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Translator's note: kawaii means cute

ok ok maybe I'll cut down on that stuff, guess i got the wrong impression of the site. It'll make things easier for me anyways

[x] Ask Sanae if she did anything to Utsuho

"Sanae...you didn't do anything to Utsuho, did you?" Sanae just looks at you nervously, pushed a bit back by your implicating question.

"R-Reisen, I couldn't possibly do anything of that sort, especially not to Utsuho..."

"Yeah Rei, are you feeling okay? I don't think Sanae could do anything if she tried!" Well, it's not like you were trying to imply that stuff...okay, well, maybe you kinda were, but it's hard to think of any other possible reason behind it.

"Well, alright, if you say so..."

The rest of the walk occurs without notable conversation. The day starts as usual, classes up until lunch, rather uneventful, until Orin offers you a place to eat out of the blue.

"Hey Rei, me and Sanae were about to head up out onto the roof to eat our lunch there. It's a pretty nice day out. Wanna come?" You're a bit bemused by this sudden proposal.

"Uhh...huh? Why me, and so suddenly?"

"Aha, well...I guess we just thought you needed some fresh air. You don't seem too well, you know?" You don't? Maybe she's just talking about the weird question you posed to Sanae earlier today. Are they really bothered by it?

"Uhm, well, is it just you two?"

"Yeah, Youmu said she was going to get lunch from the cafeteria this time today. Dunno where Sakuya went. She sure has an awfully frequent habit of disappearing into thin air like that..."

Well, if you went, it'd just be you, Sanae and Orin. On the other hand...Youmu...

But then, if you really aren't feeling well, maybe some time alone would be best. To think about what exactly is wrong with you. Cause like, self reflection is the new 'in' thing, you guess.

[ ] Join Orin and Sanae
[ ] Head to the cafeteria instead
[ ] You'll eat in the classroom
[ ] You'll eat elsewhere

No. 1093
[X] Head to the cafeteria instead
If I'd know my crush is in the cafeteria, I'd go there.
No. 1094
[x] Join Orin and Sanae
No. 1095
[x] Head to the cafeteria instead

>guess i got the wrong impression of the site
We originally came here from 4chan /jp/, if that helps. Although, that was nearly 2 years ago, so the userbase has shifted somewhat.
No. 1096
[X] Head to the cafeteria instead
No. 1097
[x] Head to the cafeteria.
[x] Contemplate what may or may not be wrong with you on the way there.

Partly Youmu with a chance of Shou.

It's still a pretty good general measure, though. "Would it fly on 4chan?" If not, you've got your answer, nine times out of ten.
No. 1098
[x] Head to the cafeteria instead
No. 1099
>ok ok maybe I'll cut down on that stuff, guess i got the wrong impression of the site.

I smell someone intolerable.
No. 1100
[x] Head to the cafeteria instead

I actually liked the honorifics. The rest, not so much.
No. 1101
Yeah, you've got a pretty strong scent about you.
No. 1108
No. 1253

Fucking update.
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Are you still alive, T³?

Don't be spooked by shitstorms.
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I lost internets suddenly and had to cope without. Got it back online about two hours ago.

Nice to know you fags haven't changed though.

Right, I'll post somethin else after I get myself caught up
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[x] Head to the cafeteria

"Thanks but I think I'll just go and meet Youmu instead." Orin looks a tad bit disappointed, but lets you go anyway.

"Aww, well if you say so. Don't hang around her and Sakuya too much though, the last thing we need is another over-serious gal on our hands. Well, see ya!" Orin then darts off past you in a hurry, presumably to meet with good ol' Sanae. Still though, what was up with that stint? Over-serious gal? Well okay, Sakuya has her ways about her and Youmu...well, you may be biased but you can't help it, there's so much you like about Youmu.

You continues your frilly little thoughts about Youmu until you arrive at the cafeteria. You were going to scout out Youmu's position while you got your food, but you quickly end up not having to when you stop to more closely examine one of the kids with their face down into an empty table...that's Youmu!

"Y-Youmu!" You shout over to her as you rush to her assistance, not that it does much good due to the commotion of the loud stadium-like room. "Youmu! Speak to me!" You're about to break down and start crying when you watch Youmu wearily lift her head up from the faceplant she gave the table, an awful, tired look on her dear, cute face. This just won't do.

"Uun...Reisen?" Aggghhh, what do you do in this kind of situation? You feel a panic attack coming on.

"Y-Youmu, what's wrooong..." Youmu rubs hers eyes to get a better look at you after failing to properly focus them otherwise from her oh so peaceful slumber kissing the table surface.

Oh what you would've done to be that table.

"Reisen, calm down, what is the matter?" You sniffle a bit, regaining your bearings. You were afraid you might cry there. You've never seen Youmu like this, you always told yourself that the day she would let her guard down like that would be the day you stuck a knife in your chest, and you, sadly, had no knife on you. What a disaster that would've been.

"Youmu...you look really bad. What's wrong?" Youmu gives off a big yawn as you finish saying that. She's exhibiting a lot of symptoms of extreme fatigue, but from what? Did she stay up all night? No, that's terribly unli-

"I stayed up a little late last night, I suppose..."

This is an emergency

"Wh....wh...." You felt your stomach falling flat. You felt your heart dropping to the bottom of your torso. You felt your bladder peter out and lose air. You felt all your joints turn to stone all at once. The grave condition of this situation simply could not be measured.

"Reisen...are you okay? You yourself do not appear fine."

"I am just fine, Youmu!" You instantly pick yourself up though, just for Youmu. But no time to waste, you must get down to business! "Youmu, what were you doing staying up so late?" You help yourself to a seat next to her as Youmu goes on explaining.

"Oh, it was something I wanted to attempt solving by myself, but..."

"Youmu...you never lose sleep. I know you better then that, you would sooner die then miss the all important time you go to bed and wake up." Youmu closes her eyes in shame.

"I am deeply sorry for this..."

"You can keep your apologies for until you tell me everything. I want to know what could be so extreme as to take time off your sleep like this..."

You sensed something was going to hit you very hard, like a royal ton of bricks when Youmu looked at you.

Boy, you wished you were totally wrong about that hunch.

"Reisen, do you have any experience with males...?"



"...uhh, w-well, not particularly I guess..." Youmu sighs, disappointed with your answer. Oh god, is this what you think it is?

"I see..." She seems troubled, worse yet, she won't continue on her own. This is bad. Very, very bad.

[ ] "I...I'm sorry I couldn't help..."
[ ] "Why are you even considering it?!"
[ ] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."
[ ] "Uhh...I need to go to the bathroom, sorry."
[ ] "Did you wanna meet Orin and Sanae?"
No. 1338
[x] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."

Let's not overreact here.
No. 1339
[x] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."

Excellent twist.
No. 1342
File 126763211666.jpg - (127.92KB , 450x600 , reisen209.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."

Ouch. My heart.
No. 1343
[X] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."

This is...discording.
No. 1344
Let's not lose heart, since we may be able to take an opportunity out of this depending on what she needs help with. If it's kissing practice, then we can move in for the kill.
No. 1349
[x] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."


A twist of the plot and a twist of the knife.
No. 1350
shirou.jpg me, but I have no idea what's going on with Youmu.
No. 1354
We don't have much of an idea, it's just that it's somehow male-related and that Youmu lost sleep over it (a rarity it seems) Hopefully she'll reveal more details, which might allow us to steer her away from the path of guys.
No. 1360
File 126777001473.jpg - (380.33KB , 791x887 , ebebd330805beb249aeca2def48a09af.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."


"Youmu...tell me how I can help. I'll support you."

This has to be among the most difficult things you've ever had to say. Letting go is awful, and much harder then anything you could ever think of. You have to say it with a faked smile, one you're putting your back into just to keep it from breaking.

Youmu seems a bit surprised by your motion, but it all becomes worth it when she gives you a small smile with her next words.

"Thank you, Reisen. I'm sure I will need it in the future. For now, just knowing you will help me makes me feel more at ease."

It's blindingly rare that you get to see the ever-stoic Youmu smile, so this seriously warms your heart. Yeah, as long as can see her smile, that's enough for you!

"That's good. How about I get us something to eat then?"

"That would be nice." You smile back at Youmu and head to the lunch lady to get the food. You two happen to eat quite happily, despite Youmu's intense fatigue. Youmu decides not to disclose any details about the situation, but still talks about how her home and family has been, something you haven't heard about in a while. You guess it really cheered Youmu up, telling her you'd support her.

And yet...the pain won't go away.

So, there you are, sitting with your legs to your chest, your face in your knees, positioned to the side of the hall. You left sometime after you finished eating and told Youmu you were going to check up on Orin and Sanae. Half way there, you had to stop, your chest felt so tight, you couldn't go on anymore. Sitting there in the hallway, everyone passing you by like you're some trash can, you feel so much like crying.

Shit...maybe you should give guys a try too. You just know this thing with Youmu isn't gonna work out. God dammit.

You stand up, shake your head and try to rebalance yourself. Your posture has become a bit unstable, but nothing a little stabilizing can't fix. Now, where's that bottle of liquor you saved for just this occasion...

[ ] Forget the liquor, indulge yourself on the nearest male
[ ] Oh that's right, you left it in the bathroom...
[ ] No! Get your act together and get to Orin and Sanae
[ ] Ugh...just a little nap here first...
No. 1362
[X] Forget the liquor, indulge yourself on one or two of the boys you know. After all, you do have male friends, even if they're not your closest friends, and you have had casual sex with some of them before. They would probably be willing to skip a class in favor of a quick fling.

Better to do it with someone familiar and trustworthy than some random schmuck, and we did have Reisen admit to having fun with men from time to time. Might as well take advantage of that fact.

The rush ought to keep her mind off of things until she can either get home and talk to mom about her heartache, or get out of class and have a long heart-to-heart with some of her friends without the pressures of the school day surrounding her.
No. 1363
[X] No! Get your act together and get to Orin and Sanae

Always hope.
No. 1364
[X] No! Get your act together and get to Orin and Sanae

Alcohol and one night stands don't fix a broken heart.
No. 1365
[x] No! Get your act together and get to Orin and Sanae
No. 1366
File 126779226214.jpg - (418.18KB , 620x876 , a70781ef4e43511d2b3237220286cb4e.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] No! Get your act together and get to Orin and Sanae

Ah yeah, that's right, you left your liquor with Orin, how could you forget? The sneaky littledevil, always taking secret shots of your homemade boo-


You quickly snap yourself out of the daze when you realize you were about to walk downstairs instead of up, which, in a delusional state, would've ended quite badly. Maybe not as badly as the way some visual novel protoganists die, but it would not have been pretty.

You make the correct decision this time and head upstairs. You want to see Orin and Sanae now. The lunch you and Youmu had was brief, they're probably still eating...together...enjoying each other's company...

Oh my god it hurts so much why why why does this have to be so painful whyyyy

"Reisen..." On the roof, as you expected, you see Orin and Sanae sitting together on a small bench placed on the roof. The fences are high and mighty. They seem to close in on you whenever you look at them. Sanae gets up and looks at you. "Reisen, you look unwell. What's wrong?"

"Eh?" Oh, that's right, you never bothered freshening yourself up before you came up here. You probably look like a total mess.

"'Ey, Rei, if something's wrong, you can tell us. I knew somethin' had to be up." Does Orin still think you're weird from the question you asked Sanae? Though this might prove handy, you could fool them if you really wanted to...

[ ] Spare them the false lies and tell the truth
[ ] You're feeling quite under the weather actually
[ ] Utsuho seriously bothers you
[ ] Fuck that, let's eat
[ ] Epic about face and escape
No. 1367
[X] Spare them the false lies and tell the truth.

Well, we did come all the way here.
No. 1368
[X] Spare them the false lies and tell the truth.
No. 1369
[X] Spare them the false lies and tell the truth.


Ok, ok, so maybe that wasn't really the best opening, just coming right out and saying you were in love with Youmu.

Probably hysterically awful, if you had to say so.

"R-R-Reisen, I never...you were..."

"Wow, Rei, I knew you were close to Youmu, but going that far..."

Argh! I feel embarrassed, humiliated! Dejected even!! This was a horrible, terrible idea!!!

"Ahh! P-Please, forget what I said, it was stupid, I-I-I shouldn't have said something like that!" Argh! Curse your inability to lie to your closest friends! Maybe you could get away with it if you told them it was a joke or something but your panicky state has left you unable to do such a thing!

"Woah, woah, Rei, calm down, I'm not gonna start hating on you or anything because of that." As noble as that is, you're afraid Sanae doesn't quite feel the same way.

"Oh...oh, wh-what's going on? I never in a thousand years would've imagined that Reisen would be interested in...in..." Sanae is starting to appear lightheaded, not good for poor Orin who's already trying to hold you up from collapsing on the ground in a weeping heap.

"H-H-Hey, Sanae, come on, don't lose me now..." Sanae sits back on the bench that Orin quickly hopped out of and to your side when you were in middle of a funky panic attack.

"I...I'm sorry, I think I just need to sit down..." Orin sighs and looks at you worried.

"Hey, Reisen, are you alri-...d-don't give me that look."

You're putting on your biggest puppy dog eyes. You don't want to be left alooone. ; ;

A few minutes later, you went ahead and told Orin and Sanae the whole story. Including Youmu's recent development, though you felt that might be a bad idea. It's not really any of their business, but your story would've made more sense if you told them, so you couldn't just withhold the information.

"I see..." Sanae starts off with. "It's still surprising that you would feel this way, I feel like I'm talking to a different person..." You honestly feel kind of hurt by this, and feel the need to express it in some way, some subtle way to be sure.

"Is it really that surprising? It's not like I appear whorish, I mean...d-do I?" Orin shakes her head.

"No, not at all. You just seem like the kind of person would take a lot of relief in the protection and arms of a guy. Then again, if this is Youmu we're talking about, I guess it makes a lot of sense..." Sanae looks down, considering the situation.

"Yes, I thought the same way. Youmu isn't necessarily tomboyish, but she exhibits a lot of protective and masculine traits, particularly when she's concentrating on her kendo..."

The thought of a masculine Youmu is starting to actually kind of scare you, so you try to change the subject a bit.

"Well, Youmu has just comfortable me and always been there for me for so long, I just feel like I can't go without it now...but..." In middle of your painful silence, Orin stands up and takes change.

"Right. Sanae. Can you go check up on Youmu? If Rei's story is true, she could use some cheering up too." Uh oh, that doesn't sound good.

"A-Ah, no! P-Please don't tell Youmu I told you guys!" Sanae looks over at you and gives you a comforting smile.

"It's alright, I'll be sure to skirt the issue until she tells me. She tries to act strong but she never forgets who her allies are." Orin grins a confident smile.

"That's our Sanae for you! Go and show 'em what you're made of!" Sanae nods happily.

"Right!" After Sanae has left the roof though, Orin gives a big sigh. A sudden shift in mood takes place.

"Ahh...you know Rei, you and I...we have a lot more in common then I thought, eh?" She puts a hand on her hip, but looks away from you. You can see her expression to tell what exact way she means this in.

"Uhh...what do you mean?" Orin gives another sigh.

"Geez, Rei. I'd take Sanae as the more thick headed one. Normally you have a keen eye for things." As Orin walks towards one of the boundaries of the roof, clinging to the tall fence and looking out towards the city, you can't help but wonder what she means.

"I...I don't get it, Orin. What are you getting at?"

Things stay silent for a while. Orin eventually shifts her head down slowly.

"...you know. I always wanted to protect Sanae. For you it was probably love at first sight, yeah. But Sanae...she just kinda...you know, grew on me. Nothing special happened and yet...I dunno. I just realized one day that...Sanae...she..."

Your eyes widen suddenly, you realized what she's talking about at this point. Taking a step back, you can hardly believe your ears.

"O-Orin! You mean...you..."

"Yeah...it's stupid, ain't it? Me? With Sanae? I already know she's not interested in other girls, nor will she ever be...but I can't just act like nothing happened, I still kinda fell for her in my own little way. Maybe that's just the tomboy in me crying out to become a true man or something. Hah."

You feel rather...candid right now. This is a side to Orin you've never seen before. She sounds so depressed and down on herself. So serious and emotional. Yet, she's still trying to show that little part of herself that jokes around a bit, even in a situation like this. But, you're not yet sure if this really helps you yourself...

[ ] That's not true! I'm sure Sanae feels the same way about you!
[ ] Thanks, though I dunno if that makes me feel any better...
[ ] Ah...another one then...
[ ] We should get going, class is about to start
No. 1370
[X] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[X] Orin~!
[X] Big hug!

Orin ;_;
No. 1371
[X] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[X] Orin~!
[X] Big hug!
No. 1374
[X] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[X] Orin~!
[X] Big hug!
No. 1379
[x] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[x] Orin~!
[x] Big hug!

>Sanae? I already know she's not interested in other girls, nor will she ever be...
Iiiiiit's Shoutime!
No. 1380
[x] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[x] Orin~!
[x] Big hug!
No. 1381
[x] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[x] Orin~!
[x] Big hug!
No. 1383
File 12678639306.jpg - (185.21KB , 600x486 , e8c10c5fd57a7dcc016e471d631371c9.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] ... She must feel the same way you do, and she's still trying to... to...
[x] Orin~!
[x] Big hug!

Poor Orin...she's trying so hard, even though the odds were even further against her then you, and she even has rivals to boot, and yet, she's still hanging in there. You never even noticed until she had to tell you, she always put on a bright smile and be full of cheer. And yet, despite the fact that she herself is in a more dire situation, much like yours, she's...still...trying to...


The redhead gets quite the surprise when you dive tearfully into her arms. The fence behind her shakes and rattles at the impact. Even though you nearly caused Orin to lose her balance, you're bawling your eyes out into her (somewhat plump) chest. You're crying so hard, you just feel so touched! Anyone who would not is clearly heartless.

"A-A-Ahahaha, R-Rei, c-come on..." After an unsuccessful attempt to gently push you off, she gives in and and puts her arms around you in a comforting (but totally not homosexual) way. "Hey, it'll be alright, eh? Things'll come around. Even if we can't love the way we want to, as long as they're happy, that's all that should be necessary, huh?" You give a great big sniffle to restore your sinuses after that big crying session, looking up at Orin.

"B-But, that's...that's not enough...!" Orin smiles at you and pats your head.

"Sooner or later you'll learn that it most certainly is. You can't take things like that for granted after all." You blink a bit, you really don't want to accept it, but you have this feeling you don't have much choice.


"No buts, okay? We should try our best for our friends and maybe eventually we can learn to let go. That's what they would want after all." You look down a bit as you come to the realization that she's probably right. If Youmu saw you like this, she would want you to move on too.

You separate yourself from Orin, and then immediately turn away. Orin herself didn't seem phazed by it, but holy shit that was embarrassing for you. You hadn't really embraced anyone that closely before. You can hear Orin getting off the fence and brushing herself off behind you, before talking back.

"Well, do ya feel better now at least? I think I do."

[ ] Yeah, we should get going
[ ] There was someone I needed to talk to you about...
[ ] I think I'll stay up here, you can go on
[ ] Actually...did you wanna stop by my place later tonight?
[ ] No, I feel horrible really
No. 1384
[X] I think I'll stay up here, you can go on.

Alone time is always good.
No. 1385
[x] Yeah, we should get going

Don't we still have class?

>You just know this thing with Youmu isn't gonna work out.

It's too soon to give up.
No. 1390
[X] Yeah, we should get going

Get to class before you get called a slacker. Speaking of which, where is Komachi? ...wait.
No. 1403
[X] Yeah, we should get going

I've got the strange feeling Reisen might end up with Orin (or Shou) if Youmu turns out to be interested in men, like Sanae.
No. 1406
Youmu could be talking about Youki. She was being pretty vague.
No. 1410
She never did reveal anything like we were hoping and now Reisen's spazzing out to a decent degree.
No. 1424
[x] Yeah, we should get going.
[x] Actually...did you wanna stop by my place later tonight?

Forgot to vote properly.

>"Sooner or later you'll learn that it most certainly is.


>eventually we can learn to let go.
Well, okay. That's healthier.

However, I would not mind Orin over Youmu. My first choice is still Shou, though.

I like this feeling of yours.
No. 1425
File 126823274570.jpg - (534.19KB , 1100x785 , def464a552ed48374d31d70e4213e67a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Yeah, we should get going

Orin gives you a warm hearted smile. "Alright then. I'm just glad I didn't cry or somethin', would've looked bad, no?"

"Oh no, I wouldn't say so at all. Bottling up your feelings isn't good for you really." You look down as you try to finish your responce to this. "I adire people who can be honest with their feelings anyways...I have a hard time coming to terms with my own at times." Oh lord isn't that the truth too. A good two years ago you were so set on getting together with some guy because Mommy Dearest and her silly 'antics' were really starting to tired you out to high hell, of course, this was before you really looked at Youmu more.

"Really...well, you know me, Rei, I try not to let it show too much. I'd be disappointing the people who rely on me, wouldn't you agree?" You look at Orin for a bit before giving her that smile back.

"Yeah. Let's get to class then."

It's only about a minute later that the bell starts ringing. Lunch is over. When everyone gathers back into class, Sanae and Youmu seem to be acting as normal. Sakuya expectedly comes out of nowhere. Lord knows where that girl goes during recesses like this.

Speaking of recesses, the rest of the school day seems to whiz on by without you noticing. Understandable, you typically don't pay much attention to math. Who the hell puts math near the end of a school day anyways? You'll never know.

"Hey." You nearly jump out of your skin until you realize it was Sakuya that was talking to you. Her voice just sounds so intimidating at times.

"A-A-Ah, y-yes, Sakuya?"

"What's wrong? You've been in a bit of a daze since lunch." Her unmoving expression, her unchanging tone, her rock solid glare...under all this lies a worrying, loyal and kind hearted woman. What you would do to see Sakuya's daily life at home! Anyone who raises someone as good as this are clearly grade A guardians, though you don't know for how long Sakuya has been like this specifically.

"Ah...well, you see..."

[ ] There's this thing...about Youmu...
[ ] I'm worried about Orin actually...
[ ] D-Did I upset you...?
[ ] There's something about Utsuho...
[ ] I...I'm pregnant...
No. 1426
[X] There's this thing...about Youmu...

Sakuya has some comparable admirable qualities of her own. Wouldn't mind talking to her for a bit.
No. 1427
[T] There's this thing...about Youmu...

I'd like to vote for Orin, but let us keep it secret for now. Youmu's strange behaviour is top priority now.
No. 1428
[x] There's this thing...about Youmu...
No. 1429
[x] There's this thing...about Youmu...

If anyone's going to stop Reisen from spazzing out about this, it'll be Sakuya.
No. 1430
[x] I...I'm pregnant...with your daughter.
No. 1431
[x] There's this thing...about Youmu...

>Mommy Dearest and her silly 'antics' were really starting to tire you out to high hell
Incest is best practiced on non-school nights.
No. 1473
No. 1478
File 126918415322.jpg - (170.57KB , 380x380 , d15d1b32045bfabd46ae4205bbfebb65.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] There's this thing...about Youmu.

"Really now?" Sakuya seems interested suddenly. She pulls up a chair and sits beside your desk. She continues her solid rock hard expression but you can still tell she has some worry and kindness in it.

"Y-Yes." You decide to go on. It's a bit hard, but you give Sakuya all the details you can muster in a public area for the time being. "You see, she's apparently having trouble with something and...and it was something I wanted to help her with. I guess you could say. But...I can't help her in the way I want to and it makes me sad..." It still hurts. As you thought. Bearing this burden is a lot harder then you thought. It's as if your heart and body are crying out for someone to love now that you can't have Youmu.

"Hmm..." Sakuya seems to be set in thinking for a few moments before giving you her answer. "If you still want to help her, then the best you can do is help in her any way you can, even if it is not the way you intended to." It's an honest answer, an obvious one too, but it comes from the heart at least. You try and give Sakuya your best smile, though it only half way works.

"Thanks, though I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with that..."

"Then perhaps you can help someone else in that way."

You look at Sakuya suddenly. That stoic gaze still affixed on you. Does she know already?

"I...uhh, w-what do you mean?" Sakuya looks to the side for a moment, then casts off her idea. Maybe it was just a passing idea.

"It's nothing. We should get going. The rest is waiting for us." Sakuya stands back up and puts her chair back. You go ahead and get up yourself.


It was weird. You almost felt like Sakuya tried to read your mind, a futile attempt though.

The group does the usual thing. Walking home together up until a certain point, the point always happens be a particular road called Hakurei St. It is a very special street to everyone, not only does everyone split off here, everyone meets up here. It's also where the group became, more or a less, a group on whole, because everyone would always meet up here at the same time coincidentally when school started. After that, things just happened.

During the walk though, tension feels very high. Youmu still looks tired, and deep in thought. Sanae seems rather worried. Even Orin isn't her usual cheerful self; content with just staring up at the sky thinking about things. Sakuya is still the same but the girl emanates an air of tension about her anyways, so that's nothing new.

"...Uhh..." You err out something, and you realize everyone went and looked at you.

"What is it, Reisen?"

"Yeah, somethin' wrong Rei?" You almost choke up, but somehow in some way you manage to urk out a responce.

"A-Ah, I just wanted to ask some-something..."

Everyone curiously stares at you waiting for you to ask the question. How embarrassing. You get stage fright so easily. Looking over at Sakuya though, you realize she's looking at you intently...you get the feeling she knows what you want to ask.

But what is it that you wanna ask, hmm?

[ ] Did anyone want to stay over at my house tonight...?
[ ] We should do something! All together!
[ ] Why is it so quiet?
[ ] What would you guys think if I told you I had a boyfriend...?
No. 1479
[T] Why is it so quiet?
No. 1480
>[ ] Did anyone want to stay over at my house tonight...?
What could possibly go wrong? Other than everything.
>[ ] We should do something! All together!
Unless this is handled superbly well, it's just going to feel like we're trying to ignore the problem, and make things more awkward for everyone.
>[ ] What would you guys think if I told you I had a boyfriend...?
Silly choice is silly.

[x] Why is it so quiet?
Let's at least acknowledge that something's going on here. While we shouldn't necessarily put the issues themselves in the open right now, this will at least remind everyone that they're not facing their problems alone.
No. 1481
[x] Why is it so quiet?
No. 1492
[x] Why is it so quiet?
No. 1493
[x] Why is it so quiet?

You guys go first.
No. 1494
[x] Why is it so quiet?

Interesting turn this thing is taking.
No. 1496
[X] Why is it so quiet?

Now update sooner.
No. 1526
Do we have to ask you to update to make you do it every damn time?

Because if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do. I'd really rather not, though.
No. 1527
I just can't be assed to check the site every once in a while. I'm not like some people who feel like they have obligations, I do it when I feel like it and that's how it is.

Since I actually bothered this time though, I'll start writing...in a couple years maybe.
No. 1528
File 126990198053.jpg - (215.54KB , 900x600 , c9f4e541ec4fa65ef0cc0f3a64639749.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Why is it so quiet?

This doesn't seem to sit well with your peers. At least, on the outside. Sanae and Orin kinda look at each other worriedly, Youmu suddenly stops making eye contact with you in discomfort, and Sakuya just kinda closes her eyes, you're not sure if that means disappointment, but considering that after a few moments, no one answers; it becomes apparent.

The group becomes even MORE silent after that, something you didn't believe was possible. You yourself can't get yourself to say anything at all because you already made one awful mistake. Making another would send you into the pits of despair. The group even splits off mostly silently, Sanae and Orin say a meek goodbye to the rest and Youmu just simply waves back at them. Sakuya doesn't even react much, and everyone goes their own way.

You just stand there in the crossroads, wondering where the ends meet, and where they end up going.

You feel disheartened and depressed. Part of you doesn't want to go home, though a bath would be really nice right about now. Things feel like they're coming to a close, the realization that your group is growing up and becoming adults hitting you like a ton of bricks. You need a distraction from it all.

[ ] Ring up Mom and tell her you're going downtown
[ ] Walk around aimlessly for a bit, maybe swing by the park
[ ] Go back home to drown your sorrows
[ ] Sit down here and reflect on life
No. 1529
[x] Walk around aimlessly for a bit, maybe swing by the park
No. 1530
[ ] Walk around aimlessly for a bit, maybe swing by the park
No. 1531
[ ] Walk around aimlessly for a bit, maybe swing by the park
No. 1532
File 126999900713.jpg - (242.29KB , 600x600 , 63531a9e0203cfa9cb1dba7907dbeee0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Walk around aimlessly for a bit, maybe swing by the park

Breathing a big sigh, you just walk around without any real direction. Maybe you'll head on over by the park and clear your mind. Or get drunk and screw the first thing that moves with your handy concealed bottle of liquor. One of the two. Hopefully the latter.

The way to the park is kinda nice, you think. After all, it starts with a brick road running along a small stream before going into a beautifully forested area. The environmentalists really out did themselves with this, getting the council to make sure each tree is cared for individually. It gives each one a happy sheen that reflects the changes of the seasons. Eventually it crosses the stream over a modest bridge and into the park. The park itself is very simple. A large playground with a massive slide fixture with several slides going down it, a big group of monkey bars that you and your friends used to hang out on, and a simple, yet quiant set of swings to the side. There's plenty of benches around too. A medium sized water fountain adorns the background, pouring out water into a pool 24/7.

Rather then sit on the benches, you of course sit on one of the swings, contemplating life, it's mysteries, and the meaning of it all. Your mother used to keep saying it was 43, but you've long since ignored that. You don't know what she's on about, but you stopped questioning it because everytime you did, she would give you the longest lecture on it and it bored you half to death.

Besides, this way you can act like one of those dramas where the girl sits solemnly on the swing as the guy of her dreams walks up to her to give her some sudden comfort out of nowhere. Man, you wanna be with Youmu but...part of you finds a bit more reasoning in a buy/girl relationship, as there are just some things guys do better then other girls. You'd nary admit to it, but you're a closet fan of those sappy romantic TV shows and movies. You always can't help but shed a tear when the couple gets together! As much as Youmu tickles your fancy, it's one of the few things that makes you reconsider at times. After all, it's how God intended it to be. Although you're sure if you said something like that in front of your mom, she would try her damnedest to prove you wrong. That woman and her science.

You end up thinking about how you feel about love and relationships for a while, trying to think about how Youmu feels, about how Orin feels, about how Sanae feels...and about how you yourself feel, of course. You don't know about Sakuya, but she's probably not entirely loveless either. Probably. You wish she were here so you could ask, really. Hell, you wish any of your friends were, you have a myrad of questions to ask them all. How does Orin put up with knowing Sanae will never acknowledge her feelings? Why does Sanae feel uncomfortable with same-gender relationships? What's really going on with Youmu? If you just had the chance...

You're brought back to reality suddenly when you hear footsteps. Looking around, you realize it's sunset already. It got late! But, whose footsteps are approaching? You can hear them, but you can't see the person they belong to. You know they're coming your way though, so you'll see then soon enough. You just sit tight on the swing until they come. But the question is...who is coming?

[ ] Sakuya
[ ] Orin
[ ] Sanae
[ ] Youmu
[ ] The guy of my dreams!
No. 1533
[X] The girl of my dreams, Youmu!
No. 1534
[x] Orin

I like her.
No. 1535
[X] Sakuya

Though I'm awfully tempted to go for the one night stand option.
No. 1536
[x] The guy of my dreams!
No. 1537
[X] The girl of my dreams, Youmu!
No. 1538
[X] Orin
No. 1539
[ ] Sakuya
No. 1540
[X] The girl of my dreams, Youmu!
No. 1541
[x] Orin
No. 1542
[X] Sakuya
No. 1543
[x] Sakuya
No. 1544
>Your mother used to keep saying it was 43
No. 1545
[X] The girl of my dreams, Youmu!

Eirin is off by one.
No. 1550
[x] Shou

I can say at least I tried.
No. 1553
That was my thought as well. I guess I'm left with
[x] Yumeko
No. 1554
[x] Orin
No. 1559
I can't decide on these votes. Make up your minds! Coins don't have three sides to them. (Not counting technicalities)
No. 1560
[x] The girl of my dreams, Youmu!

No. 1561

You can make one, using the power of math.
No. 1562
Use a d3: roll a d6, divide by two, round up.
No. 1563
Maybe I should've just said I dun like using random outcomes, takes the fun out of it and makes the whole voting thing feel pointless.

I guess I'll write tomorrow or something though. Too tired right now.
No. 1564
Looking for a tiebreaker?

[x] The girl of my dreams, Youmu!

There you go.
No. 1565
[x] Sakuya

Not too hot on Youmu right now.
No. 1581
File 127070737325.jpg - (183.19KB , 700x550 , 78fabbe3dbe4c7a92bb767b072a265f3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Youmu

You stand up out of the seat of the swing. It couldn't be...no, it is! You see Youmu, of all people, approaching you. She stops when she sees you, and your cannot hold back your flying urge to tackle the little squirt!


And just like that, the both of you are flat on the ground. You're crying into the arms of your bemused beloved, pouring out your tender emotions.

"R-Reisen..." Youmu says, with a little stutter. "What is wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Y-Youmuuu..." You can only continue after sniffling a bit. "I-I was so worried about you, I couldn't think straight...!" Youmu manages to get you off after a while more of your clinging to her for dear life. The two of you stand before each other in middle of the sunset. You're still wiping the tears off your face though.

"Reisen, you shouldn't worry so much about me. It is unhealthy worrying overtly about such a trivial thing..." You shout back at Youmu, disbelieving this crap.

"No! That's not true at all! Youmu, your life matters to me very much! You're my best friend! No, more then that! I..." You close your eyes, suddenly having second thoughts about what you were about to say. You swallow your pride and opt for a different strategy. "I just can't sit here idly by when you're in so much trouble, while you've helped me out of the toughest jams. Besides, it's someone you might be going out with, which is very, very important, so..." Youmu looks at you surprised suddenly.

"Going out with...?" You stop for a moment after she says this, and she looks down for a brief second before looking back at you and smiling. "Don't be ridiculous, Reisen. I have no intention of dating anyone anytime soon."

What is this? This...mixed feeling of joy and sorrow? Oh, you feel so happy that she's not going to go out with any guys but if she means anyone, doesn't that mean you're excluded too? Oh Youmu...!

"I-I...really...?" Is all you can muster for the time being. You're just going to be relieved that she's still going to be free and not be tainted by male hands.

"Yes, really. It is late though, I should get going."

"H-Huh? Didn't you come here for something?"

"I needed a place to think and sort my thoughts...but since you were here, Reisen, your talk with me has helped me see a few things that alluded me to this decision. I thank you for that, but due to that, there are things back home I must tend to with that knowledge." You feel a little disappointed, but if she is to be believed, then it means you've helped her, and you're quite satisfied with that now.

"Alright then, Youmu. Good luck with whatever it is then!" Youmu smiles and nods, and then walks back off where she came from.

You're left there alone again. The sun is still setting. Your mind is kinda blank right now. You could go somewhere, but that might mean staying at wherever you end up for the night. But hey, it's your call, just make sure mommy dearest knows.

[ ] Head to Sanae's house
[ ] Head to Orin's house
[ ] Head back home
[ ] Stay a little while longer
No. 1582
[X] Head back home

Geez, all this drama and it was for nothing. And we still don't know what's troubling Youmu.
No. 1583
[X] Head to Orin's house
Melancholic Orin in unrequited love? How can anyone ignore that?
No. 1584
[x] Head to Orin's house
No. 1586
>[x] Head to Orin's house
Not after what happened / almost happened there last time.

[x] Stay a little while longer
Today's forecast has a high likelihood of random Sakuya encounters. With a small chance of bad ends.
No. 1588
[X] Stay a little while longer

Random encounters are nice
No. 1589
[X] Stay a little while longer
No. 1590
[X] Head back home
No. 1591
[x] Head back home

It's time for our nightly molesting.
No. 1621
File 127145513176.jpg - (65.63KB , 423x780 , a3a686d7e40c032f175d68e234c8cb1f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Head back home

You sigh. Not much else to do here. Guess it's time to head on back home.

The walk home is uneventful, for the most part. The sun is about to finish setting. Hopefully you made it back before dinner.

"Moooom!! I'm sorry I'm late!" You shout out, taking your shoes off before walking out of the entrance and over to the door to the kitchen. You see mommy dearest making a big pot of stew.

"Welcome back Udongin~ Dinner will be ready in a half an hour."

"Huh, late dinner tonight?"

"It's because I knew you'd come home so late."

It's a bit disconcerting when Mom makes you out to be so predictable.

You go ahead and back upstairs, putting a few things away and generally getting ready for dinner. It's still a half an hour away though...you're going to wait until after dinner to wash up and get changed, and there's little point in getting involved with anything on the computer this early. You sit down on the bed and open your rather under-used cell phone.

You don't tend to think of it much. Not many people call you, not even your friends. You're not very talkative on the phone so it's understandable. Occasionally you call up Youmu, or Orin would send you a text every once in a while. She kinda worries about you sometimes, you guess you can't blame her. Your cell phone is quite state-of-the-art, however, with a high res camera, quality stereo-like sound emitting from the back of it, great for ring tones, and quite possibly every feature you would want related to calls, like one touch redialing, call forwarding, all the works and more. There's probably still more about it you've yet to find out...probably because, well, you don't use it much. It was given to you by your mother as a part of her work deal. You're not sure of the details, she's a shifty person like that.

Since you don't use it much, it still has it's default wallpaper, and your address book only has five numbers, consisting of Orin, Sanae, Youmu, your little sister and your landlord. Sakuya always said she never carries a cell phone, for she has no real need for one.

You find yourself bored. Boredom is boring. You flop down on the bed staring up at your cell phone. It's time to do something.

[ ] Call up Orin
[ ] Call up Sanae
[ ] Explore the features of the phone
[ ] Go pester the monster you call a little sister
[ ] Go see what the landlord is up to
No. 1622
[X] Explore the features of the phone
No. 1623
[x] Go pester the monster you call a little sister
No. 1624
[x] Go pester the monster you call a little sister
No. 1625
[X] Explore the features of the phone

Better to have fun than to get pranked.
No. 1627
[X] Explore the features of the phone

In before Reisen takes expicit pics of herself.
No. 1630
[x] >>1627
Why do I like this idea so much?
No. 1632
[B] Explore the features of the phone.
No. 1636
[X] Go pester the monster you call a little sister
No. 1637
[x] Go pester the slacker you call an author.
No. 1639
File 127199882852.jpg - (639.18KB , 600x766 , 389722f7ea4c48d438378e9f021f5bb6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go pester the slacker you call an author.

Well, instead of fooling about with the phone, there's probably something better you could be doing. No, it's not bothering that awful sister of yours, you have nothing to gain from that. Instead, you know exactly what you want to do.

You close your phone up, and march right downstairs. You then stop right before the guest room. Then, in a dramatic entrance that totally forgoes any sort of polite knocking, you slam it open and present yourself with steel.

"Houraisan!" You shout into the room as you enter, spying your landlord laying on her lazy stomach, playing what appears to be a racing game. She slowly looks over at you with an awkward, surprised look on her face. This angers you. "Why aren't you writing?!"

"Eh?!" You walk over to her desk, which is no small feat, dodging the various little things and sorts all over the floor. When you do get to her equally untidy desk, you snatch some papers off it and show it to her.

"Your doujinshi!" Your landlady appears to be pretty aghast at you bringing it up.

"What...? Why are you bothering me about that?"

"Because you should be making money off of something other then us! Besides, it's the only productive thing you do!" The deadbeat woman sighs deeply, getting up and walking over, sitting down at the desk beside you.

"You can't rush creativity, Inaba. I write when I'm feeling the mood to."

"Oh, and you play games and generally slack off any other time?"

"Yep!" This awful writer in front of you has no work ethic at all, and it bothers you. The total opposite of your mother. How does she put up with her? You then take a moment to look around at the rest of the room, which is understandably in shambles.

"Jeez, this room is worse then most anime fans' rooms..."

"We have a word for them, Inaba, and that's otaku, which I am not." You take your attention back at the landlord with a very unamused glare.

"Then you're a hikkikomori, right?" She just sits there with a gaping, content grin, like she's proud of it. Honestly. "Look, you're going to write more often whether you like it or not. I'll even help you at the comiket thing if it'll get you to write." Suddenly, the landlady looks back at you with a gleeful, happy look on her eager face.

"Really?!" You're kind of taken aback by this sudden change of heart, but if it gets her to be productive...

"Y-...Yeah. Sure." You have this bad feeling you'll deeply regret saying that. After the landlord gives off a happy squeal she then grabs a different page of what she was working on and hands it to you.

"Alright then, here, I want you to tell me if this new art style is befitting to my wonderful writing." You want to just stare at her for the sudden display of ego but you begrudgingly take the sheet of paper anyways and take a look at it.

My, how masculine. You remember Orin and Sanae talking about this kind of style. Back in the 80s, wasn't it? It was very popular, particularly among little boys, which you can understand.

Sadly, the 80s is dead.

You're really not sure if this style would fly these days. You're also unsure of how to break it to the writer in front of you, who seems content on thinking she is perfect in every way since you agreed to this little wild goose chase. Well, time to pay the piper, you guess.

[ ] Break it to her gently
[ ] Don't hold back
[ ] Feed her full of lies
[ ] Suggest a little touching up first
No. 1640
[x] Don't hold back.

No more holding back! Fragmented End!
No. 1641
[x] Feed her full of lies

Hey, the 80s weren't all bad.
No. 1642
[x] Feed her full of lies

The 80s were great.
No. 1643
[x] Break it to her gently
-[x] Ask about the demand behind it.

Perhaps she could be a niche artist.
No. 1644
>This update
Oh god, what have I done?
...besides get the author to update.
...and besides getting a nice Kaguya picture out of it.

Maybe I didn't do so badly, after all.

[x] Break it to her gently
-[x] Ask about the demand behind it.

The 80s was nothing but bad synth music and dodgy arms deals.
No. 1645
The 80s manga wise was good for stuff like Fist of the North Star, Shounen that didn't suck.
No. 1646
[B] Feed her full of lies.
No. 1647
[X] Feed her full of lies

A bit more of serious commitment and less trolling will be appreciated of you, TTT.
No. 1648
I'd hardly consider what he's done trolling. Maybe a bit of flame-baiting on the "kawaii desu~" shit, but that was more a matter of him not understanding the locals. That aside, an author is entitled to occasionally poke fun at his/her audience. Just take it in good humor and accept that he's not about to update any faster than once a week.

Now YAF, that was an author who trolled.
No. 1649

Yea, you are right. Was just a bit annoyed how some things turned out.
Apologies to authorfag
No. 1650
Now, now, let's not give YAF credit for things he didn't earn.

YAF didn't troll. He just liked to think of himself as a troll, when in reality he was a prick whose talent was dwarfed and quickly destroyed by his massive ego.

Fuck him.
No. 1657
Updates, please?
No. 1667