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Hello, here is a Yukari x Ran story that I have written. It follows on from a story I did in the past but isn't necessary to enjoy this one. It involves a domineering Yukari imposing her will on Ran. This is a story of how they met.

Ran didn't know how long she had been locked away in this dungeon. Blindfolded and gagged, she could only guess where lady Yukari had taken her. Still, it felt like a dungeon to her with the constant patter of water droplets and the feel of the cold hard stone flooring on her bare feet. Small animals could sometimes be heard scurrying around, their tiny steps sending echoes bouncing down the passageways. It also stank, the kind of place that was forgotten by people and never cleaned nor set foot in if given the choice.

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She shivered and wrapped her nine bushy tails around herself tightly, the icy air brushing against her naked body like cold daggers. Her throat was dry and hoarse and she hadn't eaten for a while. Ran was forced to remain in an uncomfortable upright position. A rope tied her hands together up over her head, which she guessed was attached to the ceiling. She flexed her hands and pulled, attempting to snap the ropes that held her firm but unsurprisingly she was once again unsuccessful. Breaking the rope wasn't possible despite her considerable strength. Clearly these were no ordinary binds, but had some kind of enchantment placed upon them. Her arms ached from being suspended in the air for so long, the ropes rubbing against her wrists. Ran had the yearning urge to itch them as they coiled around her like snakes, but her bonds would not let her.

Ran couldn't help but think back as to when he first meant lady Yukari all those countless years ago. She had been so much younger and so full of fire and ambition back then. The strongest beast Youkai in all of Gensokyo. Her very name struck fear into the hearts of spirits and mortals alike. When affairs in the human world had started to grow stale, she had left it in favour of new adventures and challenges elsewhere. As her reputation grew, so did the strength of those that came before her, trying to make a name for themselves. One day, a certain someone showed up in front of her and told her with great conviction that her antics had been causing far too much trouble in this realm and had been disturbing her rest.
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Ran had laughed at what she figured was misplaced confidence.

"Settle down you say?"

With one simple movement of her hand, a path of pure destructive energy had cut a swath of destruction into the surrounding forest. Trees were cut in two, whole fields of grass set alight in a burning inferno. Ran stood in the middle of the roaring flames, unharmed.
"Do you know who you are taking to, stranger?" she asked.

The figure, a lady in a extravagant purple dress with long blonde hair tied with red ribbons, looked on unimpressed.
"Yes, I do," she said before sighing. She turned her parasol around in one white gloved hand absent-mindedly, while walking towards one of the burning trees. One singed leaf fluttered down in front of her and came to a rest at her feet.
"This is exactly the problem I was talking about. You've been causing me a lot of work, Ran. Could you please keep your behaviour in check?"
Ran took a step forwards, folding her arms across her chest proudly. Her annoyance at being taken lightly was clearly displayed in her irritated expression.
"Listen. I don't know who you are or who you think you are but you have made a mistake in thinking that I would reign myself in just because you asked me nicely. I only answer to myself, no one else. Now," Ran said, turning her back, "if you leave now I will overlook your insolence. I'm not in the mood to play today."
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Ran waited a few moments, tapping her sandal on the blackened grass. She had more important things to do today and didn't have the time to play around with someone who was quict clearly in over their head. Such a bother, she thought.

She turned back around, expecting that the stranger had thought better of things and left while they were still able.
"Well, I'm glad that..," her words faltered as she saw that the Youkai was still standing there. What's more, rather than quaking with fear at Ran's thinly veiled threat, this person was grinning. Waves of power radiated from her, washing over the surrounding area before hitting Ran like a tidal wave.

The sky, which was still at midday, began to darken inexplicably. Shadows forming where they normally wouldn't, creeping across the ground like black snakes, swallowing everything up that they came into contact with.
"No," the newcomer said, "I didn't expect you to roll over at a simple command from me. That would be far too easy and quite boring in all honestly."
She paused, still with that smiling face that didn't seem all that friendly to Ran. It had a certain edge to it.
"How about this? We could have a battle, you and me, right here. The loser has to submit themselves to the victor, assuming of course that the defeated party remains alive. Yes," she held up a finger as if it had just occurred to her, "I think that would be the fastest way to resolve this particular matter."
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Ran was not fazed as she felt the energy from the stranger increase still further. Her ears flickered. She rubbed the underside of her nose. So she was strong? So what? She had faced down powerful opponents in the past and emerged the winner. Perhaps this was just a show of force to frighten her? Well in either case, it wouldn't be a problem for her.

Ran spread her arms out to either side, claws forming where nails had been, her tails beating the earth behind her, each strike strong enough to leave craters. Her teeth became longer and shaper, her eyes lit up brightly, filled with the power coursing through her. She still wanted to known one thing though before they started, so she called out a challenge.
"Tell me, stranger. Before I wipe that conceded look off your face, what is your name?"

Still with that wicked smile, the stranger replied, "My name? My name is Yakumo Yukari."
Then Yukari rose into the air, the shadows following her like a cloak made from multicoloured purple and jet black. Ran let out a growl before crouching down and launching herself at Yukari.

Yukari had been much stronger than Ran had anticipated. That overpowering spiritual energy, the dimensional shifts that she now knew as gaps which allowed attacks from any or even multiple angles. And most of all, that condescending smile that never left her lips throughout the entire duel. Like she had everything in her control, everything in the palm of her hand. That had been the thing that had irked Ran the most.
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Still, Ran had given a good account of herself and had pushed Yukari every step of the way, never giving in no matter what new trick Yukari pulled, but she had eventually been defeated after a long drawn out battle which saw the surrounding area reduced to little more than aches and blackened trees. The last thing Ran had seen as she lay in the dirt was a triumphant Yukari standing over her before she had blacked out.

Yes, that was how they had first met. Ran yawned, suddenly returned to the freezing dungeon by her tiredness. How long would lady Yukari keep her here? What would she do? Ran shuddered at the thoughts which popped into her head one after the other, each one more unpleasant than the last. She sneezed. Still, she mused; it would be nice in a way to receive some attention if lady Yukari was feeling generous. She hadn't shown any interest in Ran for so long now. Not like when they had first lived together all those years ago. Not like that at all. Without realizing it, Ran slipped into a deep sleep and dreamed of days past gone.

Yukari peered into Ran's new room from the doorway and clapped her hands together. "That looks great on you Ran. Just the thing you need on your first day as my Shikigami."
Ran just stood in the doorway of Yukari's modest oriental home and grumbled. The white gown which covered most of her body was uncomfortable and the blue robe on top of that clung to her body. She couldn't believe it had come to this, dressing up and playing house.