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I don't understand why some people hate the Gensokyo USA series. I'm not an American and I still find it funny, especially the part where Alice is a crazy fundie Mormon cat lady.

No. 10650
>Your personal morality doesn't change the quality of the image. A shit drawing of a nun giving food to orphans is still badly drawn, a renaissance painting of a little girl being raped is still made with skill. This is an art site, not a morality index. There's classic art by world famous artists that feature sex, naked children and even rape. Why can't all the galleries just have childrens' drawings of Barney the Dinosaur in instead, right?

Little girl being raped = Art

Thanks, Danbooru.
No. 10654
Define 'Art'
No. 10655
Are vidya games art?
No. 10656
Some of them are interesting, with a good plot (Tales of Symphonia, Chrono Cross, even Clive Barker's Undying).
Other are giving a very good definition of what a Gary Tsu is.
Yes Mass Effect, I'm looking at you.
No. 10657
Shepard will be a Gary Stu if he's not the PC.

Well, we all know what will happen to him in the ending.
No. 10658
I don't know, I never played the third game. Nor the first one, in fact.
I just played the second, and I was furious after the "I'm a sociopath jerk shooting everyone on sight and yet everyone wants to get in my pants lolkthxbye".

Gary Tsu are interesting characters for a game, but not for a story. Just try to imagine a story with the Dommguy, or with one of the Diablo character. Those guys walked in hell, and kicked asses. It's impossible to write a good story with them, either they're destroying everything on sight, either they're out of character wimps screaming and whining.
Damn, I would kill to see Rathma's follower into Gensokyo.
No. 10660
Who the fuck is Rathma?
No. 10662
Rathma was the first nephalem to follow the dragon Trang'Oul, therefore becoming a demigod in the process.
No. 10664
Who the fuck is Trang'Oul?
No. 10665
It's Rathma's master.
No. 10705
Just play Diablo II.
No. 10708
Go play one of the games this site holds fanfiction of.

Look at the bullet patterns, especially the late-game ones.

Is your question answered?
No. 10715
It has shooting, so it can't be A Art. Unless it's about the horrors of war or something.
Also, for a video game to be A Art it can't have any challenge or actually be a video game.
No. 10716
>>Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross was a very shitty version of what was supposed to be Radical Dreamers. They so dropped the ball on that game.

He's your fathers' secret gay lover. Any other questions?
No. 10717
>a very shitty version of what was supposed to be Radical Dreamers

But Radical Dreamers was actually produced, just not released in English.
No. 10718
I know, and it's still better than Chrono Cross.
No. 10736
I've never played Chrono Cross (have played Chrono Trigger though) so I don't know why so many people hate it.
No. 10751
Hold on, it's Chrono Cross where you fight Lavos at the end, right? It's not Chrono Trigger?
No. 10752
Well, you fight Lavos at the end of Chrono Trigger.

Dunno about the other one.
No. 10755
Ha fuck.
I meant Chrono Trigger. Not Chrono Cross. I never played Chrono Cross.
No. 10760
>Touhou Shukyougoku 朱狂極 . Meriko Fuumi, 14, was psycho and bipolar; yet sweet, nice, charismatic and friendly at the same time. Yukari knew she didn't belong in the outside world. But can she handle Gensokyo? Contains violence and gore.

Seems like female Touhou Ocs are becoming a trend nowadays.
No. 10763
More like grimderp Gensokyo and OP character.
No. 10764
Chrono Trigger ends with the fight against Lavos. Chrono Cross ends with the fight against the "Time Devourer", which is Lavos fused with a CT character or something.
No. 10765
Yeah, Time Devourer is Schala + Lavos if I'm not mistaken.
No. 10766
Having an "interesting" character isn't enough to write a good story. You also need a plot.
Most people winces when the main character is an OC, a lot of them will scream when the main character is also an OC.

Because if the hero and if the bad dude are both OCs, when what is the point in writing a fanfic to begin with?
Unless your plan is to use the touhou cast as some kind of Yamcha (aka appears, looks cool, taunts people, and die pitifully like a stupid retard), and in this case, don't even try writing.
No. 10767

SRW and related, if I'm not mistaken (I've only played through Battle Moon Wars in its entirety although I've played through bits of the other SRWs), often unify the plotline of the game by creating a unique hero(es, maybe, but not very many) and villain(ous force), but this OC hero and OC villain accumulate all the heroes and villains of the various robot-shows on their respective sides.

The OCs end up not taking center stage in the ultimate conflict; in the end, all the characters get importance, and none are relegated to what you call "Yamcha" status. Well, maybe some of the minor villains are, but let's be fair, they were just midbosses in the first place.

I think you can still have a successful fanwork with an OC hero and villain, at least to start with.
No. 10768
>hey guys my OC is a badass violent psychopath but she's really nice so don't be mean to her ^_^

C'mon, this is basic Mary Sue shit right here. i can't believe there are still people who think writing OCs like this is a good idea.
No. 10769
Battle Moon Wars? Can I play with Yorihime in this game?
No. 10777

So, is this where JtotheE ends up to?
No. 10778
Sounds better than BMW who give the OCs way too much importance. Links~
No. 10787
The plot is poorly handled. There are 45 party members, almost all of whom have little to no plot impact, and no real reason (such as unique abilities and whatnot) to use them. The battle system is mediocre. The poorly handled plot does not explain itself at a lot of points, making it confusing to both new and old players. It missed out on a LOT of opportunities, such as with the Mysterious Man you face in Dead Sea who appears to be Chrono but was left as the "Mysterous Man you face in Dead Sea with no explanation." The early main antagonist disappears from the game entirely with no in-game clue what happened to him after he takes your original body, etc.

The game was rushed, and was very poorly created as a consequence. Comparing it with the original Chrono Trigger can only leave one majorly disappointed.
No. 10788
On the plus side, the game was beautiful to look at and listen to.

Except the battle theme. Fuck that thing.
No. 10791
The music was the only redeeming feature of that game. Oh, some of the artwork ingame was nice, but it was nothing compared to the music.
No. 10795
We should rename those threads to YAF little talking corner.
No. 10796
Holy shit, I hate those Doom mods where you can't win just by shooting everything.
Doom is about SHOOTING. Not fucking puzzles, dude!
No. 10799
I hardly even browse these. If you’d like a thread about me so hard, why don’t you go and make one, you muppet?
No. 10810
Obviously you need a game where your objective is to shoot puzzles.
No. 10825
>It missed out on a LOT of opportunities, such as with the Mysterious Man you face in Dead Sea who appears to be Chrono but was left as the "Mysterous Man you face in Dead Sea with no explanation."

They explained who he was and why he fights you. You must have missed the explanation. I can understand. It's a very long scene.

>The early main antagonist disappears from the game entirely with no in-game clue what happened to him after he takes your original body, etc.

Um, no. You see exactly what happens to him.

I mean, I agree that Chrono Cross had a very confusing and poorly explained plot that is very hard to figure out on your own, but these are not good examples.
No. 10826
Bah, just got linked to a Dodonpachi video on Youtube.

Why is it that they just have to keep bringing Touhou vs Cave comparison up?
No. 10828
Because they're fucking retarded and they think that Touhou was the first shmup and that every other danmaku game plagiarized touhou.
Just check that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNhekUJh8vU
Here's some comments:
"Is this a ripoff of Touhou?"
(About Mushihimesama Futari) "which is bsolutly boring and ugly unlike touhou which can be harder then mushihimesama futari just because hard games are hard dosent mean they are fun or challenging touhou is very fun and challenging"
"better a faggot than a child molester like you"
No. 10829
So this is why Touhou fans are exiled from the rest of the shmup community.

I hate this fandom.
No. 10830
Yep. Touhou fans are exiled because of a bunch of retards thinking that touhou made the danmaku genre.
Kinda like those Lord of the Rings fans thinking that Tolkien invented the elves and the dwarves. They're rare, but they give everyone a bad name.

That's our job to EXTERMINATE them.
No. 10831
To be fair, Tolkien invented (not sure about this part) and popularized the modern version of elves and dwarves.

That's why it's freakin' hilarious when otherkins claim that they're Tolkien's elves, instead of the original elves in legends.
No. 10833
Dwarves weren't invented by Tolkien. They came from Siegfried legends and stuff.

Not too sure about elves, but I think they have something to do with that dude Obéron, but I'm really not sure.
No. 10834
Yes, I know that. I said Tolkien invented and popularized the modern version of dwarves.

Yep, and elves come from that British {?) legend.
No. 10838
I'm not positive, but Tolkein's elves were apparently heavily based on a species from Germanic (including Norse) pagan mythology. Heck, the Germanic elves were even divided into light elves and dark elves, the latter of which Tolkien associated into orcs.

My cursory investigation seems to show Norse-style light elves to be very similar to Tolkienian elves. However, Norse dwarves were sometimes known as dark elves, and beyond that were sometimes taller than humans.
No. 10853

Toyohime bashing + Portal meme

I'm not mad since that fanfic is still up and running. It's all I care about now.
No. 10855
It was funny. Until some retarded tea-sucker came up with "Yorihime is constantly being a moon bitch as well. Don't forget about her."
Youtube users are just plain retarded and fucking stupid, and that idiot is just being an imbecile spewing what he learned without even bothering reading or learning about the source, because he's too fucking stupid to read more than 100 words.
No. 10856
And more than that, since that video was about Toyohime, what's the point in bringing Yorihime in that bashing shitstorm of uneducated opinions? Unless it's just "for teh lulz", in other words, that dude is a fucking moron and needs someone else to hate the same thing than him so that he can be assured that he's hating the right thing.
In other words, he's a fucking weather vane with no opinions on his own, and he's just picking other people's opinion and repeating them as if it was his own. Go say him "Sakuya is using PADs", and he'll be repeating it again and again because he's too fucking stupid to have his own opinion.
No. 10857
Mooninites look down on all things living on Earth, not just humans. Swing and a miss.

Wow. You really like Yorihime, don't you?
No. 10858
No. 10859
That, and I also hate people not doing the research. I'm the kind of guy joining a website before criticizing it, because I love knowing what I'm talking it. I can't stand people repeating what they heard (hurr durr moonbitches hurrdurr unyuu hurr durr arrow to the knee) and not knowing shit about the source.
No. 10861
Ah, yeah, this was funny. The artist is one of the more creative people in the Western fandom that I know of, even if I don't care for several of his takes on characters.

Why do you even still read Youtube comments? There's easy methods of blocking them.
No. 10862
Do tell, I'm looking forward to not being forced to go through them as I'm looking for the next video to watch.
No. 10863
Easiest method is getting Adblock Plus, then adding this rule:


I did that a while ago. Youtube is so much more enjoyable.
No. 10864
Thank you.
No. 10868
It's fine to make fun of Toyohime, but let Yorihime out of this.
No. 10899
I'd like to rage about 9gag. While 4chan is the 'superior' reddit and reddit the 'superior' 9gag (they all suck) But for christs sake 9gag is literally where the retards of the internet gather. "hey guys le reddit is gay lets le hack it lelele ololololo".

Fucking kiddies ruining my internet.
No. 10913
Your bias against Toyohime is showing again, Ddyk.
No. 10914
I don't have any bias against Toyohime. I just have a bias in favour of Yorihime.
No. 10944
You know, I really want to throw you into the Touhou thread in Spacebattles, just to see how you will fare against the Watatsuki haters there (hint: everyone).

It will be quite interesting to watch.
No. 10945
The world is like a big puddle of oil.

Let me throw the lighter.
No. 10947
Nah, we just hate fanboys, dipshits, and noise-posters. Most of the Lunarian fanatics are grating because their arguments seem to boil down to items such as "Because I said so" and "Because she's got a nice ass."

Now, regardless of how fine their asses may be, that really isn't a good reason to put them on a pedestal like that. Well, maybe a pin-up, but that's besides the point!
No. 10948
Everyone knows Tewi has the best ass in Gensokyo. Moon asses just can't compare.
No. 10950
As you can clearly see in this picture, it is Cirno who has the best Ass in all of Gensokyo.
No. 10953
That joke is going way over my head.

Most of them, indeed. But, should you look closely, everyone end up using the same retarded arguments.
I don't, because I'm not trying to convince you that Yorihime is awesome. I just yell at you and threaten to kill you over the Internet if you say bad things about her. I'm fine with people not liking her, but I'm not fine with them telling loudly how they dislike her because "lololol moonbitche Aki Eda's OC Mary-Sue lolol space nazis lololol".
There's a difference between silently disliking something and being an obnoxious loud douchebag about it. You never hear me yelling how much I hate Hina, or Orin, or Marisa, or Shou.
No. 10955
>hate Hina

something's terribly wrong with you...
No. 10960
No. 10961
Minitrue mark article doubleplusungood crimethink. Miniluv remake goodthink fullwise.
No. 10962
No. 10966

Why don't I have a PS3 for this? Whyyy?

i'm not buying a playstation vita what's wrong with you
No. 10967
Giant robots suck.
No. 10968
Yawn. Tell me when they remake The 2nd Runner.
No. 10969
Who are these "Lunarian fanatics" you're talking about?

"Cause I never met them, really. Ddyk doesn't count.
No. 10971
Lunarians are badly written characters with no flaws whatsoever. Why is it so hard to understand why they're hated?
No. 10972
>no flaws
You sure we're talking about the same characters here?
No. 10973
Don't mind them, Ddyk. They are just being HFY fanatics, hating alien cultures who are superior to humans'.
No. 10974
Lalala, I'm not listening to this Lunarian shitstorm.

As long as that fanfic still exists, I am content.
No. 10975

No. 10977
Huh? It's both Zone of the Enders and Anubis (2nd Runner).
No. 10989
I am doubleplusgood with this analysis.
I can't remember enough to make a better statement. Sorry.
No. 10990
Whoa, whoa, what? Seriously?
No. 11006
I want to bitch about Imperfect Metamorphosis.

I've read it up until the fifth chapter and I don't see the reason why some people haul it as "the best Touhou fanfic".

The plot fails to hook me up and I don't care for the characters in it.

It's a good Touhou fanfic at best and a mediocre one at worst.
No. 11007
I rage each time someone referred futari ecchi as hentai.

I mean, seriously? It's more like sex education manga rather than sex-scene-fap hentai. Don't call that great 'informational manga' a 'hentai'. It's like calling 'titanic' a 'ship'.
No. 11009
But Titanic was a ship.
No. 11010

It’s popular, not amazing, genius or “the best”. It’s a long runner, it slowly gathered followers and fans. The writefag promoted it on other sites, Spacebattles and TvTropes, in fanfiction.net community too. He put the link in his signature, and presented himself as approachable and friendly person who is set to deliver the awesome.

It appeals to wide audience, kind of like a Michael Bay movie.
No. 11011
So, if you watch a Michael Bay movie for the explosions, for what do you read Imperfect Metamorphosis?
No. 11015
Banter. The plot and characters. The gigantic walls every update don't hurt.
No. 11016
>gigantic walls of text

That's a good thing?

I prefer each chapter to have 2-3k words. Too much words make me want to skim it, since I can't bookmark in the middle of the chapter so I must read the entirety of it in one sitting.

And the banter's not really that entertaining. He's not ZUN for starters.

The characters? I'm not attached to any of them. Maybe that's because I'm never a Rumia or Rin Satsuki fan in the first place.

And the plot? Maybe it'll get better in later chapters but honestly I don't find it that attractive.

I'll give it another go if you insist.
No. 11017
Why would I insist? I can tell you right now that it's not going to become more enjoyable for you. Save yourself the trouble.
No. 11018
>>I prefer each chapter to have 2-3k words. Too much words make me want to skim it, since I can't bookmark in the middle of the chapter so I must read the entirety of it in one sitting.

That's because books and reading aren't your thing. You want instant gratification, and are unwilling to spend more than five minutes trying to get it. You're self-centered, unwilling to even contemplate that other people aren't as short-minded as yourself, and you whine like an annoying cunt when you don't get your way.
No. 11019
>I prefer each chapter to have 2-3k words. Too much words make me want to skim it, since I can't bookmark in the middle of the chapter so I must read the entirety of it in one sitting.

Three clicks on a sentence. That highlights the whole sentence. Use that as a bookmark.
No. 11020
Firefox can remember where you left the scrollbar in your previous session. It's very useful.
No. 11024
they do if they take a year to write and such thinking will lead people to pad out their updates with useless stuff.
No. 11027
Agreed, but Takerfoxx called what I considered a climactic scene "filler" once. I'm not too worried about him filling updates with boring shit.

Even if his pacing can be terribly slow sometimes.
No. 11028
I was speaking in general, as you should write updates as long as you feel they should be. Not horribly adjusting it to fit some arbitrary quota/length.
No. 11032
I'm reading fanfics in my handphone by the way. Dunno if it has a "bookmark in the middle" function.

Yeah, me finishing HP, Lotr, and Hunger Games certainly doesn't count.

Stop being a Takerfoxx fanboy.
No. 11037
The adventures of team rainbow blitz

Adventure one: it begins at midnight upon the scarlet moon

Chapter one: let the fun begin

It was pouring rain across the streets of gensokeyo.

All the humans who resided in the village in the center of this cut off world retreated into their homes for the night.

Tonight was the red moon, the night that would give the scarlet sisters their full potential and power.

The scarlet devil mansion stood just at the edge of the forest near the village, all the humans and even other yokai knew better then to get caught within its sights tonight.

Everyone except however a young boy.

The boy was no older then 15, with black hair and rather torn clothes.

He had been chased and hunted down in the human world because he was more or less a science project.

He was tested on and manipulated until he made an escape, running ever since.

But now he had just awoken in the middle of the forest with the rain pouring onto his body.

Weak and shaken up as to where he was, he ran looking for a place to stay for the night.

Pushing threw the branches, thorns, vines, and roots, around this forest he soon came upon to the dreaded mansion.

The mansion was scarlet red, and castle like in structure, with a huge clock like tower upon the roof.

Hesitantly with no other option, he ran up to the door and knocked.

The silhouettes of to girl's lye in the window.

"who could possibly be foolish enough to come here TONIGHT of all nights?" a young girl with blond hair and a red and white dress asked.

"hehe, isn't it obvious dear sister? Our next little playmate of course~" another girl with brunet hair and a pink dress giggled as she ran to the door and opened it.

The boy panted as he looked over at her, he nearly fell to the ground as he clutched onto his gashed body in pain.

"I-im sorry to bother you…b-but may I please…s-stay here? Just for the night?" he asked

"hehehe of course you can, me and my sister sara own this mansion after all. My name is Maggie, please come right in Mr…" she asked

"caleb…my names caleb…" the boy said

"come right in caleb…we were just about to have dinner…"
No. 11038
>Too early to judge it, really, but your fanfic is coming along fine as far as I can tell. Keep up the good work, and the chapters could use a little more meat to them. I for one try to go for 1k words in my mostly daily updates, and even THAT is a bit of a tease.

Well done, FF.net.
No. 11039
Woah, Holy shit. Guys, We got a new HY in here. Best story 10/10 never come back again
No. 11040
>anyone ever giving this story a positive review, in any way whatsoever
No. 11041
I took a glance at the reviewer's profile and found this.

>Oni are a proud race of Youkai, who happen to be evolutionary cousins of Vampires. Where as Vampires sustain themselfs on mostly blood, Oni use alchohol for the very same purpose. Like Vampires, they have a method of turning humans, yet can also reproduce.

I'll spare you the rest. Seek it at your own peril.
No. 11042
What? That was the weirdest fanon I've ever read.
No. 11045

The reviewer is Sonanoka21093. Sonanoka21093 started writing half a year ago, and her start was absolutely atrocious, to the point another fanfic author did an MST on the first chapter of her first fanfic:


But unlike 99% percent of horrible authors, Sonanoka didn’t drop the whole thing two weeks later and kept writing, and writing, and writing her horrible stories, day by day, every day.

And like Uwe Boll, just by doing this every day she started improving, from hilariously bad to horribly bad, then to just plain bad, and now she’s actually scratching a 3/10 mark in terms of “quality” of her work. She expects the same thing from others, and that’s why she’s giving positive reviews to horrible things – she believes that everything can be improved just by writing and writing and writing. A bit sad, as the end of this journey is becoming Kahi.
No. 11046
I really wish there's a Livejournal for MST-ing Touhou fics.

Also, it's not so bad if you become like Kahi. You get fans that are willing to defend your story so that you don't have to. That's always nice.
No. 11047
>Most of the Lunarian fanatics are grating because their arguments seem to boil down to items such as "Because I said so" and "Because she's got a nice ass."

Oh please, like the rest of the fandom isn't like that.
No. 11048
That's inspiring. I'm not being sarcastic.
No. 11051
Nice argument there, bro. Almost make me mad.

No. 11053
You seem to have this odd habit of confusing "Calling you out on being a general dipshit" for "White Knighting". Newsflash, you're an unlikable jackass with shitty arguments and stupid reasoning. Calling you out on that isn't "Defending Takerfoxx", so drop the bullshit. You can "Claim" to have read the entirety of War and Peace, it won't change the fact that you started out by stating that you're unable to focus on anything "Too long" due to your own failings. Guess what, no one but you is response for your own inadequacies as a human being.
No. 11054
>unable to focus on anything "Too long"

Correction: I'm unable to focus on long, uninteresting stories like IM. They bore me, and I don't like boring things.
No. 11055
What the hell crawled up your ass? You're the one being a prick here.

I can certainly relate to that. Reading about some Touhou I like isn't enough alone to make me stick with a long, slow, somewhat dull story.
No. 11056
We can all relate to not liking boring things. It's what's boring that we disagree on.
No. 11058
>I prefer each chapter to have 2-3k words.

No, you're just an idiot who's starts drooling like a mentally lobotomized chimp whenever anything longer than a few short pages comes your way. That wouldn't an issue if it wasn't for the fact that you then felt like bitching like an annoyingly vapid cunt about it, as if it's somehow the fault of other people that your own personal failings exist.
No. 11059
Are you trying to be ironic?
No. 11062
Sure is summer around here.
No. 11065
>>What the hell crawled up your ass? You're the one being a prick here.
Random Guy A posts about how he can't read (Insert Name Here) because he can't get into to it because it is "Too long" for him. Random Guy A them posts an absurdly short post-count for determination of satisfactory length.

Random Guy B posts about how Random Guy A wants instant gratification and is unwilling to spend effort to achieve it.

Random Guy A makes post about how he has read (Insert Long Book Titles Here), so any criticism of him is invalid.

Random Guy B claims bullshit and reposts Random Guy As earlier statements to back the claim of bullshit.

Random Guy C proceeds to post emotional distress.

Random Guy D makes a post proclaiming his future mineral mining rights.
No. 11066
What's wrong with wanting instant gratification from entertainment? When I'm bored by a story, I start skimming and skipping chapters until I find something interesting or feel satisfied that there's nothing worthwhile.
No. 11068
I dunno man, I'm looking at >>11018 and >>11053
and while I can see your arguments in them if I look, the ad hominem attacks kind of overshadow them.

I mean, did he murder your family or something, because that level of vitrol is staggering.
No. 11070
But see, Guy B was being a jerk from the start.
>You're self-centered, unwilling to even contemplate that other people aren't as short-minded as yourself, and you whine like an annoying cunt when you don't get your way.
No. 11072
If I will ever have mineral mining rights to something you can be sure that I definitely am not posting about it here right now.

You're asking this on a fansite of games which can take months to clear, by the by.
No. 11073
>months to clear
Sure, if you insist on clearing Extra.

But for me, playing the main stages on Easy or Normal is already fun enough.

Besides, Fraps = Record at 15 FPS. Enjoy your slo-mo Touhou game.

Then watch the replay for the full experience. You'll feel like a pro.

No. 11074
Spazzy Reimu action go!

Reminds me of this video.

No. 11075
>playing on Easy
>still using bombs
TAS, my ass.
No. 11076
Wouldn't you get tired using that method though? 4 times the length of the normal game?
No. 11077
You could just use Hourglass. Save state support.
No. 11078
>save state
Touhou on Lunatic and Extra = Kaizo Mario
No. 11085
Even with save states, you need to have skills.
It's like platformer. Even if you're albe to save any time, if you're saving once you already jumped, no matter how many time you try, you'll end up in lava, and the dwarves will laugh at you.
No. 11091
>The FACT of the matter is that ZUN created a character with no story or personality or anything, and left it like that for THREE YEARS, after which he wrote in a canon personality and story which directly contradicted everything the fanbase had come up with in the void he had left.
>Yes, it's his character, and yes, he's got the right to do what he wants with it, but that doesn't mean you should. It's a dick-move like no other to troll your consumer base in such a way.

A response to Momiji in DS.
No. 11092
>It's a dick-move like no other to troll your consumer base in such a way.
Bitch please. I'm ready to bet that 80% of the western fanbase never bought any game.
No. 11093
>Oh boy, Gensokyo Tag Tournament returns! Now the question is, what kind of bullshit win will Hitomoji bring us next? Perhaps the fairies will indeed defeat Mima and Yuuka? Or maybe Reisen will stomp Yukari into oblivion! With Hitomoji, the only thing can be sure of is that he will make people job to Mokou to show just how much of a fanboy he is.

>I'll still read it though, in the vain hope that Yuugi puts that bitch in her place.

Why do a lot of people take this series too seriously?
No. 11094
People are very strong in their beliefs.

Dei Shirou's Tag Dream series is MUCH worse about such stuff than GTT.
No. 11103
Ah yes, Touhou Tag Dream. The only doujin that caused as much shitstorm as SSiB did, if not more.

Still find it hilarious that some people compared the Reimu + Remilia pair to the Watatsukis I'm sorry, moonbitches, as they called them.

Proof that there's a lot of fanboyism and powerlevel wanker in the western Touhou community.
No. 11104
First, SSiB is not a doujin.
Second, people comparing the Watatsukis to Reimu+Remilia are just fucking dumb.
You don't want to be fucking dumb, do you?
No. 11105
>SSiB is not a doujin
You missed the point of the comparison, didn't you?

>people comparing the Watatsukis to Reimu+Remilia are just fucking dumb
Indeed they are.

>You don't want to be fucking dumb, do you?
Of course not. I'm not the one comparing them after all.
No. 11106
>hurr durr let's call them moonbitches because everyone else does so
It's a damn good thing it's impossible to punch someone through the computer screen.
Remind me to call every other touhou character by a stupid nickname from now on.
No. 11108
Will you call Cirno "the smartest" now?
No. 11110
Sarcasm doesn't travel well on the internet, I suppose.
No. 11111
I was talking about those Danbooru dudes.
Not about >>11103.

Also, just calling Cirno "blue" isn't justice.
I'll call her "Bunker".
No. 11125
It travels well in real life because of body language. The only thing equivalent with body language on the internet is emoticons.
No. 11142
Emoticons, and also italics. You can use them to emphasize someone's intelligence.
No. 11157
holy shit E3 why are you so shitty
No. 11159
Consoles. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
No. 11162
But consoles are also what made old E3 good!
No. 11163
No. 11164
E3 has been fucked since they changed its formula from a public show to a semi-public show with the best stuff shown only behind closed doors and only to our loyal Gamespot and IGN sycophants because we are serious businessmen and showing the customer our product before they buy it goes against our business practices.

New E3 is balls.
No. 11168
So, after reading that BAUS story from /th/, I decided to reinstall Supreme Commander.

And here I come: SC's patching system is a fucking mess! For each version, there's a patch. You have to download each patch one by one, sometimes the patch won't work, so you have to uninstall and reinstall everything, and when you think it's finally working, you
SQL database connection error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

No. 11169
Ah yes, that reminds me. I should go play the expansion soon. Curious how the plot will go.
No. 11170
Frankly, I prefer Supreme Commander 2, it's simpler. I remember being constantly checking on my ressources while playing the first game.

Of course, sometimes, I miss the Tier system, with differents units, and that shitload of experimentals units.

I wonder if I can get the stand alone on the pirate bay or something.
No. 11171
I got SupCom on Steam for free through a Polish mag site giving out serials (still working, by the way) but never really got to play it past the tutorial. I’ve never been one for large-scale micromanagement. DoW2 has about as complicated a micro as I can handle. A pity, I’d love to see what the deal with SupCom is.
No. 11172
Well, I finished SupCom 1 by spamming bombers.

It was on easy mode though, so don't count on it.
No. 11173
I remember beating CnC3 NOD side with Venoms only. And GDI side with mass Mammoth Tank assaults. Good times.
SupCom seems overwhelming to me though.
No. 11176
In all fairness, why would you play GDI using anything anything else?
No. 11180

So when it's a novel that you can read for free on the Internet, it's "a fanfic", and you're a writefag.
But when it's an expensive book, it's a "hypnotically addictive novel is a work of startling originality and, as the title suggests, a mind-bending ode to" the original book, and the writefag is "an international phenomenon".

From now on, I'm going to call myself a "hypnotically addictive novel writer" instead of a "fanfic writefag".
No. 11185
You weren’t already? Psh. Small-time.
No. 11186
In fairness, Murakami is fantastic and everyone should read him.
No. 11187
Probably, but I'm pissed off by the fact that a paying fanfiction is called "an ode to the original book" while a free fanfiction is just called a fanfic.

People are looking down on fanfictions, and yet that book is popular. It's obviously jealousy, but damn, that doesn't feel right.
No. 11188
>The fandom will never stop arguing as to what's canon, whether Touhou is canonically grimdark or not, or over popular interpretations.

So true.

One of the bad aspects of Touhou in my opinion. Too much freedom for interpretation. Causes too much arguing and rage.

I wish ZUN would just tell how Gensokyo really is.
No. 11190
When he tries, he's called a troll and he's ignored. He tried to make Gensokyo darker with Sympoisum of Mystic Eye or whatever the name is, and people all went buttdevastatedmad with it, saying "NO THIS IS NOT MY GENSOKYO FUCK YOU YOU FOUR EYED BEER SUCKER!"
No. 11191
I'm really glad you guys aren't in charge of Touhou.
No. 11194
That's what the only guy in charge of Touhou is doing. Drinking beers with germanfags. And no, I'm not jealous.
No. 11195
I'm just extremely mad.
No. 11200
Not really as Akyuu and the Tengu reporters are not the most unbiased views and the truest view of things (the symposium suggests a working balance of peace with a few flaws)
No. 11216
Where did you get those photos?
No. 11218
4chan's /jp/. If you check ZUN's twitter, he posted a link to a thread about him going around in Germany.
No. 11226
It's this thread: http://boards.4chan.org/jp/res/9111585
No. 11232
>Meh. Moving a few times faster than the speed of sound is kinda par for the course in Gensoukyou. Youmu moves at 2000 km per some fraction of a second (however long it takes for her to make a single slash), and the other characters show up on that scale so they have to be moving around a hundredth or a thousandth of that speed. Which gives you somewhere between 2 and 20 km/s speed as the average Touhou speed, assuming it takes Youmu an entire second to make a slash (not too unlikely if it's more of a lunge), which is between Mach 6 and Mach 60. A pretty wide range, but given that Superman tends to hover around the speed of a bullet (Mach 1-3)... Well, there's enough uncertainty here that I'd just go ahead and put him at Gensoukyou average speed, he's in the same order of magnitude.

Choose where this text came from.
a. TvTropes
b. Danbooru
c. Spacebattles
No. 11233
There's a Superman comparaison, so it's not Danbooru. They're saying Gensoukyou instead of Gensokyo, so it's a bunch of weeaboo.
I bet it's TvTropes.
No. 11235
>And if you're going to say "need more concrete evidence," you're not going to get it, because, you know, Touhou. Is Touhou. Fanon is canon and canon is fanon.

And this text also came from:
a. Tvtropes
b. Danbooru
c. Spacebattles

Let's see if THP is sharp enough on its analysis of posting habits.

Oh, and only wusses use Google.

A little quiz to pass the time.
No. 11236
I don't know much about TvTropes, but that "lol touhou fanon" shit makes me think it's SpaceBattles.
No. 11254
So, I've been reading UD's biography and I found out about this "Another Dream" drama.

Apparently, Ranmilia (the same guy who YAF drove out back then?) totally bashed that collection of Touhou short stories, saying that it's absolute crap or something.

Anyone wants to clarify about this?
No. 11255
>Another Dream Issue 2
>Artists: Wong, MidnightSun, Kaorin, MaullarMaullar, Nameless Fairy, Tako-Y, VIVItheHeiwa

No. 11260
that has a generally bad rep around here.

MaullarMaullar has improved as an artist... though his art still isn't exceptional and I doubt his writing has gotten better.
No. 11272
The guy who made that post goes by the screenname linkhyrule5. The discussion was about Superman in Gensokyo, and quickly went from that to discussion about spandex (Supermans costume), to a discussion about the characters in IN, to a quick discussion about the a patch for the fangame "Youyou Kengeki Musou", which I'll put up a link for.

No. 11279
>While this thread isn't exactly on the subject I'm about to derail it to, there's another fandom that's almost equally as disturbing.

>I am speaking of Touhou, of course. The rabid fans of Touhou are -exactly- like furries, minus all the "fursecution" drama.

>-They enjoy putting the Touhou girls into sexual situations, and you can indeed find a lot of creepy sex-related artwork related to them.

>Either search Touhou on Gelbooru or Danbooru, or look at the 18+ section of this site and you have your evidence of this:
>I shouldn't really have to mention evidence for how this is also true of furries. There is almost as much furry porn on the internet as hentai. YMMV if this is a bad thing or not.
>-They try forcing anything they touch to their personal tastes. Team Fortress 2 is a perfect example; there was a group a while back dedicated to converting the character models into the Touhou girls. If I'm not mistaken, furries have long-since done the same thing, well before the Touhou models were even a thought.
>-They will cry ridiculously hard if you insult them or their fandom in a blind rage. Much like furries.

>While Furries and Touhou are two completely unrelated fandoms, the similarities are eerily similar.

Congrats, /at/, you're compared to furries now.
No. 11280
Don't care about that game.

Now where's the translation patch for the new Super Touhou Wars?
No. 11281
It won't be for a while as it's more text heavy and I think the translators are waiting until the final patch is released before translating anything as the last GST game when it first came out was missing some things before it got 20+ patches.
No. 11282
More waiting then.

I'll just play Maristice in the meantime.
No. 11294
Not that there isn't any overlap. After TAIL FEEL GOOD, are you at all surprised?
No. 11297
>-They will cry ridiculously hard if you insult them or their fandom in a blind rage. Much like furries.

Fortunately this part isn't (always) true, because I really don't care at all what that guy thinks of me for liking touhou porn.
No. 11298
That's the way, son!

After all, why would you care about the opinion of some dude you're never going to meet IRL?
No. 11299
Tv Tropes

Did I win?
No. 11300
Sorry son, they're both from Spacebattles.


>...I'm gonna have to be the first dislike here. The entirety of Ten Desires just didn't sit too well with me. For many reasons.

>Pertaining specifically to this song, it's very mediocre for a Touhou boss theme. Especially compared to other Stage 6 boss themes, where it's extremely weak and easily the worst of them all.

Okay, I can see your point, though I don't necessarily agree with it.

>That and I found Miko to be a grotesquely unlikeable character.

No. 11301
>That and I found Miko to be a grotesquely unlikeable character.
Nice opinion here chap. Mind if I find SpaceBattles to be a grotesquely unlikeable bunch of faggots?
No. 11302
Faggots you say? Kind of reminds me of the chaps in /blue/.
No. 11303
So I herd ya had a faggot here? Mind showing me the way?
No. 11304
I wonder where he was going with that, though I was sort of Neutral on Miko until SoPM came out, which disproved any sort of possible scheming streak.
No. 11319
He probably views Miko as a racist person who wants to persecute youkai.
No. 11327
>It is not that I am doubting everything, but a celestial who would accept the rebuilding popping out right after the quake only destroying the shrine; I must say this story is sounding a bit too good. It would do a serious damage to Gensokyo if something happens to the shrine.

So, what was Tenshi doing, destroying the shrine only to rebuild it again?

Maybe it was an accident on her part or something.

At least she had become less bratty than before. Reimu didn't need to hunt her down to force her to rebuild the shrine.

Character development? On my Touhous?
No. 11330
>So, what was Tenshi doing, destroying the shrine only to rebuild it again?

Play Yukari's scenario, for God's sake.
No. 11338
You mean this?

>I know.
>Your clan holds its own shrines.
>You renovated the shrine to suit your tastes
>and conspired to add one more place for you to live, didn't you?

Yeah, I've forgotten about that actually. Been a long time since I've played SWR.

Well, that's a weird reason.


>Huhuhu, the filthy earth-crawling youkai said some delightful things!

Oh Tenshi. You and your likeable arrogance.
No. 11341
if you noticed the date, it's during SWR. The articles in SoPM go all over the place from recent (Rin and Yoshika) to pretty old (Momiji's)
No. 11342
Hang on, how many time was the shrine destroyed?
Tenshi destroyed it first with an earthquake, and made a little closet to live peacefully, Yukari destroyed it, and then Suika rebuilt it.
No. 11380
I want to yell myself who can't press the goddamn X button even when it's clear that a bullet is coming to me and I can't dodge it.


Alright, I'm done.
No. 11382
>I've been considering shrinemaiden lately. Patchouli's Library to be more specific. It is hundreds of times more friendly (and tolerable) than 4-ch-- I mean, touhou-project.
No. 11383
Stuttering over the Internet, is he? How cute. And by cute, I mean retarded.
No. 11386

>Not knowing what stuttering means

>Calling others retarded
No. 11391
It's impossible to deny that this site does get excessively hostile at times.
No. 11392
I am more than fine being called not nice. We're generally blunt about opinions and criticisms and really that's the way it should be when dealing with fanfiction. Given the nature of CYOAs it's naturally a bit of a circlejerk but imagine how bad it would be if we were never critical. The truth is harsh but it allows us to have nicer things. Besides almost no one is a jerk for the sake of being a jerk and those people tend to get put into place anyways.
No. 11394

The main thing that bothers me about this site is - well, not the site, specifically, but some of the people, the "big names". There's a certain degree of grudgebearing and toxicity towards people around here that's frankly disgusting and only detrimental to the atmosphere of the site. The number of feuds that exist around here is worse than... well, a lot of real-world stuff.

If this site didn't have some frankly awesome stories both already written and in progress, I'd have packed my bags and moved a long time ago. As it stands, I have to grit my teeth whenever I see people shitting in other people's threads just to further their own agenda of hate.

That being said, I'm not saying we go all FF.net and praise shitty works. I'm still all for telling a terrible writer to shape the fuck up, or mocking a new Anon for not bothering to read any of the rules or conventions before making a first post. Vitriol where vitriol is due.

No. 11395
>grudgebearing and toxicity
Yes, that is one of the worst parts about the community. But I don't think it's something that spills over everywhere. For the most part it's behind the scenes in IRC or in threads here in /blue/. Yeah, we'd be much better off without these attitudes or clashes but you can't really change how people are.

>people shitting in other people's threads just to further their own agenda of hate.
I don't see this happening very often. The prominent examples are Kahi and Demetrious but, to be fair, they bring a lot of the crap on themselves. All they have to do is tell people to knock if off and, if they don't, that's where the moderators step in. It's never been allowed to shit up a thread just because you feel like it and, for example, the people that cry bloody murder over spacebattles and denigrate everything and everyone in Kahi's threads have been told to knock it off or risk bans.

All you really can do is not behave like an ass yourself and encourage others to do the same. You can't get rid of a bile-spewing minority but you can manage them.
No. 11396
There's a difference between due criticism and being an asshole for its own sake. It's this sort of thing that causes dropped stories. And it's not always "lolthin skin" but rather: would you want to write for a bunch of abusive assholes? People around here seem to take too much glee in being assholes.

Criticism: Pointing out flaws in a neutral, slightly friendly fashion
Being an asshole: Yelling at them about how badly they suck.

Oh indeed, there seems to be some real nasty decay in the spirit of some people around here. It's little wonder why that guy compared us to 4-chan.
No. 11397
>There's a certain degree of grudgebearing and toxicity towards people around here that's frankly disgusting and only detrimental to the atmosphere of the site
Hey, I’m a target for a lot of these and you don’t see me whinging and whining about it, do you? Just let it all lie, dudeski. That’s the way to deal w/it. I couldn’t care less if someone thinks I’m a huge faggot, a huge hack, or if my mother’s a hamster. I’m not here for anyone’s evaluation, love, or to be famous. I’m here to have fun writing magical girl tits stories and let others have fun fapping to reading them.

What’s the opinion of a random person on the internet to you? So what if he doesn’t like what you like? What if he’s just trying to get a rise of you? Will his venomous dislike affect you in any way? Well, it shouldn’t.

I’m not saying to ignore all examples of negativity, but I am saying not to let them bother you. It’s the bloody internet. Idiots are aplenty. What do you care what they have to say? Oh, they don’t like your touhoe/story/vote/write-in/preference in dickgirls, boo-bloody-fucking-hoo. Have constructive dialogue with those capable of forming a coherent argument: those are the valuable discussions you can improve from. Never mind the halftwitted rest.
No. 11399
I'm both >>11392 and >>11395.

>>11397 has it nailed here. You just can't let it bother you that there are assholes. They will always exist. Concentrate on engaging people who have something constructive to say. Don't be a dick for no good reason. I don't care for YAF in the least on a personal level nor for his usual groan-worthy antics. But I don't see any good reason to bring it up usually. My words and actions speak for themselves just like his do for him. That's enough for me. Getting too hung up about someone is simply childish.
No. 11400
>Being an asshole: Yelling at them about how badly they suck.
There's also the "I haven't read your stories that I heard that they suck" kind of asshole.
No. 11401
Not everyone is quite desensitized to people being deplorable basement dwellers. It's not like in the old days were people were confirmed 4chan stock... though this negativity didn't exist back then.

Ignoring the problem will not solve it and your line of thinking would only lead to the site having nothing but sociopathic assholes who are as such for no good reason.

>Don't be a dick for no good reason.
>Getting too hung up about someone is simply childish.

Good luck telling the guilty parties those things as they're never going to listen.
No. 11402
>It's not like in the old days were people were confirmed 4chan stock
And if they’re not now, so what? What does it matter where an idiot comes from? Are they suddenly acceptable if they come from place X rather than Y or somewhere unknown?
All right, look here, my sweet friend. Ignoring a moron may not fix him, but it does solve the problem of him deriving motivation to continue being a moron from having people react and interact with him. You aren’t fixing the world, but you are fixing yourself a calmer place on the internet and your own nerves by not. Giving. Him. A reason. To keep talking.
Let him have his voice. And then when he’s done, just nod and smile, nod and smile. Let him have the right. But don’t engage him in discussion. It won’t take anything away from you to simply walk away. Yes, I know, “BUT HE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!!!!11oneone” Well, tough shite, nobody gives a fuck. Except you. Stop giving fucks. You’ll catch an STD. Or worse, the idiot virus.
No. 11403
>I don't care for YAF in the least on a personal level nor for his usual groan-worthy antics. But I don't see any good reason to bring it up usually. My words and actions speak for themselves just like his do for him.
Ooo, you startin’, mate? You startin’? You callin’ me a jerk and a clown? Them’s fighting words, you know! Won’t let nobody tell the truth to my face and walk away! DUKES UP.
No. 11404
If you have a problem with someone, the best course of action is to print this document, to fill it properly, and then to understand how stupid you look, filling a document because someone you'll probably never meet or never see made you mad.
No. 11405
Hey, Hartmann-man, you saggy old tit. I think your favourite 2hu SUCKS. What you gonna do, man? What you gonna do?
No. 11406
I say that as people from 4chan are desensitized to things than most. Many of the writers are pretty fresh to what 4channers consider normal.

Ignoring them only encourages them to do worse things, things that a mod can't magically undo. They can ban the sagebomber and remove said posts, but the stigma of being sagebombed would likely remain.

And then there's others' opinions being affected. A typical writer doesn't have your force of will/Smug pompous bravado to really resist someone starting shit/twisting opinions.

And in response to your likely response "Then they're too weak", it'd lead to a self perpetuating cycle that will result in this site's death. Then again I wouldn't be surprised if you went about being closely associated with yet another site threatening incident and/or driving popular writer(s) off the board.
No. 11407
Ha, my dear Yian-Kut-Djatt.
What I am going to do? Nothing, because it's, like, your opinion. However, should you base your assumption on a few doujins you read, or on some corridors noises that you heard from the cousin of the dude that was friend with the guy that read SSiB and CoLA, then I'll get mad, for I can't stand people talking about things they don't know, for sheep they are, following someone else's tail, and unable to make their own opinion.

So, tell me, dearest chicken, do you know what you're talking about?

And don't call me Hartmann, I have a reputation to uphold.
No. 11408
I never even so much as glimpsed the covers of SSiB and CoLA. Nofuckgivenland represent.

Come @ me bra
No. 11409
No. 11410
>A typical writer doesn't have your force of will
A typical writer is an oversensitive homosexual, that what you’re saying? I’m neither better nor in any way stronger than, I dare think, the majority of writers on this site. You don’t see every single story thread getting plastered with the author’s sorry whining about the state of their thread, the state of the site, or the state of their butt at large... or some other way around. Anyway, it’s just a small, oversensitive minority that gets their panties in a bunch, and don’t you even tell me it’s otherwise because I’ll plug my ears and sing you the worst off-key rendition of “We Built This City” you’ve ever suffered.
No. 11411
See there you go calling them thin skinned. You seem to forget that being used to such things isn't considered normal in most other areas. If anything people like us would lumped in with the assholes.
No. 11412
Don't be so extreme. Writers aren't either overly senstitive, either thick-skinned veterans. Some of them are in the middle, and being constantly pestered may wear them out, or reinforce them. There's no way to know how a writefag will react, and being a dick won't magically turns Wimp McWeatherVane into a lion.
No. 11413
If I had to choose between THP as it is now and 'most other areas' of the internet, I know what I'd pick.
No. 11415
I'm angry that this thread is as non-THP as THP.
No. 11416
Also, if anything, those Wimp McWeatherVane dudes are probably the one giving us a bad rep, since we're basically telling them "QUIT CRYING/GET THICKER SKIN OR GTFO".
And at the same time, we're complaining that THP is dying.
No. 11417
that's part of the point I'm making: being a dick does more harm than good. Even moderate writers have their limits and with how this site can get, they may be hit.

A writer would only learn things through experience. It's impossible to get said experience if a bunch of bored assholes chase the writer in question off the site.
No. 11418
In some case, being chased by a bunch of Anons may force the writer to clench his teeth and do a come-back.
No. 11419
>being a dick does more harm than good
Of course, why would a dick care about doing good?
No. 11421
So wait, the worry here is that people will drive out new writers with insults and rage? I think that's quite unfounded. Looking at all the new stories across the boards, I can't find a single one where someone is being insulted or raged at for no reason. They're all being treated civilly - even the jokey stories in /th/ which I predicted would get flamed.

The cases of rage we've had were all exceptional and for specific reasons rather than random:
Kahi because of the perceived threat of spacebattles invading
YAF because of some ancient history or whatever
and Hartmann I don't know,but I was doing it because he insulted my favorite touhou. I'm done with that now, though.

THP is fine as it is. The only thing I'd change is the activity level: it could do with a little more people.
No. 11422
>Kahi because of the perceived threat of spacebattles invading
And also because he's writing a story on /others/, and people are thinking that he should move it to /at/. I don't know the details.
>Hartmann I don't know,but I was doing it because he insulted my favorite touhou
Tell me more about that. Which one is it?
If it's Koakuma, you're going to rage again very soon.
No. 11424
This is after an effort to cut down on the needless hostility on the boards (I can't exactly say the same for certain other places), the fear still lingers as such a thing is cited to have caused Harker to leave THP (Not so much in his thread but the site in general at the time)

People have been more productive in their criticism, but we haven't exactly fully removed the problem.

But what is true is what advice one might get if you ask an old time "Lurk moar". Reading up on the past is a novel thing, but it alone isn't enough. One should read current stories to get a feel of the current trends as well as passing on tales of mistakes made so they're not repeated.

>jokey stories on /th/
most consider /th/ a lost cause besides a few stories, that and most of these low quality stories are often short lived.

Perhaps once we get this issue fixed we might have more talent writing as fear of getting chewed out and the seemingly high standards tend intimidate all but the absolute hacks.

And if your favorite, does it concern a mix of wanting Wriggle to be a boy, drugging Wriggle, and Wriggle NTR?

YAF gets flak a bit because of his past, everything else is due to his pompous demeanor.
No. 11426
>What’s the opinion of a random person on the internet to you? So what if he doesn’t like what you like? What if he’s just trying to get a rise of you? Will his venomous dislike affect you in any way? Well, it shouldn’t.

One guy's opinion is basically worthless. However, when the guy's starting to "infect" others with his shitty opinions, it's time for you to act and stop that "infection".

Example: Moongirls, Tsundere Alice, -ze Marisa
No. 11427
Oh, yes, because when people have differents opinions, it's an infection.
No. 11428
>Perhaps once we get this issue fixed we might have more talent writing as fear of getting chewed out and the seemingly high standards tend intimidate all but the absolute hacks.
Not entirely sure if this was intentional, but you basically just insulted every new writer to the site.

And guys, there is a rage thread for THP stuff for a reason, we should take the discussion there.
No. 11429
Oh yes, it is, in our point of view.

That's why debates exist, to merge or correct those opinions into one.

I won't stay silent when people keep mocking things that I love. What am I, a retard?
No. 11434
My apologies as I didn't mean for the remark to be so sweeping. It's just that from what I saw... the ones bold enough to try more often than not...
No. 11435
>That's why debates exist, to merge or correct those opinions into one.

You've obviously never been in academia or politics. What happens at debates is that people focus on their differences rather than similarities. Enjoy your schools of thought and diversity.
No. 11447
it's only an infection if people start thinking like another person due to flimsy reasons.

Example "Popular writer A hates this guy, B" and due to his popularity, other people, often newcomers jump on board not because they have a reverence with guy B, but because Writer A is popular. But this isn't unique to THP, but various other internet dwellings.
No. 11449
I want to bitch about those people on Youtube who keep bringing up Touhou in non-Touhou related videos.

Gigyas boss battle? Comments about Nue or Flandre.
Kaguya in Okami? Comments about the Kaguya in Touhou.
No. 11454
the latter isn't too far out there as both Kaguyas are based on the same myth.
No. 11456
But nobody will ever refer to Evil Eye Sigma on a video of Vaati.

Everyone knows the Windows characters, but PC-98 characters are, in general, mostly unknown, with a few exceptions (such as Mima). I mean even the nameless midbosses in the Windows games are far better known than, say, Meira. With the possible exception of that one non-humanoid spirit in Ten Desires stage 1.

Speaking of which, does that spirit have a fan nickname yet?
No. 11458
Nope I think it's just called a spirit and nothing more.

A major issue with PC-98 games is their age and supposed inaccessibility. You'd think people would jump at the chance to use most of the character however they wish (most characters have very little characterization)
No. 11469
Why settle for an almost blank slate when you can have a completely blank one?
No. 11470
I'd like to take a moment of your time to rage about the word 'anyways'.

It's 'anyway', not 'anyways', you fucking retards. Seriously, what's the fucking point of pluralising an abverb when it doesn't even change the meaning? It just makes you sound like a empty-headed dimwit who I can't take seriously your characters in stories too, writefags. If you use the word 'anyways', are over the age of 14, and aren't being ironic or trolling, please kindly rethink your lifedonate all your money to charity and die in a fire.

No. 11471
It does change the meaning. Your post is proof.
No. 11472
You're so silly anon.

Anyways, Fuck homestuck. I dont even need to say why.
No. 11473
>Fuck homestuck
yeaH, Fuck homestuck and its Random capitalizations.
No. 11474
Your bitching makes anon's bitching of Spacebattles seem reasonable.
No. 11475
How can we be sure that you're not from SpaceBattles yourself? How can we be sure that you and >>11470 aren't the same person? How can we be sure that you're not conspiring to improve SpaceBattles' horrible reputation?
No. 11484
>and Hartmann, I don't know
Because when he first showed around here and began writing, it was hilariously horrible. He's gotten better over time, dare I say his latest story is actually enjoyable to read, but people are never going to let go of his roots with this website. Granted, english isn't the mans first language, so you have to give him some credit.
No. 11486
For some idea of this, look at /guyfromblue/'s story (the non-proofread sections). Hartmann, when he went by that name, was worse than that.
No. 11492
Part of it is also the attitude he's prone to having when people try talking to him, even to help him. Kahi in odd contrast doesn't seem to have much of an attitude from what's been observed.
No. 11494
why did you mention kahi. it wasn't relevant to your point at all.
No. 11496
Why are you unable to use proper capitals? That makes your post irrelevant.
No. 11499
No. 11501
That, and there's also the fact that when I finished my first story, I became overconfident (arrogant would be a better word), leading to me disregarding advices, and thus acquiring a horrible reputation.

And THP Anon is like an elephant, it never forget. In fact, it's like a whole mob of elephants. A whole mob of undead elephants.
No. 11506
>And with that faith Utusho's now divine subtyping happens and now she IS a Goddess. The Goddess of the Atom. Spacebattlers get on your knees and worship your goddess.
No. 11507
I want to rage about SENs in Tribes: Ascend.

What the fuck is up with those? Why are there 3-5 SENs in every fucking game just standing there and ruining fun for everyone else? And don’t even you dare go HURR DURR BUT SNIPERS ARE LEGIT CLASSES, YOU JUST MAD. No, fuck you. When a sniper engages you over long distances, you have no way to retaliate. This is NOT fair, especially not in a multiplayer competitive game.

You may be the best player in the world, but when the sniper is perched on a hill a thousand bloody miles away and slowly shaving off your health bar, what can you do? Fucking nothing but run and hide. That’s NOT fun, NOT fair and definitely not fucking balanced. A light can take a heavy in head-to-head combat with enough skill and cunning, but nobody can beat a sniper, unless you sneak up on them and kill them, but even then they’ll respawn in 5 seconds with full health and ammo and be all HURR I SHOOT U AGEN.

And yes, they have their own niche role in the game: picking off FCs that are going too fast for the chasers, but guess what? THEY NEVER FUCKING DO THAT. I’ve seen snipers let a FC away because that medium half the map away that’s doing absolutely fucking nothing to endanger our team has only a sliver of HP left and they want to improve their K/D ratio. K/D ratio. IN A TEAM-BASED OBJECTIVE GAME.

I’ll take a head-on duel with an equally skilled player where we both have equal chances of winning any day. But snipers? That shit is just flag-on-head retarded.

Snipers ruin online games.
No. 11508
Oh, and their SMG? Superb damage, fucking RETARDED quick fire rate, shakes your screen like a motherfucker: PERFECT duelling weapon. Why the fuck does a SNIPER CLASS have an outstanding duelling weapon?

What were they thinking?
No. 11509
You think Tribes' snipers are awful? Bitch, please, you can still sneak on them and be fast enough to surprise them.
If you want real pain, try playing Team Fortress 2 on a mario kart server. You have 3 seconds to leave the spawn, after that you take a bullet to the head or an arrow to the knee, and you're forced to watch the annoying dumbass who killed you rejoices and taunt. Add to this the fact that you can't slide in TF2, add the fact that your own snipers are too busy camping enemy spawnpoint to help, and the fact that your spies are always fucking idiots unable to use the dead ringer to properly surprise an enemy "oh but the kunai is a fine wepon" FUCK YOU THE KUNAI IS THE WORST THING EVER it's like trying to kill someone with a bolt, but without the crossbow! Go on, try anyway, we all know you're going to ragequit after saying "team suxx medic ur bad lol".

So what do you do? Obviously, everyone go spy to kill that pesky sniper, and he goes pyro because "lol everyon gangs up on me" and he kills everyone and he says "lol ur so bad no re kthxbye" and everyone blames each other, and of course, there's always that fucking F2P kid wasting a sniper slot by trying to shoot dudes through the spawnpoint's window pane, and when we gently explain him that's not how TF2 works, he's always screaming in his testicleless high-pitched voice "I DON'T CARE I JUST WANT TO PLAY TF2 BUT IT SUCKS AND IT'S ALL ABOUT HATS" and yes it's about hats. Don't love that? Suck it down and get the fuck away, we don't need morons snipers, especially on a pointless map like mario kart where the only goal is to have fun, but noooooo, there's always that one guy "fun is for faggots and nazis and pedophiles and thou shouldn't have" and he starts shooting someone and in 5 seconds it's war again and everyone is sniper, and I'm not talking about useful sniper, the one that helps you by dispatching medics or other snipers, nooooo, I'm talking about retarded sniper, the one that get killed 4534354354 times when trying to reach his camping point, that spawncamp the enemy, and that whines when he get ganged on, yes I'm talking about those fucking, idiotic, "fun is for faggots" kind of snipers.

And I'm not even talking about that fucking kukrit. Snipers are supposed to be weak at close combat, and yet, the sniper has more critical hit than the goddamn engineer.

And what's the only way to get rid of that asshole? Either going sniper yourself (implying CoD kids aren't monopolizing all the slots), or going spy to teach him how it feels to have a few bullets in your brain. In both case, you won't be able to help your team any more, turning you into the monster you were fighting, "monster" meaning in this case "useless moron taking one slot but not helping the team in a game called Team Fortress".

And if it's not enough, let me tell you about the asshole quick-scoping and the dumbass bodyshooter snipers. The quick-scoping is the more skilled of both, but perhaps the more frustrating. When you're getting near him, with your dildo ready and lubrified to plunge in his unsuspectig rectum, the quick-scoper does not switch to his SMG or his kukri. Instead of that, he'll use his rifle to headshot you, causing 150 instant damage. Enough to kill almost any class. The bodyshooter is a dumbass who, like YAF, "slowly [shaves] off your health bar". Not skilled enough to headshot you, and too stupid to wait for his rifle to be charged enough, the bodyshooter just spams and spams, wasting his ammo.

And you think that's not rage-inducing enough? Let me introduce you 2 differents sniping tactic. The first one, the more interesting and the more difficult to handle, is still quite simple: after each kill, you move from your current position to a different one. I remember playing on a deathmatch SDM map, sniper vs. sniper, and I used this tactic, winning very easily.
The second tactic is the more popular among fucktards, it's called "camping". "Camping" stands for "being a fucking pussy and not moving from his spot". Usually, a splayer using this tactic will ALWAYS use the same spot, even after being stabbed by a spy. Just hiding in the area is enough, he'll be happy with just moving his kukri, and he'll take out his rifle and he'll start shooting again.

And don't even get me started on the huntsbrokenhitboxman, mostly used by medievalfags. Or the machina, mostly used by spawncampers so that they can shoot 2 afks people at once, but not understanding that the machina is using a tracer bullet, this being the sniper's equivalent of a "I AM HERE" panel.
No. 12127
>The first one, the more interesting and the more difficult to handle, is still quite simple: after each kill, you move from your current position to a different one. I remember playing on a deathmatch SDM map, sniper vs. sniper, and I used this tactic, winning very easily.
Sounds reasonable to me.
No. 13214
It was sarcastic. Considering that most snipers are camping at the same place, that tactic is considered as extremely difficult.
No. 22493
If you're seeing this, I'm sure you were curious why Saitama was with Freakazoid who was wearing Rumia's ribbon. Well, honestly, I just felt like drawing a ribbon on a picture, and was looking for a suitable picture for this post.

If you are just reading this thread for no reason, well, you sure have a lot of free time.

Still, in all likelihood, this post will never be seen. It's for the best, as it might sully my name a bit, everyone learning the horrible truth, but, well... it is what it is.


Can I be Uwe Boll yet? Never much seen his stuff, but, well, y'know. I've heard the name, so it's something. ...Ignoring peoples typical disposition towards him. ...Actually haven't heard his name in quite some time, now that I think about it, so I'll just stay me.

Still, my philosophy of trying to inspire others and help others did cause me endless trouble. Honestly, I decided, during my second time of starting up writing, after stopping within the week the first time, that, so long as people enjoy my writing, I'd never stop. It's honestly extremely lonely, watching all the authors you ever knew die out. Even the one that inspired me stopped writing a year or two ago. We keep in contact, and he reads my stuff, even here, but, well... ...I never did stop trying. I eventually even reached the moon I was reaching for: I managed to cut my teeth and start writing here. You Moon Bitches guys are nice. Sure, it's been a teeny bit rough, but that's more due to the nature of the material than my own skills. I've always been overly ambitious, at least when it comes to my writing.

When I started, I was depressed, and it helped. I had pent up sexual energies, so I got rid of them in productive ways. I saw how inactive Fanfiction was, so, well... I decided to write every single day. What I could, even when I felt like I would keel over into the land of dreams.

I'm not sorry.

My daily updates didn't last forever, though. The updates slowed, my updates lengthened, I set up a different, easier regimen: 500 words every night, as often as I was able.

That more or less lasted two years. Then, in the fourth year, I rested. ...But, in truth, I kinda just hit a rut. To continue writing, I felt I had to edit my early works to be better. But, quite frankly, reading them was horribly painful. To the point that I just couldn't! So, I tried something else. I tried just rereading and editing, instead of major editing.

Keep in mind that it was a 200k word story. Only half of it was any good! I never managed to reach that half, though. I never managed to finish the second story, as what good is an author if they don't remember the distant past of the series they are writing?

But, honestly? I think 600k words of writing is nothing to sniff at. I wrote so much, I worked so hard, I wrote so hard and worked so much that I had to do something. Anything. I had to find something to rekindle me. Something to relight that burning passion.

So I wrote here, back in February. And then I started a second story that's on the fourth thread.

I might not be the best. I might never be the best. I might never even get close to biting into the heels of the author I now look up to. But, y'know what? I'll be the best not-best writer I can be, as long as I can. I reached the stars I shot for, and I gazed upon that bright abyss. And it looked upon me with kind eyes and an understanding smile.

The one that inspired me to write may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. His kind words, his constant encouragement... I wanted to, and still want to, share it with everyone I meet. I've found new inspiration, and someone to whisper horrible ideas in the ear of. My craziest ideas are quite intriguing, after all, if, y'know... rather horrific, bloody things.

But I'm tired. Tired of quitters. Tired of those authors that are horrible and quit so fast. Tired of those that ignore their fans' cries for more. Encore, encore, they say. And what do they get?


But still, when I first saw your words a couple years back, you made me laugh. Now that I see them again, I smile and face the bright horizon ahead, happy to... be happy. Happy to be on the other side of that dark tunnel of depression that detoured through Hell.

Happiness... such an odd thing. You'd think it'd be a given, but... it isn't always. I fought tooth and nail for happiness. When others are happy, I'm happy.

And I'm very happy.


Thank you. No, really. Thank you. Your words are... they are one of the greatest things I've heard from someone before. To know that, even if my words fell on deaf ears all this time as far as I knew, that they at least inspired someone.

I know not what you did with that inspiration, but even if it went unused, to be recognized in such a way... it honestly makes me happy, and makes me feel like it was all worth it.

But, then, all the wonderful things in my life came about because I wrote, so I was already thankful I went through this, sweating blood and tears.

Yes, that's right. Sweating tears.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.