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Again, reposting the first part of this scene with the new thread.

IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn

[X] Let Akyu do as she pleases, she's quite sexy and you do have Ran's permission. You'll should still be able to take care of your date.


A twinge of guilt flickers through you as you nod to the young girl. God, you want her so badly. “Mind pulling him to the floor?” Akyu asks the others, grinning widely.

You groan, your body thumping to the floor. “Be a bit more gentle,” you complain to the others. Akyu giggles quietly, hopping down from her position on the chairs and standing over you.

“What to do first?” she wonders aloud, glancing back to the other girls. “Some of my predecessors were into some pretty weird stuff, which apparently felt great, but I think I'll stick with the basics.” Within moments, her thighs are straddling your face. The tight, hairless pussy of this young beauty is mere inches from your face, her scent flooding your nose. She's already damp and ready for this. Despite your initial guilt and reservations, the allure of Akyu's body is irresistible. Her cunt is pressed to your mouth and nose, the first quiet moans escaping her mouth as you slip your tongue into her depths.

“Tokiko, why don't you join me?” Ran asks her, scooting away from Akyu and yourself. The winged girl blushes and crawls over to your date, allowing herself to be embraced by the older woman. “You're such a pretty girl, I can't possibly fathom why you have so many doubts.” Their lips touch one another, Tokiko's face covered in a red blush. When they part, a thin strand of saliva still connects their lips.

Akyu leans back, reaching up with one hand to rub at the nipples of her smooth chest. The other wraps around your aroused cock, roughly pulling at it. “Ah, deeper,” she moans out, putting her weight on your face. She winces, pinching her nipples and letting out quiet yelps with each thrust of your tongue into her wet hole.

The younger of the two youkai rolls over, resting in the arms of her older partner. Ran giggles quietly, sliding her hands up Tokiko's stomach and cupping her small breasts. “Does watching them make you excited?” she asks. No verbal answer is given, just a slight groan and a nod. The hands slip back down her stomach and rest slightly above the sparse patch of pubic hair. “Would you like to have sex with him as well, dear?” inquires the affectionate Ran. A sharp gasp is heard, Tokiko tilting her head up with a blush.

Your tongue pulls out from her cunt, lapping at the opening and teasing her clit playfully. Akyu shrieks when your tongue passes over a tiny opening, throwing her head back. “Not there, not there, I'm going to,” she cries out, moaning loudly. You push against the opening with your tongue, doing your best to please the girl. Her thighs clamp down tightly around your head. Juices flow from her pussy, though they're different. Salty, with a rather strong scent. No matter, you're too aroused to concern yourself, drinking them all down as best you can.

“Oh my,” Ran says with a chuckle. “I didn't know he was so eager, I suppose I'll have to try that some time myself.” Her hands reach down between Tokiko's legs, fingers rubbing at the virgin pussy that has been presented to her. “I imagine he'll be a bit tired after Akyu, myself and the rest of the trip, but I could arrange for you to visit our home,” she offers the younger youkai.

Akyu lifts herself from your mouth, light yellow drops still trickling from her pussy and onto your face. “You, you drank all of that?” she asks in disbelief, staring. “Was it good?”

You're not entirely sure what to say. In the back of your mind, something screams out in disgust. But, it really wasn't that bad. Akyu seemed to enjoy herself, and in this moment, that is what is important. “Yes,” is all you respond with.

She grins and slides down your body, lifting herself up a bit and getting into position over your engorged cock. “You know, one of my predecessors had sex around this age as well, maybe a bit older.” You're not entirely sure what she is talking about, but you listen anyway. “I can recall that she found it drove a man wild to be inside of her butt at such a young age,” she continues, giggling and pressing the pucker of her anus against your head. She gasps slightly as the tip touches her opening.

“R-Ran,” stutters out the nervous, aroused bird girl. “I want him, I want to feel like she does.” Tokiko looks up at Ran, her face covered in an innocent, yet lustful, expression.

“Good girl,” laughs your date. “I'll bring you home some time, but for now, maybe I can help you feel as full as he would.” Tokiko's eyes go wide in surprise at the words. She squeals and moans in pleasure as Ran's fingers spread and push inside of her damp cunt. Loud squishing sounds join the others, the juices in her pussy flowing freely and lubricating the invasive fingers.

“Are you ready?” Akyu inquires, watching you with a seductive smile. You return her a look that seems to ask the same question. Not missing a single beat, she presses down, the tight ring of her anus sucking your cock head inside. You groan, your length throbbing and tensing up. Your seed spills into her young body, coating the insides of her anus. She gasps and moans happily. You didn't even last a minute inside of her, but Akyu doesn't seem upset. In fact, on the contrary, she seems quite pleased. “I've been told it was disappointing to have a man cum so fast, but I think it's a good thing,” she giggles. “It means you make them feel really good, right?” She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, sliding the rest of your ample shaft inside. She was right, it feels absolutely amazing. The tightness is like nothing you've ever felt, her small body shifting around your cock is incredible. “Besides, I have a feeling you've got a lot left,” she adds, her ass resting on your crotch.

Akyu seems to be watching you expectantly, waiting for your next move after you recover.

No. 9721
File 129477229712.jpg - (157.54KB , 1312x1750 , fe439551cebc5059d1e88411a7821410.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask if she wants to change holes
-[x] Either way, take the lead and go about it rather tenderly, and have it so that the both of you can see Ran and Tokiko's little show.


You look up at the insatiable little girl, swallowing nervously. “Maybe, uh, maybe you'd like to change position?” you offer.

Akyu giggles and leans down, grinning mischievously. “What, trying to get me pregnant already?” she replies, watching the shocked look on your face. The young girl kisses you lightly on the cheek. “Maybe when I'm older, you can help continue the line,” she adds with a laugh. “Or at least once we got to know each other better.” Her soft lips slip over to your mouth.

You nod and manage a smile. “How about we watch the others, then?”

She cocks her head in confusion and glances back to the others, mildly surprised. “Oh, I didn't even notice,” she says in return, lifting a hand to her mouth. She bites her lower lip slightly, grabbing at her tiny chest while looking at the girls. “Y-yes, I think I'd like that.” Akyu seems a bit distracted by the girls, but she is quite the pervert, so this doesn't come as a surprise.

Taking the lead, you gently lift Akyu and sit up, moving forward and planting her on her back. “Now you can watch, and I'll make you feel good, alright?” She suddenly seems nervous having lost control, but she hesitantly nods to you, her gaze shifting back and forth between yourself and the others. You lean down and press your lips to hers, pushing your tongue between them. Akyu moans contentedly, returning the kiss with vigor. A sharp gasp escapes her throat as your cock withdraws from her tight anus, popping out with a noisy slurp and spilling seed on the floor. Despite cumming moments before, your shaft is already standing at attention once more, ready to violate her lustful body.

The kiss breaks, an excited groan coming from Akyu when the head of your penis slides over the closed lips of her little pussy. “N-no, not inside,” she insists.

“Don't worry,” you reassure her. “I'd only do it if you wanted it, Akyu.” Your engorged tip slightly parts her lips, slipping out before it penetrates. Her head rolls back as she gasps in pleasure.

Ran giggles as she watches the two of you enjoying each other. “My, look how he makes love to her, Tokiko,” she whispers to the small Youkai girl in her arms. Her fingers squish loudly in the pussy of the writhing girl, eliciting a series of happy moans.

“Ran, Ran, make love to me,” Tokiko cries out lustfully, grinding against the fingers.

Your date grins widely and chuckles. “All right, dear,” she says, removing her hand from the girl's pussy. “Mm, perhaps I shouldn't break you in quite yet, I know he would enjoy that.” Her strong arms lift her partner up, showing off the puckered opening of Tokiko's anus.

Gasping slightly, Tokiko turns her head to Ran. “What are you doing?” she asks with concern. Speaking not a word, your companion simply smiles. Her large, fluffy tails curl together and twist around each other, forming a rather intimidating shaft. A pained groan escapes the smaller girl's lips as the knotted tip of the tails presses against her butt. You can see a mixed look of fear and lust forming upon Tokiko's face, as if she can't decide on what to do. “L-love me, Ran,” she begs after a few moments of silence. A scream pierces the air as the large 'head' formed by the tails penetrates and stretches her anus painfully.

A part of you is concerned about someone coming to investigate, but the place has been rather quite, so you are likely safe. Focusing back on Akyu, she seems to be quite aroused and full of desire after watching the exchange. “I, I don't care what I said, I want you to use any hole you want.”

[ ] Take Akyu's asshole again, don't want to risk getting her pregnant.
[ ] Use her pussy, cum inside. Maybe you'll get yourself a plump Akyu in the near future.
[ ] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 9723
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.
No. 9724
[X] Use her pussy, cum inside. Maybe you'll get yourself a plump Akyu in the near future.

I realize she's in the heat of the moment, but... mmm... so are we. And really, I have no opposition to manning up and taking responsibility when it comes to Akyuu.

Full speed ahead. Let's show her the bliss of being cummed inside. Like we have with so many other girls.
No. 9725
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.

I've been waiting for a chance to use the condom!
No. 9726
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.
No. 9727
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.

Ehehe, I wonder what Nue will say about this~
No. 9728
oh god a talking condom

I swear if there is running commentary in the next update I will kill the writefag.
No. 9729
[┼] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.

I don't know. It sounds like it could end up hilarious.
No. 9730
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>See Mind the Gap in the bumped thread.
>Just voting assholes.
>No updates.
No. 9731
>No updates.

>!lggAzV5pXw 11/01/11 (Tue) 18:58 No. 9721

No. 9732

No. 9734
It's not vaginal, so it doesn't count as an update!
No. 9740
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.

As much as I want to take her ass, Nue is overdue for some loving.
No. 9741
maybe if nue spoke to you telepathically, but she is quite audible. Even then it'd just be jarring from a reading standpoint and silly.

also, D&D has intelligent weapons, why can't we have intelligent contraceptives that make snarky remarks?


you are special.
No. 9742
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.
No. 9744
[X] Use her pussy, cum inside. Maybe you'll get yourself a plump Akyu in the near future.

I know I'm tide pissing, but I do really want to have her first time end with her womb full of come. But if the winning choice wins, I can't complain, but we should arrange for such a thing sometime in the future then.

After all Akyuu isn't the only 'young' girl Rick's been with. Chen and Nazrin anyone?
No. 9747
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.
No. 9748

>After all Akyuu isn't the only 'young' girl Rick's been with. Chen and Nazrin anyone?

One of these is not like the others.
No. 9750
[X] Take Akyu's asshole again, don't want to risk getting her pregnant.

In before Nue breaks the condom "by accident".
No. 9751
After saving her from Yukari, I doubt she'll do something like that and I'm pretty sure she had agreed to no funny ideas for this.
No. 9752
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.

No. 9754
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.
No. 9757
[x] Use her pussy, cum inside. Maybe you'll get yourself a plump Akyu in the near future.

This choice calls to me.
No. 9758
[x] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.

Won, closing votes.

I'm not surprised, but I would've been amused by the non-condom vaginal choice.
No. 9759
Condoms only have 97-98% chance of success.

But this is a 'magic' condom. Or maybe since this in gensokyo the statistics are reversed?
No. 9760
This isn't a magic condom, this is a Nue condom. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to rip because God know what that would do to her.
No. 9761

Well, it wouldn't necessarily have to rip, she could just reshape it to have a hole in the front.

But why would she? She wants it for herself.
No. 9762
[x] Use her pussy, cum inside. Maybe you'll get yourself a plump Akyu in the near future.
You pussies, this is the best choice. Pregnant Touhous are a go.
No. 9763

Votes are already closed.
No. 9765
Son, we have a rain check on making babies with Akyu. Patience.
No. 9767
But it still feels like she's getting short changed for her first time.
No. 9768
Jesus, think a little. She's human and living in the village. She's also not anybody. How do you think others will think of her if she gets pregant now and how fast do you think the words will travel?
No. 9769
This is a porn story first and foremost. Even if that choice had won, I don't think its going to get all super serious business like that.
No. 9770
They will think that she has only a short life and has found someone she loves or wants to live life to the fullest.
She may be too young for that by our standards but Gensokyo is a few centuries back in time and age is of no importance for sex there.
No. 9772


Mostly the first, but the second too.

There were no 'bad' choices there.
No. 9781
Oh, all good then. My reason was that up until the start of the date, villagers were pretty much portrayed as big jerks.
No. 9786
Anti-youkai sure, not so much anti-human. Though I hope there's no strong push for condom use when it's Ran's time for pleasure. That and the bright side of waiting is that next time Akyuu'd get more attention.
No. 9792
Why would it matter if we're wearing a condom with ran? It's not like it affects the pleasure of either partner, which for recreational sex is always the primary issue.
No. 9795
File 129494045530.png - (190.43KB , 390x406 , average COH user.png ) [iqdb]

Some people find condom usage rather erotic and fetishistic.

I'm working on an update today, in between house work and getting some stuff done on City of Heroes.

Speaking of COH, god, some of the shit people write in their descriptions makes me want to throttle them.

Enjoy a laugh, pic related. I've got some worse ones screenshotted at home, too.
No. 9796
Yes, I know that, it's precisely the reason why I questioned the aversion the guy I was referring to in my post had to condoms. Especially when the condom also happens to be Nue. Pleasure for three is always better than pleasure for two.
No. 9805
File 129496512262.png - (28.59KB , 156x194 , yuyuko duhhh.png ) [iqdb]
>doesn't affect pleasure for either partner
No. 9819
True, but on the other hand, a major factor is the whole splash of cum hitting the womb, condoms prevent that.
No. 9821
Simple fact for everyone: You won't always get what you want with fanfic.
No. 9828
Nue is ribbed for her pleasure.
No. 9829
You'd better hope she doesn't lose control over her form during sex. That could be bad.
No. 9831
File 129499389827.jpg - (19.65KB , 300x320 , 300px-Kool-Aid2.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm sorry but that is some hilarious Bad End material right there.
No. 9834
"could" be bad?
No. 9836
Imagination is everything.

* Nue turns chestburster (BAD END)
* Nue accidentally impregnates Akyu by spilling her contents (BAD END/GOOD END)
* Nue's transformations somehow cause it to be even more pleasurable (BEST END)

No. 9837
Mind the Gap has no bad ends.
No. 9838

This isn't true.

You can get both the feeling of the condom and the feeling of cumming inside. Just involves a little snip at the tip (with permission, of course, I'd never suggest doing that as a surprise).

Wouldn't work with Nue, obviously, but outside of the story it does.
No. 9839

Pretty much, I think there are one or two bad ends I have written down somewhere, a big pile of Normal ends, plus a good end.
No. 9842
The important thing is to show Akyu a good time now (and possibly an even better time on our next trip to the village) then continue our lovely date with Ran. Come to think of it, we should really ask Yukari about the whole impregnation thing sometime tomorrow.
No. 9849
I know I'm too late for this to matter, but couldn't we have just had something like this?

[x] Use her pussy, cum outside.

I mean, I'm all for making Nue happy, but still.
No. 9857
if we're not going to fill Akyu up, we might as well fill Nue up, though I'd rather do so in the normal sense.
No. 9859
I dunno, a tiny, bloated, jizz-filled Nue ballo^H^H^Hcondom might make for a hillarious scene.
No. 9872
...wait is Nue trying to get pregnant?
No. 9874

No. 9882
File 129521916375.jpg - (7.86KB , 240x308 , 265.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 9885
Strikethrough is not available everywhere, so I prefer the more typically available variant.

And if you've never seen the condom=gallon gag, I'm sorry.
No. 9914
I finished the H scene (but not the update), I'm waiting on it to be proof read then posting the rest of the H scene. Haven't finished the 'regular' part of the post, so I'm breaking it into two so you guys can enjoy the remainder of what was basically a four part H scene. orz
No. 9915
No picture I was happy with for this, oh well~

Also, as I said way back when, things are sliding into 'out there' territory, which was avoided with mostly-normal-sex before.

[X] Use her pussy, wear the condom. It'll make Nue happy, and you remove the risk of pregnancy.


You know exactly what you want, fumbling with your hand to try and remove Nue from your finger. The ring eagerly expands and slides from your finger and into the palm of your hand, reshaping itself into a rather sizable, condom-like object. “I'm going to take your pussy, Akyu, but don't worry,” you tell her reassuringly, raising the condom and dangling. A confused look pierces the lust on her face, not knowing what it is. “It'll protect you, that's all you need to know.” Leaning back from the young girl, you stretch the opening of the condom and pull it down over your hard shaft in one smooth motion. Nue seems rather pleased, her form tightening around your cock. You wince slightly, you can feel small tendrils peeling back your foreskin. She fits her form to your penis, slipping into every little fold in the flesh.

Akyu stares on in amazement. “Oh, oh my,” she utters quietly between heavy breaths. “Please,” she says a bit louder this time. “Please, don't wait any longer.” Slowly, you slide your thick length into her damp cunt. The feeling is amazing, not just from Akyu, but from Nue as well. You can feel all of the young girl's pussy clamping down hungrily on you, but at the same time you're feeling the condom lustfully shifting on the inner surface. A pleased moan of ecstasy rolls out from the girl as your cock fills her. Strange, you expected the now familiar barrier of a virgin. Given her actions, you wouldn't be surprised if she broke it herself.

Ran's eyes flick back and forth between yourself and the needy youkai girl on her lap. Tokiko's face has taken on a mixture of pain and pleasure, her body slowly sinking down the taut bundle of tails. “You're a strong girl, aren't you?” giggles your date. The tails inch their way into her anus, pushing themselves deeper into the small body. Tokiko's mouth hangs agape, silently screaming, strands of drool dripping from her lips. You can see her stomach bulging outwards as she approaches Ran's lap. By the time she's all the way down, her belly has ballooned rather noticeably. Her head lolls back, resting on the shoulder of her partner. Unintelligible moans of pleasure escape her lips. Ran's hands slide up to the fat bulge, rubbing at it affectionately, and then continue on to massage Tokiko's small bust.

Being inside of Akyu with Nue around your cock is just incredible. It feels as if you're having sex with the both of them in the same instant. The head of your penis digs into the end of her wet, slippery tunnel. Akyu and yourself both groan loudly as you push against the depths of her body. You can't hold back despite your efforts, already feeling your shaft and testicles tensing up. Thick semen pours from you, flooding the condom. As quickly as it comes, it seems to fade away, presumably absorbed by Nue. A ticklish, sucking sensation forms at the small opening on your tip, eliciting another loud groan and burst of cum.

Akyu composes herself for long enough to smile proudly. “I feel that good, huh?” she says rather smugly, giggling afterward. You've done it three times now, and Akyu deserves more. Pushing on in spite of the situation, you withdraw from her tight, young cunt and slide right back in. The sharp gasp of surprise is accompanied by a loud slap on her ass. Rhythmically, you begin to take Akyu, stretching her little pussy with every pass of your cock. Nue seems to be enjoying your vigor as well, the condom continuing to suck on your tip.

“Mm, the best part of youkai girls is how resilient they are,” Ran says to herself, chuckling quietly. From listening to her and watching how she acts when it comes to sex, you can't help but wonder if you've played a part in loosening her restraints. She was much more reserved before, wasn't she? Tokiko groans loudly, arms hanging limp and her head rolling to one side. Ran gently leans forward, setting the younger girl down. Weakly, she pushes herself to her hands and knees. The tails slowly withdraw, the distended belly shrinking noticeably, although still remaining a bit stretched out. What is left when the tails have gone is a loose, gaping anus that quivers slightly as it begins to close. Your date grabs the edges of the ring with her fingers, tugging outward so as to keep it spread wide. Tokiko moans contently, dropping her body to the floor and allowing Ran to do as she pleases. She brings her mouth to the opening, sticking her tongue out and releasing her fingers. The exhausted body of Tokiko shakes and shivers as her anus closes around the wet protrusion. A muffled, happy noise slips out of Ran's lips, her tongue hungrily tasting the insides of her partner.

Leaning up, Akyu closes her eyes and opens her mouth, letting her tongue hang out. Taking the invitation, you press your lips to her own, allowing the both of you into each others mouth. Muted squeals of pleasure come from her throat with each vigorous thrust inside of her dripping cunt. For such a young girl, she is quite the horny little sexpot. Her spread legs lift up from the floor, wrapping around your waist, trying their best to draw you deeper into her needy pussy. You can feel her breathing intensifying, her body shaking in your arms. With one final thrust, you both break the kiss. Akyu lets out a sharp moan, her entire form tensing up, followed by an exhausted sigh. At the same moment, your next orgasm comes, filling the condom once more, only to be drained by an insatiably hungry Nue. Your head is swimming, dizzy and weak. Losing control, you slowly collapse on top of the small girl. The last things you feel before blacking out are small hands stroking your hair, and the condom loosening up around you.
No. 9925
I hope Rick didn't over do it as Ran needs to be filled up a nice deal (It'd be unfair to give Yukari and Chen 2-4 wombfuls and not Ran). Same goes for Akyuu in the future.
No. 9927
>Also, as I said way back when, things are sliding into 'out there' territory, which was avoided with mostly-normal-sex before.
I am so okay with this you have no idea.
No. 9930
I can't agree with you more.
No. 9932

Also damn Nue is hungry. I don't blame her, though~
No. 9936
File 129544270292.jpg - (645.38KB , 885x626 , 06a0da1749718a24265708fa60d6bca6.jpg ) [iqdb]
One of the best parts of hentai is throwing away your logic and kicking reason to the curb.
No. 9947
Row Row.
No. 9949

Indeed. I've been waiting for this for a while. I mean, it's been very hot throughout, so I can't wait to see how good it gets once in full-on kinky territory.

As long as there's no scat or vomit. I'm cool with most things (especially futa), but that's where I draw the line.
No. 9950
Never watch "2girls1cup", then. You won't like it.
No. 9951
>As long as there's no scat or vomit.


Don't worry, I have no interest in writing this.


Don't worry, I will properly label the post.
No. 9957
I'm now slightly paranoid Akyuu's going to get pregnant, with an.. unidentified person for the father.
No. 9958

No. 9974
Rest of update done, waiting on proof read.

Also, as I wrote this, I was reminded of something I had been asked recently.

'Why do you write out character descriptions when we all know the characters?'

I feel the need to touch on this.

I do it for a number of reasons, the primary one being I've got a bunch of non-touhou fans who read this. Personal friends who don't have a damn clue who Yukari is, Reimu, Akyu, whoever. That's also why I feel pictures are important, they don't have a mental image and basis for these characters.

Another reason is that, from Rick's perspective, he has no idea who the fuck they are. Just what noticeable details that he can see.

Lastly, it's good practice for me as a writer to improve my ability in describing things like that.
No. 9977
Here we go, continuing from above.


You slowly open your eyes. You're still in the dimly lit changing room. The ring squeezes slightly on your finger, although you aren't entirely sure when you put it back on. Ran sits in a nearby chair with a small satchel in hand. Seems Akyu and Tokiko have left. “How do you feel?”

Sitting up, you groan quietly and look around. “Dick hurts, head swimming,” you blurt out shamelessly.

Ran giggles softly. “Well, you did overexert yourself a tiny bit,” she says with a sly wink. You now notice that you're dressed and cleaned up, as well as your fair-haired companion. “Everything has been handled, courtesy of myself, the girls and our master,” she answers before you can inquire. “She was kind enough for cover the cost of our outfits as well, so you'll get to enjoy mine at home some time.”

You stand up hesitantly, legs wobbling slightly, catching yourself on Ran's now extended arm. “Thanks, I probably look like hell, don't I?”

“You look like Tokiko did after I got done with her,” she replies with a smile. “Not to put more stress on you, but we've still got one place left to go, and you look like you could use a bite to eat.” Briefly turning, Ran grabs your sword and returns it to you. You can't recall when you parted with it, one of the ladies probably took it, but your thoughts are still rather muddied. She hooks her arm through yours, partially to offer support and partially because it feels romantic.

A few minutes later, the trip extended by avoiding certain crowds, you're standing inside of the large inn. The first thing of note that catches your eye is that the structure is very clearly divided. A sign to the left reads, 'human only'. A few of the patrons sitting at the human bar turn to look your way, sneering as you lead Ran to the mixed side. The right side has similar amenities, sporting a bar, small dinner area, and so on.

A few sparse individuals dot the area. At the bar sits a red-haired woman, laughing heartily at something the bartender said and polishing off a mug of alcohol. She's dressed in a flowing blue and white dress, with some sort of brown cloth girdle around her waist. Her attention drifts between the bartender and a woman dancing rather lewdly on a nearby stage. Hearing the sound of newcomers, the woman at the bar spins in her seat to look in your direction, showing off a rather sizable amount of cleavage.

The dancer is fully clothed, but makes up for it with how sexily she moves about, hips and breasts swaying back and forth. She wears a light, pink top that is trimmed with red frills, waving what appears to be some sort of ribbon around that is of the same designed. A long, brownish skirt with a slit up the side mostly covers her lower half, allowing you to gaze upon a dark brown stocking with accompanying red garter. Upon her head is a large hat that matches the skirt, the front of which is tied with a red ribbon. You catch the woman's eye for but a moment, the hair on the back of your neck tingling and standing up.

Leading your date onward, you take note of the last person. Sitting by herself at a dining table and staring intently at you is a rather strangely dressed girl. A black hat, adorned with a pair of peaches, tops her head. Long blue hair cascades down her shoulders and back. On her upper body is a white, short sleeved top with what appears to be an apron attached. Beneath the apron-like bit is a long, blue skirt.

Ran looks around the room at the various places to sit. Based on her expression, she knows all of these people. Perhaps you should direct her?

[ ] Sit at the bar.
[ ] Take a seat near the stage.
[ ] Find a place by the occupied dining table.
[ ] Seat yourself and Ran by yourselves, away from the others.
No. 9978
[x] Find a place by the occupied dining table.

Though not seeking for sex now. Rick's dick needs a break sometimes.

Gods yes, Iku and Tenshi if I'm not missing any hints. And Komachi at the bar? Not quite sure.
No. 9979
[x] Sit at the bar.

Introducing us to her friends DID seem to be her main reason for suggesting the village in the first place. She seemed quite excited at the prospect. Between Titty McGee, Saturday Night Fever, and the masochist, Komachi is the only one who has explicitly been mentioned as one of Ran's friends. The fact that she "knows" the other two doesn't automatically make them her friends.

In fact, Yukari has a rather antagonistic relationship with Tenshi. She also beat up Iku simply because she suspected Iku wasn't telling her the truth, even though she was. Thinking of it that way, meeting Komachi is the safest bet, since it satisfies one of Ran's main goals with the least chance of awkwardness. That's my reasoning on the matter.
No. 9980
[x] Sit at the bar.

Time to meet the friends.
No. 9982
[x] Sit at the bar.

Komachi seems to be the best choice for now.
No. 9983
[x] Sit at the bar.
No. 9984
File 129556612144.jpg - (485.74KB , 1000x1779 , Kooooomachi.jpg ) [iqdb]

I really wanted to vote to sit by Tenshi, but you've got a good point.

[x] Sit at the bar

Also, Tenshi's watching her sister pole dance. I'm okay with this.
No. 9985
File 129556630718.jpg - (455.00KB , 1322x892 , 2e67e4ad2ff4d1098124ef7a6a18bf88.jpg ) [iqdb]

From Rick's point of view (both in terms of physical position and mentally), he is approximating the white part below Tenshi's waist as something similar to an apron.
No. 9986
File 129556638028.jpg - (220.24KB , 866x2250 , komachia.jpg ) [iqdb]

I love that Komachi dakimakura, although I ultimately ended up getting this one instead.
No. 9987
[x] Sit at the bar.

While Iku seems very appealing, got to go with Komachi
No. 9988
>>9981 here.
Changing my vote to
[x] Find a place by the occupied dining table.

Tenshi for the win.
No. 9990
just because Yukari might had some beef with Tenshi and Iku (Also note that Yukari in her SWR scenario was on a roaring rampage of bitchiness), doesn't mean Ran has any grudges. If it wasn't for soft Komachi at the bar, I'd have voted to get closer to Iku.
No. 9991

delete your vote then, you may still have the same cache password.

Also, grudges may or may not be necessarily held. It has been quite some time since that event in this story.
No. 9992
File 129556907098.jpg - (206.68KB , 961x2247 , komachib.jpg ) [iqdb]

>watching her sister


Also, Tenshi is staring Rick down at this moment.
No. 9993
>watching her sister

>Tenshi is staring Rick down at this moment.

What a twist!
No. 9994

The only twist here is you with my words.
No. 9995
[X] Sit at the bar.

>pole dance
Exotic dance. Iku is a classy lady. (Also, there's no pole.)
No. 9996


Also, hey, unrelated, is the guy who was asking about my dakimakura still around?

I'm bored while waiting for Atlantica to re-download since my internet is being slow.
No. 9997
File 129557296912.jpg - (306.45KB , 1090x2249 , ayaa.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh well, have some front sides of things I don't think I've posted before.
No. 9998
File 129557303140.jpg - (247.09KB , 970x2249 , cirnoa.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love this artist. She's one of my favorite for dakimakura, up there with the D.D.D. guys (Kurikara, Kujiran, Genetrix, etc.)
No. 9999
File 129557306683.jpg - (289.24KB , 962x2249 , ikua.jpg ) [iqdb]
Speaking of those guys, delicious Iku.
No. 10000
File 129557313688.jpg - (224.23KB , 949x2246 , yukari4a.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love the fuck out of this Yukari, artist is great and the price was excellent as well.
No. 10001
[X] Find a place by the occupied dining table.

Gah, 2, 3, and 5 on my top characters list in one place.
No. 10002
File 129557330638.jpg - (244.58KB , 1023x2249 , yuyuko3a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey, you know, I wonder if there is interest in a dakimakura thread in this board? We have doujinshi, cosplay, why not?
No. 10003
[x] Take a seat near the stage.

dat iku
No. 10006
There is no pole. Scrub the pole from your mind. Iku isn't that lowly of an individual.
No. 10007
File 129557786687.png - (447.57KB , 1200x900 , 457dc977a7b364877866c0d677193723.png ) [iqdb]
[c] Take a seat near the stage.

Changing vote, just because.
No. 10009
File 129557884452.jpg - (283.54KB , 979x2247 , ikub.jpg ) [iqdb]
I lied. There is one pole that Iku would dance on.

No. 10010
Nothing wrong with a pole.

If you know what I mean.
No. 10011
[x] Sit at the bar.
No. 10012

It's not really canon, as the actual canon for them is Iku being Tenshi's tutor, but sometimes they're depicted as really close friends, or sisters.

I figured she wasn't on a pole, but it was the easiest way to word it, as "watching her sister exotic dance" or "watching her sister do an exotic dance", just sounds awkward.
No. 10013
[x] Sit at the bar.

>All the dakimakura
Fantastic, though I am not particularly enthralled with all the lewdness being bandied about.
No. 10015

I've never seen them depicted as 'sisters' or 'sister-like', just close friends (or the tutor relationship which is indeed canon).


Not all of my dakimakura are lewd. The first Yuyuko I ever bought was pretty worksafe on both sides!

I do try to maintain a standard of at least 'some' clothing on one side. Not that my parents are bothered by the ero ones anyway.

Returning to the topic at hand:

Sitting by the bar won. Votes closed.
No. 10017
File 129564330479.jpg - (399.74KB , 2825x1600 , doujinshi2.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update today, I'll maybe work on it this weekend. Still working on Momizi story, albeit very slowly. Keep getting distracted by gaming!

While I'm here, I still have some doujinshi to sell off, cough. If anyone has interest.
No. 10018
For reference to scanners, I do believe that the three on the right have never been scanned.
No. 10020

The one on the far right isn't ero, for reference as well.

Also, out of curiosity, why does it never appear when I sage posts on this board? The effect works for not bumping, it just doesn't indicate in the email field.
No. 10021
Cause you don't have a name.
On these boards, the email field only shows as part of the name, not the tripcode. You have no name so sage is never visible.
No. 10023

The more you know...

and knowing is half the battle!
No. 10024
Why bother. 1/3 of all the posts here are yours anyway.
And nothing else is going on here anyway.
No. 10025

I actually sage a lot of my posts when I'm just spewing bullshit in my threads, simply because I don't want bullshit to override potentially valid conversations in other threads (not that I read them, I have everything minimized but this and the doujin threads).
No. 10084
File 129598957253.jpg - (135.89KB , 1000x1333 , 1743f6d991de9afcf58cf39cb2aec7a7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Sit at the bar.


All of the places to sit seem like excellent choices, but the red-haired woman seems the most interesting of the bunch. That and you can maybe order a few drinks for your date! Gently leading her towards the bar, you can spot the, uh, rather friendly and well-endowed woman grinning at the both of you. Ran takes her seat between yourself and the other woman. “Good evening, Komachi,” your date greets her.

This woman, who has been identified as Komachi, nods and spins around in her chair, facing the bar once more. “Whatcha got there, Ran?” she asks. It isn't as if she doesn't know already, but one must play the game in these situations.

Briefly glancing to you, a smile crosses Ran's face. “Well, my friend, this is my date for the day,” she answers, turning back. “He's quite the gentleman, knows exactly how to please a woman.” You wish you could see the expression on her face as she says that.

The other woman stands up from her seat and steps around to the other side of you, settling down. She grabs the edge of your seat and rotates you to face her. She narrows her eyes, inspecting your face and looking into your own. “Attractive fellow, decent catch, but...” she starts, pausing. A quiet 'hmm' slips out from her lips as she gazes into your eyes. “Feels like somethin' is missing, maybe real important, but I can't quite put my finger on it.” She straightens back up in her seat, clearing her throat. “Well, you treat Ran like she deserves, and if it doesn't work out, maybe you can join me for a boat ride,” she adds, offering an innocent and inviting smile.

“Well, a boat ride sounds like fun, I haven't seen many lakes or rivers in this place yet,” you respond eagerly. A stifled snicker can be heard from your date and Komachi rolls her eyes.

“An outsider, Ran?” she asks in surprise. “Well, I guess that explains quite a bit.” You aren't sure if that is an insult or a compliment.

Ran giggles and wraps her arms around you affectionately. “He's the most wonderful man I've ever met.” You can't help but blush in embarrassment at the situation. “I thank Yukari for bringing him over.” For a moment your eyes glance over to the stage. The dancer has stopped for the time being, sitting on the edge of the stage and watching the exchange by the bar. Releasing you from her embrace, Ran spins you back around to face her. Her lips press to your own and then slide over to the side of your neck.

A soft laugh comes from Komachi. “I gotta admit, I'm real jealous of ya.” Listening to her is a bit refreshing, after hearing so many of the other people talk 'properly', she's quite relaxed in comparison. “Well, human, any friend of this lovely lady is a friend of mine, and maybe some of the other girls in the bar,” she says in a quite friendly tone. “Ah, jeeze,” she mutters a moment later. You aren't sure what caught her attention, trying your best to look around without disturbing your companion. Then you spot a few men from the human-only side watching you, standing up from their seats.

“Ran, stop, we've got some unwanted attention,” you warn her.

“Who cares, let them watch,” comes a muffled reply from her.

You sigh and gently push at her. “No, really, stop,” you say again. The men appear to have glass bottles in their hands and are moving towards the entrance of their side.

She pulls back from your neck, sitting up and turning to look in the same direction. “Oh, um, that's not good,” she says nervously.

You aren't entirely sure why the two women are so concerned. Looking about, you can see the dancer and the other girl looking at the approaching humans in anticipation, and perhaps a bit of worry. “You're powerful youkai, aren't you?” you ask them both. “Why are you worried?”

Komachi places a hand on your shoulder. “Lemme tell you, it causes a lot of problems for us to fight humans, even if we didn't start it.”

Something itches in the back of your mind. These humans, they seem upset, perhaps intent on causing harm. They could... no, they want to bring harm to Ran, and to Komachi. You feel compelled to defend the both of them, even though you barely know the latter. Subconsciously, your hand drops to the handle of your blade. The men seem to not be slowing their approach. You slide from the bar stool and face them. You think you can hear Ran's voice asking something, but the sound is muted and blurred. The metal beneath your fingers seems warm, it feels right. A single thought rings through your mind: 'Protect'.

The group of men are laughing at you. They're saying something, you can't hear the words. You count three in total, each of them armed with a bottle. The first smashes his on a table, prompting the others to do the same. A woman's voice clearly rings out in your mind. “I spent years protecting those I cared about,” it speaks softly. “Guard your friends, human.”

Darkness covers your vision, but you are not unconscious. You can feel and hear where the enemy stands before you. One begins to circle around, the others maintaining their position at the front. The sword compels you to act, but the choice in how to act is your own. Striking them down would immediately end the threat, or, perhaps you could simply scare them off.

[ ] Kill them. It prevents them from returning as a threat in the future.
[ ] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
No. 10085
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

The sword best used is a sword not drawn. Also killing a few chumps with glass bottles might set an example to not fuck with you, but it'll get a lotta flak. Best to just tell 'em to piss off or you'll open them a new nostril.
No. 10086
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
Am I the only one who thinks a pommel to the forehead and the polite reminder that you're the least dangerous thing in this bar are warranted?
No. 10087
No, you are not.
[X] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
It takes more strength and skill to defeat a foe without killing them.
No. 10088
[x] Kill them. It prevents them from returning as a threat in the future.

I don't give a single fuck about honor or repercussions. These drunk, racist fucks are trying to stir up shit despite facing overwhelming odds, and have already been warned away. They continue to persist, so they can just die.
No. 10090
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

Because frankly, nothing better would ruin the date than killing drunk idiots and having blood all over the place. Especially when our guy will come out of that state and realize what he did.
No. 10091
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

It will probably just cause problems for Ran during future visits to the village if we kill them.
No. 10092
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

As much as I want a BLOODFORTHEBLOODGOD moment, it would pretty much ruin our date.
No. 10093
[X] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

>“Feels like somethin' is missing, maybe real important, but I can't quite put my finger on it.”
Like, say, a hitbox?
No. 10094
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
No. 10095
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

Things have yet to reach the "Must Kill" level; though if those fuckers keep it up, things won't end well for the drunks.
No. 10097
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

So we're Meiyou?
No. 10098
[X] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

And then anon was a bouncer.
No. 10100
File 129601394294.png - (195.52KB , 450x600 , b2ca2e28f728d1780d58bd6812ed6968.png ) [iqdb]
Rick is secretly Yumeko.
No. 10101
Fight scene, kickass. Can't wait.

[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
No. 10102
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
All that I would have had to say about this has already been said. The other option is just an invitation for pointless trouble and ruins the date for good.
No. 10103
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
No. 10104
Votes closed, Scare won, although kill would've been amusing as well.
No. 10111
Somewhat amusing story from this morning. Had to run out early to do some errands, namely get gas and milk. Went to get the gas first, got a bunch on my hands. Smelled pretty strong, but no biggie, I'd wash it off later. I get to the store and come up to the cashier, who is someone I know, and pay for the milk. He says to me, "Man, you know your hands smell really gassy," hands me a small bottle of hand sanitizer and says to use it. Then I said back to him, innocently and without even thinking: "Thanks, I was pumping, pulled out too fast and got it all over my hands." He stares at me for a minute, snickers quietly and grins like an idiot. Then it sunk in what I had just said. I felt silly but it was one of those great little moments in life.
No. 10112
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.
No. 10113
[x] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.

Wha... Nevermind.
No. 10114


No. 10124
I didn't get to vote, but I'm curious. What would've happened if kill had won? I mean, that probably would've been the most serious thing we've done in this story, and I couldn't really see the story continuing without a sudden mood change if we did that, or would've it just resulted into a bad end?
No. 10127
>I couldn't really see the story continuing without a sudden mood change
Voting for something does not necessarily mean it happens. It could've just as easily resulted in Rick screaming "I'll kill you, you bastards!", charging at them with his sword, and getting pulled back by Ran who tells him to calm down.
No. 10128
File 129610901742.jpg - (236.69KB , 1034x1066 , 15906859_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ran is pure love.
No. 10170
Oh, right, I forgot to mention, no update until the City of Heroes double exp weekend is over! Which should be monday, I believe. Not that I'd write on the weekend itself, but it started yesterday.
No. 10172
[x] Drawing weapons against ladies who aren't even causing trouble, eh? I guess they didn't want to keep those hands very much.

Yes, I know, voting closed. This is just for fun.
No. 10183
>As much as I want a BLOODFORTHEBLOODGOD moment, it would pretty much ruin our date.

But if you don't kill them, then what are you going to do when it's time for the blood orgy? Use tomato sauce?
No. 10245
No. 10246
Any level ups?
No. 10261

Quite a few, actually!

Dark/Dark Defender from 35 to 38.8
Katana/Willpower Scrapper from 25 to 34.9
Illusion/Radiation Controller from 18 to 28
Fire/Earth Dominator from 1 to 39, and still going.
Sonic/Sonic Defender from 9 to 23
Broadsword/Regen Scrapper from 1 to 9 (where I got distracted by the Dominator)

Not that anyone here plays/played City of Heroes, but you asked, so yeah.

Also, the exp bonus wasn't shut off today like it was supposed to be, so still playing.
No. 10281
I had a fucking miserable headache all day, so I didn't write. Damn sinuses.
No. 10288

As someone who suffers from horrible allergies, I fully understand your pain.
No. 10296
I am going to attempt to write friday. I've spent the past two days taking care of two sick people rather than one and doing twice what I normally have to.

And I still have a metric shit ton of work left to do tomorrow.
No. 10355
An update is planned for tomorrow.

I apologize for the delays and waits, but lately things have been rather busy.
No. 10356
What happened to the Momiji thing?
No. 10364
Fell onto the wayside with just being generally busy (and lazy).

Tell you guys what: If I get a night job, so I can dump my current awful gig, I'll totally update every weekday. Promise.

The best part of that promise is I've got such a poor track record with getting work that I'll never be obligated to fulfill it any time soon!
No. 10365
No. 10366

Just an excuse for me to bitch about the job market.
No. 10375
Good luck ggAz.

How do you pronounce that anyway?
No. 10377

You don't, it's just a random tripcode.

I've used the name Tsurupettan on IRC and other websites for probably over 3 years now.
No. 10378
Got a nice chunk of writing done today, but hit a mental block.
No. 10383
Like Gaz, but with a stutter.

No. 10393
"il-gaz-(palatal tongue-click)"
No. 10396
No. 10398
Hey, writefag, can you put at least a comma or a semicolon in the "name" field? Because you're bumping the thread each time you post, and since you're not posting porn, it's annoying.
No. 10399

No, no I am not. My thread was already at the top from others posting.


I even saged this post. You just can't see that I saged it.
No. 10400
Also, with that said, update is finished but waiting on proof read.

I guess since non-H scenes aren't porn, I should sage those as well, right?

p.s. I saged this post, don't worry!
No. 10401
>I should sage those as well, right?

If you'll kindly. I do so hate having to roll my scroll wheel just one more time to get past this thread and onto the far more attractive scat threads. Also, waiting warmly.
No. 10402

Things like this make me smile.
No. 10405
File 129728981474.jpg - (46.53KB , 605x840 , ed1a46cf3f5383b8985bfd94668d0215.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Scare them off. You needn't draw blood to defend others.


You've made your choice. In one fluid motion, the sword is drawn from your scabbard. It feels lighter than it has in the past, almost as if it were an extension of your body rather than a martial implement. Muted jeers faintly penetrate the silence. You can feel the youkai women in the room watching you. Excitement, fear and the feeling of amusement can be felt from them. Your body moves, carrying the sword with it. For brief moments you can feel the tip connecting to various points in the darkness. The silence fades, replaced by the noise of glass shattering against the wooden floor. One of the men begins blubbering, the sound of feminine laughter picking up. Your vision is the next to return. The three men stand before you, doing their best to cover their shriveled privates. It seems you managed to disarm and disrobe them in one stroke.

The lead drunk looks at you, his face stricken with horror. “You, you're as much of a monster as those ugly beasts behind you,” he spits out, turning to flee the scene with his companions.

You smile to yourself, slipping the sword easily in to its sheath. That was amusing, yet odd. The feeling is exhilarating, though. Not just from the minor combat, but from the knowledge that you've protected your charge. “Very good,” calls a voice from the other side of the room. Glancing in that direction, you catch a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a blonde-haired woman dressed in white and red.

Shaking it off, you look around the room. All of the women are looking at you. The peach-hatted girl is particularly amused by the entire proceeding. “What?” you ask.

Komachi breaks into raucous laughter. “That was one of the greatest things I've ever seen, I gotta tell you,” she responds, clapping her hands. “Okay, Ran, you've got a real keeper here.” Your date simply smiles warmly and nods.

The dancer seems rather confused, sitting on the edge of the stage. “A human that protects youkai?” she wonders aloud. “I must say, I'm impressed.” Gracefully, she slips from her seat and moves across the room towards you. She bows briefly and extends her hand. “Call me Iku.” You take her soft hand into your own. Almost as soon as the two touch, she presses her body to your own, wrapping one arm around your waist and forcing her tongue between your lips. Your eyes go wide in surprise, but you don't resist. She tastes delicious, her mouth having a bit of a salty tang. After a few moments of exploration with her tongue, she releases you, clearly satisfied.

Ran giggles and beckons the woman over to sit beside her. “Coming on a bit strong today, aren't we?” she asks, grinning from ear to ear.

Iku simply shrugs, slipping past you and settling in next to your date. “He deserved a reward, no?” she responds, licking her lips. You turn about, looking at the three ladies. “Besides, I think he enjoyed it.” She gestures towards your crotch. A pleased smile crosses Komachi's face, the other two simply giggling like school girls. “You picked such a strange man, I've never met one like him,” Iku tells your companion.

“Oh yes, he's one of a kind, and I wouldn't trade him for anything,” she returns, smiling happily. “Even if he's a bit of a pervert.” Ran winks playfully in your direction.

You blush slightly. “Hey, what can I say, I'm surrounded by beautiful women,” you retort with a grin. “Even the sour one over there who keeps staring at me in silence.” Iku does her best to stifle a laugh.

Komachi nods her head slowly. “Yeah, I gotta say I'm surprised,” she begins, standing up from her seat. That large cleavage sways and tempts you as she moves. You cock your head in curiosity, giving her your attention. “You come in here, Ran hangin' off you.” Now that she is standing up, you note that she's actually a bit taller than you are. Not only that, but she has one of the sexiest bodies you've seen yet. “Lettin' her suck on your neck and getting all hot in a public place,” she continues. “Whipping out your sword and fightin' off some of your fellow humans.” You wouldn't mind whipping out your sword for her. Pushing the thoughts aside, you do your best to listen. “And then not only that, but you let Iku here saunter up and force herself on you, and enjoy it!” she exclaims, grinning as she steps closer. Your eyes flick down towards her breasts and below, taking in the view. She's got a bit of a thick frame, not really chubby, but just a bit of fat on her. “You don't even stop there, you gotta go on and tell us about how beautiful you think we are.” Komachi leans down a bit, her voice quieting. “Don't think I didn't notice you staring at my body the entire time.” If you weren't in a rather troublesome position you'd probably reach up and grab those hanging tits. “Y'know how many human men look at us like you do, and treat us that way?”

You shake your head, looking to the others briefly. They're content to watch with stupid grins on their faces. “N-no, Komachi, how many?”

She sighs loudly. “Not a damn one, they all treat us like hideous monsters,” comes her answer. “I think they've called me 'ugly' more than anything else, and it doesn't feel one bit good.”

Swallowing nervously, you do your best to respond. “Well, to be quite honest, I don't see how anyone could find a woman like you ugly.”

Her gaze softens a bit. “See, that's what I'm talkin' about, right there,” Komachi says in response. “You make a woman like me feel good, and to be quite honest, for the past couple of minutes...” she pauses, blushing slightly. “I've had half a mind to grab you and take you on up to one of the rooms here.”

“W-what?” you stutter in surprise.

Iku chimes in. “Oh yes, I can't help but agree with Komachi, I've been wanting to try out Ran's handsome companion myself.”

Your date laughs, amused by the situation. “I wouldn't be surprised if Tenshi felt the same way.” Off to the side, you hear a loud spitting noise, as if someone just sprayed out their drink. Tenshi must be the peach-hat girl, then. “I wouldn't mind letting some of my dearest friends borrow you tonight,” she giggles.

Komachi puts an arm around you, her cleavage pressing against your body. “Well, Ran, I'd be more than pleased take you up on that offer.” She releases you, stepping back a bit. “But first, I'd say we should maybe settle into one of those booths over there and have a bite to eat.” The woman manning the bar bows silently and prepares a few drinks before slipping off to the kitchen. “Looks like we even get to eat free, huh?”

The other women stand up and move towards the seating area to find a booth. Once again, Komachi throws an arm around you, leaning in a bit to whisper. “I like you, human, you're a good person.” Very briefly, her lips press to your cheek. The sweet side is a bit of a surprise, given her blunt and straightforward she has shown herself to be. “Y'know, Tenshi kinda has an issue with humans, but maybe you could approach her,” she suggests.

[ ] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
[ ] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.
[ ] Forget it, if she's interested in you, she'll follow anyway.
[ ] Write-in (come up with something good!)
No. 10409
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.
No. 10410
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.

Ignoring her would be rude, I think. So, although I don't care for Tenshi, I'll go with this one.
No. 10411
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.

>“Very good,” calls a voice from the other side of the room. Glancing in that direction, you catch a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a blonde-haired woman dressed in white and red.

Yumeko ;_;

[spoilers] She's dead right? [/spoiler]
No. 10412
File 129729398388.jpg - (68.50KB , 540x304 , eggman1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.

You know what they say...
No. 10413
[ ] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10415

She's dead, Jim.
No. 10416
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.

I don't really see these two being mutually exclusive.
No. 10417
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.

What he said.
No. 10418
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10419
Another option is:

[ ] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat you with the others.

I am so clever!
No. 10420
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.

Shouldn't we at least be properly introduced first?
No. 10422
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.

Please no vore scenes.
No. 10423
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10424
Hide button. Use it.
No. 10425
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.
No. 10426
I don't know. Will there be honey mustard involved? This is critical information.
You don't get sarcasm, do you?
No. 10427

You are bad and you should feel bad.
No. 10428
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10429
>Almost as soon as the two touch, she presses her body to your own, wrapping one arm around your waist and forcing her tongue between your lips.
Iku read the mood and realized she's in an /at/ story?

[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10436
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10437

I don't like vore. I was talking about 'eat' like performing oral sex of some variety.
No. 10438
fyi for the people combining votes, keep in mind one is presented as friendly and the other is hostile.

Also, don't worry, I'm saging my posts!
No. 10439
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.

I wonder how Tenshi likes her steak. And I'm not referring to penis.
No. 10440
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.

Works for me~!
No. 10442
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10444
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.
No. 10447
[x] Approach Tenshi, ask what her deal is with you.

>Komachi descriptive paragraph.
Sexy is not a word I would use for such a vile and repulsive body.
No. 10451

What's the matter, don't like tits and a real woman's figure?
No. 10452
No. Something tells me I will not be particularly thrilled by these next couple of updates, either.
No. 10453

Something tells me you'd be good friends with Bastille! Part of the loli only group, eh?

I'm just teasing, I like them all (with a preference for womanly ladies).
No. 10454
Looks like:

[x] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.

Won the vote.

Darn, I was hoping to write being rude to Tenshi! Would've been amusing.
No. 10457
To be honest, considering our choices so far, wouldn't asking something like that rudely seems a bit sudden and strange for our guy?
No. 10458

She has been staring and gawking at Rick rather rudely since he has walked in. I'd think it would be an acceptable response to her.
No. 10463
Random bitching as I go through Pixiv:

Good lord, Ragathol/Spidu puts some fucking atrocious faces on the touhou characters he draws.
No. 10465
I don't know about Spidu but Ragathol has some pretty hot pictures.

But your right, the faces are mostly derpish.
No. 10466

Spidu is another name that Ragathol posts his work under. Here's his pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1451592

His work, while it isn't bad, is the definition of 'hit or miss'. Some of it, I look at it and, "Hey, that's not bad, I can fap to that."

The rest I feel that the only cure is to tape a piece of paper over the faces, or scroll them off the screen, or just hide them in some fashion.
No. 10467
Were I in here to vote, it'd be for that same question that won the majority.

Still, I'd say after asking Tenshi that question, depending on her response, either be slightly confrontational or rude in asking her what's the deal (if she's refusing) or nicely pose the question (while you and the others wait for the food).

"Tenshi, was it? Let me give it to you straight -- I haven't done ANYTHING to you to draw your ire. So would you mind telling me just what is your deal with me?"

In the case of the latter, I'm good at posing the question in as little of a confrontational manner as possible.

"Tenshi, as far as I can tell, I've not done anything to you to draw your ire. So, with that understood, I do not mean to be rude, but I have to ask you, just what exactly is your deal with me? I wouldn't do anything wrong to you…"

Slightly wordy, but it tends to possibly give a clearer head and more mature feel to the guy that can talk his way like this to not put anyone on edge. [That's how I am IRL and I even reflect it in how I write.]

Of course, in that latter case, it'll probably have Tenshi then responding about her being a celestial and then going like "you think it makes you different from all of the rest of humankind?" or somesuch deal like that.


Oh, and by the way, I only stumbled upon here in the last 35 days or so, and so I was wondering if you or someone else you know has been archiving these writing sessions, as I would like to look at them.

Looking at how others write up situations like this really gives me help when I go and write things myself -- seeing more of the personality sides of the characters and learning how they might act is a real help for this Mac-born-and-savvy guy that isn't as far into Touhou as he would like to be by this point.

[So I'll give up the thought of putting W7 on half of my Mac (since I need all of the space I have for the time being) and in the process, give up making such a fuss to play the games to learn the story and events -- it's not that big a deal to me if I manage to get markedly better at portraying the characters IN CHARACTER in the process of consulting others and the wikis.]
No. 10468
Hopy shit. There is so much shit I am angry about in this travesty of a post it is unreal. Just shut up and never post again.
No. 10469

First, taking shit way too seriously.

Second, you don't have to blog about your mac and your writing and whatever else.

Third, http://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.html ctrl+f mind the gap
No. 10470
Please don't use a name while posting in a thread that isn't yours.

Please don't post information that isn't relevant to the immediate discussion.

Please don't tell the writer what he should do UNLESS you are offering constructive criticism, especially after a vote has already ended.

Please read this: http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/6052.html

I feel bad for writing this post, but I feel like it has to be done.
No. 10471
File 129738278978.jpg - (79.77KB , 555x299 , Sage goes here.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey, faggot, check this picture, 'kay?
No. 10481
File 129739893580.png - (495.12KB , 1134x1600 , soft_komachi_02.png ) [iqdb]
To spare a rather GIGANTIC wall of textmaku, the two anons
couldn't be more wrong about me and the particulars of the post.

But I'm not going to bother explaining, because they KNOW that outside of here, they're NOTHING. They know NOTHING about me and what happened on my end andthe esoteric why I think and do certain things, so they're guaranteed to be wrong. What I will say is that after coming home from a full-time job, paying any bills and taking care of my dinner, the last thing on my mind is all of the TINY LITTLE MINUTIAE in the rules, board by board. Granted, nowhere else I post has name/sage/etc rules this restricting, so this is out of my routine, and so that has something to do with it. But I've adapted.

Writer, sorry about that personal bit at the end, but thanks on pointing out the search function. From now on, I'll sage when I post and when I vote, I will not say anything else unless it's relevant. Now let's just move on with life.

~Attached a pic of what we might soon be seeing from Komachi.~
No. 10482
If not Ran first; she has a very nice rack too; she's also our date. But I'd say at this rate, it wouldn't take much more for Rick to get Iku and Komachi out of their clothes.
No. 10483
>violate the rules
>not his fault

Fine, fine. I'll stop here. But, jut for your information, I'm sick as hell, I'm spending my time puking, and yet I'm not violating any rules.
Just take care next time, okay? Your post won't be deleted here, but you'll look like a complete stupidhead if you dno't follow the holy rules.

Saged because of faggotry.
No. 10484
I'm pretty sure that at this point, it will be everyone on a large bed for the night. But when we'll reach that point, Ran should be first: it IS her night after all.
No. 10485

You didn't need to insult them or even respond to them, you know. Also, I don't think anyone asked for your opinion on the rules.
No. 10486
Seriously tl;dr, and it makes you look overly defensive.
No. 10487
File 129741811468.jpg - (112.42KB , 746x912 , 76522887a992f4ea7d934ffc57a5e81f.jpg ) [iqdb]
....thought people like these were history.
No. 10488
File 129742968534.png - (161.19KB , 400x400 , c8bf5dd52b7525b0759ddb028500a92e.png ) [iqdb]
>What I will say is that after coming home from a full-time job, paying any bills and taking care of my dinner, the last thing on my mind is all of the TINY LITTLE MINUTIAE in the rules, board by board.
Oh, you noble tortured soul, how could we useless basement dwellers ask so much of you?

This may shock you, champ, but plenty of us have shit to do every day and we somehow manage not to be smug, self-centered, long-winded douchebags on the internet. This isn't so much about "following the rules" as it is your awful personality and attitude. You are abrasive. Tone it the fuck down.
No. 10490

Lurk more.
No. 10491
I'm a little late here, but someone needs to tell you to shut the fuck up in no uncertain terms.
No. 10503
What is happening right now.
>inane bickering
What SHOULD be happening right now.
>hot sex with lots of pretty ladies
No. 10505

Bickering and updating are not mutually exclusive.
No. 10529
Hmm, I had an interesting/odd thought. I wonder if it's possible for Nue to absorb Rick's cum in condom form, store it, and then use it as her own by changing into a futa. Probably won't happen, but it does sound sufficiently kinky for this story.
No. 10530
I imagine that any girl capable of turning herself into a condom could just as easily turn herself into a futa, with or without male semen.
No. 10531

Nah. I mean, she probably could, but I don't plan on writing that. I already have one shota, one yaoi, one transgender and three futa scenes planned out. All with different characters.

Now for the fun part as my readers try to guess.
No. 10532
Tell me you've got a paizuri scene planned for Komachi, would be a waist not to use those tits like that.
No. 10533
>one shota
Wriggle is the most obvious answer.

>one yaoi,
Rinnosuke already confirmed for gay.

>one transgender
No clue. Male->Female or Female->Male?
Aya was mentioned as being something.

>three futa scenes planned out.
Orin confirmed for futa.
No. 10534
>Wriggle is the most obvious answer.




>Male->Female or Female->Male?

Male to female.

>Orin confirmed for futa.

Well of course, that and Rinnosuke are terribly obvious.
No. 10536

Please, warn before. I don't want to read that. Really.
No. 10537
Well, I doubt it'd be rinnosuke, so there's Unzan, Genji, and Rick. Actually, I'm going to guess Rick.

No clue on the shota, if not wriggle.

Hina and Yukari for the other futas. Cursed Hina and Yukari fooling around again.
No. 10539
I shouldn't need the warn about the yaoi scene because the lead up will be terribly obvious that it's coming.

Also, I find the guessing amusing since a good portion is so far off.
No. 10542

Shota is Rick.
No. 10545
you mean waste, right? I certainly hope so too.
No. 10548

As tasty as that would be, nah. Unless I wrote shota Rick being dicked by Rinnosuke. Or one of the other penised characters. But that's probably for my other thread.
No. 10549
Yeah, meant waste. That's what I get for typing while on vicodin I guess.
No. 10550
Don't take Vicodin for a headache, sinus problems or a migraine -- it'll make the cause worse. Having a long-time nurse for a mother has its perks…
No. 10551
Is for surgery recovery actually. Had an old wound on my lower back hollowed out so it'd heal properly. When not on the vicodin I feel like there's a molten railroad spike replacing my spine. Thanks for the advice though.
No. 10552
Don't take painkillers period, unless youw ant to kill your liver in the long run.s
No. 10568
Will I update this week? Let's see what the magic 8-ball says...

'Ask again later, after the final Rift beta is finished.'

Or maybe tomorrow morning, if I can get it done along with all of the housework I have to do before 1 pm EST.

Hey, who knows what'll happen?
No. 10582
No. 10584
File 129778502543.jpg - (60.28KB , 482x900 , f05761dcdf4e9aa4af133e5cb1254fe3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Approach Tenshi, ask her to eat with you and the others.


“Yeah, uh, Komachi, I think I will, you go ahead and join the others,” you tell her. She smiles slyly and gives you a short nod, releasing her grip and walking off. You look over to Tenshi. Her eyes are burning holes in you, and she realizes your intent. You slowly walk towards her, and she doesn't budge an inch, just continues to stare. You now stand across from her on the opposite side of the table. “So, uh, you must be Tenshi, right?”

No reply. She takes a sip of her drink, watching you. Her eyes seem to demand to know why you've approached her.

You take a moment to clear your throat. “I was wondering if you'd like to join myself and the others for dinner?” you offer politely.

“Why?” she responds curtly. “Why should I eat with a human?” Her voice is rather easy on the ears, it's a shame she has to mar it with hostility.

You look at her curiously. “Well, I figured you might be hungry, and what's wrong with humans?” you fire back.

Tenshi gently sets her cup on the table, not taking her eyes from you. “Because you're supposed to hate people like me, so why should I bother with someone like that?”

You're taken slightly aback. “That's not much of an argument, not all humans are the same.”

Her stoic expression cracks slightly. “It was amusing watching you make your own kind piss themselves, but that could just be a show,” Tenshi retorts. She frowns slightly. “You're just a stupid human, but I guess I should sit with my friends.” Now she's acting a bit childish. But, in a way, it's kind of cute.

You give her a warm smile. “Great, shall we?” you ask, stepping around the table and extending your hand.

She pushes it away. “Hey, don't get the wrong idea, alright?” she says insistently. “I'm just going to sit with my friends.” You shrug and walk towards the booth where the others are standing around, Tenshi following a number of steps behind.

Iku seems surprised that you're bringing over the other girl. “Oh, Tenshi, my dear, you're eating with us?” Her friend nods briefly. “I hope you don't mind sitting on the other side by yourself, we sort of came up with a seating arrangement already.” Iku's eyes flick in your direction. Tenshi responds with a shrug and takes her seat, alone, in one side of the booth.

Ran leans forward and kisses you on the cheek. “Shall we eat, then?” she asks, gesturing towards the booth. Komachi slides into one side, followed by Iku. They chose a good seat, this one is much roomier than the rest of the booths. For another moment, your date leans in to your ear. “My friends have taken an interest in you, and I'd like you to appreciate their company.” Her soft lips gently nip the lobe of your ear. “Don't worry, I promise we'll enjoy each other, but this would really make me happy.” You can't really deny Ran, and it isn't the type of thing to complain about either. Maybe she enjoys watching you perform.

You're the next to slide into the booth, followed by Ran. Komachi is against the wall, with Iku to your right and Ran on the left. Tenshi sits directly across, staring at you. “So, what's on the menu?” you ask innocently, looking around. The two girls to your right seem to be wearing a look on their faces that says 'you'.

“Oh, well, they cook something different every night, so we usually let them surprise us,” answers your fair-haired companion. “It'll probably be a few minutes, so maybe we should talk for a bit.”

Iku seems to be interested in more than talking. You can feel her slender hand slipping beneath the fabric of your pants. You shift uncomfortably as it wraps around your semi-erect penis. It is tempting, but... On one hand, no pun intended, Ran asked you to enjoy her friends. On the other, she did suggest conversation for a reason. Maybe it'd be better to resist her for the sake of learning more about the other women?

[ ] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.
[ ] Give in, and...
--[ ] Sit there, let Iku molest you.
--[ ] Get into it, move up against Iku to allow her better access.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 10585
[x] Give in, and...
--[x] Sit there, let Iku molest you.

I can feel the FEVER in your pants.
No. 10586
[x] Give in, and...
--[x] Get into it, move up against Iku to allow her better access.
Let's not one sided.
No. 10587
[x] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

Come on guys, it's have a normal conversation while being molested time.
No. 10588
[x] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

What's next? Komachi putting Rick's hand in her shirt? I'd rather get to know the other girls more, Iku included before things get too hot and heavy.
No. 10589
[X] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

Sorry Iku, that's dessert, not the appetizer.
No. 10590
[x] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.
No. 10591
[x] Give in, and...
--[x] Sit there, let Iku molest you.
No. 10592
[x] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

Calm down woman, we won't burst into flame.
No. 10593
Let's not forget about Tenshi either; talking would also help to get to know her better as well.
No. 10594
[x] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

This is our option to talk and get a hand-job, right? There's no reason those two things have to be mutually exclusive.
No. 10595
[X] Do your best to make conversation despite her advances.
-[X] Make as much innuendo as possible.
No. 10596

Pretty much, yeah. Resist means 'think other thoughts', not 'take Iku's hand out of your pants', in this case.
No. 10597
In that case

[x] Take Iku's hand out of your pants. Scowl at her.
No. 10599
[X] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.
-[X] Slide closer, allowing her easy access.
--[X] Return the favour and make her feel good too.
No. 10600
I am going to do something I haven't done in a long ass time. Mostly since my Rift buddy is sleeping and not playing.

Votes closed, this won:

[X] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

Writing now.
No. 10601
[X] Resist, do your best to make conversation despite her advances.

At some point…
-[X]Turn briefly to Iku, whisper to her "You'll get it first, since good things come to those who wait" and continue conversation.

Last post I saw when I started to type this.
No. 10602
Got the update about... half done? Roughly two pages in Open Office. Will finish it tomorrow.
No. 10611
With the way it's starting to look like a Ran/Iku/Komachi/Rick foursome, he might be getting double or triple Paizuri (Sure Iku may be the smallest of the three, but she still has a nice amount)
No. 10614
Well, with Iku, one thing's for sure: Rick's gonna have a shocking good time.
No. 10620
Update done, proof reading being waited on, etc.
No. 10621
Also thread is on autosage, so I will start a new one with this update.
No. 10623
No. 10629