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ITT: Post your journey in the Touhou fandom.

From where did you know about Touhou, how did you end up on this site, etc.

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What for? To see who are the filthy secondaries?
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I wish I could sleep for countless months again.
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My first brush with Touhou was actually with Demetrious's A Wizard is You. I'm a massive D&D 3.5 fan, and someone had the story linked in their forum signature.

Before the cries of "filthy secondary" begin, I'll have you know that I stopped reading the story two threads later because I didn't understand anything Touhou related that the story had.

But the story interested me so much on some level that I acquired Subterranean Animism and, in the course of perhaps 30 some hours in a single weekend, managed to beat it. On normal. ;_;

I'd come back to the story about a month later, after playing through Imperishable Night and Undefined Fantastic Object and cruising through various wikis for both canon and fanon information. I'm relatively new to the fandom, you could say, but I try not to let that get in the way of my knowledge.
No. 12020
That's not something to ;_; about, especially not SA.

I was never able to beat stage 4 of SA. I blame it for making me not care about the games any more.
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It started years ago, with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFRq4DxqaMo
I liked the song and the big bunny girl (despite the fact I couldn't -and I still can't- understand shit), so I decided to go deeper. First, it was on Wikipedia (the french one, who was totally incomplete and quite shitty), and I couldn't understand shit. The game was described as a "danmaku", but without any explanation of what "danmanku" meant. So I got Imperishable Night from some website, and, well, it went like this:
"Oh dear, there's an Extra mode? That sounds interesting... I don't really want to go through a boring tutorial level."
And then it went like this:
"OKAY! OKAY! I get it! I have to wait here until the fairies start shooting, and then I move to the right, and I shoot!"
And then Ex-Keine arrived, and I understood what Touhou was (since when, "touhou" means "FATAL ERROR! Brain malfunction! Would you like to send a report?" in my language).

I persevered, and tried all windows games. In the end, I managed to finish them all without any continue (in Easy, save for Imperishable Night, that I finished in Normal). After moving a bit around the internet, I found a fantranslation of U.N.Owen's A Scarlet-Stained Memoir story (said translation is now abandonned because the translator got busy with other things), and it brought me here, roughly 2 years ago. The rest is legend.

But long story short, I started touhou with Imperishable Night, just before Subterranea Animism was out. So that's why I still have a soft spot for the lunarian cast and for ponytails, sweet sweet ponytails.
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I feel you. I can only beat the easier danmaku games (PCB IN MoF TD) on normal but both SA and UFO's bosses keep kicking my ass. I star the fight with 3 lives. I finish the fight with my legs in front.
No. 12026
>I found a fantranslation of U.N.Owen's A Scarlet-Stained Memoir story (said translation is now abandonned because the translator got busy with other things),
People translate fanfics? This is a thing that happens?
No. 12027
It happened.
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GM introduced me to Touhou.

Then I began researching the material for no better reason than that I simply like to know my shit. I played the games (PCB first, still my favourite), looked at pretty pictures on booru (turned out I’d seen Raymoo somewhere before), read what little canon material there was at the time, some doujins, continued to watch the series’ progress. At the moment I’ve played all the official 2hu games ‘cept the PC98 ones and the fighters (tried IaMP but the system repulsed me; I’ve never been a fightan gaem man and pretty much the only one I tolerate is GG).

All in all I appreciate the setting more than the games. Of shmups I’ve always preferred the R-Type formula to the top-down, and quite frankly I suck major cock at anything requiring reflexes in 2D. I’m boss enough at DMC and MH, but 2D stuff tricks my brain. A strange thing, seeing how I played a LOT of Contra back in the Pegasus (east European knockoff of NES) days. I’d love to see Gensokyo explored through a different medium than danmaku games. The thing has a lot of potential, and the inspiration behind it is frankly respectable (in b4 “little girls,” canon portrays them as pretty fucking monstrous). I guess that’s why I’m here. I want to flesh this curious world out an itsy bit more. So here I am...

... writing sappy romance stories... with monsters...

... I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.
No. 12029
Somebody linked HY's SDM story in /jp/, so I read it and one thing leads to another.
Frankly, all I had for touhou back then was a mild distaste, due to the general impression I had of the fanbase. I remember thinking 'Oh man, what the fuck am I doing, spending a whole night reading touhou fanfiction??

So now here I am writing the damn things. Funny how things go.
No. 12032
>canon portrays them as pretty fucking monstrous
No. 12033
Kisume, Yamame, the very definition of shikigami (and Yukari’s relationship with hers), Remilia’s idea of expanding personal freedom (as well as her personality combined with her strength), pretty much all of the lesser youkai... Sorry, but Touhou canon isn’t close as sparkles and bubbles as the fanon’d like to believe.

And I like it that way.
No. 12045
>very definition of shikigami (and Yukari’s relationship with hers
They're servants, not slaves. I fail to see how this is monstrous.
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File 134010271217.jpg - (259.79KB , 699x700 , 040BAiJRYukari.jpg ) [iqdb]
>O Month O Day, at around 26 o'clock, I suddenly heard a cry similar to that of a fox's.
>When I arrived, I saw in front of me a fox being dominated, a truly shocking view of animal abuse.

>"Listen. Shikigami need only to do as they are ordered. Today, you went ahead and fought with humans, didn't you? I do not recall ordering that. No matter what happens before your eyes, even before any danger that may approach you, you are only to do as I say. That's what's best for you."
No. 12047
That's no abuse, that's discipline. Aya is just being her slutty retarded self by saying it's daily abuse.
No. 12051
I found out about 2hu years ago on /tg/ when 2hu threads were cool and hip. I don't know if the nickname /touhougames/ is still applicable to that board anymore, though.
No. 12054
Okay, but it sure seems slave-like to me.
No. 12059
At first (on 2009), I was searching for some indie games to play. So I got Guardian of Paradise (quite a good Zelda clone by the way) and then for some reason Touhou popped out in the related videos section.

Then, I found EoSD. Watched its gameplay vids and though "Man, this is just like those plane battles game in the arcades! (didn't know the term 'shmup' back then)"

So, I downloaded it from Doujinstyle and my first impression was "Well, this is weird. The characters are weird and the dialogues don't make any sense."

And man, i took my first death at Cirno on freakin' Easy modo, on Icicle Fall no less.

Finished it on Easy, but when I tried playing it on Normal, I got slaughtered by Patchy and her stage in general. Barely alive when I reached Sakuya, I had no chance against her.

Thus, I said "Fuck this shit. Next game please!"

Next one was PCB. Made it to Yuyuko on Easy and Normal, but never managed to beat her on the latter. Then, I said again "Fuck this shit! It's too hard! I want an easier game!"

"Easier game" = Imperishable Night

Finished it with 1CC on both Easy and Normal.

Then, I started to forget about Touhou since I got other vidya games to play.

Skip to a year later, I returned to Touhou for some reason that I couldn't remember (probably because I ran out of vidya games to play). Let's see, I think I played MoF first. Didn't made it on Normal. Aya killed me. In despair, I looked upon the news of a new Touhou game, UFO.

Yes, I skipped SA back then.

I still remember the days when I played UFO alongside Cave Story (only to relieve boredom if I had played Cave Story for too long in one period of time). At first, I didn't even make it on Easy. Those curving lasers murdered me. But, with sheer determination, I finally managed to take down Byakuren. It was probably the most epic moment of me playing Touhou, other than when I entered Byakuren and Shou's stage for the first time.

At this point, Touhou is just another video game for me. And it should've stayed that way. But alas, fate decrees otherwise.

You see, at that point, I was starting to be aware of the existence of this thing called "fanfics". With that knowledge, I know the dreaded word "Mary Sue".

Thus, because I'm utterly stupid and dumb, I entered "touhou mary sue" on Google, just for the heck of it. This, is what brought me to 4chan. This one search made me aware of that awful place called /jp/.

Back then, I already had a negative opinion of Yukari, due to me finding discussions on how broken she is. I couldn't just ignore their logic, as the ability to alter boundaries, carried to its logical conclusion, made Yukari capable of doing anything at all.

So, when I found out that SSiB existed, and how it made quite an uproar at the Touhou community, I became interested in it.

After I read it, I essentially doomed myself by liking the manga (and by extension, the Watatsukis), instead of hating it like everyone else. I crawled through /jp/ archives, searching for people who had the same opinion with me. They existed, but they were only one or two of them, as opposed to dozens of others who thought differently.

Disgusted by that fact, I left Touhou once more, thinking the fanbase as full of crazy fanboys and other nasty stuff like that.

It didn’t last long however. I returned when TD demo came out. Still remember me reading predictions of Mima’s return. “This incident involves spirits, so it must be Mima who’s behind it! I don’t care if they’re divine spirits, it’s still Mima’s work!”

When the full version of TD was available, people began to rage at ZUN for trolling them with not including Mima, only to add Soga. Mamizou also got bashed for being “the worst extra boss of Touhou ever” and how Flandre is much better than her.

What’s with the fanbase and its obsession with her anyway? I remember Koishi and Nue being compared to her when they came out. This is one of the reasons why I think the SDM casts are overrated by the way.

Then, my Google itch acted again. I searched for “Touhou Christianity” just for the heck of it, again. That brought me up to Karesh’s story, One Knight in Gensokyo. And that’s how I discovered this site.

Now, I’m pretty much stuck here and I’m not going to leave anytime soon. I’m still waiting for Touhou-a-Live, Return of Touhou Mother, and the sequel to Super Touhou Wars (the translation) to come out.

I was never involved in a fandom like this before. My first fanfic was of a Touhou one, and it’s posted right here on this site.

Holy shit, 800 words? I could write an update with this length. And I wrote it only in half an hour. When I wrote my story, it would take far more than that.
No. 12066
First heard about Touhou via a video showcasing the Touhou Fortress skins, which found its way onto my Recommended Videos since I had been watching a lot of TF2 stuff. Watched it and forgot about it, dismissing as some anime or another, for a few months. Somehow Cirno and her theme song popped up, and I searched for videos about her avidly, ignoring related videos if her picture wasn't in the thumbnail.

Eventually, some fellow on YouTube recommended that I read A Scarlet-Stained Memoir if I was such a fan of Cirno, so I did. Came in over a year after it had completed, and initially had trouble finding the first few threads. Once I got started, though, I couldn't put it down, and would sit at the computer for hours to read what happened next. Being relatively new to the phenomenon of "fan-fiction" and of the Touhou series in general, I lacked the prejudice against original characters that all the voters at the time seemed to display. As such, I wasn't stricken with an acute case of "There's no way my little Touhou is this villainous," and was fairly disappointed that barely anyone seemed to pick up on the underlying plot or appreciate the ending at the time. It was confusing to no end, especially considering the amount of discussion that went on as the conclusion drew nearer.

After that introduction to the site, I finally got exposure to the rest of the Touhou cast in the other stories on the board. It's history from there, of course, though every story after ASSM has left me feeling just a little, well, disappointed.

Not to derail, but why does everyone readily accept Yukari as an antagonist, while Remilia can only be a spoiled child at best?
No. 12067
>Not to derail, but why does everyone readily accept Yukari as an antagonist, while Remilia can only be a spoiled child at best?

Not true. I can see Remi as a villain, even though I often see her as a joke character.
No. 12071
>Mamizou is the worst extra boss.

What? Why? She's great.

Exorcism of the stupid shrine maiden, hehehe.
No. 12072
I like her theme a lot.
I'd put it in third for extra bosses, after Koishi's and Flandre's.
No. 12077
I believe people see Yukari as an antagonist due to a mix of things: Looks, power, competence (too many people think Remilia's chronically "Uu~!")
No. 12082
People don't consider Remilia a villain because she and SDM in general is so ridiculously popular. Remilia being bad would mean she'd have to eventually lose and/or have some negative character attributes, and that can't happen.
No. 12083
Fuck that. I want to see Remilia as the protagonist. If the writer was worth a shit, that would be endlessly amusing.
No. 12084
Goddamnit glasnost update MoaV already
No. 12085
File 134014048830.jpg - (35.62KB , 300x400 , Bizarro world.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Taisa telling Glasnost to update
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Fourth Dimension, where nothing makes sense! To your right, is the writefag Ddyk, one of THP's most popular writer in our bizarro universe! To your left, is Lion, the most awful writefag, never updating his stories, dropping them after four posts, and always using the same plot!
Later, you may catch a glimpse of THP's best writer, JtoE, in this land where everything is reversed!
No. 12086
>THP's best writer, JtoE
So, does that mean he succeeds in making a crossover with Metaknight awesome?

Fuck yeah!
No. 12088
File 134015546460.jpg - (21.09KB , 450x322 , wat.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12089
File 134015986871.png - (89.61KB , 323x231 , eyes.png ) [iqdb]
Hello pot, my name is kettle. You're black.
No. 12890
How did I discover Touhou?

While viewing "Meet the Dumbasses" TF2 vids, I saw this

In the related videos, there was the original UN Owen was Her? Yes, I stumbled into Touhou through music and TF2...

After searching for Touhou in Wikipedia, I came to this conclusion: I was stunned by Touhou.

Bunch of girls doing shoot'em up and the creator was a drunk guy? It seemed to be one big joke for me few years ago.

Because of the lack of canon material, I started to read Touhou fanfics on fanfiction.net. At first, I didn't understand anything at all. Unknown characters and a plot so stupid you could only see them in WH40k joke fics. I stopped reading and left Touhou in shadow. COD absorbed me for 2 years.

During Black Ops, I somehow stumbled back into Touhou. Then I got EOSD and played it. After beating it, I got IN and beat it too. This is why SDM and Eientei characters are my favorite now.

At the same time, I discovered TVtropes and got here. This CYOA styled stories threw my brain into confusion. I didn't even know how to navigate this site!

Over the course of a year, I learned the memes and the characters. Yukkuris, PADS and Raymoo's armpits(Dafuck was Touhou fandom thinking??).

Half a year ago, I discovered DMC. The series that runs on the stylishness and "What do you mean it's not awesome?" rule (Watch DMC 3 intro movie and you will understand how awesome DMC is).
The series has also the cheesiest and hammiest lines in the history of video games. (I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIIIIIIGHT!!, Might trollz everything, This party iz getting crahzee!,KYRIEE!!!, Is sanity the price to pay... FOR POWAHH!?!?). I threw Touhou back into background.

Recently, I have returned to Touhou.

Wait, wut? Did I just write this in 20 minutes?
No. 12895
Don't you want to throw in a mention of how you're a member of gaiaonline to complete the ensemble?
No. 12902
No. 12905
What's up with the Gaia hate?

At least they ain't full of trolls and hostile people like in a certain forum that begins with a "T" and ends with a "P".
No. 12906

Seriously, what is gaiaonline?
No. 12908
Honestly, I'd rather have elitists over idiots.
No. 12909

>thinking Gaia is okay
>thinking being hostile to awful people is wrong
>thinking this site is a forum and not an imageboard

Please. Not just for yourself, but for all of us. Get out. Just, get the fuck out and never come back. This site is obviously not for you and your being here is a mistake.
No. 12911
I think /blue/'s becoming pretty soft as of late as I remember them being much more vicious towards newbies that act out. I think it could use some picking up.

I'm not a fan of being an asshole for the sheer sake of it, but rather if people fuck up, they need to be called out on it.
No. 12912
>>At least they ain't full of trolls and hostile people like in a certain forum that begins with a "T" and ends with a "P".

You forgot "and that rhymes with pool".

Seriously, worst attempt to quote The Music Man ever.
No. 12913
Who's The Music Man?
No. 12914
It's a classic musical based on an episode of the Simpsons.
No. 13022
Friend of mine linked EOSD (I had no idea about touhou at that time).

Oh I can still hear the three songs that played on repeat for that summer day, into the next. Every time I load them up, I get a chill down my spine. It was; it is amazing.


I am just saying but she totally unleashed a mist of deadly toxins that blocked out the sun

so uh... yeah
No. 13072
I was being sarcastic.