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12141 No. 12141
ITT: let's post a short on another website and see if our standards are indeed too high for the plebs.

No. 12142
That sounds like a dumb idea.
No. 12144
You mispelled "best idea ever".
No. 12145
Fine, I'll post it without any disclaimer whatsoever. Hope this wouldn't bite me in the ass later on.

So, which one should I post? Kira's? Moral's Rumia short? Ddyk?
No. 12147
Any will do, just don't tell them it's from THP. We don't want to start a war, we just want to know how they react to it. If you take an average story, and if they consider it to be a good story, it means we indeed have high standards.
And ask for the writefag's authorization before, of course.
No. 12148
I want to post that Rumia short then, since it's a favorite of mine.

Now if somebody would contact Moral. I'm not good with the IRC stuff.
No. 12149
[x] The Rumia short.

Ddyk has too many shorts, and most of them are related to his /border/ and /underground/ stories. The other are radio-like thingies about X-mas. That's not what I call "quality".
No. 12151
I will require links once the deed is done.
No. 12152
So am I.
No. 12153
Before I forget, decide the title and the description for FF.net's admission. Preferably something attractive and interesting.
No. 12154
Ask Moral, it's his story, he should be able to decide that better than us.
No. 12155
Does Moral frequent /blue/? If so, then there's no need to contact him through IRC.
No. 12156
So your plan is to wait here that Mister Moral appears? I hope he's a not a douchebag, otherwise we might wait a while.
No. 12157
YAF, go to the IRC and contact Moral. I heard you're famous there.
No. 12158
Being famous on IRC doesn't mean being respected. It means there's a picture of your face on the wall, with written over it "most wanted, shoot on sight".
No. 12159
He should go incognito then.
No. 12160
What's Moral's IRC name?
No. 12161
No. 12162
Bother that. I’m not your personal army. I only go to IRC to insult Lion and shamelessly advertise my favourite group’s releases.
No. 12163
Besides, I don’t even know what story you’re talking about.

come @ me
No. 12164
>my favourite group’s releases
What group?
No. 12165
Hit me up on IRC and I’ll gladly tell you.
No. 12166
No, I mean what kind of group? Doujin group, music group, etc?
No. 12167
VN/software dev.
No. 12168
If Moral won't answer, just post Kira's.

Dead people can't complain after all.
No. 12182
I hope you feel horrible.
No. 12183

Forever too soon
No. 12187
File 134030524031.jpg - (19.57KB , 449x338 , 15.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not cool, man.
No. 12188
File 134030543518.jpg - (41.36KB , 374x270 , 1706986020136100b73ddfef7212639f.jpg ) [iqdb]
If Moral doesn't answer, post one of mine. Or you can try to find Treia or Owen, and ask them.

No. 12189
Arn't we trying to give them an average at best story to see how they respond to it? If that's the case, then Kira, Owen, Treia and whoever else wouldn't be eligible. Ddyk, on the other hand...

I kid, sort of.
No. 12190
File 134030714088.jpg - (19.44KB , 172x210 , 93a0e8d7b731d1d028575ea65cc7b122.jpg ) [iqdb]
Problem is that most of my shorts require some kind of background to be understandable and interesting (especially the one with Renko and Gideon). So, except for Aya's talk-show and the Kwaidan short, there's nothing interesting for an outsider. And I highly doubt that those shorts are "average" and representative of THP.
No. 12191
Reguarding people talking about elitism in the last thread, I don't see what the big woop about being accused of being elitist is, when it concerns something like stories. They're calling you out on having a superb taste in 2hu literature, I don't see the problem.
No. 12192
File 134030894750.jpg - (13.08KB , 955x617 , ಠ_ಠ.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 12195
File 134031305697.png - (11.20KB , 133x139 , 1310958428434.png ) [iqdb]
I'd like to publicly rage about MegaSen dropping his story, just like that.

Sage for tripfagging.
No. 12197
Herp a derp the other is in autosage

Okay, hello Mukamil/other blue people. I had not read this thread before getting your message so I was a bit confused. I'm fine with one of my shorts getting posted, if I'm told ahead of time and there is a "reveal" after the fact. You don't have to properly accredit it at the beginning, but after a time. Should produce the desired reaction, yes?
No. 12198
Also I will ask Moral for permission to post his shorts.
No. 12199
>>I want to rage about those people saying that THP is the new /jp/, or that THP is too elitist.
>>Ragethreads filled with idiocy comparable to stuff found on 4chan and rants about how "X/Y/Z Sucks and we're better than them".
No. 12203
You idiot. Ragethreads are only for internal stuff, like Kahi's stories being awful, Kahi being a faggot, Megasen being a whiny bitch and dropping his story like a moron, Patchwork being the most inept writefag I ever saw, Kahi being a faggot, Lion abandonning his great story Border House to write that piece of shit Fragmentation of Memories, SLDT writing a piece of shit mixing vidya games and fanfics, ahi being a faggot, YAF writing a story about Tenshi when it's actually about Satori, Ddyk being his usual retarded self, Treia being lazy, Taisa being inactive, glasnost lurking on IRC without doing anything else, Kahi being a faggot, krisslanza writing shitty /at/ stories instead of working in his story, and of course Kahi being a faggot.

There's nothing about those outsiders here. To use an expression, we're washing our dirty linens in private, without bothering about other websites.
No. 12205
It's okay to reveal who write it, but don't link to this thread. As I said before, we just want reactions, we don't want them thinking "oh, they used us like laboratory mices". We don't need another war, it was already a bother when that chinese dude tried to DDOSS the website.
No. 12206
>krisslanza writing shitty /at/ stories instead of working in his story

No. 12207
All things considered, including the infamy of SNOW END, I think it's possible that MegaSen's story finishing as he had planned it (the protagonist is dead, Cirno or Yoshika is the monster, and everyone is fake) would have created as much or more rage as him dropping it did. What do you think?
No. 12208

I'm not getting involved, just giving my permission. If whoever wants to do it, they're free to.
No. 12210

Done. Can't come up with a more fancy description.
No. 12211
Wait, that's the story we're using? Fuck.
No. 12214
I think the issue is more that the attitude is outweighing the average quality level, which Mr. "lets anon fuck yukkuri" obviously affects.

Mmmm... there's something funny about your post, but I can't put my finger on it.
No. 12215
What, you want to use the other story instead?
No. 12217
>>Ragethreads are only for internal stuff
>>Ragethread rants about other websites and people outside of THP
No. 12218

Hey, wrong-thread anon, if you haven't noticed, /blue/ is where all the threads blend into one coagulated mess. No one cares except you, it seems. Stop that.

More on topic, it seems that in the space of a few hours we haven't caught anything. I say we lift some longer works, and throw them onto the site. We need a larger sample size to bait with.
No. 12219
My lovely man (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
It’s funny because it’s ironic.
No. 12220
So, whose longer story will it be? Treia's again? Humanity of Gensokyo? His Aya story?

I have a rec though. Oracle's Wriggle story. Wriggle + love story + OC = Instant fame on FF.net
No. 12222
What's wrong with that story? One of Treia's better attempts, I feel.
No. 12223

It's a bit short, and a bit symbolic. Remember, this is FF.net we're talking about. Needs more "sugoii kawaii desu <(^^)>" or something.

jesus christ typing that hurt my brain
No. 12224
Can we counter rec? I'm gonna have to, here: Oracle's story is long-winded and kind of boring, and there's way too many things going on at once for the average THPer to follow. You can tell because we keep asking for /words/ posts. How is the FFN community going to handle that?
No. 12226

Calm down broseph. If we don't get any hits in a bit, shift to someone else. Also, we're not touching the collab without permission from Moral.
No. 12227
Funny, I thought it was someone making a claim and then someone else calling that claim out for being general bullshit. Because, you know, each claim that's been made has been countered by the very things found in these rage threads.
No. 12228
By the way, you-fics are forbidden in FF.net, so posting MiG is out of the question.
No. 12229
Rewrite it. I dare you.
No. 12230
No. 12231

Second-person POV and Interactive Fic are forbidden in FFN.
No. 12232
No. 12233
I can understand the interactive ban, but why would they ban second-person?
No. 12234

Supposedly, the second person ban was aimed at people writing bad self-insert fics, the kinds that try and involve the reader personally. Often, these were contrived smut insert-fics with Severus Snape or somesuch... yeah, I can see why that would lead to a blanket ban.

It's the same reason they have a ban on script-fics; so many people wrote shitty scripts that the admins/site owner(s)/whoever got fed up with the crap and blanket banned them.

HOWEVER, we're not here to follow rules. We're here to EXPERIMENT.

We must push the boundaries of what we believe to be limits. That is true science.

I say we post a fic of what we deem high-quality onto the site. The anon who posted up Treia's work already has the dummy account; let's feed that account one more. No turning back, no caring for the rules. Let's see just what kind of shitstorm reaction we get.

We never cared for that site or its stupid rules in the first place.

And hey, if the account gets banned just for being second-person, we still win, because then we can at least call them more intolerant than THP, because we don't ban just because your story is from a certain viewpoint. That's called prejudice, And That's Terrible.
No. 12238
File 13403467212.jpg - (441.05KB , 700x4350 , moss-graffiti.jpg ) [iqdb]
On the french FF website, it was forbidden to use figures. 1984 had to be written nineteen-eighty-four, and "y0u 4r3 4 f4gg0t" had to be written Y-nought-U four-R-three four F-four-double-G-nought-T. It was as retarded as it sounds. Especially when one of the character 5p34|<5 133t.
I'm sure there's a good reason, but I think it's more like "lol we can do it becuz im the boss so i decided it".

Pissing off people for science! He says what we're all thinking!
No. 12240
Social "science."
No. 12263
>we post a fic of what we deem high-quality
So, before I go to sleep, should I go post some more of Treia's stuff? I dunno which one is the collab with Moral though.
No. 12268
See with ballistafreak if you can post his allargando shorts.
I'm curious to see how the FFers will react to a touhou/D&D crossover.
No. 12272
I don't see why they would treat it differently.

No. 12288

I do have an FF.net account from three years ago (I was young, and stupid, before /tg/ took away my innocence and forged me into a man), so if I do decide to go along with this I'd prefer to manage it myself.

However... writefags are deliberating on the wisdom of this action, please wait warmly.
No. 12289
File 13404105184.gif - (0.99MB , 500x211 , 1339940333502.gif ) [iqdb]
Funnily enough, I posted some of my shorts on my pixiv account (that's not really a good idea, but at this time I was worried that my password may be compromised and after that I went lazy and I kept them for fun). While they were mostly ignored (because they're in English while Pixiv is mostly Japanese), I still got a review praising the "deeply understanding of the world of Touhou in detail". Not really representative of Pixiv's opinion, but if that dude thinks that my shorts were good, he was clearly used to the bottom of the barrel.

No. 12290
>/tg/ took away my innocence and forged me into a man

You misspelled "man" for "neckbeard" there.
No. 12291
I spoke with Moral, and he's given the go ahead to post his Rumia short. Get to work, you anon.
No. 12292
File 134041856569.png - (24.77KB , 365x365 , aya GLEE!.png ) [iqdb]
...have you spoken with Moral about anything else?
No. 12294
Alright then. One Rumia short on FF.net coming up.
No. 12295
Oh yeah, I'll need some advice on the title and the summary. Also, since it's quite long, I think I'll split it into multiple chapters.