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welcome to the

danger zone

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I want to rage about weeaboos.

It all starts with finding out a guild member online "has heard of Touhou", after I made a joke about a raid boss being "nothing even close to Lunatic mode". Okay, I'm straightening my posture, crossing my fingers for something promising -

>do you know bad apple


Five minutes later, I'm sobbing into my hands. Lord, I know that not all secondaries are bad, but this was... horrifying. I had every single fanon meme, ranging from the slightly amusing Keine-cavings to the just plain retarded Ran "suppa tenko" regurgitated out at me in broken chatspeak, and anything remotely related to canon or the original games was completely unknown. And I couldn't even stop talking with this person, because it was apparently a relation of an online gaming buddy of mine who "hadn't seen her open up like this to anyone before, man, please keep talking, she's enjoying herself".

I'm not sure if I felt better or worse when I found out that this sort of shallow Japan-obsession continued into half a dozen other (subjectively bad) mangas and animes, and that she had self-proclaimed "hints of autism".

My online buddy owes me fucking big time for tolerating that.
No. 11023
>and that she had self-proclaimed "hints of autism".
That's always a good one.
No. 11025
>those aren't real
You almost had a good point.
No. 11026
The image is hyperbolic. In my experience, if someone on the internet says they have some sort of mental disorder, you can safely tag them as idiots to be ignored 99% of the time.
No. 11029
Hey guys, I really have downs. Like, I am fucking tripping over all this downs I have.
No. 11031
I'm annoyed by how update speed in stories is rapidly becoming prized over virtually everything else.

I mean, I get that people don't want to wait months between updates, and things like once/several day or daily updates are nice.

But when it gets beyond that point, the actual writing quality generally seems to drop noticeably. Writing seems rushed because it is. I'd prefer to wait longer for a more satisfying update than have 2 or 3 unsatisfying ones in the same timespan. Additionally, this means that updates are shorter, another factor making them less fulfilling IMO.

And yes, I know that the site was basically founded on stories updating like this. My point stands seeing as things like WUIG and MIG weren't all that well-written. Classics, entertaining, sure, but not well-written.
No. 11033
I prefer rapid updates myself so that I could wake up in the morning and say, "Hey, my favorite story just updated! Time to vote!"
No. 11034
It's just a few stories. New stories mostly at that. And it's kind of their shtick. They've been at the same quality since they started. Personally, I think it's nice to have this explosion of activity on the site.

The vast majority of stories update once a day or slower so it's not a big deal.
No. 11035
Check mine.
No. 11036
most fast writers can do a good job but are prone to burnouts that end up lasting for months and updates end up monthly affairs at best. Once a day is the highest reasonable speed in my opinion. Fast enough to have something to look forward to, but not too fast as to alien people who don't have all day to F5 the site.

It wasn't an issue for older stories as they didn't have much in the way of plot and the standards were low. Though the much vaunted SDM LA has some glaring flaws once you take an objective look at it.
No. 11044
Stuff like that is why I stopped liking KimikoMuffin's shit. Not only he keeps repeating he has Asperger, but he also banned me when I tried to make fun of that.
No. 11049
Bah, I hate unemployed assburgers who claim they can't get a job because of their "disease" and they get easy money from social security.

I live in a shitty third world country where there's no such thing like social security. You want to eat? Then get a job. If you can't, go beg on the streets.

My parents swore to kick me out of my house when I finish college. Doesn't matter if I get a job or not.
No. 11052
You just gave me an idea.

How about a story where Yukari sends Tenshi to some starving children in Africa so that she could stop bitching about how "unpleasant" her life in Heaven is?
No. 11057
I've seen enough porn to know how that would turn out. Please don't.
No. 11061

There are porns involving starving children in Africa?
No. 11069
Rule 34.
No. 11080
Oh, you know what I mean. A naive, gorgeous virgin girl gets tossed in a lawless third-world shithole. There's only one way for that to end.

And to answer your question...yes, there is. It's pretty bad.
No. 11082
>implying Tenshi wouldn't just beat the crap out of them
No. 11083
If they were really starving, they'd be too weak to lift a finger. Therefore,
No. 11087
In a doujin, a human normal dude can overpower and rape any youkai, including Yukari AND Yuyuko.
No. 11088
Hey guys, I often want to kill everyone with a pickaxe. Does that make me a crazy person?
No. 11089
Yes, because it means you actually care about anything Notch says.
No. 11090
No. 11122
I want to rage about how I want more active people on THP (yes, even considering this summer surge), either writing good stories or just voting and commenting, but I'm absolutely terrified at the prospect of advertising on other Touhou sites because heavens know that I'm one of those guys that shouts down newfags for not respecting any of the uneasy rules of etiquette on these boards; thus, putting me in between a figurative rock and hard place.
No. 11123
By all means, go ahead and advertise. Just put in links to the rules and etiquette when you do so, plus advise lurking for a bit.

We can deal with a surge of newfags, we're doing so already. And more active site participants would be nice.
No. 11137
Don't forget looking at current story as to keep up on the trends.

Hopefully most of them won't make crappy stories in /th/
No. 11148
Do we really need more active people though?

By the way, where are you going to advertize? I don't really see a good place to do so. The western fanbase is, quite frankly, pretty wretched nowadays.

Just please, don't advertize at FF.net, especially if you do so on the forums.
No. 11149

>Do we really need more active people though?

Hey, lively is always better, as long as quality of posting doesn't suffer for it. The problem:

>By the way, where are you going to advertize? I don't really see a good place to do so. The western fanbase is, quite frankly, pretty wretched nowadays.

You understand my rage now, my apprentice.

>Just please, don't advertize at FF.net, especially if you do so on the forums.

Good lord no, I'm smarter than that.
No. 11150
So, where are you planning to / considering, then?

Shrinemaiden? Poolsh? /jp/? (please not /jp/...)
No. 11151
If /jp/ is anything like it was when I left, THP already gets the occasional advertisement there.
No. 11156
I haven't seen anyone mention us there in a while, over a year maybe.
No. 11209
Anybody knows what's the "cabal" people keep talking about here?
No. 11212
It's the IRC.
No. 11213
The evil entity that ruins the stories and is the cancer killing the site. The IRC channel, basically.
No. 11214
It's where you go if you want to lose all respect for writefags you like.
No. 11215
That sounds silly like what they say about other 'evil' beings. But at the same time I can't say they're entirely innocent from what I've seen of it.
No. 11217
If you can figure out who's who anyway.
I can't seem to find Ddyk OR YAF on there, or anybody really save for Patch and Lion.
No. 11219
What? You can't find these guys?
1. Treia
2. Taisa
3. Fell
4. Angry Desu
5. Fyhlen
No. 11220
I've only seen Treia writing. Taisa's AWOL and I barely read Fell and the others Archive? What Archive?

And nope, I can't find them on IRC, maybe its because I log on at 12:00 Pacific Time.
No. 11221
I don’t hang out in the site’s channel anymore because, frankly, the folks there are a bunch of downers and I’m a happy, happy little nationally-confused man. I do hang out on Rizon, but I operate under my old, pre-THP nickname.
No. 11224
yaf sux
No. 11225
Because I can't go there anymore (that's a long story, and it involves a lot of bad faith, and some insults). If you want to find me, I'm mostly on Steam.
No. 11227
Yeah both aren't on that channel for various reasons. And there's a habit of people using different names than their writing names.

Don't expect all writers to be there as some can't/won't for various reasons. This applies to most of the newer writers. It might be better as going there and getting buddy buddy with people seems to result in a drop in update speed for many.
No. 11228
>It might be better as going there and getting buddy buddy with people seems to result in a drop in update speed for many.

No. 11229
Feasibly because the channel provides them with all the attention they need.
No. 11230
It's that day again—she thought—the weekly date that had persistently set itself in all of their schedules, and came back every time to mock the boy-loving kidneys out of her innards, every time would it drive her nuts as the two of them—two adolescent lads who always remained oblivious to her irritation—would come together, and in their immature innocence, enjoy the time, wasting it on pointless pleasures, legally forbidden by the law of somewhere far away, but insignificant inside the Border, the one of the things that no man could in his sanity call not entertaining.

Video games.

Wondrous worlds of virtual adventures had proven to draw alike souls closer to each other in the past, had they not? So and so, the unusual hobby had also conjured a certain bond of friendship between two youngsters who would otherwise pass by one another in the street, and never turn back, thinking — I could be friends with that guy. It was only by an accident the two even met, and only due to our girl's shameful inattention did she get caught by Houraisan Kazuma—her host—whilst trying to sneak past the said's room at night with another guest—a writer-wanna-be boy from the village named Hieda Aki—following her stead. Why?—the question is yours to ponder.
In any case, despite the girl's worst fears—and perhaps concealed wishes—the two young boys never held any jealousy over their female friend's fondness of the both of them, and seemed to get along just fine, as any shut-in pair of people with unusual hobbies would do. Aki quickly caught the virus of gaming from Kazuma, as the latter persistently refused to contract the disease of writing down facts for the use of next generations. In their own rights, they were two souls at odds, connected by a pure coincidence.

The damage done—as they say—and the pain subsides. Long session of blowing the heads of unreal enemies off their necks finally over, the curious trio—Aki, Kazuma and Fukuzai, our heroine—had gathered and sat in what was usually utilized as a dining room for the Clinic's staff and inhabitants. Now empty and desolate, Kazuma's caretaker out on a journey to visit a sickly patient faraway, and his subordinates enjoying their day off in the village, the table felt overwhelmingly great and unfriendly for the girl, while her two companions paid no heed to such things, and instead concentrated on devouring the unhealthy snacks Aki had brought. Candy, pizza, chocolate, chips, what have you; the two of them looked happy enough with gorging their already large bellies Fukuzai didn't interfere.
"Those Dumbines sure had it coming!" Kazuma said joyfully, not swallowed bits of potato chips flying left and right as he chuckled.
" Co-op really is the way to go!" His comrade in arms agreed. "I will never forget that action with the grenade!"
"When you threw one, and I lobbed it with the Gravity Gun at a Strider? That was awesome!"
"Completely unbelievable!"
"In their faces!"
At their overenthusiastic behaviour, she could only sigh and look as the piles upon piles of junk food slowly grew smaller and smaller, faced with the two boys' appetite and seemingly indestructible good mood. At this rate, they would have a hell of a problem next night...
" So the other day," Aki prodded into the gap of Kazuma's silence. "I heard my mom talk with our butler about nuts."
"Nuts?" Kazuma queried at his friend holding up a large walnut as though it was a trophy of some sorts. "What's so special about nuts?"
"They're an afro... afrobysiac, or something like that."
Let's imagine Fukuzai's ears quivered at the sound of the word.
"... Aphrodisiac?" She turned her heterochromic eyes to the boys.
"Mhm, I think so." Aki nodded, albeit a bit unsure. "But I don't know what that means. Well, I know Victor didn't really like what she said..."
"It's simple," Fukuzai let her lips curve up in response. "An aphrodisiac is something that makes you want to hump the other person senseless so hard you can't resist."

"Wait, are you sure you want me to do this?" Someone would ask. "This isn't exactly..."
"Yeah," Someone else would reply. "But you've already started, why drop it now?"
"... you're kind of right, I guess."
"Get on with it, then."

Imagine the two boys look at the girl with confusion in their eyes; imagine how they glance at each other, and likely shrug each other in mute agreement. The satisfaction of corrupting the pure disappears from Fuku's face like a Summer Night's Dream off the theatre posters after the season, letting a dissatisfied scowl take its place.
"Hump...?" Aki grimaces at the apparently incomprehensible explanation. "Why hump..."
"So you mean," Kazuma snatches the nut out of his friend's hands. "If I ate this, you'd want to hug me really hard or—"
"Something along the lines," Fukuzai cuts in, trying to hold back the irritation telling her to storm out of the room and weep over the boys' innocence that drives her insane every time they gather together. "Say," She shifts forward a little. "Why don't you try and see what happens?"
The quivering of her lips would probably unman anyone with at least a little bit of experience with women like her, but lo—Kazuma only nods obediently and reaches for a yellow nutcracker laying ahead. The poor shell quickly surrenders and gives birth to four pieces of nut that Kazuma promptly picks up. Giving the one who dared him a brief glance, he puts them in his mouth... And precariously chews them through. It takes a whole thirty seconds before his throat finally lets out a loud 'gulp', and the nuts go to the cauldron that stews tonight’s unhealthy feast.
"... so," Says Kazuma. "I don't feel any more... huggable." Picture it as the girl smirks to herself, standing up lento, and having wiped the treacherous expression off her face, potters towards the unexpecting boy, while he observes in careful, maybe a bit frightened curiosity. Try to think how the sigh she let out when her butt hit the pillow behind the boy felt against his neck. Imagine every single hair on his body stand at attention when that happens. Imagine him jerk up in surprise when the girl shamelessly reaches under his shirt. "—Wah?!"
"Look at this," Says Fukuzai as she rubs the boy's now exposed belly. "All this bad food is finally getting to you."
His cheeks red beyond belief, he tries to look back, but seeing the seductive eyes pronged in his neck, quickly turns away, clenching and relaxing his fists repeatedly.
"F-Fuku?" He stutters. "What are you..."
"Mhm," But the girl only moans under her nose, doing her best not to bite the boy on the ear, like the whole of her body seems to urge her to. "Really, really it is." Nibble, nibble, her fingers play with what tons of potato chips have earned the boy in the stomach area. Funny how an usually disgusting feature only made it nicer for her when on Kazuma. One could question the morality of such behaviour, but... Well, Fukuzai is too selfish of a girl to care. Even now, right now, under Aki's baffled stare, her hands both seem to be inclined on reaching to Kazuma's pants' zipper. Lewd, isn't it? But why would she care? On the other hand, rather than jacking the boy off on his friend's eyes, wouldn't doing something else be more interesting? Yes, indeed, that's what she thought. "I wonder if you taste the same as all this crap you've eaten." She whispers.
Whispers right into the boy's ear, who can only try to avoid his buddy's violet gaze, trying to hide the embarrassment. But deep inside...
"L-let me go..." He says, while his palms diffidently reach for the pair of long, warm legs wrapped around his own. "Please, Aki is—"
"You smell so nice," Fukuzai cuts in. "I could eat you."
And she does.

Let us switch the perspective here for a moment. Let us position the camera beside Aki's confused, little head, who still at sea, continues to observe the whole incident. He watches carefully as Fukuzai opens her mouth. He sees her jaws stretch unnaturally, as her hands, powered by some unearthly force, lift his round friend high in the air. Rows of teeth glimmer in the light of lamps as Fuku raises screaming Kazuma over the cave that her mouth has become.
Then, without any hesitation, as though it was the most ordinary thing in the world, she inserts him—literally—into her oral cavity, her throat expanding greatly to compensate for the massive load, popping buttons off her shirt as her belly expands. A pair of legs keeps flinging in the air helplessly as the whole body slowly slides down the throat of the monster that came out of the girl who would caress Aki's head whenever he fell asleep in her lap. The same monster lets out a chuckle when the whole of Kazuma disappears inside its body, its colossal stomach bulging as its helpless captor struggles for freedom. The face returned to normal, the pair of heterochromic eyes fixated at poor Aki, the boy backs away, as far as the walls let him while it just absentmindedly strokes its bloated belly.
"Aaaaki..." The monster moans, almost sexually. "Teeell meee..."
He swallows hard when it starts walking forward.
"Ninety plus fifteen iiisssss...?"
Gulp, again.
"One hundred and five-- "


Let's imagine the morning sun doesn't give a damn about what happened, and simply continues to raise, oblivious of our girl waking up to its light. Let's imagine her sitting up, yawning like a satiated lion. Let's imagine her eyes quickly sweeping the shambles of the room. Let's imagine her looking down at her strangely tight clothes, and in place of a sunken belly she would always see, notice a mountain of flesh, rapt under the pressure from beneath. Let's imagine her groan as she stands up, the hill of meat swaying with every slightest move.
Let's imagine her pat it with utmost delight and mutter to herself.
"... I wonder how that horned boy is faring... Might as well pay him a visit."

"Okay, this is bullshit. Stop masturbating on my carpet."
No. 11231
what is this i dont even
No. 11234



No. 11242
>Wat fanfics:

>Zijn eigenlijk Cyoa's:

>Doll's Quest

>Hoofdpersoon is een Pop.
>Je komt terecht in een Fairy oorlog en je wordt de generaal van de Onderwereld.
>Best leuk.

>Eerste thread:
>De threads hebben een link naar de volgende thread.

>Patchy Quest

>Hele leuke.
>Patchy wordt gevraagd om een leraar te worden op Zweinstein.
>(Leuker dan het klinkt.)
>En ze is nog niet op Zweinstein...
>Nog aan het voorbereiden.

>Eerste Thread:

>I, Youkai

>Je bent een pastgeboren Youkai.
>Gewoon slice of life.
>En deze is al af.

>Eerste Thread:

Never knew we're quite popular in the German Touhou community.

Wait, is that German or Dutch?
No. 11243
>First up is an interesteing CYOA fic called Patchy Quest where Patchouli Knowledge of Touhou fame is hired(bribed) by Dumbledore for the position of DADA instructor. After all, anyone has to be better then Umbridge and being the Master of the Voile Library is references enough right?

>The touhou-project.com website is actually very interesting in that it was setup specifically to host these CYOA fics and the average quality of writing level is surprisingly high.

>A second story of note from the site is A Wizard is You. Take your standard D&D3.5 wizard player character, drop them into Gensokyo and keep behaving as a player character. The CYOA format really shines on this story, and it's up to 18 threads now.

For anyone who read Patchy Quest, I have a question.

Why did Dumbledore decide to hire some random magician on the other side of the world to fill DADA? I mean, was there really no other replacement nearby, someone he knew better perhaps?
No. 11244
No. 11245
Probably Dutch.
No. 11250
Update speed tends to drop whether they come to chat or not, there's no correlation. At least in chat you can yell at them to update.
No. 11251
I've seen that before, somewhere. Who wrote it and why exactly? Did Scorn try his hand at vore?

What community is this from, anyway?
No. 11252
No. 11257
> What fanfics:
> Its actually Cyoa's

> Doll's Quest
> The main character is a Pop.
> You find yourself in a Fairy war and you are the general of the Underworld.
> Best fun.
> First thread:
> http://www.touhou-project.com/th/res/139185.html
> The threads have a link to the following thread.

> Patchy Quest
> Very nice.
> Patchy is asked to be a teacher at Hogwarts.
> (More fun than it sounds.)
> And she's not at Hogwarts ...
> Still preparing.
> First Thread:
> http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/46379.html

> I Youkai > You are a born Youkai fits.
> Just slice of life.
> And this is already finished.
> First Thread:
> http://www.touhou-project.com/forest/res/11588.html

Fully expecting that one guy to start complaining about Kahi's Dutch voters.
No. 11258
Alright, for all of you who still want to whine about Patchy Quest, go here.


It's pretty polarizing, even on SB, so it's not true that all Spacebattlers like that fic.

>So, with Koa, are we talking Heartthrobbing levels of Koa or 120 Days of Sodom levels of Koa?

>Anything that takes 180 goddamn thousand words and hasn't even gotten to the point of the story (Patches teaching DaDa) is not good as a general rule. I don't trust anyone who doesn't have the discipline to keep his shit concise to tactfully handle a darker, monstrous set of Touhoues, either. Someone post a Greatest Hits album or link to important parts, or something so I can rip it to shreds make a more informed critique.

>Really? Because I distinctly remember Chibi promoting it as "Patchouli Knowedge teaching at Hogwarts" in the "Teaching at Hogwarts" thread. If he hadn't promoted it like that, I would have completely ignored it. I don't care about Patchouli Knowledge at all. She means nothing to me. In terms of the Touhou characters I care about, she is a non-person. I only started reading it because I wanted to see a broken Touhou character teaching at Hogwarts. The only reason I'm still following it is because I hope that Kahi will get to Patchy at Hogwarts. Pretty soon, though, I'm going to stop reading it if he doesn't get to Hogwarts soon, and try to convince as many people as possible to abandon it as well. Talk about false advertising.

>My point. He's bad at plot because if he really wanted to he could easily get Patchy to Hogwarts. He just has the writer's version of ADHD, and has no idea where to take the plot. That's why almost all his stories are either oneshots, or he pulls in as many crossovers and crazy ideas as possible in his long-running stories, which quickly devolve into crack. All of which, other than Patchy Quest, are abandoned.

>When I started reading PatchyQuest, for the first three or four threads (until the Yukkuri interlude), I was quite happy with pace and content. But then the whole shebang started dancing in self-indulgent circles and I stopped reading (I got stumped into skimming over KoaQuest on the CrW IRC, though, and read). It's now at the point of essentially spaghetti text and it should be obvious that Patchy will never read Hogwarts.

>As for the story itself, I stand by my opinion. I have seen deeply, deeply awful things on the Internet, not a small amount of them being linked here by some people suffering from temporary and tragic lapses of any sort of common sense that I won't describe here since it is neither time nor place. I was still not prepared for KoaQuest, mostly because of how consistently and disgustingly evil that version of Koakuma was. It's hardly the worst thing that I have seen, but it was still a highly unpleasant surprise, especially when my earlier information on Patchy Quest amounted to "that CYOA on THP that people got annoyed by due to a sudden focus on yukkuri" and what I got was a sudden focus on child rape.

Damn, our bitching about City Quest even reached there.
No. 11259
That Ramenth guy annoys me.

Also, after reading that thread, I now have even less interest in Patchy Quest. Going into the negatives, yay.
No. 11261
When I read things like that, I want to grab a revolver and hang myself.
No. 11262
BOY... it looks like Kahi just can't keep his stories in order.
No. 11278
Hey, I haven't been on IRC because of the wonderful drug that is video games. I'm still here, really.
No. 11285
There's like thirty Hartmanns active on steam and none of them are French.
No. 11286
>thirty Hartmanns

Oh. My. God.
No. 11288
Sup mate.

That's because I live in Farnborough.
No. 11289
It's posts like these that make me want to shoot someone with a noose.
No. 11290
With your nose?
No. 11292
They deactivated the comments for this video.
What a shame.
No. 11293

I don't believe in the moon-bitch characterization, but I'll admit... as an example of that, that video was bloody hilarious.
No. 11295
Hey, I've already linked that video here before!
No. 11296
And I commented on this video. And now, I can't any more.
No. 11305
Bah, last time I checked, they viewed THP with the same disdain as they viewed MoTK, just because we write Touhou fanfiction. They literally think Touhou characters are good only for masturbatory purposes.
No. 11306
>just because we write Touhou fanfiction
You know, were we anywhere else, I'd tell you that that is, in fact, motive for disdain. It indicates severe escapism issues.

But then again, /jp/ hardly has grounds to say anything about that.
No. 11308
>write fanfiction
>severe escapism issues

So what the hell does that make all the famous, "great" authors of science fiction and fantasy? I mean, just look at the world Tolkien crafted; far more epic in scale than the Gensokyo ZUN created. You going to say Tolkien had severe escapist issues, too?

Actually, that's a pretty interesting idea, come to think of it.

Regardless, if writing (fantasy) fanfiction is the result of my suppressed desire to escape this mortal coil, then I ask Yukari to come spirit me away right now, because I don't want to stop writi
No. 11309
Problem isn't fiction. It's fanfictions.

When you say you're a writer, people are like "OMG SO EPIC", "I FUKKIN LUV U DUDE".
But when you say you're writing fanfictions, people are like "lol my immortal", "writing mary-sue stories lol so realistic".
No. 11310
What if my fanfics are scrapped and reconstructed ideas for original stories?

No. 11311
that's pretty funny as the difference between a terribad mary sue character and an awesome character is this: EXECUTION.

Why do you think no one's ever called out Max Jenius(Macross) on anything?
No. 11312

Your profile pic is a crow, isn't it?
No. 11315
No. 11321
>The western fanbase is, quite frankly, pretty wretched nowadays.

I'm lucky that the fanbase in my country is quite decent. But I don't frequent there as they never have any serious discussions about Touhou itself. Most of the time it's just them posting Touhou pics, videos, doujins, or fangames and playing Soku/PoFV.

But hey, i rarely hear talks of "moonbitches" there. There are only one or two guys who get butthurt when SSiB came out, and their bitching is more "cute" than obnoxious. And there's absolutely no nazi comparison.

Then again, my homeland's fanbase is amongst the Eastern Touhou fanbase, rather than the Western.

So, how about the French fanbase, Ddyk?
No. 11322
So you just wanted to brag, then.
No. 11324

The West (Americans mostly, let's be honest in terms of numbers here) is generally infamous for considering rage and vitriol as things not to be frowned upon, but frankly encouraged and glorified.

It's one of the many things about the West that makes me ashamed to consider myself part of it.
No. 11325
I would prefer to think of it as "giving hope that not the entirety of Touhou fanbase are terrible".
No. 11331
Because the East doesn't have the same problems.
No. 11332
I can't really say much. I joined the french community before learning about the netiquette, so I couldn't stay long enough to have a good view on both of them.

However, I can say that there are two main communities, "touhou-france", and "touhou.net".
Touhou-france is kinda like Maidens, admins are doing whatever the hell they want, there are a lot of little groups, lot of inside jokes, and they're using a lot of memes. The main thing pissing me off with them is that they're using english memes. Instead of using french words, they're just copypasting stupid comments from Danbooru, such as the infamous "LOL PA- knifed". To give you an idea, it's as if people on an english forum would be using Japanese memes.
I've been banned from this website. Officially, it was because I couldn't shut my mouth. But the truth is that an admin pissed me off, so I flipped her off. I regret nothing.
Touhou.net has a limited "private group" mind-set, and is really not really active online. Offline, they're the one organizing touhou stuff for the french community, and they're generally older, wiser. But they're also kind of apathetic. To give you an idea, the most popular thread is the one where people introduce themselves. When you open a thread on this forum, it usually turns into a discussion between two, maybe 3 users. If you have 5 users, it's the jackpot.

And if we're talking about fanfictions, it's the same. As far as I know, there's only one fanfiction going on on touhou-france, and it's a wannabe-CYOA filled with stupid memes (such as pads, the "I'm the strongest", and a bitchy mokou), meta-knowledge, and a totally ludicrous amount of typos. I tried reading it once, and then I tried hanging myself with a revolver. I failed.
And on touhou.net, there's just no fanfictions.

In a nutshell: the french community is kinda shared from one extreme to another. On one side, you have a dynamic community, but overusing memes but moderated by abusive dumbasses (the only sane one resigned, leaving only kids in charge), and on the other side, you have a bunch of serious people doing serious thing, but apathetic online and not really encouraging.

I hope that answered your question.
No. 11333
Y que pasa con la comunidad española de touhou, YAF? I could tell a but about the south-american community but I will resume it in a few worlds:

No. 11334
Obviously, you're talking to the wrong person, chap.
No. 11335
Well, he got a point there.

Here, I never see those HFY stories (glorified human violence stories) popping up.

For example, here, there's a short story about Reisen's backstory. In there, the reason why she came to Gensokyo was to ask for help against the humans who were attacking the Moon.

Yep, the humans were winning (at first) against the Lunarians. They managed to get up a base in the Moon and sent 17 nukes to blow up some parts of the Lunar Capital.

I could just imagine if it was written by the HFY folks, it would be about how us humans (Americans) are superior to the "space elves" as they often said. The story would be focused on some badass hardened war veteran who's in charge of the war.

But no, this fic only focused on how Reisen felt about the whole invasion. The humans were only in the background.
No. 11336
I’m the Yian Kut-Ku Fag and I will tell you what I know about the Spanish 2hu community.

Sod all.

I ain’t met a single magical girl enthusiast while here; though admittedly that might be the merit of my going about different sorts of social circles. I met barely a handful of people even aware of the Nip culture beyond DBZ/Pokeymen (one of them a chick I spent a night on the beach with among other things – truly a “oh dear lord, must not accidentally betray power level” moment – her confession to liking animay and mangoes came out of nowhere too, since she seemed a normal person save a few problems (but then again, “women” and “problems” are pretty much synonymous)), so I really couldn’t say a thing about your Spaniards’ attitude for exterminating monsters. I hope for their sakes they’re on the correct side of it.
No. 11337
I’ve seen stores selling vaguely animu-like merchandise though, but nothing I’d be too savvy about.
No. 11343
There's a potiental "Fuck yeah humanity and fuck the youkai" type story in /shrine/ as some anon seem hell bent on pushing it in that direction.

Or am I misinterpeting HFY?
No. 11345
Oh, that story?

It has only gone for two updates. We can't really judge whether it's a HFY story or not.

Not all pro-humanity stories are HFYs. This is HFY.


Or I'll just bring up this old story of what a Touhou HFY looks like.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6852477/1/Full_Moon (vs Lunarians, not youkai)

I don't feel that /shrine/ story is going to be anything like that.

By the way, I was amongst those who voted for the option "Exterminate the youkai", which defined the protag's personality as a person who views that human life is more precious than a youkai one and that the so-called balance isn't going to stop him from protecting the humans from youkai.

I voted like that because it's more interesting that way. We lack pro-human stories around here.

No. 11346
I beg to differ as people in the "pro-humanity" mindset would push things to the HFY point.

Me? I'm more for balance/neutral and judging people/youkai on their character, not on race.
No. 11347
Well, that story is about Yamame infecting the humans on the Human Village with a fatal fever (Fever Dreams, get it?).

Since the guy is an Outsider who's also a medical student, he can't forgive her actions. He hates her, not out of racism but out of her actions.

inb4 people accusing the story as "grimderp bullshit"
No. 11360
It might have been accidental and instead of possibly investigating it, the people voting in that story assume the worst as justify their agendas.

One story is a small sacrifice if it stops such people from going into other stories and wreaking havoc.
No. 11364
Well, I dunno if it's because I'm not on /th/ or just because I don't have that many readers to begin with, but I never had those stupidity problems you keep talking about.

Also, while I know it's difficult to understand sarcasm over the Internet, I'm surprised by your lack of confidence in me.
No. 11365
In your case I'd be worrying about people intentionally shitting things up more. But from what I've been hearing of your stories, that doesn't sound like the case.
No. 11366
I don't need people to screw up my stories. I can do it myself if I feel like it.

And you should make your own opinion rather than assuming someone else's. Just saying, mate. Because, let's say that you want to say something to a writefag, but you never read his stories. There's still the small chance of you saying something retarded and looking like a fool because you had wrong informations. And if you get used to listen to Internet people for informations, it's just a matter of time before you start believing that Churchill is still living somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, that God really exists, or that the moon-honeys are moonbitches. And if you say the latter, may your powerless god helps you.
Just as they say: "everyone piss on the floor. Be a hero and shit on the ceiling." Do you wanna be a hero?
No. 11367
As an added bonus, The shit would fall down on the other persons head.
No. 11368
>that God really exists
There goes one of your readers.
No. 11369
>One story is a small sacrifice if it stops such people from going into other stories and wreaking havoc.

Well, I won't let them making dumb choices in that story. I've been waiting for a story like that for a long time.
No. 11370
I'm pleased to see that someone I'll probably never meet cares so much for my opinion.
No. 11372
Hartmann dick mode engaged.
No. 11373
That wasn't sarcasm. I'm really pleased to see that there's at least one person caring about my opinion.
No. 11374
better hope the writer curbs their possible HFY tendencies as unless they make a firm stand, Anon will go with their plans to the most unimaginably stupid lengths. That's how we wound up with yukkuri and corpse fucking in City Quest.
No. 11375
Yukkuri fucking wasn't the readers going too far with an idea, it literally was the idea. The yukkuri would come up to the main character and basically go "Fuck me now, please."
No. 11376
true but the corpse fucking, the zombie fucking, etc were all extensions of that allowed act.
No. 11377
Let's just say it was a stupid story to begin with, and that it got worse after.
No. 11381

There was the chance to decline initially, though.
No. 11387
I want to bitch about people who use the word "grimderp" improperly, like this >>11371 guy right here.
No. 11388
Iwtba people that use that word at all.
No. 11390
grimdark isn't much better given its satire roots. For every 10 people who try for grimdark, 9 people will produce something impossible to take seriously and will turn themselves into jokes like Frank Miller.

It's to the point the moment, the moment someone mentions their story is specifically "grimdark" both the story and the author creditability ends up taking a sizable hit.
No. 11423
But nowadays people can use the word "grimdark" as a replacement for "dark".

Look at the Pony fanfiction site for example. They have a "grimdark" tag for their stories.
No. 11425
>Pony site

That has no credibility at all as anything tagged that is more joke than moving gritty story.
No. 11430
Oh really? There are a bazilion stories tagged with that. All of them are a joke?
No. 11431
Oh, and the legendary Fallout Equestria is also tagged grimdark.
No. 11432
Given how the canon looks like, any story wherepeople ponies die when they are killed is grimdark.
No. 11433
If you're looking to start an /underground/ story, now's the time, folks! Only one active story there at the moment.
No. 11436
I'll fix that.
No. 11437
No, oh God please no. Go back to your /shorts/ lair, Ddyk.
No. 11438
Impossible, ballistafreak took it over.
No. 11439
Nonsense. He has only updated in there twice while there are about a hundred of your stories there.
No. 11440
That doesn't mean anything. My shorts are old.
I should wash them.
No. 11442
It's interesting if you make it interesting.
No. 11443
If your plan is just to start the story with the character being an evil spirit, it won't be interesting.
Give him a backstory, a goal, a motivation, and a reason to be evil, and maybe you'll have a good story, but just one character doesn't make a story.
No. 11445
Will it be able to possess people? I am extremely interested in the concept of a main character that possesses other characters.
No. 11446
the concept could work depending on your talent though a similar concept is in "Do the Right Thing" (the MC's sort of kooky and recently, possessed. Scary part? The MC's freaking out the evil spirit possessing him.)
No. 11450
Actually, the concept sounds a lot more like Flight of the Lost Soul. It's on the Story List if you're interested, but in summary it was story about a soul who escaped Komachi's boat and started possessing Touhous and solving their problems while trying to evade Komachi.

Of course, with the spirit possessing people being evil, I'm sure whatever direction this story takes will be much different than Flight's.
No. 11451

>I put in two updates
>people say I've taken over

I should go update in a developed Western power, then, and see where that lands me.


I'll echo what people have said, to again mix the (un)holy trinity of /blue/ threads. THP raeg, non-THP raeg, and writing advice. A character doesn't make a story. A conflict doesn't make a story. You need to combine the two in order to create something worth writing (and reading).
No. 11452
he said evil spirit and one that's more viceful than pure evil. Don't forget who else is an evil spirit but settles for bugging Reimu in the PC-98 era.
No. 11455
>>he said evil spirit and one that's more viceful than pure evil.

Yes, I know that. My point simply is that such a character is far less likely to be the "goody little two-shoes" sort that Flight's spirit protagonist was.
No. 11457
If you want to write it, then write it (and listen to the good advice if you can). If your writing style isn't headache inducing you'll have at least my vote as long as you're writing.
No. 11460
As long as you have something more in mind than just the main “gimmick,” it should be all right. Otherwise, you’ll find you’ll burn out, stop somewhere mid-way and likely toss the thing in a fit of irritation.
No. 11461
No. 11462
No. 11463
I thought I'd heard that story's name before! It's that story everyone hates because of the giant snowball fight.

Thanks for saving me an afternoon.
No. 11464
>snowball fight
No. 11465
What story is that?

Is it Hakugyokuro LA?
No. 11477
Flight of the Lost Soul.
No. 11478
Was the snowball fight really that bad?
No. 11489
It wasn't so much a snowball fight as much as a neverending snowball war that encompassed just about every member of Gensokyo, lasted multiple threads, and ended up killing the story off.

So, yeah. It kinda was.
No. 11495
How do you go from "goodie two-shoes spirit" to that? How???
No. 11497
that's what we're all still wondering, but I think it has to do with a lack of planning and not preventing certain actions being taken.
No. 11500
I want to bitch about the anon who writes the so-called "HFY" story in /shrine/.

I know it's his first story but please don't tell me he really stops writing it because the votes are "pro-humanity" like some other anon said.

I hate it when a story bringing a premise that really interests me gets cancelled while numerous other stories with uninteresting premises keep popping out like mushrooms in a rainy season.

Makes me want to flame those other stories, which would be quite stupid as the mods will chase me out of this site. That's why I'm bitching about it here, in /blue/.

tl;dr = Why aren't writefags making stories that I want?
No. 11502
There's a thread for this on /gensokyo/, called "Excellent idea that were cut short".
No. 11503
Or do the 'Garon' and show his 'vices' suddenly and out of nowhere for more shock value.
No. 11505

But, yeah, that Anon here has a good idea. We know he already has enough flaws to be damned, but what flaws exactly?
No. 11512
I get more the impression it'd be more fully formed than someone that possesses people perhaps.
No. 11514
You mean suggesting people to do the wrong thing in order to become stronger?
No. 11517
I was thinking something along the lines of "make them do evil things, and grow stronger", or something like that.
No. 11540
Try not to overdo it, one story is hard enough for most first timers, and two is often the limit for more experienced people.
No. 11581
Oh god, some new guy just started a Touhou/TF2 crossover in /th/, and I already know everything's just gonna turn out terrible from the way he gave his introduction, and how his first update is just one ugly as fuck blurb. Sure, we had that one joke TF2 'story' thread way back, but it was just that, a joke.
No. 11584
Well, we also got that robot and hamster stories, so why the fuck not?
No. 11588
Those aren't written like shit.
No. 11592
A fair distinction.
No. 11594
Eh, it's not as bad as Hartmann's early stories so I don't see the point of bitching against it.
No. 11598
But even Hartmann wasn't dumb enough to make willy-nilly crossovers and expect to still be taken entirely seriously. I mean, if this new guy was only just a bad writer it'd be one thing, it'd be tolerable even if he got better with time. But the combination of a horrible, horrible, idea and bad writing? Nope.
No. 11601
110 141 162 164 155 141 156 156 040 150 145 162 145 056 040 115 171 040 146 151 162 163 164 040 163 164 157 162 171 040 167 141 163 040 163 164 165 160 151 144 054 040 171 145 141 150 054 040 142 165 164 040 141 164 040 154 145 141 163 164 054 040 151 164 040 167 141 163 156 047 164 040 141 040 150 165 147 145 040 143 150 165 156 153 040 157 146 040 164 145 170 164 056 040 103 150 145 143 153 040 171 157 165 162 040 164 150 151 156 147 163 040 142 145 146 157 162 145 040 141 143 143 165 163 151 156 147 040 160 145 157 160 154 145 056
No. 11610
I suggest we make a writefag tier list based on either writing skill or story idea.
No. 11612
I'll do that list!

1: Me
2: Everyone else.
3: Any writefag who dropped his story and lacked the balls to admit it or warn beforehand.
No. 11615
Seriously now, that wouldn't work. For example, there's that writefag, who came up with an interesting idea. He dropped his story, and his idea was recycled by a more recent writefag. So, who should be higher? The original one who dropped his story, or the more recent one still writing?

And there's also HY, with his shitload of good ideas, but his fuckload of dropped stories. Should he be in the shit tier or the godlike tier?
No. 11623
I hate bullying timid writers.

Didn't participate in attacking Hartmaan's first thread because he seemed like a good guy.

And now he's as arrogant as YAF. Perfect.
No. 11624
I'm not.
No. 11626
>For example, there's that writefag, who came up with an interesting idea. He dropped his story, and his idea was recycled by a more recent writefag.

I see what you did there.

You're talking about Taisa, aren't you?
No. 11628

Yes, you are.

And every time you’ll deny it, I’m going to post a link to this your post: >>/border/26657
No. 11629
Well, I could be, but MegaSen said he never read Gensokyo High.
No. 11630
Even apart from the factors >>11615 said, this would still never work.

What's good is way too subjective and many of the reasonably popular writers would have rabid fans saying "NO X IS THE BEST ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENTLY IS A FAGGOT". Likewise, anyone that's developed a hatedom or at least a significant number of people who dislike them (YAF, Kahi, ddyk, etc.), for whatever reason in or out of story, would have their "tiers" dragged down by this. Any attempt to make any sort of objective list would lead to huge arguments and many butthurt people with unsatisfied opinions. Not to mention that virtually nobody's read all the site's stories or current stories, and so wouldn't be able to make judgements on many writefags.

I won't deny that I'd be vaguely interested to see where I'd be placed on such a list, but I know that it would actually mean very little.
No. 11631
If I were arrogant, I wouldn't be asking for advices on Viridian's thread. Instead, I would just be like "fuck them I'm too awesome I don't need advices".

And that post you linked to isn't about me being arrogant, it's about people pestering me about my story when I'm playing online.
No. 11632
That really doesn't seem arrogant. At all.

The example would still qualify. And then there's the things to take into account like Taisa being considerably better at writing mechanics than MegaSen, but MegaSen having a plot albeit one that developed too quickly, but Taisa not being able to control routefags etc.
No. 11633
We can remove all inactive writers from that list. That would fix the "too many stories to read" problem. And we wouldn't have to worry about Gensokyo Man's place.
No. 11634
Besides, Eastern High is nothing like Gensokyo High. For starters, it actually has a plot.
No. 11635
I’d be fully satisfied with whatever tier you should assign me. In point of fact, I may go so far as suggest you create a special exclusive tier just for me, beside all others. That way everybody will be pleased and I won’t have to suffer being crammed together with the other writers.

You should name it... “The Yaffin Beer Tier.”
No. 11636
>remove all inactive writers from that list
>Palfag and Falloutfag
Yeah, no, fuck you. I don't give a fuck if their stories are dropped and there's no chance of their ressurection, they better damn well be at the top of whatever tier list you got going in your head, because if they arn't? You don't know shit bout' quality writing. Not to mention those motherfucking walls, man.
No. 11637
Harsh, dude.
No. 11638
And there we go, Mr. McButthurt arrived.
No. 11639
Yeah, this is a mild example of what I meant by rabid fans. I won't deny that Palfag was a very good writer (especially mechanically), and would probably be voted the best or one of the best by many, but a lot of their stuff seemed to drag IMO. For Falloutfag, they started out damn well, great world building and character interactions, but as time went on their proofreading went to absolute shit, and it really hurt the writing quality.
No. 11640
Bah, those two are faggots for not finishing their stories.

Besides, I've read Palingenesia before and man, I found it boring and weird.
No. 11641
>that feel when you realize that the bronies have their own Fallout crossover story and it's actually finished
No. 11643
Anyway, to whoever suggested it initially: You want a writefag tier list that badly? Start a thread for it, with a few of your initial ideas about who should go where, and watch the shitstorms ensue. Really, do it, I'd be horribly amused. I don't think there's any way it'll work, but if you care to prove me wrong then by all means try.
No. 11646
Keep the brony shit out, would you kindly. If you must talk about it, there's a seperate thread for non-THP stuff.
No. 11668
>Taisa being considerably better at writing mechanics than X
haha what
No. 11675
I'd like to read a Gensokyo High School story inspired from National Lampoon's Animal House rather than taking inspiration from those school anime.
No. 11690
By the way, Megasen hasn't updated for these past few days. Wonder what happened to him.
No. 11691
I'd rather have an unfinished story then a shoddily written story, honestly.
No. 11696
It's only a few days. I wouldn't worry yet.
No. 11735
>Implying the neckbeards here actually watch classic american cinema as opposed to trite moeshit
No. 11798
Is it true that this site is full of grimderp stories?
No. 11799
What's stopping you from checking yourself?
No. 11800
Don't want to go through the archives.
No. 11814
No. Most of the are too shallow.

Grimderp usually indicates, surprisingly, that the story is decent.
No. 11832
that'd be proper dark or rarely just enough to reach grimdark without going over into grimderp.
No. 11833

Not that we're saying "grimderp" is inherently good, but rather that authors on this site tend to think through their plots and avoid complete silliness when approaching darker themes, as opposed to Harry Potter fans making Ron a Death Eater and killing everyone in Hogwarts, or whatever hilariously bad stereotype grimderp goes by these days.

*Your definition of "higher quality" may vary.
No. 11836

No. 11845
These days anyone speaking of a second run are seen as terribly ballzy and/or liars as stories don't really get a second run and the few that did often get dropped.
No. 11851
I'll have to agree, I can count all stories with a second run on my hands.
No. 11855
Urgh, that story... does not suit my tastes.
No. 11856
I'm pissed that >>/th/158499 doesn't have more votes.
No. 11859
It's too science-y. I like science, but not to that extent in a story I'm reading idly,
No. 11860
Namefagging for writing advice-esque commentary.

I never understood what people ever intended with "second runs" of stories. To me, that's like saying you're going to explore uncharted territory, and then when it's all settled with cities and highways and shit go map it again for shits and giggles.

I don't get it.

Yes, I'm aware there are "new choices", but the fact of the matter is that a large portion of the story material has already been covered.
No. 11861
There're these thing called routes. Branching storyline paths. Perhaps you've heard of them?
No. 11862
Ugh. Valid criticism. At least it's early enough that I won't mind if it's dropped.
No. 11865

As a massive VN fan... yes, yes, I have.

And while they're interesting, I personally lose a lot of interest/momentum after the first route, mainly due to the fact that a lot of the time the other "routes" take on the exact same story flow and rhythm, themes, characterization, etc. (Yes, plenty of good VNs take on entirely different tacks. The fact that the introduction is shared still bothers me on a fundamental level, though.)

Well, for an example, Patchwork's LAs; the one he finished was in Hakugyokurou, while the other that died was in Mayohiga. I don't consider those "routes", or "second runs".

But simply making "different choices", where you "rewind" the story and say "let's choose this choice instead"; correct me if I'm wrong, but that's been called a "2nd run", and that frankly doesn't interest me nearly as much.

Maybe I'm just the kind of guy who has trouble reconciling multiple different canons involving the same MC/supporting characters. I've made one (head)canon sequence of events in F/SN, for example, and if I ever write anything crossing that I'll draw from said headcanon.
No. 11866
I'm the opposite. I love seeing what happens when a significant choice is changed. I even like seeing minor permutations, to a lesser extent.

I can see why you'd think the way you do, though.
No. 11868
It's too sciencey but I'm giving it a chance anyways.

A major factor behind second runs on THP would be covering a route that didn't win the first time. It was often the promise of a second run that helped things be peaceful in past stories.

While Patchwork's approach was novel, it also forced competition via giving anon one shot at a route.

A better way of handling a second run is to have new options/methods come up that wouldn't in the first run. Such as what Nasu did with F/S N, Shirou's ability outlook is different for each route. Thus he'd handle a situation differently.

As far as "headcanon" well you can always depend on the writer's opinion of a "canon" route. (for F/S N, I suspect it uses HF as its 'canon' route perhaps, that or Fate)
No. 11871
I'm annoyed by the lack of utilisation of touhou's skills in THP's stories. Keine can eat history, even while being human, and in most stories, she only has her histories-related powers when it's full moon. Ran's ability is to use shikigamis, and she's also canonically depicted as a very clever tactician and a math genius, and yet in most stories she's merely Yukari's nurse/girlfriend. One of Tenshi's skills is apparently "identifying one's spirit", and yet in most stories she's the "lol just dicking around causing troubles for the evulz" kind of girl.
No. 11872
That falls under a mix of focus on anything but combat or using fanon memes. But to be honest, Tenshi is best known as a trouble maker with her other qualities being shown in a few fan materials or in the vs mode lines of the games she's in. Her vs mode win lines do show another side to her... one that actually pays some attention to the lessons she gets.
No. 11873
Yeah, but most often, either those abilities are totally forgotten, either they're more important than the character himself. For example, I often saw Koishi depicted as "that subconcious girl" without any real explaination of who she is, what kind of food she likes, stuff like that. There's just the ability, and the character doesn't have any real personality.
No. 11874
There will be endless power level debates if writefags try to utilize that.
No. 11879
I always wondered how Futo's ability worked. She can "manipulate feng shui", or something like that. Is it as lame as I think, or is it awesome?
No. 11880
The boring interpretation is that she's really good at feng shui. The kind that actually works.

The cool interpretation is that she can make your bitchin' bachelor pad feng shui compliant without making any changes.
No. 11881
It doesn't help that Koishi doesn't have that much material on her, though what is known hints at a childish but not unpleasant personality.

It's been said perhaps in her profile that her ability could wreak havoc on buildings/other mostly stationary objects but weak against moving things.
No. 11882
Isn't feng shui also about human being?
No. 11994
I want to rage about popular stories being dropped by rapidly improving authors.

I can only pray fervently that his other story remains healthy for a long time to come yet.
No. 11995
It was, unfortunately, bound to happen. Never shall the high school stories be finished.
No. 11996
Well, there's always Teruyo who we can count on.
No. 11997
Always bet on Duke.
No. 11999
I'm relatively new here and what is this post supposed to mean?
No. 12000
You saying? Why, this sounds almost like a challenge! Except I bloody hate the high school romance/comedy genre. And if I did it, it’d be routelocked from the start. On Mokou. Suck my immortal cock, undead vampire fuckers.
No. 12001
Teruyo has a history of reader conflict and subsequent dropping or hiatusing of stories due to said reader conflict.
No. 12002
Can't it be a high school story without comedy or romance?
No. 12003
What would it have then?
No. 12004
Violence, drama and explosions.
No. 12005
What sort of high school did you go to?
No. 12006
A very cool one.
No. 12007
Oh. Teruyo writes DEFT? This is one of those things that's common knowledge that nobody actually says?
No. 12008
Yep. Also the /others/ high school story.
I don't know why he keeps the name field blank if he doesn't make any effort to actually stay anonymous. All it does is induce confusion in uninformed people.
No. 12009
That's only partially true.
>a history of reader conflict
True, but it hasn't happened at all in the last year or longer. I'm upfront about things and fully expect to be called out by the readers if something goes wrong.

>dropping or hiatusing of stories
I've never dropped a story. Hiatus, sure. Can't blame it on just conflict though. Usually there's a lot more to it, including things in my personal life that make writing hard. The thing is though you can always ask what's up in/with a story and I'll give you a straight answer. In fact, I encourage people to do so.

Does it matter if I use a name or not? It doesn't change the quality of my writing nor how much I enjoy it. Nor should it likewise affect how much the readers enjoy themselves. Maybe I've been on anonymous image boards for too long but I firmly believe in judging posts by their own merits and not by who wrote it. So yeah, a little idealism there as well. I only created the trip on a whim for the first story, anyhow, and just use it for when there's a need for clarity. Like establishing my obvious bias towards comments about me as exampled by this post.
No. 12012
Sounds like my kind of high school. Just replace explosions by alcohol.
No. 12013
It does stop people from calling him Teruyo. That's a bonus in my book.

>Does it matter if I use a name or not?
Not really. But I wanted to read Glass-Half Empty, and the second post (not you, a reader) said something else came before it. I had to go into the story list, sort by /shrine/, and find the story that matched up with DEFT.

It's Distilled Encounters from Festive Times, if anyone else is wondering.
No. 12014
Fair enough. I can see how that is relevant. Glass Half Empty (and the other "DEFT-y tales" I at one point planned to do) is meant to be able to stand on its own though. The relationships with the magicians are only really developed in that story and they're the main focus, really. The events of the other stories are just background. I have tried to keep any references limited to fanservice (eg: Suika doing weird oni stuff on her own is mentioned in passing). Guess if we ever get to another new story in the same continuity I'll be more clear about it.
No. 12056
People who insist on single interpretation of Gensokyo are idiots. Have you all forgotten about brown Tewi?

As a matter of fact, I think it's intentional by ZUN, and if it is, it's also a stroke of genius. The whole point is that whatever your view of Gensokyo is, you can probably find a passage in canon material to fit it. It's kinda like a religious text in that way.
No. 12079
You mean a doujin page often used to justify grossly out of character portrayals and other shit?

There's a big difference between playing around with canon and outright shitting on it. Most of the old fanon falls under the latter.

It's amazing how long some of these fanon memes last, even when it's revealed canon outright proves it wrong.
No. 12080
Memes persist because people like them. There's nothing amazing about it.
No. 12087
Memes persist because they're a way for people to try to be funny without having to have an original thought.
No. 12098
That's not the only reason. For an obvious one, how often have you seen someone spout a meme and immediately make an appeal to tradition?
No. 12112
I knew it. I knew highschool AU stories are cursed.

Megasen already abandons Eastern High. Now I'm waiting for the inevitable downfall of that Theater of Youth anon.
No. 12113
We really need to re-start that MC High School story, Voddie and I.
No. 12114
When I read things like that, I want to take that Animal House short and turn it into a real story.
No. 12115
I bet primary school stories aren't cursed.
No. 12116
And college stories as well.
No. 12118
Screw these high school stories. I'm gonna write my own, with blackjack and hookers! In fact, forget the story and the blackjack!
No. 12120
Does it count as AU if it's more meant to be "20 minutes into the future"?
No. 12121
I want to rage about those people saying that THP is the new /jp/, or that THP is too elitist. We just want good stories, how hard is it to understand that?

Hell, if you really want to know if THP is elitist, there's a simple solution: copy one of THP's stories, paste it on any other website, and bring a stroy from that other website on THP. And you'll see by yourself, from people's reactions, if we're indeed elitist.
No. 12122

Why do I want to actually see this happen?

Quick, someone name a site. SpaceBattles? FF.net? (I can't remember any others.)
No. 12123
Maidens has some fanfics, too.
No. 12124
You do realize that normal stories and CYOAs wouldn't translate too well between sites, right?

I think I've actually seen less decent fanfics on Maidens than on FF.net (it has a better ratio though, probably).
No. 12125
We do have short stories though.
No. 12126
You can write a fanfic on a website without giving people the option to write. They won't know it's a CYOA, they'll think it's just a fanfic.

But if I'm in this thread, it's because of this: http://lparchive.org/Imperishable-Night/
Someone made a "Let's play Imperishable Night". I don't know if it's fucking retarded or brilliant, but he's giving good advices.
No. 12128
Yeah, let's choose THP's best short, and let's post it on other website, and see what they think of it.
No. 12129
I can do that (i have an FF.net account) but I need permission from its author first.

Don't want to get sued for plagiarism.
No. 12130
Oh, just use something Kira wrote. I'm sorry.

Choose something from here, probably. http://www.touhou-project.com/th/res/115968.html#115968

Lion's or glasnost's, maybe, second and first place respectively. Both of them are always on IRC anyway.
No. 12131
There's that Storyteller short by Kira.
No. 12132
Would you post it with a disclaimer that it's written by X from THP?

Remember that some writers there have a grudge against us already.
No. 12135
>>I want to rage about those people saying that THP is the new /jp/, or that THP is too elitist.
>>Ragethreads filled with idiocy comparable to stuff found on 4chan and rants about how "X/Y/Z Sucks and we're better than them".
No. 12138
Shut up, FAGGOT
No. 12139
No. My plan is to just post the thing, without telling them anything. Hell, >>12129 shouldn't even mention THP.
No. 12196
Okay, hello Mukamil/other blue people. I had not read this thread before getting your message so I was a bit confused. I'm fine with one of my shorts getting posted, if I'm told ahead of time and there is a "reveal" after the fact. You don't have to properly accredit it at the beginning, but after a time. Should produce the desired reaction, yes?