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A thread where you can rage about everything, including your siblings, your pathetic attempt at clearing touhou in easy, or people from other websites giving you a hard time.

Don't expect compassion.

No. 13979
File 134233611961.png - (431.81KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_Doom_20120715_040628.png ) [iqdb]
Ok, so I walk into a room and walls open, revealing a spider demon on my left and one on my right. What the fuck? How am I supposed to live through that? I'd like to have some words with whoever designed this wad.
No. 13980
File 13423363733.jpg - (616.50KB , 560x800 , 9c91ffcb0f44f4c1eebf522b3f453953.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just moved in a studio flat.
There's a constant disgusting smell, because the faggot who lived here before stuck cigarette butts EVERYWHERE. Even inside the plumbing. And I guess he puked over it too. No matter what I use, it still stinks. I want to use sulphuric acid.
No. 13984
>So have the Lunarians realized yet that their slaves are by definition more pure than they'll ever be?
Not only that idiot is a complete fucking moron, he's also totally oblivious to basic English and unable to understand that you don't say "more pure". You say "purer". That's an idiot for you, unable to support his flawless argument with decent language, and he'll probably call you a grammar watchdog if you try to point it out, because morons like that are always right, and can't be wrong and if you disagree with them, you're obviously a faggot/space nazi/douchebag/fucker.
No. 13985
File 134234885034.jpg - (240.99KB , 601x1200 , EGAWD THE HORROR.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wish that idiot to see this and gouge his fucking eyes out.
No. 13986
And I forgot something.
>And they've still got the cheek call us impure, when they themselves are not absolved of the impurity that they revile so much
Gee boy, those lunarians don't exist. They're not calling US or even YOU impure, they're calling Touhou's Earth citizens impure. We're not in Touhou, there's no Gensokyo, and you'll never kiss your impure earthling waifu.
Fucking suck it down, bitch.
No. 13987
File 134234951398.jpg - (27.24KB , 400x549 , Looks shopped.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot my picture.
No. 13990
Go faster.
No. 13994
Because some people believe that Gensokyo really exists.

No, really.

>ZUN is in fact retelling the tales of Gensokyo accurately.

>Yukari is always visiting him with all the information he needs, whether its gossip, the Bunbunmaru, or Akyu's historical records. How else do you think he got this much detail? For all that this artist's portrayal shows, it may well be how Zun gets everything so right. Possibly Yukari is his drinking buddy.

>Yukari enjoys playing along so much, that when ZUN makes stuff up, she starts fooling around to make the made-up stuff happen.
No. 13997
What game?
No. 13998
I said too much.
No. 14004

I refuse to believe this is real.
No. 14005
But it is. Somebody actually wrote it down and posted in on the internet.

I really hope he/she who wrote wasn't serious about it.
No. 14006
File 134235849939.png - (41.38KB , 238x190 , battler_pointANGRY.png ) [iqdb]
No. 14007
I imagine you're supposed to run between the two without shooting either. Their shots aren't too accurate so they should both hit the other. Then run like hell until one of them dies. It's obviously an even fight, so the victor should be nearly dead.

Although surviving long enough to do that might be a bit of a problem.
No. 14008
Search your feelings, you know it to be true!
No. 14010
>Not only that idiot is a complete fucking moron, he's also totally oblivious to basic English

That's funny, considering how poor your English skills seem to be.
No. 14011
File 134236539882.jpg - (44.57KB , 480x320 , LOL IM PLAYING COUNTER STRIKE.jpg ) [iqdb]
At least I'm not rambling against fictional characters because I'm a dumbass unable to see the difference between the real world and a video game!
No. 14012
Because one instance of the term "us" to as a placeholder for humans/earth-bound entities (really, what's wrong with doing that?) clearly is indicative of someone unable to see the difference between real life and a video game.
No. 14014
Because merging fictional characters with real characters is totally safe and not a symptom of madness. Not at all.
No. 14016
Because treating humans in a fictional work as humans is totally insane and outrageous. You're a fucking idiot.
No. 14018
Because being rude is the only way to prove that you're right instead of being logic and polite. Smartass.

Protip: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame and the Doomguy never existed. Deal with it.
No. 14019
Yes, we're aware that fiction is fiction. This isn't /jp/.
No. 14023
Let me guess, you're the kind of guy who cried when Dambi's mother die, right? Suck to be a guy like you, unable to see the difference between a fictional animal being killed and a real animal being butchered to feed you.

I'll give you that, Bambi is way cuter than that cow killed to give you your daily rumsteak.
No. 14025
I'm sorry, was there a point in there somewhere? I must have missed it over your post's abysmal spelling/grammar and lack of general direction.
No. 14028
>Suck to be a guy like you
Can you stop digging your grave? Your grammar is atrocious and you're only making yourself look like an even bigger idiot.

English isn't your first language, I take it. Not like your constant typos and awkward sentence structure wasn't a big enough hint.
No. 14043
Niec samefaging hear faggo
No. 14046
lol im sorry is ther a poin to ur grammar nazism? sorry i failet to see it
No. 14047
Get out.
No. 14049
No. 14051
File 134237478150.png - (13.76KB , 419x432 , Fag.png ) [iqdb]
Yeah, I dare you, ragequit! Come on, make us both happy!
No. 14059
all the cool kids flout grammar rules
No. 14067
File 134241735868.jpg - (19.84KB , 400x297 , B3MdL.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14079
I want to bitch about how there are a lot of Touhou RPGs that aren't translated.

Makes me want to go learn Japanese but I would probably hate reading those Japanese characters, judging from my short Mandarin class back in high school.

Besides, it took me 6 years to be fluent in English and God knows how long it will take for me to be like that in Japanese.
No. 14082
Translating RPGs is a lot of work since there's usually a lot of text spread out over a wide area.

Besides, we already have Labyrinth of Touhou translated.
No. 14092
I wanna bitch about that thing called "offset". It's overly complicated and boring.
No. 14097
File 134249462427.jpg - (47.98KB , 243x483 , Doomguys Environmental Message.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>the Doomguy never existed
The Doomguy may never have existed, but the message of environmental responsibility he gave unto us most certainly does!
No. 14098
Got the latest version, DirectX 9, and were you in Japanese locale when you downloaded/extracted it?
No. 14109
Yes, I'm in Japanese locale when I extracted it and I have Directx 9.0c.

The latest version is 2.09, right? I downloaded it off /jp/, the already patched rar.

I think it has something to do with the fonts, because some numbers won't appear at all, like the HP/MP in the status screen.
No. 14110
File 134259292756.png - (227.94KB , 640x479 , poor satori.png ) [iqdb]
Aaaugh, fuck, I remember that problem, but I don't remember how to fix it. I'm SURE it's mentioned and solved in one of the /jp/ threads, but the archive's being weird, and /jp/'s gone to shit, so...
Ask Poosh. They'll know, probably.
No. 14111
Hooray, new chapters of WaHH are up and translated!
No. 14112
Not translated very well, though.
No. 14113
File 134259794798.jpg - (548.85KB , 1264x1861 , Old Man Unshou.jpg ) [iqdb]
Suck up to Glasnost and ask him to re-translate them.

Speaking of WaHH, a new male character!
No. 14114
where is he fishing

No. 14117
Just ask in the recommendations thread for "Any stories with *description of your tastes here*?"

Also, opinions. Can't really change that.
No. 14121
don't forget a cattle prod or something that will actually cause Glasnost to take action.
No. 14124
So, how do you comprehend Homestuck?

I'm serious. Homestuck is like the Dwarf Fortress of webcomics.
No. 14125
Inb4 OldManxKasen rape mindbreak NTR fist-fucking doujins.
I really like Touhou, but the idea of the Rule 34 applying to touhou characters annoys me. Especially when most artists seems to have no idea what touhou really looks like.
No. 14127
Start from the very beginning. Try to see it as a video games. Except that said video game is bugged like hell, and is unwinnable.
No. 14128
You understand over-convolution is something you generally don't want in any story and write it off as garbage with a bad fanbase.
No. 14133
You'd be surprised.
No. 14134
Ours is not 100% furries by volume.
No. 14135
Ask specific questions where Homestuck fans gather. Some of them love explaining their convoluted mess of a webcomic.

Oh, and try not to mention it outside those places. Non-Homestuck fans are sick of hearing about it.
No. 14137
>"How the hell can an obscure shmup game from Japan be that popular?"
Wondered the same thing. Honestly, I still don't understand even now. I think it's mostly the community.
No. 14138
File 134264136053.jpg - (81.88KB , 391x388 , 1225737759644.jpg ) [iqdb]

You wish, hipster boy.
No. 14139
Touhou is both obscure and popular at the same time.
No. 14140
it's as popular as anything can get without going full mainstream.
No. 14149
File 13427000094.jpg - (18.65KB , 390x375 , 1278325008027.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I have no choice, I have to take over the world.

Oh god. I laughed harder than I should. Imagine someone saying that. “I have no choice, man! I have to take over the world. That’s the only way, man!” If this isn’t ridiculous, I don’t know what is.
No. 14157
It bugs me when Konngara is depicted as an oni, and especially when she's shown as one of the four devas. In her sprite, which doubles as an official portrait by virtue of being huge, she doesn't have shackles (the other mark of an oni in Touhou, besides horns), and she appears to have blood leaking from the spike on her head, implying that it is in fact a spike and not an oni's horn.
No. 14167

That is all.
No. 14169
No. 14176
>Actually, that's utter bullshit fanon. Hong Meiling is never seen sleeping in Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She's an attentive and well-trained guard who happens to be awful at ranged combat and loses to the intruders. The reason she got this mean-spirited designation was because of her red hair, blue eyes and the Chinese symbol for "Dragon" on her beret's star. Why, you ask, would that mean she's lazy? Because she's CHINESE. And it's a popular Japanese stereotype that all Chinese people are useless and lazy. No, seriously. Meiling gets shat upon because of good ol' fashioned RACISM.
No. 14177
Seriously. That's all I have to say.
The moonhoneys are called moonbitches bacause 3 idiots are thinking that SSiB is a doujin rather than a real manga, but if you dare call Meiling China and draw her as constantly sleeping, then you're racist?

Drawing doujins where female characters are raped and mindbroke is kind of sexist, I can understand that. But Meiling is "hated" because she's chinese?
Let me guess, that shit is pre-TD, right?
No. 14178
>She is commonly referred to as the "lazy guardian" of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though whether this stems from her actual personality or from the nickname "China" is unknown. Many Japanese people complain about the reliability and quality of products manufactured in China. There are many fanfics that depict an enraged Sakuya behind a sleeping Meiling in front of the gates to the Mansion. The implication is that she has the "Chinese" quality of "Shinrai no Chuugoku" (信頼の中国, which translates to Reliable China), with much intended sarcasm.

>Many of her lines in Touhou Hisoutensoku indicate that Meiling has boastful pride in China. "You're all not there yet! You're all children compared to 4000 years of history!" The script also reveals that she reads manga created by the tengu, compares Yuyuko to a Jiang Shi, and notes that Tenshi and the Celestial read Chinese works. (Many of Tenshi's win quotes in SWR come from Chinese classics.) This is how Chinese characters in Japanese manga and anime are almost always depicted: a pervasive stereotype of the alleged common traits and pride of Chinese people.

This stuff has been on the wiki for a while, so it isn't part of the recently added garbage at least.
No. 14179
>She is commonly referred to as the "lazy guardian" of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though whether this stems from her actual personality or from the nickname "China" is unknown.
>Many Japanese people complain about the reliability and quality of products manufactured in China.

I'm french and I wrote a fanfic about a psychotic yankee.
In France, many people are complaining about firearms being legal in USA.
Also, that character was called "Fat USA".
No. 14180
Was Fat his name or surname?
No. 14183
File 134280526096.png - (250.31KB , 800x400 , 063748463e4aa664012b081dec1732e2.png ) [iqdb]
>The moonhoneys are called moonbitches bacause 3 idiots are thinking that SSiB is a doujin rather than a real manga

No, they're called "moonbitches" because they live on the moon, and they come of as kinda bitchy with all of their talk about how filthy, impure, and completely inferior the Earth and everything on it is. Oh, and one of them also basically threatens to kill everything in Gensokyo with a fan that also happens to be a weapon of mass-destruction.

See, you might not be aware of this, but nice people generally don't engage in blatant racism and threaten genocide against their perceived enemies. Assholes and bitches, on the other hand, do.

They are on the moon, and they are bitches. Thus, "moonbitches".

As for your "three idiots" theory, I guarantee you there are far more people who refer to them as "moonbitches" than there are who refer to them as "moonhoneys", and even if they didn't call them "moonbitches" any more, none of them would call them "moonhoneys" because "moonhoneys" sounds completely stupid.
No. 14184
I recommend you stop talking about them, they're not worth more than 11 key strokes and 2 clicks.
No. 14185
File 134281130816.png - (146.96KB , 480x544 , 076ea166f7e3d624dcae11f7f1a1c1dc.png ) [iqdb]
>No, they're called "moonbitches" because they live on the moon, and they come of as kinda bitchy with all of their talk about how filthy, impure, and completely inferior the Earth and everything on it is. Oh, and one of them also basically threatens to kill everything in Gensokyo with a fan that also happens to be a weapon of mass-destruction.
Oh yeah. Meanwhile, youkais in Gensokyo are constantly repeating how youkais are faster, stronger and smarter than your average human, and yet you're still calling those impure and filthy beasts your "waifu".
>As for your "three idiots" theory, I guarantee you there are far more people who refer to them as "moonbitches" than there are who refer to them as "moonhoneys", and even if they didn't call them "moonbitches" any more, none of them would call them "moonhoneys" because "moonhoneys" sounds completely stupid.
I don't see the relation between my "there are 3 idiots believing that SSiB isn't canon" statement and your "lol theyr moar than 3 pepole calling them moonbietch lol" statement.
No. 14186
Keep digging that hole, Hartmann.
No. 14187
Keep loving your filthy earthcrawlers waifus, Anon.
No. 14188
What's the justification supposed to be for the Lunarians / moon-dwellers being "purer" than those living on Earth, anyway? I don't think I've ever seen a reason behind these claims.
No. 14189
Excuse me, my waifu can fly. She is by no means an earthcrawler.

I'll grant you filthy.
No. 14190
>Oh yeah. Meanwhile, youkais in Gensokyo are constantly repeating how youkais are faster, stronger and smarter than your average human, and yet you're still calling those impure and filthy beasts your "waifu".

But youkai generally are faster, stronger, and even smarter than your average human. That does not mean that cannot also be total assholes, which a lot of them are. Likewise, even if the Lunarians are as pure and superior as they claim to be, that does not mean they aren't also bitches. Even Eirin is kind of a bitch, and she lives on the Earth! These things are not mutually exclusive.
No. 14191
the fact they seemingly made fools of various fan favorites made them reek more of "Original character do not steal" than ZUN made characters. Too bad it was all part of Yukari's plan to massively troll the moon

The winning isn't as bad as it's made to sound by SSiB bashers, but it's hard to deny that it could have been better handled.

Tasafro is pretty fond of making jokes at Meiling's expense, just look at how they made her a joke character in IaMP.

Either that or she really needs to get out and about in Gensokyo more.

Fanon on the other hand likes to look for butt of dumb jokes even though it's been disproven by canon. Though the racism matter might help explain why the japanese fans started doing it (japan is pretty infamous for its xenophobia)

Canon= No knifings, no napaholic Meiling, and no violent break-ins by Marisa (she charms her way in and the only person who objects to her visits is Patchouli)

Hard to say, but I think impurity deals with the need to kill other living beings to survive. Their attempt to avoid death is mostly successful as they've attained very long lifespans, but with all the talk of political unrest in canon, the Lunarians seem unable to escape from human nature. Then again they're quick to forget that they were originally humans.
No. 14192
you forget in Gensokyo that humans can be even bigger assholes/bitches than the youkai; just ask poor Tokiko.
No. 14193
>with all the talk of political unrest in canon, the Lunarians seem unable to escape from human nature. Then again they're quick to forget that they were originally humans.
Sauce? I don't remember this from anywhere.

But Tokiko deserved it, obviously. Because she's a youkai, so she should be exterminated on sight, and is clearly a huge threat to humans.
No. 14194
Well... the Kaguya thing was mistaken but I recall either in SSiB or CiLR that Reisen heard rumors/news of political unrest from the other moon rabbits and rumors that Eirin was behind it (not true). Things got to the point where Yorihime was under suspicion herself.

Part of it was debunked as Yukari's plotting (and having Reimu practice god summoning), though the fact the goverment reacted so strongly instead of dismissing it shows that there might be actual discontent on the moon.

The lunarians are not totally unpleasant as during Reimu's "captivity" on the moon, she was treated very nicely.

As for the Tokiko remark, please keep it reasonable as I'd like this unofficial peace agreement to last.
No. 14195
File 134281633584.jpg - (240.41KB , 850x1200 , sample-986b10d617f82895521ef3d0dc4a653c.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's a rage thread, and you're expecting people to act like polite citizens?

Screw your shit, dude, I'm going to rage about everything JUST BECAUSE I CAN!
No. 14196
And risk throwing away the peace agreement?
No. 14197
>fan favorites
Speak for yourself. I'm not a fan of either Sakuya, Marisa, or Remilia.

Besides, if ZUN really wants to "bash fan favorites" as many suggests, they would've brought Flandre along. We all know that there are tons and tons and tons of Flandre fans out there.
No. 14198
File 134282740354.jpg - (1.54MB , 1000x1000 , 8befdfd6717e3a53e7c2aa8c48fa2601.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Besides, if ZUN really wants to "bash fan favorites" as many suggests, they would've brought Flandre along.

I wish they would have, if only so the poor girl had the chance to actually do something, even if it was just getting her nutty little ass kicked with some HAX bullshit. As it is, what has she got? An article from Aya, an entry from Marisa, and a handful of cameos where you don't even actually see her.
No. 14199
But she's supposed to stay in the basement.

You know, just like a NEET.
No. 14200
Oh, stop. You know full well what he meant, and he's right.
No. 14201
That's why I hate being in the minority. Your opinions lack strength there.
No. 14202
No, that's not how being in the minority works. Your opinions have as much strength as everyone else's. There's simply less people agreeing with you.
No. 14203
Tell that to the guys who voted for McCain back in 2008.
No. 14204
But why would we care about them?
No. 14205
When people call someone a "fan favorite," they don't mean all fans like them, they just mean they have lots and lots of fans. Which Remilia, Sakuya, and Marisa DEFINITELY do.
Minority and majority opinions have nothing to do with it.

Also, Sakuya, Marisa, and Remilia are more popular than Flandre.
No. 14206
>Also, Sakuya, Marisa, and Remilia are more popular than Flandre.

Really? I was under the impression that Flandre is the most popular Touhou character, besides Cirno of course.
No. 14207
In the west she's certainly up there, not in Japan though (which is where the majority of the fanbase is). Check the popularity polls.
No. 14209
>Japan has the majority of the fanbase
Highly unlikely. I'd bet a large sum of money that the number of fans in other countries is greater than the number in Japan. I wouldn't be that shocked if China alone had more fans.
No. 14210
Yeah, but they don't count to the Japanese since they're all filthy barbarian gaijin.
No. 14212
Japan has more PAYING fans.
No. 14213
Or because Japan makes almost all the fan content. Fangames, doujins, music remixes, fanart...
No. 14214
Where does Japan hide all their fanfiction? There's got to be way more than the paltry 20k on pixiv.
No. 14215
Japan's fanfiction is called doujins.

Nah, I dunno. Would any get posted on 2ch?
No. 14216
it might be in plain sight as very few people here can read japanese well.
No. 14217
Yes, a small amount of English fanfiction ended up on 2ch a few months back. There was a major translation effort going on with it, and the thread detailing it actually lasted more than a day.
No. 14218
That's pretty cool. Was it any good? Did they like it?
No. 14219
Damn, now I really wish 2ch had archives. How much of that thread do you remember?
No. 14222
I think some of it is archived. I found archived discussion of Share upload threads at least.


I have no idea how much of 2ch is archived, but it's just text so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it was. That link includes the board name in the url so I imagine it has other boards as well. I'm not about to try to navigate it, though.
No. 14224
are you sure you really want to read it? You must remember most of the shitty fanon memes were born in japan.
No. 14225
I can't read any of it. Except perhaps the English fanfiction mentioned in >>14217. I'm just giving that link because of the possibility that got archived. Plus, that site might have a search function to allow someone to find it.
No. 14228
Which qualities are common in stories that turn popular in THP?
No. 14230
One quality common to people who answer questions that like that is a propensity to talking out their asses.
No. 14231
Are you high?
No. 14235
File 134294642831.jpg - (41.36KB , 374x270 , 1706986020136100b73ddfef7212639f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>One quality common to people who answer questions that like that is a propensity to talking out their asses.
No. 14236
Got that game, E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy.
It's kind of funny, but, good lord, the dialogues are awful and the gameplay is totally unpolished.
Dialogues are like that:
"So, you want to enter in place X to take the MacGuffin? Are you sure about that?"
[x] Yes.
[] No.
[] Fuck you.
"Well I'm not going to tell you. What ya gonna do?"
[] You outlived your usefulness. [Pirate him]
[] The spoon doesn't exist. [Psy him]
[x] Fuck you, old fart.
"Good. The cosmos changed, so I'm going to tell you. [He gives you the information.]"

And yes, there's really a "cosmos changed" excuse in the game.
No. 14237
And, god, I'm not even talking about the fanbase. If you complain about the empty levels, that feeling that you're getting bored by the game, then you're either a "baby only playing those shitty ass games when all you have to do is firing", either you're "a whiner unable to finish the first level".
I love how the fanbase is saying:
>yes if you like your games to be somewhat different than mainstream
while meaning
>we are fucking hipsters and we only play bad games with interesting concept

Let me copy another comment:
>i for myself really loved that "emptiness" that from time to time takes over....the whole atmosphere is superb and surreal. i think this game delivers plenty of action and tons of different approaches.higly recommended f
or people that like it different.
In other words, having brown huge levels filled with 2 monsters able to shoot you from afar and kill you almost instantly means having atmosphere. Nevermind the fact that the Deus Ex seems ripped from Doom, that the Culter Dei seems ripped from Warhammer 40K. Nevermind everything, I guess they're just "reference", not "rip-off". Silly me.
No. 14238
File 13429565288.jpg - (124.41KB , 1024x768 , url.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14239

Armored gunboats confirmed feature of Tainted Bonds neo-Gensokyo.
No. 14241
File 134297204652.png - (196.10KB , 270x700 , oc.png ) [iqdb]
I can't help but laugh at this.
No. 14244
File 134298040773.jpg - (81.44KB , 324x964 , Seitokai Yakuindomo.jpg ) [iqdb]
Apparently I'm a girl.
No. 14255
It's Ancient Japanese BullshitMythology to try and explain why people get sick or die of old age and shit. If the Earth is "Somehow Impure", then they need something "Pure" to use as contrast.

Then they also threw in some bullshit later on to justify the "We're Special!" bullshit a lot of the Japanese want to believe in. That they're somehow unique compared to the rest of humanity.
No. 14262
Reimu was more likely to be right about her having stolen those books than she was to be wrong. This isn't like if a white policeman shot a black man because he thought he stole something. Youkai cause mischief against humans, that is their entire purpose. Plus, bird youkai (with the exception of the tengu) haven't exactly shown a lot of brain power in general.
No. 14263
Fantasy racism, fuck yeah.
No. 14268
>Plus, bird youkai (with the exception of the tengu) haven't exactly shown a lot of brain power in general.
Mystia didn't want people eating bird meat. In response she made an alternative type of meat stand. In the process she also set up a con with an intuitive use of her powers. I'd say that's pretty smart.
No. 14269
Reisen didn't want people eating rabbit meat. In response she started a protest group and said this thing:
>Humans are so stubborn! We keep repeating ourselves, but they don't listen!
I'd say that's pretty dumb.
No. 14270
I dunno. Makes sense to me.
No. 14271
On top of that, her cooking's actually good (Aya certainly thought so) so customers would come back for the food.
No. 14272
File 134309025853.jpg - (326.54KB , 1024x768 , 1211919054947.jpg ) [iqdb]
>trusting the culinary preferences of a monster

Nigga, you actually CRAZY?
No. 14273
Hey, humans agree that lamprey are delicious too. They're considered a delicacy in some parts of Europe, and they don't keep well so they have to be served fresh.

On the topic of lamprey, their reputation as parasites bugs me. Most of them are bottom-feeders, especially in their larval forms; plenty of species don't even eat at all in their adult forms. (Lamprey, unlike most vertebrates, metamorphose. Their adult form is the one that you'd recognize or eat and the one famous for parasitism.)
No. 14274
But they're soooooo ugly!
No. 14276
File 134309336214.jpg - (144.58KB , 506x731 , ca98d75bd67d770d14a2cb21565f56a4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, don't look at them. Mystia can help with that.
No. 14290
>And yet Youkai don't gang rape humans for as long as they can get away with it! I've seen some horrible things... At worst, a Youkai'll eat you, and maybe even give you a last request... They tend to avoid giving pain, unless they have reason to. As such, the death would usually be instant, after they get you feeling the emotion they are in the mood for - such as bliss. Sure, they'd still do things like rape, but they'd be gentle if they do. It's funny, really... The ones who are strong are gentle, and one ones who are weak are brutal, and rough. Beyond that, you have their reasons for killing... Humans usually do it because they can, while Youkai at least do it for food...

Okay, is this gang-rape thing referring to the usual gang-rape Touhou doujins, where faceless guys get to rape Touhous?
No. 14291
What's the word to describe people not seeing the difference between fanon (implying rape doujins are fanon, of course) and canon?
No. 14293
>Humans usually do it because they can, while Youkai at least do it for food...
Humans do it for food, too. We can basically eat everything, from frogs to bamboo, including snails.
Youkai are doing it for fun. In Gensokyo, they can eat other things, we just eat humans because they're funnier to play with. And because they run slower than the other games.
No. 14295
I'm under the impression the whole human eating thing is something most youkai outgrow, assuming they have a taste for humans in the first place.
No. 14296
Kinda like bizarro spinach then?
No. 14297
>Sure, they'd still do things like rape, but they'd be gentle if they do.

What the fuck is this I don't even.
No. 14298

Honestly, I'm not raging. I'm just depressed. That person doesn't know what a rape is, and is boasting about his ignorance. That's just depressing.
No. 14299
A gentle rape is one that doesn't hurt the "partner" more than necessary to achieve successful rape, duh.
No. 14300
I see. For example, a rapist closing his mouth instead of repeating "I BET YOU LOVE THIS, HU? SAY YOU LOVE MY COCK, BITCH ! ", right?
No. 14306

This is still an extremely stupid concept, given how harmful rape inherently is, even if not necessarily physically. >>14298 is right.

Why is rape so prevalent in /at/ [and other places like that write-in for Sanaek's nue story] anyway? Is there something wrong with consensual sex?
No. 14307
Yep. For people that like rape, there absolutely is something wrong with consensual sex. That being: it isn't rape. I don't know why they like rape and I'm not inclined to speculate, sorry.

>>14299 was supposed to come off as tongue-in-cheek, by the way.
No. 14308
the doujins or the general scenes? as there's not too much of the latter in the whole of /at/ outside of select shorts and IMN.
No. 14309
>>14300 here.
I don't speak that fancy language of you, so I don't have a single clue about what "tongue-in-cheek" means.
No. 14310
Why the frack is Banshiryuu so darn hard? I've beaten every Touhou game except Ten Desires (for lack of trying), as well as Shuusou Gyoku and Kioh Gyoku, on Normal as at least one character. Banshiryuu? I can't get past stage 2. On the C67 version or the C74 version.

Also, there's a stage enemy pattern in Banshiryuu stage 2, which resembles a stage enemy pattern in Ten Desires stage 5, but it's harder since the enemies have more hit points, you're trapped in the center of them since they come from outside rather than spawning in place, and their bullets are both bigger and faster so you inevitably get walled in. Stupid spiral.

By Gyoku, is there a trick to this game or what?
No. 14315
File 134341370928.png - (237.97KB , 640x480 , Great Science - Devil's Recitation.png ) [iqdb]
The SMD-00X stole Shinki's wings and two of her attack patterns, and one of Yuuka's patterns too!

Amusement Makers knew that the fans wanted to see Shinki and Yuuka's return, so they included these patterns on the SMD-00X to say "We know we want these characters back, but we don't want to bring them back so forget you." Amusement Makers is the biggest troll in the Touhou fanbase!

Seriously, Byakuren and the SMD-00X using Shinki's attacks weren't all that.
No. 14316
it might have been that they didn't have the rights to use touhou character as I don't recall there being any touhou cameos in that.
No. 14319
Yuki and Mai show up in the Extra stage. They don't give two shits about copyrights.
No. 14321
Aya's Gauge Attacks in Phantasmagoria of Flower View are blatant ripoffs of Chiyuri's. ZUN knows we want to see the PC-98 characters back and gave Aya Chiyuri's pattern to troll us.

ZUN is the biggest troll in the fanbase!

Even though Yuuka came back in PoFV and it was before people started clamoring for the return of PC-98 characters.

Also, this is satire in case it wasn't obvious.
No. 14322
Bombs are ridiculously overpowered in Banshiryuu, yo.
No. 14323
File 134355061937.jpg - (74.97KB , 755x1080 , Rumia is too damn cute.jpg ) [iqdb]
Freaking Pixiv. Why do you make everything cute? Rumia is a beast, a monster! She's the kind of monster breaking your neck, opening your chest, and eating you raw! Hell, she's probably Irish on top of that.
No. 14325
File 134357755936.jpg - (221.14KB , 664x1008 , n021.jpg ) [iqdb]
What the hell is Touhou doing in that serie?
No. 14328
File 134358442910.jpg - (402.64KB , 1200x1497 , rumia run!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Read up on your canon. Rumia is to apathetic to do that sort of thing, and if she does hunt humans, she's hilariously bad at it. Thus, cute.
No. 14329
She's still a monster. A meat-eating, disgusting and repulsive monster.

And I don't see you denying the Irish accusation. Hell, she's probably wearing a wig to hide her ginger hair and lack of soul.
No. 14330
File 134358785358.jpg - (268.83KB , 700x750 , rumia pout.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, stop being so racist.
No. 14331
I'm not racist.
I hate youkais, jews, irish, muslims, christians, gays, bigots and all of mankind equally.
No. 14332
File 134358957592.png - (3.84KB , 105x140 , 14458821.png ) [iqdb]
Uploaded the wrong picture. I wanted to put that awesome Meira pic instead. Meira is awesome.
No. 14333
File 13435909511.jpg - (501.17KB , 845x847 , Mima is still faster than you.jpg ) [iqdb]
You appear to be a YAF wannabe.
No. 14334
File 134359103681.jpg - (38.23KB , 169x200 , l08.jpg ) [iqdb]
I plan to be better than YAF. I want to be a Nietzche wannabe.
No. 14335
File 134359129573.jpg - (54.79KB , 379x361 , t04.jpg ) [iqdb]
And if I can't, being a Machiavelli wannabe is good enough for me.
No. 14336
File 13435914384.jpg - (29.84KB , 142x216 , l09.jpg ) [iqdb]
After all, Machiavelli was a pretty cool dude.
No. 14337
File 134359150951.jpg - (30.30KB , 145x209 , t06.jpg ) [iqdb]
He's the one who inspired the adjectif "Machiavellian". And that's awesome.
No. 14338
File 134359158181.jpg - (38.79KB , 616x203 , t14.jpg ) [iqdb]
What a shame he died ignoring youkais. He woulda found a nice way to use them to gain money and influence.
No. 14339
File 134359464212.png - (38.93KB , 695x434 , YuugenMagan_ref1.png ) [iqdb]
You know Machiavelli's own philosophy wasn't actually Machiavellianism, right? The Prince is not a manual for tyranny but a satire of such manuals and the philosophies associated therein, which were common at the time.
No. 14340
File 134359547127.jpg - (33.09KB , 141x221 , q14.jpg ) [iqdb]
And don't force me to argue, I'm out of pictures!
No. 14341
File 134359668898.jpg - (36.81KB , 169x200 , 134359103681.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nevermind, by adding a mustache, I can deceive THP's spam detector. That's ugly as hell, but that'll do.

I didn't know about The Prince being a satire. I always thought it was serious. Look like you can't even trust your teacher. What a dangerous world we're living in, indeed.
No. 14342
Holy fuck, that's even uglier than I though. You win this argument, >>14339, I don't want to photoshop any more pictures.
No. 14355
I want to bitch about people doing the whole avatar thing on imageboards.
No. 14360
Yeah, that movie was a overated piece of shit, but that's not good enough as a reason to be mad.
No. 14361
No. 14364
No. 14370

Over-rated? It was the most racist piece of shit in modern history. Mightey Whitey swoops in and does the Native thing better then the Natives themselves can do in a matter of months. Primitive aliens, they can't even do primitive alienism as well as a WHITE MAN can!

No. 14372
You're right, it's a racist movie. Those stupid simpleton are the only one able to help mankind, but no, they prefer living like hippies and monkeys instead of helping mankind. Fucking smurfs and furfags.
No. 14376
Go back to /b/.
No. 14377
>Q: What’s happened to the older characters? Like Alice, Yuka-san, and Mima-sama …
>ZUN: Well, it would be a huge pain to try to bring in older characters all the time. They’d show up, and everyone would be, “Where have you been all this time!?” It’d be weird to fit them into the story. And, I’d rather make new characters. Of course, I won’t say they’ll never show up again … Hm, Genjii? Well, Reimu can fly, so she doesn’t need him anymore. *g* He’s kind of a Master Roshi character. But he’s a turtle, and turtles are long-lived. He’s probably peacefully living out his days in a pond behind the shrine.
>Q: What about the character reset? I wanted to play the head maid in MoF …
>ZUN: Well, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like they’re gone, they just don’t really get screen time. It would have been weird for Sakuya to show up in MoF.

No. 14379
ZUN is encouraging people to interpret Touhou as they want. Some of us are just trying to create a touhou as realist as possible, while some of us are following a "LOL DANMAKU" kind of Gensokyo.
No. 14383
yeah sure you can ignore the pc-98 stuff

if you wanna be retarded
No. 14384
Yeah sure, you can ignore basic grammar rules.

If you're a complete moron.
No. 14385
Q: "Gensokyo" Has it been that from the new series (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil onwards) the whole setting have been swept clean?

A: Regarding the setting, consider that the newest work is basically the most detailed and right.[1] And basically,for the works before Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, even if the word view looks the same, I believe that you could enjoy the works from now on better if you regard that the setting doesn't exist.

Q: "Gensokyo" Do the setting of the PC-98 games still live?

A: Of course, nothing particular has changed.
No need to say that the setting that wasn't mentioned in the game doesn't exist, instead think it as only some portion of it becomes an issue in the games.

I'm not positive, but I think what he's trying to say is that whatever information would go in a hypothetical PC-98 Perfect Memento-type book if written at the time of the PC-98 games is now non-canon, but that the games themselves are still canon.
No. 14388
It would have been weird for Sakuya to show up in MoF.

Its' true and something most fandumb bashers don't realize: MoF's scenario mainly involved the Hakurei shrine and not much else (Marisa's mainly along for her own reasons)

It's similar to why Youmu returned in TD: it involves her direction with all those spirits.

ZUN's explaination is mostly good except for one character: Mima, the original pest to Reimu. It's hard to deny that her absence is anything but unusual.

Second would be Shinki as despite Alice being related and UFO being in Makai, it's odd how she didn't show up at all due to the intrusion.

But hey, it's the writers job to think of a sensible transition for whatever reason.

While that's true there are limits to how much one can bend things, being the stated bits of canon. But one would have go pretty far to go outside those limits.
No. 14392
>Second would be Shinki as despite Alice being related and UFO being in Makai, it's odd how she didn't show up at all due to the intrusion.
UFO was only in Makai for the last two stages and it was out in the sticks of Makai. It's questionable whether Shinki would even know the intrusion had happened until after it was over and absolutely unsurprising that she did not investigate it.
No. 14404
Humor us, what's the flaw in this argument exactly?
No. 14405
Oh, I don't know, the whole "it's okay for youkai to eat humans" thing?
No. 14406
It'd be hypocritical to harp on that when humans tend to do much worse to other species as there are countless species of animals on the endangered list due to humans overhunting them.
No. 14407
Wow, really? You're using that argument again?

You're justifying youkai murdering humans with that reason?

Am I talking to Stripe Pattern's Byakuren here?

I'm at loss for words, really.

You and me, we're obviously not having the same views on morality.
No. 14408
you're the one going "waahhhh some proyoukai posting a sensible matter"

You're a perfect example of "human hubris" always assuming humans are better than anything else.
No. 14409
>I can't believe there are people who celebrate that whole "youkai eating humans" thing.

Me the same. I can't believe there are people hypocrit enough to celebrate that retarded thing.
No. 14410
Hey, DUMBASS, why don't you put your head in a crocodile's mouth to prove that you have no hubris?
In fact, why not show your lack of hubris by sucking my dick?
What's wrong? Aren't you going to back your words now?
No. 14411
Now you're just stooping to insults. What next? I'm Hitler for having pro-human views?

>But I say Gensokyo is a great place, even for the humans, because of the humans being eaten periodically.

Really? Is this sensible to you? A place is great because murder is a common occurrence?

Are you suggesting that we should look the other way when some youkai kill humans, instead of exacting some kind of retribution against them? Hunt them back, perhaps?
No. 14412
Pro-human reaction:
"Oh my god, a fellow human is being attacked by a monster! Let's help him!"

Pro-youkai reaction:
"oh lol a faggots bein killed lol lets watch lol"
No. 14413
I believe this is relevant to our current discussion.

>The magenta-haired girl tore through the cobblestone streets of the Human Village.

>They wanted her. Her blood. Her flesh. Her death.

>All because of her power.

>The angry mob had lessened the distance between them as she panted heavily, bending down to tighten her boots. The mob had come across her engaging in small talk with some animals and Youkai of the Forest of Magic and decided that she was a traitor. Of course, in the Humans' eyes, all Humans associated with Youkai had committed treason. An exception, of course was the Hakurei Miko. The Village Elders knew, of course, with Yukari's informal, that an orphan child was to be given to her every thirty years to become the next Hakurei the Gap Hag had her eyes on the Ibaragi child, the assumed 'Human' who had a natural affinity for animals. The girl had tamed a wild beast that had decided to run rampant in the Village and had released it back into the Forests after training it to avoid the area.

>Kasen, getting back up, glanced behind her and took to the hills; or more exactly, Youkai Mountain. Gathering all her Magical Reserves, she channelled them to the soles of her feet and took off like lightning towards the gloomy and overgrown Youkai Forest.

>The angry mob, of course, refused to relent, and chased the Hermit far and across Gensokyo, until the Elders had demanded the Villagers to stop the chase, fearing possible Youkai-related repercussions.

>And thus, Kasen had finally found her true home on Youkai Mountain, where she could finally display her true power without the baseless discrimination of those of the Human Village. She'd also discovered her Youkai Pride, as well as germinated the seed of hate of Humans.
No. 14414
File 134401002576.jpg - (419.90KB , 1178x1600 , Take Shelter F.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14415
It says in Perfect Memento that youkai almost never eat humans nowadays. Right there in black and white, twice.
This whole argument is literally pointless.
No. 14416
File 134401463396.jpg - (920.15KB , 800x1066 , Kasen is actually an oni.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seems that author never looked under Kasen's hair-buns.

Kasen is probably something that Konngara is often mistaken for being.
No. 14418
No. 14436
The weaker, more feral youkai probably try to still eat humans (key word is try), but barring Remilia, I figure that the majority of the ones that could actually be a threat to Gensokyo's humans find the act to be either in poor taste, or simply not worth the effort.

Now whether Outsiders get eaten would probably depend on where they get dumped, largely because they wouldn't be able to fend off the aforementioned feral youkai.
No. 14437
Remilia's blood sucking is non-fatal and she appears to be more fond of playing the role of a big bad vampire than actually being one.
No. 14438
What feral youkai?
No. 14439
OCs and youkais like Rumia.
No. 14440
He might be referring to stronger animals (I believe Akyuu references this under the Beast Species)
No. 14442
You know, all this pro-human vs pro-youkai debates will be better done inside a story.

This hypothetical story will have two MCs, one pro-human and one pro-youkai. The pro-human guys can vote for the pro-human one and the pro-youkai guys can vote for the pro-youkai one.

When the two MCs get into an argument, it'll be done by pure write-in.

Of course, the author of that story must be perfectly neutral.
No. 14444
Just got that game "Kung Fu Strike". It's funny and all, but DAMN that's one lazy-ass way to make a game.
It's basically a console game on PC. Which means that you can't edit controls, and that if you're forced to play on keyboard, God helps you, you won't be able to pass the third level.
Yaay. So chill I am right now.
No. 14448
No writer likely wants to deal with that level of shitstorms though, and if they did they'd be less likely to actively care about the story itself, which is never good for a story's prospects.

Granted, I'd still much prefer a themed story about that to threads upon threads bitching about something being pro-youkai or pro-human. I might actually try writing it myself depending on how long this "debate" continues, but I wouldn't put as much effort in as for my current story.
No. 14450
I used to post my trip when giving advices.
And then someone told me "you're in no position to give advice hart" and "you shouldn't use your trip if you're not updating your story". So I stopped using my trip.
No. 14453
As in, in story threads when people are trying to help the writefag (like that terrible one on /sdm/)? Or do you mean more specifically the writing advice thread?
No. 14455
Most console games have adjustable controls.

I suspect there'll only be shitstorms second to GH's.
No. 14457
You're the nevermind.
No. 14458
Stage enemies. All the ones that aren't fairies.
No. 14461
If that thread reaches GH level, I'll erase it. /blue/ is made to avoid threadshitting and rage in story threads, it's not to create bigger shitstorm.
No. 14464
OCs don't exist, and Rumia isn't feral. Feral things don't have conversations with people.

So I ask again: what feral youkai?
No. 14468
They certainly are vocal enough to make up for it, not to mention the past attempts at hijacking new stories (with and without votespam).

They also seem intentionally ignorant of the overall board culture in many ways.
No. 14469
See: >>14458
They're everywhere.
No. 14470
I wanna rage about Cave Story.
Why are good games so difficult? Making a game hard doesn't mean it'll be a good game, for crying out loud!
No. 14472
Oh, Cave Story isn't that hard. You just gotta get used to the floaty controls.
No. 14474
That reminds me, what's the best software to makes game? I'd like to make a short platform game, and all I have is Game Develop. Will it be enough, or it is simpler to just mod an existing game?
No. 14477
What are you even talking about?
No. 14480
There were a few stories that the pro-human zealots tried to hijack new stories due to the easier bossed around writers and a low reader count (low resistance). That is not what I would call a fair vote at all.

The three main examples being:
Megasen's /forest/ story (which had one person vote spamming 10+ times on a couple of occasions)
Fever Dreams in /shrine/, which wound up dying in the end. It was their activities there that alerted me to their existence.
And Another Incursion in /border/, which saw something of a shitstorm as result of their interference.

Ultimately all three attempts failed, though in Fever Dream's case it was due to the story dying.

They certainly wouldn't do that with a longer running story by an established writer as the writer would tell them one way or another to stop it. There is also the matter of resistance that they'd meet from the other readers.
No. 14486
File 134413629198.jpg - (546.35KB , 900x900 , scandalous Im sure.jpg ) [iqdb]
There is no 'pro-human' and 'pro-youkai' divide on the site. The argument is artificial and, in my opinion, fatuous. The fact of the matter that it's basically just one person on this alleged 'anti-youkai' side (reading his posts that is the conclusion to be drawn). So it's one guy, starting shit wherever he goes because he's taking a setting where magical little girls fight with colorful danmaku (and drink tea/sake together more often than not afterwards) too seriously. Not only that but he's a votespammer, proxy user and ban evader. I suspect that he won't stop spamming and disrupting stories because he hasn't despite being banned dozens of times already.

But this message is for the rest of the site community: don't be a dickhead. Let's not get into silly partisan divides if possible. Enjoy stories and vote for what you think is the best option. Just because things don't go your way or other people vote for different things that doesn't give you the right to be an insufferable prat.

I guess this thread became THP-related after all.
No. 14487

So it's one jackass samefagging as hard as possible to create a false impression. That explains a lot! Thank you.
No. 14488
You know, it's pointless to delete my posts and ban my proxies, my dear mod. I can simply get another one, and there are thousands of them.

And I have nothing to lose either since I'm already permabanned.

But you got a point about me taking Touhou too seriously. Then again, the pro-youkai faction also takes Touhou too seriously, as proven when they bring up Hitler back then.

And by bringing up Hitler, they automatically lose.

Samefagging? I'm pretty sure I never samefag.

Of course, you would accuse me of lying, which is understandable.

But my argument is sound and the pro-youkai faction never wins in my book, and that's all that matters.

Now go on, mod. Delete this post. I'm sure you want to do it.

No. 14490
No. 14491
No. 14492
No. 14493
No. 14494
No. 14495
No. 14496
File 134415433292.jpg - (45.17KB , 455x300 , UNLIMITED PROXY WORK.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14497

No. 14498
Thus, his life has no meaning.
That poster was certainly made out of proxies.
No. 14499
File 134415504251.jpg - (47.76KB , 355x476 , Southermanga.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14500

Oh damnit you ban dodgin' jackass, I'm dyin' over here....
No. 14505
I moved it to the other Rage Thread because it's THP-related.
No. 14506
If it's about you arguing about Godwin's Law, it's more about the whole Internet than just THP.
No. 14510
It's a touhou website. We don't need to talk about Nazis on a freaking website about flying little girls in frilly dresses.
No. 14527
Actually, it was about the HFY guy probably pulling a false-flag operation to compare his position with Nazis, and so discredit his opposition.
No. 14528
From now on, everything we dislike will be attributed to HFY guy. He is the source of all evil, the root which can never be burned out.