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[02:01] <HY> So
[02:01] <HY> I was thinking
[02:01] <Pygmalion> Uh-huh...
[02:01] <HY> Why don't I make like a board for every character?
[02:01] <Giddy> because it's a horrible idea
[02:01] <UBOA> IRC cabal approves
[02:02] <HY> No no it's a great plan!
[02:02] <HY> IRC cabal approves, done and dusted. Making boards now.

No. 1547
Oh, HY. Nigga's crazy.
No. 1548
I'll laugh when, despite enjoying a fair amount of popularity at first, the /meiling/ and /keine/ boards are quickly abandoned and forgotten.

Then, I weep.
No. 1549
No. 1551
Oh man, I was going to post that shop of Keine and Meiling from WUiG but I can't even find that!

Poor Meiling/Keine.
No. 1552
File 127010714145.jpg - (225.71KB , 600x738 , thedreamisalie.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fortunately, I like to keep backups of my work.
No. 1555
File 127016661357.jpg - (21.17KB , 389x388 , 1269511823425.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1557
[19:44] <Mode> >kid trying to recruit an MLG team for Halo 3 from Gaia
[19:45] <Mikochin> Why are you on Gaia?
[19:45] <krisslanza> Why are you NOT on Gaia? :>
[19:46] <Sickdetch|writing> ...
[19:46] <Choja> That's a good question, kriss
[19:46] <Mokotan> |:<
[19:47] <Nameless-> :A
[19:47] <krisslanza> I'd play that GAR game.
[19:47] <Sickdetch|writing> I thought I knew the meaning of pain until I read that line, KL.
[19:47] <Sickdetch|writing> No offense otherwise.
[19:47] <krisslanza> ... :<
[19:47] <krisslanza> I take much offense. :<

Now if only this one was a joke too.
No. 1558
This is what HY should have done. Expect with Touhou.
No. 1566
No, we need an 'all fandoms' board.

I want to write a Fate/stay night CYOA.
No. 1569
Really? I really can't tell if you're joking or not here.
No. 1570
No. 1572
Why not? We've had plenty of F/SN characters here so why not branch out and bring in some new stories.
No. 1574
File 127065564179.jpg - (19.20KB , 158x229 , CSIY54N565BMFIVVCDXTF3X7PQA2I57Y.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1576

Unless I'm forgetting something, the only times this has happened in even a semi-serious sense are with Shirou and his doll, Avalon, in DoLF and Gilgamesh is TS3(4?), and in both cases these were just MCs who had the name as a homage. I suppose there's also Silver of Sovereign, which is based around a concept similar to the Grail War, if you want to count that. Anything else was done strictly in parody, though again, I could be forgetting something.

Of course, none of this actually matters. Because even if you were right, and a bunch of FSN crossovers had somehow been written without the authors getting chased off the boards, the fact of the matter is that the url for this place is TOUHOU-PROJECT.com. This site is and always has been a place for stories about one specific fandom, and for the sake of not making shit any more confusing than it already is, it should stay that way. Simply put, non-Touhou stories do not belong here.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved Fate/Stay Night. So if you're suggesting starting a board dedicated to creating stories within that universe with the same standards for quality we like to keep around here, I, for one, am all for it. Just do so on a different site.
No. 1577
You could always try whatever board the guy who was writing the rider-route on /jp/ ended up on.
No. 1578
Welp, who's up for hosting Fate-Project.com?
No. 1579
I have to agree with >>1576 that most of those were done as homages or as parodies even. The way I see it there's no guarantee that people are willing to write or follow something else, so adding what amounts to a 'flavor of the week' board may be a bit unwise. Stuff around here is confusing and doesn't have the most ideal structure as it is (but that's a topic best left for discussion another time).

That said, I'm not actually opposed to the idea, if enough people show interest and enthusiasm (and willingness to produce results) it certainly would be considered viable. As it stands all I've got is a few 'yeah that would be nice' that strike me as solid as a drunken boast made about what will be accomplished (tenuously) in the future.

Was that bunbunmaru? Or iichan? Can't remember.

Gimmie 10 bucks (maybe a little bit more for my troubles setting stuff up and just maybe acquiring additional resources) and I would do it gladly. What, did you think that this place was free to set up and maintain? It comes out of my pocket, you know.
No. 1580
File 127070380484.jpg - (41.69KB , 230x192 , 1270184909754.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I want to write a Fate/stay night CYOA.
Archer route is a go. But Shirou dies and stays fucking dead.
You play as Rin.

But whatever. This is not fancition net. Keep that shit and crossovers off the board, don't want this turn into gaia or roleplay net so that we can roleplay as Touhous or write My awesome Adventure in Gensokyo.

We are already hated, don't want them to think that we finally lost it.
No. 1587
Hey, screw you, man. Shirou is a hardcore motherfucker.

But yeah, a Fate CYOA on a Touhou board is by definition contradictory if not unfeasible.
No. 1592
Ah. It was caster, not rider. Found the thread. Seems it wasn't as dead as touhouproject.com was.

No. 1595
When I have a little less on my plate, I think it could be interesting to write something about FSN, maybe an account of the Third War? It’s partly because there’s so many interesting things that happen in that one and partly because as >>1580 has correctly pointed out, pretty much every area of useful and interesting speculation for the Fifth Grail War has been completely resolved as of FHA – which means that any story about it will have difficulty being anything other than fanwankery or a powerlevel discussion.

Zelretch would be the narrative voice and Avenger would be the primary PoV. If there's interest in pursuing romances, possible "love interests" (defined here very... creatively) could include his master (Einzbern homonculus) and the Edelfelt Sisters (they were represented by Rin and Sakura in F/HA), possibly some of the other Magi joining the conflict (the Third War is circa 1930, so there's a lot of interesting possibilities for characters all around).
No. 1596
I'm sure this place is hated enough from the CYOAs, no need to pile on it more.

How about a CYOA featured in a present-day Gensokyo, and all the characters are the "heroes"? There, that's one idea.
No. 1597
GA;SD or the one story that HY wrote and stopped.
No. 1598
>I'm sure this place is hated enough from the CYOAs, no need to pile on it more.
I don't think that's much of a deterrent, really. It's not like people that don't come here will be all like 'hey there are no CYOAs here so let's go and have fun on what is a slow imageboard'". Not that that justifies going crazy overboard with additions either.
No. 1651
Speaking of unorthodox CYOA's, I've been seriously considering doing a Magic: The Gathering cross. Marisa gains a planeswalker spark, then drags Reimu and Sanae in a thoughtless and altogether dangerous (if extremely fun) romp across multiple dimensions. Yukari may or may not be the main antagonist.
No. 1652
Yukari = Yawgmoth?
No. 1653
Id read it. New locales would be interesting, given that most stories are set in Gensokyo. Yukari would probably be better as an ally of some sort, shes often the antagonist when plenty of planeswalkers could fill that role here.
No. 1654
No. 1655
While I love the Phyrexians and their whole storyline, I doubt their penchant for long drawn out sieges would allow a CYOA to be both dangerous and fun, as >>1651 said. Theyre perfect for a grimdark/horror type game though.
No. 1656
Meet famous MTG cards....and kill them.
No. 1660

Will they run into the Reaper King?

Because You can't handle the Reaper King.
No. 1661

If I write this, -if-, I don't intend for it to be that long, three or four threads with wall updates at most, and since a good part of the drive behind it is to have a setting radically different from Gensokyo, I was thinking something along the lines of Ravnica (because Niv-Mizzet fuck yes), Alara in general with a definite detour to Grixis or Jund (because I like to make people suffer), or Dominaria, probably either Vesuva or Tolaria West.

Thinking about it, Shadowmoor (and by extension Oona, the King, sci-fi alien kithkin (them eyes man)) would work as a departure too.

Lorwyn and Kamigawa are mostly out of the question, though. Lorwyn because it's basically Gensokyo but with celtic myth rather than lolis, and Kamigawa because exchanging an oriental setting for another sort of defeats the point. Admittedly, Gensokyo has become such a mish-mash of different people and cultures (even from SPACE) that it wouldn't be a mirror match, but I'd like a bigger departure.
No. 1662

In before Oona transfers to Gensokyo, enslaving all the fairies and enacting the Day/Night planar split. Two words: Shadowmoor Rumia.

Any of those possibilities would be pretty neat, though.
No. 1663
jesus christ you actually scared me with that.

Shadowmoor Gensokyo would be a lot more like the grimdark version of Gensokyo Zun originally imagined I think, including the harsher Reimu who doesn't care one wiff about ending the lives of whatever exists in her way.
No. 1664
I agree with the Yukari point. She's the antagonist way too often, but mostly because people can't imagine something that would be an appropriate challenge for a non-wimpy main character with Yukari is on his side. But if you've got planeswalkers, that shouldn't be a problem.

I only know as much M:tG lore as I got from reading cards, one Kamigawa novel and one fairly recent (I think) graphic novel about a bunch of planeswalkers. Just from this, I can confirm that the lore has a very high concentration of crazy shit, making it a perfect match-up.
No. 1665
Personally I think that for the most part, even as an ally she'd be frustrating and not in the habit of making things easier for the person in question. In short, she'd be someone to step in when the things get BAD.
No. 1666
File 127436859185.jpg - (34.75KB , 234x320 , skellums_apprentice_is_this_guy.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's a pity they killed off Master Skellum, as he could not only be an effective counter for Yukari, but also get along with her quite well as needed.

When facing down a group of crusaders who want to thoroughly brutalize his apprentice:

"My name is Skellum, and I wear a silly hat." The newcomer spoke brightly, as if introducing himself to a dinner party full of children. "Is there a problem, officer?"

Keep in mind, the "Master" in his name refers to his skill at:
His method of summoning involves spinning his hat on his head.

If you're referring to the graphic novel I think you are, it was part of the Alara cycle. So yes, recent.