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Azure is better anyways.

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Figured I'd recycle topic one to congratulate everyone on the succesful removal of J->E, the faggot is slain, and the cancer in the site is slowly receding.

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Ooh, he got banned?
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Most likely from bawwwwwing on IRC.
I wouldn't know, that is were the cancer does seem to group.
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But of course! But we've taken an inch from it!

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>Most likely from bawwwwwing on IRC.

IRC hates that guy, and would spit in his face while laughing uproariously if he actually showed up to whine.
No. 272
>on the succesful removal of J->E

Wait, what? I demand logs of the whole thing.
No. 276
Another one bites the dust.


Gentlemen, I salute you on our continued successes, but this is but step one. Once we cleanse the shit, we need to scrub down on the mediocre, tell those mid-tier writers what they're doing wrong. Either they get better or they get out.

For great justice.
No. 278
What mid tier writers? There isn't that much in the way of active writers these days.
No. 279

The point of this purge isn't to force all writefags to write like HY, Owen and Fallout Anon. Getting the shitty writefags out was all we needed to do.

If you try to attack any of the decent writefags the mods WILL get involved. It's already happened so don't try it.

And you can keep the anonymous is leigun shit on 7chan where it belongs.
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Well, the work is done, so it seems. Just wondering how many people it scared the shit out of them.
No. 281

7chan doesn't do shit, mostly.
It's all /i/.
No. 283

The sole reason 7chan still exists is because it's where all the invasion kids ran off to when Moot banned invasions from /b/.
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I'm beginning think if we collapsed the site into three boards, we'd only have one writer per board.

We should collapse the site into three boards.

/blue/ and /coriander/ should be two of the three.
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Too many, just combine them into one board /HY/
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276 here: Hey, I didn't mean any of that /b/ shit, but anon still has to let writers know what their failings are. We burn the shit, we polish the mediocre, it's a win win situation.

Given, the way to go about polishing is entirely different from burning shit, good 'ol honest critiques will get the job done. Apathy is what let shit breed, and apathy won't make the other stories better. Anon's gotta participate.

Also, don't take the internet too seriously, it's perfectly fine to have fun once in a while-
No. 294

Exactly that. Though it's no joking matter if there's people that follow such thinking. We've had one incident already and any hint of another will obviously be called upon.
No. 295
>Given, the way to go about polishing is entirely different from burning shit, good 'ol honest critiques will get the job done.

Yeah, no. I simply will not take the time nor make any effort to offer creative criticism and suggestions for improvement for stories that take 2+ weeks or more to update. Can I write a wall about how a story can be improved? Sure. Will I still do so if A) the story isn't going to be updated, or B) such suggestions will further delay an update already a month in the making? No fucking way.
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What about those that update frequently though?

>implying any stories update frequently.
No. 299
Those are the stories worth spending time on. I've done so before, and would gladly do more.

It's not that hard when you can count the number of stories that update regularly on one hand.