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Current topic: snipers are assholes.

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Well, but TF2 is a silly take on an FPS game (it used to be much more solid before updates, but now they’ve pretty much removed all bases for balance and fair gameplay), while T:A is supposed (as claimed by its devs) to be an e-sport. I can accept imbalance in a game that’s made to be silly. I can’t accept such obvious power dissonance in a game meant to be played competitively.

Of course, then there’s the issue of the new weapons (added in patches) being stupidly overpowered (1500 instant damage in the hands of a light? A rapid-firing plasma gun with hitboxes the size of a fucking train?) and sold for money, which is a story for another post. T:A during beta was EXCELLENT. Very few bugs, nicely balanced, could use more maps, but it was overall a great game. Then the closer we got to the “release” date (itself a ridiculous concept since the game is FAR from finished), the more bugs and glitches were introduced by HiRez’s brilliant programming team, the worse the game’s performance got (used to run it at steady 50+ FPS at vanilla Very High settings, now can do barely 30 at vanilla Medium), the worse XP rates for unlocks got, and the more bullshit paid OP was shoved into the game. How do you fuck up so badly?

Not to mention HiRez has this ridiculous practice of taking the more obscure bugs reported on the forums, noting in the next patch that they’ve fixed it, while in fact they didn’t do shit, just to have something to appease the fans. Point in case: the vanishing weapons bug that I can still manually replicate after it’s been reported dozens of times and “fixed” in a patch.

The more major issues (deadstops, Raindance liking to launch you miles into the air for no reason, retarded FM hitboxes, inheritance) they don’t even touch.

T:A early beta was pretty much perfect. The “released” version is a huge mess. And instead of fixing the bloody thing, what HiRez is busy with is adding more paid OP items to the game just to get more monies. Fucking disgusting, to see Tribes jew-molested like this.
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I remember trying Tribes. At first, I thought "oh, that looks great. It's very slow, but I guess my computer is to blame".

And it's after my first match that I understood how much I hated this game. It's normal to put unlockable stuff, because the game is boring if you have everything from the beginning. However, the thing I can't stand is that experienced players are avantaged over new players. You can say that TF2 is silly, that it's unbalanced and everything, but at least, the weapons are all the same. It doesn't matter if your item is a genuine one, a vintage one or a new one, it still has the same statistics. And besides, vanilla weapon are generally better than dropped weapons.
But not with Tribes. With that game, the more you play, the more avantaged you are. I'm not quite sure about the numbers, but an experienced player using his favourite class will have a better firepower than the newbie, and it's unbalanced. Of course, you can scramble the team, but when you start playing and don't have any upgrades, you're going to be the buttmonkey for the whole match.
And that's something I don't like. I like games rewarding skills, but I hate games rewarding how many time you spend online, because it gives casuals gamers a handicap.

Each time there's a system like that in a game, I understand it as "YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN WITH THIS GAME? SPENT YOUR FUCKING WEEK END ON IT, NO SLEEP, SHIT ON YOUR SOCKS, AND EAT IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER! WHEN THE INTENSE NOSLEEP WEEKEND WILL BE OVER, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO HAVE FUN but actually you won't, because you have a job and stuff to do. You're never going to have fun at this game, because you'll keep being killed, because you can't have this awesome disc launcher to replace your crappy assault rifle, because you're not playing enough, because that game is no fun for you. Fuck you. Have a nice day."
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Well yeah but that's just like WoW PVOP I guess, you basically die your way upwards on the scoreboards. It's less based around skill (best example would be Quake or something) where everone only is as good as their skill in using the guns and more around gear that they gather by grindan the game until their fingers bleed. It's the only thing that keeps people playing for long, just like in WoW.

An e-sport should be based around skill by definition and although it can be argued that among those who already have spent enough hours in it to become a pro probably already unlocked most of the things they'll ever need. So in true e-sports terms yeah I guess it would be okay, but 1337 progamers versus noobs who just joined on a public server will probably make things go to hell in a handbasket.
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>the game is boring if you have everything from the beginning.

No. 11525
>two idiots, one thought
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In Quake, you don't have everything from the beginning, but you gain new weapons by looting the battlefield.
Granted, sometimes, it's a bit imbalanced as a "pro" knows where to find his favourite weapon, but it's still better than the "spawn with your favourite weapon" system.

Point is, you don't appear with the most powerful/easier to use weapon. You have to find it first.
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In Quake 3 Team Arena you do.

Doest anyone else remember that?
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Never played Team Arena. Always played DM.
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Rage Thread - /v/ Edition
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I just had an ungodly frustrating battle with The End. It took maybe two hours; he was never where I thought he was, and he fully healed himself up from a sliver of stamina twice.
So yes, snipers are assholes.

I still love that fight. So much.
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So yeah, the other day I was reading that book, the Vinci Code, and I have to say: "WHAT THE FUCK?"
There's no real plot, it's just a "From A, go to B, then to C, then to D, find McGuffin, end the book", and that's fucking all! There's nothing else than that "go from X to Y"!
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The last time I fought him (a few years ago) I finally got him from behind after half an hour of running around like a headless chicken and blasted him with a shotgun.

Funny thing was, I was trying to get his camo.
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In Angels and Demons the guy fucks a girl at the end. Much better story
No. 11546
So I picked up The Old Curiosity Shop to read, and in the fucking introduction they spoil that Nell dies at the end. What the fuck?! In the introduction! What were they smoking?
No. 11556

>looking forward to seeing how this plays out

>p.s. in the touhou fanworks theres a yukari vs yuuka fight where yuuki get hit with a nuke and survives also one question how powerfall are you going to make yukas generic Danmaku blast because i get the picture for Guiche summoning his golems only for them to get one shoted by yuka half a second after they were summomed i.e i Guiche summon 2 golems. no i lost. bat: fight lasts 2 seconds. ( think rosio vampire anime)

This is why you shouldn't write in FF.net.
No. 11557
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The pope takes a bomb away from the vatican in a helicopter, so it can explode in the sky. Then, he jumps with a parachute and lands in the plaza, with a giant explosion in the background.
No. 11579
Seems legit.
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It makes me sad to see someone like that also liked that story.
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Still waiting for our version of the legendary shitstorm inducing "The Conversion Bureau". GH's shitstorms are but mere specks of dust compared to that.

Too bad turning all humans into youkai will never work since our canon directly prevents it, unless you're like that one anon in that Sanae thread who believes that youkai don't need human fear to exist.
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I want to bitch about the lack of plot in most Touhou fangames.

When I went into /jp/ to ask for some Touhou fangames with a good plot, I only got three names: CtC, Touhou Mother, and Sengoku Gensokyo.

Is it that hard to make a decent story for your fangame? Maybe they just don't care about that.
No. 11699
A good plot means less playing and more talking. And given how difficult it is to come up with a good antagonist, most often, people uses the "we're just playing around" or the "yukari did it".
No. 11700
Labyrinth of Touhou in the main game has a reasonable story. Reimu drafts the SDM to help her investigate a mysterious rift, finds other touhous already inside and beats half of them up until they join her press gang. It's reasonably similar to the incident resolution of the main games, only as an RPG with recruitable bosses.

Again, just the first 20 floors. After that there's no plot whatsoever, just more exploring and GRIND.

But yeah, as >>11699 said. It's going to be mostly gameplay since storytelling gets in the way of gameplay if you aren't really good at telling stories. Even most of the visual novels don't even have great storylines though, or at least aren't translated.
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Hi bro! So you're a wizzard, hu? Too bad for you, I'm going to use only three attacks, two of them being minions calling, and the last one being an unavoidable oneshot bite attack.
What do you mean, alone and playing on a laptop? Don't you know that laptop aren't made to play? Well, now you know why that game is so slow and why you get killed every time! And for the alone thing, well, ask your friend to play along! What do you mean they don't have the DLC? Find better friends, dumnbass!
Hope you won't throw your keyboard against the wall, brah!
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No. 11714
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Man I sure fucking love ragecomics. They're so good. In fact, I think Reddit is the best site that's ever existed int he entire universe! I will gladly keep saying Y U NO x all the time because its cool and funny and everyone will laugh at my funny joke I got from this funny site!

[spoiler]It makes me regret ever thinking 4chan was the only shit-crusted asshole of the internet.[/spoiler
No. 11723
Even Reddit hates Reddit.
No. 11725
I remember one of the biggest "and I thought you were cool" moments I ever had was when I found out my brother was a redditfag. Sigh. Oh well, at least he spits in the general direction of 4chan and 9gag.
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it's hard enough to make a decent working game (after 10+ patches) and I suspect the better writers would rather avoid attatching their stories to something potentially bug-filled or poorly made.

There is a trend of leaving things hard because "Touhou is hard lol"
No. 11768
Why do these biscuits stick to my teeth? This feels HORRIBLE.
No. 11796

But good biscuits are delicious. Sticking to your teeth means you can keep on enjoying them even after you eat them.

... unless you've been eating shitty biscuits, in which case I can only say you've brought this onto yourself.
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There are hundreds of Touhou fics out here yet I can count the good ones with only one hand.

I hate this world.
No. 11877
Welcome to a world where only 10% of anything is good.
No. 11884
Sturgeon's Law is a lie.

It's more like 99% of everything is crud.
No. 11885
That's why Sanae's faction in Fallout is the 10%ers?
No. 11886
Low standards > never enjoying anything.
No. 11887
I miss the good ol' days when I could just enjoy (mostly) anything I found on FF.net.
No. 11888
Whoa now, I said low, not rock fucking bottom.
No. 11889
I miss the good old days when I was just a reader and not a writer, and therefore could read a story without getting obsessed over the plot or over typos.
No. 11890
Is this a special writers only obsession? Plenty of readers get obsessed over plot.
No. 11891
I'm a reader myself and I hate those kinds of nit-picky readers.

Reminds me of obsessed sci-fi fans. Ever heard how they always bitch when the science is not realistic?
No. 11892
I got obsessed over these things even before I started writing.
No. 11893
What, when you pick up a novel, rather than immersing yourself in its story, you try to nitpick its plotholes and flaws?

Man, I pity you.
No. 11894

Sometimes, though, the novels have such bad stories that the only fun part is tearing it to proverbial (and afterwards, perhaps literal) shreds.

For example, the one time my friends and I all agreed to read Twilight, then reconvene and discuss just why the book was bad. There were casualties. Honor the fallen.
No. 11896
>they always bitch when the science is not realistic

So, do you have absolutely no problem with a scene like this?
No. 11897

I can't help! When I'm reading a thriller, I can't help but wonder "wait... where and when did that guy disappeared?"
When I'm reading LotR, I can't help but think "those Nazgul can feel the ring, and yet they missed the hobbits at the inn?"
I need to have a good plot to take it easy.
No. 11901
>An enormous portion of Touhou fandom falls into this trope in one way or another. For the most part they truly wish that Gensoukyou exists while realising that it doesn't, while there are plenty that insist Gensoukyou really does exist and is hidden from the rest of the world as ZUN describes.

Please don't tell me this is true.
No. 11902
>For the most part they truly wish that Gensoukyou exists while realising that it doesn't...

Fair enough. I think it would be cool if Gensokyo actually existed.

>... while there are plenty that insist Gensoukyou really does exist and is hidden from the rest of the world as ZUN describes.

... this is very true. I've met these people, and they're creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.
No. 11903
Yeah, pretty much what balistafreak said. I wouldn't say I truly wish Gensokyo exists, but the world would be a lot more interesting if it did (I could say the same for a lot of other works of fiction I know).

As for point 2, if you want evidence just look at some of the more pathetic threads on /jp/. It took me a while to realize that some of these people weren't being ironic and were actually serious in their delusions.
No. 11904
>It took me a while to realize that some of these people weren't being ironic and were actually serious in their delusions.

You serious?
No. 11905
>people are believing that a man able to turn water into wine and able to ressurect after being killed really existed
That's a legit religion.
>people are believing there's a magical land where little girls are shooting stars
No. 11906
I'm pretty sure most Christians don't believe in Jesus due to desperately wanting to fuck him thanks to the creeping realization that they'll never be able to form real human connections and instead have to satisfy themselves with the fantasy of fictional 2D little girls. I mean Jesus.
No. 11907
No. 11912
I don't like that "Hang in There, Kogasa-chan" pool on Danbooru. At first, it was fun, and now it's all "OH ITS ME HERE I AM THE MOMIJI" and more "OH GOD HE MADE THAT TOO".
No. 11913
Don't worry. That'll pass once he gets out of America, and even now that's just in the comments.
No. 11914
That's "Hang in there, Kogasa-san"

Unless that's actually what >>11912 meant.

San: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/2420
Chan: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/4946
No. 11921
He meant san, unless chan is going through the exact same things san is.
No. 11930
I doubt it

Kogasa-san: the artist's adventures in life but with Touhou stand ins
Kogasa-chan: Kogasa and co. do cute things in Gensokyo.
No. 11931
>>11912 here.
I was wrong, it's "Hang in there, Kogasa-San."
No. 11932
Speak for yourself. That's why I'm Christian.
No. 11938
Kanako was right
No. 11939
It was a very active experience at that time, so of course the people who were there would like to put their word in on the current thing happening in the 4koma.

Just don't worry about it too much.
No. 11941
This is why I always assume that the internet is full of asshole atheists.
No. 11943
You are why I always assume that Internet is full of bigots ready to scream "my religion is the only real religion and everyone who makes fun of me is an atheist and a gay faggot".
No. 11944
Well, I rarely see people screaming "My religion is the best and you're all going to hell for not following it" but I often see people screaming "You're a dumbass for believing in that fairy tale crap" when somebody brings up his/her religion.
No. 11950
I want to bitch about all those people who keep decrying Stripe Pattern's Love and Peace as "grimderp bullshit", just because it's not your usual "youkai jesus" portrayal of her.
No. 11953
But then it wouldn't be Touhou.
No. 11955
No. It would be generic.
No. 11956
awww I'm sorry that touhou isn't a genderswapped warhammer 40k.
No. 11960
I always thought some (or most) of the wild youkai generally looked like that, and the ones that show up in the works are humanoid just due to coincidence/ZUN wanting to draw cute girls/they aren't strong enough/make up your own reason.
No. 11961
you mean non canon right? what's next? Claiming a story with obbessive Alice to be moving?
No. 11962
Most wild youkai look like undifferentiated balls of fluff.

In the PC-98 era, more had forms, but most of those were just random bird things or eyeballs with wings or feet.
No. 11963
It doesn't have to stick to canon to be "moving".

Then again, I've always seen Byakuren as a shady person so I obviously would not rage over stuff like this.

That reminds me.

>Anyway, the one thing that I don't like about this game is that it promotes racism. All Byakuren wants is for humans and youkai to live in peace, without one group hunting the other. Is that really too much to ask? They locked her away in Makai for preaching such an idea as acting civil to one another! What kind of monster locks away a righteous person? I feel so bad every time I play stage 6, because I totally, 100% agree with Byakuren's ideas, and I wish they would spread throughout Gensokyo. Granted, SanaeA's good ending seems to accomplish this, but still, I wish they would all accept the idea of humans and youkai being equal! I now hate Reimu and Marisa a little more for being self-professed Youkai Hunters or Exterminators or whatever. Sanae, I can forgive a little, because she's still relatively new to Gensokyo and she's incredibly cute.

>But come on, at least let someone argue her point before you announce your spell card! She might have a valid point once in a while. Stupid Reimu needs to learn to listen to alternative viewpoints. >_>

>I hope ZUN or someone makes a spinoff game where Byakuren does eventually settle the differences between humans and youkai, and everyone ends up living better as a result. Racism sucks, and Byakuren wants to fix that. She was the heroine of this game. She should have won.

>Okay, that's my rant. What do you guys think about the extreme and obvious racism in this game?
No. 11964
I agree with everything in that post.
No. 11965
Congratulations. You're now a Gamefaqs resident.
No. 11966
I've been a proud gamefaqs resident since... wow, 2001? Damn.

... My account had accurate personal information. What the fuck. I was retarded when I was a kid.
No. 11968
I don't like Love and Peace because it interprets Byakuren's character in a twisted way, but that's only part of it why I dislike the story so much.
What I really cannot stand about it is that people use it as evidence to show how much of a dangerous monster Byakuren is. They take it seriously. And that is terrible.
No. 11969
I won't deny that her actions in the past were suspicious, but I believe her current actions are selfless, though hardly anyone at the symposium believes that.

But I get a mostly peaceful picture of Gensokyo's civilized spots as most youkai visitors (if not all) do not go about attacking the villagers. It's actually much closer to Byakuren's dream than what some fans think.

this brings to mind Reimu and Yuuka's plots in PoFV with Shikieiki telling them to hunt youkai/threaten humans more. I suspect if they were more active in that, the end results wouldn't be pretty (ample death tolls for the opposite side)

It's what 'certain' fans love to do with fanon: use it to support their twisted beliefs.
No. 11972
I'm not talking about stories.
No. 11975
Let youkai hunt humans like humans hunt their food, as all life are equal under the light of dharma. That's how this Byakuren thinks.

If you've played Strange Journey, she's like Jimenez in that game, wanting a world where humans and demons (youkai) can coexist. However, that world is a brutal and violent one.


>Always thought of her as an actual "villain" as far as touhous go. Her "gods and buddhas are the same as youkai" made me think she wanted to be worshiped like a god.

>Never really gave much thought as to what "equality" between youkai and humans meant before I read this though. Bottom of the food chain's no fun.

>I admit that Yukari was someone I stamped as the true Touhou villain. Even after reading this, it made the premise of Hijiri's god complex more clear, in fanon standards at least. You can't really say that she's a "villain," more like a selfish saint who doesn't think she's bad.

>Her objective in this interpretation seems to be just to let everything run willy-nilly. Whole survival of the fittest and all that. If anything, she's an anarchist. After all, everyone's equal under a system of rules where the only rule is that there is none.

It makes you think, isn't it? That's what I like from this doujin.
No. 11989
Higan isn't much different if Shikieiki's remarks to Yuuka are any sign.

And in Gensokyo, I'd imagine anyone stupid enough to go too far from the village unprepared wounds up being assumed dead.
No. 12052
>Okuu represents my anima. I am very much just like her and I would totally get along just fine with her. Being unable to actually meet her is just unfair in my mind and I actually had a dream where we could see each other but could not cross the barrier despite our desperate attempts to do so. I only hope that some mechanic like with Maribel Hearn is true and I can dream my way in. I have had experiences in dreams that involved such happenings even before I even knew of Touhou (like visiting Kaguya-Hime at her mansion).

>I just realized, any belief that such a thing is possible would be utterly laughed at despite a stated policy that one can believe as how one wishes! So I think I can meet Okuu in dreams, why must I be laughed at if I bring something like that up? Not to mention what should happen should I dare bring this up to a fundamentalist. I at least have enough faith that it is God whow will judge me, not them so I just ignore such criticism should it come. My love for Okuu will not be abated by anyone. I can cope with this, I have a real woman who cares and understands this (she herself loves Kenshin Himura to a similar degree). In any case, such is life.

It's cute, actually. Didn't make me rage.

So, can you guess where I got this from?
No. 12053
I wish I could meet Touhous in my dreams. S/he's so lucky.
No. 12055
I used to like that doujin, until I found out how many people take it as absolute canon.

Now? It's shit.
No. 12057
>letting the opinions of others influence his opinion of works he once enjoyed
No. Bad.
No. 12058
That's pathetic enough that I'm going to guess /jp/.
No. 12060
>many people take it as absolute canon

What? I don't see that many people talking bad things about Byakuren.

By the way, her act of sacrificing the humans aboard the ship to save Murasa is canon.
No. 12061
Sorry, that's actually Shrinemaiden.
No. 12062
What's wrong with sacrificing the humans on the ship? If that's what's necessary to prevent further deaths, it's a good trade.
No. 12063
Link? Google was unhelpful and I want to see shrinemaiden members' responses, and/or context for such a statement.
No. 12064
Wasn't she supposed to be exorcising Murasa, not befriending her?

>One of her "missions" was to exterminate the ghost on the seas, Minamitsu Murasa, who had gained much renown for capsizing ships. Rather than a physical battle, Byakuren instead decided on a spiritual one. She let the spirit capsize the ship she was on, but constructed a new, shining ship for Murasa to captain. Of course, no one was around to see it, as those on the monk's boat had all drowned.

>After her death, Murasa became a spirit, bound to the ocean due to her lingering attachment to the world. Because of her spite, she eventually became renowned far and wide for capsizing ships. Many feared her, and tried to think of ways to somehow restrict her actions, but it wasn't until the monk Byakuren Hijiri was asked to do something about it that the situation changed. Murasa, knowing how famous the monk was at the time, believed she would be able to extend her influence even farther by sinking her, as well, and perhaps even escape her connection to the ocean and attack humans on land.

>However, when Byakuren did appear before her on the seas completely defenseless, Murasa sunk her ship easily, prompting the spirit to wonder why. Byakuren then reappeared on the surface atop a shining ship, which she had constructed using the ship Murasa had died on as a design. Moved by the monk's insight and her own sense of nostalgia, she accepted Byakuren's offer to captain the shining ship.

Seems to me she betrayed those humans.

No. 12065
That aspect of Murasa/Byakuren's backstory is rather open to interpretation as to just what Byakuren's motives were, and thus how sympathetic towards humans and youkai she is. A lot of people just outright ignore it, though.

And apparently shrinemaiden has their own rage threads. Although that one seems more like an angst thread, with the occasional interesting enough posts (yes, I realize this is subjective).

That tengukami guy(I think) seems pretty cool, in particular. I think I'd get along with him decently.

>Why is it unfair that you can't meet a purely fictional character in real life? Whatever personality qualities you like about Okuu, they likely exist in some human being, somewhere on the planet. Unless what you like about her is being part bird, being able to shoot danmaku or being able to manipulate nuclear energy by sheer force of will.

>Nope, he's serious. In his only two other posts on this forum so far, he specifically says that he is in love with Okuu (here and here). All I'm saying is, whatever you like about a fictional character, look for those traits in a flesh-and-blood human being. It's a lot healthier.

>I'm aware he's 13. I'm also assuming he's intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying here. I think people should talk to kids as equals if you want to foster mutual respect and to be listened to - much like with anyone else at any age. So rather than dismissing any idea of being straight with him, I'm operating under the belief that by talking to him as a peer, he might at least try to get it. No harm would be done in doing so, I believe.
No. 12068
This is just pure win right here.

If you don't get the reference, then I'm happy for you. You'd better off not knowing it anyway.

Reisen II = Loyal Fanbase

So true.
No. 12069
>That aspect of Murasa/Byakuren's backstory is rather open to interpretation as to just what Byakuren's motives were, and thus how sympathetic towards humans and youkai she is. A lot of people just outright ignore it, though.

Exactly. It's all about interpretation, baby.
No. 12070
I liked him better when he was making those 'Power thirst' parodies.

That fact embarrasses me to no end.
No. 12073
Why is every touhou video comment section filled with smileys and faggotry?

Don't answer. Rhetorical question.
No. 12074
>Loyal Fanbase

Oh, okay, it's Sonichu x Touhou. As drawn by littleshrimp.

Well, I've never bothered reading that piece of shit, but I agree with likely being better off not knowing it.
No. 12075
Why do you still have youtube comments enabled?
No. 12076
Thank you for not lumping smileys with faggotry.
No. 12078
I don't think people would deny that her past was on the sketchy side, though some seem to use it to hold against her present self, including in Gensokyo itself. I'm sure she got or is going to get quite a lecture from Shikieiki.
No. 12091
You are blind.
No. 12100
You sure we're on the same fandom here?

The only Touhou characters who are constantly demonized are the moonhoneys.
No. 12102
Come now.
According to the recommendations thread, the moonhoneys are more often killed than killers.
Probably because dumb, tasteless, hatless and poor people hate them too much to write them as proper villains.
No. 12103
You want them to become villains, Ddyk?

By the way, there's one more story with the moonhoneys that I forgot to tell you about. And they're alive there.
No. 12107
If they must be villains, at least let them be proper villains, with a motivation and a backstory. Relying on "lol purity" and "im a bad girl because 42 roflmao" is just overused and stuuuuupid.
No. 12108
Exactly. Make them awesome villains.

Like that doujin above for example. Even though I'm a Byakuren fan, I still love that story.
No. 12235
I want to rage about dozens of gnats being attracted to my computer screen at night. They keep flying into my eyes and it's pissing me off.
No. 12239
No. 12241
>This idea spawned when Lotus Saint and I were talking about, yet again, a Touhou x F/SN crossover.

>The way the plot will work is that Gilgamesh will, in some way, be in the moon and kill off most of the Lunarians. A few of them would survive, Gilgamesh wills it to be, in order to pass the message to Gensokyou. Then, Gilgamesh either decides to invade Gensokyou or the Gensokyians decide to storm the moon in order to take down Gilgamesh.

>Power levels must also be discussed. How powerful would Gilgamesh be compared to the rest of the Touhouverse? What NPs would he be using in this fic?

>As for how Gilgamesh can stand a chance against Yukari, I was thinking of making it so that she couldn't close the GoB since she lacks the authority to do so which only belongs to Gilgamesh. What do you guys think of that?

>The way I was thinking of it is that Gilgamesh would be able to defeat most of the top-tier characters in the Touhouverse, but can lose to the beings who are close to top-tier that don't have divine blood since he was being too arrogant. Do you guys think that to be plausible?

>I never written a fan fic before and can use all the help I can get, so any suggestions in how I can write or improve this would be greatly appreciated.

>Don't mention SSiB.

>It pisses me off to no end.

So, any advices for this guy?
No. 12242
Making Gilgamesh the MC is a pretty horrible idea. I mean, who wants to root for this arrogant son of a bitch?
No. 12243
Well, if people can root for the amoral Patchouli in Patchy Quest, I'm sure they can root for him, too.
No. 12244

It should end with Gilgamesh’s defeat and very gory death at the hands of those Lunarians he foolishly allowed to escape, thus making his pride to be his ultimate downfall.

Either that or he is brought down by the combined efforts of fairies and other weak youkai. Bonus points if it’s Sunny Milk who delivers the final fatal blow.
No. 12245
>Don't mention SSiB.
>It pisses me off to no end.
I have an advice for him. Picture related.
No. 12246
Then the Nasufags will be the ones who cry character bashing.

Which is why I love this comment.

>No matter how you're going to write this, it's going to be a bash fic for one side or the other. You skew things in Gilgamesh's favor, and he'll have NPs that can nullify some of the most ridiculous abilities ever (manipulating all types of boundaries, invoking death, summoning divine wrath, freezing anything, nuclear power, super speed, laser beams of love, etc.), which would make the Touhou fans scream that the Touhou characters are written into being jobbers. If you skew things in favor of the Touhou crowd, your story wouldn't even get off the ground, since the Lunarians would just stomp Gilgamesh into the ground (after all, according to Touhouverse the Lunarians taught the humans magic). Either way, it's going to leave a bad taste in somebody's mouth.

Good thing this fic never gets written. There's only one snippet which is just the intro of the story.

Oh hi, Ddyk. I was wondering when you're going to show up.
No. 12247
>(after all, according to Touhouverse the Lunarians taught the humans magic)
Why do people wonder why everyone hates the Lunarians again? They're an entire society of Gilgameshes.
No. 12249
I was wrong, it was Kaguya against the Scarlet Team:
"The moon gave many powers to beings of the earth. Many of them, such as magic, were originally the moon's power. Does your friend depend on the moon as well? Hmm, Miss VAMPIRE?"
And later:
"Ha. We of the moon turned some on the Earth to monsters, to regulate their filthiness... But, that's all over now. Those on the Earth have sealed the monsters themselves. That's why the only ones left are useless creatures that assault humans in predefined patterns."

I'm so going to interpret this as: "we turned Richard McNormalDude into a werewolf/vampire/another kind of youkai because if monsters are using the moon's power, it makes them our slaves. And by "moon's power", I mean magic."
No. 12250
You know, I've always ignored that canon fact since it's so unclear and all.
No. 12251
I'm going to interpret it as "Slutprincess is talking shit again."

I'm Mokou.
No. 12252
If it's unclear, you can interpret it as you want.
No. 12253
They never claim that the entire world is their garden and every treasure that has ever existed is theirs, you know.
No. 12254
I, for one, would not mind seeing Gil win for once.
No. 12256
How about an equal battle? It will be more epic that way.
No. 12258
Gate of Babylon is pretty powerful in its own universe, in part because it spams swords and in part because those swords are legendary. Unfortunately for Gilgamesh, pretty much everyone in Touhou's attacks spam something or other. To me, Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon looks like Yumeko's second pattern without the streams of red bullets. Which would be pretty hard, but not final boss hard.

Unfortunately, Makai, where the moon is not thanks to being in another dimension, and which was created by Shinki, is saturated with magic so thick it's hard for humans to exist in it, every Touhou magician youkai except Patchouli and Ellen is associated with Makai in some way (and Ellen's a crossover character), and Marisa wanted to go to Makai for its magic.

Yeah, more or less Kaguya is almost certainly lying.
No. 12261
PC-98 is still canon?
No. 12264
The PC-98 games are still canon, but everything in >>12258 except for Alice's connection to Makai and Shinki creating Makai does not rely on PC-98 canon.

Bullet pattern comparisons can be made regardless of whether a given pattern is canon or not, in any case.
No. 12265
>>Yeah, more or less Kaguya is almost certainly lying.

How so? It's not untrue that youkai draw power from the moon, is it? Is it impossible that what Kaguya claims happened did so prior to Makai's creation? Is it possible that the miasma that fills Makai and is said to strengthen magic is there precisely because there is no moon to draw power from there? Hell, if you really want to stretch it, is it at all possible that one of the reasons Shinki created an alternate dimension filled a toxic-yet-potent magic-booster in the first place was to break free of relying upon the moon for power? I don't know about you, but having your powers wax and wane with the phases some ball in the sky does sound like it could suck enough for someone to want to find an alternative source of power.

Setting that aside, lying, by definition, requires the speaker to know that what they are saying is untrue. Kaguya, for all we know, could have been telling the truth, as she understood it. She might not be completely right, but you can hardly blame someone who has spent a significant amount of time of their life sequestered in one form or another to know everything.
No. 12271
I wouldn't doubt the fact that Lunarians making the very first youkai just for the purpose of hindering humans. It's quite hard to tell as there's no solid source on this, just the words of some lunarians.

But yeah, Kaguya's likely unaware of the whole facts as I know Eirin would go about limiting information for her protection. That and Eirin would be among the few who know the absolute truth about this, given her previously lofty position.
No. 12273
>making the very first youkai

Wait a sec, I thought youkai exist since humanity exists, seeing they're born from human fear and that.
No. 12274
Japanese youkais such as yuki-onna, yes. Vampires, werewolves, probably not. "Youkai" is just too large. Ghosts are obviously not the Moon's doing. Wizards? They're open to interpretation.
No. 12275
What about genies? Does they even count as youkai?
No. 12276
Werebeasts I'll admit could be a Lunarian creation, but Touhou vampires are classified as devils, and are related to oni, who live underground. And it seems that oni, and probably devils too, are native to Hell (or Former Hell).
No. 12277
Interpretation again. Personally, I tend to call youkai any creature that you can hurt by throwing a charm at it (vulnerable to spiritual attacks), while I call monsters those creatures that you need to hit with something big or silvery in order to hurt them (vulnerable to physical attacks).

But strictly speaking, apparently all supernaturals creatures are youkai. If it's not human and not an animal, it's an youkai.
No. 12278
Does that apply to foreigners vampires too?
No. 12279
Well, Remilia and Flandre come from somewhere in Europe.

All three of the vampires that have appeared in Touhou are devils. Muse, from the related and only possibly canon Seihou series, is also a vampire, but she does not have wings, and she can apparently go out in sunlight, judging by her being playable in stages where it isn't nighttime. So I wouldn't rule out non-devil types of vampire existing in Touhou's setting.
No. 12280
What's up with this Muse character? She seems to be mentioned often around here nowadays.

Is this another example of the fanbase's obsession with vampire girls?
No. 12282
>>What's up with this Muse character? She seems to be mentioned often around here nowadays.

I'm wondering about that, myself. Is there a reason Seihou keeps popping up in here, lately?
Assuming, of course, it even is a recent thing, and I simply have failed to notice any of the other times it's come up over the past several years.
No. 12283
The funny thing is, genies sometimes are worshipped as gods, while at other times they're exorcised as evil spirits.

Well, at least they don't need human fear to exist, as they've populated the Earth long before humans even exist.

They even have their own parallel world too.

They're basically a superior version of youkai.
No. 12284
Part of it is a lasting impression from her appearing in Border House. I can't think of other reasons.
No. 12285
Her theme is awesome and her design is awesome and she is indisputably the best Seihou.
No. 12286
I don't even remember her from that story.
No. 12287
Aren't you mistaking "Muse" for Kurumi?
No. 12293
Muse did appear in the story and as a pretty valuable ally, though it was recent. But I can understand your reaction, Kurumi in BH sure did draw some attention.
No. 12298
>The most notable Tear Jerker comes early on in the game. Despite their best efforts to hold off the Tyranids and buy time for the inhabitants of the Moon to evacuate, eventually the Lunar Princesses find that their forces have been annihilated to the last rabbit, and they stand alone against the Great Devourer. Rather than allow themselves to be killed, eaten and processed, the Princesses decide to take the only avenue left to them and commit Seppuku in order to cleanse the Moon of all life on it, denying the Tyranids the meat of their victory.

>but it turns out that it was a case of a Senseless Sacrifice turns out they had inadvertently finished what the Tyranids were gonna do from the start of their Moon invasion turn the whole damn moon using all the bio matter from the dead bodys from the battles into a giant living mook maker has a result moon gets a low level Exterminatus called for it and it gets Glassed to prevent this.

Well, at least it gets put on the Tear Jerker page.
No. 12299
The funny thing is it's pretty decent if you only read the actual roleplaying thread.

But when you read the discussion thread, urgh...

By the way, the Tau ended up colonizing the Moon, taking the remaining Lunarians and moon rabbits under their protection after their kingdom fell into ruin.

Well, I like the Tau, so I see no problem with that.

But I wonder though, what's with the fandom's emphasis on how the Lunarians are stagnant? I see no reason to believe so in canon. Heck, even Akyuu stated the opposite.
No. 12302
Because they're assuming that:
1) Either Eirin was so important that without her the Moon can't progress any more,
2) Either OR they're assuming that since the Moon is more or less a kingdom (with nobles and commoners), it cannot progress any more.

In both cases, they're retarded and dumb.
No. 12303
Or because they assume that immortality = stagnation, like that roleplay above (comparing the Tau's lifespan of 40 years and the Lunarians' thousands of years).
No. 12304
I highly doubt that lunarians are immortal. Save for Kaguya, of course.
No. 12305
Being Able To Live Forever Barring Injury Or Disease = Immortal.

Unable To Actually Die If Killed = Immortal, but moreso than usual.
No. 12306
So, I just watched War of The Worlds, and that makes me wonder if the Lunarians' immunity from diseases isn't actually real immunity, but an "immunity" that comes from their land being free from bacterias, viruses, etc.

At least they're not cannibalistic enough to drink human blood for food like freakin' vampires.
No. 12307
Unable To Actually Die If Killed = Eternal.
No. 12308
No. 12311
If you want to write a story, you'd better know the difference between something that die when you kill it and something that doesn't die even when you kill it.
I don't even want to imagine how everyone would cry if Mokou or Kaguya or [OMITTED] were to die.
No. 12312
You obviously missed my point.

I said that it's pointless to discuss whether the word "immortal" can be used for both people who can't die of old age and people who can't die, period.
No. 12313
If you say so.
No. 12314
I want to bitch about writers who can write really well but keeps making shitty plots in their fics over and over again.

For me, who absolutely have no skill in writing whatsoever, it's disgusting as it's a waste of their writing talent.

And yes, I'm jealous of them.
No. 12315

>However, as the typical youkai will find the place uncomfortable, another feature of the forest that even youkai refrain from entering.
>For that reason, if one could stand the noxious gasses that the monstrous mushrooms emit, then on the contrary, it would be both a safe and secretive place to seclude oneself.
Hahahahahhaa. Go in looking for information on Lunarians, leave with Akyuu shitting all over almost every fic on this site.
No. 12316
Huh, what do you mean?
No. 12317
I have never seen the Forest of Magic portrayed as so full of noxious mushroom fumes that youkai avoid the place. Maybe I haven't read enough fan works, but it clearly isn't how most fans view the place.
No. 12318
Well, there's Kriss's story, where there are man-eating plants all over the place.
No. 12360
Akyuu? Since when did we ever take that bitch's writings as fact? Yeah, I'm bitter.
No. 12361
I'm usually all for treating Akyu as a liar, but this is one case where I find it hard to believe that she'd be biased. It's so easy to verify. I bet village kids "verify" that the Forest is full of hallucinogens all the time.
No. 12364
Butthurt youkai lover detected.
No. 12368
Their insistence on purity and rigidness stops any chance of progress/evolution. That and the whole Eirin leaving thing as I have doubts the lunarians have a genius on part with her.

Likely due to the moon not having any illnesses though Eirin might have set up one hell of a immunization program before she left.

I figured that the forest has some safe areas with the truly hazardous stuff being deeper. There has to be some sort of safe spot as Alice and Marisa live there.
No. 12372
>Their insistence on purity and rigidness stops any chance of progress/evolution. That and the whole Eirin leaving thing as I have doubts the lunarians have a genius on part with her.

Niggah, ya best be trolling.
No. 12416
Hahahahaha, Maidens. Let me paste their message:
We could have even sent you one of those automatically generated messages to wish you happy birthday where we don't even have to replace INSERT NAME.
But we didn't
We wrote this birthday greeting just for you.
We would like to wish you a very special birthday.
The Maidens of the Kaleidoscope Team.
//:: This message was automatically generated :://

Critical failure.
No. 12417
Unless you're some bigshot there that might actually warrant a handwritten birthday card, that's pretty obviously a joke.
No. 12418
So you think it's a joke, hu?
I was sure Maidens being its usual self and bullshitting me.
No. 12420
Well, this would certainly make the fans of Touhou - The Iron of Yin and Yang angry.
No. 12422
That makes me want to make a short about that.

Of course, Gil will end up losing to the Watatsukis. Yorihime can just turn his swords into dust and Toyohime can counter Ea with her fan.
No. 12423
Post it in Spacebattles. This would also be a part of our social science.

Let's see how many words like "moonbitches", "moonsues", and "Mary Sues" will pop out.
No. 12425
Oh god, I think I'm either going to be constantly drunk when checking the reactions, or I won't be checking them at all.
No. 12434
>If the Watatsuki sisters seem out of character here, then I do apologize - there really isn't a lot of official materials that reveals much about their personalities and other character-related aspects. I have therefore decided to portray them as the arrogant 'Space Elves' they really are. However, I reiterate that I am open to any corrections at this stage.

You know, I would have no problem with casting the Lunarians as arrogant space elves. The problem is, they're portrayed as retarded arrogant space elves.

If only I knew this story early on, I would be able to correct this interpretation of his, rather than flaming him.

It's odd. I kinda feel bad for doing that to him. He seems to be a nice guy, looking at his profile.

But once I read the fic again, well, no mercy.
No. 12439
>I have therefore decided to portray them as the arrogant 'Space Elves' they really are.
So first, he's saying that he decided to interpret them as being arrogant, and then he claim that they "really are" arrogant Space Elves. Someone, go explain him what "portray" and "interpretation" mean.
No. 12440
You know, I just realized that ZUN's early drawings make the Touhous look like little kids.

I would've never known Keine was supposed to be an adult from IN.
No. 12441
>While reading Silent Sinner in Blue, I could not help but laugh at the sheer impracticality of Toyohime's Destructor-Fan weapon when she started gloating about how it "causes a wind that completely destroys this forest down to an atomic level". Why is it impractical, you ask? Well, let's just say that it does not say anywhere that Toyohime is protected from her own weapon (if she was, then the destruction will not be 'complete', unless Toyohime can protect the very ground of the forest she occupies. And that's hardly possible, since there will still be that trace of 'impurity' left). It's like Kim Jong II boasting that his nuclear weapons can level out the whole Korean Peninsula, until the UN points out that he will be destroyed along with it. This sad, sad reality is referenced in her little soliloquy above.

There is no hope for this guy.
No. 12442
That poor sap doesn't understand petty thing such as logic. If he thinks that a fan blows everything around, he obviously never used one.
No. 12443
>The title, 'In The Balance', is a reference to the Worldwar series (which has a similar premise)

Well, now I know why the Lunarians are so retarded in this story.

For those of you who don't know, the Worldwar series was a story about an alien race (dubbed "The Race") invading Earth.

Problem is, those aliens expect our technology to be still in the Middle Ages, even though we're already in the World War II era.

You can probably guess what will happen next.
No. 12447
No. 12450
>Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime's characters have been heavily exaggerated from what they were in Silent Sinner in Blue (incidentally, this is what this whole fanfic is based on), the purpose being to further paint them up as the Space Elves they really are. Apologies in advance if it leads to character derailment.

Then why, why do you keep writing them like this? You know it's wrong, you know it's derailing their character. And no, apologizing does not make it a-ok. Do you think if JtotheE apologizes for his Metaknight fiasco, his story will suddenly be as good as Lion's?
No. 12451
Nah, it makes sense. Apologies are magically turning shit into an australium-covered hat.
No. 12455
>A wave of horror swept over Reimu as the Human Village came into view. The entire village was ablaze, with many buildings having been burnt to the ground. The area looked as if it had been hit by a hurricane - buildings and large pieces of debris lay everywhere, making for a chilling image of a burning town in the winter snow.

>On the walls of one of the few buildings still standing, a poster read, "The Glorious Lunarian Empire Shall Purify..." with the last words being blotted out by a smear of blood. Cautiously, Reimu entered the building to see if anyone was inside. The interior was devastated, with burn marks on the walls and overturned furniture. Most distressing of all, however, was the body of a human villager - a long-dead corpse leaning against the wall. The wall itself was splattered with blood, the beautiful wooden pattern spoiled by a seemingly impossible amount of the dark red stain. His eyes were open and unblinking, an expression of pure terror on his face.

>Slowly, Reimu left the building to venture further into the village. On the streets lay countless bodies - innumerable corpses, burned and charred beyond recognition and staining the snow a horrid red-colour. More humans and Youkai alike had been hanged from the top of buildings, many of the bodies having been decapitated or horribly mutilated. Somewhere in the mess, a Kappa had been impaled on an iron pole. Whole blocks had been burnt down, with infernoes raging as far as the eye could see and the remaining buildings horribly disfigured by both the flames and what had seemed to be a quick but brutal battle. Reimu almost suffered a heart attack, unprepared the savage scene that mere words could not begin to describe. Dropping to her knees, the Shrine Maiden shed a small tear. She wanted to scream. To lash out at these Lunar occupiers. She even considered killing herself. While she and Yukari had worked at their own, easy pace in the Outside World, Gensokyo's Magical Barrier had fallen - rendering it defenceless against the merciless Lunarian invaders. And without its chief protector, the Human Village - and perhaps all of Gensokyo - was doomed from the start.

>The scenes depicting the ruined Human Village and the grizzly descriptions of those killed by the Lunarian Occupation forces were lightly inspired by war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII.

Holy shit, this guy didn't pull any punches at portraying the Lunarians as monstrous retarded arrogant Space Elves.
No. 12457
Who gives a crap about the lunarians anyway? They're about as important as pc98 characters.

Oh yeah, I went there.
No. 12458
At least the Lunarians are definitely canon, unlike the PC-98 characters.
No. 12459
Do I really have to dig out EoSD's manual which proves it proceeds Mystic Square?
No. 12460
Do I have to tell you that ZUN no longer cares about the PC-98 canon?

Point in fact, UFO. He can easily tie in Shinki to that, but no, he only makes a cameo of her attack in Byakuren's spellcard.
No. 12461
Do you have to have this argument again?
No. 12462
Hey, >>12457 started it, not me.
No. 12463
Alright, that's enough you two.

Here, have some more quotes from that author.

>Just as in previous chapters, the characters of Watatsuki no Yorihime and Watatsuki no Toyohime have been 'slightly' exaggerated for the purposes of the plot.

It's like describing that an elephant is 'slightly' stronger than an ant.

How about the summary then?

>The Third Lunar War has broken out, this time being an actual war between the Earth and the Moon. What does this mean for Gensokyo? An attempt at a realistic depiction of such an event. On hold.

A "realistic depiction" that makes one side totally dumb and ineffectual at war? Sure.

Let's see the reviews, shall we? Perhaps we shall see some common sense at last.

>Uhh, as for this first chapter, there are some mostly cannonical issues that I would like to point out.

>First of all, it's difficult to swallow that "Its people were constricted by the burden of overpopulation" and "the population was also stricken by rampant new diseases immune to all but the most expensive of medicines, as well as being faced with the greatest famine in the Lunarians' eons-long history."

>Logistically the above doesn't not make much sense, either they're 'immortal' enough not to get hungry or sick, or they're dying like animals from disease and starvation.

>If you meant that they were simply long lived but perfectly mortal, there is still the problem of diseases being an issue, humans, after all, do not die of old age, age weakens systems in the body so that they fail after a period of time.

>So either the Lunarians don't suffer from diseases, and age degredation is very slow for them, or they would have accumulated damage from the diseases that they suffer (Say, do they get cancer?) and therefore die in droves from these new diseases, which as you say, "immune to all but the most expensive of medicines".

>I suggest that you take out the whole issue of diseases, after all over population by itself is a perfectly viable reason to invade Earth, whilst an invasion would do absolutely nothing for a sick population.

>"The map, however, was dated from about 1000 A.D."

>"As expected," scoffed Tsukuyomi. "Primitive apes."

>These statements are quite bluntly, absolutely ridiculus, even if the Lunar capital was located on the Far side of the Moon, anyone on the could see the Earth would be able to tell you that you map is outdated, that humans have built structures that are visible from the moon, the electric lighting grids of major cities very bright.

>Secondly, SSiB clearly has Toyohime annoyed at humans because they landed on the moon and planted a flag, that is, she is very well aware of humans having orbital, and therefore aerial, technology.

>"Tsukuyomi was astonished at this. Though the Lunarians had been trying to regulate the population of the Earth for centuries, this was the first time a direct invasion had crossed his mind as an option. And after over 100,000 years of his rule, at that. Of course! Instead of creating fantastic creatures to curb their population, why not just go over there and wipe them out entirely?"

>Surely those were not the thoughts of "Lord Emperor Tsukuyomi - the true ruler of the Moon from behind the shadows of politics." despite the portrayal of politicians in media, politics requires one to be adaptive and sharp witted, you make him sound idiotic.

>Rather than have him acquiesce so suddenly, you could have written an establishing character moment for both Tsukuyomi and Toyohime, and have had Toyohime convince Tsukuyomi of the merits of an invasion, displaying the intelligence of both the Secret True Ruler of the moon and pretty much the Head of State.

>"But if there was one thing wrong in this perfect plan, it was this: the Earth had progressed beyond the need for magic, thereby rendering the anti-magic signal redundant."

>Firstly, I'll just make the point that Touhou takes place "20 minutes in the Future", how into the future is never specified though.

>Secondly Every mention of how 'The Lunarians Are Better' mentions their superior technology, interactive projective holographic screens are put into a museum as amusing antiques in the 21st century, Eirin can make medicines that cure insanity, so their biological understanding is well advanced of ours as well.

>"A certain region, located deep within the Central Highlands of the Japanese archipelago..."

>Wasn't Gensokyo cannonically sealed off to prevent such a dissperance of magic from occuring? As for you Lunarians gave Earth magic, I had no idea about that honestly.

>*Well, that's the first chapter. At this point, I am more than willing to consider any suggestions and/or corrections to errors.

>Well, I suppose I arrived a little late to have my considerations taken into account, though I do say that the beginning of your story is quite admirably ambitious in the scale of the project and complexity of events that are likely to follow.

>I guess that I'll cut my review off here and review each chapter as I read through them then.

Well, that was unexpected. There are still sane people in FF.net after all.
No. 12472
>playing Troibes
>end of the round, glorious Eagles won
>notice something weird
>hide scoreboard
>55-60 FPS
>pop scoreboard back up
>23 FPS

What in the winged fuck is HiRez doing?
No. 12483
>Watatsuki no Yorihime
>Very good at dodging. Some fanciful tales claim that she can even slice lasers in half and even eat danmaku with no ill effect: these, of course, are nothing but fabrications and propaganda by the Lunarian military to make them seem more threatening.

>I'm not going to play her as stupidly overpowered as she seemed to be in SSiB, which is why I put in all those nerfs, ahah.

From a roleplay thread over at TvTropes.
No. 12484
What. But. What.

But...Yorihime kicking everyone's ass actually happened. Everybody saw it. She didn't "seem" overpowered, she WAS overpowered. You can't pass it off as propaganda when...when you...
What is it supposed to be propaganda too? Us?

Aaaaaugh, my brain is melting.
No. 12485
Don't you know, man? The moon landing never happened. SSiB was staged! Reimu never even left the SDM.
No. 12486
>SSiB is pretty much the worst of the official Touhou comics. ZUN apparently wrote it but based on no evidence I think he handed a vague script to Aki Eda and told her to go at it because the differences between CiLR and SSiB are pretty glaring.

SSiB = Aki Eda's propaganda

Written by the YAF of the TvTropes Touhou forum.
No. 12487
At least he's read CiLR, unlike most of the other SSiB bashers.
No. 12489
They have a YAF? Those poor bastards, they're going to get even more retarded.
No. 12490
Followed by:
>Which is why I'm claiming that the most outlandish things Yori pulled off in SSiB didn't actually happen and are nothing but Lunarian propaganda to make their ultimate weapon seem more... ultimate. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
No. 12493
>SSiB is pretty much the worst of the official Touhou comics. ZUN apparently wrote it but based on no evidence

No. 12494
You misread that.
No. 12497
Christ, is Yorihime being so strong really that unbelievable? Tenshi beat the shit out of more people than her, and I don't hear anybody claiming that SWR was somehow fourth-wall breaking Celestial propaganda.
No. 12499
big difference between a game and a comic, especially in the game where you control the winning person. Also note that outside of her story, she loses
No. 12501
Don't worry. TvTropes also got it covered.

>Anyway, I hate Tenshi. I will probably get a lot of flak for saying this but I feel she is one of the biggest Canon Sues in Touhou, outdoing even the Watatsuki Sisters since a) she appears in the actual games, and b) the Watatsukis ultimately lose. Tenshi, however, doesn't, not truly anyway, and suffers no real repercussions for her actions.
No. 12503
That explains why she's so effective at being a villain in Touhou Mother.
No. 12505
>Also note that outside of her story, she loses
Yeah, but only to Suika and Yukari.
No. 12545
>I was more thinking that the Lunarians might not want the moon rabbits to get too powerful. I mean, I don't want to accuse them of being horrible people to their slave race but the indication that I'm getting is that they are kind of horrible people to their slave race. Just because of the rumors of unrest on the Moon prior to and in the early parts of SSIB, the Lunarians were arbitrarily punishing random moon rabbits.

>From CILR Ch 1:
>"There's a rumor that some of the moon rabbits are helping the invaders, and the rabbits are being unfairly put on trial, one after another."

>That's moon justice for you.

It's canon now that the Lunarians are horrible rabbit slavers. It even gets support from CiLR.

So >>12455 is not so far-fetched after all.

Yep, you're a horrible person for liking them, Ddyk.

I'm just trying to imitate what the YAF from TvTropes would say. The greentext part came from him by the way.
No. 12556
I'm a bad person? WHAT?
Re-read it, you fool!
>From CILR Ch 1:
>"There's a rumor that some of the moon rabbits are helping the invaders, and the rabbits are being unfairly put on trial, one after another."
>It's canon now that the Lunarians are horrible rabbit slavers
So rumours are canon now? Allow me to laugh in a stereotypical french way while petting my handlebar mustache!

And even if it was the case, you cannot blame a whole cilivization because some of them are jackasses. I cannot hate Ireland because, one day, in a bar, an Irish called me "french toast".

And even if they were rabbit slavers, the beasts would never complain, for they are unable to live on their own. Without the Lunar Capital, the moon rabbits would be living naked, spending most of their time fucking and looking for food.

Also, I've been working on those lunar folks a lot to prepare another story, and I discovered some interesting things: the Lunar Capital apparently has a lot of advanced firearms, such as "a rifle that can shoot a spread of many bullets in an instant, or small arms whose rounds cause great explosions, or guns that shoot bullets that the user can control after firing".
And before you start whining "there's no proof the rabbits are using them", I'm going to answer that there's no proof they aren't using them either. In SSiB, people are clearly playing around and fighting for fun (save for Yorihime, of course, she's so serious), and thus the rabbits aren't shooting, they're only using their rifle in close-combat (by the way, that's not something to do, you can damage your weapon by hitting something with it).
After that, it's a matter of interpretation, but I think that the lunarians aren't using firearms. The Lunar Capital is supposely populated by noble gods, and I cannot really imagine an old Japanese god throwing away his millenium-old weapon to use a gross firearm that any earthling can use.
No. 12558
Bah, I hate people who say they hate Tenshi for causing earthquakes that threaten Gensokyo while saying they love Okuu even though she tried to burn the surface once.

Speaking of Okuufags, I hate when they try to shift the blame of her actions to Kanako because "she's a manipulative evil bitch", and I'm not a big fan of her (too shady for my taste). Heck, I even found a short hatefic in Spacebattles about how Okuu ended up becoming a new god while Kanako got left in the dust, while receiving a punch from Reimu nonetheless.

Now where's that "Okuu is my anima" post?
No. 12564
Let's play, Ddyk.

I'll bring up another post of his.

>No, but the rabbit on the moon is a common shared myth so we might be able to make guesses based on the mythology.

>"In the Buddhist Śaśajâtaka (Jataka Tale 316), [3] a monkey, an otter, a jackal, and a rabbit resolved to practice charity on the day of the full moon (Uposatha), believing a demonstration of great virtue would earn a great reward.

>When an old man begged for food, the monkey gathered fruits from the trees and the otter collected fish, while the jackal wrongfully pilfered a lizard and a pot of milk-curd. The rabbit, who knew only how to gather grass, instead offered its own body, throwing itself into a fire the man had built. The rabbit, however, was not burnt. The old man revealed himself to be Śakra and, touched by the rabbit's virtue, drew the likeness of the rabbit on the moon for all to see. It is said the lunar image is still draped in the smoke that rose when the rabbit cast itself into the fire."

>So one possible origin is that a rabbit was rewarded for its virtue by being put on the moon by a Buddhist God. The Moon, by the way, is a paradise where you can live forever due to the purity and lack of air. So presumably the rabbit procured a wife and made babies and populated the Moon. And then some humans come up, take over the place, and force the rabbits to be their servants.

>Being rabbit is suffering.

This guy knows his stuff for sure.
No. 12570
Holy fucking shit.
The lunarians are NOT humans. They're described as "noble god", probably opposed to "native gods" such as Suwako. Saying that Lunarians are humans is like saying that a hyena is a dog. That's freaking unaccurate.

Also, while I can't prove anything, I think that Touhou's moon rabbits are based on Chang'e. I'm not going to tell anything else about her because I plan to use most of this stuff.

But let it be know that according to some legends (because there's a shitload of them), Chang'e somehow reached the Moon, where she found a rabbit making medicines. Think about the rest yourself, you're smart enough, and I don't want to write or even THINK about "bestiality" here.
... wait.
No. 12572
>Some of the Lunarians either pretended to be or were mistaken as gods. One of these is hubris and the other of those isn't their fault probably.

>Tying up gods isn't necessarily bad either except that based on my bias against the Lunarians I suspect it wasn't because the gods were being dicks so much as the gods being in their way. Toyohime mentions that Lord Daikoku got in the way of a land grab. Its all politics man. All these perfect, "pure" people are still tied to the stupid political pragmatic douchey behavior that the rest of us. They are "pure" but they're really no better. And the purity isn't even on them. They moved to another place and enslaved the indigenous people to get that purity.

Don't worry, I still have lots of these. There are a lot of Lunarian debates on the TvTropes forum.

Still the same guy by the way.
No. 12573
And I want to add something.
In CiLR chapter 2, Kaguya says: "Even in the lunar capital the Lunarians saw the rabbits as nothing more than tools, so I suppose it's no surprise."
Funnily enough, that statement is proved wrong by Yorihime's and Toyohime's apparent attachment to their old pet (Reisen), and even by Yorihime's own attitude before the fight.

And before you go "waaaa that's normal, those rabbits are their trained soldiers, they're spending a lot of time with them", I'm going to answer "Kaguya also said "I can't help thinking Eirin's been acting more kindly towards the rabbits lately.", and I'm also going to add that Kaguya stated that the Moon is fueling the youkais with magic, and it's proved incorrect by several of them (Patchouli and Alice are good examples, as they're youkai magician. Kanako and Suwako are something else, since they're goddesses.)"
Kaguya Houraisan is an unreliable source of informations about the Moon, and she's clearly wrong on many things, including (but not limited to) how Lunarians are treating the rabbits. However, there's something interesting about what she said, being "Long ago, Eirin treated all of the Earth's creatures - not just the rabbits - as nothing more than her hands and feet." I don't call that slavery, I call that trust.
No. 12574
>All these perfect, "pure" people are still tied to the stupid political pragmatic douchey behavior that the rest of us.
Of course they're not better. They're gods. Do you expect a god to just sit on his ass all day long? Hell no, they're still fighting and bickering, because that's what EVERYONE does. Even animals, they're always fighting. Being pure doesn't mean being motionless and waiting for death patiently.
Hell, even Buddha moved sometimes.

>Some of the Lunarians either pretended to be or were mistaken as gods.
Yeah, I too, saw Kanako going underground and turning Orin into a sexy slave wearing only a bikini. I also saw Satori raping Youmu by inserting her Third Eye into her vagina and growing a kid out of it. I saw a Yian-Kut-Ku being raped by tentacles.
No. 12575
>Kanako going underground and turning Orin into a sexy slave wearing only a bikini
Pics plz.
No. 12576
There is none, of course. I don't have any sources, and yet I'm making assumptions and making things up because I have a bias against Kanako/Orin/bikinis/sexy slaves.

But somehow, I'm fairly certain there's one somewhere.
No. 12595
>Spin-off manga series Silent Sinner in Blue has largely been disavowed by the games' fans by introducing a pair of Creator's Pets and a number of Wall Banger moments usually involving the aforementioned characters. Posting a single page from it on an Image Board or merely mentioning the series at all risks causing Internet Back Draft.

No surprise there.

>Some fans have accepted it back into the franchise, however, in light of the series' rather ... different ending. Depending who you ask, it's either So Bad It's Good or a Crowning Moment of Awesome (possibly on the part of the author).

And yet, it's still not enough.

>Double Spoiler is subject to this trope a lot, with many of the conversations ignored entirely. An essential example is how the two reporter protagonists of the game discuss the character of Inubashiri Momiji and her actual relationship to her superior Shameimaru Aya (who is also one of the protagonists) and perhaps crow tengu in general. Another popular point of contention is encountering fan-favorite Kawashiro Nitori and talking about how her kind of youkai drown children for their "lifeforce ass balls."

And now we also have SoPM, where she "looks down on others".

>For added fun, consider that they chose a comparatively less horrifying story of exactly what Kappa anally extract from their victims — other accounts suggest it's blood, intestines, or even the liver.

This is trolling material for Danbooru right here.
No. 12596
>Threat level: High

>Encounters with the kappa don't happen very often, but it is dangerous to get near their hideout. This is because they can use their control over water to drown people.

>If you get close she'll pull you into the river and extract your shirikodama. Humans that have their shirikodama extracted die. Because there's a ferociously brutal part you should be careful.

>The tsuuhai-using tool is also another reason that people can't meddle with her. This tsuuhai is the reason why she could grab the legs of people even when they're walking a ways from the river. It can extend further than you think, so be careful when near the river.
No. 12598
Actually in SSiB, the rabbits are seen using their WW1-era rifles to fire small spreads of danmaku and beating the few fairy maids that came with. Not exactly weak but no where near an effective defense force. (I'd like to see them try to take the SDM during EoSD)

Thing is CiLR's final chapters actually truly wrap up the
SSiB arc: It was a set up for one massive troll by Yukari, though some consider it a unworldly pileup of plans.

SSiB rubs people the wrong way as it reeks of a shitty touhou bashing fic where a 1-2 overpowered OCs come out of nowhere and effortlessly win against fan favorites and most of the hate is by word of mouth, most haters never read it, just heard about things. If it was a game, it'd have come off better. I mean look at Suika and Tenshi, people have gotten wins off the cast. Hell if Ending 1 of IaMP is canon, then Suika is a rarity: someone who beat Reimu in full incident mode.

[spoiler]Most don't know about Reimu using a calamity god to fire "inpurity"-laced shots and forcing Yorihime to actually use her sword as a melee weapon and force a stalemate.[/spoilers]

I blame Aki Eda for some of it as she took some liberties with things.

As far as Nitori? Well Aya and Akyuu are opinionated as hell and her spell card remarks are not subject to her journalistic standards it seems. Hatate instead ponders on the issue of eating such things.

Akyuu's entry is mostly "danger exaggerating" ala her earlier entries in PMiSS, but the thing that sticks out the most in that is the accusation that Nitori looks down upon others when she thinks no one's looking. And considering Akyuu's usual source of information (testamonies or old records), it's likely a completely unfounded remark.
No. 12599
Okay, this is strange.

Take the lunar invasion from Silent Sinner in Blue and consider it as a stage in a danmaku game. Moon rabbits are the stage enemies, and Yorihime is the boss. Yorihime didn't evade Reimu's danmaku because she's the stage boss, and bosses move in fixed patterns.

The logical conclusion is that Aki Eda was the player, and therefore, that Reimu lost because Aki Eda is bad at danmaku shooters.
No. 12600
>My cute kappa can't be this evil!
No. 12602
>>the thing that sticks out the most in that is the accusation that Nitori looks down upon others when she thinks no one's looking. And considering Akyuu's usual source of information (testamonies or old records), it's likely a completely unfounded remark.

Actually, looking back at her scenario in SA, Nitori does come off as a bit of a jerk, and Akuu's assessment of her doesn't sound quite so far-fetched.

I mean, she basically provokes the fight with Yamame by smack-talking her, and justifies it when Marisa complains about being forced into an unnecessary battle because "they make our water dirty".

When dealing with Yuugi, Nitori goes from being polite and cordial when speaking directly to her, to telling Marisa to tell her to stay underground and don't come back to the surface, and finishes by going all "oh, I would LOVE if we could go drinking sometime, but I'm just so BUSY and have SO MUCH to do!"

Also, Marsia? Nitori was using her the entire time, and after a certain point didn't even bother trying to hide the fact she was just using her. "Yeah, that youkai that just so happens to be at the same place I'm making you fight your way towards? That has NOTHING to do with you. It's a personal matter. Mind your own business." It was only after it was completely impossible to hide what she was after that she told Marisa she'd share the spoils.

In short, Nitori comes off as a selfish, manipulative jerk who is content to let others do all the work for her so long as it gets her what she wants. Even Yukari isn't that bad, as she at least has the decency to directly involve herself in her own plots.
No. 12603
>Who is your least favorite Touhou? For me it's Yorihime, not only for being a God-Mode Sue, but for her racisa and holier-than-thou attitude.

Keep 'em coming folks.
No. 12604
But...but...my candid friend...
No. 12608
Not all of that is entirely true.

>I mean, she basically provokes the fight with Yamame by smack-talking her, and justifies it when Marisa complains about being forced into an unnecessary battle because "they make our water dirty".
Nitori identifies Yamame as an Earth Spider, and Yamame refers to Marisa as "wild game", before any smack-talking by Nitori occurs.

>When dealing with Yuugi, Nitori goes from being polite and cordial when speaking directly to her, to telling Marisa to tell her to stay underground and don't come back to the surface, and finishes by going all "oh, I would LOVE if we could go drinking sometime, but I'm just so BUSY and have SO MUCH to do!"
Nitori's reaction to Yuugi seems like she's absolutely terrified by Yuugi. Which is a perfectly normal response to an oni, especially when one has prior experience with oni as Nitori has, and when one's entire mountain civilization can't stand up to one oni as Nitori claims.

>Also, Marsia? Nitori was using her the entire time, and after a certain point didn't even bother trying to hide the fact she was just using her. "Yeah, that youkai that just so happens to be at the same place I'm making you fight your way towards? That has NOTHING to do with you. It's a personal matter. Mind your own business." It was only after it was completely impossible to hide what she was after that she told Marisa she'd share the spoils.
Satori reveals that Marisa was only pretending to cooperate with Nitori for the sake of hot springs; it is shortly after this that Nitori refers to the youkai at the base of the geyser as a personal matter. The following line implies that Marisa, at least, had already agreed to an equal share of whatever their goal was, and her thoughts reveal that she planned to make off with all that was treasure regardless of Nitori.

Anyway, Nitori's certainly not using Marisa more than Patchouli, and only maybe more than Alice. Nobody tells her why she's going underground ahead of time, among other things.
No. 12610
>>her thoughts reveal that she planned to make off with all that was treasure regardless of Nitori.

Well, yeah, but that's Marisa. It's not like she knew there would be treasure where she was going, and she almost certainly had no way of knowing her trek underground would lead her into a giant pit of fire and lava where she would be forced to fight a nuclear-powered bird who wanted to destroy the world.

Nitori, on the other hand, probably did know. Marisa's motivations didn't really matter, since Nitori was still the one getting what she wanted, and having Marisa do all the work to do it.

It doesn't matter if they agreed to split the spoils of whatever they found, only one side of the agreement actually knew what they were going after, and whether or not there would even be anything to split.

As for Patchy and Alice, weren't they more concerned about the geyser and the spirits coming out, and whatnot, and had Marisa investigating because because they couldn't do it themselves? Didn't they actually try to offer some form of support beyond "hey, I totally pissed this boss off, have fun fighting her for me"? Unlike those two, Nitori actually knew what was behind the geyser, and didn't send Marisa down to stop it, but because she wanted that power for her own purposes. Even if Patchy and Alice might also somehow benefit in the end, only Nitori knew how she stood to benefit from it from the very beginning.
No. 12616
From Marisa's bad ending:
"Hm, it sure is a lot of energy. Maybe enough to pile it as high as a mountain. I've gotta get my hands on it... Will Nitori really share it with me, though?"
Marisa had been forced to go underground by a youkai, but next time she thought she'd sneak in of her own will.

No. 12617
In a nutshell: Nitori may be a manipulative bastard, but Marisa plans to double-cross her.
No. 12626
Well, just found out of this short doujin with a pro-human Reimu.


Now I want a story here with a Reimu like this. I don't think this type of Reimu has ever been used before in THP. I only remember that "bitchy Reimu for no reason" from Kira's story.

And man, this dialogue:

>Yukari: Reimu, why do you want law and order for all living beings in Gensokyo? Haven't we all been living together up until now? Seriously, are you intending to become a king?

>Yukari: Gensokyo will accept everything. To destroy and subjugate all youkai is...

>Reimu: Gensokyou needs order because humans are weak.

>Marisa: I... humans are not weak!

>Marisa: Through knowledge, and hard work, we will grow! With the youkai, magicians, and even gods, we can argue with them!

>Marisa: You're the one who pointed that out, aren't you Reimu?

>Reimu: But, Marisa...

>Reimu: That child is... that child is...

>Reimu: That powerless child is devoured!

>Reimu: Those who have power can sing freedom joyfully!

>Reimu: But what about the powerless? Fearing the darkness who came every night, can only tremble against the strange apparitions...

>Reimu: Marisa! If it's you, as the same weak human, you should understand!

>Reimu: That's... That's why I will cleanse the darkness and subjugate all youkai!

>Reimu: I will become order for Gensokyo!

>Reimu: Gensokyo accepts everything. But the sacrifice for that is always the weak humans. It's mortifying. I resented the broad-minded rules made by those who have power. That's why I fight as a human. Against everyone in Gensokyo, everyone who came to Gensokyo. I will make them accept my rules, human rules.
No. 12627
YES. Oh, gods above, yes. This rubs me the rightest way there is.
No. 12628
>This is how they should beat youkai, and not with useless danmaku. It also bothers me that according to some source, danmaku can't fully kill someone in touhou, it just makes the victim feel "tired". I don't remember where I read this, but it's just plain dumb (Hopefully this isn't genuinely canon). I wish they could decapitate heads, crush organs/break bones or make the target bleed to death like Hakurei Miko does. The lack of this makes touhou look a bit like a child's game in my opinion, much like pokemon where you never see the pokemon actually dying or at least bleeding. Like if they were made out of rubber.

God of War, Touhou edition.
No. 12629
Children love gore.
No. 12631
But children also like Pokemon.
No. 12633
Children are dumb. They believe in things such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and some even believe in God. They are too stupid by live by themselves, and they're living at their parent's houses like parasites.
No. 12634
>some even believe in God.
You again? Would you keep this shit outta here?
No. 12635
>Manchildren love gore.

Fixed that for you.
No. 12636
Not enough HFY in DnD or WH40K?

You forgot the part where Reimu shows remorse upon remembering what Marisa said: "That would mean the Gensokyo everyone likes would be gone"

While not the best example of interactions, for Gensokyo residents, it's pretty smooth. Yeah, I hold Gensokyo to different standards due to how many of its named residents are sociopaths in some fashion.

If Nitori knew, it was likely due to Kanako as the Kappa didn't set up the reactor until after SA.

It's hard to say as there's nothing on the effects of danmaku outside of a spell card duel. It's anyone's guess what it can do.
No. 12637
You Ddyk?

>Not enough HFY in DnD or WH40K?
>implying I'm a fan of those two
No. 12639
>Not enough HFY in DnD or WH40K?
>implying DnD is a HFY story
No. 12640
No. 12641
Nah, that would be hypocrite from me, given that I believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn.
No. 12643
HFY = Humanity Fuck Yeah!
Dnd = Dungeons and Dragons

So Reimu there is a lawfag while the rest of Gensokyo are chaosfags.


I'm a lawfag myself so I'm totally siding with Reimu in this one.
No. 12645
That's why we should stick with the safe and peaceful youkai moe instead of the other sadistic, dangerous one.
No. 12647
>Maybe everyone has forgotten, but youkai are frightening beings.
No. 12654
>>In a nutshell: Nitori may be a manipulative bastard, but Marisa plans to double-cross her.

Again, that's Marisa for you. I'm not trying to argue that the witch is innocent, my point is that the kappa is kind of a dick, and Akyuu's claims about her looking down on others in Symposium aren't nearly as baseless and far-fetched as some want to believe.
No. 12655
You can argue to your heart's contents, people will keep screaming that ZUN is a dick, that what he says cannot be canon, that Akyuu is biased, and that they're right.

Hey, when ZUN is saying that the fans are right, there are people screaming that he's catering for the fanbase. And when he decides to change things, people are screaming that he's a troll, so no matter if he decides to endorse or deny fan theories, people will scream anyway.
No. 12660
I don't think anyone was screaming "Troll!" about the Nitori thing. It wasn't like, say, Momiji suddenly having a canon character that just so happens to be the exact opposite of her most popular fanon portrayal.
No. 12661
Like ZUN is going to rip anyone's head off for going against canon. I'm pretty sure he's gone on record saying something along the lines of "I don't give a shit."
No. 12670
Meet the pyro is out. And of course, people are screaming because we never see its face.
No. 12675
Not as frightening as humans, inventors of the genocide.
No. 12682
>Genocide is just another game. It doesn't matter if it's humans or Makai residents.
No. 12685
People think Meet The Pyro references bronies.
No. 12690
Treia has/had a story in /others/ about some guy running around killing youkai. That might be up the HFY fans' alley.
No. 12706
That doesn't contradict his point, you know.