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File 136371052497.jpg - (65.92KB, 512x600, 4a91466abedc4dace9d476c8db6f8476.jpg) [iqdb]
Because I'm angry that PC-98 doesn't get enough attention.

And because someone mentioned the lack of this thread again, and I missed it.
Isn't border house restarting? Go read that.
If he makes it for more than a thread, I'll consider that. Until then, I expect it to be dropped quickly. I don't think one thread is too high a bar to set.
Girl of death? I'm liking it quite a lot
Animating Gensokyo and Favors Owed have Kotohime investigating crimes, and I believe she appeared in Gensokyo's Public Enemy briefly. And speaking of GPE, Meira is there too. All of those stories are at /th/.

Soiled Surface in /eientei/, written by the same writefag of GPE if I recall correctly, apparently has Konngara as the MC fighting the Lunarians in the First Genso-Lunar War. The premise looks interesting, but it has too many OCs for my personal liking (I don't blame him/her, seeing and most Touhous weren't even born at the time of the setting). I don't know what can be expected when you mic a fairly unpopular PC-98 character with the moonbitches, but it's the only story where I've seen Konngara in this site.

And if you're looking for smut, Sata's Winemaker has already visited and romanced various PC-98 casts already. Good vanilla stuff, if you're into that kind of things.

So all in all, the PC-98 cast do get some attention, at least on this site.
>but it's the only story where I've seen Konngara in this site.

There's that old one with Myouren as the MC that was pretty good. I don't recall the name though.
Ancient Gensoyko.
Oh puh-lease, you have Fell on your side. Don't whine.
File 136372902837.jpg - (85.37KB, 776x573, Fuck_you.jpg) [iqdb]
Here's a big FUCK YOU to the author of the Legend of the Scarlet Devil (>>/sdm/53074) for getting me genuinely interested in a THP story (which doesn't happen often), concerning the SDM cast at that (which I find dull at best), then abandoning said story following the second god damned story post.

So yeah. Fuck you, cabron. I hope you get your hat blown off.
I wholeheartedly agree. Someone pointed that out to me on the IRC, and it ended in tears. For me. Because it was good for the two posts it had.
I always get mad when I see Miko's hair. What the hell were you thinking, ZUN? She could have been hella cute with the headphones, but you had to go and ruin it.
X years later, I'm still angry about Youkai Jesus' hair.

The violet glow was a fucking reflection of the light of her scroll. Or that's what common sense would dictate. But nooo, we end up with the current shiny edgy unique snowflake shaded bullshit.
File 136388766222.png - (119.70KB, 472x673, ThGKByakuren.png) [iqdb]
Oh yeah?
>common sense

Well, see, that's your problem right there.
I really hate that meme.

Its status as a meme does not make it any less true. I mean, really, out of all the ridiculous and absurd shit to be found in the series, a magic lady having gradient hair is hardly noteworthy, let alone anything worth raging over.

Besides, in what way does it not make sense for Byakuren, of all people, to sport the kind of hair that looks like one of those bad dye-jobs older women give themselves in a desperate attempt to look younger?
I hate that meme because it's always used as an excuse for the bullshit aspects Touhou has. Unironically.

There are bullshit aspects of a magical world? So, I guess it is better to explain everything by just saying "magic."
Yep, that's what they do.

"Touhou characters' abilities have no usage limits because it's magic!"
Yukari is omnipotent. Deal with it, nerd.
Yukari ain't omnipotent. Deal with it, fanboy.
Yukari is either omnipotent or not omnipotent depending on the author and fanwork in question. Deal with it faggots.
File 136391604725.jpg - (1.11MB, 1112x1414, Sakura Miko.jpg) [iqdb]

Schrodinger's Yukari?


I've always found her hair-ears to be adorable...
File 136391645722.jpg - (303.00KB, 659x800, miko is thinking___.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't you dare talk shit about that hair. That hair is awesome.
I bet you think Keine's hat is stupid too.
File 136391749385.png - (751.24KB, 640x960, af8c49467cf7b6aa089cfe7928b7852c.png) [iqdb]

Well, it is a rather silly hat.
File 136392279851.jpg - (302.55KB, 600x600, 1351137894588.jpg) [iqdb]
Those headphones are where its at. I bet you could make a killing selling Miko headphones at conventions. Yet I've never found any online for some reason. Step it up, Japan.

Speaking of headphones, do you know what other thread we need? A music thread. All those great arranges, and no one thought to make a thread to link them in.
Lets not make my music library implode.
Everytime some one starts an arrange thread on /jp/ and I stumble in, my music collection swells.

On that note, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLmWTilzftY
Dream in the Night. Artist: FELT. Album: Ground Snow.
10/10 Song of the Year.
File 136392560636.jpg - (36.20KB, 472x472, keine's hat.jpg) [iqdb]
Confirmed for excellent taste.

I've now made a music thread over in /gensokyo/. Hopefully, it will get some attention.
File 136399050843.jpg - (876.08KB, 1200x1200, 33922489.jpg) [iqdb]
Yo, forget music, here's some lovely Satori talkin'.

File 136399137235.jpg - (227.94KB, 850x851, sample-90593580c0408fd4fd6dc1fdbb772f91.jpg) [iqdb]

I almost fell asleep at the middle.

We need some Disco Fever to lighten the mood up!

File 136399411047.jpg - (545.44KB, 849x1200, 33724227_p11.jpg) [iqdb]
Welcome to ASMR.

I want to say I never thought I'd see this come up here, but I have a hard time feeling surprised. Doubly so that YAF mentioned it. I don't see how that video could possibly be triggering with that BGM, though.
File 136400808888.jpg - (200.45KB, 964x723, iku2.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh my goodness this is wonderful.
A new Iku's theme remix??? Oh. It's my favorite one.

at least you have good taste
Do you think there is a way to get the PC-98 characters more attention?
They have enough attention already.
PC 98s are getting a ton more attention now than they ever used to.
I took a trip to /at/ today and read Reimu's Adventure, and I can say for certain that it's the most profoundly unsexy sex story I've ever read. How do you make essentially porn in text form and drain every single drop of eroticism it could possibly have had? It just blows my fuckin' mind that it's going on six threads.
File 136404706659.png - (302.26KB, 945x945, 34309936.png) [iqdb]
I dun' know; it triggered for me.

I'd love the BGM track from that CD; it's chillin'. But I don't want to have to hear Satori prattling every time I want to listen to it. I actually have the entire CD downloaded, but the track isn't on it.

If I had to describe it, it would be as a kinkfest turned up to 11. It completely forgoes any sensuality for heaping amounts of perversion and fetishes.

I'm a feelsy-romancy-vanilla kinda guy myself, but I can see why some people would like that sort of thing.
I read Reimu's Adventure for the articles.

Did you read past the first thread? The new author's much better than the old one.

I happen to like the kinks, and it can actually be surprisingly sincere at times. There's plenty of sex, but Reimu also gets a boyfriend, teaches Patchouli's sex-obsessed clone to enjoy reading, liberates Sanae from her oppressive goddesses, and regularly cleans her shrine. She may be a slut, but she's not a monster.
DOn't make a defensive post, noooooooooo. It never ends well!
Vanillabro, read SATA's Winemaker story.

So much feely, good vanilla.

Already follow it religiously.

If you want some slightly unconventional vanilla, check out Beast Returns to Gensokyo, if you haven't already. After the first thread or so, it's actually pretty vanilla for most scenes. He seems to forget there are even tentacles to use in the sex scenes half the time.
I wish writers would write all the possible alternate routes after they finished the one anon chose, so that the one who chose differently from the majority wouldn't feel marginalized.

Case in point, ASSM.
That's a funny joke, anon.
Well, if visual novels and vidya games can do that, I don't see why not.
Key difference is that the teams who write the stories are actually getting paid for their time. Writefags on this site don't have the same luxury; they have jobs to go to or classes to attend. Doing alternate routes can be very exhausting to do, and most writers simply don't have the time or energy to do it.
But they have the time to write the story itself, no? Might as well go all out and make it the best story you can make.

And it doesn't have to be that] long, if the split is fairly close to the end. It's not like FSN with its distinct three unique routes.
Writing a story isn't the same as writing all the non-chosen branches.

That and it's hard enough for a writer to just FINISH a story.
Again, dedication, m'boy.
Good luck with that. Are there any stories of any significant length, like more than a thread or two, that finished without some massive hiatus in the middle? I haven't found one.
And that's why I can't rely on THP to satiate my needs of good Touhou fics.
Where then? certainly not ff.net.
Nowhere. There's no place like that.

No Such Things As Fairytales is four threads long and finished and no massive hiatus.
>>16792 Written at a breakneck pace, even. 3 and a half threads in 2 months flat. I was stunned.
People should really chill out about the sage thing. I understand getting angry if someone bumps a story that hasn't been updated in 5 months or something, but when someone spews hate my way just because I forgot to sage on an offhand comment in a thread that was last bumped a week ago, that's going a little overboard.
It's not like THP is fast enough that a stray bump is going to bury an active thread.
the reason why it irks people isn't the bump so much but the implication of said dead story getting updated. I for one usually take a look cautiously knowing this tendency. But hey some people here just look for an excuse to yell at people.
Then your needs are unrealistic and childish, entitled fucktard.

What? I'm trying to spark some controversy here; this rage thread is far too peaceful.
I bump my favorite stories shamelessly with discussion posts. I will continue to do so unless the writer explicitly asks me not to.

If anyone has a problem with that, I tell 'em to go suck Tenshi's big fat toe. You should too.
In a related note, it always irks me when people sage a thread that's at the top of the board.

It literally does nothing.
In a related note, it always irks me when people bump a thread that's at the top of the board.

It literally does nothing.

Does it really matter?
No, I guess it doesn't.

But it's still redundant.
File 136534899470.jpg - (215.62KB, 644x456, 1365192919432.jpg) [iqdb]
How come this site has crossovers from the ass (see: meta fucking knight) but not a single one with the Nasuverse.

Considering who our retarded forefathers were, I find this flabbergasting.
>but not a single one with the Nasuverse
This Shrine

Kinda, at least.
Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy?
Not really a crossover as the MC was just named Shirou... which compelled Anon to try to make him just like Shirou, but with twice the stupidity.
I know that this thread is for recent stuff but holy shit does that story make me mad.

The voters were beyond retarded, they're simply brain-dead. All this interesting mysterious stuff was happening and they just ignored it, all of it. Meanwhile, they propose to Alice and watch Bible Black with Kaguya, seemingly forgetting everything they did the last thread, without fail. Good job sperglords.

Fuck those voters, I'm glad people actually think in most stories these days, unlike in a lot of older stories. I think that's because you only get them in sex-the-2hu stories, which were common and guaranteed to be derailed, turning into clusterfuck as soon as a 'this touhou might like you (and by like we mean she wants the dick)' flag pops up.

I'm glad this site has matured.
>I'm glad this site has matured.
You sure about that?
Anon and most writers have gotten generally smarter about it, but this site's stories still have romance elements.
Well, some of us like romance.
File 136545052868.jpg - (30.59KB, 458x320, 1221404336413.jpg) [iqdb]
Look at this loser and laugh.
File 136546294439.gif - (144.71KB, 630x470, spiderman.gif) [iqdb]
I do like it too, but my suspension of disbelief is broken. I don't see it as romantic anymore, I just see it as fucking creepy.

Well except for animating gensokyo, but that updates once per month.
I think you missed my point: There is still romance on THP, just that writers and anon aren't as stupid about it.... usually.
How sad for you.
File 136556809859.jpg - (87.31KB, 602x900, 132778917696.jpg) [iqdb]
>this rage thread is far too peaceful.

Nah nah nah, you gotta say


[spoiler]Also Mana Transfer is Best Option. Always.[/spoilers]
The best at spoiler tags.
I blame my autocorrect and crashing phone browser.

Least I got one tag right...
File 136557693671.jpg - (70.14KB, 258x422, 147482_v3.jpg) [iqdb]
#1. Lunarians > Yukari.
#2. Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong > Lunarians.
#3. Therefore Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong > Yukari.

That is canon. Deal with it.
those two never faced the moonsues, just Moon Rabbits, which are implied to be not that strong, especially compared to their commanders.

Some might compare the moon rabbits with Zerglings (many, weak) and the Watsukis with a high end protoss unit (rare but very powerful)
What an odd metaphor.
File 136563882834.jpg - (385.32KB, 900x1200, 996665156782ef3683ffccb532a198a7.jpg) [iqdb]
How do writers that just stop updating without a word manage to still hang around the IRC? Like, if I was just letting my story molder with no explanation, I would either say something or be too ashamed to even show my face anywhere related to THP until I decided to go back to it. I don't understand the balls on these people.

Does the concentrated self-pity seeping from the place somehow transform you, make you able to justify it in your head? Like comicbook radioactive waste, but really shitty.
I dunno. Ask Taisa.
I have to admit, this perplexes me as well.
File 136564422778.jpg - (185.00KB, 1024x768, 1362859743803.jpg) [iqdb]
You can rationalize almost everything, you know.
The classics are 'my story wasn't that good, I'm doing them a favor' and 'I wasn't up to par is better to leave the story without a word than do, a subpar, in my twisted opinion, update'
considering the love HY and Patchwork get no matter how many stories they drop, maybe they figure if they become famous enough/buddy buddy enough that they can get away with it.

Some might supposed IRC is related to the story being dropped.
>Some might supposed IRC is related to the story being dropped.

It's the Cabal, man.
In his case it's more like he stopped updating with TOO MANY words.
All that bitching, holy shit.
So how do those two faggots get loved while other writers get loathed when dropping stories?
Damaged housewife syndrome.
While we're at it, why don't we do a shame-call. I'll start us off.


Write, motherfuckers. I know you're around.
Ask Patchwork.
>the concentrated self-pity

I like the IRC until that happens. Then I just end up wanting to punch people. I've solved that problem by just closing IRC and doing something else when the self-pity starts. It normally won't last longer than a couple hours.
File 136566887938.jpg - (43.75KB, 638x478, IRC.jpg) [iqdb]
>It's the Cabal, man.
Listen to the sounds of your own extinction, human.
Stockholm syndrome?
Krisslaza, Patchwork, Taisa (Given), Lion (More than a thread mate, and I'll consider you back and active). Anymore?
Uh, Drei?

That was the disappearance that hurt me the most.
We already have a thread to complain about dissapeared writefags.

I wasn't telling you to do anything, I was just pointing that out.
I'm completely not around.
I mean.


Okay seriously, I've been considering rewriting RiG (again) but I'm having severe issues trying to figure out how to make it work. Maybe I should post some big ranting post about it in /gensokyo/ or something.
Just remember to include more Yuuka.
You can always try something new and exciting, just keep in mind the excellent guide a rabbit posted in the writing tips (like having the end planned from the beginning and all that)
try not to have the story be so... game like and focus on what it did well: character interactions.
That was actually the crux of the problem. I had intended RiG to be more like a hybrid of Harvest Moon and Princess Maker in concept, but when I started writing I didn't have that planned out.

So I just kinda kept writing and writing. I mainly ended up stopping because I was disatsified at how... random it seemed. I just made up the flow of time, money, etc. on whim, and it was really bothering me.

I know game-y doesn't work too well in CYOA but still, it bothers me to be so random.
File 136585445520.png - (410.59KB, 495x825, 2e70d8ddf130df92194c9454c12cbbcc.png) [iqdb]
Forget the dead numbnuts. It has been almost two years since Ten Desires came out and there hasn't been a single story about Miko, Futo and Tojiko.

Why did something like this happen?
Dumb hats and hair drove everyone off
Most people aren't acquiantanced with Taoism enough to tackle a story with them. That, and that the Buddist group have more quirks and personality than the Taoist trio, making them more desireable huehue to write a story about.
Doing the research is one of the funner parts of writing. I can't tell you how many times I got caught up just looking up more and more intricate details of a concept I intended to illustrate (sometimes in mere passing) in a written work. I love to learn new stuff. The more useless it is to me in a long run, the better.
Same as everyone else.
Researching is fun, I give you that, but you've got to strike a balance between digging info and actual writing. For some writers, learning Taoism might take too much time to be worth the story. That, or just take an artistic license, with the risk of Anon calling you on being completely innaccurate.
40 days in Google: http://personaltao.com/taoism-library/articles/taoism-101/

>Taoism is acceptance of your life.
Curious that Miko and her followers would seek immortality whilst still claiming to follow the ways of Tao.

Anyhow, I don't see why in-depth research would be necessary unless the author's aim was to delve into the meat of Taoism... in which case he ought to be delighted to do the research. Any other kind of story could very well do with the barebones; something like romance, meanwhile, I don't even see needing it at all. And as for getting called out... What are the chances there are informed devotees of Tao here on THP? Come on, now.
>Curious that Miko and her followers would seek immortality whilst still claiming to follow the ways of Tao.
I think it's been stated that they're all really shitty taoists. Like how Seiga is a wicked hermit.

I could be wrong though. I'm not very good at my TDs.
File 13658743805.jpg - (284.12KB, 850x1133, cdf285db060d58a30182bf27b14db32e.jpg) [iqdb]
That's more or less what I had in mind. Why pretend to be Taoists when any old schmuck with a basic inkling of Tao can tell you're chock full of bollocks?

Anyhow, my point is: stop bulshitting me with the alleged difficulty of the characters' background, and write me a god damn Futo story already, you cream-loving, chocolate chip fuck.
Write it yourself, you entitled fuck.
File 136587631015.png - (1.11MB, 891x1065, fuck yeah motherfucker.png) [iqdb]
>That, and that the Buddist group have more quirks and personality than the Taoist trio,

I'm not sure I agree with that. "More" in the sense that they have more people with quirks, perhaps, but I think Miko's group could easily be a case of "quality over quantity".

Just look at Futo, for crying out loud. She's got that whole "archaic speech" thing going for her, which is not just a distinctive quirk, but makes her instantly identifiable in any dialogue you write. Distinctive, and useful! There's also all the things it implies about her personality, like that she has difficulty adapting more modern times, and that she's not just stuck speaking in an old-fashioned and outdated way, but thinking in such ways as well. Technology, social issues, you name it and Futo's way behind everyone else, even her two comrades. The fact that she has yet to catch up with them suggests that she's either unable to do so, or refuses to do so.

This stubbornness can extend to her dealings with her own comrades. As part of their plot to take over the country, Futo wound up allying with the former enemy of her family, and despite their shared goal, she still held enough of a grudge to sabotage Tojiko's becoming immortal.
Maybe she knew Tojiko would become a ghost, or maybe she didn't. Either way, she can clearly be extremely vindictive when she wants to be.

She's also got that whole thing where her general response to anything that scares her is to set it on fire. Depending on how easily-frightened she is, that can mean a lot of shit burning if she were left to her own devices.

Futo's quite possibly got more quirks and personality in her funny-talking, team-killing, boat-riding, temple-burning, youkai-hating pinky than any one of the Buddhists have in their whole body.
She also has a silly hat
File 136588416883.jpg - (151.72KB, 850x1200, 23d30973c7c337df84e350062154b807.jpg) [iqdb]
This nigga has it right.

Hear me, my good man? Go write a story about the Taoists. Glorious Futo days await!
Two reasons
A) not much has been established unlike even the UFO crew
B) Anon is generally fixated on the more classic characters (EoSD, PCB, IN)

If things went in an ideal fashion, more people would want to do stuff on newer characters. But with reality as it is... yeah people are still stuck on older characters.

It's for similar reasons that the UFO crew doesn't get much stuff on them or even the SA characters (most of the /underground/ active stuff is about makai.... PC-98 hipsters)

Very much true, but again on THP she's competing with top ranking characters in popularity.
>Curious that Miko and her followers would seek immortality whilst still claiming to follow the ways of Tao.
Taoist sages and hermits seeking immortality is a trope older than literature. Entire schools of meditation and medicine - some of which are still followed today - have been invented based on that premise.
Given that, I don't think it's odd at all, at least in the sense that it's not out of the ordinary for Taoists to seek immortality.
Yeah, one should have taken note with her scheme to rule japan (which backfired on her). These days she's content to actually train more or less until the day people want a leader.
>A Taoist lives life without expectations, living in the here and now fully.

Does this reminds you of someone?
Almost every Touhou character?
File 136647063044.jpg - (602.93KB, 1054x1491, ohnooo.jpg) [iqdb]
No Iku routes.
File 136648058396.jpg - (87.56KB, 749x498, 2573d71f2fa05b3b1acb2ea4fb68e16a.jpg) [iqdb]
Yo, forget Iku. We need a Youmu route more badly.
File 13664829267.png - (231.15KB, 386x416, get-on-with-it1.png) [iqdb]
Yo, man, weren't you going to write a Youmu short story precisely because you didn't see any?
File 136649745317.jpg - (317.20KB, 720x960, b2bd05b4b0db44588325113003ac236a.jpg) [iqdb]
Changed my mind. High time someone else tackled the hard part.
Youmu could tackle my hard part.
File 136658077321.jpg - (123.27KB, 600x600, 1345916479568.jpg) [iqdb]
Write about it, ya gorgon.
File 136671392161.jpg - (151.28KB, 600x600, fd16ba7f2fda845862fccf3ecb537b91.jpg) [iqdb]
I looked through the "Excellent ideas cut short." thread in /gensokyo/ but it seems to have died. Having more ideas wouldn't hurt.

( ;ω;)
It looks like an another excellent idea....

Just got axed.
You mean http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/7010.html#7022 ?

Well you could always bump it, I guess. There are good ideas there and most of them deserve a continuation.
File 136815025545.png - (36.58KB, 585x745, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
why so dead /blue/
File 136821906451.jpg - (26.56KB, 600x300, the one TRUE snake.jpg) [iqdb]
The times rejected /coriander/ and killed it. Now we're the ones being tested.
because it's useless to rage about Kahi's shitty stories.
Kahi's still a thing here?
We pretend he doesn't exist.

Mind that "we" stuff. I, for one, enjoyed Doll's Quest. Although I don't care much for those other stories and their voters.
Is YAF even writing something or just cluttering this board up with his posts?
Forgot to add that it is not like I wish to read what he writes.

Go write a route about a touhou that has none.
He's just jacking off over himself and telling other people to write.
But then again, that's not exactly uncommon behaviour from this site's writers. Just the location's changed, that's all.
THP. Always tsundere.

I'm a fan of his Tenshi stuff. I found Collaboration of Missing Numbers to be an interesting concept, until the voters decided that Stupid > Plot.
Not surprising as it's always been a trend that everyone else has to keep in check, though back in those days it was worse. Even /th/ today wasn't quite as bad.
File 136838047438.jpg - (117.36KB, 478x359, If this spirit dont shut the hell up.jpg) [iqdb]
>Go write a route about a touhou that has none.
Why don't you quit needling me and do it yourself, hermano?
File 136838164280.jpg - (731.91KB, 850x1000, 425e2aeda25abc5b0e23c38f477e6a70.jpg) [iqdb]
Get to writing.
Something I noticed that doesn't exactly make my blood boil with the fury of a thousand hells, but it leaves me in stitches.

Why does practically everybody make Aya the active happy-go-lucky girl and Hatate the serious down-to-earth counterpart? If I recall correctly from all the Double Spoiler conversations, it actually should be the other way around: Hatate wants to learn from Aya's methods of reporting and tries her hardest to best her at her own game, while Aya remains calm and proffesional (to an extent) through all the game.
Hatate isn't a character, she's Aya *(-1)
Since she's the dependent variable, her personality will change depending on the writefag's take on Aya.
File 136845161242.jpg - (165.65KB, 800x800, y u do dis.jpg) [iqdb]
File 136846846124.png - (259.63KB, 600x850, tengu16.png) [iqdb]
Because Aya's reporting style is full of opinions and half-truths, and it feels more like she does this for fun. Meanwhile, Hatate's paper is usually the opposite, or is at least portrayed that way, so she seems more serious. Maybe.
Also Hatate's a shut-in. Shut-ins don't act all bubbly and cute. Maybe.

I don't like especially serious Hatate. Momiji does that enough for the whole tengu trio.

Blame ZUN.
Dunno but Aya has always been rather energetic to sometimes annoying extents while Hatate's implied not to go that far.

But compared to the two, Hatate is more open minded and observant compared to the complacent Aya. I rather see Hatate as a youthful but not overly so, or to put it roughly an in between of aya and momiji's scale.
File 136923866943.jpg - (247.46KB, 620x749, 5c9cab75367af4b0dedd7fbe79c1c743.jpg) [iqdb]
I have been inspired to post up my grievances with lots of stories and writers.

I wasn't talking specifically about that piece, but about your writing in general. I thought it was a good opportunity to say it.
The same goes for the guy who writes the male fairy story in /sdm/. It's all just a big dry list of things that happen, like a script. At least try for some literary artifices of some kind, yeah? For example, here we have what I surmise is a supposedly sensual segment of Meiling trying to seduce the MC for some reason or other. I know it's supposed to be sensual because he was talking about it on IRC.

>Her confidence returns as she straightens up, looking at me over one shoulder. With a wry smile, she gives a little swing of the hips. "Can't you tell?"

>That...is a different thing all together.

>Despite the color rising in my cheeks, I have to grin at that display. "I dunno. Maybe if you did that again, a little slower this time?"

>She laughs. "Have you finished your tea?"

>"Not yet, no," I reply.

>"Too bad, I could have made a show of bending over the kettle."

>I make my own show of hastily mock-gulping down the last of my cup, making both of us break out in giggles. "Okay, that's enough of that."

And that's the extent of that. Get what I'm saying?

Roll the Dice: in addition to being absurdly slow, please take note that having the 'psychodelic half-remembered dream' treatment for every other update comes with it's own drawbacks. By which I mean it gets old really fast. Or at least it did for me, the way it was written.

Chronograph, whatever Lion's new story is called, Fell: SO FUCKING SLOW OH MY GOD

YAF: write faget, or I break into your house and steal your boozes

Keymaster: Why couldn't you, currently the most prolific writer in the site, not write a story in a genre I enjoy? Balls.

Various new writers: Updates so short. I know this isn't something you can 'fix' easily or even necessarily a bad thing, but I just want to read me more magical little girls.

Other /sdm/ fairy story: Dead, and I called it. My problem with it is that it's dead.

Someone explain to me when this shit became acceptable on this site.
It's just a joke story, dude. Chill.
Probably will be over within a month.
What, exactly, do you find reprehensible about that story?
It's edgy, crazy, and stupid for the sake of being edgy, crazy, and stupid. No substance at all. Also has AWFUL formatting; long strings of dialog and haiku for no reason besides "lol so crazy XD"
This is Fanfiction.net level stuff if I've ever seen it.

That's too long!

Really, you should just hide the thread and pretend the story doesn't exist.
I thought shitty stories (and thus shitty anon) were the normal for /th/ with the good stuff being remarkable exceptions.

But I did what >>17450 said and pray none of those voters start voting on something good.
I do that, at least the thread hiding part. It helps, but doesn't entirely eliminate my rage at such a story not only being here, but actually getting votes and readers. Even for /th/, this is awful.
on the bright side it'll die sometime soon, /th/ fare is often as short lived as it is low quality.
I don't get why people on the internet are so butthurt over the simplest things all the time.
File 136949937133.gif - (465.65KB, 250x141, excite.gif) [iqdb]
I know, right! It really pisses me off!

It takes effort to do it, something that most of us lack of.
Because I finished my story.
Exams. And despite that I did update yesterday.
Write another one.
File 13699291362.jpg - (283.54KB, 1366x768, implying.jpg) [iqdb]
It's your ass that needs getting off of.
File 136993626337.jpg - (10.46KB, 175x288, absolutely disgusting.jpg) [iqdb]

File 136994963714.jpg - (135.69KB, 420x675, 1338294696626.jpg) [iqdb]
>dissing Garamond on my watch
Someone's in for a rough surprise.

A brand new story? I don't recognize the name of (whom I assume to be) the MC.
what's a matter with that? I think it's a fine font.
File 137000982426.png - (8.16KB, 625x260, master race font.png) [iqdb]
>liking serif fonts
File 137001532746.png - (59.71KB, 256x256, Notepad.png) [iqdb]
Notepad user Master Race reporting in.
>complaining about serif fonts
>master race font.png
>the G has a serif
File 137001985680.jpg - (241.97KB, 1366x768, truth.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137002086751.jpg - (61.70KB, 370x278, 164868265.jpg) [iqdb]
STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM! Nobody posts tits outside /at/ without the NSFW tag on my watch! I'm saving your picture. Now apologize or it's off to reporting.
File 137011612745.png - (1.24MB, 600x877, sage3.png) [iqdb]
Comic Sans is the one true font.

This is the truest of truefacts and needs to be at the very top of the board.
I wouldn't call it the one true font, but it is the boldest of them all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3k5oY9AHHM
Oh, mailbox.
File 137017623925.jpg - (140.53KB, 231x918, sketchy_galore.jpg) [iqdb]
Sketchy as fuck. Why is this thing so inaccurate?
File 137018322220.jpg - (7.51KB, 205x58, bottom3.jpg) [iqdb]
I'd say mine's pretty accurate. I mean, just look who's dead last!
File 137018609162.jpg - (38.37KB, 225x244, welp.jpg) [iqdb]
I suppose that part has more truth to it.
Man where did you get yours? The one I took didn't have the TD characters at all.
>liking mokou
Get some good taste YAF.
File 137020363561.jpg - (76.93KB, 208x725, top30.jpg) [iqdb]
I guess I'll post my top 30 too.
Hello OP.
File 137020958585.jpg - (52.91KB, 221x778, egddasd.jpg) [iqdb]
So we doing this now?

Damn. Why did I copy and paste the text instead of taking a picture?
File 137021763110.jpg - (57.50KB, 213x1004, char rankings.jpg) [iqdb]
how did you knooooooooooooooooow
>Kotohime first in popularity chart.
>Kotohime as OP picture.
>OP complaining about lack of PC-98 characters.
File 137027089967.gif - (9.25KB, 348x309, 1223740829341.gif) [iqdb]
>not a single human character in the top 10



>Kotohime not human
>Sakuya not human

You learn something every day.
File 137027232423.jpg - (19.99KB, 480x359, 1291853139685.jpg) [iqdb]


Also a suspected xeno.

If Confucius Dukenookum has taught me anything, it's that pigs aren't human.
>sanae not human

File 137048975175.gif - (946.19KB, 500x700, tumblr_inline_mfzh4oNqRK1qfk8ky.gif) [iqdb]
She's a human goddess. Still human.
Fuck that artist, by the way.
File 137051725973.png - (129.15KB, 231x911, 2husortcrop.png) [iqdb]
Fuck the poleece
Human goddess? She's a demi-human then. Which, surprisingly enough, isn't the same as a full human (which is the context for the use of the word human in this thread)
File 137053097252.gif - (86.24KB, 500x681, tumblr_mgpazk5BLq1r1gahfo1_500.gif) [iqdb]
No no, I'm pretty sure she's just a deified human.

Sanae is a demi-goddess, due to being Suwako's great, great, great, ect, grand-daughter.
That just makes her a human with a little bit of divine blood. This has been done in myths and stories and RPGs countless times without the subject being a demigod or what have you. And being a "living god" doesn't make her not human right now either; it means that she has enough faith to ascend to godhood now or upon death, but has not yet done so.

Consider the Roman emperors of the dynasty of Augustus Caesar. They claimed descent from two gods, Venus and Mars, and after they died, they were considered gods. However, they had a slave ride behind them in their triumphal parades whose job it was to whisper "Remember that you are human" in their ears, so clearly they were human.
File 137135991576.png - (651.28KB, 850x600, to dream the impossible dream.png) [iqdb]
>This site was founded on the back of a vile little story about attempting to fuck/befriend/fellate young girls.

Was this guy talking about the story I think he's talking about? Because, unless my memory is failing me in my old age, I could have sworn that the two Touhous Anon was most concerned about doing at least two of those three things with back then were these two.

Was there some super-secret alternate version of WUiG where this wasn't the case? Because, goddamn, I am so mad that I missed out on it. SO MAD, guys.
likely so as THP's cornerstone was befriending/romancing touhous (most of which are youkai)

And the guy that said that likely only came here to read AWiY go full humanity fuck yeah as any regular reader would know better.
Nice to see THP expanding on its userbase.
>likely so as THP's cornerstone was befriending/romancing touhous (most of which are youkai)

No, no. See, no, I know. I was there.

Now, shhhh. Shhhhhhhh. Look at the nice picture of the gatekeeper and were-cow. Look at it, man.
File 137141074945.jpg - (405.28KB, 768x1024, 2d969ea5cd004b3174d7a465f5a3ab58.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm looking. Not sure if I like this kind of sensei.
File 137141370024.jpg - (15.74KB, 310x281, nigga you gay.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137141676752.jpg - (612.45KB, 1024x1280, 7e97538bcab00a21694e972f08f21438.jpg) [iqdb]
I meant that >>17598 kind, not this >>17604 kind. >>17604 is cool.
I don't see the difference.
File 137142202251.jpg - (329.89KB, 713x907, 4b79abd092fe42cc674b055f29d25d3a.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm guessing that this is the difference
It's the dominating part.
I worry for any story named "X in Gensokyo".
>Gunslinger in Gensokyo
Gee, there sure are a lot of new stories on /th/ these days.
Lamentable Affair in Gensokyo
Are we taking bets on how long they last?

My only issue is that the main gimmick's been done to death. "Random guy falls into gensokyo, sexes up 2hus" isn't a good hook, whether it's a random outsider or a fantasy mage. That can be overcome with damn good writing and actual plot (just look at AWiY, it has the same gimmick but manages to be damn good), but a first-time writer isn't guaranteed to have that.

I'm still going to vote and be enthusiastic, but I'd give them a month.
>My only issue is that the main gimmick's been done to death. "Random guy falls into gensokyo, sexes up 2hus" isn't a good hook, whether it's a random outsider or a fantasy mage.

This, so much.

I wouldn't even bother to vote until the story's plot actually starts to look interesting, rather than voting when the plot's just the usual "let's meet with the Touhous!" beginnings.
That tends to occur partially because newbies mainly read the old stuff and not anything current. That and They're caught up in the concept which nearly always sounds better on paper.

Though the free-roaming WUiG style story could still be done well with good writing, though it's unlikely seeing how other types are much more popular. They're harder to do than some'd expect.
Newbies mostly read old stories because they're told to. Without fail, newcomers are always pointed at old stories and commanded to read them. Other than Wiard or DtRT, few current stories ever seem to get recommended. As a result, new writers usually try to emulate the old. And much as I'm sure it will upset people to hear this, the old stories had things about them that were really really retarded. Take Expectation of Sanguine Disorder for example. Yes, it's iconic and highly enjoyable, but almost every choice had the option of going full retard. Options anon often took, as they mostly thought with their dicks. New writers emulating that will come across as juvenile and moronic, because the site has changed, grown up some.

And now for something that outright pisses me off. It seems that a large group of people take an overly pessimistic, even hostile, stance on new stories. They seem to take the viewpoint that nothing new is worth reading and voting in, because either it can't compare to their nostalgia for old stories or because it will inevitably die. I hate this attitude. It poisons the air. Give the new kids a chance, don't just dismiss them out of hand. If a new story is enjoyable, vote and comment in it. If it isn't, tell the writer why their story is terrible. Don't just shit on them, give them something that they can use to improve. If they can take criticism and improve because of it, they'll probably stick around and get better. If not, maybe they won't. You never know unless you try. And no matter how many stories are dropped, you can't lose hope. Please. If not for the writers, then do it for yourselves. Apathy and cynicism cannot be allowed to win.
>Newbies mostly read old stories because they're told to. Without fail, newcomers are always pointed at old stories and commanded to read them.
>As a result, new writers usually try to emulate the old.
>New writers emulating that will come across as juvenile and moronic, because the site has changed, grown up some.

If that is what happens, I would suggest that part of the problem is that the new writer failed to learn the lessons they were meant to learn by reading those old stories. While I don't doubt that nostalgia was partly a factor, I don't believe most people who recommend those older stories are blind to whatever problems those older stories had. They absolutely had problems, and part of the reason for the changes we've seen over the years is because we've learned from those problems. A newer writer, however, may not have the benefit of having seen how older stories have stumbled or failed, which I think is part of the reason they get pointed towards those older stories, so that they can see how others have done and draw from that what they should or shouldn't do in their own story.

Hell, just a quick look at the story list seeing how many stories are seeing just how many are stalled, abandoned, or on hiatus should give any prospective writer pause, and raise at least a few questions about what they're getting themselves into.
It doesn't help that most of them are on /th/ and that most newbie writers unrealistically expect to write the next great thing and won't listen to anything else. Your idea would be more effective if the typical newbie's ego wasn't so frail.

I beg to differ, I think they're told to read old stories as to hold those writers in reverence as these "classics" aren't ever mentioned as what they really are but "Golden statue on a pedestal" greatness.

Hence the importance of reading current stuff so they know what flies these days and to see the mistakes in those oldies.

Also on the newer character topic, it doesn't help that they seem to lose out to even less popular old characters (see Shou and Mokou in Myouren academy), or having people intentionally interfere (animating gensokyo at times)
>I beg to differ, I think they're told to read old stories as to hold those writers in reverence as these "classics" aren't ever mentioned as what they really are but "Golden statue on a pedestal" greatness.

That may be what you think, but I would say you're probably wrong. I guarantee you that virtually no one who has ever pointed a newbie towards MiG, ASSM, or any of the other "classic" on this site is so blinded by nostalgia that they've managed to forget about all the problems those stories may have had. Least of all for those stories where the writers themselves openly admitted the problems their stories had.

I mean, really. No matter how beloved a story may be, when it ends in such an unsatisfying, rage-inducing way, to the point that it was still being used as an example of the way readers didn't want stories to turn out years later, you seriously believe that anyone who recommended it to someone else for reading was only remembering it for the things they liked about it? That they were honestly raising that up as an example of what a new writer should be aiming for, and not also an example of what not to do? "This story is the best story ever written on this site, and don't let all the posts of screaming and cursing by readers frothing at the mouth at the ending making no sense convince you otherwise." You seriously think that's what people are doing when they tell others to read the old stories. Seriously.
You must not have all the people praising those bad endings as artistic even despite the writers having said otherwise.

We're lucky that no one had the idea to copy those stories.

and if what I said wasn't true then they do they never read the new stuff? By your logic they'd have seen the mistakes and went to look at modern stuff to see if it's improved.
And I'm damn glad about it.
I'm not sure if you should as it only encourages the flooding of /th/ with stories while the other boards go dry.
I'm honestly having trouble understanding exactly what you're trying to say, but I'll attempt to respond.

>You must not have all the people praising those bad endings as artistic even despite the writers having said otherwise.

I don't know who "all the people" you're referring to are, how many of them there actually are, or where you're even seeing them, but if that's how they feel about a particular ending and they can make a case for their viewpoint regardless of whatever flaws the ending may have had, so what? Just because you like the way something was done doesn't mean you can't also think it could have been done better. Likewise, just because something is flawed doesn't mean you cannot still enjoy it, and have perfectly valid reasons for feeling that way.

>We're lucky that no one had the idea to copy those stories.

Yeah, just imagine where we'd be if someone had tried to copy a story like MiG on this site. Can you imagine that? What this site would be like if people thought to try to copy a story like that? I sure can't. Nope. Can't possibly imagine what this site would be like right now, at this very instant, if that was a thing that had happened. Nosiree. Can't possibly fathom what that would be like. At all. We truly are lucky that nobody has ever done that exact thing on this site, ever.

Also, I am totally not being a sarcastic dick right now. Nope. Not one little bit of sarcasm or dickishness here.

>and if what I said wasn't true then they do they never read the new stuff? By your logic they'd have seen the mistakes and went to look at modern stuff to see if it's improved.

I'm going to assume you're asking "why do they never read the new stuff" to which I would have to ask, in turn, why are you asking me when I never said a single word about people reading newer stories. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, I don't know. I do know, though, is that it likely has nothing to do with older stories being treated as if they were flawless masterpieces with no flaws to them of any kind, as you seem to believe. The fact of the matter is that you're not very likely to learn as much from the newer stories as you would the older stories. Most of them simply haven't been going long enough to make the sort of mistakes you would want to learn from. Sure, you might pick up on little, relatively minor things, but you usually can't identify the truly significant mistakes until after they've already happened. Likewise, you can't often tell if people learned to avoid such mistakes until after they clearly avoided them, and sometimes you might not even realize they had done until long after the fact.

Let's consider what you said again:
>By your logic they'd have seen the mistakes and went to look at modern stuff to see if it's improved.

What if the improvement that was needed in the older stories dealt with something that came at the very end? How, exactly, are you supposed to know the newer story isn't going to experience a similar problem with its ending, when it's nowhere near the end? You're basically talking about the difference between cutting open a 80 year old dead guy to learn that he died lung cancer, and cutting open a healthy 20 year old to try to guess that he might die from lung cancer. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but you can't be certain either way because it hasn't happened yet.

This is why, as I have already said, I believe older stories are recommended the way they are. Part of it is because people liked them, sure, but they are also provide excellent examples of the sorts of problems and pitfalls that can crop up in a story while also displaying some of the things that can be done right. There are things you can learn from the newer stores, too, but they are not going to be the same lessons. Besides that, if it's a story that's currently running, it's best if you just read it for the sake of enjoying it, and save the in-depth analysis until after it's ended. Nobody likes it if you try to do an autopsy on someone who's still alive, and stories aren't much different.

Aside, you know, from the fact that one is apparently a "felony" or something. That's a bit of a difference.
You guys know that most of those new stories will never get past thread 1. And the ones who get past that will mostly not get past thread 2 or 3. THP has a very long list of stories like that.

Just look at the story list.
You seem upset friend. Might I suggest a more civil tone? Few arguments are winnable through anger and none can be won through mockery.

For my part, I find that only a few old stories are complained about specifically.

MiG is infamous for it's ending, but the other problems it had are never brought up. It suffered from serious pacing issues, an actively malevolent writer, and an incoherent plot. It came across as Kira simply flying by the seat of his pants for most updates, doing whatever he thought up at the time to mess with the readers. While Misadventures in Gensokyo is written well enough from a technical standpoint and would make for a decent adventure game, it receives an excessive amount of praise. The ending coupled with it being the oldest story to finish result in it holding lasting renown. Had it been written in the current site climate, I have no doubt it would be considered an inferior story.

Then there's A Scarlet Stained Memoir. Owen has of course expressed the flaws it had many times, but I might as well repeat them. Unlikable and overpowered OCs, the rage inducing ending, and a severe disconnect between reader and writer perception of characters. Of course, Owen learned from his mistakes, going on to write A Fairy's Tale.

Finally, we have Gensokyo High. By all means well written and characterized, GH was not brought down by any specific in-story problems. The dominant factors in GH's demise were reader infighting and Taisa's inability to put his foot down when things escalated. Ultimately, it all fed into Taisa's crushing negative ego, resulting in the miserable, disillusioned person we know today.

Other than those three, I can't think of any old stories that have been recommended on any basis besides "This story is amazing, go read it". There never seems to be any mention of flaws.

In closing, the things new writers should take away from the above stories are as follows: (Plus a little general advice.)

- Plan ahead. You need a clear ending goal in sight if you intend to actually finish. Don't write past the ending except to give an epilogue.

- Endings are important. While your beginning will net you an initial surge of votes and you'll no doubt have several memorable scenes throughout a story, the ending is the most crucial part. Your ending stands as a monument to your success or failure.

- Writing OCs is a dangerous game. By and large, they are unnecessary. More than say 2-3 OCs in positions of major story importance (with the exception of the protagonist, who may be a Touhou) will choke the story. Regarding power, generally, an OC shouldn't be much stronger than a Touhou in roughly the same "power bracket" (however you, the writer, see this as working) and should not beat a Touhou they go up against at whatever they're best at.

- Any suffering experienced in the story should have a clear cause, if only in hindsight. Just throwing suffering at the protagonist with no reasoning behind it or method to avoid it breeds resentment and loses you readers.

- Know how to cope with reader infighting. Never sink to the level of petty insults. You have to know when to call people out on their stupidity. If the infighting gets too severe, getting help from a moderator may be necessary.

- Maintain a positive outlook. As long as you believe you can finish your story, you will.
>You seem upset friend. Might I suggest a more civil tone? Few arguments are winnable through anger and none can be won through mockery.

Oh, trust me, if I were actually upset or angry, sarcastic mockery is not the way I would be expressing it. That said, you cannot tell me that someone seriously saying "we're lucky nobody ever tried to copy those older stories" even though that is basically exactly what this site was built upon really merits a serious and thoughtful counter-argument. It's one thing to be unaware of how this whole CYOA gig got started, developed, and came to be what we see here today. Hell, I've been around for a while, and I'm not sure I truly understand how we got here. But to come out and say "it's a good thing this thing never happened" event though it did? More than that, to make it sound as if that thing happening is somehow a negative?

I'm sorry, but I don't think it's physically possible for me to not be sarcastic towards something like that. I just can't do it. Least of all in "the Rage Thread". I won't name-call or curse anyone out over it, but asking me to not at respond with sarcasm to it is like placing porn in front of a chronic masturbator and asking him to not fap.

As for your points, I mostly agree with you. You're spot-on about those particular stories, and your advice is sound.

I must say, though, about this:
>Other than those three, I can't think of any old stories that have been recommended on any basis besides "This story is amazing, go read it". There never seems to be any mention of flaws.

Perhaps not, but recommending something without listing its flaws is not the same thing as claiming it has no flaws, nor does it mean the person recommending it is blind to any flaws it may have had, which is exactly what people like Mr. "They're told to read old stories as to hold those writers in reverence as these "classics" aren't ever mentioned as what they really are but "Golden statue on a pedestal" greatness" are claiming is happening.
by OC do you mean main character? I ask as what if the MC is a villager, would all the other villagers by your roles have to be nameless and faceless?

An issue is see in the few native MC stories that exist is this: No male friends.
Somone write a Reimu focused story. I'll pay you in internet blowjobs.
It depends on what the story's about.
File 137321570288.jpg - (92.83KB, 200x996, Untitled.jpg) [iqdb]
Guess who.
File 137323501234.jpg - (99.54KB, 216x1006, completely-obvious.jpg) [iqdb]
Are we doing this again?
Somebody already did it's called THIS SHRINE.
Except YAF wrote on FF.net tier back then.
If you read it, ignore the plot and just enjoy tsuntsun Reimu
>enjoy tsuntsun Reimu
No can do.
File 137330535720.jpg - (56.60KB, 584x622, nice sun.jpg) [iqdb]
>back then
thing is most wouldn't count it due to the old YAF policy "(nearly) every route is a reimu route".
>enjoy tsuntsun
Does not compute.
So did the edgy phase in recent stories pass us by yet?
What edgy phase?
You don't even read stories here, Taisa, go away.
Tell me more.
One of the most overrated writer on THP. Can we stop sucking up to him already?
I also want to know this. Haven't been keeping track.
There was an edgy phase? Must have been in all the /th/ stories I'm ignoring.
True. Instead of complaining, he should just write.
You're so cool. You work hard to impress everybody with your detached facade, I see it. The work you put in certainly shows.
File 137344625089.png - (151.39KB, 450x300, 3edgy5me.png) [iqdb]

>ITT edgy things you've done on this site.

I once insulted a writefag in his own story and deleted the post two seconds later.

I know, I'm so edgy I cut garlics with my breath.
I'm a cut above you, I'm afraid: I thrice predicted a story twist just before it happened: nobody got my points. Guess I'm sharper than the average slice-of-life reader.
/blue/ has enough puns already, so cut it out.
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