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An interesting quote from a fanfic about Gensokyo.

>"Just like you, I also doubted the existence of the other world.

>But... I couldn't help dreaming. Dreaming that it exists.

>But that was long ago. Back when I was in middle school. But throughout the years, I had been having daydreams about it, similar to what the two of you had been seeing.

>And, you know... Just now, you two have erased all my doubts. ...My doubts as to whether Gensokyo exists or not, that is.

>There's no mistaking it.

>Gensokyo indeed exists.

>Those lucky enough to live there refer to it as that: Gensokyo. Literally, the countryside of illusions.

>In Gensokyo, there's much beauty to be seen. I know that's not saying much, but... I've seen it. I really have.

>The beauty lies not only in the physical world, but also in the sheer simplicity of such world.

>That's right. Simplicity.

>Eh, how should I describe it... In Gensokyo, if you are foolish enough to think that you have what it takes to solve any strange incident that occurs, then you probably can. Whether you are a lazy shrine maiden, or a meddling witch, it makes no difference.

>Likewise, if you would like to selfishly do funny things to Gensokyo to fit your needs, chances are that you have the capability.

>From what I've seen, one's desires can only be so complicated, especially in such a world as Gensokyo. This kind of selfishness only makes things much simpler.

>How should I put this... there is a freedom to understand the wants of other people? Whatever freedom it is, I'm sure it can never exist in such a complicated society as the modern world... I wonder if that's the true meaning of freedom.

>Hahaha! I think I may have just gotten to the point where I don't know what I'm saying anymore...

>...But you know, it's not all selfishness and suffering in Gensokyo! Everything is actually quite balanced.

>Those of us with a desire or ambition have every right to pursue them in any way possible. And given the variety of magic, there's plenty of room to be creative. To make it so that it's hard to upset the balance, everything is easily resolvable. If anyone else is also selfish enough to think they have the right to stop you, then by all means, let them attempt to fight for their desire. Just like olden times, justice goes only to the victorious!

>Oh, here I'm getting to the fun part!

>Just how does combat work in Gensokyo?

>Even for a world with such complicated workings of magic, there is one standardized mode of combat. It's a little surprising, but it fits Gensokyo so well.

>Danmaku, it's called.

>Beautiful patterns that light up the sky, which are actually bullets meant for attack. A non-lethal kind of attack.

>Even the essence of conflict in Gensokyo takes such a breathtaking form. The definition of conflict itself is rewritten - now it is strictly for enjoyment. Maybe even admiration for the opponent's power. All in all, it's a contest... to see who is the most beautiful and intimidating at the same time. As such, in these kinds of battles, it is aesthetics that is prioritized above everything else. The way it works, conflict is even said to bring foes closer to one another. Maybe that's why it's so easy to make friends with someone you had just fought.

>So, it's not wrong to say that Gensokyo is forever at peace.

>But then, those who haven't seen conflict cannot comprehend peace. Some humans and even youkai are too weak to fend for themselves. These poor people are subject to the whim of Gensokyo's magic, especially at the hands of wild youkai. There's no telling what can happen to them. But such is a necessary obstacle to everlasting peace - preserving the balance that has shaped Gensokyo into the way it is.

>And you know... Most of the things that can happen in Gensokyo, especially magic, are beyond what any of us can imagine. Yet, strangely enough, they are easily understandable and explained by a child. That's just how it is, isn't it? Complicated, yet simple at the same time. Outsiders like us can't do much about it other than to observe and marvel."

2012/07/06 (Fri) 14:01 No. 13401
Good lord, greentext in OP with Chernobyl is barely bloody readable.
2012/07/06 (Fri) 14:04 No. 13402
Damn, I knew it. Should've posted it in the second post instead.

Oh well, there's this thing called Control+A.
2012/07/06 (Fri) 14:35 No. 13404
Hmm, what can I say? You're approaching Touhou as a slice-of-life setting, as it is in canon, which is totally fine by me. I still like WaHH after all (goddamnit, would somebody translate the newer chapters already?)

However, I think Touhou has the potential to become more than that. If you view it just from the right angle, you can bring forth the “dark side” of the relationship between humans and youkai.

Handled well, it could make a really interesting story, which I disagree with you that “it wouldn’t work”, for I know such a story, and I really like it.

Do I wish for a story where mankind succeeds in eliminating all youkai?

My answer would be “Yes, as long as it’s done well” and I would answer the same for questions like “Do you wish for a story where the youkai rule the Earth?” or “Do you wish for a story where the Lunarians are massacred by aliens?” or even “Do you wish for a story where Gensokyo is sent to the prehistoric age?”

And by “done well”, I mean it’s not all about the humans killing the youkai. Show me the moral dilemma; show me how the humans can justify themselves for doing that; show me the drama, the tragedy, the despair.

I hope I’ve chosen the right words in expressing my views. It’s quite hard for me to find the words I want to convey what exactly my opinions are.
2012/07/06 (Fri) 14:39 No. 13406
>You're effectively trying to shove your metaphorical dicks down the throat of anyone who doesn't agree with you about youkai being monsters that must be killed and make them swallow your ideals by force, all over a misinterpreted idea.
You misconceive. It doesn’t matter in the slightest what you think, monsters must die. I don’t care for your pansy hippie opinions, and I don’t care whether you’re with me or against me.

I have a mission, and by my humanity, I shall see it done.
2012/07/06 (Fri) 14:47 No. 13407
If only you'll go easy on your purple prose, YAF...
2012/07/06 (Fri) 15:02 No. 13411
I don’t particularly want to... :<
2012/07/06 (Fri) 15:26 No. 13413
It is the nature of man to create monsters.

It is the nature of monsters to destroy their creators.
2012/07/06 (Fri) 15:42 No. 13418
2012/07/06 (Fri) 15:50 No. 13421
Who's that?
2012/07/06 (Fri) 17:03 No. 13423
Ghost chick from FEAR, iirc
2012/07/06 (Fri) 17:07 No. 13424
Only a man can truly hope to kill a monster
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:07 No. 13434
>Never mind the quality of opponents. I'm not saying the Windows guys suck, far from it, but most of the time they are just being spoiled brats and their schemes have no real long-term consequences (that they have anticipated themselves ie - Yuyuko didn't remember her past and how dangerous the tree really was). The issues with which games were harder aside.

>Meanwhile, Sariel is some 'evil' angel-type thing that apparenlty wants to destroy humanity (and even it was repulsed by how callous PC-98 Reimu was), Yuugen Magan is the hardest EX-Boss in the history of Touhou, Yumemi was essentially an evil Washuu (though thankfully nowhere near as powerful) obsessed with studying magic, Mima taught Marisa damn near everything she knew and was an evil spirit who wanted to destroy the Hakurei Shrine (and Reimu along with it), Yuuka is... well, she's Yuuka (and her servant has a weapon that can block danmaku shots) and enough said there, and Shinki is the undisputed ruler and creator of Makai (even if her actual scheme, turning Gensokyo into a tourist spot for demons, wasn't necessarily done with wicked intentions)! Frickin' Mima and Yuuka were playable characters for some of those games, that's the level of competition presented by the bad guys (before anyone points out PoFV, Yuuka herself stated Shiki would stomp her, Reimu, and Yuyuko all at once if she got serious so don't underestimate the Yama).

>A loli-vampire who wanted to go out for a walk during the day (apparently forgetting she can just use her parasol), a ditzy ghost princess who wants to see a big cherry blossom tree bloom (and unwittingly nearly destroyed herself in the process), a spoiled moon princess who just wanted to hide herself from the real monsters from the moon (Watasuki sisters anyone?), and a duo of failed goddesses and their bratty shrine maiden who decided since they couldn't hack it as religious leaders in the real world they'd come to Gensokyo and have youkai worship them instead of humans!

>Yeah, not much room for comparison there! Utsuho was the first appreciably evil Windows villain (she wanted to destroy the surface and turn it into a new Hell of Blazing Fires for whatever reason after her new power went to her head), and compared to the likes of Shinki or Yuuka, Yukari is the only seemingly epic "villain" of the Windows era.

This is why I hate those guys who keep bringing up PC-98 shit to Windows canon.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:19 No. 13435
He's never even played the PC-98s, I'd bet.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:20 No. 13436
such stories are never done well as most that desire such a thing do not have the skill to convincingly give a Gensokyo where such a thing is possible.

the first Ex-boss, and the one with possibly the title of the hardest is Evil Eye Sigma. And in the windows game, all the talk makes the fight look serious and afterards? Tea time. Okuu was no exeception, just with hard-boiled eggs instead of tea.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:23 No. 13437
>Perhaps she can't tell that her daily meals are made from living humans. Her meals look like such harmless foodstuffs as cake and tea, after all...

Welp, never knew Flandre still eats humans. And Sakuya's probably the one hunting the "ingredients".

Guess that's one more dangerous youkai to kill.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:26 No. 13438
Never say never.

The vampire PMiSS entry says they have an "agreement." I'm guessing Yukari gaps homeless people to them or something. But you're free to interpret everything as you wish.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:32 No. 13439
>I'm guessing Yukari gaps homeless people to them or something

I see that she has read A Modest Proposal.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:49 No. 13441
>Moot. Unless the humans of Gensokyo somehow came up with a way to manipulate fate/kill a Hourai Elixir drinker/counter a nuclear fusion user, humans are ultimately crushed in the face of sheer "lolIwin" powers.

>Just because there is balance and coexistence doesn't mean there is peace. While the eating of humans doesn't occur left and right anymore, the threat of it occurring is implied to be a constant presence that hangs over the human populace. Having to live daily life with that fact hanging over your head can't be too much fun. Yes, Youkai do have to contend with the occasional human sealer, but it seems that youkai are usually the aggressors more often than not. And I'm sure that plenty of the human populace do view Youkai as enemies, just the fact that there is really no way to survive in this land without tolerating them is enough for them to stay their hand. Whatever the relationship, I pretty sure youkai and humans don't consider themselves friends.

>That is another explanation. While Youkai know that the human population of Gensokyo is off limits to them, they know that outsiders that fall into Gensokyo and humans in the outside world are fair game. As long as the human victim doesn't come from the village, nobody will care whether the Youkai eat humans. Seems that the "as long as it's not me," attitude is quite pervasive is Gensokyo. Ironically, this attitude probably means there is some sick sort of peace between the Humans of the village and Youkai, one that turns a blind eye toward human abduction of strangers.

It seems the humans are the weak ones after all.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 01:52 No. 13442
The only confirmed evil thing in Gensokyo is a demonic cherry tree that's sealed in the afterlife.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 02:27 No. 13443
Not all of this is accurate. I am experiencing rage at it, so I'm going through point by point.

>Never mind the quality of opponents. I'm not saying the Windows guys suck, far from it, but most of the time they are just being spoiled brats and their schemes have no real long-term consequences (that they have anticipated themselves ie - Yuyuko didn't remember her past and how dangerous the tree really was).
Really, a lot the known PC-98 motivations weren't much better if at all.

>The issues with which games were harder aside.
Windows games.

>Meanwhile, Sariel is some 'evil' angel-type thing that apparenlty wants to destroy humanity
Sariel is titled "Angel of Death". Reimu attacked Sariel after the destruction of her shrine, implying Sariel may have had a hand in it. There was no dialogue in Highly Responsive to Prayers, so Sariel has no other characterization.

>(and even it was repulsed by how callous PC-98 Reimu was),
Sariel had no dialogue. Even Sariel's gender is unconfirmed. (The sprite is androgynous, and it was before)

>Yuugen Magan is the hardest EX-Boss in the history of Touhou,
First, it's "YuugenMagan", no space.
Second, YuugenMagan is the equivalent to a Stage 2 or 3 boss.
Third, it's not that hard, except for those stupid rocket attacks.

Evil Eye Sigma is the one known as the hardest EX-Boss.

>Yumemi was essentially an evil Washuu (though thankfully nowhere near as powerful) obsessed with studying magic,
Yumemi wasn't really all that evil.

>Mima taught Marisa damn near everything she knew
We don't know how much Mima taught Marisa. Implications are that Marisa helped Mima to reconstitute during Story of Eastern Wonderland.

>and was an evil spirit who wanted to destroy the Hakurei Shrine
Succeeded in destroying the Hakurei Shrine before the game started.
Incidentally, Mima initially appeared as a Stage 10 boss in HRtP's Hell route; this is the same stage number as YuugenMagan, and puts her as equivalent to a stage 2 or 3 boss.
Also, while Mima is categorized as an evil spirit, she's not necessarily evil.

>(and Reimu along with it),
Arguable, although she did want Reimu's powers. A lot of the dialogue in that game was pretty cheesy, and Mima in SoEW seemed somewhat like a cartoon supervillain.

>Yuuka is... well, she's Yuuka
People seem to overestimate Yuuka a lot. This is no exception. While she was both a 5th-stage and final boss, she was an easy boss both times.

>(and her servant has a weapon that can block danmaku shots)
This is half true. That stupid scythe can, in fact, block bullets. However, it blocks the player's shots, not enemy shots. (There might or might not be a distinction.)
More importantly, she throws it right in the middle of her other patterns, it's aimed, it boomerangs back to her at a higher speed, it's big, and it's relatively hard to see.

>and enough said there,
No it isn't. That scythe also fills me with rage.
But Elly's patterns are awesome. Also, many of them look like scythe-swing attacks, which is very cool.

>and Shinki is the undisputed ruler and creator of Makai
Although she tends to stay out of political matters. It's stated that the tourist incident wasn't directly her doing.

>(even if her actual scheme, turning Gensokyo into a tourist spot for demons, wasn't necessarily done with wicked intentions)!
That wasn't even her scheme. It was a civilian agency.

>Frickin' Mima and Yuuka were playable characters for some of those games, that's the level of competition presented by the bad guys
Because they were bored. Also, they're not as powerful as some people seem to think they are; Yuuka was a weak boss, and Mima's final-boss patterns were mostly memorization/reflexes.

>(before anyone points out PoFV, Yuuka herself stated Shiki would stomp her, Reimu, and Yuyuko all at once if she got serious so don't underestimate the Yama).
People keep saying this, but I can't find it in the script of the game. Is it in the endings or something? Because I'm sure it's somewhere.

>A loli-vampire
Appearance bears no meaning in Touhou. A 500 year old vampire who looks like a little girl is still a 500 year old vampire.

>who wanted to go out for a walk during the day (apparently forgetting she can just use her parasol),
Any plot by a vampire to be able to go out during the daytime automatically gets a threat level of high.

>a ditzy ghost princess
actually, that's an act. Yuyuko is quite capable of being serious, and is more serious during the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom.

>who wants to see a big cherry blossom tree bloom (and unwittingly nearly destroyed herself in the process),
She explicitly wanted to unseal the person underneath the tree.

>a spoiled moon princess
Who happens to be immortal, and gets burned to death on a regular basis.

>who just wanted to hide herself from the real monsters from the moon (Watasuki sisters anyone?),
Eientei eventually ends up on decent terms with the Watatsuki sisters. And they're not all that monstrous, though they are overpowered.

>and a duo of failed goddesses
They did much better than plenty of other gods.

>and their bratty shrine maiden
Bratty? "Inexperienced," maybe. But not really bratty.

>who decided since they couldn't hack it as religious leaders in the real world they'd come to Gensokyo and have youkai worship them instead of humans!
They still are after human worshipers.

>Yeah, not much room for comparison there!

Oh really? The PC-98 games had:
Some random angel and some random zombie knight from space, an evil spirit who acts like a cartoon supervillain, a scientist who just wants to understand magic, a user of flowers who didn't even know she was causing problems, and a god from another dimension and didn't actually have anything to do with the incident.

>Utsuho was the first appreciably evil Windows villain
Utsuho wasn't evil. Just brain-addled.

>(she wanted to destroy the surface and turn it into a new Hell of Blazing Fires for whatever reason after her new power went to her head),
Utsuho is kind of a silly bird. She thought that was what she was supposed to do with her power.

>and compared to the likes of Shinki or Yuuka, Yukari is the only seemingly epic "villain" of the Windows era.
I don't know about that. I'd put Yuyuko in that category, especially with that fan attack.

He seems to desire that the final boss should be an evil villain, which Touhou generally doesn't have and which would in general be contrary to the general theme of the games, and at the same time seems to think that the PC-98 final bosses were somehow more evil than the Windows ones, which isn't true.

These sorts of misconceptions might stem from the fact that the spellcard system didn't exist in the PC-98 games; despite this, Reimu and Marisa weren't shooting to kill any more than they were in the Windows games, and the tone is similar between the Windows and PC-98 games. (The exception is Highly Responsive to Prayers, which has no dialogue, and a much darker appearance than any other Touhou game.)
2012/07/07 (Sat) 02:30 No. 13444

That's why I'm using that as my villain.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 02:46 No. 13445
>People keep saying this, but I can't find it in the script of the game. Is it in the endings or something? Because I'm sure it's somewhere.
It is not in PoFV. I believe it is in one of the print works, but I've heard it said with Yukari instead of Yuuka (Yukari pairing up with Yuyuko is certainly more likely than Yuuka)
2012/07/07 (Sat) 02:53 No. 13446
It's from Seasonal Dream Vision.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 02:57 No. 13447
Mystic Square bad ends were pretty light hearted (Yuuka's was downright cute)

Though one should remember that difficulty in a game doesn't always translate to power, recent examples would be the crop of extra bosses who while perhaps not as powerful as the final boss, often have trickier patterns.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 03:18 No. 13449
In Toohoo, isn't the trickiness or your patterns how powerful you are?
2012/07/07 (Sat) 03:42 No. 13450
In Toohoo, you don't talk about powerlevels if you want to save yourself from a headache.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 04:02 No. 13451
No, you DO talk about power levels if you want to save yourself a headache. See, look:

>As I finished my explanation, I could feel the activity of a very strong presence. The violet cherry blossoms scattered before my eyes almost as if they were frightened of something. Reimu stood, having probably not listened to any of my explanation at all, but she could probably feel that presence too, and was looking around.

>"Yuyuko. This atmosphere... It's that person, isn't it?" I whispered to Yuyuko.

>"That person? Umm... Who do you mean? I think I know who you mean, though, somehow."

>"They must have come to watch the sinful violet cherry blossoms. We're no match for them, so we'd better leave, okay?"
2012/07/07 (Sat) 04:08 No. 13452
2012/07/07 (Sat) 07:19 No. 13456
Isn't it obvious? Your father violates sheep.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 07:21 No. 13457
2012/07/07 (Sat) 13:00 No. 13471
I like that quote.

Shows how Gensokyo can still be a paradise even if it's flawed.

Perhaps this is "the middle path", so to speak.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 14:06 No. 13472
>"And I'm just getting started." I declared, raising my hand into the air. "I will woo and conquer the hearts of every girl and woman in this place, be they human and Yokai and turn Gensokyo into my own… PERSONAL… HAREM!"

It's 2012 and we still have things like this?
2012/07/07 (Sat) 15:09 No. 13474
where did you read this?
2012/07/07 (Sat) 15:20 No. 13475
I agree wholeheartedly to this.

Now let's close this shitty fanfic site and go play the games instead. Let's see who can finish Lunatic without dying or bombing first.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 15:29 No. 13476
That accursed fanfiction site.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 17:17 No. 13481
>This is why I hate those guys who keep bringing up PC-98 shit to Windows canon.

Don't be a fucking idiot. ZUN brings PC-98 shit to Windows canon.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 17:23 No. 13482
2012/07/07 (Sat) 18:02 No. 13484
Reimu, Marisa, Yuuka, Alice. Off the top of my head.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 18:06 No. 13486
Not the same Reimu, not the same Marisa, not the same Yuuka, and Alice changed a lot too.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 18:40 No. 13487
You... you're kidding, right? You're kidding, right? You're trolling, right? There's no way you'd be so stupid.

>Alice recognizes Reimu, but Reimu doesn't recall her, just like in the Extra stage of Mystic Square. Alice even still has the Grimoire of Alice she had in the Extra stage

>Earthlight Ray: Marisa ran through everything else, so she had to dig up this old spell.
>Earthlight Ray was her player attack in Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream. Further more, her Master Spark was filched from Yuuka after Lotus Land Story, and she still has the Orreries Sun attack she had in Story of Eastern Wonderland

>Reimu: Everything went back to normal when I defeated you back then!
>This is obviously referring to the events in Lotus Land Story

Please don't be so stupid again.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 19:07 No. 13488
He didn't mean literally, you idiot.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 19:42 No. 13491
In the context of what we're talking about, I don't see how it can be not taken literally. We're not talking about character designs here.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 20:07 No. 13492
>zOMG he never read EVERYTHING on the wiki therefore he's an idiot
Take that broom off your ass, it might help you not looking like a complete dick.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 20:13 No. 13493
He shouldn't be declaring anything non-canon if he doesn't know what he's talking about.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 21:14 No. 13494
ZUN said that Keine is millenium-years old.
I'm not sure we can completely believe him.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 21:16 No. 13495
You know, I've seen that passed around a few times, but to this date, I've never seen anyone provide a source.
2012/07/07 (Sat) 23:49 No. 13499
Don't forget the EoSD manual which outright says "this takes place shortly after Mystic Square"

ZUN's interviews are hardly in a definitive word of god tone, such as his SoPM one where he states he thinks Kisume would be a headhunter.

The clearest canon pieces would be perhaps the manuals and profiles unless contradicted by something beyond smack talking.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 02:24 No. 13502
You know, this "PC-98 is canon" guy is more annoying than the HFY guys. At least they don't call people stupid for defending youkai.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 02:30 No. 13503

I have to disagree and assert that you are, in fact, one of those HFY guys trying to make himself look better.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 02:34 No. 13504
Sure, whatever you say, my friend. You can't prove an anon's identity after all.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 02:45 No. 13505
>CONTAINS: A twisted O.C; Cirno; loli; rape; coarse language/swearing. WARNING: IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF THESE, TAKE EVASIVE MANUEVERS AND GET AWAY FROM THIS WORK. RATED M for content.


>"Hi onii-san!" said flan, waving to me from the bottom of the steps that led to the main floor of the S.D.M. I walked down to greet the little vampire for the 3rd time this week.

>"Yo!" I waved back to her "Flan! I missed ya'!"

>"I missed you too!" The frighteningly powerful yet cute girl said, running over and giving me a friendly hug.

>I sniffed the air, noticing an odd, musky, pungent smell.

>The room's air was ripe with the stench of bitches…

>(lol: see what I did there?)

>She stepped back and looked up at me smiling.

>Suddenly I got a brilliant idea.

>Slowly I removed my pants in front of the innocent girl. She had little to no exposure to the outside world, so she did not have any clue as of what was about to happen to her.
>I pulled her over to me and grabbed her head , forced her to suck my dickSoon I could not take it anymore, I blew my load into the tiny vampires mouth.

>I tore off her clothes and rammed my cock into her, taking her virginity.

>"Stop! Please stop! I really don't like this…I…ahhhhhhh!"She cried out. She was saying that she did not want it, although her body signs said differently.

>I cannot recall how many times I came inside of her, however I do remember something strange …Changed…

>Flan moaned as her vision began to blur white with pure pleasure.

>"Fuck me! Fuck me like the dirty whore I am!" screamed flan, "Please onii-san! Drill my cunt and pump me with your delicious dick juice!"

>The tiny loli vampire pleaded and whined for more pleasure until to the point of tears, begging to be deflowered more and more.

>Flandre eyes had become empty and her smile fake and distant. Her expression eventually contorting into…what was it? Oh yes. Ahegao.

>I realized I had broken the little girl. I continued to fuck the now slutty vampire, using the blood for lubricant.

>Eventually I finished up, leaving her dripping with sweat and soaked in cum, staring at the basement ceiling with a empty look on her face. I left the mansion as quickly as possible, so as not to suffer the wrath of Flandre's older sister.

>Now, time to visit a certain ice fairy...


Now why don't this guy write in /at/?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 03:32 No. 13507
This has to be a parody. It has to be.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 03:33 No. 13508
Sounds like a doujin novelization.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 04:52 No. 13509
>Hey! I'm Lemonade festival.

>I like lemons. every kind

>I don't like it when parties have lemons.

>My fav. touhou characters are Suika, Flandre, Yukari, & Cirno.

>I despise futanari

>I DESPISE futanari

>I dislike, but can endure yuri

>I am the most sociopathic person you will ever hear of, and I should be institutionalized as soon as possible.

>My favorite drink is not sweet lemonade, sweet lemonade, oh sweet lemonade. I will not tell you where the lemonade is made.

>My favorite drink is none of your buisness.

>My card number is *



Yep, the writefag's a troll.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 05:55 No. 13510
>>Shows how Gensokyo can still be a paradise
Yes, because murdered children and cannibalism is obviously a vital aspect of any paradise.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 06:06 No. 13512
2012/07/08 (Sun) 06:08 No. 13513
fu mushibun
2012/07/08 (Sun) 06:50 No. 13515
I'm surprised there's no shitstorm on the comment section below it. Usually, when a "grimdark" doujin pops out like this, especially when they portray youkai eating humans, they will be people bitching about how it's not canon.

Oh well, best Rumia is monstrous Rumia.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 11:11 No. 13518
Can't handle that you were wrong?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:05 No. 13519
Can't handle people having different opinions than yourself?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:33 No. 13520
There's a huge difference between "being wrong" and "having a different opinion".
"Being wrong" implies there's a good answer.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:41 No. 13521
No, what I can't handle is people making an ignorant/misinformed statement and then trying to backpedal out of it by saying it's an "opinion."
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:50 No. 13522
And of course, you know better than them if they're having an opinion or if they're just stupid, because you know everything.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:52 No. 13523
If they have an ignorant opinion then it goes without saying that I am better informed on the subject at hand. This is not hard to figure out.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:55 No. 13525
And of course, you know what an "ignorant opinion" is, because you know better than them. I wish I could be as perfect as you.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 13:56 No. 13526
Ignorant opinion? I've played and read the translations for all the PC-98 games and I still think it's barely relevant to the Windows canon.

ZUN said himself that you can enjoy the Windows canon without worrying about the PC-98 one so that's what I'm gonna do.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:03 No. 13528
Heh, as long as we got Fell on our side, I don't care about your opinion.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:04 No. 13529
Then don't lambast people who bring PC-98 to Windows canon and act like they're all undeniably wrong for even bringing it up, because there is plenty of evidence for it one way and absolutely none for the other.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:05 No. 13530
Reading those posts makes me glad we have a rage thread. Shit would fly easily if people were arguing in the stories threads.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:06 No. 13531
>there is plenty of evidence for it one way and absolutely none for the other.
No. There's plenty of evidence for BOTH. Everything is about interpretation.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:07 No. 13532
Haha! Let's hear it then. This should be good.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:19 No. 13533
Or not. I have no desire to deal with an arrogant and obnoxious kid. I look forward to discussion. Not a one-sided monologue where you're just going to close your ears whenever you hear something you don't like, and where you're systematically going to insult me whenever you find a breach in my arguments.
Have fun talking alone, kid.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:21 No. 13534
You realize taking your ball and going home is just as childish as what you described just now, right?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:22 No. 13535
I'm not saying they're wrong. I just dislike people who say things like

>Trying to resolve the incident, mainly due to the fact that she's a newbie compared to Reimu and Marisa. I mean Sanae's 16 at the start of MoF right? What has she done by then besides look very pretty? By this point, Reimu and Marisa have knocked the crap out of various high level beings. Reimu smacked around the angel of death before she learned to fly.

I hate how he talked about Sanae like that, saying that she's really weak compared to Reimu while bringing up friggin' Sariel as evidence. So I just have to mock him for that.

God, I hate powerlevel discussions.

Anyway, let's try to link TH1 canon to the Touhou canon nowadays. Explain who she is. Is she really an angel of God? Then, does the monotheistic God really exist in the Touhou universe? So, how does He fit it with all this talk about gods, faith, and stuff in SoPM? ZUN never talks about monotheism in Touhou.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:22 No. 13536
You do realize that insulting me isn't going to prove anything, right?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:26 No. 13537
>I mean Sanae's 16 at the start of MoF right?
What. Since when?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:26 No. 13538
It's certainly not helping your case.

Sariel is described in some writings as a fallen angel. Given that she resides in Makai, which is ruled over by Lucifer/Satan, it's probably not a stretch to view her as a fallen angel.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:31 No. 13539
ZUN's never really mentioned the monotheistic God, but there is Shinki, who is basically Lucifer. Sariel might be her creation like the rest of the inhabitants of Makai, or if Shinki fell from the grace of God, one of the angels who were thrown out of heaven with her.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:35 No. 13540
>Shinki = Lucifer

'Tis fanon.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:42 No. 13541
>implying he has to prove anything
2012/07/08 (Sun) 14:53 No. 13542
Well it's fanon with a hell of a lot to back it up. White seraphic wings that turn demonic, resides in Pandaemonium which is the capital of Hell in Paradise Lost, rules over a world of demons, her final attack phase that Byakuren stole from her is called Devil's Recitation, etc etc. About the only way ZUN could have made it even more obvious is if she was named Lucille Fell.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:05 No. 13543
Devil's Recitation may be how Byakuren is seeing Shinki. We players are seeing Shinki as a moeblob, but for Byakuren, Shinki is Makai's goddess where she was exiled to. And perhaps Byakuren saw Makai as Hell, since she talked about "being revived" rather than "being unsealed".
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:21 No. 13544
Moeblob Shinki is the real fanon here. Shinki is Mystic Square is not a moeblob. Rather, she is reasonable and holds authority over Makai, but decides she can't allow Reimu/Marisa/Mima/Yuuka to return to Gensokyo scot-free after they went around on a rampage in her Makai.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:23 No. 13545
>holds authority over Makai
She still can't forbid a travel agency to send demons in Gensokyo.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:26 No. 13546
Just because she imitates Satan/Lucifer doesn't mean she's him.

ZUN didn't give her any backstory so stop inventing one and act like it's canon (or close to canon).

Besides, Touhou is all about Eastern mythologies, which Lucifer has no relation to.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:29 No. 13547
Not sure about that.
For example, Buddha was indian, and yet we have buddhists in touhou. It's possible for foreign concepts to enter in Japan.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:29 No. 13548
Why are we taking Mystic Square so seriously? It's full of jokes and humor.

I bet ZUN didn't think that much about Makai, Shinki, etc when he made it, so why should we?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:30 No. 13549
I guess Kaguya is just imitating Kaguya-hime, then.

And Kasen is just imitating Ibaraki-douji too.

Oh, and let's not forget how Toyohime and Yorihime have absolutely no relation to their mythical counterparts.

Tewi isn't the Hare of Inaba, either.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:30 No. 13550
>implying Buddhism isn't part of Japanese culture already
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:33 No. 13551
>I guess Kaguya is just imitating Kaguya-hime, then.

Confirmed on her backstory. She's the Kaguya-hime of mythology.

>And Kasen is just imitating Ibaraki-douji too.

Not yet confirmed since nobody bothers to translate the manga so we can't make any conclusions yet.

>Oh, and let's not forget how Toyohime and Yorihime have absolutely no relation to their mythical counterparts.

I only know of them having a relation with the Dragon God, and that's from their names or something. Care to explain more?

Besides, they don't have backstories, except for being Eirin's apprentices in the past.

>Tewi isn't the Hare of Inaba, either.

The implication is quite high but I'm not too sure about this one.

Really, comparing Shinki to them is just missing the point.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:34 No. 13552
Yes he did. You people need to stop writing off ZUN as just a drunk. He's clearly well-read in Western literature. Agatha Christie is one of his favorite authors. There's no doubt that John Milton's Paradise Lost was on his mind when he created Mystic Square.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:36 No. 13554
>There's no doubt that John Milton's Paradise Lost was on his mind when he created Mystic Square.


That's a good one.

Fact: ZUN only takes Touhou more as a setting rather than a shmup since the Windows era.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:37 No. 13555
If these characters who are clearly based on these mythical figures/characters are these people, then what gives you the right to write off Shinki as imitating Satan rather than being them, who she is clearly based on?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:41 No. 13556
It's not in her backstory, goddamnit! Are you blind or something?

The only one who's confirmed with no doubt that she's the mythical character whom she's based on is Kaguya.

Do you assume Eirin is Omoikane, just because she imitates him?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:43 No. 13557
Hey, did you know that there was a character named Mai in Mystic Square? She specialized in ice magic and was a two-faced bitch. Her theme was titled Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss.

Did you also know that in Dante's Inferno, there was a special level of Hell reserved for the worst of traitors? It was a frozen lake where the people being punished were buried in ice. Know who was one of the traitors being punished there? Judas.

Please give ZUN more credit. He really deserves them.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:44 No. 13558
Considering that many of the Shinto gods are confirmed to be Lunarians, and how gods work in Touhou, yes.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:49 No. 13559
Wait what?

Lunarians = gods?

You realize they're just using their names as their own, right?


I don't see them there.

So? That doesn't mean Mai is Judas; you know, the dude who betrayed Jesus.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:51 No. 13560
That's not the point. The point is, ZUN is more than just aware of Western literature and can and will incorporate them into his games on a whim.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:53 No. 13561
By "incorporate", you mean "reference" right? Like Flandre and There Will Be None.

If so, I agree with you.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:55 No. 13562
You realize that the Lunarians are implied to be the amatsukami that subjugated the kunitsukami by sealing them away with shimenawa ropes and unifying Japan, right?
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:56 No. 13563

Thanks for clearing that up.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 15:59 No. 13564
Hey, where's Ddyk? I thought he'd show up since, you know, we're talking about the Lunarians and all.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:02 No. 13565
Wow, you are just a little shit, aren't you.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:02 No. 13567
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:05 No. 13568
Bah, you're missing my argument.

The "implied" part is the "implied to be the amatsukami" part.

They could simply be working under them as opposed to being them.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:08 No. 13569
The Lunarians' leader is Lord Tsukuyomi. You know? Brother of Amaterasu, the queen bitch of the amatsukami.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:09 No. 13570
Not to mention, Kanako is one of the amatsukami, and her Symposium profile indicates that she wasn't originally a god.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:31 No. 13571
So what if his name is Tsukiyomi? That doesn't mean he's the Tsukiyomi.

Lots of people are named "Muhammad". That doesn't mean they're the Muhammad, that famous Islamic prophet.

So? Irrelevant. You're implying that Tsukiyomi turned into a god once he went to the Moon, right?

Sure, why not? It has no real basis in canon though.

You know what? If you're so adamant about this "Lunarians are Amatsukamis" thing, why don't you write a story where they are over at /eientei/? We could use some more Lunarian story here.

Let's see if you can compete with Ddyk since he's going to make another Lunarian story soon.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:44 No. 13572
Oh my god, are you serious? Are you seriously suggesting that the guy named Lord Tsukuyomi who resides over the moon is not the Tsukuyomi who is a god of the moon? He's just a guy with the same name? In Touhou?

I... I'm done talking with you. This is just... ugh.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:49 No. 13574
Glad you finally understand.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:52 No. 13576
>Lots of people are named "Muhammad". That doesn't mean they're the Muhammad, that famous Islamic prophet.
Unfortunately for your argument, Muhammad was already a very common Arabic name before the prophet came along and still is. People aren't generally named Tsukuyomi, however.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 16:56 No. 13577
I thought you're done talking with me.

Unless, of course, you're not >>13572.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 17:00 No. 13579
The name "Muhammad" is popular because it's a recommended name for a muslim.

Sage for not related.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 18:24 No. 13583
>Let's see if you can compete with Ddyk since he's going to make another Lunarian story soon.
A blind monkey can compete with Ddyk.

>So what if his name is Tsukiyomi? That doesn't mean he's the Tsukiyomi.
It's rather uncommon in most civilizations to name a kid after a god. Of course, muslims are an exception, but it's because, as >>13576 said, it was a rather common name to begin with.
2012/07/08 (Sun) 23:20 No. 13587
I would like to rage about Marie, from Seihou. Specifically, the boss battle with her in Shuusou Gyoku.

Because she's a pain. And you thought Shou was bad.

I just ran through Shuusou Gyoku. I made it to stage 6. I used one bomb early in Stage 4 on two enemies who sweep the field with scythe-like shot waves at the same time, and another on the Stage 5 midboss, and died twice to the curving lasers used by the enemies in Stage 6.

All of my other deaths and bombs were on Marie. I perfected every other boss through Stage 5, including Erich. Marie took four of my lives.

Four is death, indeed! Freaking Marie.

At least she doesn't use knives or curving lasers. Not that it helps that much, since what she does have is painful enough.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 01:58 No. 13589
haha, time for missiles
2012/07/09 (Mon) 02:58 No. 13590
>A blind monkey can compete with Ddyk.
Okay, that was just harsh and uncalled for.

>Of course, muslims are an exception
Muhammad isn't a god.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 03:02 No. 13591
Oh dear Gyoku the missiles. Whoever said danmaku that could be shot down were easier was a blatant liar.
And the lasers. Both the big sweeping Master Spark-like ones that pin you down for the missiles to take, and the smaller ones that are ludicrously fast. Especially when she fires two waves of smaller ones at once in one of her later stages.

She's not as much of a pain in Kioh Gyoku, but one of her win quotes against VIVIT strongly implies that she intends to add literal rape to the figurative rape that her battle in Shuusou Gyoku was.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 03:08 No. 13592
>literal rape
2012/07/09 (Mon) 04:27 No. 13594
This doujin is the example on how to use purple prose effectively.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 05:24 No. 13595
Was there also a storm in France?
2012/07/09 (Mon) 05:38 No. 13596
I don't know much about those gods. Hell, I don't have a clue about what a amatsukami is. Wanna talk about Lunarians, I'm here. But begin talking about native gods, human ascending to godhood and those kind of things, and I'm lost.
Besides, I've been busy undergoing training and watching Twin Peaks while playing Alan Wake and preparing my next story.
SPOILER: Doctor Hartman dies. Or does he?
2012/07/09 (Mon) 05:49 No. 13597
Holy shit, you posted without a trip, Ddyk?

Good, good. Seems like you've begun to learn, my young apprentice.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 05:53 No. 13598
I post a lot without my trip. Only a few of of my posts are signed like this.
And I try to never vote with my trip.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 08:34 No. 13604

Wonder why nobody hasn't made a Touhou story based on that.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 10:01 No. 13605
Some interesting character analysis for Byakuren. A must read for both those HFY anon who think Byakuren's a shady youkai overlord and those youkai power anon who think Byakuren's a saint who wants the humans to stop being racist against youkai.

>From what I'm getting from the new information slowly pouring in from the new Touhou Book, Byakuren is a lot less of a saintly-super compassionate perfect Youkai-Jesus as many people pegged her down to be. Now, I don't think pegging her as such is necessarily wrong however, due to that music you hear the moment she comes into screen where her bombastic theme starts blaring out in absolute glory. It is not a song of menace, like that of Utsuho's or of sheer power like that of Kanako's. The song as ZUN described it, was a piece of music he worked "perhaps a little too hard" on and where he thought it was a song that'd make you want to sing. I agree as I especially find the vocal remixes of Emotional Skyscraper to be brilliant and some of the best music I have ever been privileged to hear.

>However as all those lovely doujinshis and fan videos come out and about, the main interpretation of Byakuren becomes clear. She is good and she wants to do good, to save those oppressed youkai who are losing that conflict of race, still a fight going on thousands of years later in the fantasy land that is Gensokyo. There have been those who have chosen to interpret her the opposite, one of a rather sinister and foreboding person who would save the life of a youkai long before even taking a glance at a mere human. Either way, I think the results and the new revelations from the book give a good indication that she is not one extreme or another, but too a flawed character with demons she must cope with. No human or youkai or any creature perhaps except those of the highest Gods (and even then!) can go about in life without an ounce of bias. If you were attempting to reach such an ambitious goal that is the equality of human and youkai alike, and one of those factions throws you into another dimension similar to hell for a thousand years where you can do nothing but mingle or perhaps bring about the creation of a powerful scroll, would you not feel great emotion? Great emotion of anger, for being betrayed after you believed to have been trying to help each one and another?

>Well granted, it is not as if Byakuren began her mission with good intentions, at first wanting to do what she did for her own gain and purposes and yes, that's pretty downright selfish and vain of her. Tell me though, how many other characters in Touhou have not been vain or at least selfish at one point or another? I do not see one at all, and yes there has been great debate back and forth from time-to-time since this incident was even written about, that is the peculiar method of which Byakuren saved Murasa.

>Now let us backtrack here a bit. Before Symposium of Post-Mysticism came out, there were a lot of things I and probably many others had to assume of certain characters and backstories due to the lack of any proper information in the first place. One would assume, due to the practice of Buddhism and its messages and ways, that killing is quite a bad thing. And if a youkai who previously spent her days ending the lives of many innocent humans were saved of someone who preached the ways of Buddhism, they would logically stop, since their eternal damnation to the seas has finally ended? There is no reason anymore to continue that act of mass-murdering, is there? However that thought process only applies if we again, assume that the reason the ghostly Murasa did whatever she did was due to pure rage. If she has become a youkai whose entire purpose was to kill, then I would think that her motive has grown beyond just rage, has it not?

>The large debate is about how Byakuren came about saving this youkai. Murasa is, especially after this lovely book came out and pretty much confirmed that she has not ceased her murderous lifestyle, one of the most morally ambiguous characters of the series. We've always been wondering how, exactly, dark Gensokyo was supposed to be. When you play the games and reach the endings, the enemy and the protagonist time and time again always sit down for a cup of tea as if what happened before wasn't something to make a deal out of. The incident is over and the perpetrator has been punished. All is well. There is a human village where the humans remain safe, and if any youkai do feast on a human it is usually of one who has committed suicide beyond the border, somehow brought inside the fantasy land either by a convenient gap or some other special circumstance. Nonetheless, while the atmosphere of the land is not exactly ideal, it does not appear to be one of utter despair either, like an air of eccentricity, an air of whimsical non-seriousness.

>But Murasa is perhaps one of the few youkai explicitly said to kill. There is no way around interpreting that to be of a more optimistic result. She does not only kill, but her purpose is to kill. She may pick her victims far more carefully this time around, but that doesn't erase the fact that she indeed kills. Other youkai may too, such as Yuuka or perhaps an undergrounder but whether they do or not isn't concrete. It is only speculation, theory, or even implication, never outright stated. And the only reason one would emphasis so heavily on this fact is if it is either of great importance to the character, or the plot, which it is...at least to that whole situation where Byakuren saved Murasa. At that time, the humans knew she was a nuisance for many fathers or husbands or brothers were lost at sea, all by that damned youkai. Byakuren, as we will have to presume either offered or was asked to help with the extermination of such a monster. She had her own plans however.

>What is highly contested is how she saved Murasa. Yes, she created a boat of remarkable resemblance to the captain's own Palanquin, of which it was named. But she brought along with her several sailors to do said exterminating and on the youkai's profile it states that they were flung into sea. There was no information of what had happened to these anonymous sailors. Some believed they had drowned, others thought it was ridiculous to not assume that Byakuren fetched them up afterwards. To ZUN, this part of history was not necessary to be written, it was not important what happened to these unknown humans, whether they died or not. Yet this one small fact in the backstory one supposedly insignificant youkai, is the debate of whether or not Byakuren is as good as many people interpret or if she had double standards of the colossal variety. After all, we've all heard that old story of the hypothetical situation where you must save one group or another, forcing you to weigh each distressed parties' value. But here it seems at first glance, the decision to save one or another should be quite obvious.

>Who would you pick, your voyaging companions suddenly flung into sea, who are of greater number than that single sea creature who has already killed thousands before? Byakuren chose the latter, and if one assumed those sailors died....then she knew what she was doing the entire time. Of course her choice is questioned.

>But let us play devil's advocate.

>How long does the average human live? To a youkai, they are like mice or bugs, only a fraction of their own. Yes, you could go ahead and exterminate the youkai, but did Byakuren have capacity to? After all this entire time she had not been exterminating youkai as the humans had thought, but freeing them from whatever mishap they had been in. Finally, if Murasa were exterminated, where would she go? The afterlife, and what is in the afterlife, especially to a Buddhist monk, especially in their eyes where one who has committed such sins as that youkai would go? Endless millennia of suffering, of damnation, and even if someone may think that monster deserved it, what was Murasa before she was Murasa, the youkai who sunk ships? What was she?

>A normal human who died in a tragic accident.

>Such is Touhou. To think in such paradoxes, to think that Gensokyo exists because we do not believe. It is interesting the discussions that come about thanks to the lore. Byakuren may not be that faultless, impeccable, perfect and good saint some may have saw her as, but what we do know is that there was once a ship flying in the sky, which a young human witch attempted to plunder. Where they drifted and flew straight into Makai and saved a human-turned youkai with an ambitious goal, all through the purity of their hearts.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 10:15 No. 13606
Thanks. It was quite an interesting read.

Personally, I believe there's a good reason why the humans back then wanted to seal Byakuren. And not just because "for the evuls" like Captain Planet or Ferngully wants you to believe. Perhaps one of the reasons was because she betrayed and drowned those sailors.

inb4 some anon rages at me for writing this.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 11:56 No. 13607
They did seal her up for the evils.

Her evils.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 12:49 No. 13611

>It is 20-minutes into the future for Gensokyo, perhaps a hundred years have passed, perhaps two. Nonetheless, a majority of the human characters of Touhou have long passed on. Despite the absence of Reimu, her heirs and their heirs have taken their shrine maiden duties seriously and maintained the border without much incident, unlike their most notable ancestor. Unfortunately life is not always as flawless as such and the next in line to take up the mantle of the responsibilities of a shrine maiden chose not to. They deviated from their destiny and ran off like a rebellious teenager. Alternatively, a tragic accident befell the descendent and they are no more. Or their predecessor did not have any heirs, either way something occurred that kept the border from being maintained.

>Yukari Yakumo, the usual backup in case such shenanigans occurred was asleep. Autumn was ending and she had just gone into her deep winter hibernation. After several rude wake-ups from nosy tengus or some other sort of disturbance finally pushed the gap youkai to the edge, preventing her from her beauty sleep, she made it so that only her faithful shikigami, Ran Yakumo, could possibly wake her. That way should winter be over she would be woken up in time, but other outside events would not interrupt her beloved sleep. Should anything drastic occur that requires attention from Yukari, Ran would wake her up in seconds.

>With the two most important figures of Gensokyo not maintaining the border, it weakened to a considerable extent. To the point that humans who have advanced technology exponentially managed to find a way inside and the fantasy that is Gensokyo was revealed to the outside world. This had disastrous effects on the majority of youkai. Youkai survive through the strength of belief. Though physical attacks do not faze them to the point that it would on a mere human, spiritually they were vulnerable. With most of the population easily dwarfing the size inside Gensokyo, suddenly the ratio of those who believed the existence of youkai to those who didn't shifted dramatically. Many weaker youkai disappeared all together but the stronger ones held on, sadly in substantially weakened states. No longer could Remilia control the fates of others, nor could even Flandre destroy everything in sight. Ran was one of the youkai affected when this happened and she no longer had enough power to wake up her slothful master.

>Fortunately, youkai who had disguised themselves as humans or at least knew how were unharmed. Other supernatural species not under the youkai category were not affected either, including the weak fairies due to their attachment to the nature as well as the immortals, being the immortals they are. Hermits too were none-too-affected besides realizing that there were far more humans than they had ever imagined.

>But gods and goddesses were not quite as fortunate, requiring faith to keep themselves alive. With a sudden world of scientists, their aura faded greatly, but the more resilent gods with the greatest faith managed to keep on holding on, albeit were practically on life-support at this point. No one in Gensokyo had realized the colossal importance of the border until now and it was far too late to fix anything at this point.

>Or was it? Realizing this incident of such magnitude could not be ignored, Shikieiki, yama of Gensokyo, had come up with a drastic plan. She, being a judge, could not interfere herself, else violating the several strict rules against such being a supposed neutral and just judge. But that did not mean she wanted the living beings of her governing area to suddenly vanish as so many already had. While the shrine maidens, being efficient as they were, had already re-entered the reincarnation cycle...there was a particular ordinary witch who was not granted the same fate.

>Marisa Kirisame, being one of the great liars of her time and spending her human life robbing others blind was not granted the same quick entry into a new life. Rather, she was sent to Hell to repent for her sins. Since her spirit was still bound to memories relating back to Gensokyo and that she too solved incidents during the flourishing and prospering time of Reimu Hakurei, she was allowed back onto Earth on one condition. She would solve this final incident. If she cannot, she'll simply be sent back to hell, but should she succeed her time in Hell would be cut short and she could re-enter the cycle scot-free, with zero effect on what her future life may be.


Man, this is quite a nice idea for a fic. Too bad it never got written.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 16:21 No. 13618
Why is it that every time I go to /jp/, I always cringe looking at the posts on the first page?

What the hell happened? Is /jp/ always this shitty since its inception?
2012/07/09 (Mon) 17:25 No. 13622
She leans towards the later in general but I've always figured she had some splotches on her record due to her selflish past. Any incidental sailor fatalities might be one of them.

I believe she tries her best but has trouble keeping things in order. Then again Buddhism and youkai seem very incompatible as youkai are creatures of desire.

yet another 'dark' Gensokyo future story? Goddamn it.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 18:02 No. 13627
>yet another 'dark' Gensokyo future story? >Goddamn it.

Well, I like dark future Touhou stories since my exposure to them aren't that often, unlike your usual happy Touhou fics.

That fanfic idea and that Byakuren analysis are actually written by the same person by the way.

And that analysis is actually the first good Touhou character analysis I've read that incorporate SoPM into it. Most of them can be summed up as "Akyuu is lying" or "ZUN is trolling again"

Which brings me to this:

>Trolling Creator: When SOPM came out, a lot of the profiles subverted the moe treatment many characters got (Nitori is not a shy kappa, she's a racist asshole, Hina is not someone you want to be near), and in the interviews following after, ZUN claimed Kisume - another shy youkai - is a Serial Killer who decapitates people and throws skulls at others and that Tenshi was misunderstood and bullied by everyone.

>Values Dissonance: Something not readily apparent to western viewers. Byakuren was originally motivated by fear, then love (the two extremes) and used deception to make youkai and humans equal. She's an extremely lapsed Buddhist. The Japanese are also critical of the western take on "equality". If you treat the strong and the weak the same way, the strong will have an advantage. Needless to say, quite a few grimdark doujinshi turn her into some sort of evil mass murderer who genocides "weak" beings.

So, the concept of equality for western society is more about freedom, huh?

>Part of democracy is to have equality in freedom, rights to anything we can gain from the work done by our own hands. People who work harder will gain more reward, people who slack off will gain less. That is the fundamental of equality, and this is what keeps democracy alive. The strong and hardworking one will continue to advance and the weak will be filtered off. But the weak ones are not being denied their chance of getting strong and they can progress at their own pace, eventually being one of the strong ones in the ecosystem. That is how it should work by right.

Oh, and I'm siding more on the Japanese view of equality. Maybe that's because I'm Asian.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 18:04 No. 13628
Oh, and this quote from Abraham Lincoln, whom I think everybody on America loves.

"You can't make a weak man strong, by making a strong man weak."
2012/07/09 (Mon) 20:58 No. 13629
Your posts make it obvious you either have no clue about modern western philosophy, or that you're a troll hoping to piss people off by being an antagonistic "lolyourculturesucks" type cunt.
2012/07/09 (Mon) 22:45 No. 13631
if there's a story about Gensokyo's future here, there's a good chance it'll be dark for some reason.

And the reason why people say that about SoPM? A mix of Akyuu being biased, ZUN rarely saying anything in Word of God mode (the Kisume bit is just his opinion), and ZUN's love for Vagueness.

I know of her past and I think she's trying to in this age to ensure there's no more attempted genocides.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 01:11 No. 13633
>When SOPM came out, a lot of the profiles subverted the moe treatment many characters got
>Hina is not someone you want to be near

Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems to me that at least Hina's part wasn't subverting anything so much as expanding on something from her original profile that some people just happened to ignore. Her MoF profile pretty much already said she's someone you don't want to be around, and SoPM was basically going into a little more detail of exactly why she's someone you don't want to be around.

It doesn't even have anything to do with her personality, anyway. Even Akyuu says she doesn't act out of malice, and those who were unfortunate enough to get cursed by getting too close to her claim she's actually quite cheerful and sociable.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 03:13 No. 13636
Enlighten me then, o wise one. What's the western view of equality?
2012/07/10 (Tue) 04:20 No. 13640
2012/07/10 (Tue) 04:44 No. 13643
I assumed people had an idea of the risks of being around Hina and that they varied. That and Akyuu acted quite fearful so she might have exaggerated things out of that fear as opposed for other reasons.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 05:48 No. 13645
>once upon a time there was a dude named mike, he was at his grandmother's house for easter wow! he was a tall german guy who liked watching shrek and eating easter chocolates sweet. no one knew what he sounded like (except some people know so that's a lie) so everything he says sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger if Arnold was a rad 18 year old. oh yeah mike likes touhou too - THIS IS IMPORTANT.
>so yeah that night mike was watching shrek 1 for the second time because they were replaying the movie for some reason. he began memorizing every single quote from the movie. the movie was on his mind. he was shrek. he felt his ogre prowress. he felt like an onion. BUT SUDDENLY a giant gap opened up in the floor it had eyes and spooky stuff in it.

>"wow what the fuck is that. is that yukari bitch yukari come out of there" said mike

>and then suddenly yukari came out of the gap thing and flipped mike the bird

>"rude bitch dont call me bitch please thanks" said yukari

>"oh wow it's yukari youre in my touhou video games cool" replied mike

>"yah and im ehere to take u to gensockyo!" yukari yelled for some reason

>"but wait i got a bunch of shit to do" replied mike, quite worried

>"NO MIKE YOUARE COMING WITH ME NOW" said yukari as she dragged mike into the gap thing

>"but were having pompeii in a bit fuuuuck" yelled mike as he was drawn into the gap thing


>"wow where the heck is mike were having pompeii" said grandma

>"hes probably lost in the cornfield again lmao" replied dad

>and then they all laughed at the table but mike was not lost in a cornfield he was lost... in genoskcuyo!
2012/07/10 (Tue) 05:58 No. 13647

Damn. I wish I had written that.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 07:55 No. 13650
>Kind of. That is why Touhou is so popular aside from what its music had earn. It's story and characters were so flexible that there is even an unofficial internet rule: Touhou can be cross with anything; Serious or Parody.

I hate that rule.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 09:56 No. 13654
I just realized that to vote on a post on Danbooru, you need to have a privileged account first.

Goddamn it, I want to counter that one guy who downvotes most, if not all, of Love and Peace doujin posts.

Heck, even Youtube doesn't ask you to become a partner first before you can like/dislike videos.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 10:13 No. 13656
Holy shit.

>Sitting in the Dungeon Master chair, we have Makoto Sanda (story – Rental Magica). Before him will sit an adventure party of five: Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero) will be playing an armed monk, Kinoko Nasu (creator – Fate/Stay Night) will be playing a dark dragon knight, Izuki Kogyoku will be playing a slave girl who has fused with a monster (at least that’s what the trailer says), illustrator Shimadoriru will be playing a cleric type and finally Ryohgo Narita (creator – Baccano, Durarara) will be playing a robot of some type. If you’re a fan of brilliantly good anime at least a couple of those names should be keenly familiar to you already.

So, Gen Urobuchi is Byakuren and Shimadoriru (Stripe Pattern) is Sanae.

This is going to be delicious.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 10:39 No. 13658
Time to recognize him as a healing writer.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 10:42 No. 13659
Nah, the healing part falls to that Stripe Pattern guy, since he's the one with the cleric role and all.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 11:11 No. 13660
At least Gen's not the GM. If he was, the campaign would be full of misery and despair.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 11:15 No. 13661
>Touhou can be cross with anything; Serious or Parody
Damn right they’d be cross about the stuff we put them through (serious or parody). If someone wrote me being romanced by a faceless bishie guy with a libido greater than his brain, you bet your arse I’d be cross.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 14:24 No. 13667
>Also, where the hell is this badfic that keeps getting mentioned? Where is this Gary Stu self-insert crap that always seems to be mentioned but never shown?

>Try looking in the Touhou section of fanfiction.net. To a certain extent, the POV characters in the second-person "choose your own adventure" stories on touhou-project.com could also qualify, but there's an element of self-deprecating irony in the way the readership of the image board votes on the protagonists' actions.

Thanks for putting us in the same place as FF.net, TvTropes.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 14:45 No. 13668
Just make up your own jokes about /at/ folks.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 15:09 No. 13669
Speaking of /at/...

>Innocent Maiden's Nightmare S.L.D.T.!u/LtL4dS.6 10/08/10 (Tue) 04:45 No. 7240 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

>This is a CYOA that plays out like a game. The scenario is simple: You are one Sanae Kotiya, a slightly off-kilter yet friendly and innocent wind priestess who has gotten so thoroughly lost on your trip to visit Alice that you've wound up in the darkest heart in the Forest of Magic. ...

>The rules are simple: You have to make it past ten encounters of varying types, but all will attempt to rape Sanae. She starts out at 100 Willpower but each time she's raped her willpower goes down, and if it hits 0 it's game over. Each type of rape will induce a certain amount of loss, and it's possible to have to take multiple loads from the same encounter if you choose incorrectly. It's even possible to lose straight off the bat as some beings are too strong for you and will not be satisfied until you're broken and/or on the ground begging for more. Your actions will also determine whether Sanae stays innocent in her mind, or develops a sick attraction to that which enjoys her taste.

>Now, this can and will have multiple runs, so even if you achieve a run where Sanae gets off without ever being cummed in once you'll still have to go through again until what's wrong with this scenario comes to light. I know it's counter-intuitive, but do try to keep her innocence intact.

>They seem to run 'Choose-Your-Own-Penis-Adventure' story threads where people vote on who the Gary Stu will bang in the next chapter...

>Stay classy, assholes. :sarcasm:

>I'm sorry but, no, to answer your quesiton, I NEVER get tired of saying mean things about Gary-Stu-writing wankers and rape fetishists.

>I was thinking once, oh it would be hilarious to go to an actual Reitaisai! That would be like so crazy! Then I realize I'd be surrounded by this type of human garbage.

>I think it boils down to fear of women and severe inferiority complex, coupled with sociopathic tendences or something?

>I mean, when you get off on someone being humiliated and tortured... you are NOT NORMAL. Just man up and admit that you're damaged and should be removed from society. Sorry but its the truth. Thats just plain sick and they only like it because they're terrified that they can't match up to women IRL.

I have no idea how a guy/girl at Deviantart could stumble upon THP, let alone /at/, the place nobody wants to talk about.

Guess that's Google for you.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 15:53 No. 13670
>man up and admit that you're damaged and should be removed from society
I love those people who can't see the difference between a fictional woman and a real one.
Last guy I knew like that was called Jack Thompson.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 15:55 No. 13671
>that's your problem, Zeful. It's not an unrepentant psychotic murderer. It's an entity that just doesn't work in the same frame than Humans do.

>They call it orange morality over the tropes, and well it's exactly that. Rumia doesn't work as a human, she works as an abstract concept made flesh that feds on meat, that sees meat as food, that any meat is good meat, she just enjoys human meat the best.

>For example, Touhou's fairies, for them taking your food, taking your shoes, pushing you off a cliff and setting you on fire are all in the same scale. It's fun. They don't pull pranks on people like Reimu -all that often- not because it is bad, but because if they get caught that means they couldn't have fun. There's no morality at all from their point of view, just their own rules, not ours.

Posts like this are one of the reasons why I become a HFYfag and why I dislike Rumia in general.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:00 No. 13672
>There's no morality at all from their point of view
That make us superior to fairies, since we're not acting on impulse but rather following our own rules, even if we don't like them.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:04 No. 13673
Sorry, I can't take that counter-argument seriously after watching that "This Troper" series and reading those anti-TvTropes threads over at Something Awful.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:06 No. 13674

They're just a bunch of little kids with wings and immortality.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:07 No. 13675
Why do you bring TvTropes when I'm talking about Jack?
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:08 No. 13676
You mean following someone else's rules even if you don't like them. Heck, even the most powerful people don't have any way to change these rules. How fucked up is that?
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:10 No. 13677
I'm not really talking about law, I'm talking about those self-imposed rules. Auto-discipline, that kind of stuff.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:12 No. 13678
Because your "they're not real" argument reminds me of them.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:13 No. 13679
I don't like being called a pervert because sometimes I fap to more than questionable things.
And I don't like being called a pedophile because I can't fap to old farts having sex.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:14 No. 13680

Sorry YAF, but this is my favorite OC x Reimu story right now.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:25 No. 13682
No love for Mima?

Also, bonus point for being literally faceless.
2012/07/10 (Tue) 16:44 No. 13683
I prefer that Mima.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 11:15 No. 13746

A little late of me, I know, but when I saw this yesterday it was like getting slapped in the face. Except the person doing the slapping is a pathetic coward who simply went out of his/her way to look for something to hate about this site so s/he could go brag about her hate and fling shit at THP at the same time. And claiming that I should be removed from society for indulging in a fetish in a place where it's not only acceptable to do so, but also lets me explore it in a medium that brings no harm to others is just stupid.

You would have to take numerous deliberate steps to find THP, then /at/, then the first thread of IMN, which is many months old, if not a year or more.

So congratulations Deviant. You've proven that you're a shallow, cowardly, gossiping, and possibly delusional excuse of a human being whose actions I am thoroughly disgusted with, and hope that I never have to suffer your presence in real life.

...Ugh. Pointless? Yes. Directed at the one who posted that tripe, bringing it to my attention? No. Normally I wouldn't bother with this, but this kind of person, who goes around looking for things to hate and lacks the guts to take it up with the author, preferring to deface them well away from any place where they would suffer retaliation while thinking themselves superior all the while really ticks me off.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 11:27 No. 13747
Why don't you go and have a little chat with that Deviantart guy?
2012/07/11 (Wed) 11:35 No. 13748

There's two things stopping me from doing so. One, I lack a Deviant Art account and have no plans to make one, and two, a person like that will have his/her head so far up his/her ass that intelligent discussion is impossible. Short of dropping by to post a re-worded version of my previous post to directly voice my disgust to that person, then never looking at it again, it would be foolish to voice my view to him/her.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 12:53 No. 13750
>but also lets me explore it in a medium that brings no harm to others is just stupid.

Ah, Consequentialism, the eternal rival of Deontologism.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 16:00 No. 13755
Aren't you supposed to use "its" in such case, where you're not sure about the gender?
2012/07/11 (Wed) 16:04 No. 13756
I hate posts like that.
I don't like people watching what you're reading or writing and declaring "you're obviously overcompensating for your small dick" or some crap like that.
In fact, when I read that post, I want to go to /b/, take all the dead babies pictures, and go flood that deviantfag's profile with them until I'm banned.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 16:06 No. 13757
I don't feel like typing a bunch of words. Have a wikipedia page.

2012/07/11 (Wed) 16:10 No. 13758
I was just unsure. Not being a grammar nazi or anything.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 16:12 No. 13759
I was just lazy. Not being a pedantic ass or anything.

Or am I?
2012/07/11 (Wed) 16:13 No. 13760
>pulls a goddamn encyclopedia page
>pretends he's not pedantic
2012/07/11 (Wed) 23:05 No. 13782
I'll just leave this here:


Akyuu may have some "threat level: high" articles, but ultimately she thinks Gensokyo is a pretty nice and happy place.

... sugar and rainbows Gensokyo confirmed for canon?

Not that I don't mind reading darker, more dramatic Gensokyos, but this bit kind of takes the credibility out of many of Akyuu's articles on the villainy and predatory habits of youkai.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 23:14 No. 13783
Counterpoint: Akyuu is and always will be a dirty liar.
2012/07/11 (Wed) 23:16 No. 13784
this monologue is far more honest than her articles.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 00:14 No. 13786
Na, it’s just that all those “grim” stuffs are in fact everyday occurrences for Gensokyo. So while we may see that as pretty fucked up, for them, it’s normal. You know, similar to how the Japanese will say, “Oh, it’s been a wonderful day, we only had two earthquakes and a couple tsunami. Overall pretty relaxing.”
2012/07/12 (Thu) 03:00 No. 13787
And where are you getting that?
2012/07/12 (Thu) 03:13 No. 13788
Nowhere really as he does a poor job refuting Akyuu's honest assessment that Gensokyo is pretty peaceful these days.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 04:51 No. 13790
It's because they're used to people being killed that you have this impression. Gensokyo is a dangerous place where you can be killed easily, and yet people are used to it, so they don't give a damn.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 04:55 No. 13792
>Nowadays, youkai almost never eat humans.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 04:57 No. 13793
>almost never
They still do.
And they're mostly eating outsider, so you can't see them.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 04:59 No. 13794
You think that proves anything? Those words were written under duress. She'd write anything to save her life from a youkai's deadly claws.

I don't need no stinkin' Occam's Razor.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 05:01 No. 13795
Hard to admit that ya'r wrong, hu?
Now ya'r using fancy word 'n' stuff, but that doesn't change the fact that ya'r wrong.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 05:33 No. 13796
Pic related.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 05:53 No. 13797

SoPM's Kisume article implies that a Gensokyo resident getting killed is a fucking big deal. Outsiders, though, nobody gives a fuck about them, so if one or two or a hundred get slaughtered, no one cares. I'm pretty sure the villagers wouldn't mind them getting eaten if they behaved anything like most MCs on this site.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 06:53 No. 13802
Honestly, most of the outsiders who die in Gensokyo would be dead with or without the youkai. There are still dehydration, starvation, exposure, heatstroke, cold, wild animals, and all those other wonderful ways that being out in the wilderness unprepared can kill you.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 06:59 No. 13803
It was remarked as A) it was an underground youkai and B) she tossed what appeared to be a skeleton. How things went otherwise is up to the reader (i.e. the HFY nuts assume it was an actual body)
2012/07/12 (Thu) 07:12 No. 13804

I was referring to the way how the people seemed to care when a skeleton turns up, no matter whose it may be.

It isn't that hard to not die, its just that most outsiders are stupid. It's like going into a mildly dangerous foreign country (like China, Russia or Texas), people are suspicious of you, and nobody would care if you die.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 07:38 No. 13805
So, does it make it a-okay for youkai to eat them?

Reimu got a point about those people who keep justifying whatever evil act a youkai does, but never does the same whenever a human is the one doing it.

Honestly, this kind of attitude really pisses me off, and as long as it exists, I ain't gonna stop being a "pro-human" fag.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:17 No. 13810
even though you do the same thing with humans?

Reimu isn't exactly the most unbiased of people at all.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:34 No. 13811
So, what do you expect me to do? Be happy with those Outsiders for being eaten and forgive the youkai who eat them?
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:37 No. 13812
that's natural selection. Any outsider stupid enough to leave the confines of the village generally don't deserve to reproduce. There are those unfortunate innocent causalities but I'd imagine most of these deaths are caused by stupidity than misfortune.

It's no different than all the people killed due to crime (either getting mixed up in it or being in the wrong place at the wrong time)
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:41 No. 13813
>Any outsider stupid enough to leave the confines of the village generally don't deserve to reproduce
Okay, now shut up.
Gensokyo isn't a natural environnement. It's closer to a dungeon made by the most sadist GM ever made than a real land.

In Gensokyo, dangerous-looking ghost are harmless while harmless-looking little girl will quickly break your neck and feast on your corpse.
Don't be stupid enough to say that it's natural for humans to be eaten. It's a choice coming from youkais. They decide to eat humans instead of eating livestock or vegetables, so they can be blamed for it.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:44 No. 13814
>that's natural selection. Any outsider stupid enough to leave the confines of the village generally don't deserve to reproduce. There are those unfortunate innocent causalities but I'd imagine most of these deaths are caused by stupidity than misfortune.
>It's no different than all the people killed due to crime (either getting mixed up in it or being in the wrong place at the wrong time)

So being in a wrong place at the wrong time means you're stupid and that you don't deserve to reproduce?
Pic related.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:46 No. 13815
I... I have no words.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:47 No. 13816
I did mention "There are those unfortunate innocent causalities" as in people who are unlucky as opposed to stupid.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:48 No. 13817
Any system relying on luck is a biased system and doesn't deserve to exist.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 10:50 No. 13818
You sir are an inspiration for my pro-youkai villain.

Good job.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:03 No. 13819
You sir are the inspiration for an idiot spouting pro-youkai nonsense and being torn into pieces by Mystia while nobody is helping.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:08 No. 13820
good job samefagging
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:09 No. 13821
>oh good two people are disagreeing with me
>ITS OBVIOUSLY A SAMEFAG theres no way i could be wrong
Calling it. It's not a pro-youkai dumbass, it's just a troll.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:11 No. 13822
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:16 No. 13823
The smug self-righteous tone is the same and I think one of your very few buddies got busted for vote spamming in Megasen's story. I'd have thought you biggots would have learned from the last time one of you tried votespamming.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:17 No. 13824
After the Godwin point in that /border/ story and those samefagging accusation here, I think the debate is over. You can't get dumber than that, pro-youkai fag.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:17 No. 13825
HAHAHA you dumbass. I never voted on Megasen story. You're just being paranoid, on top of being a godwin wannabe.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:30 No. 13826
debate implies both sides are listening. All I saw from you when others presented evidence was essentially "lalalala I'm not listening".

I do admit the last point using darwin was flawed, but it doesn't chance the fact that you're in a vocal minority of unwanted people.

YAF's starting a Futo story that might be to your liking.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:35 No. 13827
Stop recommending YAF's story. I don't like his writing style.

Then again, he writes romance stories, which are not exactly my cup of tea.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:39 No. 13828
You may be in the wrong site.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 11:47 No. 13829
Well then leave as he's the only one who'd remotely write a HFY story to your liking. Most people are interested in one of the founding elements of THP: Romancing Youkai. The first bunch of love interests on the site were 99-100% youkai. (Meiling, Reisen, Remilia,etc) This is very unlikely to change any time soon.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 12:00 No. 13830
>The first bunch of love interests on the site were 99-100% youkai. (Meiling, Reisen, Remilia,etc)
How about I smack your arse upside-down?
2012/07/12 (Thu) 12:01 No. 13831
So, what's YAF's stories about?

Sorry, but I can't leave.

There are some stories here that still catch my interest and they're not necessarily pro-human.

For example...

Nah, I prefer to keep them for myself.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 12:25 No. 13833
Reimu's among the minority of the very old stories with one of the limiting factors being how bitchy many old writers made her.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 12:32 No. 13834
Can't we compromise on this human-youkai bullshit?

Youkai still eat humans, but in a non-lethal manner that is enjoyable for both parties.

Then they probably have tea together.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 12:52 No. 13835
>Youkai still eat humans, but in a non-lethal manner

Uhh, I think the word you're looking for is not "eat". It should be "attack".

Unless you're talking about vore.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 12:57 No. 13836
>I do admit the last point using darwin was flawed.
Understatement of the year.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 13:07 No. 13837
>All I saw from you
I doubt it, I joined that war after the Godwin shitstorm.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 13:13 No. 13838
It's a euphemism.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 14:56 No. 13840
He meant "eat" as a euphemism for "fuck".

So, kind of like vore, but not meaning vore.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 15:31 No. 13843
You mean that instead of having vore pictures, we're having whore youkais?
I think I'm fine with that.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 20:38 No. 13850
This Shrine had a youkai for a main character. That's even more pro-youkai than having one as a love interest.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 20:44 No. 13851
>The first bunch of love interests on the site were 99-100% youkai. (Meiling, Reisen, Remilia,etc)
Pretty sure lunarians aren't youkais. Therefore I guess I can punch you in the face.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 20:57 No. 13852
What early story had a Lunarian love interest?
Obviously it was nothing by Ddyk, since he didn't appear until 2011.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 21:07 No. 13854
I've been here since we migrated over from /jp/, and I can't recall any early stories that had a lunarian as the love interest.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 21:11 No. 13855
Wasn’t he a half? To be completely honest I don’t recall...
2012/07/12 (Thu) 21:28 No. 13856
Technically, but the youkai half was Yukari, which makes him more youkai-like than many full youkai.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 21:32 No. 13857
Huh, I only remember YAF having that Shiki Nanaya protag.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 21:39 No. 13858
Oh. Right. Fuck. I even wrote that “Mother” short some time ago. What the hell is wrong with my memory?
2012/07/12 (Thu) 22:12 No. 13859
You're getting old, YAF.

Maybe it's time for you to retire.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 22:28 No. 13860
That shit ain’t for me to decide.

Besides, I will never die.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 22:33 No. 13861

Pretty sure he meant Reisen, and thus MiG.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 22:38 No. 13862
Reisen's a moon rabbit, not a lunarian.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 23:36 No. 13865
Kaguya didn't even get a story until DoLF2 or LSL.

IIRC these were the first bunch of romantic interests on the boards:
/th/ Meiling, reisen
/eientei/ Alice (ha), Kaguya
/forest/ Alice, Marisa, or Wriggle (only Scorn knows for sure)
/shrine/ Reimu, Renko and Maribel
/sdm/ Remilia
/youkai/ Sanae, Nitori (though Nitori actually got a complete story while Sanae to date has gotten 20 dead ones and FoM)
/border/ Yuyuko

IIRC, /others/ and /underground/ were later additions.
2012/07/12 (Thu) 23:38 No. 13866
/underground/ was, since the site predates SA. I think /others/ was added with the rest.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 00:27 No. 13867
>Wow, I'm really starting to hate using the non-wikia Touhou wiki...

>Too much untranslated Japanese, and too much of a focus on what the Japanese fandom finds interesting, as opposed to making it accessible to all.

>I suppose that if you want something extremely simple and unbiased then the Wikia would be better

So, the Touhouwiki is full of biased weaboos?
2012/07/13 (Fri) 00:33 No. 13868
Extent to the ability to putting in random Japanese

Wikia is still worse, if only because it's wikia and thus the layout is absolute garbage.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 00:44 No. 13869
No. It's the autistic retards who are extraordinarily stubborn who keep going around shitting up the wiki.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 01:21 No. 13870
Fuck accessibility. I'll take character pages with interesting information over that every time. I actually have a reason to visit them now.

I'm pretty sure the people putting in untranslated Japanese don't realize how annoying they are. They can all read it, obviously, and when you've been able to read something for a while you kinda forget that others can't.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 01:30 No. 13871
In addition to the accessibility and readability issues, the wikia is also run by morons that are running a "fanon wiki", partly to avoid conflicting with touhouwiki.net, partly because they're more interested in it.

So you have a shit host, few contributors, and no translators. Almost any useful content is just going to be taken from touhouwiki.net.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 01:36 No. 13872
I'm talking about touhouwiki, not wikia. I know wikia is a piece of shit.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 15:32 No. 13894
Well, fuck you too Danbooru.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 15:55 No. 13895
>not using a dozen scripts to enhance danbooru and unlock the privileged pictures

I scooby dooby doo, you pedo.

You can also click either the source link or the full size link to get to those.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 16:10 No. 13897
>assuming people discover by themselves how to improve Danbooru.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 22:50 No. 13935
Or you could upload pictures from pixiv until they give you a contributor account. It's easy and fun.
2012/07/13 (Fri) 23:33 No. 13936
Last I heard getting a free upgrade to contributor was more about who you knew than the number or quality of your pictures.
2012/07/14 (Sat) 15:08 No. 13949
>Why doesn’t yukari just use her reality warp powers to throw back all of humanity back to the middle age and then put a medieval stasis on them it would be a lot better for all the youkai in the world.

Why indeed?

Hint: Perhaps Yukari's not as strong as you think.
2012/07/14 (Sat) 17:23 No. 13956
Perhaps she doesn't want to doom her race to the oppression they suffered in Byakuren's time.
2012/07/14 (Sat) 18:42 No. 13957
Because Yukarin enjoys modern conveniences.
2012/07/14 (Sat) 19:08 No. 13959
Perhaps she can't.
2012/07/14 (Sat) 20:17 No. 13962
Perhaps you're too attached to your supposition.
2012/07/14 (Sat) 20:23 No. 13963
Perhaps you're too attached to your "yukari can do everything despite the fact she got her ass handed to her by the moonhoneys lol" cliché?
2012/07/14 (Sat) 21:23 No. 13964
because she's partially interested in where humans go now that youkai aren't in danger. That and it's too much work even compared to making the border.
2012/07/15 (Sun) 04:37 No. 13971
if she isn't lazy then why does she sleep half the time?
2012/07/15 (Sun) 05:19 No. 13972
She doesn't. That's an illusion to hide her hard work, no one must ever know her secret. Her work ethic puts Marisa to shame.
2012/07/15 (Sun) 05:56 No. 13974
Actually Marisa doesn't only steal things but actually trains and tries out new things (her mushroom experiments)
2012/07/15 (Sun) 05:59 No. 13975
Fuck fictional universe pedants.
2012/07/27 (Fri) 20:35 No. 14317
Maybe because she has to expend an inhuman amount of effort to maintain the Hakurei border?

I actually have no idea.