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File 137599399192.jpg - (809.97KB, 1000x1414, d6579d277d92917bec1451c1759d9740.jpg) [iqdb]
Waifu-fags get in, I want I to know,
Which nigger can rap best about his touhou—
See which girl get the best rhymes to flow.
Originality is key; fuckin rule of this show.
No taken memes or shit from radio.
No quid pro quo. Nigger, make yo' own.
Takin' a beat from a pro, is that apropos?
I don't give a shit; use some wit though.
Complex rhymes impress crowds the most,
Read up poetry theory if yo' not in the know.
You gonna need a trip to be postin' back.
But go ahead and push a rhyme on the stack.
Thread's open till the 16th to post a run.
We vote then for the faggot who won.
Hit me.
there once was a man from nantucket
Who once owned naught but a bucket?
This bucket was filled with tar and heads

And wrapped in a quilt of gilded threads.
You're telling me to rap, but my writing's left me hurtin'
More trouble with my letters than like Lymstock with the Burtons
But I'm itching for the challenge so I'm heading where the fight is
Let's just hope it ain't a fungi to find, behind this pruritus

But now: You're saying I should rap 'bout waifus?
That's refuse I see floating, not rap-genius typhoons
One-way ticket that's right to the heart of a snafu
With narrow-ruled lines that'll come back to bite you

Don't need a game chick to make the rhyme stick
I'll pen you down Quik like I'm milk chocolate Bic
Let me sharpen the point: Seems you dig the whole crew
Staying late up to argue which fake girl to screw

And I don't have a trip, I'm just here to be wiser
Gonna leave you the tip, then I'm gone like I'm Keyser
First prize can go to the guy who's writing
How Icy Niney's his Aphrodite

At which point, said the poet, "Oh fuck it."
What’s this garbage; you askin’ where the charm is?
Some’n fine fo’ my time, pull my rhymes outta storage?
I ain’t no foo’, but lemme tell you too,
Some dude’ll school you like you ain’t been to college.
Am I that bro? Hell no; my flow’s slow, yo, but he’s comin’,
He’s gunnin’,
Send you runnin’ back a-cryin’ like you dyin’ in the street.
So hug your girl, kiss them curls, like she’s all you got in the world,
But it don’t make no diff if yo’ rap be stiff, an’ I’m sure you ain’t got the time,
Ain’t got the mind to jump off that ledge, rap wit’ the best and ace that test.
Love your life.
Love your wife.
All you’ll get is strife.
You wanna go? Show that Touhou fo’ sho’?
Get in line.
Can't have this thread without this one.

Bah, not enough entries to bother doing a full vote.

Nantucket wins because it's still funny.

>>18103, wins overall for originality and clever rhyming.
>>18101 Good try mate. It wasn't half bad.
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