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1109 No. 1109
It has come to my attention Gentleman, that not every Touhou is equal on THP. We have a clear favorite here, with 4 rotating banners followed by others with 3 and some have even less than that!
That is why i demand equality for all Touhous! No more favoritism.

No. 1110
No Favoritism in THP? You're mad.

But seriously? Would it hurt to have one /forest/ banner with Wriggle in it? Or something with Mokou?
No. 1111
The solution is simple: make a banner yourself.

It is open to all to contribute but very few did. Oh and there seems to be a few banners missing in your compilation image.
No. 1112
File 126621308258.png - (149.19KB , 546x109 , I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE.png ) [iqdb]
Though to be honest, I hate this particular banner. The faces look weird and ugly. Almost early Disney-esque.
No. 1113
I'm proven wrong; proceeding to shut the fuck up.
No. 1114
"It's possible for me to change the situation, but I don't want to and instead I will complain about it! Like a grown-up!"

your rocket butt is showing

oh man!
No. 1117
I think we put up every banner that was submitted.

If you want the full list, check http://www.touhou-project.com/banner.js
No. 1118
Where's /coriander/ in there?
No. 1119
/border/ needs more Yakumos and Higan.
/sdm/ needs something with poor Meiling.
/forest/ needs more Myschin.
/shrine/ could have... I dunno, Mima?
No. 1120
there aren't any yet
No. 1121
Gentleman, behold one of Shrines's banners for it is awesome. Topping this will be hard to do.

No. 1150
I never clicked on this link, but I just now saw it in action while over on /shrine/.

Excellent work, and an excellent choice.
No. 1238
File 126669477719.png - (126.66KB , 546x109 , thpborder.png ) [iqdb]
>/border/ needs more Yakumos and Higan.
Alright then. Here you go.
If anyone wants to recommend me a font, go ahead. I forgot which font I used the last time.
No. 1243
Dark blue with dark outline on dark blue background is kind of hard to read.
No. 1244

While >>1243 has a good point, I love that font you're using.
No. 1248
File 126674488128.png - (126.21KB , 546x109 , thpborder.png ) [iqdb]
Point taken, modifications made.
Strangely, I managed to forget the password I used in less than 24 hours so I can't delete the old one.
No. 1296
I must admit, I like the new banners for /gensokyo/, /i/, and /at/.

...especially /at/.