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I come to you today to inform you of an increasing trend that is growing bigger and bigger on THP these days: Inactive writers.

They just suddenly stop writing or their times between updates gets bigger and bigger.

That is why i need you all to encourage your favorite Writer to write. Some nice words do in most cases, show him how much he means to you, how much you love his writing and how much you care about him. Maybe some gifts. Or money. Because most of them are poor slobs.
If this does not help you may tell him that you don't need him and that you don't read his story anyway.
In some cases being a bit harsh is also a possibility. Encouring words like "Get back to work Nigger" sometimes does the trick too.
But never forget: Don't be too harsh or your favorite Writer will turn into a grumpy, bitter and angry Writer and even come to hate the people he once wrote and cared for.

As you can see there is much work to do. But together we can accomplish everything! I wish you good luck, my friends.

No. 1669
File 127552049552.jpg - (29.72KB , 364x242 , beating_a_dead_horse.jpg ) [iqdb]
Either you haven't been paying attention to /gensokyo/ for the last month, or you honestly think there's something more that needs to be said that hasn't been said on the numerous threads there about this already.

But hey, it's /blue/, so what the heck.
No. 1670

Or the OP is just trolling.

But hey, it's /blue/, so what the heck.
No. 1672
>Maybe some gifts. Or money.

Man, I wish you read my story.
No. 1673
Yes please.
No. 1674
Did someone say gifts and money?
No. 1675
File 127584584615.jpg - (76.65KB , 489x500 , eyebrow man on sun.jpg ) [iqdb]
You fools! We're not here for gifts, or rewards! We're here because we're writefags! We write! That is our duty! We don't seek praise for the work we do! We do it because it is our calling! Our reponsibility! Our cause!

wait someone said money
No. 1676
I was/am inactive, because I've never got any praise there, nor in my threads. Not even critics.
My only reason to update, is that I promised to finish it.
No. 1677
I take paypal~
No. 1678
If you have no better reason for writing than wanting attention from people over the internet, then it's probably for the best that you aren't doing it anymore.

Also, praise is something you earn, not something you deserve.
No. 1679
File 127667678360.jpg - (269.64KB , 600x900 , 2bd474dd70c9ffe1856c5c1c8db5e7cf7dcd8ad2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You either don't know why I started to write, how much attention I got back in my first threads. You don't know how much work, I had to do to reach the end of my 7th thread. You will probably never undertand how hard to write in a foreign language.
Do you know how bad it feels to scroll trough the threads of advising stories, or recommendations of stories and seeing that yours is not there? Do you know how bad it feels to get only two votes/update? Do you even know anything?
And for your attention part, as Saguya I can tell you, I get enough attention.

Sorry if I disappointed you.
No. 1680
>You will probably never undertand how hard to write in a foreign language.

My first language is Spanish. The last time I can recall having trouble writing in English was when I first started writing period, and back then I had trouble writing a coherent piece of prose in just about any language.

Honestly, of all excuses to use, this might just be the downright worst, as being unable to write/read/speak in another language indicates nothing other than being unwilling to practice doing so.

Popping in just because seeing this excuse used makes me go blind with nerd? rage.
No. 1681
No problem for you, but it is a problem for me. Please understand that there are differences in people. I'm not you, I can't practice it, because I can't even read a story, because I simply don't have time. Not for an expensive English course. Just look at how far I made, and how much I improved my writing during the past 2 years.
But even so I still need 3-4hours to make an update.
So rage somewhere else, I don't need it.

I started the story because people here told me to write one. I only resisted a little, because I thought it would be fun. But it became a daily burden to delight my readers. But still I enjoyed it. I even wrote their crazy "winner votes", whatever it was. But nowdays I don't even give them any choices because I'm afraid of not getting any votes. You can call it attention, but it is more like: I don't want to write for just myself. I'm writing for Anon readers, not for myself.
No. 1682
Not joining in on either side of this dumb argument, but this caught my eye:

>being unable to write/read/speak in another language indicates nothing other than being unwilling to practice doing so.

This is basically false. While scientific opinion varies on whether there exists a "critical period" for language learning, it is observably true that a very low percentage of second language learners who begin learning after puberty manage to attain fluency, regardless of their effort or intelligence. Admittedly, most countries begin English education at a young age for precisely this reason, but the fact of the matter is still that in order to be good at English if it's not your mother tongue, you have to start practicing before it's really possible for you to get a grasp on how important learning English is. Your home life and the quality of your education are, strictly speaking, more likely to impact your language acquisition than your personal effort.

It's strange; I actually know quite a few people for whom English is not their mother tongue, and several of them have the same disdain for non-fluent ESL learners that >>1680 shows. It's guess it's not really my place to speak, being a native-born 'merkin, but you guys should really stop hatin' on each other and take it easy.
No. 1683
I have a single tear in my eye.

You are one hell of a dedicated writer.
No. 1684
To be honest during the Hiatus the site moved on, and if you were more regular with your update speeds you might actually get a few folks out side of the loyal core.

Of course it doesn't help that certain people basically have the attitude towards you "oh look he's trying to write hahaha" and others see you as a relic of the old age back when HY and Scorn were known for writing stories, not dropping them.

Still as one of your loyal fans, I'm always quick to read your updates.

But on the topic of language, by just trying to speak/write english, you're way ahead of those who don't bother.

What >>1678 said holds true in general, too many folks write for the wrong reasons: Fame, and when their nice but typical story fails their expectations, they drop it. HY didn't become a legend by doing a by-the-numbers story, he did it by writing a story which was pretty great despite its flaws. In short, HY wasn't trying to be famous or popular, he just wrote according to his vision.

Fell did just that with The Game, achieving both popularity and artistic success. If more people were dedicated to their vision like Fell and the old ones at their prime were, there'd be less dropped stories.
No. 1685
File 127677478974.jpg - (19.28KB , 426x304 , sickle mouth.jpg ) [iqdb]
Damn newfags hating on our beloved Saguya.
No. 1686
>>1682 I don't hate him, or anyone else on this board. He told that writing on a foreign language is easy, and I told him, that for me it is hard.

I'm glad that I have you as a reader! And it is good to read that I'm ahead of somebody, and I'm not the worst writer! Thank you.

>>1685 Aww those newfags.. :>
No. 1867
>He told that writing on a foreign language is easy
No, he said that using the language barrier excuse is annoying, and shows evidence that you're not trying hard enough at learning the language in which you're trying to write.

Using that excuse puts down all those who worked hard at learning English and thus achieved fluency in the English language. I'm certain that you should, at least, learn to accept criticism on the subject, or your writing will continue to sound unnatural.