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12336 No. 12336
ITT: some of our writefags decided to publish their works on another website.
See http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8246646/1/A_Rumia_Story and http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8241886/1/A_Clipped_Bird_Has_No_Wings

If you want to encourage them, you might want to watch the updates thread: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/61563/30283369/1/ as well as the previews thread: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/61563/39457015/1/

No. 12337
I hate everyone and everything that prompted the creation of this thread.
No. 12338
I want to rage about characters in Touhou. I mean, Yuyuko is the princess of the Netherworld, and yet in most stories, she has only one servant. I know that people don't like OCs, but I don't really like those stories where Aya, Hatate and Momiji are the only tengu living on the mountains, where Cirno is the only fairy living near the lake, and where there's no other human than the main cast.
No. 12339
Oi, what the hell happened with the posts on this thread?
No. 12340
Well, with the thread reset, I may as well progress.

Let the terror begin.
No. 12341
We're in 1984 and that thread never existed.
No. 12342
What, you think Yuyuko should have ghost servant OCs? That's nonsense. You're crazy. How would they touch things??
No. 12343
Don't forget to introduce yourself first in the Introduction thread.
No. 12344
While they're not ghosts but poltergeists, the Prismrivers can touch things.
And Mima could too.
No. 12345
mods = fags
No. 12346
Especially on Wikipedia.
No. 12347
Wait, wait, what happened?
No. 12348
I'm sorry, but can anyone explain to me why this is a good idea? Because as far as I can tell, it's not. In fact, this whole thing strikes me as being rather stupid and pointless.
The fact that Hartmann, of all people, is a proponent of this does not help matters.
No. 12349
Mima is an evil spirit and magician of the highest caliber. She can touch whatever she damn well wants.

I suppose I agree with the person's main complaint, though. It's weird that so many stories have the main cast living in a ghost world.
No. 12350



>To reduce spam, there is a short 1 day waiting period before new users are allowed to post to any forum.

We'll have a day to wait anyways...
No. 12352
I didn't proposed this, I just encouraged it because I wanted to learn a few things.
And because it seemed fun. Also, I erased the last topic because there was spoilers, so don't spoil.
No. 12353
What spoilers?
No. 12355
Doesn't this idiocy belong in the not-THP thread?
No. 12356
Oh, now I get it.

I understand it all now.
No. 12357
I want to rage about those writers leaving THP because it's "not populated enough".
No. 12358
File 134047265680.jpg - (16.50KB , 475x393 , hiterdukesup.jpg ) [iqdb]

I want to rage about THP not giving me the credit I deserve, always trying to drag me down, insult my writing, accuse me of being Wiseman in disguise, calling me a faggot, accusing me of being Hitler in disguise.
No. 12359

Everyone knows *I* am the real Hitler, anywho. Why do you think I write about german soldiers?!
No. 12362
File 134047350528.jpg - (40.29KB , 499x317 , real-men-bake.jpg ) [iqdb]
Everyone knows I'm the real Hitler! Otherwise I wouldn't be constantly defending the moonhoneys!
No. 12363
This is the weirdest circlejerk I've ever seen.
No. 12365
>>I didn't proposed this, I just encouraged it because I wanted to learn a few things.

And what, precisely, do you expect to learn from any of this? Either someone over there likes it, or they don't, and you come away with the world-shattering revelation that different people like different things. Shocking, I know, but you shouldn't need to perform some half-assed attempt at trolling disguised as an equally half-assed "experiment" to figure something like that out.

If you go to a movie theater to watch a movie, do you waste any time fretting over what the people watching a completely different movie next door think about your movie? Because you really shouldn't, even if all you want is to be able to point and laugh at them for having worse taste in movies than you. I don't care if they're watching fucking Twilight, the fact of the matter is they are watching and enjoying something made for them, while you are watching and supposedly enjoying something made for you.

The fact that what they are enjoying may or may not be the equivalent of wallowing around in dung heap is irrelevant. You should just be happy they're content to stay there in their own little pile of shit rather than coming over to you, and you sure as hell shouldn't want to go over to them, least of all so you can hop right into the pile with them to see how they react.

It doesn't matter how they react. It doesn't matter if they happily embrace you in their feces-covered arms, smearing it all over you in the process, or shit all over you in disgust. Either way, you're getting shit all over you, and for what? To learn something that you probably could have just as easily figured out on your own, and without having to get yourself covered in human waste.
No. 12366

It's the details that count. I want to see exactly what they enjoy/dislike.

My dad does work with thermodynamics. Yes, we all know that heatsinks draw away heat. He doesn't have to run tests again and again to know that if he puts a heatsink on a hot object, it will draw away heat. He does it because he can see just how the heatsink pulls it away, and try and design an even more effective one.

To me, this is an experiment to see exactly how the FF.net community is different, beyond "they're a bunch of filthy secondaries". We may as well get a laugh out of it. I may ultimately say "this is not an audience I want to see ever again", or best case maybe some guy might point something out about the story that I hadn't thought of before (shocking, I know). This is why this is a compelling experiment to me.
No. 12367
I'm pretty sure they just like wallowing in shit. I've never understood some people's morbid fascination with people they claim to despise.

Hatedoms are weird.
No. 12369
If you're going to experiment with different communities, go whole-hog and try out spacebattles as well. Your DnD/Touhou crossover would fit right in there.
No. 12370
File 134047759755.jpg - (31.73KB , 300x300 , oh-snap.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12371
some people end up so twisted that hate is a need/addiction.

Nope, we have enough shit from spacebattles here.
No. 12373
It's a serious suggestion. I didn't mean to imply an insult; I follow a few stories there.

I can state that it's objectively a better place to get criticism than THP. That is, I've seen people give criticism. Relatively often. People almost never do that here, and I suspect they rarely do it on fanfiction.net.
No. 12374
I don't really consider THP as elitist. Of course, some anons are retarded, and will forever consider me as "that french arrogant douchebag writing shit". I learned a lot with THP. I learned to proofread, and I improved a lot. But I'm curious, and I want to know if THP's fanfictions are really better than others. Because, yeah, most writefags here are leaving after the first story, and when I looked for opinions about THP, it was mainly "another /jp/".

Long story short, I want to know if the THP writefag is most skilled than the average writefag. Yes, people can love differents things, so that probably won't prove anything, but I want to make sure.
No. 12375
You could learn whether they're more skilled by reading their stories. That's what a normal person would do.

any moron knows review/hit count do not correlate to skill anyway
No. 12376
File 134048189247.jpg - (26.75KB , 460x453 , GREATSCOTT.jpg ) [iqdb]

Investigating now.

Peeling through what seems to be the Spacebattles Touhou Discussion thread, THP keeps coming up. And not in an overall negative light, despite the vitriol THP aims back at Spacebattles in turn.

... interesting. Perhaps I shall.
No. 12379
I'm not a good reader. I only care about the plot, I hardly notice small things such as style (except in YAF's TiTs story, but if you don't notice it, you're probably blind -in the figurative sense-). And I usually rage a lot when I see a "bad" characterization, like Yorihime not being a nice ponytailed girl, Yukari being all powerful, Chen being a simple-minded idiot, and Sanae not being your average girl.

Yeah, I remember that.
>"sounds like yet another OC from the bunch. It's like they are keeping a score of who gets the bigger e-penis with their oc's."

I'm not even mad.
No. 12380
Sanae was a shrine maiden to not one, but two gods, in addition to being a living god. She was never average.
No. 12381
and she was pretty quirky when she came to Gensokyo (the whole "let's make the Hakurei Shrine a Moriya branch" thing was entirely her idea, not Kanako's who just wanted to say hi)
No. 12382
File 134048309280.jpg - (229.38KB , 850x1027 , sample-9e43d049bd65a35f9da9f4c84aeab2c6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Laaaaalalalalalalala can't hear youuuu over the souuuuund of Sanae being awesooooome!
No. 12383
Awesome things are not average. Checkmate, bitch!
No. 12384
Awesome things are unusual things. Average Sanae is unusual, therefore average Sanae is awesome.
No. 12385
>Peeling through what seems to be the Spacebattles Touhou Discussion thread, THP keeps coming up.

I must be looking at the wrong one. (http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/touhou-ideas-thread-4-imperishable-ideas-threads.216666/ ) Pretty much all this has is discussion on doujins / interpretations and short pieces of writing from the posters. None of which seem especially high-quality, honestly.

But what were THP's gripes with Spacebattles supposed to be again? Apart from the recurring powerlevel discussions, doesn't seem like that bad a place. Are there any particular ways they're worse than, say, us?
No. 12386
Check this instead: http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/writers-do-their-best-now-and-are-preparing-please-make-ideas-until-it-is-ready.186715/
At first, it starts like your usual retarded thread, and but near the 50th page, they're talking about THP.
No. 12388
File 134048950950.png - (1.33MB , 1073x1500 , 014082c43197c973d2280922f4799a45.png ) [iqdb]
I want to rage about... nothing, actually. I’m amazed, but I’ve nothing to rage about related to THP. I wonder what this signifies.

I kind of like to be angry, too.

Anyway, what’s your folks’ deal with this “experiment?” Nobody’s going to get hurt, and some others are curious about the issue. Quit getting your panties in a bunch. It’s not like it’s going to stop anyone.

sanae a shit
No. 12392

That's exactly the thread I found. Check page 38-ish, there's the tail end of some discussion on A Wizard is You, dated June 16. Obviously, the conversation starts earlier. Some people have also given their personal commendations from the archives of THP.

Yeah, there's no way that we can really opaquely introduce anything already on THP to Spacebattles, and as much as I like cultural exchange, I'm not confident enough to directly extend a hand of invitation ("come on over!") over there.

If Spacebattles wants to read stuff on THP, it will, because it already is. I

FF.net is still a valid target, though, as it much more separation between it and us (cursory skimming through the threads reveals no knowledge/discussion of THP).

They DO however have an IRC, and after poking my head into it, I have found that it is indeed active with at least a few people, unlike Spacebattles's.

Not sure if trolling the IRC is wise, though.
No. 12398
Lame crossovers and Kahi hails from there (though people at spacebattles were pretty quick to distance themselves from him once the Yukkuri fucking started) and a tendency to make said crossovers antagonistic towards Gensokyo/Touhou.
No. 12399
Hey guys, just want to let you know that reviews are beginning to pop out at Moral's Rumia story.
No. 12400
Can people other than the author see them?
No. 12401
Of course.
No. 12402
Click the little blue number next to 'Reviews:' at the top of the page, which happens to be six when I look at it.

Six, with one guy commenting on each of the five chapters.
No. 12403
>one guy commenting on each of the five chapters
Welcome to ff.net. Enjoy your stay.
No. 12404
>and a tendency to make said crossovers antagonistic towards Gensokyo/Touhou

Bullshit. From what I've seen, it's the other way around, that is to make said crossovers antagonistic towards whatever series they're crossing Touhou with.

Like Patchy Quest for example.
No. 12405
Well from what I've seen, it's what >>12398 said.

Maybe we're looking at different stuff.
No. 12406
I want to bitch about the total lack of creative solutions for the Yukari dilema. Everyone keeps ragging on about either making her broken stupid overpowered, or pathetically and unbelievable underpowered. Just once I want to see her and Yuuka and whoever else go on vacation when shit hits the fan and is sprayed all over a nuclear warhead, if only for a REAL change of pace.
No. 12407
My story's set in winter largely because Yukari spends the winter hibernating. Does that count for anything?

Oh, wait, you said creative. Never mind then.
No. 12408
No. 12409
>Ok, let's begin with the story...

>It's a nice, short story for a number of readers who like a little fluff and/or WAFF.

>the story summary is vague and short. I want to suggest a longer summary of what to expect... I guess it's just lacking a 'hook' to bring in readers. Also, be sure to let the readers know it's a Rumia X OC (Assuming he IS an OC) fic in the description. This helps to let people know what pairing is involved.

>Nothing wrong with the story; it's a nice read.

>The title... could use a little work to something more catchy; leaving it as "A Rumia Story" is rather bland and generic. Nothing wrong with it as a tentative/placeholder title, but perhaps something more creative as a title might work? I'm not good with story titles, admittedly, but that's up to you, or you can ask others for suggestions.

>Overall, it's quite an amusing read.

Welp, now I feel guilty of my inability to provide a decent title and summary.
No. 12410
No. 12411
'Warm and fuzzy feelings', I believe.
No. 12412
Okay, what stuff you're looking at? I'm really curious on what you're talking about right now.
No. 12413
>(Angelic face x10!)

For fucks sake, please never link to that website again. I don't care what your reasons are, that place only ever brings pain, misery and the urge to kill someone.
No. 12414

I think Yukari has rules she places upon herself. She's a wicked adherent to tradition, yo.

"Status Quo is god". What do you think Yukari's name was before she became Yukari Yakumo!?


>Six, with one guy commenting on each of the five chapters.

This pains me to look at.
No. 12415
What the hell is that fluff thing?

>What do you think Yukari's name was before she became Yukari Yakumo!?
Obviously, Yakuri Hearn.
No. 12424
You really need to go through desensitization, dude. It's just text.
No. 12433

"Fluff" is, as best as I can tell, a subcategory of slice-of-life. It's writing without a particularly driven plot, with an emphasis on the bright side of things and happy moments. For example, slice-of-life about a hard day at work would not be fluff, while slice-of-life about spending a lovey-dovey I feel emasculated when I use that phrase day on vacation would be "fluff".

I really don't know what the difference between fluff and WAFF is, and you can see that the greentext-guy really isn't sure how to differentiate them either.
No. 12435
I want to bitch about how my votes are useless since I'm the only one who votes for my option while there are like, 5 people bandwagoning the same option.

Makes me want to stop voting altogether.
No. 12436
So you want to bitch about the very concept of democracy?
No. 12437

I'm Hitler by the way.
No. 12445
does one of them have a trip?
No. 12449
File 134061449141.png - (418.67KB , 1000x1000 , ac3acc6309f7c2c31aa3fd953d82bf5b.png ) [iqdb]






No. 12453
WAFF (warm and fuzzy feeling) is to fluff as crying is to tearjerkers.
No. 12495
File 134068616464.png - (93.36KB , 296x287 , toasty 2.png ) [iqdb]
Apparently, someone identified Crystal of Nothingness' as being one of THP's stories. Poor sap doesn't know that balistafreak left.
No. 12496
Yep, already looked at the review and it seems one of us doesn't get the joke.

Oh well, who cares? It's just a dummy account.
No. 12498

... I'm right here.

I've been busy with the latest update; continuing the experiment is tomorrow's priority.
No. 12500
I think he was trying to do a "thing".

You know how, sometimes, when you have a secret of some sort, you occasionally have someone who's in on it who doesn't quite "get" what they're in on, and so they say something that they think is helping keep everything under wraps even though it has the completely opposite effect? He basically just did that.

It's like something out of a sitcom, really. A bunch of characters try to plan a surprise party or something like that, and one of the characters in on it is exactly the sort of person who should never be in on those sorts of things because they suck at lying, yet insist on trying to lie even though when they do, it just makes it painfully obvious that they're lying.

Look, people, if you're going to lie, do not provide details when no one has asked for them. Nothing exposes a lie faster than unnecessary elaboration, especially when you don't have to look very far to find evidence that contradicts what you're saying.
No. 12502
Are we doing false flag operations? I love false flag operations!

Wait, trying not to sabotage our own plan. Right. Damnit.
No. 12506
I want to bitch about Fever Dreams being dead.

Now those HFY fuckers will invade other stories, like Megasen's for example.
No. 12512
No. 12516
Goddamn fucker. Was this you, guy who was irrationally pissed that we were doing this?

Anyway, quick, remove the review if you can before people see it.
No. 12518

I'm the owner of that dummy account by the way.
No. 12577
Why is any heated discussion labeled a shitstorm? Save it for when the words 'faggot' and 'nigger' start flying around.
No. 12578
So what did that review say anyway? Now I'm trying to make sense of this all.
No. 12597
Typing from memory, it was something like:
>What the fuck is a THP story doing here? You sure as hell aren't the original author, so what to you think you're doing posting it here as if you're the one who wrote it?
No. 12615
The reviewer asks a good question.
No. 12638
It also shows that there's someone there who knows of THP.
No. 12642
Of course, since it was one of THP anon.
No. 12697
I wanna bitch about writefag whining that they don't get "enough votes".
No, in fact, I want to bitch about writefags complaining about their votes.
No. 12702
No. 12703
>>12518 was.
No. 12707
which ones?
No. 12708
No, I'm asking for proof that the Reviewer that was talked about is a current THP anon. Because right now it seems like speculation on the part of >>12496 and >>12642.
No. 12709
Most writefags are like lame puppies; they can provide countless hours of amusement but die from a lack of attention. Voting is the kindest thing you can do (especially on the less visited boards).

Then again, some are like pitbulls. They don't give a fuck and eat your face on a whim.
No. 12710
I want to bitch about people who follow stories without bothering to vote.
No. 12711
Now who are these "pitbull" writefags?
No. 12712
Hey look, that story is shaping up to be the second GH, only rather than routefaggotry, it's HFYfaggotry.
No. 12713
Sometimes I just don't feel strongly enough about a choice to vote, man.
No. 12714
Even if it's a story that gets very few votes? I hope you won't have the nerve to complain when the writer drops the story.

On a less popular story I try to muster up something to vote on while with someone popular I let it go by without votes if there's a bandwagon that can't be stopped.
No. 12715
If a writer drops his story because he's not getting enough votes, he's clearly not a real writer, and is instead just an attention whore.
No. 12716
How absurd. If someone is doing a CYOA and there simply are few to no votes, then what's the point? You can't do an interactive story if no one is interacting with the story. It's like trying to play a tabletop rpg by yourself - you sure as hell can do it but what's the point? The players have an important role to play.

A traditional story and shorts are another beast entirely.
No. 12717
If the writefag really wants to write, he can decide what will be the winning vote by itself. After all, his main goal is to tell a story, not getting attention.
No. 12718
If the writer is choosing everything, then there is no need for it to be a CYOA/interactive story. And if you want to do an interactive story that's not an effective option. There's a big difference between needing enough input of a consistent nature to carry on and just seeking attention.
No. 12719
The writefag doesn't have to choose everything. But no matter what the story, there will always be someone voting. People whining that they don't get enough votes are just looking for attention. It's possible to keep writing a story even when you have only 3 votes each time you update.
No. 12722

What exactly is wrong with seeking attention in return for writing a story, though?
No. 12723
You're writing a story because you want to write, or because you have a story to tell. You don't write just to get attention.
It's like mods. You don't spend your time modding a game to get attention. You do it because you're unsatisfied with the current game and you want to change it.
No. 12724
>You don't write just to get attention.
No one is making that argument. The fact of the matter is that votes are what keep stories alive. Without them, we wouldn't have CYOAs by definition. These stories aren't being written for monetary gain or for any other tangible reward. The only recompense writers have is the satisfaction of getting people to participate in the process. Now you can argue that this isn't something that can't just be measured solely by numbers or quality of posts/votes made in reply but the fact remains that this medium is propelled by reader interaction. No votes = no story, full stop.

There's a lot to argue about what is good or proper for a story but that comes down to the individual and differing expectations. So I'm not going to get into the specifics here. As a generalization I'd be willing to say that while having less votes doesn't automatically make the experience bad, having more is always better. It means more potential for differences of opinion (avoids bandwagonning or the awkwardness of dealing with a 2-1 or 2-3 split) and more chances for constructive discussion. Sure you can manage with less but I'm sure that plenty of writers on the site will tell you that updating with three votes isn't exactly fun after you've been writing for a while. It's a very time-consuming enterprise.
No. 12725
I never raged about readerless stories but about writefags whining they don't get enough votes.
For example, in the Eldest Scarlet story, SystemFailure frequently whines about his votes, even through he has 6 votes already (>>/sdm/46205/).
When you know that most stories have less than that, that strikes me as SystemFailure being one of those "I WONT UPDATE UNLESS THERE ARE 10 PEOPLE COMMENTING ON MY STORY" kind of people. And that's not something good.
No. 12726
I can't speak about that particular writer. But as far as I've seen on the site no one has ever held a story hostage because of votes. They complain, sure, and sometimes it ends with them losing interest. My argument wasn't about a hypothetical no-reader story. As someone who has written and updated time and time again with only a few votes at times I'm telling you that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with wanting more votes. It may be unrealistic to expect to be the most popular story but there's more than enough people on the site to hope that at least some will give the story a try. So yeah, it's just disingenuous to assume that a writer is an attention whore because he wishes there were more votes.
No. 12727
There's indeed nothing wrong with wanting more votes, but there's something wrong when you're whining about it even through you already have enough people voting to legitimately update.
No. 12729
So, somebody just added Moral's Rumia story to his favorite list.

And his name was RetardedFool.
No. 12735
As a writefag, attention is a feel good thing. Sure we write for ourselves (ideally), but we post things online for others to read. Because of the way this site works, we can't track the number of thread views or something - we only have votes to guess how many people are actually interested. If it feels like absolutely nobody is reading other than me, I might as well keep it on my hard-drive and never let it see the light of day, because it obviously isn't of high enough quality to attract attention other than my own.

I write because I enjoy it, but post because other people might too. If they don't, then there's no reason to post it. And it feels nice having people read and comment, so be a friend and do so please
No. 12738
If you like having comments, never write on /shorts/. People are almost never commenting here. Makes me wonder if I'm the only one here.
No. 12740
Don't worry. There are Balistafreak and Systemfailure there.
No. 12744
Yeah, but even with them around, there's not a lot of people. Maybe one or two readers.
No. 12746
This might a blasphemous suggestion, but if you want more comments, why not post your fics on other fanfiction sites, not just on THP? There are those things called "FF.net" and "Shrinemaiden.org" you know.
No. 12747
And I'm one of those readers. I'm still waiting for Balistafreak to update his short, even though I never read his main story.
No. 12748
oh yeah, people love having reviews such as "So she was possessed by the youkai. Just like I thought...or did I? I forgot."
No. 12751
Desperate writefags will love any reviews they get.

As long as it's not criticism or flame, mind you.
No. 12753
Most people aren't desperate enough to visit FF.Net.
Except Moral and Treia, of course.
No. 12754
And Treia doesn't even get any reviews.
No. 12755
Isn't it sad, Treia? ;_;

But maybe his short is too complicated for FF users. After all, it's the kind of story that you need to read several times before understanding it. Not like Ddyk's Kwaidan.
No. 12784
fuck those guys 3400 word updates every day whoop whoop

Funny how productive I become when the internet goes down for a few hours.
No. 12786
I wish to express annoyance at anyone who doesn't understand how fairy regeneration works.

Fairies are representations of some aspect of nature. As long as the aspect of nature exists, the fairy exists; and if, and only if, the aspect is destroyed, then the fairy is destroyed. It doesn't matter what you do to the fairy itself, since it's only a representation; it will regenerate or otherwise resurrect as long as that aspect of nature exists. This is why Shikieiki specified that even nature can sometimes die in Cirno's scenario in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

This seems to be something that's been confused for a very long time, as Expectation of Sanguine Disorder made this mistake: it had a vampire that was able to convert fairies into vampires which would not respawn. However, it can be excused (somewhat), since it was apparently written before Perfect Memento was translated. Anything since the translation came out, however, has no such excuse.
No. 12790
>However, it can be excused (somewhat), since it was apparently written before Perfect Memento was translated. Anything since the translation came out, however, has no such excuse.
Fuck this heavy-handed thinking.
No. 12791
Shikieiki also implies that a fairy that strays too far from its origin won't resurrect intact. If this wasn't the case, we'd have a bunch of all-knowing all-powerful fairies running around, or something similar.
No. 12795
>Fairies are representations of some aspect of nature. As long as the aspect of nature exists, the fairy exists; and if, and only if, the aspect is destroyed, then the fairy is destroyed. It doesn't matter what you do to the fairy itself, since it's only a representation; it will regenerate or otherwise resurrect as long as that aspect of nature exists.

So how does that work with Cirno in the summer?
No. 12799
The Misty Lake is cold year-round. Also, when it's summer for one half of the world, it's winter for the other half.

Cirno could be in danger due to global warming, though, if she represents natural cold worldwide.
No. 12802

That is not how global warming works.
No. 12808
Cirno isn't the fairy of winter, so it doesn't matter. She has control over cold, which might be enough to call her "the fairy of cold," depending on how one determines what aspect of nature a fairy represents.

Most lakes are "cold" by human standards, yes. Your global warming comment is dumb, though - a 1° C increase in average temperature is of much less importance than the 10° increase in one region accompanied by a 9° drop in the other.
No. 12816
you assume writers back then even bothered with canon. Most went full bore with fanon as the characters in many classic stories took whole pages out of the fanon book.

True and it might be a way to keeping things in check (fairy getting too strong=aspect of nature going out of control might be a reason)
No. 12837

I thought she was an ice fairy, not a cold fairy. It also seems unlikely to me that fairies can be sustained by happenings outside the border.
No. 12884
What? Did City Quest just get crossed over with Batman?
No. 12886
You mad?
No. 12887
File 134099254717.jpg - (60.82KB , 400x400 , 22705139.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12891
It's more like a costume party.
No. 12893
It's also pretty dumb.
Although, considering what it's readers have stuck it out through, I suppose it's just another drop in the sea.
No. 12894
just wait until a Batman Yukkuri shows up (which may then get fucked)
No. 12896
Is that story that bad?
No. 12897
Read it and find out, if you dare.
No. 12898
I don't. Usually, I like having my own opinion, but this thing about fucking yukkuris, I don't know, I'm a bit afraid of what I may find.
No. 12899
Haha. Most of the yukkuri fucked have bodies. Most of them.
No. 12900

I suppose a feline body still counts as a body, or sorts.

And that techinically (while not a yukkuri), a torso is a body even devoid of the remaining four limbs.
No. 12901
Just read the story if you want to, or don't if you don't. A bunch of people got butthurt over Kahi's solution to the "yukkuri Alice are chronic rapists" problem, and have such skewed descriptions that you'd think every update ever was always and only focused on sex with as many different yukkuri and in as many different ways as possible. If you don't want to read the scenes, hit Page Down once or twice. If that's too much of a put off for you, don't read the story.
No. 12921
There's this writer I want to criticize, but last time I did it he got all whiny and self-pitying, so I can't do it. Man, this sucks.
No. 12922
I'm pissed off by that tolerance toward Taisa. He chickened out and abandonned his stories THREE TIMES, and yet he's still accepted and tolerated.
No. 12923
Do it, asshole. Criticism is always a good thing. If he can’t take it, well, fuck him.
No. 12926
If the writer's response can be summed up as "Thanks but no thanks. This is my writing style and I don't want to change it.", what should we do as his readers?

You know, kinda like what you do, YAF.
No. 12928
You can’t really “criticise” something that’s entirely a matter of opinion: like choice of genre, voice, style or plot. True, when the writer declares himself to be trying to do X, you may point out, “Uh, this, this and that aren’t the best choice for X; you might want to change them.” (example: complete lack of descriptions of the crime scene in a detective-esque story – which would be missing the point) Otherwise, however, what are you going to do, force him to change his opinion? Cater exactly to your personal preference? Shit won’t work. What did you expect?

When I see the word “criticise,” I picture something more of the like of, “Your grammar is bollocks, your tenses keep switching, your vocabulary is poorer than a drunken slav, your formatting is ass and I fuck’ed you’re toohoe.” Or, you know, something specific to a genre the writer is doing that’s totally out of place.

“I don’t like this (therefore you should change it)” is not a criticism. It’s advice, an opinion, at best a review. Try to address things more objectively if you want to call it a “criticism.” You’ll also help the writefriend more this way (in addition to sparing his delicate feelings).
No. 12940
Few people are open-minded. If they don't want to change, then they won't change. If you were decent/well-reasoned in your opinion then that's the most you can do; you aren't entitled to anything more. It's his story and he does what he wants.
No. 12941
Personally, I'd want more (constructive, ideally) criticisms of my writing. It's how you improve, by becoming aware of your flaws and trying to change them.
No. 12949
I've always wondered why some writers really want to improve themselves on writing.

Sure, I can understand if they're a published author and writing is their career, but for fanfic writing?
No. 12951
What the fuck?
No. 12953
No. 12954
No. 12955
Alright, I'll bite.

Generally, people like to improve themselves. This is the same for most writers of any caliber or age - they want to feel proud of the work they invest their time in. Those "shit-tier" fanfic writers either believe they are improving, or are content with what they write.

Further, fan fiction provides a common ground for others to critique my work. Sure, conservative authors scoff at the medium, but I won't be writing my magnum opus without practice. It's easier to attract people to read something they have an interest in already than it is to throw "original" work at them.
No. 12958
File 134108539916.jpg - (37.33KB , 327x351 , 1191846482409.jpg ) [iqdb]
Because getting better at stuff is the salt of life, you huge tit.
No. 12960
People generally don't want to be comfortable in mediocrity when it comes to things they care about. Even hack internet artists who never improve either believe they're improving or that they're already the best.

It just didn't even cross my mind that you really meant that. Why would anyone NOT want to improve?
Dude, I think there's something wrong with you.
No. 12961

I find it hard to be proud of my own writing myself, no matter how much I've improved, if any at all. Maybe I'll be proud of it once I'm famous and no people would talk bad of my writing, something that I realize is quite impossible.

Writing is more like a hobby to me, something to do to relax in my pastime. You don't really need to go out of your way to improve yourself when you, let's say, play basketball with your friends. As long as you're not too terrible at it, you'll be fine.

Still, maybe there are some writers here who use this "Touhou fanfiction writing" thing to prepare themselves when they're going to write a novel or such.
No. 12967
Of course you're not proud of your own writing. That's why reviews exist. To let people know if they're improving, if their stories are interesting, petty things like that.
I'm proud of the positive reviews I get rather than being proud of my stories.

And just because it's a hobby, that doesn't mean you shouldn't improve. I dunno, for example, when there's a game you like, you don't always play in easy mode, sometimes you switch to a higher difficulty, because otherwise you get bored.

That's the same with fanfictions. Sure, most of us aren't real writers, just as most gamers aren't pro. But at least, we're doing what we love, for fun.
And beside, I like to believe that some of us could give "real" writers a run for their money.
No. 12969
>Writing is more like a hobby to me, something to do to relax in my pastime.
I dare say it’s the same for all of us. Which doesn’t make getting better any less desirable. Your brain is hard-wired to derive pleasure from improvement, whether it is in your job, relationships, or pastimes. We’re programmed like that. Which is why we like being praised. It’s a sure sign of that improvement, for no decent writefriend (or anyone, really) will be satisfied with but their own assessment of the said. Criticism, even, should be welcome, as it points out a more certain way to improvement than trial and error or meticulous study of the subject. Advice, criticism and observation – those are active ways of seeking to get better. Of course, you’ll also get better quite automatically over time if you keep at what you’re doing. That’s how our human intelligence works.

I, personally, I love progress. I love not only my progress, but also that of others. I love watching things get better over time. It’s my joy in life. Which is why I like Ddyk better than Taisa and other quitters. At least one of them has balls enough to grit his teeth and improve what they’re not necessarily the best at.

I need a beer.
No. 12974
There's no issue with wanting to improve though getting credible criticism isn't the easiest thing around here.

Also too much drive to improve tends to result in the writer quitting in a huff saying Anon's holding him back.
No. 12977
How does that make sense anyway? One case I can see actually doing is when someone’s bent on having a set amount of votes before setting off to write and then getting “not enough” of them, but... That’s still pretty damn shaky.
No. 12988
>Making sense

Usually you'd have to choose one as most are piles of issues.
No. 12993
Please abuse this poor word less.
No. 13012
I only consented to posting it up because somebody asked. That hurts my feelings.
No. 13019
Official stance.
No. 13023
File 134114802082.jpg - (969.96KB , 1200x1000 , 961d2422276947882c335330e2d14999.jpg ) [iqdb]

Don't hurt Moral's feelings.
No. 13024
Are you two gay lovers?
No. 13025
Does that really matter? Lovers are lovers.
No. 13028

When you'll start continuing your /th/ story?

Because I'm gonna rage about that.
No. 13069
Hey, what happened to the writefag tier list thread?
No. 13071
I want to rage about how I can't see my own posts in Reply mode until somebody else posts.
No. 13073
got deleted because it became an excessive shitstorm, something that came as no surprise to some people.
No. 13074
I want to rage about something: How only one person voted in Little Soldier Lost's update so far. I remember when it used to get 5+ votes every update.

Serial ATA might have slowed down due to writing three stories, but he still kept them coming.
No. 13076
Sorry. I don't know nor care about that story.
No. 13094
Is summer over already? There seems to be a drastic decrease of activity in this site recently.
No. 13097
I think it's the various parties and other shit that happens during summer flaring up. Not to mention the recently wave of weather fucking various things up.
No. 13110


First storm, characterized by ridiculous winds. A tree fell on my neighbor's house.

Second storm, characterized by one full inch of marble sized hailstones. A tree fell on my friend's car.

I thought I was doing pretty well until a tree fell on me. The embarrassing part of this is that the sun was out and shining when this one happened.

Fortunately, I escaped with only a couple of scratches from the bark when I weaseled my way out of the cage of branches that surrounded me. The fall of the tree didn't hurt me at all; it got stopped by a still-standing tree. Still, if I had been standing in any other position, those branches would have pinned me to the ground like a butterfly in a display case.

Going back to work now, but just checking in to say I'm still alive.
No. 13117
>if I had been standing in any other position, those branches would have pinned me to the ground like a butterfly in a display case.
Holy cow. Thank your god or whatever you believe in.
No. 13118
balistafreak's luck aside, I want to bitch about the lack of originality.
I mean, most stories are recycling the same character over and over, ignoring that UFO, Hisouten and TD came out. There are only a few stories with the buddhist crew, and nothing about Soku's big robot or with a formal Utsuho.
And let's not talk about Ten Desires, most people are like "WHO?" when you talk to about about Shotoku, Nyan Nyan or Mononobe.

And why are they automatically implying that Patchouli and Remi are "friends"? That's vague!
But yeah, my rant is about the lack of backstories in touhou. People are just picking characters they know, they give them a personality (bitchy, clumsy, obsessed), but that's all. Characters are never motivated by anything too complicated, and they're always easy to read (Satori is an exception).
No. 13119
Hisoutensoku isn't a robot.
No. 13120
It's big, it's made of can, and it doesn't have a soul. Therefore it's a robot (either that, or it's piloted by a ginger).
No. 13121
Wasn't Hisoutensoku a steam balloon?
No. 13123
Yikes. Talk about a close shave.
No. 13124

Welp, I guess now we'll know what happened if a writefag doesn't show up on the site or IRC anymore.
No. 13125
try reading beyond /th/.
No. 13131
Bitch please. Every good /sdm/ stories has Cirno in it.
No. 13133
What's the matter? Cirno's too mainstream for you?
No. 13134
Just because she lives near the SDM, that doesn't mean she should get involved with everything.
That's really unoriginal.
No. 13135
Hey Moral, there's another person who adds your story to his/her favorite list.

Name's Yuri-Hime-Chan.
No. 13136
>And why are they automatically implying that Patchouli and Remi are "friends"?
Because they are.

>That's vague!
Do you mean what kind of friends they are?
No. 13137
Cirno will never get a romantic route ;_;
No. 13140
>romantic route

It'll end up like that Flandre route in GH.
No. 13141
Please explain how a Cirno route and GH's Flandre route would be similar in any way.
No. 13142
Shitstorms. Shitstorms everywhere.
No. 13147

Hope that fairy writer's taking notes.
And, well, anyone else writing a major Cirno.
No. 13149
File 134132696566.jpg - (1.28MB , 1088x765 , 19152291.jpg ) [iqdb]
FAIRY's Cirno has been route-locked with Dai from the start, so yeah.
No. 13150
But what kind of "friends"? Best Friends? Buddies? Friends with benefits? Occasional lesbian partner? Or is Patche just a dirty freeloader?
No. 13152


I'd like to rage at myself for not realizing that Fae Adventure In Resonant Youthfulness spelt out FAIRY as an acronym.
No. 13158

That's only just natural. The reason people are slow to take upon new characters is that there's not much material and the overwhelming popularity of the older characters. The whole "tenseness" that TD's ending suggests doesn't help despite SoPM defusing it for the most part. But then again most people don't bother reading the whole canon, only what suits them.

The closest she got was in ASSM

She's a little sister figure and trying to have one be a romantic route is tricky as some people will refuse to believe she's a romance option and anyone that does is a Pedo. Incidentally these same people usually are interested in another character in the story.

He shouldn't worry about that as pedo shitstorms only applies for male MCs, not fairies.

Up to you as ZUN's prone to leaving vague things that writers could fill in for their stories.
No. 13160
pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos pedos
No. 13161
File 134135477288.jpg - (304.97KB , 1200x784 , 411c8c3015a1fe77d05b6c072d14e8de.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cute not pedo
No. 13162
File 134135543885.jpg - (1.69MB , 1291x1200 , thisIsn'tSexualAtAllYouSickFucks.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pedo not pedo
No. 13165
File 134135924187.jpg - (304.96KB , 1024x1283 , 7401180a4b70d1e9c8069e2444a9c1cf.jpg ) [iqdb]
Whether it would be pedophilic to pursue Cirno or Flandre based on mental age depends on how they are characterized by the author. Mei and Mai from Seihou are basically the only definitely pedo possibilities for romantic routes, since most Touhou characters are a lot older than they look.
No. 13168
>older than they look
>not pedo
Yeah, just try bringing up that excuse in a certain anti-anime board SA. You'll get labeled as a child molester before getting banned.
No. 13171
File 134136348792.png - (539.01KB , 800x600 , Romancing Remilia was never pedo.png ) [iqdb]
TH-P stories have been romancing characters who are older than they look since Expectation of Sanguine Disorder at the very least.
No. 13172
Make the protagonist have a young mental age. There, pedo problem solved, with no meaningful drawbacks whatsoever.
No. 13173
Not everybody has the same fetishes as you.
No. 13174
This though shaking preset conceptions is another matter. It's hard enough to make a believably romance-able Flandre without going into "full nympho" territory. I think ASSM was the only story that got near a Cirno route.

It helped that Remilia never acted "too young"
No. 13176
File 134137766676.jpg - (351.55KB , 1038x897 , sweeter_than_chocolate_27.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wanna rage about THP being stupid recently.
Megasen just dropped a story, and instead of taking his criticism like a man, he's now whining, with Anon taking his defence. That's a rather good thing, except when it's derailing threads.
I also want to bitch about those HFY dudes in that Game thread. Discussing is fine once in a while, when there's progress, but here, it's mainly "no im right" "no I'M right" "fuck you im throwing sand at you" "oh yeah well im throwing more sand than you". And most of it without sage, which means that each time one of those morons post, he's bumping the thread again.
And I want to bitch again about Megasen's readers. While himself is quite a dick (his main defence being "U MAD?"), his readers are worse, either spamming "butthurt anon detected", either saying shit like "hey megasen isnt that bad yaf kahi and ddyk are worse".
At least, Kahi never insulted someone who criticized him. YAF... he's usually polite, but I guess that if you look at his history, you'll find something to blame. But he's cool now. And ddyk never dropped a story because he was "too lazy to finish it" and he accepts criticism now.

And while I'm here, I also want to rage as that dude who's probably going to quote my post number, answering "U MAD" or trying to prove something that nobody else will care about because he feels himself so important that he needs to prove that I'm wrong somehow. Just in case, fuck you future dude.
No. 13178
The HFY dudes are invading The Game?

This should be interesting.
No. 13181

No but seriously this is a small amount of stupid compared to how it sometimes is.
No. 13182
How more stupid can anon be exactly?
No. 13183
>>I wanna rage about THP being stupid recently.


Oh, and for the record:

>>Megasen just dropped a story, and instead of taking his criticism like a man, he's now whining, with Anon taking his defence.

>>I stopped giving a fuck about you and your stories when you pussied out and dropped it.

and this:
>>Shut up and get around to the inevitable abandoning of your story.

are not examples of someone offering valid criticism, they're examples of someone being a petty little bitch lashing out at someone they perceived to have wronged them.
So the dude dropped a story a bunch of people were into. So what? Take a look at the Story List, see all the stories listed as either "stalled" or "abandoned". This is nothing new, and certainly nothing to be surprised by, especially when dealing with a new writer.

Mistakes happen, especially when someone is still learning the ropes. Until they recognize they made a mistake, acknowledge it, and try to fix it, criticism is to be expected. They screwed up, and they need to know it so that they don't do it again in the future. Once they do acknowledge it, and begin to try to move past their mistakes, though, that's the cue for everyone else to do the same.

MegaSen has made mistakes, no doubt about it. He knows it, he's admitted it, and he makes it sound as if he is trying to move past them. Whether or not he does remains to be seen, but we are nevertheless past the point where bitching him out over what's already been done accomplishes absolutely nothing of value. Sure, it might make you feel better to continually bring up shit people have done wrong in the past, but to everyone else, it's just annoying, and signals to everyone else that you are one of those people who simply cannot let things go. Great if you're trying to be obnoxious, but other than that it accomplishes nothing.

And if you're going to do comparisons, you need to realize that can cut both ways. MegaSen has never written about fucking sentient pastries. He's never called another writer a "pathetic attention whore" holding "retarded popularity contests" for making a post in a thread for people to vote on what they'd like the writer to write, only to make an entire thread for himself where he does the exact same thing he bitched out the other writer for. He certainly doesn't make it a habit of offering people "advice" on things that he, himself, clearly doesn't know jack-shit about.

On a semi-related note: Hartmann? Please stop using the word "arrogant" so much. Or at all. I know this isn't your first language, but you keep doing this thing where you use it in places where it doesn't quite fit, and it gives the impression that you don't completely understand what it means. There are times you use it correctly, but every other time I find myself reminded of that guy from The Princess Bride who kept saying "inconceivable".

If nothing else, try to use some other words that have the same meaning. Expand your arsenal, man!
No. 13184

They're invading EVERYTHING.
No. 13185
Invading everywhere? Certainly not! I do not see them invading Poland.

Even Hilter remembered to invade Poland.
No. 13188
It really helps if you spell "Hitler" right. Does it count as Godwin's Law if you can't spell it?
No. 13191
Their "prey" of choice are mostly stories by new guys who would let them have their way barring any interference. Fell's /underground/ story is a first of them attempting any sort of move on a story written by an experienced writer.

At least one of them is willing to vote spam to get his way as it was discovered in Megasen's /forest/ story a few weeks ago. The guy in question voted TEN times. If we see them in a story, we should request a vote spam check just to be safe.

I would rather have them go away or at least go after a story that's definitely willing to go such a route than trying to twist other stories into what they want (likely killing the story in the process).
No. 13193
I don't think so, considering he seems to be saying that Hitler was at least competent in comparison to the group being talked about. Of course, someone saying that Hitler was at least somewhat competent would also be comparable to the Ghost of Stalin showing up to tell you that you're somehow worse than Hitler. It's as amusing as it is ironic.
No. 13194
>killing the story
You know, there's this thing called "writefag's right to veto bad choices"

Learn from Oracle, who swears that he'll block any attempts to derail his "pro-youkai" story into a "pro-human" one.
No. 13196
>block any attempts to derail his "pro-youkai" story into a "pro-human" one
Now what that is, is blatant filthy racialism. I condemn this course of action.
No. 13197
>that dude who's probably going to quote my post number, trying to prove something that nobody else will care about because he feels himself so important that he needs to prove that I'm wrong somehow
Everything went according to plan. Keep nitpicking and trying to switch to another topic, it's not like you're obvious at all.
No. 13198
File 134139902083.jpg - (271.42KB , 1024x683 , GxGUF.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, THP is now the magical land of rainbows and unicorns where everyone can fuck up and not be constantly bothered about their mistakes.

Here, have those sweets, and may you shit a rainbow.
No. 13201
To err is human; to forgive is divine.
No. 13203
File 134140011529.jpg - (82.65KB , 500x638 , PcKCN.jpg ) [iqdb]
While I don't really care about Megasen, I feel like I should explain a few things.
First, the reason I don't really like Megaasen is because he decided by himself to drop his story. That's not something he discussed with his readers.
Second, his attempt at fixing things is admirable, but answering to a bitchy Anon is not something to do.
Third, "[Megasen] certainly doesn't make it a habit of offering people "advice" on things that he, himself, clearly doesn't know jack-shit about." True. He clearly doesn't offer advices, and doesn't risk his reputation by using his trip. I use my trip on that advice thread so that people can tell "Okay, that's ddyk, he can be wrong", and also because if someone happens to show me that I'm wrong, I can aknoledge my mistake.
Fourth, I'm not the only writefag trying to help people on that advice thread. But I guess you missed it in your white knight fury.
Fifth, I'm pretty sure you're Megasen in disguise. Either that, either you're a first-grade cocksucker. There were writefags back in the days that were abused more than Megasen was, and they're still here. If he can't deal with some bitching, he's clearly not fit for THP, where bitching is so important that there's a thread made for it.
Sixth, greentext doesn't need ">>". Just one.
Seventh, you're arrogant.
Eighth, everyone is arrogant.
Ninth, comparing writers is stupid. Megasen, YAF and I aren't the same at all. I never wrote a high-school story, Megasen never tried to offer advices, and YAF... he never wrote a story about the lunarians.
Tenth, have a good day, and remember the rule four. We're here to write fanfics about flying little girls. We're not debating about the Greek debt, or about American Health Care Plan.
No. 13205
>I use my trip on that advice thread so that people can tell "Okay, that's ddyk, he can be wrong",

And you also use your trip on other threads where you don't need a trip, which makes you a filthy attention whore.
No. 13206

>Complains about other writer dropping his story.
>Just derailed his own story and finished it with an ass-pull ending.

Oh the hypocrisy.
No. 13207
And in GH Flandre was portrayed as a little kid.
No. 13208

While I'm no fan of Hartmann, he did leave the choice up to his readers. Which is more than I can say for Megasen.

>MegaSen has made mistakes, no doubt about it. He knows it, he's admitted it, and he makes it sound as if he is trying to move past them.

Where is this? He certainly didn't bother acknowledging any of the points brought up within his own thread after he abandoned it, and he only came back after the storm without acknowledging them with anything more than a "Ok, people are mad, back to my story now."
No. 13209
Shouldn't that votespamming guy be already banned?
No. 13213
File 134141629461.jpg - (95.54KB , 891x595 , WjWef.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's mostly for fun purpose. But, yeah, that's kind of hypocritical. I won't do it any more.

At least I wrote a decent ending. Not a "and then he was a zombie to begin with. The end." I wrote an ending I cannot really be proud of, but at least I finished my story properly.

The other thing I disliked with Megasen was that when an Anon mentionned the Sixth Sense ending, someone arrived and asked "was that a jab at Megasen's story?" In other words, we're almost at a point where we cannot make any reference to the Sixth Sense, Repercussions of Evil, or any other Night movie without having someone barging and asking "was that a jab at Megasens story".
No. 13216
Stop trying to stir shit up.

He announced the dropped story, and give his reasons for it. What you're talking about sounds like what HY did all 20+ times he dropped a story yet no one goes about giving him shit for it.

The guy in particular? Yes but this doesn't mean the others won't try it.
No. 13217
File 134142310938.png - (559.17KB , 696x702 , Triplessfag strikes.png ) [iqdb]
For 1,49 USD only!
No. 13218
I screwed up. I shouldn't have written over Sanae's face.
No. 13219
Needs more Comic Sans.
No. 13220
Damn, you got me! Curse you and your brilliant plan to discredit any attempt to respond to anything you said by...predicting someone will...respond to...fuck, I don't know.

Cute of you to try to cover your bases like you did, but guess what, Sparky? It doesn't give you a free pass to start spouting bullshit and not get your ass called out on it, no matter how you try to play it down. "Ooh, look at THIS asshole, specifically replying to things that I said! What an asshole!" Yeah, no, it doesn't work that way.

Case in point:
>>trying to prove something that nobody else will care about because he feels himself so important that he needs to prove that I'm wrong somehow

Bullshit, nobody cares. You clearly cared enough to say something in the first place, and still care enough to respond. If you're the guy getting his panties in a wad over someone saying "U MAD" to you, then you also clearly cared enough whine about whatever someone was calling you out on whining over.

You're mad at MegaSen for dropping your new favoritest story in the whole wide world. Fine, be mad. But there is a line between justifiable anger and resentment, and behaving like a petty, whiny, petulant little child. This "I don't care about something even though I'm clearly pissed about it" kick you're on? Guess which side of the line you're on!

If you didn't really care, you wouldn't be as pissed about it as your clearly are, and you sure as hell wouldn't be talking about it. Oh, and before you try to come in with some more bullshit about how I'm just trying to make myself feel big by proving someone wrong on Teh Internets, this isn't about being right or wrong. This is about being tired of hearing little children throwing temper tantrums because they didn't get something they want, and telling them to shut the fuck up.

Megasen might be thin-skinned, but you're no better if you get this uppity over people replying to you, and don't differentiate between the trivial things you can ignore, like the U MAD BUTTHURTLOLOL nonsense, and honest attempts to respond and address your grievances like an adult human being.


Hartmann, shut up.
Just shut the fuck up. Please. Believe it or not, I actually do have some faint glimmer of what could loosely be described as respect for you, and the more you talk like this, the more I find it fading away.

>>First, the reason I don't really like Megaasen is because he decided by himself to drop his story. That's not something he discussed with his readers.

So what if he didn't discuss it? The decision to write or not write lies solely with the writer. He could have done like others have so many times in the past, and simply dropped it without giving a single word of explanation. Would that have been better? If he never intended to start it up again, you think it would have been better to leave people hoping for something that would never happen rather than remove all doubt?

Even if he had included his readers on the decision, what then? If he truly no longer wanted to write that story, but his readers did, you think it would have been best if he had continued it? If there's one piece of advice I see pop up every so often, it's that writers should write what they WANT to write, and that writing what they don't want to write will only end poorly for everyone involved. Why should that basic piece of advice get thrown out the window, just because some people don't like the consequences of it? MegaSen didn't want to write that story anymore, and rather than try to force something he didn't want to do, he just stopped doing it. Going by that advice, he did the right thing. His readers might not like it, but I doubt they would be any better off getting a lackluster story with a shit ending because the writer was burning out and just wanted it to be over with.

As for the rest of your post, I'm sorry, but I don't have enough time or alcohol on-hand to carefully explain how you are missing the point on so many things.

So, here's the short version!

- You can't risk losing what you don't have.
- Advice should ALWAYS be helpful, not "helpful unless it turns out that you're wrong". If there's a chance your advice is wrong, don't offer it in the first place.
- Don't play the "I bet you're so-and-so in disguise" game. You're only going to lose.
- It's my green text, and I'll ">>" if I want to.
- You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Once again, Hartmann, please shut up. I don't know if you're familiar with the old adage "it's better to to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" but you would do well to learn from it. You actually do manage to say things that are worth listening to from time to time, but there are so many other times when you don't, and it's painful to watch. I want to believe you are better than this, I really do, but you make it so hard sometimes.
No. 13221
I like the cut of your jib, buddy.

>little children throwing temper tantrums

This is basically what it's like being a moderator here. All day, every day. If it's not blaming a group/website for making everything suck, it's pedantic arguments and name-calling. I don't really have anything to add to this discussion except to say that I can empathize. You're not alone.
No. 13222
File 134142821272.jpg - (101.46KB , 392x500 , url.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13223
File 134142905952.jpg - (156.62KB , 422x509 , Ya best be trolling.jpg ) [iqdb]
No, YOU shut up. I don't give a damn if you respect me or not, and I certainly won't have a sleepless night because some irritating idiot living somewhere may be mad after me. I don't care if you, an anonymous fag are disappointed or anything. The only thing I owe are full stories to my readers, I don't owe anything else to a random idiot who keeps thinking he's the Chosen One.
You adage is "it's better to to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt", mine is "it's better to ask and be a fool rather than not ask and stay a fool", because I value progress and self-improvement above EVERYTHING. Including the opinion of a petty little self-absorbed Anon. You believe that your opinion has more value than mine because I sometimes say crap and I mistake very often, but I'll always have more respect for the average writers that clenched his teeth and improved rather than for the guy that wrote a high school story, got immediate success, and dropped everything on a whim.

And to re-use your argument, those are MY posts, and I can do what I want with them. If I want to give advice, even through there's a chance I might be wrong, I'll give advice. If I want to ask advice, I'll ask anyway because this way, I won't have any doubts.

Your opinion is that "good" writers (aka the one you like) should be allowed to do everything, including being paranoiac, dropping stories on their own, and being arrogants jerkasses ("lol I dorpped that story stop annoying me about that").
That's a very interesting opinion. But that's just YOUR opinion. And you're just some guy in a crowd. Yes, you're louder than the rest of the crowd. But that doesn't make you more important, or smarter.
According to your adage, stagnation is the best thing to do, hu? Stay a fool for your whole life? Fine, stay a fool if you want. But don't force people to live according to YOUR opinions. I think that Megasen made a horrible mistake by dropping his story, AND I think he should be reminded constantly until he suck it down and improve, AND I think he can still become a good writer if he doesn't drop any more stories "just because".
Megasen's main mistake was that he started writing a story he couldn't finish properly. It's a beginner's mistake, yeah. He should be forgiven, yeah.
But if he's going to show his face each time his story is even remotely mentioned, we're not over and he won't have anyone to blame.

Do you even know how everything started? It was in a post about a F/STx Touhou crossover.
>Simple as hell. Touhous are fighting for the holy grail. Said Holy Grail is in fact a Heaven Peach, granting a highly resilient body.
>And then it was a dream all along, and protag is dead before the story even starts.
And then someone arrived, and asked:
>Was that a jab at Megasen's story?
And then Anon 1 answered:
>No, it was a jab at The Sixth Sense.
And then Megasen made THE mistake. He popped up and said:
>I felt it anyway.

Now then, I don't criticize your tolerance toward that fairly new writer. It's natural to accept them.
But I remember YAF being insulted just for starting a story, and that's pretty much I respect him more than any other writers. Despite the fact that he was a fag, and despite the fact that he's still paying for it, he's still writing here.
And as I say, I'll always have more respect for the one clenching his teeth and keeping on than for the one dropping his story because he thinks that maybe he's a little too lazy to finish it properly.

Here's the "Too Drunk: Couldn't Read" version:
You're not my reader, and this is not a story thread, therefore I don't owe you anything.
Take your opinion, put them in a nice little box, and keep them for yourself.
What you say certainly won't change my opinion of Megasen, or my respect for YAF, or the way I consider life and the world itself.
I'm certainly not going to cry because some dude over the Internet is sad. I'm here to write and read, not to gain people's respect. I do what I want, what I like, and if you don't like it, TOO BAD.
If you want to stay a fool forever, FINE. But don't force anyone to follow you. Humans are made to change, to adapt to any situation. If you can't write something, clench your teeth and try writing it anyway! You won't lose anything, and you'll only get better.
It's better to be considered as a fool and learn something than not asking and stay a fool. Who cares about that guy in the crowd? He's JUST ONE GUY, louder than the rest.

And one more thing:
Don't ask about forgiveness for Megasen. It's been years, and I still see people flaming Wiseman, telling YAF to "get the fuck out", or repeating me that I'm a moron. Don't talk me about forgiving that writer you like because he screwed up, because it's really hypocritical.
You're probably going to say "Megasen made just one mistake! Wiseman's been an idiot for years, YAF sagebombed many threads and you were banned from IRC many times!" And in that case, I'm going to answer this: "When I talked to Fishman on IRC, he admitted that he was retarded back then. He changed. YAF is now writing real stories, with real endings. He changed. I grew up, and I'm not accepting criticism in my stories and accepting complains. I changed."
People are changing, for the better. Just because you love stagnation doesn't mean that everyone stays dumb forever.

Have a nice day!
No. 13224
I like touhou. I also like reading stories in this site.

Who's with me?
No. 13225
I am!
No. 13226
>, or repeating me that I'm a moron.

...Yeah, okay then.
No. 13227
You've misrepresented what the guy said, thrown a tantrum and pretended to keep the moral high ground all the while. Way to prove him wrong.
No. 13228
Some people don't want to "prove them wrong". They just want to give their opinions.
No. 13229
No, you ridiculous chicken, I expect you to die.

See, this is why I advised you to stop talking, Hartmann. Not only did you completely fail to grasp much of what I was saying, you did it so poorly you're claiming I said things I never even said.

Nice going, there.
No. 13230
I will never die.

>clenching his teeth and keeping on
Clenching teeth? Honestly? Over an insult on the internet? My black brudda, puh-lease. The only insults I clench my teeth over are the ones rooted in actual reality (e.g.: “You’re a fag!” “You are an ass!”*) and those clever enough to make me go “Ooo, you cheeky son of a cock, DUKES UP!”

Take a chill pill. There’s much better shit to get your panties in a bunch over than not being universally loved on the internet. I’d have to be 16 and halfway through puberty to take every internet insult to heart. I used to be, once. We all saw how that worked out. I’m older now, and if not a lot smarter, at least more thick-skinned. Whoop!

* To which I clench my teeth because I’m grinning, of course.
No. 13232
Sorry, dude. I usually lose my cool when I see people sucking a writefag's dick just because he's writing a high school story.
Call that jealousy if you want, I'm still quite mad about that whole shitload of crap.
No. 13234
Yeah, right.
Megasen still had more voters than the average writer, and yet he still gave up.
That's the thing I can't understand. Dropping a story because you don't have readers, I can understand. Dropping a story because you can't follow a plot (like krisslanza did with Restorer in Gensokyo) I can understand.
But why Megasen dropped is just beyond me. he has readers, he has a plot, and yet he dropped because "it doesn't come out". A writer's block.

He dropped a successful story just because of a writer's block. That gets me mad (well, coulda been worse. I stopped reading immediately when I heard he dropped, and I couldn't get far) because I don't understand. Dropping a story because of a writer's block is kinda like... I dunno, leaving your touhou game because you missed a bomb? Sure, that's dangerous and frustrating, but that's temporary.
No. 13235
>sucking a writefag's dick just because he's writing a high school story

This isn't a thing, stop trying to claim that it is.
No. 13236
I think more than it being a highschool story, it was the choice between touhoes that attracted the masses. We all have our own favourites, and situations like in those highschool clichés tend to attract shippers of different pairings (MC x this touhoe or that), especially if a choice between them is offered or is the focus of the story.

You know how much we all love our naval warfare.
No. 13237
it might not have been temporary. It might have lingered on to the point where writing it was purely chore and no fun. Either that or he reached a point where he realized the idea wasn't going to work out.

It's funny how much shit Megasen is getting for dropping a story with an explanation while others do so without a word multiple times and get praise if anything each time they resume writing. It sounds like displaced anger to me.
No. 13238
That's the other thing pissing me off. People are ready to, um, wipe the slate clean just because that story was their favourites.
"That writer screwed up? Na, no worry, I like him! That other writer screw up? BURN HIM!"
No. 13239
>it might not have been temporary. It might have lingered on to the point where writing it was purely chore and no fun. Either that or he reached a point where he realized the idea wasn't going to work out.
That's very probable.
But Anon would have noticed it, or Megasen coulda declared a hiatus, until he feels like writing again.
Yes, I know, "most stories hiatus'd are never resumed, and you're always whining about hiatus'd but not dropped stories so you should be happy".
But I keep thinking he shoulda talked about it to his readers. Like, I dunno, asked them what to do, or write some kind of quick intermission until he figured out how to fix things.
No. 13241
Not making an argument about popularity and why it's popular. Rather that it's a disservice to claim that those stories attract uncritical dick sucking. Plenty of people were upset with the writer of that particular story and it's not like Taisa and Kira were put on pedestals. Plenty of pissed off people there.
No. 13242
Sorry, meant to address >>13232. 'S my bad.
No. 13243
I was going to ask why there are so many pro-Megasen defenders even through people are supposed to be pissed off, but I think I'll just give up, rage about something else, and then listen to Rainymood while preparing my next story.
No. 13244
The point is, you could write a highschool story without the game of ships and it’d likely end up not nearly as popular as the one with it. ‘Tis not the highschool setting that makes those stories wildly popular; it’s the shipcraft. And you know, when you play the game of ships, you either win, or you votespam.
No. 13246
That's a damn good idea. I'm gonna start my own high school story.
I'll call it "Youkai House".
No. 13248
It's confirmation bias on your part. Look at the last thread of his story. Plenty of people voiced their disappointment/disapproval. I'd be willing to bet that there are also silent readers who felt the same way. I did not read his story but saw the whole debacle coming from an AU away (haha, get it?). The truth of the matter is that things did not get out of hand enough like they did in GH to justify the inquisition that you seem to be implying is appropriate. I called him out in /gensokyo/ for complaining that the situation is unreasonable. However, that doesn't give people the right to act like petulant children either. Move on, ignore and talk about it if it's appropriate to. Bringing it up all the time or acting outraged at the (perceived) lack of outrage is just as bad.
No. 13249
So I overreacted. Again.
Not big surprise.

Well, you know what? I spat all my anger earlier, so I think I'll move on, start a new start, and keep a close eye on Megasen.
Speaking about him, is his /forest/ story good?
No. 13250
>start a new start
Yeah, and sleeping a bit too wouldn't be too stupid.

Stay tuned, for I'll be starting "Youkai House"!
No. 13251

You mean the story that will be inevitably be abandoned as soon as Megasen hits his next writers block?

Well, it was decent before he pulled his stunt, up to the end of the first thread. (Haven't bothered to read it since, because really, what's the point?)
No. 13253
It's not a bad story though it's A) a bit too route-centric and B) prone to stupid votes at times due to A.

Good luck, you'll need it.

Stop acting so goddamn pissy, at the very least don't single out Megasen when there's other writers worse about dropping stories.

HY's dropped more stories than I could really remember, but you don't hear me going "I'm not reading his latest story because he'll drop it again".
No. 13255
>Youkai House

You are a foully-tasted individual and you disgust me. 
No. 13256
File 134144104194.jpg - (737.98KB , 1062x1533 , bottled fairies.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fairy House >>> Youkai House > Human House

Route-centric would be fine if everyone could take it easy when their girl doesn't win out. It only takes a few bitter people to make the thread tone go from convivial to hostile.
No. 13271
Fairies are for loli lovers.
No. 13277
You say that as if it's a bad thing.
Which it's not.
No. 13283
I said Youkai House as a reference to Animal House.
Are fairies animals?
No. 13285
Let me just check wikipedia... Nope, fairies don't need to eat. They definitely aren't animals.
No. 13286
I'll go for Youkai House then.
No. 13299
Thread's hit autosage bro. The next one's currently two posts up.