series of shorts (pretty tasteful) that was popular with some other writers and they felt teh need to include it somehow.

in reverse Restorer in Gensokyo's Reina has been in a few /at/ things herself, in a sort of honorary touhou role (of getting fucked)
>> No. 20080
Okay, stupid question but what do you guys think of Silent Sinner in Blue? I'm 5 chapters in and I don't see why it causes the anger that it does so far.
>> No. 20083
You really ought to read Cage in Lunar Runegate as well as the two make the full arc intended while SSiB makes for the core of it.

As for rage, just wait until you see the fight scenes... as much as they could pass. Only one to really be able to put up a real fight is Reimu
>> No. 20094
File 140375396246.jpg - (123.47KB, 850x648, sample-2e3ee485b59b11ff3d1550168ed3a4b8.jpg) [iqdb]
Why's Futo so cute?
>> No. 20096
White clothes + silly hat?

Does anyone have any idea where I can find a good Gensokyo map with at least Byakuren's temple on it? Google gives me severely outdated versions.
>> No. 20099
There's no official map.
Byakuren's temple is in the human city, or around the outskirts of it. It should be worth it to update a map yourself if you really need to visualize it.
>> No. 20107
File 140409814635.jpg - (0.98MB, 2000x1397, 43452710.jpg) [iqdb]
best i got. hope it helps.
>> No. 20109
File 140413345221.jpg - (1.58MB, 5000x3500, gensokyonew.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks! I'll try to use it along with this one (written designations of places really help).
>> No. 20120
What happened to EZMode?
>> No. 20151
Need new thread for this.

Anyway, noob here. how could i get a proofreader?
>> No. 20153
Try asking in IRC. Probably someone would be up for it. Just don't expect them to drop all their conversations and respond immediately. You may need to ask at different times when different people are on.
>> No. 20560
Is there a quick way to check out which posts you've made in a thread? I don't want to accidentally double-vote...
>> No. 20627

Add a kawaii as fuck sig to all your votes.
>> No. 20729
Is there some kind of mechanism that prevents post deletion after a certain period of time? I have some problems there.
>> No. 20730
It's a cookie thing. If you clear your cookies, use a different browser or machine then you won't be able to delete your posts. It'll be the postpassword one. If you manually set your own password, and then input it you should be able to delete even really old posts.
>> No. 20885
Try asking around for Of-
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