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File 13682229719.jpg - (278.91KB, 850x765, sample_fc43d586dd9a0a40e5c3f173ff2e1af4.jpg) [iqdb]
Has there ever been a better Reimu than YAF's?
Of course.

But you plebeians simply won't be able to appreciate her.
Probably. What Reimu is YAF's?
No. YAFfykins writes best Reimu.
I actually enjoyed "This Shrine."
Has there ever been a Reimu other than YAF's, in this site?
No, I don't just mean the cameo appearance she makes in nearly every story.
Chronograph and Animating Gensokyo.
File 136827545988.jpg - (266.36KB, 675x1075, 5d6801ad1e99d70dd5aeae446a02a2bd.jpg) [iqdb]
Wrote, if anything, and I don't know about that, either. If I had my say, I'd say there've been Reimues better than mine. Much better, too. I should think.

I did write the best Satori, though. This isn't disputable.
>'d say there've been Reimues better than mine. Much better, too. I should think.
Wanna elaborate?
File 136832402345.jpg - (247.68KB, 1000x750, 6272294dd4d343adcb6ed44d77859fd8.jpg) [iqdb]
Your Reimu is still the best. Talk about high standard, huh?
>Best Satori

easy to say as you're the only one with a finished /underground/ story!

Better Reimus huh? I'd have to think. AoS's Reimu was pretty nice, too bad she shared a story with Yukari.

That and if YAF's Reimu set the standard in the dark ages, then that's not a flattering thing as Reimu back then was a bitch that would shoot you for no good reason more often than not.

Sounds like you're stuck in the past.
File 136838112314.jpg - (310.62KB, 753x913, 34759256.jpg) [iqdb]
An erratic, violent, bipolar tsundere is high standards now?

Yo, look here now, man. I love Reimu just as much as I did back then; she's never left the top of my 2hu charts. But we've gotta own up to something here, hombre: at the present moment, my Satori is the only character viable for the category of "good." That's the honest truth. This'll likely change in a few months' time when I get even better at what I do, but for now, she is miles ahead of my Reimu. If I'd had my current skills and experience back then, I could have done her better justice. Alas, alas.

Bottom line is, my Reimu was shit and you objectively need better standards. GIT GUD SCRUB.
>doesn't understand sarcasm
File 136838276686.jpg - (29.67KB, 500x448, 1363732811401.jpg) [iqdb]
Zat somesing you can eat, ja?
In all seriousness, given your history, why should I read about your Satori? TS was full of idiocy and references to video games and stupids phrases. Why should your other stories be something else?
File 136838833951.jpg - (759.78KB, 1360x1134, 29442974.jpg) [iqdb]
You shouldn't.

To be absolutely honest, if you found the amount of vidya references in TS excessive, you'd very likely find my Satori story outright deplorable.
well said.

His Satori story is more snark flavored than anything. That and having a British vibe. Quite different from his "classic faire"
He grew up. If you look at the other stories from back then, you'll find that most of them were retarded and some measure of terrible. Most of the writers were inexperienced and prone to fuckups. Anon didn't help in that regard, going full retard at almost every opportunity, consequences be damned.

YAF isn't the only writer to have redeemed himself either. Just look at Owen. ASSM's seemingly out of left field bad end caused an enormous amount of rage. And then he wrote A Fairy's Tale (under a different name to escape his reputation) and all was forgiven. And he looked back and said ASSM was awful.
I still blame higurashi for that debacle.

Uh, I hope you're talking to the story I'm talking about. Lots of OCs? Self-eye-torture? Ring a bell?
>And then he wrote A Fairy's Tale
Wait what
But I still rate ASSM as one of the top THP stories so yeah. Plus, I never was mad at him for that.
that's the story and you're right, Owen was influenced by Higurashi towards his ending. Then again he wasn't the only one into that.

Much hasn't exactly changed as most of the active writers are inexperienced, and anon still has bouts of being retarded. Just that now there's more experienced readers trying to help the writers and keep the retardation in check.
Oh, thank god. Some of the SDM stories seem to blur together after a while.
Per example, I can't remember the name of that story with the (literal) bs plot armor at the end and the, legendary amongst irrelevant and controversial choices,'[x]kiss sakuya' option. I think it was SDM-LA or something.

Well, ASSM IS kind of one of the best stories here, but AFT is far superior. Plus, their spin-offs are hilarious.
It was SDM LA and it was the story that set the standard for a while. And as a result various stories tended to blindly ape it but most writers didn't have HY's talent to get away with such sloppy writing.

And I'm not sure how good ASSM is as it seems to be loved by pretentious "true art is suffering sorts", though I recall Owen seeing that as something of an old shame.
Is that picture indicative of YAF's Reimu?
File 136857209482.jpg - (185.92KB, 850x850, 530c5959875074be6198e25393683b8e.jpg) [iqdb]

Hakurei Reimu was in a box.

There were many things Hakurei Reimu had been before, but in a box wasn’t one of them. A handful of pinches, shits of varying depth and solidity, once even love... But a box? Never. The sensation was... original, shall we say? The walls were stifling to be sure, and one was making it hell for one of her knees, but on the whole there was space enough in the box for Hakurei Reimu, and some air at that. The box was sound-proof; not the tiniest sound penetrated from the outside. A little sound would enliven the box significantly, Hakurei Reimu thought, but for the nonce she was glad of what she had. There was no saying what was happening outside; and it seemed to Hakurei Reimu, perhaps irrationally (but then, when ever has rationality done anyone good?), that the world might forget soon who she was in the first place. Or had it forgotten of her already? A picture occurred to Hakurei Reimu that she was not unlike a cat, locked inside this box, and whoever (if anyone) looking on from outside had no real way of knowing whether she is alive still or had died long ago. To all intents and purposes, she might very well be both alive and dead, at the same time – a kind of flux, if you will. Naturally, any rational person can tell you, that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons, even death may die.
File 136859952177.jpg - (134.34KB, 850x686, DONATE.jpg) [iqdb]
"I was just looking at it and I suddenly got this urge to get inside. No, not just an urge - more than that. It was my destiny to be here; in the box. And then when I put it on, I suddenly got this feeling of inner peace. I can't put it into words. I feel... safe. Like this is where I was meant to be. Like I'd found the key to true happiness! You should come inside the box... Then you'll know what I mean."
...I meant more of the sexy bondage part.
File 136862094969.jpg - (18.13KB, 300x250, metal-gear-solid-peace-walker-snake--300x250.jpg) [iqdb]
A box big enough to hold me and my buddy... These are fine times we live in.
Obviously that means you need to rewrite her.
File 13686641899.jpg - (94.24KB, 500x500, cirno want to talk.jpg) [iqdb]
I already have a little! No, wait... Technically, it was an alt universe Reimu. Welp. Never mind!
Will TS Reimu ever see her husbando again?
Don't ask questions you already know the answers to.
Yes. No. Maybe. When OP stops being a faggot. Could you repeat that question?
File 13690261698.jpg - (125.83KB, 850x1195, sample-8f4525f3c25b2872a86f72fd4ad67b39.jpg) [iqdb]
Writing Magical Girl Fanfiction spreads joy. Now go back to spreading joy.
File 136906225594.jpg - (322.54KB, 768x1024, 4102a36f3f137dadbdc59e49fd7a3bff.jpg) [iqdb]
Write my witches and smugglers for me and I might just. Otherwise, it's a no-go. I slack off enough on my own stuff; I ill need another thing to feel lazy about.

Damn if it isn't tempting, though.
File 136913896178.jpg - (287.45KB, 1120x1400, daad3027b8b6349ce08d63f3facb0f33.jpg) [iqdb]
Ohe please, Oni Shrine Maidens say otherwise.
File 136917188343.jpg - (96.37KB, 900x675, 9d5c4e68e2cdd4c7949d3ddf0e6907e8.jpg) [iqdb]
Mate, please, bother oni miko Reimu Suikas; if I had my say, I'd be writing getting drunk with Youmu all day.
I see what you did there.

And there. *shudders*
You have your say. So write it.
File 137011817899.jpg - (37.72KB, 775x539, 1330879354595.jpg) [iqdb]
YAF should make daily updates. Who's with me?

And I am not writing this just because the site is nearly dead.
File 137014760244.jpg - (68.42KB, 469x563, feelscrazy.jpg) [iqdb]
An idea almost as interesting as it is utterly foolish.

Tell me how you would envision it.
Fast, short updates about sexing up touhous with a bit of craziness.
The stories on each board are few and activity is slow. My hope is just that some of the older writer will go back to help improve this situation.
File 137017268327.png - (35.97KB, 250x250, a little too crazy.png) [iqdb]
The form I find tempting. The subject matter...

I think I'll pass!
>expecting the bulk of the older writers to do much.

Don't hold your breath.
If no one mentions or does anything nothing is bound to happen.
You need to start somewhere.
YAF writes short, daily updates.
I'd like that. It'd be fun. I can turn off my brain and enjoy the ride.

Why are we tsundere for this faggit again?
How about this:
Fast, short updates loosely following what plot there is in Highly Responsive to Prayers: The Hakurei Clan and Shrine are destroyed, and Reimu, the last survivor of the clan, must stop the ones responsible with little more than her Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb.

Highly Responsive to Prayers didn't have much story to speak of in the game itself, so it should be highly responsive to adaptation. Plus, Reimu.
File 137025884096.jpg - (67.11KB, 438x460, 1358952153891.jpg) [iqdb]



Satori educates a young human mind-reader in the intricacies of mind reading. She explains in detail the mechanics of her power, offers the human various pointers and warnings, and discusses random curious titbits of psychology in the meanwhile.
So bad applications of psychoanalysis; improper usage of psychological theory; rambling, wordy text; rape of a thesaurus; arm-chair philosophy, and senseless discussions on humanity?

Are we going to make Tenshi cry too? Keep her not in the thread?
File 137026480312.jpg - (107.98KB, 960x540, 1336552188312.jpg) [iqdb]
No. No, dude. We’ve already done that. It’s called TiTS. Seriously. Get with the times.

So the young human mind rapes Satori and makes her his pet?
File 137026848238.jpg - (202.44KB, 500x706, My_Dog_-_Encore.jpg) [iqdb]
My Dog: Encore.
I'm pretty sure it's "no wait ok" in that order. The picture is wrong too.
Anyway: how about a story where a young cryptologist finds a text that it is literal nonsense (like 压服你个如)and ends up in Gensokyo. Then,, due to sheer "luck" she keeps surviving until the w s of disbelief is stretched to its breaking point?
>I'm pretty sure it's "no wait ok" in that order. The picture is wrong too.

I'd want that honestly
get out of here, J to the E.
File 137079253072.png - (710.89KB, 1000x760, 36117694.png) [iqdb]
You are a cruel and sadistic man.

You have my sword.
Will I get that encore at some point?
He is done with writing magical girls for us plebians forever.
File 137089342014.jpg - (84.24KB, 367x368, 1344949944216.jpg) [iqdb]
He is done when we tell him that he is done and not a second sooner.
File 137090796170.jpg - (74.32KB, 447x507, CoryDowner.jpg) [iqdb]
Are we there yet?
File 137095209960.jpg - (25.15KB, 500x375, Don't_forget_you're_here_forever.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137095373652.jpg - (155.92KB, 863x752, mr bones wild ride.jpg) [iqdb]
I do believe this image depicts the current situation better.
File 137105228952.jpg - (1.08MB, 1000x1390, ac9c4a006b5f5e150e0677c85e531716.jpg) [iqdb]
I want to get off of Miss Reimu's Rocky Vagina Ride!
I can't let you do that YAFox
>Rocky Vagina
What does that even mean
File 137109716752.png - (163.73KB, 500x282, 1361160655371.png) [iqdb]
As a specialist I can tell you that it involves rocks and Reimu. And it is going up and down.
File 137116396851.jpg - (31.91KB, 478x457, 1360075099081.jpg) [iqdb]
Just what I needed to see.
File 137123089331.jpg - (351.35KB, 640x720, lovehermarryher.jpg) [iqdb]
Nothing rocky about her.

That we know of.
So, when can we expect you to start on a new story, like N.I.G.G.E.R?
File 137140232467.jpg - (310.29KB, 600x900, 34355706_p7.jpg) [iqdb]
I was planning on doing the series of shorts I described in >>17550 before revealing the “human” psyker mind-reader as Satori and Garion’s daughter and expanding the shorts into yet another fucking TiTS quasi-sequel, but then >>17551 strutted along and stabbed me viciously in my tiny, sensitive ego with his crude, inconsiderate criticism, and I purposed instead to sit around, twiddling my thumbs for the PC release of MGR. And fapping. Fapping over all. Oh gods, the fapping. Please let it stop.

Only you can release me from this torment.
Oh, just write it. Please.
Oh, go right ahead. I just realized that you already wrote N.I.G.G.E.R.S. (Nanaya Invades Gensokyo, Grabbing Erotic Reimu's Sarashi) but called it 'This hat' or something like that instead.

I mean, I would prefer a Youmu or Futo story, but whatever floats your boat.
File 137142637446.png - (140.52KB, 620x877, 34565421_p2.png) [iqdb]
Of course, I would never make something like that up on the spot and then lie to you about it, would I?
File 137151054684.png - (27.23KB, 829x829, 1350627640858.png) [iqdb]
File 137157211026.jpg - (104.27KB, 329x416, 1367092138062.jpg) [iqdb]

Tell you what. I’ve got some notes sitting around for that story that never happened with the pretentious Latin title. Once I’m clear of exam hell, I’ll do you a couple of scenes. How about that? Hm?

Can I get a yay?

I do so enjoy the things you write.
File 137174302332.jpg - (322.52KB, 850x976, sample_71e1dfaca2bf4d65a54d246cdfeba37d.jpg) [iqdb]

I like that you don't take yourself all too serious and think that your writing is art or anything good.

YAF is all about the entertainment factor.
File 137174580296.gif - (484.07KB, 500x444, master of lute.gif) [iqdb]

Not until I see you actually wrote something.

Gif completely unrelated.
File 137176224257.jpg - (1.49MB, 3000x2638, CHILDREN.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137191291785.jpg - (410.99KB, 650x907, daww.jpg) [iqdb]
Yo, YAF, remake TS with Archer as the protagonist. You know you want another Reimu route.
File 137193148882.png - (2.26KB, 101x140, 1293459174081.png) [iqdb]
Archer a whiney bitch
File 13719479241.png - (1.53MB, 700x1600, Gilfull.png) [iqdb]
What about this Archer?
File 137195121064.jpg - (33.97KB, 480x272, yaf.jpg) [iqdb]
oh no you didn't.
where is that fucking face from
DOOM I think.
File 13720024938.png - (20.54KB, 150x218, 1293459232296.png) [iqdb]
Found out!
File 137201898335.jpg - (171.80KB, 936x1048, e6d048f1fb8962a03dee4c00812951b5.jpg) [iqdb]
OK, I’ve got one scene done. I think we’ll go for a little bit of continuity with this one and the others.

Now, where the fuck do I put this?
Do not post anything until you got a few more scenes at least 90% written. We don't want you to burn out/hit a block at the third scene like countless other writers.
Yo, what’s the difference? Any way we cut it I’ll still have to write these scenes in a sequence. What does it matter if I post one before completing the next or not?
put it in this thread
it's the yaf thread
It's much easier to post at Keymaster-speed (daily updates for four consecutive months) if you have the main body of the updates prepared beforehand In fact, I have a suspicion that's his real secret of his break-neck constancy. Plus it helps alleviate the stress of having to update sequences at a constant rate, which I believe it's one of the hardest obstacles to overcome when you're returning from "writer retirement".
It might be easier but it's not necessary. Loads of stories had daily updates for sustained periods of time. Once you get into the swing of things it's not hard to do at least 700-2000 words a day. Sometimes it's harder to get all votes in before an update than to just write.
File 137202854485.jpg - (472.32KB, 800x950, 33157207_p27.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, I hadn’t planned on there being choices, so “updating” is kind of a non-issue here, as I’ll be writing this out at my own pace anyway, but whatever you say.

At any rate I’ve started on the second scene now. The coming week seems to be fairly leisure, too, as I’ve gotten done with the exams I had to get done with. I guess I’ll get back to you once this is done as well. This doesn’t mean I’ll be marathoning Morrowind (which I had recently re-started for the thousandth time) for the next seven days and nights because I keep finding little things that I had never before noticed somehow despite almost literally growing up with this game and I must collect all the most powerful artefacts besides. No, sir. All ‘bout that writing, yes we are.

No, seriously. I need that fucking Helseth’s ring.
File 13721889524.jpg - (199.47KB, 1360x768, CLENCH YOUR BEAK.jpg) [iqdb]
OK, I am 85% done with the second scene, so I guess it’s high time to lay out a plan. What I propose we do is I’ll post the first scene tomorrow, then follow it with the second the next day, while I work on the third (which I’ve mostly planned out already), then I’ll start on the last aaaaaaaand I’ve just started playing MHFU again because a working emulator has come out, didn’t I. Welp.

See you in a month.
File 137228887060.jpg - (409.28KB, 1364x768, PPSSPPWindows 2013-06-25 21-32-09-62.jpg) [iqdb]
I've managed to tear myself away from my hunts just long enough to post the first part. I'm going back now.

GS master race signing off.
HBGunner here

Blademasters a shit
File 137246325481.jpg - (824.17KB, 1503x1075, 390dde02bf955f1bf8c20ba2a2100915.jpg) [iqdb]
Heavy BowGunner? More like Heavy Crybaby Who’s Too Afraid of Getting Up Close With the Enemy.

Anyhow, scene three is posted. Now excuse me, but I must resume my hunts.

better than bow users at least.

Pellet actually has an optimal close range and we actually need to put our asses on the chopping board when reloading.

have you played 3rd Generation yet at all?
Where are you posting the story?
The one and only time I used a HBG was against my very first Monoblos, so I could sprinkle his horn from what I thought a safe distance.
>have you played 3rd Generation yet at all?
Actually, I bought my second PSP solely to play MHP3rd. Whereas the reason for buying my first one was to play MHFU. I also sold that second PSP almost as soon as I had solo’d what could be solo’d (with the early English patch). After FU, though, 3rd was disturbingly easy. And Jinouga was a pushover, even if his weapons were p. fuckin’ badass.
Wait, I didn’t say? Well... Small wonder nobody’s bumped the thread yet. Well, no matter. You’ll find it sooner or later, and I’ll have more time for fixing the little typos and mistakes I’m sure still lurk in there somewhere.
The scenes are done. You can head over to >>/shorts/752 and have a blast. I even bumped the thread so you don’t have to go scroll all the way down to go to the second page.

Knock yourself out. And if you notice any typos/mistakes, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. I’M DONE. IT’S OVER. YOU HEAR ME? OVER! FUCKING TYPOS, GOD DAMN SHIT! AUGH!

Guess it really is over then.

Canceled TiTS short when
oh god what cancelled short now
>... mind-reader as Satori and Garion’s daughter and expanding the shorts into yet another fucking TiTS quasi-sequel, but then ...
File 137269135155.jpg - (770.35KB, 901x1200, 36635686_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
That was a joke. A jape. A primitive ruse never meant to fool a single person. I am not writing that. TiTS is closed. Closed.
How about a HM fanfic were the main villain is actually Satori ('The' Satori, not 'a' satori) in a clever mask-related disguise?
Or how 'bout you just write more Kokoro.
You've written only a few scenes where she appears and she's already wonderful.
Write about Suika and Reimu looking for men.
File 13727045826.jpg - (129.72KB, 500x509, qTxzFhY.jpg) [iqdb]
You haven't stroked my ego for those last shorts nearly enough to make demands of me.

Me on the left.
You are a whoring polish midget?
Still waiting for My Dog: Encore.
File 137276989430.jpg - (583.83KB, 1050x1400, My Dog - Again.jpg) [iqdb]
Here you go.
that's not a dog stupid
File 137279524744.jpg - (13.42KB, 400x268, 4367433-fortune-cookie-with-the-expression-beggars.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137315856910.jpg - (92.45KB, 850x600, sample_dabba17a077392cf81a375746396851b.jpg) [iqdb]
Why aren't you her dog yet?
I'm no mongrel's dog. No dog's mongrel... No mongrel dog's... Why is she naked? Why are you posting a sample? Why am I asking you all these questions?
>Why is she naked?
Dogs don't wear clothes.
I just realized your were pulling an ironic echo.
Guess some people still haven't forgiven YAF for that terrible third run.
On a slace of 1 to 10, how good of a writer is YAF?
With trip on: 8/10
Without trip: 0/10

He used to be much worse but his skill increased at roughly the same pace as our standards so...

(We have standards now?! Hahaha so funny)
>We have standards
Is that not elitism?
Sorry, I don't get the joke/reference.
not really they're different things, it's more about attitude than the existance of standards.
File 137575293063.jpg - (492.24KB, 700x800, 28660154.jpg) [iqdb]
Enemies of the Yafperium, hear me. You have come here to vote. The Immoral Yaffy is with us and we are invincible. His Continuity Wank will strike you down. His Original Content will crush you under its threads. His mighty adjectives will bring the very sky crashing down upon you. You cannot sage.

Two shorts. One will tie into an already existent continuity; the other will be original. These ideas hatched in my mind as I took my short vacation which ended with an abrupt flooding. They will require some more days to mature from fledgling to usable. They will evolve into either one-shots or short-length CYOAs depending entirely on the manner of the response. I am stating the terms clear here: you will need to coddle me if you want me to work my brain in this heat. I am not a heat-resistant creature. I melt easily.

Now, your choices of characters.

Continuity Jackery:

[ ] Satori
[ ] Reimu
[ ] Miko
[X] Mokou

Original Content:

[ ] Suika
[ ] Sakuya
[ ] Renko
[X] Eiki

Oh, would you look at that. You have no choice! What is even the purpose of this post? Pah, back to my reading.

Watch the boards.
File 13757893066.jpg - (63.78KB, 644x504, 1336567610790.jpg) [iqdb]
>His Original Content
File 137579631164.png - (1.68MB, 1393x1771, 35677623.png) [iqdb]
You insinuate insult, but I will not heed it. My face is my shield.
>posting picture of Mokou.
Why would you do that?
File 137584119670.png - (821.12KB, 700x1000, 37452277.png) [iqdb]
But she is flat, boring and not sexy at all.
File 137584650975.jpg - (380.93KB, 1000x1415, 0eae76d7e6c424ede3d1de3729ccf00f.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh damn nigger. We gonna have a problem over here.
File 137586502523.jpg - (13.98KB, 320x200, 276905-Space Marines.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137588575552.jpg - (54.80KB, 620x348, spesstherapy.jpg) [iqdb]
I must have missed that meme. Guess I'm not the only who heard that line like that.
File 13758871273.gif - (1.27MB, 500x281, I will destroy you.gif) [iqdb]
>flat, boring and not sexy
OK, this is it. I’m done. No shorts, no CYOAs, nothing. I’m so fucking done.
See you in a month.
File 137588865739.png - (434.46KB, 900x587, mokotan.png) [iqdb]
You would dare denying us glorious Mokou?
File 137588899337.jpg - (96.54KB, 271x288, 2b7.jpg) [iqdb]
This is not tumblr. Stop being such a massive faggot and write something good this time.
File 137589482086.jpg - (396.95KB, 1010x1507, 3e0e9646db0e3bdaa21ed26de04fb6b8.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh please.
Only a pussy would quit writing. Pussy.
File 137593826645.jpg - (887.72KB, 1000x1333, mokou14.jpg) [iqdb]
So do we just post sexy Mokou now?
File 137593972122.jpg - (517.27KB, 887x709, 1329930636503.jpg) [iqdb]
>Not posting the hottest touhou

Why would you do this in the first place?
Cool your jets, Yaffy
File 137600747860.jpg - (174.11KB, 600x552, out of my way.jpg) [iqdb]
Stand away, monster.
File 137602318818.jpg - (256.94KB, 950x1000, 1376000589625.jpg) [iqdb]
Haven't heard this since forever.
>Stand away, monster.

Shouldn't it be "Stand aside, monster."? It sounds awkward as you had it.
What do you expect from a dirty Satori-loving polack? He's just as much a monster as his waifu.
File 137611208419.jpg - (162.65KB, 504x1396, IMG_0613.jpg) [iqdb]
Psssst. Wrong field.
And Yaffykins is an emotional woman.
Goddamn phone posting.
File 137613725075.gif - (17.48KB, 150x390, 120994772660.gif) [iqdb]
It is “Stand away,” as in “Stand away, I am dispensing retribution here.”

Are you calling me insane? Do I look insane to you? DO I?
File 137616797261.jpg - (399.93KB, 963x909, 45c10c795faf045fa664f00270786192.jpg) [iqdb]
Where are my updates YAF? I thought that you are here to entertain m-us? Go do your writefag job.
File 137665792425.png - (40.39KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2013-08-15-15-26-05.png) [iqdb]
I posted a short, but it isn’t about Mokou, since clearly you can’t appreciate Her fiery magnificence.
About a character that hasn't even been out a sodding week. Now we get to watch you molest your own undercarriage in spectacle of another faux monster-inquisition-of-the-week.
File 13767451444.jpg - (51.00KB, 320x480, Corbis-42-30459230.jpg) [iqdb]
Glorious, isn’t it?
>Now we get to watch you molest your own undercarriage in spectacle of another faux monster-inquisition-of-the-week.

>Now we get to watch you molest the English language with another faux monster-inquisition-of-the-week.
I imagine this is what it feels like giving the Queen a blowjob.

Oh great, another 'youkai drive humanity to extinction' story by YAF.
In my ideolect "Stand away" is still wrong there, and "Stand aside" would still work.
I know, man. Getting slowly tired of writing that shit. Maybe I should do some romance for a change.
File 13768392869.jpg - (98.25KB, 627x954, 1359269452408.jpg) [iqdb]
>writing romance
Like this?
File 137683980725.jpg - (755.97KB, 951x1206, 22448223.jpg) [iqdb]
I was thinking more like this.
>beating up disgusting monsters
I am okay with this.
The romance between a man and his duty is the purest form of love.

So, how would you guys like a story about Satori’s romance with a variety of edged and blunt implements?
Sounds fun.
Please don't.

YAF stop being a domestic abuser.
Part of me would.
Still no. Don't be Treia.
File 137687564624.png - (214.46KB, 450x428, 1290975623692.png) [iqdb]
That “My Dog” spiritual sequel still needs doing... Well, some other time, maybe.

What do you say to this then? A little story about Eiki. Slice of life mainly; nothing too serious. Maybe a day out of her weekend. I’ll call it “Judgement Day.” Because it tickles me funny.

Or shall we mix up the formula a little? I’ve noticed I’ve written a lot from the Tohus’ perspective in the recent months. Maybe some good old-fashioned male OC stuff would be in due course. Say, about Mokou? It’d probably be related to that awful old story, though... Not the first time we’d scratch some old wounds, but – your call, I suppose.

Or we could always get intimate with the idea of Satori in a close proximity of a whooole lot of kitchen knives. Because that “My Dog” spiritual sequel really needs doing...
Just write >>18169

No pls. Don't harm Satori than need be. (Then again, you have written works of art so I think no-one will mind)

I'd like to see what your Eiki is like.

But it's your call on what you write.
File 137691670699.jpg - (102.51KB, 611x684, yaflovesthis.jpg) [iqdb]
Morbid curiosity is a hell of a thing, I'll admit...but don't stoop to that level.
Write Eiki. She's nice.
File 137695803692.jpg - (1.97MB, 1474x2071, 10b33c3c15da9596cede0dc8677bc104.jpg) [iqdb]
At the present moment I’m not recording, I’m not on tour I don’t feel a particular “craving” to write any of these ideas, if you catch my meaning. I was excited for trying out my hand at something more pretentious darker and more metaphorical, hence the “Benben” short, but the response made me think these things are best kept to my own time. Which they perhaps are.

I’ve been letting my mind run with some other ideas I had (and you wouldn’t believe the autonomy of my mind when it comes to fleshing out and experimenting with ideas – I hardly even need to do anything myself sometimes), but in the wake of that recent development... well, I guess I’m just nosing around to see which of these concepts I feel equally moderately cautious about would warrant the most positive response – in other words, something that would entertain you as well as me instead of only me (as was the case, I suspect, with that latest short). I have something I could do with Mokou, I have something I could do with Eiki; I also have something I could do with Reimu, although that last one is mostly in the “silly dream” area (yes, I’m talking about the journey into the past I mentioned offhand I think somewhere earlier in this thread). I have something I could do with Satori as well (and no, not anything torturous, at least not only that), but denying myself the pleasure of milking that continuity even further (despite my continuous assertions) is, I find... cathartic, shall we say?

So yes, in short, I’m trying to probe which of these ideas I have would be of the most entertainment to you as opposed to being just me “molesting my undercarriage.”

PS. Benben is the best newhou. We can fight about it, but she is.
>Benben is the best newhou.
U wot m8?
File 137698721292.jpg - (64.12KB, 850x943, smooth criminal.jpg) [iqdb]
Step aside, nigga.
You're probably aware of this, but to the novice, literary writing has so much pizazz in both it's attitude and word structure it's oppressing. Sometimes you want the words you read to act tamer.

I'll get there. Someday.
File 137699241420.jpg - (129.50KB, 960x640, absolutely crazy.jpg) [iqdb]
OK, you can put your dukes up now.
File 137704067467.jpg - (210.00KB, 600x686, a36bf38fc200efe7a77e4ee007c4348a.jpg) [iqdb]
To me, Benben looks like the love child of Satori (Hair Color), Kokoro (Hair Length), and the Prismriver Sisters (Musical Talent).

While I agree she is nice, she is not best New Touhou.

That title goes to to Sukuna
File 137704100490.png - (828.35KB, 800x964, 516a5e347b462e254f9f5ed533c4d85e.png) [iqdb]
Bullocks that's not how you spell Reiko.
File 137704179617.png - (1.03MB, 1200x876, 59343945e4c85e879884aa440de253c4.png) [iqdb]
You mean "Raikou", right? They're both modeled after Raiden anyway.
File 137704324427.jpg - (204.88KB, 472x472, kagerou2.jpg) [iqdb]
If Kagerou still counts as new, then she's the best Newhou, if only by the virtue that everyone else sucks.
File 137704471114.png - (436.66KB, 566x800, b6d92dc82b39475e57399c0f3b81ed63.png) [iqdb]
I dispute your claims that any other character in DDC is better than Sukuna. Reiko looks like a Michael Jackson wannabe, Kagerou just seems boring (Ooh werewolf, if I wanted that I'd watch/read Twilight), Wakasagihime is a mermaid (Blue hair is all she really has going for her), Benben and Yatsuhashi are Prismriver rejects, Sekibanki is cool but not the best, and Seija gives me vertigo.

Alright, has anyone played this music when she comes on screen?

Nigga did you forget about Sekibanki? You must have.

Banki-chan da bes. That is all.
File 137706926936.jpg - (544.18KB, 732x910, ac47d8a95d503c4cc6aed4f4cc6c4d5a.jpg) [iqdb]
So lemme tell you why Raiko is the best new girl, in a manner which you will all understand.

First of all, her attire. Kimonos, ponchos, anticuated dresses? Hell no! Raiko has class, evidenced by that cool as fuck suit, tie and skirt, reminiscent of the most famous pop artist in the Outside world. Couple that with that smug, confident smirk, and you get a motherfucking thunder deity ready to pimpslap some bitches like the Extra Boss she is. Also, may I point out to what does she wear in her head? THAT'S RIGHT, ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING, BITCHES! Screw that "2hus with no headwear die" thing, Raiko gives that rule the middle finger while she plays the dance of 'Not giving a single fuck' in her taiko drum, or her electronic drumkit.

Wait, did you read that right? Hell yeah, she's a tsukumogami controlling TWO instruments at the same time! That's double the power, bitches! And not only she has the power to make anything follow a rhythm, she also has the power to throw motherfucking lightning at you and fry yo ass to ash and cinders. Do you know what that means? She fucking rides the lightning with the power of drummers in the Outside World! If you don't think that ain't the most metal thing in existence, then get out of my face.

Her spellcards. Yeah, she starts easy. That's because she wants you to feel overconfident, to give you false hope, only to crush it when she gets her gloves off - can't you see it in that smile? She's always in control of the situation, bitches. Her fourth spellcard is titled "Death Drum". That only spells problem to you unfortunate souls who dare to challenge her. What's that, your screen is shaking? Fake difficulty? Raiko is having none of your shit, while she plays the dance of 'Deal with it' with her drums. And in "Blue Lady Show", her pattern follows the rhythm of the stage music. We had our share of musicians on Touhou, but if you can synchronize your attacks with Almighty ZUN's songs, then it's proven you're the best motherfucking musician in Gensokyo.

And if that doesn't convicen you of how incredibly cool this stone cold pimp is, then lemme tell ya a short story. Raiko was born a taiko tsukumogami by the power of Sukuna mallet, but she soon realized the origin of her powers, and knowing that once the Mallet was put out of commision by the protagonists, she'd lose her existence. So what does she do? She adquires the power of drummers in the Outside world and possess an electronic drumkit. So not only does she save her own life, she also gets one of the most versatile instruments in the world and doubles her own power level. Furthermore, because she's a pretty chill gal, she tells your oh so beloved Tsukumo sisters the same trick, so that they can save their sorry asses too. And that's how Raiko started her own harem/band of tsukumogami instruments.

And that's why, you Benben and Yatsuhashi fanboys, Raiko Horikawa is the best newhou, even more than Sekibanki, and you must accept her as your Lord and Savior and bow in front of her overwhelming girth and swagger.
File 137707283323.jpg - (0.98MB, 918x1262, miko is awesome.jpg) [iqdb]
To be honest, it's a tight contest between her, Raiko and Mokou for the title of "Baddest Mofo in Gensokyo" in my book.
File 137707460863.jpg - (196.96KB, 850x721, sample-a3c297d50db52423586bbe2b9904cb95.jpg) [iqdb]
We all know who our true Lord and Savior is.
File 137707753592.jpg - (865.33KB, 1280x1024, Byakuren.jpg) [iqdb]

Now now everyone, we can all peacefully coexist...

....Under our Saviour, Lady Byakuren.
Yeah, no. Byakuren is lame.

Don't worry Anon. We here at Myouren Temple still love you, even if you have bad taste.
File 137708135330.jpg - (184.52KB, 850x1107, praise the sun.jpg) [iqdb]

If only they could be so grossly incandescent like her...
File 137708415435.png - (211.47KB, 300x377, batshitinsane.png) [iqdb]
>She fucking rides the lightning with the power of drummers in the Outside World!
Even that nerd Ky Kiske rode the lightning. Lightning’s a slut.
You can dispute it with my FISTS.

In fact, dispute with this: I am writing something up now, and it is neither Mokou nor Eiki. Git hype.
Great, just great. I guess it's too much to hope that this one will actually be good and not another rehash of a crappy story.
Nigga, you best back up. I’ve got twelve tonnes of hiatus in a bag sitting in the backyard, all with your name on it, and I ain’t afraid to use it.
File 137708668393.jpg - (139.35KB, 800x800, 3e3c3da01890023c22848ba7033d2760.jpg) [iqdb]
>Lightning's a slut.
And what a damn fine slut she is.
File 137708933261.png - (10.04KB, 344x252, mimaragequit.png) [iqdb]
Do it, faggot.
File 137711439669.png - (193.90KB, 520x301, 1373230468069.png) [iqdb]
And not Mima, either.
Give me one more reason. Come on. Let’s do this shit.
What's wrong, YAF? Chicken?
File 13771219992.png - (445.46KB, 715x700, 1287167706871.png) [iqdb]
OK, this is it. This is the shit. I’m gonna play video games until I drop. I hope you’re proud of yourself.
Okay, so really, what is YAF's appeal anyway? I don't find his writing entertaining at all. He's way to "Flowery", it's like he's trying to impress someone with his vocabulary. I've tried to read his stuff, but it always ends with me leaving the story with no intention of returning.

So, why is he popular? I know my opinion is hardly the majority, but I really see no reason for people rallying behind his work and characters.
Well, he gives good, if caustic, writing advice. That he's probably finished more stories than any other author on the site helps too.

As for not liking his writing, that comes down to personal preference, same as any other story. Perssonally, I find his style different and refreshing.
Anonymous’s breath caught in his throat. All around them murals depicting fantastic happenings loomed ghostlike from the darkness, glaring reds, come alight from the glow of the lantern.

The Ungennant, his guide – a man as stoop-backed as a mountain – swung an ailing hand at the closest. His fraying togs cast quivering shadows on the wall.

“The greatest of us all,” his crumpled mouth speechified. “Father of our board.”

Anonymous felt a kernel of dread stir in his belly at the sight of the creature on the ancient painting. Tall it was, evil-eyed, its mouth a gallery of twisted teeth. At its feet human figures wrung their hands and trashed about on the ground in perverse veneration. The anonymous poster startled when his guide thrust a rusted key his way.

“Those were darker times, but past now,” he calmed the boy. Clearly, though his sight was blunted, the man had marked the apprehension on his face. “This key will allow you further into these catacombs. There you shall find your answers.”

“How will I find them in the midst of such a labyrinth?”

The Ungennant’s hand fell flat against his side. “You must be careful. And beware; an ancient evil dwells within – long banished from our IRC. Undoubtedly this is the source of the cancer which permeates the heart of /blue/.” The guide shoved the key at him with urgency. “Take it. You will know the enemy by their words of adoration for the YAF. They will try to convert you to their dark faith. If you are to succeed, you must resist their influence.”

“And if I don’t succeed?” asked Anonymous, gripping the warm key.

“Then,” the Ungennant shook his head, “you will not return...”
Why don't you go do something interesting for once? Even what you have there is more interesting than "This Shrine" and http://www.touhou-project.com/shrine/res/9114.html

Come one Yaffy, if you have to go back to stories on "Hiatus" Read: Dropped then you should just hang it up.

Though, this did bring up another good point. Why was Yaf banned, or why did he leave, the IRC? Other than being insufferable that is.
File 13771394655.jpg - (427.53KB, 600x900, 1287010886796.jpg) [iqdb]
I left the IRC because I’d begun to find the atmosphere of constant pessimism dispiriting. You don’t collect a number of people with certified mental health problems in one place and observe no effects on their surroundings. And, let me tell you, this has been the story with every single online community stemmed from 4chan which I’ve belonged to. Over time, the constant downerism just starts to spoil your everyday humour. Sometimes I wonder why I even still bother going to 4chan. At least /k/ is still cool, I suppose.

Also, of course This Shrine is garbage. I couldn’t even speak proper English back then, let alone having the first idea about writing interesting stories. Why you even bringing that up, man?
/jp/ was full of Shinjis when it was, well, full. I just wanted to give everyone a hug back then.
File 137715306519.jpg - (32.87KB, 500x385, 1351231627672.jpg) [iqdb]
>YAF being the perfect example of mental health

TS is still his best work. He had this time with strange random stories that no one knew what they are about but now he blos here instead of writing. Like he should be doing right now.
I like his Satori. A lot. Enough that I want to read that disgusting torture fic just for more of his Satori, maybe. Lotta other good characters too in the one story of his I've read.

Those characters do have to carry the weight of the flowery language you mentioned, though. It definitely starts to grate after a bit.
File 137717054545.jpg - (549.58KB, 1200x1430, now he blos.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry, but TiitS is far better than TS. Although I can understand missing the old days.
Ah fuck forgot the g. C-can you forgive me, YAF?
File 137718413117.png - (329.72KB, 910x720, monoblos.png) [iqdb]
No. We 'blos now. Rage mode.
File 137721504469.jpg - (42.98KB, 413x427, 1330353555599.jpg) [iqdb]
OK, hunters. I’ve drawn up this idea and wrote an introductory scene. I want you to decide whether this shit will fly and if we want to commit to it. The final decision is on your hands. It’d be a short (20-30k words max, I think) CYOA, something of a character exploration kind of thing. Not a romance. No grimderp. Would probably fit in /shrine/. Show your thumbs.


Because I just know at least one of you fuckers will whine about the choice of the protagonist.
Dear god yes! This is incredibly relevant to my interests.
File 137722492845.jpg - (281.70KB, 1000x1000, vomitchan.jpg) [iqdb]
>song fic

I feel like there should be more to this snippet, so I'll withhold judgement for now.
File 137726248099.gif - (157.64KB, 209x193, 137618422617.gif) [iqdb]

I can't say anything about the character, because I don't know her at all. This' a plus for your story, since you said it's going to be a 'character exploration' thing.

Thumbs up; but change the title or I will break you.
its ok.

I've seen worse original lyrics
File 137729664843.jpg - (309.42KB, 800x1000, 37755392.jpg) [iqdb]
>not enjoying Zanzarah’s theme song’s subtle self-referential nature and its delightful parallels with ZUN’s Gensokyo
You are pleb and I am not writing for you.
ok then.

you weren't going to write more in the first place anyway.
File 137730567080.jpg - (14.03KB, 242x268, smug satorin.jpg) [iqdb]
Now you leave me no choice but live up to that expectation. Very well then. We shall have it your way.
What a coward. Living by others expectations and not breaking them in pieces with his dick. And I thought you had balls.
File 137730631939.jpg - (1.41MB, 1062x1500, 37016689.jpg) [iqdb]
Why do I live if not to please you?
Christ, YAF, enough already. Either write or don't.
Seconded. You really need to make up your damned mind already.
File 137732998339.jpg - (472.95KB, 1920x1080, 1345965181690.jpg) [iqdb]
I am sure that he got the attention he wants so he will be back to writing something short so that he gets enough attention for people to give him attention again so he can write to get attention again.

File 137734353193.jpg - (1.01MB, 4575x4651, f905287aab90fdf9e7af96d83264da5a.jpg) [iqdb]
The instance you learn it is silly to take everything I say seriously, your World Tendency will get just a little bit whiter.
Are you the woman of my dreams? Because you see right through me like I’m not even there.
>YAF admitting his love for Satori.
It's about time!
That’s almost exactly what I didn’t have in mind!
>Are you the woman of my dreams?
>Satori Picture

Sure looks like you meant it that way.
File 137736497950.png - (1.97MB, 850x1208, satorigetswhatshedeserves.png) [iqdb]
Then you do not mind what is about to happen next?
File 137737094658.jpg - (14.72KB, 300x218, best weapon.jpg) [iqdb]
I am ready for it.
She doesn't look very concerned, so probably.
File 13774575725.jpg - (194.72KB, 778x778, 9f8c37baaf4898f725d3b9a51cd6eee7.jpg) [iqdb]
You can eat your words now.

File 137754157757.png - (1.43MB, 894x923, bestsister.png) [iqdb]
Good, Good.
YAF I need advice in how to read books with a shitty translation. I'm reading Toradora! and I can't stop seeing things like this:

>Before sunrise, just before Yasuko returned, Ryūji had already tidied his room up. This was thanks to his habit of tidying things up.

You're the only one who managed to read the METRO novels completely so...
Seems like YAF is gone.

Time to celebrate.

He'll be back.
File 13799584895.jpg - (100.96KB, 455x564, 1365800777883.jpg) [iqdb]
Well I just had the craziest month ever. Where were we?
File 137996685636.png - (684.12KB, 1200x818, 2004.png) [iqdb]
RIP Ofri - Writing contest the third - Site speed is back to standard ''Glacial levels except two stories''- mon smut is reaching critical levels.
Same old then?

That picture.

Why does Yaf use his name everywhere he posts? It really seems like a child crying out for attention because he had a few achievements. Does he really crave our praise so much he has to wave his dick everywhere?

You know what? Shut the fuck up.

No, seriously, shut the fuck up.

I keep seeing these posts (and I know they're mostly yours, you son of a bitch) whining about him, and you know what? They are fucking annoying. Find something better to do than bitch about how an old writer uses his tripcode all the time, because you're worse than he is. At least he generally contributes with his posts, unlike you, who goes in and shitposts about it because you cannot stand a name and some red text at the top of his posts.

If YAF's a child for using his trip, you're that fucking annoying asshole who goes "TEACHER TEACHER SHOULDN'T HE NOT BE DOING THAT HEY TEACHER LOOK"

In fact, now I hope he posts even more, because it serves solely to annoy you, you piece of shit.

In closing, fuck you, shut the fuck up, I fucking hate you.
File 138375659841.jpg - (17.29KB, 400x400, honk.jpg) [iqdb]
Nigga chill. You have a point but you don't need to be so rude about it.
File 138375816095.jpg - (8.42KB, 158x319, keine.jpg) [iqdb]
I agree with:
You may be right; but, in the adult world, the tone matters as much as the message.
Two threads. That's how many threads I've posted in whining about YAF. Besides, you think I care about what someone who can't go a single sentence without using an obscene word thinks? I would be glad to listen to you or engage in an actual conversation if you could use civil terms. If you can't think of another word, don't default to swearing, it doesn't help your case at all.

Now, my issue isn't with YAF using his name. No, not at all. It's his fanboys who derail threads because their "hero" is posting there. This thread was fine, it was devoted to him after all and it was on a board that is for random stuff like that. Sure, YAF is an ass, but he's far more civil than you. And it's not like I'm comparing him to Wiseman. It takes just a few seconds out of his life to delete the name. A few to write it back in, depending on how fast he types, Even less if his computer saves the name and all he has to do in put in the first letter or two.

So, good sir, I hope you're happy. I'll stop. But obviously YAF won't. So, good luck with your fanboying.


Okay, now I really am joking.

Goddamn, looking back on my post makes me feel like an asshole. I'll leave it up as a tribute to the folly of getting angry about things when everything could be solved much more easily by simply being polite.

If you want my complaint in far more civil terms, though, original post guy who I spilled that rant on like so many angry bees, here you go! My complaint with you, sir, is that you'd show up, accuse YAF of dickwaving, and then the whole thread would go terrible as you'd bait him on for a good chunk of posts that could have otherwise been productive. That, to me, was far, far worse than simply leaving him be. Hell, I didn't even notice any of his fanboys, although that may be because my powers of observation weren't up to scratch.

Also, no, I'm not a YAF fanboy myself. I haven't even read any of his stories, amazingly enough!

Finally, you deserve an apology. I'm sorry I puked vitriol all over your monitor like a raging asshole being ravaged by kidney stones, because that's exactly what I was at the time! But, well, not really, like in real life, since in real life I was simply tired and pissed off.

Seriously, though! I really am sorry, you didn't deserve that, and I was a truly faggotrocious dickwad. I'd use something more fitting to close this whole post out, but I can't really think of anything.
File 138377468987.gif - (645.92KB, 300x200, natural order.gif) [iqdb]
An honest and educated apology? On my Internet!?


Or maybe that makes the apology more noteworthy, without names to tie us down? Hm.
File 138380784351.png - (462.47KB, 635x903, 64d28c1d4d6e598b813a84a6877bdf73.png) [iqdb]
Never before in my life have I thought my laziness would make two completely unrelated people fight.

Maybe I should look into becoming the second Hitler. Or just leave THP for another few months because fuck this shit.
File 138392292097.jpg - (46.36KB, 496x394, AD Eve.jpg) [iqdb]
> I'm sorry I puked vitriol all over your monitor like a raging asshole being ravaged by kidney stones, because that's exactly what I was at the time!
Don't even joke about that shit.

You haven't felt true pain until you've peed blood arr day everyday for a week. And trying to hold it in only makes it worse, because it'll hurt much more when it, inevitably, inexorably, goes out.
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