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Feel free to talk about the things that you believe are canon in Touhou here.

Or you could just turn this into a Kasen thread. Both ways work, I guess.

Kudos to anyone who gets what that pic references.

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I beelvie taht I' m rgiht, and taht eyrnovee esle is wnorg!
No. 11767
Marisa raids dumpsters in the human village for food. Or worse.
No. 11769
Marisa uses Master Spark to hunt wild game and eats youkai.
No. 11772
Thanks to constant respawning, fairies are the most hygienic race in Gensokyo.
No. 11775
Bird youkai scoff at magic flight.
No. 11778
No, your wings cannot lift your body weight solely with physical power. I don't care what it feels like! They aren't!
No. 11779
They're superhumanly strong.
Maybe they have light, hollow-boned bodies too. Who knows.
No. 11781
Magic strength is still magic, birdbrains. Step Outside and check it. Weak as a kitten, right? Thought so.
No. 11782
I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.
No. 11784
Oh shit, you're on to me.
No. 11786
They're weak as birds.
No. 11787
For some reason, I always imagine the relation between human/youkai as being the same between white people/black people during the apartheid.
Different bar, different music, even different toilets. And still people brave (or stupid) enough to fuck the other side.
No. 11788
So Reimu beats up black people on sight just because they're black, Sanae enjoys exterminating black people, Byakuren's significantly more sympathetic, Miko's a white supremacist...

Doubtful that want.
No. 11789
And that makes Rinnosuke a crossbreed in both cases.
No. 11792
I've always imagined that humans in Gensokyo live under the terror of the youkai.

Does that make me a HFY fanatic?
No. 11793
I don't think so. After all, it's said that humans exterminate youkais.
Reimu is the just the best at it, but anyone can try. Just don't let them gang together.
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I enjoy the thought of Gensokyo being big... well, bigger than your average depiction, if that means anything.
An instance of that would be the distance between the human village and the Hakurei shrine. I like to think it takes a few hours’ walk to get to and fro.
No. 11795
I like imagining Gensokyo residents as being rough badass. Because if the only one able to do something is a little girl, then they're pretty much screwed.
No. 11797
Uh, isn't it already that far in canon? Reimu's shrine is pretty isolated after all. That's why she rarely gets any donations. It's too far from civilization and there are a lot of youkai lurking in the way.
No. 11801
Is it okay if I think of the Tengu civilization as advanced as the civilization in the Outside World?
No. 11802
No, it's not okay. I think of them as more advanced and that is obviously better.
No. 11804
They're not Lunarians.
No. 11805
Right, they're better. Lunarian development has been stagnant for centuries.
No. 11806
Why is it stagnant again? It doesn't make sense since their civilization actually needs to progress in order to get to that level.
No. 11807
Well, I like it even bigger.
No. 11808
Because Eirin left them. Obviously she is responsible for all Lunarian development. They're lost without her.
No. 11810
Yeah, obviously all of the other Lunarians are retarded and Eirin is the only one with brains amongst them.
No. 11811
Yeah, totally.
You're giving me ideas, keep on.
No. 11812
What, you're going to write another story about the Lunarians?

Please don't.
No. 11813
Too late. I already started.

But I'm preparing a second one.
No. 11909
I think Reimu and Marisa were defeated by VIVIT despite going absolutely all-out, and that this decisive defeat (which could have been fatal if VIVIT had not been a benevolent robot maid) is what triggered Reimu to write up the spellcard system.
No. 11923
I think Seihou is not canon.
No. 11925
I think Uwabami Breakers is canon.
No. 11926
I think Kirisame Sange is canon.
No. 11927
The Inaba comics are canon.
Deal with it.
No. 11928
Sadly though, that image is not.

I'm just as disappointed as Kaguya was.
No. 11929
Maribel is the worst time traveler ever.
No. 11933
That's not how you write Sakuya.
No. 11934
They're both terrible. How's that?
No. 11935
In my headcanon, it's after meeting Yukari that Lafcadio changed his name to Yakumo.
No. 12097
I think Seihou is canon and that the Marisa you fight in Shuusou Gyoku's Extra is a youkai magician Marisa.
No. 12099
I think Seihou is not canon.
No. 12101
I think Marisa shoots laser out of her ass.
No. 12105
Well I think it is, so nyeh.
No. 12109
But what about the youkai moe~?
No. 12110
What is this madness. she looks like she's about to start strutting all over the place, actin all cool
No. 12111
Pants Yuuka is pretty great.
No. 12117
Pokemon is canon to Touhou, and depicts what is really going on in the world outside the boarder. Though they still exist, most youkai have been weakened to the point that they cannot appear as anything but animals, and humans freely capture and force them to battle one another for their amusement. Only a rare few with the ability to hide their true forms and remain incognito, like Mamizou, retain the ability to take on more human-like forms.
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I can't stand Kasen and don't know why. I think it's the color scheme and whatever those things are she wears on her head.
No. 12783
Because there's a very good chance that she's the third Deva of the Mountain, they're probably horn covers, or at least horn stump covers.
No. 12787
I like how her dress emphasises her breasts.
No. 12801
I like that and how it's completely counterintuitive to her character.
No. 12814
not the first time, but I do find myself liking healthy Kasen a nice deal.
No. 12833
It's hard not too. Breasts suit her beautifully.
No. 12845
Celestial > Hermit.
No. 12849
about that comic, the next page shows Satori>Celesial
No. 12850
Because she's a dirty monster attacking people by surprise without warning them before. She just mad because Tenshi has the perfect body that everyone should lust for.
No. 12851
Tenshi's body is what everyone strive for!
No. 12853
Two words.

Canon. Boobs.
No. 12854
You should stop drugs, YAF. It's destroying your brain.
No. 12855
I've always wondered whether it's canon or not Tenshi has a flat chest.
No. 12856
I dunno. See by yourself.
No. 12857
Shit’s canon, man.
No. 12863
Remilia's charisma break too. And Keine being over 9,000 years old too.
No. 12864
Proof where?
No. 12865
No. 12889
I think he's talking about her SoPM profile art where some people noticed a curve on her chest though it's not easily visible.

The first was more likely to be a "cute" thing that fans exaggerated. The Keine remark? hard to say as he's prone to saying things out of Word of God mode and the silliness of such a remark makes it hard to take seriously.
No. 12892
>not easily visible
If you’re blind, maybe.