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You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you...?


Sanae stands in front of a large tree with no recollection of how she got there. The tree is surrounded by a forest, which one could assume to be the Forest of Magic. A dangerous place to be sure, but this part feels somehow even more menacing. The sky is purple, and feels as though it could reach out to grab her. Every last piece of flora looks like it could get up and make a run at you. Pools of white, sticky fluid form in places where there should be water, and a musky scent permeates the air.

The priestess doesn't like the feel of this place at all, but the forest shudders with anticipation. Sanae does the same out of fear.

There are three paths, one that leads down a path, one through the air, and one that leads through the underbrush. There's the option of going into the tree, but only a fool would do that, right?

[X]Go down the path.
[X]Take to the air.
[X]The underbrush seems safer.
[X]...What's with that tree...?

No. 9808
[X]Go down the path.

>You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you...?
Really? I didn't see one.

So this is a complete reset? No effects from the earlier rape? No daughter?
No. 9809
[X]The underbrush seems safer.
Second verse, same as the first~
No. 9810
[X] The underbrush seems safer.

Sticking to cover. With cover sticking to Sanae.
No. 9813
[X]Go down the path.
An underbrush? Come on!
No. 9814
[X]...What's with that tree...?
No. 9815
[X]Go down the path.
Did we try the path before? I forget.
No. 9816
I wonder if anyone's going to care about the plot this time or not.
No. 9822
[X] Go down the path.
No. 9827
What if I said I am tempted to vote the tree for the sole purpose of checking out whether or not what awaits inside has been "reset" along with the memories and everything.
No. 9830
[X] Go down the path.
No. 9832
The last time we had her go down the tree and then fly,so for this time for something (probably) different:
[X]The underbrush seems safer.
No. 9833
[x] Take to the air.
No. 9845
[X] The underbrush seems safer.

I think we haven't been there yet...
No. 9846
[X] Go down the path.
No. 9847
[X]The underbrush seems safer.

Wait, didn't we meet Kogasa the last time we went in the air? Or.. eh. Underbrush!
No. 9848
[X]Take to the air.
No. 9850
[X]The underbrush seems safer.

>You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you...?
Damn you, I've been scared of that maskman all my life
No. 9851
(For reference)
First Run:
Continuation of first run:

As for the choices at hand:
[X]The underbrush seems safer.

Mental note: violence didn't work too well last time . . .
No. 9856
the real problem last run was that near the end, Anon basically tossed Sane into rapeville.
No. 9858
Personally I think we should've just gone into the tree.
Tree over and over and over and see what happens.
No. 9860
[X]Go down the path.
No. 9861

While that would be interesting,it won't be a very good CYOA,so maybe we can ask S.L.D.T. to show us what would happen when Sanae keep go into that tree afterward when he's tired of writing or sometime after.
No. 9865
A request for the writer, once you're done with your story on /shrine/, please don't start another one or do a new run before you've finished the alchemist story as well. The update frequency of all of your stories goes down horrendously when you have more than one or two at most going on at the same time. Please think of the readers.
No. 9869
While going in over and over again would probably tax SLDT, I do wonder if we've triggered any new flags each time we restart. It'd be interesting how things might be different each runthrough.
No. 9888
Sanae considers her options for a moment. The air looks... off. That's putting it lightly though, since to her it feels like it could reach out and grab her at any moment. Obviously, she discards this idea.

Next is the tree. While it did draw her here, there's the simple fact that it somehow feels even worse than the surrounding area. The priestess shudders as she looks at it. It's enticing to say the least, but to her it feels as though if she enters she will never come back out. Another possibility discarded.

The underbrush doesn't feel quite so malevolent, yet at the same time there's a sense of familiarity there that just shouldn't be there. It still manages to be a viable-looking path, but for now she discards that idea too.

In this instance, Sanae sets off down the path toward what she hopes is the exit. Of all the options, this one seems the nicest as the stone is paved and kept clear, flowers of all sizes adorn the sides of the path, and best of all it keeps a modest distance between her and everything else. Or at the very least anything that comes at her will have to come out into the open first.

The floral scent is quite strong though, and grows to such a strength that she becomes a little air-headed. The miko fails to notice or even care as she walks along, happy that nothing bad has happened so far despite the clearly ominous nature of the forest. In fact, she even considers going off to smell or maybe even pick one of the smaller flowers.

If she doesn't, then there's another chance for course divergence. The air somehow feels a bit safer here, while the path starts to get overgrown by a different but not dissimilar type of plant that's growing on the side of the path. Finally, there's actually a clear path through the underbrush, though the priestess can't see where it leads.

[X]Stop and smell the flowers.
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.
-[X]Divert course to the undergrowth.
-[X]Just keep walking~
No. 9890
[X]Stop and smell the flowers.
No. 9892
Are we gonna try to survive and figure out what's going on this time, or are we going for more Sanae rape hour?
No. 9893
I'm just going for the rape hour.

Feel free and try to figure it out if you really want.
No. 9894
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.
We already had Rape tour. As good as the scenes are, I long for some answers.
No. 9895
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.

I'd rather get to the bottom of this. If you want rape, there's like a gabillion doujins about that.
No. 9898
[x] Keep on walking.
-[x] Take to the air, clear your head.
I think we can have both in this one.
No. 9899
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.
Let's see if we will get Kogasa to help(?) us again this time.
Then again,the last time she didn't show up...
No. 9900
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.
No. 9905
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.
In before it's a tengu trap!

No. 9910
[X]Keep on walking.
-[X]Take to the air, clear your head.
No. 9923
SLDT passed along a message that he has to house-sit a sick cat for the next few days. As such, he's away from his computer, so no updates. Things should resume soon.
He does have semi-access using a Wii and keyboard, but he's had trouble connecting to THP on it. If anyone has a solution, let him know.
No. 9928
This is not actually SLDT--it took a bit of juggling, but he managed to get the update written in pastebin to then be put here. Here's his post.

Sanae almost walks over to the flowers in a floral scent induced haze, but stops herself well before she actually gets to them. For some reason, she feels uneasy around these innocuous flowers despite the fact that she feels no threat from them. She shakes her head once as she tries to bully her mind into doing some actual thinking before deciding that she's spent enough time down here and takes to the air.

The air above is much fresher than in the midst of those flowers, giving the miko valuable time to get over whatever it was she was breathing in. She hoped that whatever it was she breathed in would wear off before she ran into something else, but fate would not be so kind to her this time. A large flying insect not unlike a bee rose from the treetops to pursue her. The priestess is wholly unaware of this as she flies forward. She also happens to be much slower than the thing coming up to meet her from behind. The only saving grace here is that she feels slightly uneasy, though she could easily dismiss that feeling if she so chose.

In the event she chooses not to ignore her gut instinct, she looks around her to determine the best course of action. The air ahead looks thicker than what she's been flying through, so she may not be able to pass through it so easily. The path isn't quite as overgrown as before, being much clearer and lacking plants of any kind for the moment, and the undergrowth looks like it's become some sort of reed thicket and would be easy to lose something in.

[X]Just ignore it.
[X]...Better change course.
-[X]Keep going through the air.
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.
-[X]Maybe it'd be better to hide in those reeds...
No. 9929
[X]...Better change course.
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.

Do Not Want Bee Rape.
No. 9931
[X]...Better change course.
-[X] I don't like it up here, I should land.

Let's see how long we can go without the "horrible" rape.
No. 9933
[X]...Better change course.
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.
Do want bee rape,but want to try get her out babies-free(a bit)more.
No. 9934
[X]...Better change course. .
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.
Bee rape? Interesting, but another time. Let's see how far we can keep a perfect score.
No. 9935
[x] Just ignore it.
The token vote for this option.
No. 9945
[X]...Better change course. .
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.
No. 9948
Lo and behold, THP is working for me again after more than a week of not being able to get on via the Wii! Updates should pick up speed accordingly unless the site stops working again.
No. 9959
[X]...Better change course.
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.
No. 9960
[X]...Better change course.
-[X]I don't like it up here, I should land.
No. 9961
Result of roll 1d100: 100.

Something feels off again. Very, very off. So off in fact that Sanae takes a sudden dive through a particularly thick patch of tree canopy just to shake whatever that bad feeling is. She then lands and sprints off along the path without ever seeing the bee-like insect getting caught in the branches.

Had anyone taken a closer look, they'd note that the brances are in fact covered in tree sap and have caught the insect in it. Various vines reach out and probe the creature before slowly retreating in a manner that suggests disappointment. A tiny miracle happened here, but one should not count on them to occur every time.

Sanae herself finally slows down after putting a considerable distance between herself and whatever caused that bad feeling. Once again there seem to be a few flowers, but they're not producing the same smell as before and are much more sparse than before. Nothing appears to be moving at all in this particular part of the path, almost as though it were a small part of the normal forest of magic that happens to have shown up here just to give her another free ride. She walks forward with the intent to continue, each step leaving a shallow footstep in the path.

The air ahead seems to be undecided in what it's going to be like. Most people might have missed it but the miko can see how turbulent it is without any appreciable effort whatsoever. Heading up there might be a risk, but at the same time she doubts anything else would go up there either. The path ahead once again looks clear, but she thinks she can see something moving just on the edge of the path. The underbrush is no longer a reed thicket, but a fairly clear dirt path that seems to veer away from the main path. While it's a risk to go down it, it'll also bypass whatever may be waiting in the main path ahead.

[X]Course selection:
-[X]Stick to the path.
-[X]Take a chance in the air.
-[X]It's clear enough in that dirt path, just keep an open eye out for whatever may be there.
No. 9962
Lucky break!

[X]Course selection:
-[X]It's clear enough in that dirt path, just keep an open eye out for whatever may be there.
No. 9964
[X]Course selection:
-[X]Take a chance in the air.
Third time's a charm,and one can't have third without second.
No. 9966
[X]Course selection:
-[X]It's clear enough in that dirt path, just keep an open eye out for whatever may be there.
No. 9968
[X]Course selection:
-[X]It's clear enough in that dirt path, just keep an open eye out for whatever may be there.
No. 9969
[x]Course selection:
-[x]It's clear enough in that dirt path, just keep an open eye out for whatever may be there.
No. 9973
[X]Course selection:
-[X]It's clear enough in that dirt path, just keep an open eye out for whatever may be there.
No. 10258
Looks like you've got a few fans there.
No. 10259
Nah,that's just another(awfully terrible) tentacle rape doujin.The closest thing to IMN in that is just some rapey frogs.
No. 10300
>awfully terrible
Don't like the art style?
No. 10301
The story,a bit too much for 10-ish Sanae for me.
Also,that cat is apparently seriously sick.
No. 10303
I can't really apologize for the delay, I just can't. I haven't had any serious drive to write at all, which is the real reason this is taking so long. Also, you may want to be more observant next time. The smallest details can lead to escape or rape depending on how much attention you pay. No free hints, by the way.

1d100= 11 Also kinda surprised no one's asked about the dice rolls.


The priestess considers her options, and quite frankly none of them appeal to her. Something definitely up ahead, and since she doesn't have her powers (aside from flight), she can't deal with anything that'd actually attack her. The sky just plain old looks wrong, and even without her powers as a wind priestess she can see that trying to pass through it would only end in tears. That left the dirt path, which out of the three has the least sense of foreboding. There's still danger, just less of it.

Sanae turns to go down that dirt path. Every step she takes seems to leave a deeper impression in the path than before, which is odd because the last time she checked this was made of stone.

She pauses, then whips around to look at the path.

Nothing. Everything is as it should be, save for those tiny depressions in the ground her feet left. She shudders as she steps backwards. She can't feel its presence, but she knows there's something here. "Alright, I know you're there. Are you going to keep messing with me or are you going to come out?" Her tone carried authority and command, but at the same time a cold sweat forms on her brow. "Well?" Undeterred, she keeps stepping back to get away from what's there.

That's when she tripped over her own two feet. She landed on her rear, and almost jumped. The reason for the word almost being used is because there's a large tentacle holding her down, and she only managed to leap forward an inch or so. As you might imagine, she tripped over another tentacle that's holding her ankle, and more are surfacing, wrapping around or latching onto every bit they can. They wound around her fingers, her neck (In a loose hold just strong enough to hold her down), her arms... Her legs were given special attention as the more sensitive tentacles spent their time winding around and feeling the smooth, hairless skin of the priestess, visibly shuddering as they stopped in places.

Said tentacles wound around her more and more until she was bound to the ground. A pair of suction-tipped tentacles wound around her ample breasts and latched onto them, swallowing them right down to the base while dissolving the cloth that stood between them and their goal. Sanae's breasts were squeezed and sucked on by those two tentacles until her nipples went erect. From there she was continually tweaked until her face, then her crotch, flushed red from the increase in blood flow to those areas.

The tentacles that wound around her legs began to move up, caressing every bit of skin they could lay themselves on. Some stopped at the inside of her thighs, while others moved up further. On slid down to her ass, taking the time to rub the rim of her anus. Three more gently rubbed her pussy lips together, causing her to feel strange... To feel... good...

Sensing weakness, two of the tentacles pulled her panties down just enough for her womanhood to be visible. A thin strand of love fluid connects a wet spot on the inside to her receptive pussy. The one destined to explore inside coated itself in the fluids present before sliding down to her ass and sharing that precious lubricant with the one rubbing her anus. The one committing that act made sure she was properly lubed before probing her. It then pushed its way in slowly, giving her body plenty of time to adjust as it pushed into her virgin ass, which in turn was constricting it fairly hard. To it, it had found heaven and longed to keep feeling this sensation. So it went in deeper.

Two tentacles pulled Sanae's pussy open, giving the one currently rubbing against her wet vagina easy entry into that hole. It slid in, cautious but very excited. Its thick circumference is having a hard time moving in deeper, eventually hitting a point where it could go no further. However, there was just a tiny bit of give to it...

Sanae herself was gasping for breath, helpless against the sensations washing over her. On the one hand, she despised this creature for taking what she had meant to give to whomever she would consider her one true love. On the other hand, she loved this feeling and was curious about what would happen if she left it be. She was in no position to stop it, so she was left to fume as it pushed against her hymen. She could feel the one in her ass diving quite a ways in, and somehow not hating the feeling. The one going in the front door was being exceedingly careful. It wasn't tearing her down, but pushing in with an ease that no man could ever hope to match. Her hands clamped down on the tentacles binding them out of reaction when it made the final push, then relaxed into her binds as an even stronger wave of pleasure washed away the pain. She felt the tentacle push all the way into her womb, at which point it and the one in her ass began to pull out. She almost sighed in dissapointment until they pushed back in. When they did, another wave washed over her. Her half-bitter, half-curious expression simply made this look like very awkward sex until both tentacles pushed in with greater speed. Her broken hymen was a bit sore, but she was too worked up to want this to end now. Her curiosity was getting the better of her, and the bitterness melted away into pleasure.

To her, there was no sound aside from the lewd, wet noise of tentacles thrusting into her body and the excited tentacles winding and slithering around her. Each thrust caused her mind to sink deeper into a pleasure-induced haze, until she seemed incapable of coherent thought. Her cries and moans could be heard from a fair distance away as the tentacles hit a fever pitch.

Then suddenly, her inner walls clamped down on them, and her mind went blank as she came all over them. Her thick, wet love juices soaked the tentacles around her crotch, and in turn, they ejectulated in her, staining her womb and her intestine with their seed.

Her mind went blank for a few minutes, during which the tentacles loosened their grip on her without detaching or pulling out. She has good stamina, but her first time has left her a bit sleepy. What will she do?

[X]Pull away and keep going.
[X]Stay right here~
[X]Rest for a while...
No. 10304
[X]Rest for a while...

Go with the ellipses.

By the way, what's the difference between staying and resting anyway? Both of them just essentially mean she'll be right where she was when the next thing came up.
No. 10305
[X]Pull away and keep going.
Welp,there goes the hymen.Oh well,what's the stat on her sanity(right?)now?
And since you bring that dice up,I just think it's some kind of role against encounter table.
It's probably a difference between able to see what's coming and unable to and so,can't react to changing situation.
No. 10306
[x] Pull away and keep going.
No. 10307
[X]Pull away and keep going.
So I guess it's not up to us anymore to finish this successfulness eh?
Oh well.
No. 10310
[X]Rest for a while...
No. 10311
[X]Pull away and keep going.
No. 10314
[X]Pull away and keep going.
If you're rolling dice, it means something's up to chance. I hate that. On the other hand, you also implied there's some way to predict where each choice leads...but it's either ludicrously subtle or there's some code hidden in there. Ugh.

Are we still affected by the previous runs? Sanae really went to feel-good mode almost immediately.
No. 10315
[X]Pull away and keep going.
No. 10328
[X]Pull away and keep going.
No. 10376
[X]Pull away and keep going.
No. 10659
Oh yeah, I write this don't I?


Sanae blinks a couple of times as she weighs her options. On the one hand, she could pull away and continue. On the other, she could just surrender and let herself be raped again and/or pulled into some little fleshy prison where she'd be stored for the rest of her life. That's only if the tentacles don't have some kind of Fountain of Youth effect. If they do...

The preistess shudders at the thought. Being trapped and raped until the end of time and then some was not her idea of a good time. She started pulling the near-limp tentacles out of herself, then worked on detangling herself from the inert mass. The cum her body refused to hold began to leak out in the meantime, making her grimace once again. Everything would know where to find her if she dripped a constant trail of white.

Free, half-naked and feeling quite violated, Sanae heads down the dirt path and away from whatever horrors await her. Hopefully.

The dirt path is lined with the sort-of-normal trees on the right, with their canopy keeping her safe from aerial attack. The brush is a bit thick, though nothing's moving, ensnaring her, or producing an overpowering musk to render her common sense useless. The thick rows of reeds on the left were a bit worrying though. Those weren't in sight earlier, and she's pretty sure they ended a fair ways back. Nothing's rustling in them or jumping out to attack, but something about the reed thicket is bothering the priestess. However, since she's certain she'd get the attention of something nasty if she jumped paths now, she chooses to take her chances with the odd reed thicket about three feet to the left of her.

That is, until she chances a look behind her and sees that the path behind her has a brand new reed thicket that couldn't have grown in the two minutes or so it took for her to get that far. That's when she started to pick up the pace.
No. 10672
You do write this.

I'd like it more if there were other characters. Even Sanae counts.
No. 10674
Agreed, some character interactions would definitely give it some spice. Too bad we'd lose a huge part of the isolation and desperation. Just look at the case with Kogasa.
No. 11236
Now then, I do believe that I have an update to do.

And trust me, Sanae isn't the only one involved in this. Interaction will occur at a later point, just not now.

Sanae's almost at her end anyway~


Sanae was running as fast as her legs would allow her. Her breath came in sharp pants, a result of her running from something for far too long. Her body was screaming at her both to stop and to keep moving, a double-standard demand that would normally be answered with flight. However, she dare not try it since it felt like everything was bearing down on her. Her mind is in full panic mode, and there's nothing she can do about it.

Of course, given the fact that there was a seemingly endless mass of blue-green, clear slime rushing after her, it made sense that she dare not stop. It was also fairly intelligent for slime as it was using itself to carefully herd its intended victim exactly where it wanted her to go. Namely, back into itself. To that end, it is slowly looping back around her to encircle her and trap her. It was spilling out onto the path in a wide arc and a faster speed than the mass chasing the priestess to accomplish this. It also made a point of ditching its reed disguise since there really is no point to it other than camoflage, which is now useless to it anyway.

The priestess' body was wearing itself out. She had been pushed off the path even further than before, so far that she can't even see it. The slime had kept hot on her heels the whole time, even lashing out at her from time to time to trip her, but she was having none of it. She was getting out of this on her own terms, and nothing will stop her from escaping this.

...If she weren't damn near ready to collapse that is.

Her body has been pushed to the utter limit over the last few minutes, and her fatigue is building up. Her stride is more forced, she's hot, sweaty, and sticky, and worst of all is that she's slowing down. Little by little it gains ground on her, until...

"H... *cough* HEY!" Sanae feels it engulf her legs to stop her in her tracks. Of course, it failed to stop any other part of her so she quickly fell face-first into the mass of slime that had built up around her. "Just stop! I'm tired, and I want to go home!" Her protests were ignored completely as her remaining clothes were stripped away. She did little more than grimace as she was flipped over, and sighed in disappointment when it began to play with her clit. "...Just get it over with..."

And so the naked priestess, who is engulfed by the slime, felt a thick protrusion enter her pussy and anus. She didn't even care anymore as both started to thrust into her, nor did she care that it covered her breasts and began to milk them like one might milk a cow. The phallic protrusions literally rubbed every soft bump inside her body, and yet she still did her best to not respond, to not give it the satisfaction.

Sensing this, it pulled out of her and held her upright for something that might help get her off that much more easily. Not a drug or an aphrodisiac, but the simple assumption of an attractive female form. The miko still felt sore and tired, and as such refused to even acknowledge her touch. "Why are you mad at me? I thought you'd be happy to see your daughter..." The slimegirl spoke in a voice not unlike Sanae's own, which made the priestess' heart stop for just a moment.

"D-daughter? When did I have a kid?! And the lovechild of such a lewd creature at that!" Panic resurfaced in her mind upon hearing those words, but it was an opening instead of a hinderance.

The slimegirl looks to her mother with forlorn eyes. "You really don't remember?" She hugs Sanae tightly, rubbing her soft, gooey breasts against the priestess' own in the process. "Then... Maybe I should help you remember!" Her sad tone was replaced with enthusiasm rather quickly as she pulled away from her mother. "I bet you don't remember because you're not in the right state of mind! You haven't felt my love strongly enough, so I'll send my feelings to you the way I know best!" She claps her hands together as she repositions her mother, then uses her own hands to spread her mother's legs. "This'll start to feel really good in no time at all, so please bear with me~"

The priestess was about to respond when the soft, slick lips of her 'daughter' kissed her pussy lips in a gentle, loving show of affection. Her daughter worked quickly, sliding her tongue in and out of the priestess while being sure to use her lips to gently tease the clit until it more or less spread Sanae's folds on its own.

"Wet already~" The daughter pulled away for a moment to comment on the rapid change before putting her mouth to her mother's womanhood once more. Unlike last time, she extends her tongue to push deep into her mother, letting her drink up her mother's love juices before they ever exit the body. Her thick, textured tongue started to elict a response from Sanae in the form of a quiet, tired moan. Upon hearing this the slime girl began to rub her mother's body down with a technique normally only usable by tentacles. This causes the priestess to relax a bit, which in turn causes her to relax into the fucking she's recieving.

The tongue slides in and out effortlessly now, as the priestess' body has become quite wet from the stimulation provided by her gooey daughter figure. Her body feels hot, and the musk she gives off is simply driving the slime girl wild. Each thrust is rough and hard, which is enough to set her drooling now that her mind has shoved all else aside. In fact, it felt so good that... "Ah!" She gasps once as her inner walls convulse once. She's ready, and so is her daughter. She tenses her body as her daughter dives in even faster, letting it build up to mind-meltingly wonderful levels before she cums straight into her daughter's waiting mouth.

Her daughter pulls out with a content look on her face, and a phallic protrusion on her crotch. Now the question is...

[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11238
[X]Spread yourself wide~

Incestuous slimegirl sex of the consensual variety?

There's only one option here.
No. 11246
[x] Spread yourself wide~
No. 11250

Not again. I won't let Sanae be repeatedly raped by this abomination.
No. 11254
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11255
Highly interesting to see an incest slimegirl action but:


Maybe next time,for now,I want Sanae to at least try harder to get out of the forest.
No. 11256
Oh man, this isn't a good sign...
No. 11258
[X] Resist

We all pretty much agreed to try our hardest to get out of the forest this time around.

No matter how futile it is.
No. 11260
Huh, you know there's a chance that we can convince our daughter to help us to get out. While noble, resisting can achieve nothing at this stage.
No. 11261
>Sanae's almost at her end anyway~
I thought that someone ELSE was at Sanae's end!

I'm conflicted. I want to vote [x]spread yourself wide~ but not if it leads to ??? END (restart), if it does I'd rather [X]resist.

Augh, uncertainty!
No. 11263
Holy shit, we make 1 bad choice (It was a good choice but with a bad dice roll... fucking chance) and we end up screwed up big time? (pun intented)
I'd be mad if I wasn't so happy. Hey, don't blame me, I'm a healthy young man.

No. 11272
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11273
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11279
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11282
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11298

We need to break this loop now, not get stuck in it again.
No. 11300
[X]Spread yourself wide
No. 11301
Ok sure
No. 11302
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11304
File 129961815591.jpg - (623.61KB , 900x900 , LETS JUST BE FRIENDS9827464.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Resist
No. 11308
[x] Resist
Yeah, as she said
No. 11315
[x] Resist
No. 11317
No. 11325
[X]Spread yourself wide~

And what makes you so sure that our lovely daughter isn't Sanae's best chance to get out of the forest?
No. 11327

Always place your trust in family. This man knows what's up.
No. 11328
Pattern recognition?
No. 11330
No. 11351
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11353
[X] Spread yourself wide~
No. 11356
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11357
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11359
[x] Resist

Any chance we could get votespam checks? The voting this round seems anomalous, to say the least.
No. 11368
[X]Spread yourself wide~

If the writer of Mind the Gap approves of it, then we must!
No. 11369
This is why we can't have nice things.
No. 11374
more like this is why we can't have writefags vote with their trips. Monkey see, monkey do.
No. 11377

I hope you're joking.
No. 11387
No. 11411
File 129972155923.jpg - (395.04KB , 900x900 , sanae YEAH!.jpg ) [iqdb]
On an unrelated note, I just caught the Zelda joke. Very appropriate, well done.
No. 11439

I was, actually. I'd have voted for that either way.
No. 11444
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11474
No. 11522
This story gives me a strong vibe of, say, Violated Heroine crossed with Fairy Fighting. But with Sanae instead of cute fairy or cute ninja girl.
No. 11552
[X]Spread yourself wide~
No. 11758
No. 11794
[X] Resist
No. 11801
No. 12081
You already voted, >>11255. Did you forget?
No. 12085
[ X ] Spread yourself wide~

No thinking involved. I just want it to happen.
No. 12096
Fight it. No surrender, no submission, no giving up, no matter what.
No. 12104
Polls are closed, and according to the vote count, it's...

Resist: 16
Give in: 18

Guess things are going to proceed to the next stage~

Though I must admit, I didn't think there were 34 separate voters reading this. Update will come a little later.
No. 12105
>give in wins
No. 12106
mix of a popular thing (Sanae smut) and the fact that Mind the Gap's slowed down.

Please try to finish the Eirin short in the other /at/ thread of yours sometime.
No. 12109
Son of a bitch...every time...

There's no way there's 34 people reading and voting for this. I'd be willing to bet that there's votespam sneaking in. I don't know what the admins do to prevent that, but there's always ways around things.
No. 12110
Dude, votespam check was done:
Only one case, for resist.
No. 12112
>but there's always ways around (those) things.
No. 12115
>There's no way there's 34 people reading and voting for this.
>Currently 1743 unique user posts.
And your basis for this claim is...?
No. 12116
There's no way this site has that many active users. No fucking way.
No. 12118
File 130157309488.png - (48.15KB , 751x679 , mediafire.png ) [iqdb]
Not that many, sure, but see the doujin upload thread? A doujin posted in there without being crossposted anywhere (that google can see) else ends up with 125-200 downloads.

The top three on this list were posted yesterday. Google doesn't show any cross posting, and links that do get crossposted typically end up well past 500 downloads.

There's a fuckload more than 34 people on /at/.
No. 12128
It most certainly is possible. At one point in my own story I had over 30-35 unique votes that cropped up within a day or two of my posting the choice. The skeptical part for me wasn't the number of votes, but how often you'd get a long chain of the same in a row.

If you wanted to be cynical as fuck you could assume people also asked their friends to vote.
No. 12129
Finding that many understanding friends to do such a vote? Yeah you're probably cynical.
No. 12132
There's a lot of lurkers here as >>12118 pointed out.

This particular branch of decisions probably provoked a few of them into acting for appealing to their various fetishes.
No. 12133
Eh. I'm probably just being bitter.
No. 12134
Stop being so jelly, Twitty.
No. 12140
No. 12260
The wind priestess feels absolutely no desire to resist this scenario, her will already broken through her 'daughter' pleasuring her in a manner that's clearly enjoyable to her. As a result, she puts a hand to her crotch and spreads her soaked lower lips wide for the slimegirl. The daughter holds Sanae close, pressing their busts and lips together as she lines herself up for insertion. The slime girl's bust actually engulfs her partner's breasts as she slides herself in, and the same goes for their clits. The wind priestess shudders as the slime girl's phallus bumps against her crevix, and wraps her legs around her partner's waist to keep her from going anywhere. Of course, the fact that Sanae is being pleasured by a slimegirl doesn't make her affectionate constriction a detriment since said slimegirl can simply shift her mass to thrust in and out, instead of the thoroughly inefficient system humans or more normal youkai use to reproduce.

The slime girl's influence is felt in other areas too, as Sanae bucks into the thrusting in time with her partner with near-mindless abandon, a result of her clit being played with just as much as she's being thrust into. Spurts of white milk leave her erect nipples and flow into the slime, vanishing like fog exposed to the sun. The priestess is also kiss-fed some of her partner's goo, which is simply making her even more excited, redder in the cheeks as she sucks down her partner's goo greedily. Her body is fighting to keep her 'daughter's phallus in her as well, practically clamping down on it with relentless force every time it tries to slide out. Her legs sink partway into the slimegirl as well since she's not exactly the most solid being there is. The slimegirl keeps pounding harder and harder, barely keeping form as she's overwhelmed with a sensation she's not entirely familiar with.

She's hardly done though, as her form hasn't even begun to tense up. Sanae's body is already at the breaking point though, as she quickly finds her body constricting the phallus for everything it's worth until she simply can't take it anymore. Her walls convulse as her love juices flow out, being sucked up by her partner within seconds. Her body relaxes for a few moments despite the slime's insistence on continuing, which results in her falling backwards onto the slime that's not hugging her tightly. This isn't an issue to anyone involved, as that just means it's easier for the main mass to penetrate her anus. The priestess moans as the slime goes for her unused hole, or at least the one not used yet in this particular encounter. The slimegirl opts to keep going at her own pace, a heavy blush forming on her face as she pulls away to give herself a better angle to pound her 'mother's wet hole. Her tongue hangs out as she does so, clearly enjoying this every bit as much as her partner.

Sanae's body is squirming like mad now, her body being assaulted on two fronts. She's unable to settle on what she wants to help pound into her, so she settles for just wriggling around in pleasure as she's milked and thrusted into thoroughly. Her mouth is unoccupied, so the clearing the slime created is now filled with the sounds of her moaning and crying out, serving to make the whole thing better for all involved. Better for the slime since it has found that it enjoys the sound, and better for Sanae since that's driving both points to a fever pitch. Eventually the protrusion in her ass cums in her, making her belly bulge a bit as it fills her rear to its limit. The 'daughter' comes shortly after that, inflating her 'mother' in a borderline out of control manner as she can't bring herself to stop cumming. The process of loading her partner up with her seed just felt too good to her.

The young slimegirl lays down on Sanae, laying off the milking for now in favor of laying on the priestess and preparing herself for round two...


"So~ You went and ruined that poor girl, didn't you?" Sanae finishes reading a piece of paper just in time to give you a good once-over. "I guess it can't be helped. Placing the fate of an innocent girl, free of sexual lust into your hands was like handing you the keys to the worlds most expensive car and telling you to bring it back." She sits on her chair with one leg crossed over the other, staring at you intently now. "But I suppose that's not so bad. That just means we get to move on to the true purpose of this story."

Sanae walks over to a filling cabinet and pulls out a rather large dossier containing information on countless people, but all people you know. "Sanae's story ended last run really. Her mental trip, her fall from grace... You lost your chance to find out the truth because you were so dead set on making sure she breaks. While I can't blame you at all, you really can't complain about the path you chose." She opens up the large folder and lays out sheets of paper all over her desk. "You see, this run still has a story, but it's different. There's more victims to be had, and more perpetrators. More writers that is. So now, you have a choice. Pick one." The fallen priestess gestures to the sheets, which detail... Women. "Don't forget to have fun~"

[X]Pick the next girl (Write in who you'd like to see in the forest next. No one is exempt from the list.)
No. 12262
[x] Iku
No. 12263
I'll just post here just once.

[X] Alice.

Perhaps a resident of the forest will fare better...

And no. >>12133 isn't me.
No. 12264
>MtG on hold
>Expecting plot to be followed in this

I need not say more.
No. 12265
Well,damn,but then again I guess there wasn't much we could do since the very first thing we have her do that last run was to go down that tree.
Okay,now for the next girl,a more powerful one could help,but her power could be render unusable due to writer's power,so for a girl with decent raw strength,sense,speed and low enough in overall power to still make things interesting;

[x] Inubashiri Momiji.

also,doggy gang rape scene.
No. 12266
[X] Yukari

No. 12267
[x] Alice.
No. 12268
[x] Inubashiri Momiji.

Yes please.
No. 12269
Fuck it. I can't read this anymore.
No. 12271
[x] Alice
No. 12272
[X] Yukari
No. 12273
Only because it'd be massively one-sided whichever way it goes.
No. 12275
Shikieiki Yamaxandu
No. 12297
Yukari again? Really?

[x]Remilia Scarlet.
Let's see how she fares.
No. 12299
[x] Koakuma

I want to see how a succubus, or at least demon, deals with this.
No. 12300
[x] Alice
Can't decide between Alice and Momiji so I'll make it a tie
No. 12302
[x] Yuuka
No. 12303
[x] Remilia Scarlet
No. 12304
I like the way you think my friend.
[X] Koakuma
No. 12307
[x] Koakuma
No. 12309
Sanae wrote the entire thing. She even mentions writers.
No. 12310
Sanae or Sanae? Either way, I don't buy this as just bored Touhous writing unoriginal erotic fanfiction or something. I wish I could, though.
No. 12312
That's too bad. Metaporn fetish makes all bad porn better.
No. 12316
As in more fapable, or...?
No. 12317
[X] Inubashiri Momiji
No. 12318
Take it easy... though I won't lie, I'm disappointed that I'm the only one who voted for Komachi.

Yukari- Not sure that would realistically work and even if it did, she'd end up enjoying it until she got bored.
No. 12322
[X] Rumia

Just for variety's sake. And I'd love to see that pairing for once.
No. 12323
[x] Remilia Scarlet
No. 12324
What pairing? Rumia and hordes of rape monsters isn't a pairing.
No. 12325
So you say
[x] Remilia
No. 12326
Are you ever going to finish the Eirin short in your other /at/ thread? You might as well before starting yet another run of this.
No. 12327
[x] Momiji
Changing since Alice apparently doesn't stand a chance
No. 12332
[X] Yukari

I was thinking about one of the Lunarian Princesses, but then thought 'how the heck would they get to Rape Forest anyway?'

There was a 'The More Pure Something Is, The More Satisfying It Is To Corrupt It' thought in there as well, due to all the "We Are Pure" thinking Lunarians have.
No. 12333
[x] Koakuma
No. 12334
I deleted my prior vote. If I vote for:

[x] Whatever is currently winning, unless it is Yukari.

Would you accept it?
No. 12340
No. 12341
[X] Alice.
No. 12342
[x] Koakuma
No. 12343
[x] Koakuma
No. 12345
Wouldn't that have zero effect on the outcome? Why wouldn't he accept it?
No. 12346
[x] Koakuma

It could be fun to see how a demon/succubus handles something like this. It would be pretty funny if sex just made her stronger. Knowing us, she'd be unstoppable after a while.

I'd be fine with Momiji, as well. Plus, she has a sword and shield, which may come in handy.
No. 12347
It's a vote against Yukari
No. 12348
No, it isn't. Whatever's winning is going to win whether he votes for it or not.
No. 12352

It's my way of saying 'Yukari option is shit, fuck that'.
No. 12359
Changing vote.
No. 12376
[x] Remilia.

Just out of curiosity to see how things end up.
No. 12378
[X] Koakuma
No. 12384

An intriguing thought.

[x] Koakuma
No. 12393
Don't do this.
Don't make the first Koakuma story on the site a fapfic. Please.
No. 12394
What is this, THP virginity concern? Does it really matter whether it's the first or the eleventh?
No. 12395
Koakuma is one of my favourite characters, I personally want to see how she gets portrayed once Mind the Gap gets to the SDM, but I'd happily read how she manages a stroll through the forest.
No. 12396

Hey, that's a good idea. I'll go start on that now. Koakuma focused short fapfic? Sounds good to me!

Aren't you excited, Anonymous?
No. 12397
No. 12398
Not him, but sod him, I'm excited. Koakuma is one of the most appealing Touhous.
No. 12400
In her forest, she is forced to watch others have sex while having none herself! A terrible punishment!
No. 12402
There is a Koakuma story on sdm?
No. 12405
I think K_S's SDM story ended on a Koa note, but that was a long time ago.

Get back in the crib you baby. Koa in the rape forest might like it and better than the duller choices presented.
No. 12407
>Get back in the crib you baby. Koa in the rape forest might like it and better than the duller choices presented.
Hush, you. Every Touhou is special.
No. 12412
What's wrong with Yukari?
No. 12414
She isn't quite a winning choice compared to Alice or Momiji. And it was to the point where I changed my vote from Komachi to her.

If you're overly concerned about Touhous not getting screwed senseless, then you shouldn't be in /at/ in the first place.
No. 12415
Porn doesn't have to have mind break, man.
No. 12416
I was responding to the "duller choices" remark. They're all wonderful little snowflakes with their own fans. Even Shizuha. Though I note none of her fans are actually present and willing to vote for her.
No. 12419

You can count my all encompassing vote against Yukari as a vote for Shizuha.
No. 12420
It does to me.
No. 12421
No you can't. Not until Shizuha actually starts winning, in any case.
No. 12422
No. 12424
I can't really describe why. It's just degrading.
No. 12426
Well, yes. It is degrading. I agree completely.

But why does being first matter? Wouldn't it be just as degrading if it was later? You do know there's tons of Koakuma porn elsewhere, do those not count for some bizarre reason?

I was concerned about filling this thread up until I realized he's probably going to start a new thread anyway.
No. 12427
Yeah, there's other Koakuma porn, but it's not here.

The first Koakuma-related thing on this site is going to be a fapfic; a story in the barest sense of the word. Character interaction, character development, plot, etc, those will only exist in this story as a method of delivering fap material. And until someone else writes a Koakuma story, and who knows when that'll be, this'll be it for her. A h doujin without pictures. It's the symbolism of it all; it's a god damn insult.

I really wish I could explain myself better than this.
No. 12428
You sound like a man who is angry over seeing his waifu being insulted and demeaned. I understand perfectly how you feel. Though I would hardly call this the "first Koakuma related thing on the site."
No. 12429
Oh, Koakuma? She's a useless little demon only good for her sex appeal.

I guess I can understand your feelings. A bit. I don't agree with them in the slightest, but I can see where you're coming from.

I sort of want to vote for Reisen now. Does this make me a bad person?
No. 12431
I don't consider porn insulting. After all, if someone took the time to draw or write porn of them, that means they like the character, right? That's good. I like people liking my waifu. Even if it is only for her sex appeal.
No. 12434
I do, don't I?
She's not my waifu, though. I'd probably argue this case regardless of the Touhou involved, unless it was one I actively hated, and there aren't many of those.

By "koakuma related" I meant stories focused on Koakuma.
No. 12438
File 130229813192.jpg - (685.01KB , 1920x1200 , ecebac28bb4866c81e471745befd4c3b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Actually, a clarification, if you would.

would this be loli succubus Koakuma or voluptous, sultry succubus Koakuma?
No. 12449
[X] Koakuma

The little devil could use a nice relaxing vacation.
No. 12450
[X] Koakuma
No. 12454
[x] Remilia Scarlet

Oh no, Koakuma is currently winning by a landslide. Can't have that.
No. 12456
[X] Koakuma
No. 12469
[X] Koakuma

A succubus in a forest of rape? Hell yes.
No. 12470
Changing >>12273
[x] Yukari


Because it'd be even MORE one-sided.
No. 12986
This is wholly unrelated, but I was reading an interesting story during an archive binge yesterday (and most of today). The author, though I hadn't heard his name before, was quite an intriguing one. I thought the story was silly and lighthearted at first with too much references to other games, but then the relatable characters were definitely a draw, as was the seemingly simple plot.
Ah, and I can commend the use of salvage corvettes. Salvage corvettes are ALWAYS good content.

I was surprised that they included sex scenes in the /shrine/ board, and also that they were able to post so much through a Wii console, but by then I had been engrossed in the story and then R.I.M. changed his name to S.L.D.T. and everything made more sense.

So, uh, all I have to say is thank you, S.L.D.T. for all your hard work in both Archetype of Self and here, and I hope your life managed to get better in the meantime!

That and now I've seen a Yukari route different characters would be more appropriate here.

No. 14761
How the fuck was this bumped? And why is SDLT still being a fag and not making a new route?
No. 14765
He's busy trying to wrap up one of his stories and finish a couple others. Go read a doujin in the meantime.
No. 25873
"You've all been waiting for quite some time, haven't you? Waiting for Godot, if I remember my sayings right." Sanae sits upon a table with one leg atop the other and a sultry smile upon her face. "Truly unacceptable, don't you think? At least that changes now. Welcome back, dear readers, or at least those who would give this the time of day~"


Koakuma stands in front of a rather large tree deep in the heart of a forest, clicking her tongue once for letting something like this distract her from her Patchouli. Well, the task of getting the woman some vitamins at least. Still, the grass is green, the forest surrounding this small glade is chocked with undergrowth, and there's a worn cobblestone path leading away from the tree. She sniffs the air lightly, noting its musky smell, and determines that it's stronger the closer you are to that odd tree. That's not to say it's really that much weaker anywhere else, just that there's a noticeable difference. To her.

Anywho, she takes a look around her to see what else there is... And nothing is forthcoming about its existence. She sighs and pats herself down to make sure everything is still there, and decides to pick a direction out of this silly place.

[X]Take the stone path. I might as well be able to tell when something comes for me.
[X]Getting lost in the bushes might just take me to Mayohiga...
[X]Drift through the air like you just don't care~
[X]Let's see if that tree understands just what it lured in♪


Koakuma is a voluptuous 'little' devil, by the way.
No. 25875
[x] Let's see if that tree understands just what it lured in♪

Glad to see you're back!
No. 25876
Oh, god damn it.
No. 25877
[X]Getting lost in the bushes might just take me to Mayohiga...
No. 25880
[X]Drift through the air like you just don't care~

Welcome back, while I'll be missing Sanae, I hope this route turns out well too. Will we be able to run into past characters?
No. 25881
[X]Let's see if that tree understands just what it lured in♪

The ♪, it calls to me.
No. 25886
[X]Drift through the air like you just don't care~

Yay the best story in /at/ is back!
No. 25887

Hello Mr. Sunshine♪


Indeed you can! In fact, some might try to seduce whoever the current character is.


The little devil decides to poke around the tree a bit more before moving on, and discovers a few interesting things about it in the process. Namely, it's not just made of wood, but also what appears to be a fleshier material in places. Odds are pretty good that the wood is some form of natural armor used to keep it from getting bashed to bits by someone strong and much, much less willing to play around. She waves her tail back and forth much like a cat's as she continues her examination, coming across an opening just big enough to squeeze through. It's a flesy opening near the base, one soaked in an odd, slick liquid that smells like sex.

"You're just a dirty little sex fiend looking for a cum dumpster, aren't you? Or maybe a breeding slave? No doubt that you have a few already." The little devil steps past the opening and pulls out a small book, which she leafs through while keeping one eye on the tree. "Let's see here... Ah. Just a plant-based rape monster. Not really beneficial if you want to leave an area, but plenty fun if you're just looking for a good fuck."

She keeps pacing around the tree, stopping here and there to look at some odd protrusion, or to see if there's some kind of seed to take with her. That's when she noticed the phallic tentacle trying to wind its way around her leg. "Oooooh, no you don't~" She slides her foot out of its grasp, though she loses her shoe in the process, and steps on the tip of the tentacle. "Hm? Twitching from that little bit of abuse? How pathetic." A smile forms on her face as she gently rolls her foot around on the hot appendage. The fact that the tentacle was not resisting seemed to amuse her somewhat. "A masochist... You'll use any trick to get ass, won't you?"

The tentacle merely shuddered as it was worked over by her silk stocking covered foot. Koakuma applied a little more pressure, and was rewarded by it leaking a large glob of pre-cum. She didn't bother to lube her foot with it though, instead opting to carefully maneuver around it so as to not ruin her clothing. Not that such a thing was terribly important, but it would save her a bit of time once she got home.

The footjob continued for several minutes until the tentacle started to throb under the little devil's foot. She simply stepped down on it to stop it from cumming while she pondered what to do with it.

[X]Just let it blow its load and move on.
[X]Hurt it♪
[X]Have a little fun with it...
-[x]Use your mouth.
-[x]Boobs are good here, right~?
-[x]Internal shot~


Investigating the tree had the most votes at the time of writing. Also, Koakuma is just a little better versed in this sort of thing than most.
No. 25889
[X]Hurt it♪

Masochist tentacles deserve all the pain they want~
No. 25890
[X]Have a little fun with it...
-[x]Use your mouth.
No. 25891
[X]Hurt it♪

This ♪, it calls to me as well.
No. 25892
[X]Have a little fun with it...
-[x]Boobs are good here, right~?
No. 25893
[X]Hurt it♪

Deleted my vote to support this. I would rather move on now, but hurting is fine too. We'll surely find something better to play with anyway.
No. 25899
[X] Deprive it.
No. 25900
[X] Deprive it.

The ultimate punishment. 'sides, we should move on.
No. 25901
[x] Hurt it♪
No. 25903
[X]Hurt it♪

I'm already loving this version of Koakuma so fucking much.
No. 25904
[X] Hurt it♪

The lovely little devil is back~♪
No. 25905
The little devil smirked as she denied the solitary tentacle release, finding no small amount of amusement in her footjob. "I knew tentacles could be stimulated by a lot of things, but my soft, silk-covered foot grinding you into the ground? You must be as depraved as they come~" She stomped down on the tentacle again, denying it release once more.

She then chose to act on her idea. She lifted her foot off the tentacle before bending down to pick it up, gently caressing the hot, slick, stiff phallic tentacle and give it a good, long lick to make sure it's as hard as it's going to get. However, she wasn't going to let it cum, even if she was kind of horny now. No, she took it in both hands...

And proceeded to hurt it. An ungodly, fleshy SNAP is head as the tentacle's stiffened structure is violently broken, making it go from stiff as a board to limp as a noodle in seconds. The pain this caused made the entire tree shudder, and it suddenly felt like it wasn't about to attack her willingly anymore.

She let the tentacle drop to the ground, retrieved her lost shoe, and started to walk away from the tree while humming a merrry tune.

[X]Into the sky~♪
[X]Let's go hunt for things in the bushes.
[X]I don't think anything's going to bother me on the path anymore~
[X]...Go ahead and see if you can't turn the tree into your sex slave.


Sanae smiles as she looks on, whistling at the brutal performance. "Wow, how often do you see that in an eroge? It's rather interesting too, because you normally can't do that to a tentacle. They're like an elephant's truck structurally, nothing but muscle and remain so flexable that you can't really hurt them regardless of what phase of their naughtiness they're currently in. Plus they're extremely strong, so it could have just grabbed the little devil and pulled her into the tree."
No. 25907
[X]I don't think anything's going to bother me on the path anymore~
There's no confidence like fake confidence~ Specially after Sanae's warning.
No. 25908
[X]I don't think anything's going to bother me on the path anymore~
No. 25910
[X]...Go ahead and see if you can't turn the tree into your sex slave.

The worst idea and I expect nobody to vote for this alongside me.
No. 25911
[X]Let's go hunt for things in the bushes.
No. 25914
You are speaking as if there was any hope of having enough voters to direct the character to the end to find the one responsible for this so that we can take over and direct things ourselves.
No. 25916
[x]...Go ahead and see if you can't turn the tree into your sex slave.
Silly enough. Though writer, please have a proofreader:
>fleshy SNAP is head
>humming a merrry tune
>elephant's truck
Also some of the sentence constructions could use work. Just ask on the channel for a quick readthrough the next time, I'm sure people would be willing to help.
No. 25917
[X] I don't think anything's going to bother me on the path anymore~

>it suddenly felt like it wasn't about to attack her willingly anymore.
Nope. Don't believe that. Time to move on.
No. 25919
>I'm sure people would be willing to help.

Exactly this. Come drop in #touhouporn again, SLDT, we miss you. Your updates are pretty short so I can help out any time you need me.

Very excited to see this return, though. It always had a certain charm to it.
No. 25920
>It always had a certain charm to it.
You're joking, right?
No. 25922
Not at all. I loved this story, and no, I'm not >>25919. Not everyone shares your opinions.
No. 25923
Considering Mind the Gap? Probably not.
No. 25924
How? How is/was this story charming at all? It's just generic mind break bullshit.
No. 25925
If you don't like it, click the - sign and minimize the thread. No need to shitpost.
No. 25926
The most important thing for you to realize is that not everyone shares your opinions.

Just because it's "mind break bullshit" does not mean it's bad. And, as >>25925 said, you should just hide this thread if you're never going to enjoy the contents.

I happen to like mind break. Not always, but it is one of my fetishes, particularly in the way it was portrayed here.
No. 25927
Oh, christ, people, I'm not just raging about how terrible this story is, I'm asking why you think it's charming. Or good, at all.
Stop being so sensitive.
No. 25928
[X] Into the sky~♪

The little notes please me.
No. 25929
[X]Into the sky~♪

It just makes her sound so cheerful.
No. 25930
Would you like some cheese with your fine whine? And it's charming because the characterisations work in strangely enticing ways. The mindbreak is only a bonus.
No. 25931
[X] Into the sky~♪
No. 25937
[X]I don't think anything's going to bother me on the path anymore~
No. 25938
[X] I don't think anything's going to bother me on the path anymore~