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14564 2012/08/08 (Wed) 18:39 No. 14564
So recently I have been playing a game known as Solium Infernum. And by "recently" I of course mean "a friend and I were beating our heads against it last night to try and figure it out".

I am looking for four other players- I've already managed to secure Demetrious into playing this terrible game.

Now, you might be wondering, what is Solium Infernum? It's a turn-based strategy game where the central premise is to become the next ruler of Hell. Though I think the best way is to show, and not tell. Linked here is an excellent Let's Play of a game with viewpoints from four of the six players:


Also in that article is a link to where you can pick up the game. I know I'm terrible at this game, and I know Demetrious is terrible at this game. If you've never played, now is a good time to start. I'll also try to do a Let's Play styled thing like the one on RPS. I do not guarantee the same impeccable quality.

If you're interested in this game, make posts and hit me up on IRC. We're going to run this shit right into the ground.

2012/08/08 (Wed) 19:58 No. 14565
It is way, WAY too complicated. But it is fun to read about.
2012/08/08 (Wed) 20:14 No. 14566
>read the whole thing
>go to website
>$25 price tag

Ugh, I'm not paying $25 on a whim for a turn based strategy game. Sorry, them's the lumps.
2012/08/08 (Wed) 21:55 No. 14567
>starts a thread about a game
>basically tell us to google it ourselves instead of explaining a bit more how the game looks like
If you want to get people interested, you should give us more details. Because as the freak said, it's 25$, and, well, you're not even saying if it's a PC game or a paper game.

I dunno, could you tell us how your most recent game went, something like that?
2012/08/08 (Wed) 22:15 No. 14568
I like your implications and greentext when you obviously didn't click the link to a playthrough for an entire game.
2012/08/09 (Thu) 02:23 No. 14569
>I've already managed to secure Demetrious into playing this terrible game.

Now we have someone to blame if Demetrious doesn't update Wizard or SWQ.
2012/08/09 (Thu) 02:32 No. 14570
>implying I click on weirds links when the OP post doesn't colour me interested

Just as I said, your post doesn't make that thing interesting, therefore I'm not following some weird-ass link. I'm here for THP, not to follow links.
2012/08/09 (Thu) 08:18 No. 14571

Haha what. I mean, I'm all for a being a safe samaritan and not going on wacky webpages that may fuck your computer over ten ways to sunday, but this certainly isn't one of those, mate.
2012/08/09 (Thu) 08:26 No. 14572
Didn't imply it. I said it.

Also you are pants-on-head retarded.
2012/08/09 (Thu) 09:40 No. 14573
Not everyone on the Internet know Rockpapershotgun. Deal with it, dude.

Yep, well you're a ugly dickless motherfucking moron. That's not doing anything to prove your point or to prove mine, but if you're going to call me names, I'll answer.
2012/08/10 (Fri) 14:33 No. 14587
Ok, so since there's apparently a "recommend games" thread here, I'd like to recommend an interesting little game called "Jamestown". It's like touhou, but with more enemies, less bullets, better graphics, but lesser music.
2012/08/10 (Fri) 16:44 No. 14589
Whoa hold on. When did this turn into a recommendations thread? It didn't. But I don't think I'm going to get anybody who's actually going to play this anyway.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 01:02 No. 14598

That's because you're on /blue/. You want the slackers who cannot resist the siren call of shiny games.

So in other words, try IRC.

Also, OP picture is fantastic.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 01:26 No. 14601
So, can we turn this into a recommendations thread then?
2012/08/11 (Sat) 02:30 No. 14606

I thought we had one of those!

2012/08/11 (Sat) 02:31 No. 14607
he's talking game recommendations.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 02:52 No. 14610
Man we might as well since we're not getting anyone and I've forgotten the password to delete this thread.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 03:00 No. 14611
How about some anti-recommendations? Prototype 2 is garbage on PC. If you pay money for it, I will find you and strangle you with stale bubble gum.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 03:08 No. 14612
Oh hey, thanks for the heads up. I was going to wait until it went on sale, but I guess I'll have to find some reviews about it now.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 07:47 No. 14618

Thank you that was the joke please notice the (hurr) at the bottom of my post thank you very much
2012/08/11 (Sat) 08:35 No. 14619
For you fa/tg/uys out there who also enjoy online gaming, you might enjoy DDO. If you enjoyed constructing characters in D&D (I know I spend hours doing nothing but look up oddball feats and pieces of gear), crafting and gearing a character on DDO has a similar level of complexity, although it is admittedly quite far removed from what you may know of PnP D&D due to the computerized nature of the game. No longer is gearing about big numbers everywhere, theme-park MMO style - instead, focus is on covering as many of the bases that are important to your character as you can. Having good numbers in armor, damage and spellpower is still important, yes, but then you need to consider fortification, deathblock, elemental resistances, feat-granting items, saving throws, activated abilities, passive abilities, miss chance, spell resistance...

To put it more in perspective, people who build characters with any sort of "maximum X" in mind, where X is merely one of many important things, are publicly ridiculed. The fighter with maximum armor gets chewed through by an attack that targets saving throws; the monk/paladin with maximum saving throws gets beaten over the head by a physical damage; the barbarian with the maximum HP gets killed by either, because a healer can't replenish his massive HP bar faster than he takes damage. Casters who focus on maximum spell DCs fail to penetrate spell resistance, while those who do the opposite fail have their spells resisted at every turn. This philosophy of versatility permeates the game, culminating in group play where a group needs to make sure they can, as a whole, accomplish a laundry list of things to complete a raid. No cookie-cutter groups of just enough tanks/just enough healers/rest dps here.

Cooperative play is basically mandatory; soloing any of the content after a few hours of play is painfully difficult, but grouping with as little as one competent friend (disclaimer: playing a different role as you) makes most of the normal quests doable. Two competent friends can help you through almost anything but raids, and three is plain overkill. Hirelings are available to enable lone players to do the duo-able content but their intelligence is frankly rather... lacking. So get a friend. Don't play alone unless you want to ragequit in the same day.

Aside from truly unique characters, DDO makes positioning important by having enemies actually obey spacial limitations. If a tank stands between the enemy and his friend, the enemy will have to actually path around him to get to the friend instead of just slipping through him, giving the tank plenty of opportunity to "peel" the enemy away. Two fighters standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a narrow doorway will hold it as long as they live.

For those wondering about longevity, endgame is far more than "get bigger numbers". Again, see gear complexity; and there's a system of rerolling characters and playing from level 1 back up to 20 yet again that gives you small but noticeable advantages to your next playthrough, and the endgame content can be flicked to "epic elite" to offer even players who've "caught them all" a real challenge.

Finally, the game is free to play! Admittedly you'll hit a major slowdown after perhaps a month of completely free-to-play content if you play regularly, and most of the shiny stuff endgame needs to be paid for, but let's be honest: if you like the game long enough to play it for a month and reach endgame, you won't mind paying for it.

And to show my honesty, I'm not even going to post one of those stupid referral links that gives me rewards.

Yes, this game is distracting me from writing updates as often as I'd like.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 08:41 No. 14620

It’s not garbage. It’s 6/10.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 13:12 No. 14623
Keyword: PC. The port is beyond shoddy.

Camera controls will change speed randomly if you’re using the mouse, stutter, jump around or even quit working completely in some places. The only way to lessen this phenomenon (not completely remove it) is to hard-limit the framerate to 30 or 60 (but only if your machine can keep it up at ALL times, regardless of the carnage going on, otherwise, say hello again to the jumpy camera).

GFX options are a bare minimum; there is no way to turn off some of the more annoying “features.” Even with everything turned down you’ll have to suffer horrible blur everywhere, sunglare, bloom, flares and ugly shadows. Vsync works only in menus. Control scheme is needlessly changed from the first Prototype and completely counter-intuitive (shift in the air glides, space [jump button everywhere else] dashes; it takes a LONG time to get used to).

Not even PC-specific, it’s an obviously rushed, buggy piece of code. Animations are choppy and like to cut off or bug out. Consume animations are hilariously bad. Remember the super-gruesome eating of mans that you loved in Prototype 1? Well, it’s all but gone. The most common consume animation (when eating civilian mans) has Heller hug a dude, which makes the dude cover in an ugly “meaty” texture and then suddenly vanish into thin air. Not even making this up. Attack animations complete pretty much as often as they don’t. Hit detection is wonky, too. Some hitboxes are HUGE (Heller’s punch animation has a hitbox so big it hits the ground to his side when he does an uppercut), some are ludicrously small (blade power aerial charged attack). It’s inconsistent all around.

Speaking of attacks, surely you remember unlocking all those awesome new techniques in Prototype 1, right? Well, say goodbye to that. All the upgrades in Prototype 2 are generic “+10% damage/range” buffs that make little to any difference in how the game handles. After you get a power, you have all the attacks unlocked on the spot. That’s two attacks per power (four if you want to count aerial equivalents as separate “techniques”). Then there’s one devastator, one grab attack that makes a dude explode when thrown, guard, summoning a handful of friendly mutants to aid you... and that’s it. That’s all. There’s no fists&kicks move tree like in Prototype 1. There’s no unlockable devastators and attacks. There’s nothing. It’s just a whole lot of disappointment jammed in a buggy, choppy package.

I could go on and on. The “hunting” feature is only used in side-missions and is nothing more than a glorified objective marker. Lock-on works only when it seems to like to. Game engine works in some really ridiculous ways (when picking up objects, rather than picking up the object, the engine copies it into Heller’s hands and deletes the one he “picked up” from the game world; sometimes, however, it forgets the second step, which results in you picking up a car... from inside an identical car).

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s a fun game, despite its HUGE flaws. It CAN be enjoyed, I have no doubt. But it does everything it can to make it as hard for you as possible. Buying it would be nothing but encouraging the industry to release similar half-assed games and ports. Which as an intelligent (I hope) consumer, you should stay far away from. Far, FAR away.
2012/08/11 (Sat) 13:20 No. 14626
Oh, also.

Apparently POWER OF FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE can beat the Mercer virus. Yes, really. That’s why Heller can chomp off Mercer’s noodles. Because of POWER OF FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE.
2012/08/12 (Sun) 00:58 No. 14636
What? Really? I remember that Prototype was one of the funniest game around, and with decent controls.
Did they really fucked up on the sequel?
2012/08/12 (Sun) 01:09 No. 14637
What I'm supposed to say here is "HOW could they fuck up?" I mean, come on! I tried Prototype because I was bored, and surprinsingly enough, it was one of the best games I played. There's a plot (sort of, Mercer is still too blank to be sympathetic), missions are various enough to be interesting (destroy a tank? Easy. Steal a tank? Good luck, wanker! ).
And most of all, cutting enemies in pieces was FUN. I dunno if it was the noise, the blood everywhere or the screams, but cutting infected into pieces was so much fun with this game.
I spent half a hour in a street, just cutting vanilla infected into pieces and laughing as they fell on the ground, in pieces.

Hell, that's the only game I finished in hard mode. That's something. And yet, to learn that the sequel is merely a console port, that's so disappointing it makes me want to strangle an alien with its own tail.
2012/08/12 (Sun) 13:23 No. 14647
I feel you, man. I loved Prototype 1 to bits. I’m struggling to like Prototype 2 at all.
2012/08/12 (Sun) 14:49 No. 14664
Since it's about recommendations, I'd like to recommend another game to avoid at all cost: Thief 3.

Sure, there's that goddamn Cradle, but other than that, the game is just shit compared to Thief 2. Hell, even compared to Thief 1.

First, like Prototype 2, it was made for consoles. In other words, it means EASY MODE ALL THE WAY DOWN. It also means shitty controls, and a third person perspective that nobody uses except an irish and hatless hobo.
The weapons are not interesting at all, and since the takedown is scripted, it's now impossible to knock down someone facing you. Hell, if you click too early, you don't even knock the guy down, and you have to WAIT for 0,5 second before being able to try again. And that basically means "being fucked up because the guy noticed you touching him and he's angry about that".
The maps are hilariously tiny compared to Thief 2's maps, monsters are rare and all, the plot is really shitty (AHAHA THAT GUY YOU SAW 2 GAMES AGO WAS IN FACT THE REAL VILLAIN ALL ALONG).

Garrett himself becomes quite strange in this game. In the first game, he wanted to avoid the keepers at all costs, and now he's working for them and is slowly becoming their dogs. Kinda strange considering that you used to be alone without anyone to back you up in the other games.
And did I said anything about the enemies? You thought that, thanks to the graphics progress, you could avoid sneaking past pagan number 151 only to meet pagan number 152, 151's twin brother? Haha, the game says "you don't need several models, I'll just edit the same guy here and here to give the impression they are different dudes, but they'll share the same voices, animations, and weapons" and then it pukes all over your face.

The only good thing with this game is the Cradle. And it only works once, once you finish it, the magic is gone. Hell, even the running zombies aren't creepy the second time you fight them.

When you read the manual, it mentions "become friends with factions! Work for them!". It doesn't mean that Thief 3 suddenly became a game where you can accept interesting missions such as "go recover that poor guy jailed by the hammerer and we'll give you a cookie and a free massage!".
No, in this game, it means "there's an object here. Either you destroy it, either you use it. By doing so, you'll win +50 relations with some faction. If you're friend with them, they won't attack you on sight. That's all." You can't talk with factions members, you can't buy anything from them, and they can't buff you. Yeah, because there are priests who can buff their allies. Only if there's a monster near. You can't ask them to buff you, so what's the point?
The only interesting into becoming friends with those factions is the fact that they'll stop killing you when they see you. The secondary missions are damn rare, and they're useless. You win 30¤ by putting MacGuffin into MacGuffin box. Great. Except that the most shitty arrow in the game costs 25¤. And if you're skilled, in fact, you don't need anything, so what's the point of having money to begin with? I know the game is called "Thief", but once you get the money, you can't do anything else with it but buy equipements with it. And the only upgrade in the whole game are the climbing gloves. And they only work on some walls. And they don't allow you to pass corners, so you're stuck on that one wall like a fly on a sticky paper. So much fun.
The weirds worlds from the last games (such as Constantine's mansion, the maw of chaos, Viktoria's world, the catacombs...) are completely forgotten, which means more sneaking, but less originality. There's that underworld with the counting abominations and the manrats, but that's all. And they're uninteresting. Just backstab everything and that's it. Because, yeah, they're not humans, so you can kill them.

Also, you can walk in the streets between the missions, to buy stuffs and do secondary quests. In other words, it means that you run all the time to avoid the milice and you don't want to waste your time sneaking in something that's not a mission. They should've called that part "Parkour", because that's all you'll do. Enemies are constantly respawning, civilians are screaming and running away, stone monsters are punching everyone on sigh, and the Hag is killing people for fun.

In Thief 2, the milice is perceived as quite dangerous, because you have several missions where you have to avoid them or escape them. And in Thief 3, milicemen are fucking stupid ("I'll taff you up, taffer!"), Lieutenant Mosely is suddenly nowhere to be found, and instead of a real police like it's suggested in Thief 2, the milice is now a bunch of monkeys waving their swords and getting killed by everything.
2012/08/12 (Sun) 16:02 No. 14666
One good thing about Thief 3, though. The voice acting. It’s rather well done. I can’t speak for the rest for never having been a sneakan gaems fan.
2012/08/12 (Sun) 16:29 No. 14667
Perhaps. I never tried Thief 1 or Thief 2 in English, and I was really pissed off by the "no local voices/only subtitles", that I understand as "fuck you English is the best language ever".
2012/08/14 (Tue) 01:57 No. 14705
Typical french asshole.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 04:23 No. 14708
And here we have the guy that doesn't know what everything is about but still posting anyway because his opinion is important and everyone should be able to read it. When puberty arrived last month, did it hurt?
2012/08/14 (Tue) 14:11 No. 14722
Typical frog reaction to being told of his frog flip sides.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 15:38 No. 14736
More like "typical reaction of a guy used to be hated just because he's not your average fat american living in his parents' basement and masturbating to Raymoo's armpits or Satori's third eye."
After that, the next step is to dig something shameful from history and try to prove that your forsaken and shithole of a country is better. And it's damn easy, since every country has a a skeleton in its closet.
Spain has Spanish Inquisition, Italy has Mussolini, Germany has Tokyo Hotel, England is a MONARCHY (HAHAHAHA MONARCHY!), while Estony is that little thing somewhere near Russia, right between what-the-hell-is-that and some-former-communist-country-with-a-shitty-name-that-nobody-remembers.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 16:16 No. 14743
Oh yeah? Then go ahead and find something as silly in Poland’s history. I dare you. Not the present. History. Come on. Give me your best shot. NOT THE PRESENT. ;__;
2012/08/14 (Tue) 16:28 No. 14747
Poland. You mean the country that got buttraped by Soviet Union, THEN buttraped by Germany, AND THEN buttraped again by Soviet Union? You mean that country full of people unable to tell which end of the rifle if the shooty end and which one is the not-shooty end? Where people are usually referred as "those Pierogi eating surrendering monkeys"? You mean THAT country? That country with a lot of famous writers that nobody know or care about? That country where people are cold, and constantly hungry? That country that got buttraped by everyone during WWII?

It's all about interpretation.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 19:28 No. 14765

>famous writers that nobody know or care about

If a writer is famous and alone in a forest...

... does anyone know about him?
2012/08/14 (Tue) 20:04 No. 14766
People living around the forest.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 20:29 No. 14767
That... doesn’t really prove any silliness. When another country is bigger, has a bigger army, better equipped... what the hell can you do? France and England had declared to aid us in case of a Germ invasion, yet once that came to pass, they bombed the krauts with leaflets instead of boomy-dee-dums.

I was counting on something that was actually our doing.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 20:46 No. 14770
Well, I tried to find something shameful. Poland has its ass kicked many times and that's dramatic, but, quite frankly, I don't really want to dig in Poland's internal politic just to prove that they can be silly too. I'm too lazy.
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