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It all finally makes sense.
ZUN is gay.

No. 1461
Isn't there some kind of law that states that if ZUN is ever fully understood, he'll disappear only to be replaced by a thin, drunken man who's even stranger and more inexplicable?
No. 1462
>ZUN is gay.
...for Ryukishi07.
No. 1463
Isn't that Beat Mario of Cool and Create? I know a few musicfags who would be gay for him.
No. 1466
Not Beatmario. He's thinner and always wears a Hawaiian/checkered/otherwise colorful shirt.
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Why'd you necro-post?
No. 1718
I don't really think zun's gay... He'd give reimu hairy armpits, not just the norm. These two could just b college buddies or something.