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Judging some writefags with only one story.

God Tier, the legendary one that you should read:
-Lion for his Fragmentation of Memories story.
-!H8UfLAg.DQ for his Do The Right Thing story.

Good Tier, the interesting one that you can read:
-Oracle for his In The Forest, A Dancing Light story.
-LandScout for his Balanced Lunacy for Ulterior Ends story.
-SystemFailure for his The Eldest Scarlet story.

Promising Tier, the one that can become good if watched carefully:
-MegaSen for his Eastern Hight story.
-NPC for his Chronograph story.
-Anonymous for his Theater of Youth story.

"What a Waste" Tier, the one that wasted their stories by laziness or worse:
-S.L.D.T. for his Archetype of Self story.
-Demetrious for his A Wizard Is You story.
-Treia for his An Excuse For Aya story.
-Taisa for his story.

"You're a fucking asshole" Tier, the one that dropped a good story or wrote creepy shit:
-Kahi for his City's Quest story.
-Hungry Youkai for his Pirates of Gensokyo story.

Yfifan Beer Tier, the one taht nveer tkaes anntiyhg soiseulry :
-YAF for his Tnhsei Is In This Sorty sroty.

No. 11654
There you go, I made your fucking list. Now, can we rage like usual?
No. 11657
No good can come of this.
No. 11658
Of course, but at least, people will shut their mouth about making a list next time.
No. 11659
>Do The Right Thing

I know jack shit about that story. All I know is that it's been accused to bring in faggots from other sites here.

So why is it legendary again?
No. 11661
Because it reached its 25th thread, and without any real plot.
It's an achievement.
No. 11662
Hey guys, can I get a tier too?

It's just a joke. I don't think I even deserve the title "writefag" since, you know, I barely even write.
No. 11663
Welcome to the "Lazy Tier, the one that doesn't want to write any real story".
No. 11666
So Fyhlen goes to that tier, huh?
No. 11670
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I am satisfied sexually.
No. 11671
>Not a mention of AFT or ASSM

List confirmed for low tier.
No. 11672
Its' fans are still butthurt of its ending.
No. 11674
No. 11676
OP here.
I'm adding Princess Tepes to the God Tier for his A Fairy's Tale story.
And while I'm not sure about it (never finished it), I guess that Owen's ASSM is to land in the "What a Waste" Tier.
No. 11677
FoM isn't very good.
No. 11678
What's so good about "A Fairy's Tale"?

I'm a newfag here.
No. 11679
Go read it.

It's still a fairly long story, with a good plot.
No. 11680
>-Anonymous for his Theater of Youth story.
No. 11681
>See, this is the reason I don’t want to follow canon 100%. It’s just too messy. There’s all these doujins and side-comics and papers and stuff written by ZUN, and they all say these weird things that make no sense to me. And on top of that, there’s just so many words like “possibly” or “perhaps” or “supposedly”. What am I supposed to do with all that?

>All I want to do is write a story about the SDM without having to worry about the “canon” backstory only the hardcore people read anyways. So what if it goes against something ZUN said once? Will it really matter all that much? This is all fanfiction that’s just for fun anyways.

This really irks me for some reason.
No. 11682
What do you think is lacking or not that good about it? Serious question.
(Apart from Lion's habit of vague votes.)

But yeah, Fairy's Tale definitely deserves to be God Tier. I'd say The Game is either God or Good, thoughts?
No. 11683
FoM lacks speed.
No. 11684
OP here. I don't know that story.
No. 11685
Maybe this is just the effect of reading one update a month, but it feels very convoluted, especially towards the end with all the flashbacks and hallucinations and stuff, and it dragged on it's resolution for EVER. So much that I don't even remember any of the characters, or what the conflict even is, or anything at all, really. I don't remember who I'm supposed to care about or why.
Maybe I'll reread it in one go sometime and see how it holds up.
No. 11686
That's because it sounds like it came from Spacebattles or FF.net.

But Tepes actually managed to make a good story even by ignoring canon, so that's a major difference.

There's always an exception to a rule after all.
No. 11687
See, the problem is the update speed after all.
No. 11688
Yeah, this is true.

It stars a somewhat insane narrator exceedingly similar to Kogasa and a villainous Sanae. It's very good, the writing style is stream-of-consciousness and can be hard to follow due to the narrator's having a screw loose, but on the whole it's a unique and satisfying experience. Go read it.

Well, personally, I didn't have any of those issues with remembering things, but if you did I can see how it'd make things much less enjoyable. If it was that difficult to follow, I would recommend rereading it all in a short timespan, I think the experience would be considerably heightened and both you and the story deserve that.
No. 11689
So I've skimmed the first two threads "A Fairy's Tale" (yes, I know this will make some people rage but I'm a busy man and I don't have a lot of free time) and so far it's quite a cute and interesting story. It definitely has the most interesting portrayal of Flandre in this site. I even suspect it's the main reason why there were so many Flandrefags in GH (it came out before GH if I'm not mistaken).

But I don't think it deserves God Tier. Just my opinion though. No need to rage about it.
No. 11692
That story was practically made for SDM fans and/or fairy fans, just like The Game and IM were made for Kogasa fans and Rumia fans respectively . If you're not one of them, then the story's not for you.

This tier thing is dumb as each story attracts different kinds of people. You want Eiki? Go to Eastern High. In the mood for some Wriggle? Go to Oracle's story. You're a HFYfag? Fever Dreams.

We all have differing views on what's interesting or not. One man's food is another man's poison, remember?

What this site needs is a dedicated writefag for each interests, so that everyone can be satisfied.
No. 11693
What is this?
No. 11694
An acronym for "Humanity Fuck Yeah!" It's a term originating from /tg/.

I don't agree with his usage of the term though. Fever Dreams is not some gung-ho militaristic type of story. It's a story about an Outsider who refuses to bow down to the youkai for "balance".
No. 11698
HFY story is “The Tengu Must Die!”.
No. 11705
>HY not on the list
>The Game no on the list
>A Scarlet-Stained Memoir not on the list
>I, Youkai not on the list

What is this faggotry
No. 11706
This faggotry is newfaggotry.
No. 11707
HY is on the list.

>"You're a fucking asshole" Tier, the one that dropped a good story or wrote creepy shit:
>-Hungry Youkai for his Pirates of Gensokyo story.
No. 11708
Yeah, because everyone read those piece of shit, and everyone love them, HURR DURR, and it's impossible that someone may not give a fuck about those fucking awesome story.
No. 11709

For a second there I actually believed that you were retarded and not trolling.
No. 11710
Learn to pluralize.
No. 11711
No. 11722
How about we just make a Writer list instead of a story list because god knows how many stories there are.
No. 11724
OP here.
I thought about that kind of list first, but unfortunately, such a thing would require the list maker to read ALL the stories, to know exactly what's each writefag's tier.
No. 11726
>Judging some writefags with only one story.
Uh, plenty of these have more than one story.
No. 11729
Itt my opinion is the best opinion.
No. 11734
I don't think it is, bub.
No. 11737
currently he's not playing nice and it's left to see if he's reasonable about it or "all youkai are wrong and must die" (the ultimate aim of the HFY faction)

My best guesses for where such a sentiment are coming from would be /tg/ or summer.

>>11692 sums up my opinion of such lists best as everyone's tastes varies. Hell the yukkuri fetishists would rate City Quest as top tier if they were to make a list.

and Lion should get put on the laziness list as he seems to be dragging out the ending scenes a good deal.
No. 11739
File 133963944340.jpg - (58.65KB , 480x358 , buzz-killington.jpg ) [iqdb]
How do you manage to spoil the mood even in a thread about opinions and shitposting? It's uncanny.
No. 11740
Please stop using as so often. You do it almost every post.

I bolded the offending words for you. Notice that the second as is not bolded. Can you tell why?
>f such lists best as everyone's tastes varies. Hell the yukkuri fetishists would rate City Quest as top tier if they were to make a list.
>and Lion should get put on the laziness list as he seems to be dragging out
No. 11741
File 133964541911.jpg - (50.97KB , 530x682 , a bit miffed.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Palfag and Falloutfag arn't on the list
No. 11742
File 133964780036.gif - (932.25KB , 253x197 , kermit.gif ) [iqdb]
I've seen some dumb threads in my time, but this one outdoes them all.
No. 11744
Bullshit. There is literally no single /tg/ thread about HFY in Touhou. There's no "How can we destroy Gensokyo?" threads like those "How can we destroy Pandora?" threads or the recent "How do we torture Nazi!Celestia in Conversion Bureau?" thread in SB.

And let me tell you something. I hate those kinds of threads. And I'm amongst those anti-Yamame voters in that story.

You probably just don't want to see her in a monstrous villain role, a valid interpretation since SoPM came out.

Is she your waifu or something?
No. 11746
Falloutfag would be in the shit tier, since his story is a crossover one.
No. 11747
That thread is interesting. In a nuthsell:
>waaa that writefag shouldn't be in the good tier
>waaa that writefag isn't in the list so OP is a newfag
>waaa you forgot some very obscure writefag that wrote a real piece of shit

The real list should be putting everyone in the shit tier.