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9211 No. 9211
Since the first one went so well.

Remember, kids, keeping a Rumia of your very own can be a rewarding experience for both you and her...

No. 9212
File 129254679228.png - (455.33KB , 786x720 , c07987024987870241754067337848c3.png ) [iqdb]
...but proper care and feeding is essential.

Especially feeding.

Artists are "natsu_no_koucha" and "tec" on Danbooru, respectively.
No. 9214
File 129257170176.png - (714.36KB , 1401x2000 , 004.png ) [iqdb]
>Three are suddenly on break.
>No problem.

No. 9217
I wish I'd never seen that either. The disappointment is killing me.
No. 9221
It's okay, one of Kirise Mitsuru's new releases has some Shinki in it!


Now it just has to come in the mail ;_;
No. 9222
Oh good. Because if there's one thing I can't stand about people ignoring PC-98 Touhous. It's when they know about them.

Anyway, rant aside, does Melonbooks ship internationally? Or are you getting them from elsewhere?
No. 9223
>No Eiki
Son of a bitch.
No. 9224

I have a deputy service I use. Melonbooks doesn't ship int'l.

Also, I love the PC-98s, for the most part, if it wasn't extremely obvious.
No. 9225
Now you mention it, hello MtG man. Also who do you use?
No. 9233

The main thing is the whole "Old maid" thing that's been going around on Pixiv and Danbooru; that and the artist isn't known for anything but big breats.

Point is Siki would have been excluded due to her moderate (canon) or flat (fanon) chest.

I find that the whole thing to be discriminatory towards the not so shapely (Tewi and perhaps Siki herself), more so seeing how Tewi might be older than all of them.
No. 9238
I don't think I've ever seen a shapely Tewi done before (unless, I'm forgetting something). I do remember that a story here managed to pull this off though; having Tewi 'transform' into a curvier version of herself using that old leaf trick most tanuki and kitsunes use (not sure if this actually has a name or not).

Given how alot of doujins tend to disregard certain aspects of Touhou in order to get to sex (raping ex bosses, ect), I'm surprised no one's ever thought to come up with a way to incorporate a healthy Tewi in them.

...Then again, I'm probably not looking hard enough. My gut tells me there's such a thing out there, especially if there's a few with a busty Siki in it.
No. 9239
File 129268846913.jpg - (539.55KB , 777x870 , 8a292a8b5b2c3d68000066556eea3ebb.jpg ) [iqdb]
Can't say I've ever seen a large breasted tewi doujinshi, but there are a few images.

Why, a quick danbooru search for "inaba_tewi large_breasts" will give you plenty of images with large breasted Reisen!
No. 9241
Pretty sure Kurikara and Kujiran have drawn busty Tewi at some point or another.
No. 9242
No. 9243
File 129270914784.jpg - (732.86KB , 1063x1500 , 8bdb1eb0009fb11d54ee7904e65076cf.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry, should've clarified:

I prefer that outcome
No. 9246
There's a clean doujin where Tewi and Chen disguise themselves as adults to get some liquor for a party. Kinda odd as I doubt there's any real underage drinking law in Gensokyo towards Youkai.

Artists stick to many general trends, one of which is that mainly Lolis will be flat. This is of course excluding infamous fanon butcheries (Flat chested short tempered Eiki)

Point is that folks seem to only include those 5-6 (Yuuka's usuually no6), and the words "have an air of maturity" would have discounted Yukari and Yuyuko as both act particularly childish at times. They were the ones behind one of the worst incidents to hit Gensokyo (PCB's long winter)
No. 9249
I never understood how Yuuka could 'sort of' fit in with the old maids. I do think Shinki would be a sixth one, however.

I guess those are my own perceptions, though.
No. 9250
[Maruchira] Kitten Girl is the one you're thinking of.

Probably. Yuka's as much a mature character as Yukari in-game. In fanon she's commonly depicted as such. More importantly, she's also much more popular than Shinki or Mima.

Personally I like all 8.
No. 9252

>More importantly, she's also much more popular than Shinki or Mima.

I'm not sure why it matters that a character is 'more popular' than another.

I also never understood why portions of the community actually cared about popularity, nor why they would let it affect their interests in a character.

These are the same people that would, for example, base their clothing selection off of what other people like rather than what they like.

This isn't necessarily directed at you.
No. 9254
Well, Yuuka is at the very least, 60 years old, if not much, much older.
No. 9264
Oh Shinki is /your/ #6. I thought you were referring to the general community.
No. 9265
But with that search, you'd miss this one: >>2564
No. 9271
Yuuka's quite old herself (about as old as Yukari) and generally acts very calm, mature and elegant... until you fuck with some flowers. Then she goes batshit and turns you into a smear if you're lucky. If you're not? A very painful death awaits.
No. 9322
Seriously, I usually don't talk bad about the guy, but this is just terrible. The sex dialogue is fine, but Byakuren's inner monologue delves into the realm of "has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like."

Good doujin besides that, though. Surprised it took so long for someone to use this story.
No. 9323
>has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

No. 9324
Google it.
No. 9325
File 129305102662.jpg - (554.91KB , 1007x3343 , 1292125605640.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 9326

After seeing the summary, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it. Or my time downloading it, for that matter.

I normally love this guy's work, but.. eh.. Those situations I'm pretty hesitant on myself, with some exceptions.

I did order InterMammary 2 though, which totally looked worth it cough
No. 9328
oh God CGRascal.

I hate that guy so much - a lot of the doujins he translates are actually good, but now that he got his grubby, dyslexic paws on them; well, they probably won't ever see the light of a competent translation.
No. 9329
The first one was pretty nice.

Indeed... and his butcheries won't be retranslated without determined fans or some sort of project. Someone ought to cause his site to crash to deliver a message.
No. 9331
It isn't exactly a doujin, although it is certainly long enough to be one if he decided to do so, but..

Wancozow's Animal Girls in Heat.

You're still fucking drawing it? Go draw something else. Show us something new and interesting.

This series of images, for me, lost its luster about 40 pictures ago and should've been put to bed then. It started out alright, and then slowly slipped into the realm of 'oh look, he drew some more' followed by skipping those images.

It is decent, but it has gone on for far too long to still be interesting.
No. 9335
I thought I was bad in English because I couldn't get what the fuck was going on, but it seems it's rascal's fault, not mine.
No. 9341
His work really varies; though it's only passable at best, which seems hardly the case these days.

It does seem to be getting dragged out too long now without getting to any real point.

I must say as far as the Eientei bunch goes hachi(chihagura) is among the best as s/he renders various eientei characters with a special touch. That and mainly doing Kaguya/Mokou

Humorous: Mute "straight girl" Tewi
Hot: Kaguya giving an absolutely effective come hither look. Also the whole hostess club comic.

His mokou and Reisen (her joyful face is particularly cute and notable)
No. 9376
Yeah, Rascal really seems to be going for speed rather than at the least putting out something passably understandable.

Which is a shame, because the more he translates the more works are less likely to ever see a proper translation. To that end I'm really hoping he at some point or another gets bored of doing Touhou doujins.
No. 9379
File 129342257648.jpg - (907.44KB , 1041x1491 , 19.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyone able to give some translation assistance on Extend Party 2?

The circled line was translated as:
Koaku, your pussy's great! It's so soft, and it's gobbling me up.

It looks to me like it's "koakumanko" in the Japanese, e.g. portmanteau of Koakuma and pussy. There's no way to preserve the portmanteau, but can anyone think of a good way to preserve the "joke" without sounding stupid? Best I could come up with is "Your little devil pussy's great! It's so soft, and it's gobbling me up.", e.g. translating "Koakuma" and using it as an adjective for her pussy. However I don't know Japanese so I may be mangled something else while rewording it.
No. 9393

I've got no real Japanese experience (beyond using memorized strings of characters to browse pixiv/shops), so I'm just commenting on what you've given us.

>"Your little devil pussy's great! It's so soft, and it's gobbling me up."

This would be fine, in my opinion, but I'd suggest maybe sticking an asterisk in and a TL note at the bottom explaining the joke. Some of us can get the joke at a glance even in English, but most probably wouldn't and it would be lost, or they'd be thinking it was a bad translation by a non-touhou fan who didn't know the character.
No. 9400
File 129346856574.jpg - (158.11KB , 500x700 , 100618_aya.jpg ) [iqdb]
Was there an actual release concerning this from Kurikara and kujiran's pics and sitch with Hatate?

The name was Titibun, more or less.

sample pic 1 from kuri's side

and sample 2
(actually Hatate, not Aya, but we can tell that just by seeing it)

I've never been able to find a scanned release for it.
No. 9401

I recently went through all of the Touhou doujin pages on Toranoan, Melonbooks and W-Canvas and do not recall that cover. Sorry.

Actually, I thought that image you posted was being used as the shitajiki they are sending out with their recent Aya dakimakura release.
No. 9410
>"Your little devil pussy's great! It's so soft, and it's gobbling me up."
I am not sure if i can fap to lines like that.
No. 9418
The artist's Pixiv gallery says that the book was "Gensoukyou Chichi Zukan - Aya", and that it was made specially for Toranoana's ToraMatsuri, earlier this year.

That being the case, they might not have kept it in the catalog after the event, especially if it sold out on-site.
No. 9419

Last resort is Yahoo Auctions Japan, then.
No. 9423
>Extend Party 2
A translation for this would be very welcome. Part 1 was very good and i would like to read what Flandre says in part 2. Plus cat ears and such.
No. 9428
You can see the progress here: >>9402
No. 9676
For the record, >>9650 really does only have one or two places where the meaning is completely different from the original, and not anywhere important. The English is stilted and awkward throughout, of course, but that's basically a given for a CGRascal project.
No. 9717
God fucking dammit.

I look through the untranslated works, see this, and figure I'll just wait until it gets translated.

Well, maybe it won't be horrible.
No. 9735

Could the translation quality experts give an opinion on how he did with this translation? I might be willing to piss away some cash.
No. 9745
Good idea as it might be a passable translation of his... but one of these days we should gather up the names of all the doujins he's done BADLY and that have no 2nd translations and put them in the next nomination topic... excluding ones not meeting the OP's terms.
No. 9746
>excluding ones not meeting the OP's terms.
This isn't the nomination thread.
No. 9755
I know but the point was possibly going about getting doujins GOOD translations as just bitching about it won't get anything done.
No. 9780
File 129488287850.jpg - (692.76KB , 1046x1523 , gothtia_wriggle_40.jpg ) [iqdb]
That 53 minutes thing was a dirty fucking trick. She could have lasted the full hour if it wasn't for that.
I can't look at Asatsuki Dou's Wriggle without connecting her too this Wriggle. (Did Asatsuki Dou draw this too?) These two things, along with the page of Wriggle friends coming to look for her/Rumia worrying about her, makes the ending and her fate hit really hard, even if it is predictable.
God damn. I think I might hate Yamame now.
No. 9784
Am I the only one who actually liked this doujin?
No. 9785
Liked it; would have liked it better with a slightly gentler ending.

Maybe it's just my particular configuration of fetishes, but I find fully aware and consenting (or at least semi-consenting) submissives a million times hotter than creepy mind-broken "shell-of-my-former-self" submissives.
No. 9787
Don't hate her; as this one was REALLY out of character. The last thing we need is characters being hated due to what a shitty fanon version does.
No. 9789

Even if I don't like Asatsuki, I have to admit that he's a good artist. His characters are expressive, and you're easily moved by his works.

It's true that he's mainly into more-or-less depressing stuff, but objectively, he's good.
No. 9790
I deleted that doujin the moment I read the line where Yamame told Wriggle she would've eaten her had she been a human.

Things like that are so stupidly out of character/wrong. If it was a situation where she was possibly joking, I'd let it pass, but shit was serious.

Sure, there are other things, but that one did it for me.
No. 9794
>I deleted that doujin the moment I read the line where Yamame told Wriggle she would've eaten her had she been a human.
>Things like that are so stupidly out of character/wrong. If it was a situation where she was possibly joking, I'd let it pass, but shit was serious.
Oh wow.
No. 9797

It's one thing to bend canon for artistic purposes, or take advantage of where ZUN has left blanks. This is what most artists and circles do.

It is another thing entirely to break canon, throw it on the ground, stomp and spit on it. Or be ridiculously ignorant of the series, which is the case for an artist who drew a virgin Suwako doujin because of the series' popularity while having no understanding of it.
No. 9798
What's so upsetting about Yamame eating people? Youkai eat people and Yamame's a youkai. Makes sense to me.

She's a god. She can have kids while retaining her virginity if she wants too.
No. 9801

Youkai don't necessarily have to eat humans, and canon characterization has shown Yamame is one who doesn't. She's human-friendly.

Also, if I recall correctly, the artist admitted not knowing the material. That wasn't a matter of hand-waving it with 'lol she is a god wutever'.
No. 9802
>which is the case for an artist who drew a virgin Suwako doujin
So, is it even canon that Suwako was the mother, or just the parent of some human/half human?
No. 9804
Most people say fathers aren't virgins either.
No. 9806
Does laying eggs count as losing one's virginity? Does jacking off onto eggs count?
No. 9818
eh I think when it came to knocking Suwako up, it was mainly chosen by who was most loyal to her no doubt.

Only a fool would be fooled by her cute appearance as she knows far more than what she appears to.

When that happens in any fiction I get considerably upset as it creates terrible misconceptions that cause characters to be hated more than they ever should be. A major factor are doujins, which promote such things in the name of artist self interest and yuri drama. (Massively Tsundere Alice anyone?)

Also vicious/femme fatale Yamame really gets on my nerves as she's really a sweet girl despite her ability.

Also some stories here have been pretty guilty of that, mostly old ones though.
No. 9820

Wellll, I like the pretty pictures.
No. 9824
File 129498648760.jpg - (130.39KB , 450x600 , 2748379_m.jpg ) [iqdb]
I can say that I do agree with the dislike for a "vicious" Yamame. Part of the reason why I find Yamame so likeable is because of her friendly demeanor towards others and giving her a bloodthirsty personality is a good way to win over undeserved dislike from others.

Then again, people like what they like I suppose...

In anycase, I feel her sweet personality makes for good kindling when trying to pull together a romance based h-doujin involving her. We already have so many mindbreak/depressing doujin out there already, so why not try something a little different?

If not, then by god I will.
No. 9825

I know this is a doujin discussion thread, but when are you going to write again?
No. 9826
I'd welcome such an attempt. And that Rapid Rabbit Yamame doujin was pretty romantic.
No. 9840
Byoujo no Sho was probably the best depiction of Yamame I've seen in a doujin so far.

Can't wait to get to her in my work if I ever stop being a lazy bastard.
No. 9862

No. 9864
I still need to look into the revised version (was there a revised translation? I remember hearing of it), but even without it, I still rather liked that Yamame used there. Spider legs were a plus, of course.

Shouldn't be too long before I start up again. I have loads of ideas I'd want to write here and only one way to deal with them.
No. 9866
Yes. >>8484
No. 9870
Once I found out, I was very interested as the way he draws Touhous in the Iron of Yin and Yang ("Because I felt like it"- Author's own words) comic are nothing short of lovely and sometimes badass.
No. 9875
I'm not sure if this is the best thread to ask, but anyone remember the name of the doujin in which the author commented he wanted to impregnate Sanae cause she seemed to be a serious character and thus would make the perfect mother?
No. 9877
No idea I'm afraid. But that would narrow it down to translated works? Maybe works that are about Sanae?
No. 9878

And one not translated by desudesu or saha, as they never do the commentary at the end. I don't think CGRascal does either. UMAD does, as do several that weren't scanned by commision.
No. 9879
No cgrascal doesn't do the foreword/afterword. I was actually wondering if it was one of Nounai Kanojo's works, since he's a wacky character, and yeah, UMAD does translate the foreword/afterword.
No. 9903
No one EVER translates the mae/atogaki anymore. I remember when that used to be the standard.
No. 9904
How was touhou this time then, Grandpa?
No. 10014
Dragging this chatter into the discussion thread.

In a nutshell it's a standard MoF goddess "faith" gathering H work. It's consensual for Minoriko. Shizuha doesn't like it initially but, that doesn't last long. So I don't think you'll enjoy it.

But unfortunately, when it comes to the neglected characters, beggars can't be choosers. The Akis only appear in like two other H works.

The cover or artist is usually a good indicator. But not always. That Shironegiya Reimu work was a surprise, to say the least.
No. 10203
File 129633548620.jpg - (774.62KB , 1111x1600 , ero_08.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh god, Mystia and the 9 team, my dream scenario, I'm gonna die.
No. 10214
I found it kind of weird, since Albatross always does futa on Mystia (And I love it). Though, it was still as hardcore as ever (Team 9 was a nice addition), and thats the other reason I love this artist.
No. 10215

Indeed...I would have gotten this commissioned like I did the rest of Albatross's Mystia doujins if this was at least yuri...


What a bloody waste...
No. 10216
I only really skimmed through it but, from what I've seen, I definately liked what I read. I always liked this artist's Mystia but, I was never really one for the futa bits in most of his stuff, so it was kind of a conundrum for me...until now, of course.

Definately a keeper worth stashing.
No. 10217


Get out. NOW.

No. 10219
Hopefully it'll be translated in due time.
No. 10221

Why should I get out..?

I love to see Mystia getting boned by either Yuyuko, Suika, Yuugi, or the last two together...

Nothing like Yuyuko getting a massive nosebleed from dressing Mystia up in 'idol' clothing, or Suika and Yuugi fisting Mystia's womb while pumping her ass full of oni spunk from Suika's cock...

I'm not into straight Touhou doujins, not even if it's a favorite author of mine...

UNLESS...Unless it's GURO~ Kekekekekekekekeke...

I will commission anything guro with Touhou characters regardless of genre/preference~

Just like that Kaguya x Mokou one I commissioned, and more so that Suwako x shota guro futa snuff doujin involving her past~

Hell, I was very disappointed that new doujin by DEPTHBOMB wasn't guro considering the tons of Touhou guro he made...

I was stating that it was a waste since I was hoping that Mystia would get gang-raped by the ⑨ team in a futa orgy (sans Mystia who isn't futa)...

That is why it is a bloody waste...A bloody waste of 'skinship' between the ⑨ team and the ⑨ team alone...
No. 10223

This is why you should get out, as well as your horrible fucking jokes in your shit thread.

The only thing you've succeeded in doing is pissing people off.
No. 10225




No. 10226
You use too many ellipses. I request you cut that out.
No. 10227
You're not nearly as clever as you think you are.
No. 10228
I have a crazy thought. Don't shit up the board further. Use the report function and/or hide function.
No. 10230
You seem to be a little confused.
No. 10231
Considering Xuchilbara is one of the few people who shell out lots to get doujins translated, I'm tempted to tolerate him. But that's just me.
No. 10234

I would rather judge him on his terrible posts and not his wallet. But that's just me.
No. 10369
I love that apparently very important yet totally untranslated piece of paper.
No. 10394
And he shat up everything else about the translation as well. Worse than typical.
No. 10495
Personally, I don't bother downloading CGRascal's translations any more.
No. 10567

Did this JUST get translated?

I mean, the thing has been around for a long time. At least a year and a half or two years, but I'd have to go dig it up from my shelf and check the release date.
No. 10569
No. 10570
should be surprised some folks translate doujins after a long period; the Suika Wife one is also kinda old.
No. 10571

I'm a bit hesitant to read the translation, though. Don't want to risk having one of my favorite doujinshi ruined.
No. 10573
It was a good doujin, so why not? The Barista doujin was 3 years old as well.
No. 10574

I take it back, that was totally fucking worth it and made the purchase feel even more valuable.
No. 10667

So where is Shanko's place? Googling isn't bringing up a homepage, but it does bring up http://g.e-hentai.org/g/329688/aca793337d/. I have no idea how to download the non-resized files from e-hentai, and it's not on chocolate's site either.
No. 10670
Downloading from e-hentai is a bit of a complicated process but downloading the archive of the gallery would give you non-resized images.
No. 10682
>This page requires you to log on.
Stupid e-hentai. Found a torrent on TT instead and posted that.

But does that Shanko guy have a blog/other site where it would've been posted?
No. 10770
There's only one Itou life Doujin left untranslated to date: And the title roughly translates to Urwriggle. But it's nice to see despite the nomination thread' collapse, nice stuff is being translated.
No. 10830
I don't think it's NTR. While I can't make heads or tails because the dialogue sounds extremely odd at best, there's no despair from Youmu, just an implied incredible sense of confusion and a dropped apple with no context.

A critical part of NTR is the sweet, crushing despair of the NTR'd. And it's lacking in this doujin.
No. 10831
>just an implied incredible sense of confusion and a dropped apple with no context.
Pretty sure she realized what happened at the very end.
No. 10845
It's a CGR translation; what did you expect. I didn't like it much due to how overly bitchy Yuyuko was; pretty badly out of character in my opinion. Now if it was Yukari doing something to Ran's guy, I'd believe that.

Also that particular artist of the circle seems unable to do more than one face and figure type and unlike 04U, hasn't learned how not to make such a lacking range evident or learning new things (See Suwako in his latest one)
No. 10939
Fuck yeah more Nounai Kanojo
No. 10941
Dang, I must have missed so many Nounai Kanojo.

I liked the Conan reference, by the way.
No. 10955
About >>10934 , didn't you guys FFFFFF at reading the last part? How long until the next update gets translated?
No. 10956
I certainly did.
The last page is pretty ominous. I don't think I'm going to like this series much anymore if he makes Satori evil.
No. 10957

Evil Satori? Fuck that.
No. 10967
with the rough art, I couldn't tell who was talking to Yukari and who was bringing an out of it Cirno into Flandre's room.
No. 10969
Neither could I, but the next book has her on the cover.
I'm probably jumping to conclusions.
No. 10972
with the way things are looking, I'd rather get past any pointless sex and just get to the heart of the matter already.

And from what I can tell, whatever's going on, Yukari and Eirin are involved somehow, and somehow concerns Flandre. And it seems that Nanashi's inclusion into Gensokyo seems to be a sort of distraction from things... at least until books started to freeze over.
No. 11006
>Evil Satori? Fuck that.

That's the plan.
No. 11023
Could a mod delete some posts from the translated thread?
No. 11073
God damn it, I was really hoping this would get a proper translation instead of this babelfish-level bullshit.
Does CGrascal charge half the price other translators do for commissions or what? Why do people keep going to this guy for translations?
No. 11074
I've been noticing a trend lately. Whatever CGRascal puts out people have been making their own translation so it's not nigh-incomprehensible engrish.

All we can do is cross our fingers.
No. 11078
The doujin itself is fucking awesome. But the translation leaves something to be desired. Number of moments where I just couldn't get what the message was.
No. 11079
I only recall about 3 of his works being retranslated (the most recent 04U work, the 04U letty work, the rapid rabbit Yamame doujin). I wouldn't exactly call that a trend.

I was under the impression he was doing them on his own.
No. 11081
>I wouldn't exactly call that a trend.
Well at least it's happening!
No. 11084
The general impression he does them on his own for whatever reason he has. How the fact he sucks hasn't dawned upon him is one of the internet's great mysteries.

If there's a great enough of a demand/outcry, a re-translation will most likely happen.
No. 11086
>And in other news, remember that Inomaru work that I said I’ll drop. I may bring it back, based on the grounds that I supposedly have a reputation on being on the “Dark Side” of the “Translation Force.”…..>_>

I think he does.

He didn't take commissions initially, and also implied that the older Tsuki Wan books were freebies. Beyond that I don't know.
No. 11087
I would take up the editing part, just like the previous two doujins I edited before.

We just need a translator and some agreements from the others.
No. 11091
I think on two occasions he's stated in stickies "I'm open for commisions again", so my assumption is that whenever he doesn't have those stickied he isn't open for commissions. He also never announces who commissioned anything, and most of the doujins he chooses follow a similar style (healthy, frequently NTR, hates loli and futa but has does them anyways, etc).

>that Inomaru work that I said I’ll drop
That also definitely sounds like he's doing it because he wants to, not because someone is paying him.
No. 11115
File 129931420138.jpg - (269.02KB , 750x1059 , a hint of things to come.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am so damn torn over the three remaining untranslated pixel cot doujins. Part of me wants to see them translated because of morbid curiosity, and the other pixel cot doujins were worth the translations they got (in a manner of speaking...) But on the other hand...given how curious I am, I WOULD end up reading them, and I don't think I'd like hearing the details on the life destroying rape of three of my most beloved Touhous. Hell, my Aya's my absolute favorite.
But on the other hand...aaaaaugh...

Anyone else have any doujins they're all torn up over whether or not they want to see them translated?
No. 11121
the only thing that comes to mind is a Neko Romance Byakuren doujin, it seems to have blob rape and mind break and signs that it was part of some plot, hence the curiosity in seeing it translated. But I know in any case it'd be a "feels kinda bad man" case.
No. 11123

I'd second it if you also mean the Pixel Cot Utsuho Doujin.
No. 11126
Pixel cot did an Okuu doujin? Where?
No. 11128
File 129935424477.jpg - (487.01KB , 1064x1506 , pixel cot.jpg ) [iqdb]


Contains egg laying. Also in a amazing rarity for Pixel Cot it's consensual sex.
No. 11129
>three remaining untranslated pixel cot doujins
I think there's a few more than that.
No. 11130
yeah, after seeing that I went and looked at the translated doujinshi mediafire folder and realized that the old Reimu/futa-Remi+Flan one was translated, but I couldn't find Red Honeymoon anywhere (which is the one of those two I'd rather have translated, I hardly needed text at all to know what was going on in the other)
No. 11131

Red Honeymoon can be found on E-hentai.

No. 11137
Eh. I was just talking about the rape doujins. It's what pixel cot did best, really.
No. 11138
thanks, but I have it (one of the oldest doujinshi in my folder), I just meant I couldn't find it translated like the other one I mentioned
No. 11412
See, this is my kind of rape. She breaks, but not in a way that turns her into a slut or something. She's still herself, more or less.

I just wish it didn't have such a terrible translation. It sounds like their having a civil, if monotone conversation. "Oh no. I'm being raped. Aaaaaa."
No. 11413

I agree, I can actually appreciate this rape compared to the usual fare. I mean, I don't mind it, but this actually appeals to me.
No. 11417
though it seems she just breaks in general, not so much break into a slut. Has a real 'feels bad man' quality to it. After all if a guy can go about raping the Yama like that, what hope does the rest of Gensokyo have?

And to think it came about due to getting dragged to to that Orgy back in her first appearance in that one 04U doujin and enjoying herself with that young man.
No. 11432
Looks like Musashi-dou is doing a sequel to the Yuuka x Wriggle doujin above: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=17261050
No. 11442
Fujiirosabou is making a sequel to The Sun and the Moon. Glorious.[
No. 11486
File 129986255477.jpg - (125.97KB , 750x563 , that really rustled my jimmies.jpg ) [iqdb]
Brother! I too will forever hate an artist for making one thing I don't like! Let me join in your irrational hate!

Damn you, 04U! The creation of something I don't like has invalidated any past and future works you have created or will create!

God I wish doujin artists would stop being so mainstream, they're really ruining my ability to masturbate.
No. 11490
No. 11491

He was responding to a post from someone in the main thread who claimed to be boycotting 04U because they did rape. Said post was deleted by moderators.
No. 11497
No. 11513
I enjoy this guy's work a lot. But a problem I have with the H scenes (this applies to some other artists as well), is that they'd be a lot more enjoyable if it was just pictures. Or at least with a lot of the "ooh cumming" type text left out/untranslated.

There's plenty of good reasons why. Who cares which one?
No. 11514
I do, obviously.
No. 11515

Why what? Why did they delete the post?
No. 11527
It was probably the usual moralfaggotry, and I can't say I approve of that, but it's what this thread and it's predecessor were made for.
No. 11551
Which is precisely the point, the comment was made in the upload thread, not this one.
No. 11555
Ooooooh. Oh. Ok.
I feel downright silly now...
No. 11653
I checked out Itou Life's latest doujin samples and while it's a Wriggle story, it seems she's grown since earlier work (from training bra-small A to mid-large A)

My feelings are mixed as his wriggle is still great, but if she 'grows' up too much she might lose some of her special charm.

Though in his fancier style (usually used for covers, she's been sporting a rather nice/small pair for a decent time)

This makes me wonder if all the Wriggle-related doujins are in the same continuity, mainly due to Patchy's potion promised to Wriggle in the Patchy/Wriggle one and just general sex/breast play also promotes growth.
No. 11768
File 130052718624.jpg - (0.96MB , 2114x1500 , 001_022.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll put that down to inconsistency. She's "inexistant" on the cover of this book, and larger on the one with Rinnosuke >>10757 while the contents are the opposite. And Patchy seems to be a lot bigger in her recent book than in Touhou Megane. Difficult to tell.

As for a continuity, if it exists it's not a strong one. Maybe we'll find out more when that remaining untranslated book is done.
No. 11968

When did this come out? I've been watching toranoana, melonbooks and mandarake like a fucking hawk for the last 4 months and haven't seen this at all in my searching/buying of doujinshi.

I'd check myself but I went over the 'unlimited' data for the month on my phone and they throttled back the speed massively.
No. 11970
It's a Reitaisai 8 release, and it was uploaded to Exhentai yesterday. That's about all I can say.

Also, the new Ito Life book came out.

No. 11972

Thanks for the heads up, I'll go look through the stores again.

>New itou life doujin on exhentai

No thanks, I'll wait for the mail.
No. 11980
It must have been translated right away without much sign of raws. But if it's HongMeiling posting it, it's in good translation hands.
No. 11981
About the content: It's Wriggle and the male "hard-working virgin". Who's not really virgin anymore. Neither he's hard working. So, in order, there's masturbation using panties, balls sucking, and finally some traditional dick in vagin.
Nothing fancy.
No. 11983
forgot ball play and the fact that she's curvier than the norm. Kinda disapointed that no paizuri was attempted. So this is a sequel to an earlier work?
No. 12012
Itou life's stuff is always pretty bland and ordinary.
No. 12019
True, but that doesn't mean they aren't a huge turn-on for some.
No. 12034
Maybe, but consensual sex with some rarely favored characters stands out to many.

It's not like he does yet another Sanae Smut doujin that are popular these days.
No. 12043

So which is a better translation?
No. 12058
He's done like 5 doujins about her. She isn't rarely favored anymore.
No. 12059
he's basically the one only one who does, and that's about 40% of all the wriggle doujins around compared to all the thousands of Alice,Sanae or Yukari doujins.
No. 12068
Oh no, most Wriggle doujins are by the same good artist, whatever will Wriggle do?! Medicine wishes she could have that many quality doujins.
No. 12141
I love the foreplay in this one, especially with the teasing of the wings, but I can't help but think this would be way better if it was yuri instead. Also, the sex is way too extreme... The artist seems to be leaning into that more and more.
No. 12142

Fuck, this was excellent. I love the happy sex involved here, art is nice too.


I sort of agree and sort of don't. I'd prefer it wasn't a man. Futa would be acceptable. I do, however, really like the extreme sex. Not enough artists do it imo. I find 'extreme' sex and the sort of anatomy presented there to be a draw for me when it comes to hentai.

Also, it looks like she had a bit of a prolapse at the end. Good stuff, glad I ordered it, although I really wish it was futa. If there are men in adult Touhou works I tend to prefer them to be 'faceless protagonist' types.
No. 12147
that Okuu doujin was translated? Fuck Yeah. The Guy did some stuff I liked, like a cute but 'healthy' Tokiko, and a case of Yukari measuring Ran's bust and finding it surpasses her own.
No. 12148
Which doujins are those?
No. 12149
I meant to say pictures. http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/315705
No. 12150
Hah. Good all the same.
No. 12151
I went and read the Okuu one and was grinning for the next half hour. Feels really damn good, man.
No. 12173
I liked it, personally. It's like reading a Monzetsu manga, except without John K. Peta's trademark hideous art style.
No. 12176
I wonder why he's resorting to such things... it just reeks of wanting to get more sales/etc.

You can tell why a doujin artist has his doujin material a certain way by looking at his art. For example looking at Depth Bomb's art, you can tell she does guro doujins and CGsets because she likes it (I heard Depth Bomb was a girl) while in contrast looking at Aya Sacho's art (mostly clean pictures, some Maribel/Renko yuri) and his(?) doujin material (Mix of clean girl/girl love, and rape and/or drugs), suggests he does some for the sake of sales.
No. 12179
>it just reeks of wanting to get more sales/etc.
I sincerely doubt that. Nikusyo is a fairly prolific ero-manga author, and his work has run the gamut from the vanilla to the bizarre. He's even done a few SFW doujinshi here and there.

It's hard as hell to put out that much art if you don't personally enjoy what your pen is producing.
No. 12188

Screw April Fools jokes this is the funniest thing I've seen all day.
No. 12200
Oh god, no...

Oh god, yes!
No. 12314
Fuantei porn? Seriously? Gonna check that immediatly.
No. 12319
That's been out for a fair while. And there's also this one, if you're OK with a self-insert. As in cat-man.


And also, Pixiv: id=5527
No. 12354
I just cannot get over this. Everything about it completely disgusts and enrages me.
See that goop flowing out of Sanae? That's not cum, that's her liquefied baby. The tentacles raped her baby, in her womb, until it literally liquefied. You can't even think "Oh, her gods will save the day;" they're the ones doing the raping, not counted the dozens of guys they set their surrogate daughter up with daily. Absolutely nobody gives a shit about her.

God damn it, I'm uselessly moralfaging again...
No. 12357
>God damn it, I'm uselessly moralfaging again...
Yeah, pretty much. I just deleted it and moved on.
No. 12358
Well, yeah, but I can't get it out of my head. It's really wedged in there.
No. 12361
That doujin makes me wish I could hide individual posts inside of threads. I didn't read it, the description was too horrible. I can dig some mind break, I can dig some rape. But not that. That's morally reprehensible. I'm not offended by much, but the idea just turns my stomach.
No. 12362
I don't blame you. It's more disturbing when you remember that Sanae is decended from Suwako. So she not only sat back and watched one of her decendants get eaten, but she raped and broke the other, and didn't give a damn about either. What the fuck, frog goddess? They were your own flesh and blood!
No. 12363
I'm more appalled that someone actually translated it. Does Little White Butterflies (LWB) love rape that much? No wonder the nomination guy thought people only liked rape; LWB churned out translated rape doujins like CGRascal churns out badly translated stuff in general.

Now you can't tell me whoever made that wasn't fucked up in the head, can you?
No. 12365
>Does Little White Butterflies (LWB) love rape that much?
Well... yeah. In case you haven't noticed, basically the entirety of their translation output is rape/mind break.

I guess I can sympathize with the visceral disgust, but think of it like this: somewhere out there, some guy is that much less likely to snap and go liquefy someone's unborn child or something in real life, because this doujin served as a healthy outlet for that emotion. (And a reminder that he's not the only person stuck living with a fucked-up fetish. It's not like these people wake up in the morning and make a conscious decision to find pureed infant arousing.)
No. 12371
Some people find this stuff entertaining, y'know, purely as a fantasy. SOME people don't actually want to do this shit for real.

Just because you like the IDEA of something, doesn't mean you want to go out and do it.
No. 12373
True. And let that be the end of that, pretty please?

What work are you talking about? More specifically, check Share and http://bbs.thproject.org/ and other places. Not there? Almost certainly does not exist.

You're welcome to buy it yourself too.
No. 12374
I know that but to translate something like this? This goes beyond mere rape and/or mind break.

>I guess I can sympathize with the visceral disgust, but think of it like this: somewhere out there, some guy is that much less likely to snap and go liquefy someone's unborn child or something in real life, because this doujin served as a healthy outlet for that emotion.

This is more grounds for going to s shrink than a mere outlet (as most rape things are able to be passed off as).

This goes beyond any sort of "rape is wrong" and into "How the fucking hell do you even think of a scenario like that?"

I mean

Tentacle rape, even ending up pregant? Standard.
Having said unborn child end up Liquidifed? Rather sick if you think about it.
The fact that in that doujin, Kanako and Suwako arranged the whole damn thing? That's 9+ kinds of fucked up right there.

That may work for most cases... not this. Anyone that doesn't feel somewhat sickened (at least) after the fap might have something wrong up there.
No. 12375
That's what got to me, too.

I mean, yeah the whole tentacle rape then getting pregnant is something I'm used to. But it's the fact that Kanako and Suwako were the ones who turned around and turned the unborn child into toothpaste from the womb had me shaking my head. Not cool, man...not cool.

Anywho, what else is on...?
No. 12379
>Does Little White Butterflies (LWB) love rape that much?
In short, yes.

It's worth mentioning that they had to create a splinter group specifically for their un-headfucked projects (Team Vanilla), just for the sake of making sure the reader knows what to expect. LWB does things that make most folks cringe, Vanilla does things that won't.

As for the content of this... fuck it, not reading. I read enough of Uziga Waita's stuff back in the day to last a lifetime; anything less is too weak to shock me, anything more is something I won't enjoy anyway.
No. 12381
Gotta say, liquified baby aside, I really approve of Suwako's attitude toward mind-break. Eh, I can fix it. Probably.

It's such a nice change from "and they remained broken forever" endings.
No. 12382
Agreed, it's so much more fun when you can break someone over and over and over and over again.
No. 12403
Add some memory wiping and I'm down with that.
No. 12406
Yeah... I seen a few things, but its few compared to the NC torrent. But now i know if I see LWB or little white butterflies, that 95+% of the time it'll be rape.
No. 12408
File 130228746127.jpg - (55.07KB , 336x204 , Tell me I didn't read THIS.jpg ) [iqdb]
>liquified baby
This is something I wish I'll never see in any doujin I plan to read.
No. 12409
NC torrent? Please do tell more.
No. 12411
I could live with that, as long as it's got a happy ending. No, breaking the girl so she likes the rape doesn't count.
No. 12413
it was a figure of speech referring to how often they pump out translated rape doujins.
No. 12417
Does letting her live a completely normal life with no evidence that anything ever happened other than a blank hole in her memory count as a happy ending?

Also, where's my Koishi fucking people without their noticing porn? I want some.
No. 12418
Kinda...not really...
No. 12443
My favorite part of the doujin download threads is confirming that purchases were worthwhile.

Or at the very least that I'll be selling something once it comes. ;_;
No. 12445
I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that >>12329 was extremely arousing and fappable for me.
No. 12451
Not really... what the mind forgets easily, the body doesn't. And it doesn't counter act the fact that the people that set up the mass over-rape were the two gods (the closest things to parents she has)
No. 12453
Who said anything about countering that? That shit's hot.

As for the body remembering bullshit, we're talking about Suwako healing mind-break here. She can handle healing the body, no problem.
No. 12458
>Who said anything about countering that?
Nobody did, but I would.
No. 12465
Lets all agree that it was shit and move on.
No. 12468
>Hey everyone let's agree to what I think about this porn.
No. 12472
I wonder how long it will take >>12441 to get transla-- CGRascal

Doesn't count doesn't count doesn't count
No. 12474
LWB has done a bunch of other doujins by that artist. And they retranslated one of CGRascal's before. They might just do it again.
No. 12479
Eagerly awaiting scans of these to be posted:


No. 12488
Well, that sucked.
No. 12489
Yeah... it visited a scenario that basically canceled out Touhou's charm, and the Reimu in it was shanky slutty. But it's a bit much to expect otherwise when the artist's other works involve NTR and such.
No. 12490
File 13023682299.png - (451.10KB , 1398x1459 , 027.png ) [iqdb]

I found it hot, and the story was so inconceivably retarded that it wasn't the least bit depressing for me.

I mean c'mon, who could possibly take this seriously? When I read it untranslated I figured they were using some drug like in the 04U orgy ones. Fuck, even Hatate wanted cock at the end, just from being on the phone.
No. 12491
Why would it be depressing? They all want dick. They got dick. That's a happy ending if I ever saw one.
No. 12492
The destruction of Gensokyo, Touhous being sluts, Aya/Marisa giving up their life-long passions for sex, etc.
No. 12493
Reimu was so slutty, it actually decreased my urge to fap and most of the fapping was done at the Marisa and Aya parts. And it still didn't stop me from shaking my head after the fact.

I also suspect a general lack of range in figures.
No. 12496
>Touhous being sluts
This is a good thing.

I'd prefer that they not be whores, but whatever.
No. 12499
I disagree.
No. 12503

I believe life is about the pursuit of happiness. Happiness comes in many forms. As long as you are content, there's nothing wrong with what you choose to do to gain such contentment, so long as it is not at the expense of those around you.
No. 12506
But they enjoy sex and that's wrong.
No. 12508
Save it.
No. 12513
Well what the HELL are you doing on here?!
No. 12514
I pray for your souls?
No. 12522
Like I predicted. >>12521
No. 12527

Good lord, Reimu's accent is hilarious.
No. 12608
File 130260271892.png - (97.47KB , 459x424 , example.png ) [iqdb]
Nitori+Friend is now my OTP.

My only gripe was picture related. More attention to wording please.
No. 12615

... *checks script* ...Dammit, that was grammatically correct when I sent it to Hong. Meh. Whatever.

Though I've come to love Nitori through all the doujins I've seen her in recently, I'm still not a fan of faceless friend. I mean... I suppose it's there for self-insertion/MoF script reasons, but it still bugs me. You'd think she'd call you SOMETHING other than just "friend."
No. 12618
Normally I'm not much for the Eientei crew, but holy crap dominant Kaguya is hot. Fits her personality as a princess, in a way.
No. 12622
>Meh. Whatever.
No wonder umad's quality has dropped so hard recently.
No. 12625
Though it's out of character for her. If anyone would be the dom out of those three it'd be Eirin.

I think the whole "Friend" thing might be due to CGRascal's halfassing.

But Nitori is certainly love and I've grown to like curvy Nitori. And MtG's Rick could take lessons from Panzers' Faceless guy as he has absurd amounts of stamina.
No. 12627
"out of character"?
In IN, she threaten Eirin.
No. 12629
File 13026431842.png - (503.85KB , 1110x1600 , nitori's_ona-hole_store_09.png ) [iqdb]
That's why I don't like Faceless Guy. While watching this page, I though she was going to rip his skin off.
No. 12633
Are you sure it's completely due to CGRascal? Don't other translations have the same term?
No. 12634
That's during an incident and if everything said during them was true, Sakuya would have been dead for a long time and Byakuren would have been sealed up again, and Mystia certainly wouldn't be in PoFV.

It's in his translations of Panzer's works that it's heard. Not sure how "Friend" got into that Nitori Ona-hole doujin. It might be a play on how Kappas are human's friends and as far as the word itself, I usually just mentally block it out and replace it with "Nanashi"
No. 12636

That's the joke. He's still wearing the optic camo, which is why he's faceless. How he gets his dick out is anyone's guess.
No. 12637
It's actually not CGRascal's fault at all. It's the people making the doujins. They take the line "kappas are friends to humans" from Mountain of Faith a bit far and use it as a running gag for her nameless partners. "盟友", or "meiyuu" was the term used for the male character throughout the ona-hole doujin.

Again, I understand it, I just don't like it.
No. 12641
Meiyuu could have functioned as a sort of name as opposed to just "Friend"
No. 12645
It amazes me how pointless it was to translate this.
No. 12649
I don't approve of your apathy one bit. Fix problems. I don't care who's responsible. Sort it out.
No. 12656
I think you're getting real pissy for a single line of dialog being wrong.
Chill out.
No. 12657
That wouldn't be a translation.

I bet you guys hate faith "jokes" too.
No. 12658
That was my only problem with the translation. And I wasn't really that worried. What did it was the brush-off response.
No. 12659
I do hate that, along with many other overused traits. But, I don't agree with them being stripped out of a translation.
No. 12729
See: >>12657
However, I really don't mind "gathering faith" jokes. It's a perfectly stupid/legitimate way to work ero into the storyline, like any other reason. Dunno why the "friend" thing bothers me so much.

My apologies for that. When I thought about it a bit, I realized the English major in me would've hated that too. Hong should be fixing it now.

The flippant response was me more feeling like I shouldn't bother Hong about something like that. I still feel kinda new to this whole thing and don't like to raise a fuss when I can help it.
No. 12733
Ideally, mistakes shouldn't make it into the editing. But if they do for whatever reason, correcting them is important.

Anyway, thanks for addressing my concerns. And, sorry. I probably shouldn't have gotten so mad.
No. 12778
File 13029034488.jpg - (371.07KB , 503x750 , kasodani kyouko.jpg ) [iqdb]
sorry if wrong place.

Well, seeing as touhou 13's demo has been released, it was only a matter of time until hentai was drawn of it. i think it was 4-5 hours for good hentai to get drawn.
No. 12850

Perhaps in the future, only direct links should be posted in the thread. It reduces the need to slog through blogs to find what is desired. Surely, there was no need to link to desudesu's blog when one could have just posted a link to mediafire?
No. 12852
I agree completely. Ideally direct download links only. That does not change the fact that you were needlessly inflammatory. It's a porn release thread and there's no need to shit it up with snark. I hope you understand that having to act like a teacher at preschool stopping you crazy kids all the time is anything but fun.

Oh, and it's such a pain to log in and do stuff to post as staff, so take my word for it.
No. 12918

Is that some translated Kieyza I see? And it's not from CGRascal? Fuck yes.
No. 12950
Could we at least keep posting spoiler-tagged summaries of the content when the uploaders neglect to do so? I feel that these do add to the usefulness of the thread significantly.
No. 12962
Here or in the uploaded thread? as in my opinion either of them would be great with me.
No. 12968
Not him. But I'd say put them in the upload thread, where the uploads are (fancy that).
No. 12996
God damn, Rinnosuke is a complete monster in this.
No. 13001
I don't care either way. The link only is in response to linking just to blogs. If you wish to describe something or not, use spoiler tags or not is not something I care to enforce whatever the consensus may be.
No. 13002
Actually, why DO you care so much about blog links? Any Touhou H fan knows about desudesu, CGRascal, UMAD, LWB, etc, so it's not attention whoring, so what exactly is the problem? AND, they provide summaries of the content too.
No. 13005

>blog link posted by Azure Xuchilbara
>open blog link
>first line at the top reads, "So here’s a release for the day, brought to you by Azure Xuchilbara."

If he posted a direct link, fine. But when I saw that, the first thing I thought was, "Wow, this guy must really want some love and praise."

It isn't the fact that he posted a blog link. It's that he did it so that everyone would give him credit for dumping money on a translation, because he's all hopped up on what people think of him on the internet.
No. 13006
People that are attention whoring don't post scat, guro, bodied yukkuri porn, corruption, and whatever the fuck else he's into on image boards. Posting scat is not how you get people to like you.

>he did it so that everyone would give him credit for dumping money on a translation
Or he did it because he just doesn't use file sharing services. So he linked to desudesu's blog which conveniently has all the necessary links on it.
No. 13008

If a person was aiming for convenience, all they would need to do is right click the link on his blog, copy link location, and paste that into the post. Just because you 'don't use file sharing services' doesn't prevent you from giving someone a direct link.

p.s. Negative attention is still attention.
No. 13022
File 13034059228.png - (20.22KB , 952x213 , cgrascal.png ) [iqdb]
Rejoice, anon. Your wish has finally come true.
No. 13023
So his blog got deleted. He'll probably just move elsewhere you know. UMAD've had to do that before.
No. 13028
Two very simple reasons. Well really just one key concept: convenience. The point of a release thread is to collect any and all translated materials into a single place where people can get them - I'm sure that you could just periodically check blogs for all your needs and be fine and not need/want a centralized source like these threads. Additionally, any filesharing links posted get automatically added to /rs/, for ease of lookup and archival. I'll even throw in a third stupid reason: It's one less click to get one's touhou porn fix on.

But you know, I'm an easy going guy and really do not feel strongly enough to enforce my world view on anonymous strangers looking for touhou porn. So hence the 'ideally direct download links only', operative word 'ideally'. Same reason I don't care about descriptions or spoiler tags. These are things you need to decide for yourselves and enforce on a personal level.

I can't say much about this Xuchilbara character nor do I care much to. Differences in taste aside, I do not personally do not feel it justified to vilify and condemn him any more than many others that I could think of. The behaviors of others on the site is arguably more disruptive and even if it weren't I don't see posts by him that I would consider eyesores all over the site or pointlessly bitching and moaning.
No. 13036
Contents? Seems to be loli.
No. 13206
I was trying so hard to forget that series...
No. 14019

Too many *stuff*.
No. 14024
File 130633370816.jpg - (151.78KB , 950x332 , w088_freud.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cool story, bro.
And what? You wanna be respected? Fine.
"This is a ludicrous story, oh Great God Axure".
Hahaha, as if.

Also, I question the fact that you wrote this in the second thread while we reached a 3rd thread.