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So, uh... is there a place on this board where I could run an 18+ CYOA that's not related to Touhou?

I hate to ask, having never really been here before, but there's basically nowhere else on the internet I can find that has all this space for CYOA's and people who will play them.

Picture related to Touhou, because I figured something should be.

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Oh, I take it you're that guy from /jp/? Go ahead. /blue/ and /coriander/ aren't strictly defined as touhou story boards so you can do that here I guess. I'm not sure how well received you might be, but I don't think you're going to be kicked out just for trying something else. This board may be a bit slow, but I'm sure you'll manage.
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what is it about?
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This is a touhou site, though. Even /blue/ and /coriander/.
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I don't know why /jp/ got so worked up about you. When we have daily KoG raids and the front page covered in pooshlmer/shrinemaiden.org-level touhou threads, "GoK sent me" spam, Japanese bird, Bawson and serious discussions of prostate massagers, they accuse OC of ruining the board? Seriously?
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So they finally banned the OC threads? Shit did not belong there and was a mixture of chat/faggotry and off topic.
I am not sure if i want people like you on this board.
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Well, here's the archive of the thread that got me kicked off of /jp/: http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/jp/thread/S4887787

If it's not cool, let me know: I don't want to piss off a community I'm new to or anything. Just wasn't sure of the CYOA content here was strictly Touhou or not.
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I stopped actively browsing /jp/ a long time ago. Is it always this bad nowadays?

No, not really. There was a CYOA on bunbunmaru (and here), so you could try there. Fuck if I know if they'll tolerate it, although they shouldn't care about 18+.
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Bunbunmaru covers a wider range of topics too, and is fine with NSFW. They would probably welcome an NSFW CYOA.
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It's terrible. I'll spare you the explanation as to why and just say that the only reason you would go there these days is for the same reason that people go to the zoo: to derive a sense of superiority from seeing the inferior creatures in their cage.
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take it to bunbunmaru
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What he said.
We once had a writer from there who linked his touhou threads here.
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Would it be that bad to have something a bit off-topic on this rather off-topic board? So what if it's not touhou? It's not like anything more active or productive is being done here. Is the continued non use of this place that important? Maybe seeing this place absolutely still will make us all feel better that the story touhou boards are becoming slower by the day.

I really do hope that that was said with sarcasm. Otherwise the irony is overwhelming.
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Not OP. Where would you post a CYOA on bunbunmaru?
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go lurk there until you know it well enough to figure that out
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If you replace the characters, I'm sure noone would notice. I read in /border a story much like "zach bell", after all... Plus we have a cyoa Based off a zombie videogame. As long as the characters are touhou based, you shouldn't have a problem. If you need to keep certain characters as "not touhou" then that's different...
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There's nothing wrong with having non-Touhou characters in a story. Hell, that Batman story a while back was basically Batman in Gothamsokyo, with Touhou-Batman fusions as the supporting cast.

However, if you make it mostly Touhou, it might be acceptable for here. If there's no trace, however, then you'll have a problem.
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Eh, as far as I'm concerned, I don't mind non-touhou CYOAs at all, just plop it into one of the other boards and you should be fine. Of course there's going to be some whining, but just ignore it. I doubt the majority is going to complain as long as the writing itself is of at least decent quality. And by decent I mean not like the shite in shrinemaiden.org. Christ, I still get the creeps thinking about those... stories.
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Way to bump a long dead thread.
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This is the third or fourth post I've seen in about a week complaining about bumping old posts. Chill, guy; it's not that big a deal.
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Nope, it's not. But this thread is way past dead and irrelevant.
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/blue doesn't have many new posts, anyway. Chill out!