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Eh, a lame title, I know, but at least it's better than nothing. A continuation from >>6302, by the way.

Update will be coming after this, so please wait.

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You open your eyes. You have a naught idea on what time it is, but judging from the darkness outside you guess it’s still early in the night. You look around the room, noticing that Hina is absent. Feeling rather empty and tired, you fall back onto the mattress and throw your sight into the featureless ceiling.

“Oh, you have woken up.” You turn to the voice. It’s Hina, and she’s carrying a complete set of meal into her room. “I’m glad that you are, because I was worried that you might not wake up until morning.”

You shake your head, trying to get rid of the throbbing pain. “Did I miss dinner?”

“By a couple of hours, yes, but I have saved some for you.” Putting the tray on the bedside table Hina sits beside you and softly massages your hand. “I have consulted Yuuka regarding the curse inside of you. She has agreed to accept the postponement of her appointment to an undecided date, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about not meeting her.”

“I… I don’t know what to say,” you say, slightly overwhelmed by the revelation. “Did she say anything else?”

Hina nods. “Yuuka told me she felt sorry for… having to put you in the miserable situation,” she speaks. “It was Yukari’s idea to make you… make out with Miss Reina, she told me. She was against it at first, but she had to relent after Reimu and Yukari convinced her to take part.”

“So about the kisses…?”

“That, too, had been planned by Yukari, she said,” Hina continues. “They knew you wouldn’t be able to keep up with Miss Reina’s, umm, voracity, so they channelled some sexual energy into you to help you with that.”

The kiss. So that’s why Yukari, Yuuka and Reimu kissed you back then. It makes sense, what with Yukari’s notorious tendency to set pranks on people, though you’re slightly taken aback by Reimu’s immodesty considering her position as a shrine maiden. Still, you’re slightly concerned about what Hina has said about Yuuka. “Why would she be sorry?”

“She said she’s concerned about what you’d think of her after what you’d gone through,” Hina continues. “She isn’t the type of woman who would lay a prank upon anybody, let alone a human. I haven’t become Yuuka’s friend long enough to understand her, to be honest, but she has a soft spot very few knows.”

“So… what did you gain from your meeting with Yuuka?” You pause, as to admire the soothing smell of bread and mushroom soup.

“Nothing much, I’m afraid,” Hina speaks. “Yuuka just said she’d like to apologize to you in person the next time you meet her.”

“I’ll think of it. Though I’m kind of afraid of what she’d think of me after… I had treated her ‘little flower’ well,” you say while scratching the back of your head hesitantly.

Hina giggles. “Oh, you and your inner desire. Now, I understand that you’re very hungry, so would you like to have dinner right now?”

By now your stomach is growling in desperation, and the temptation of the sweet bread and soup is just too much to resist. “Yes, please.”

You spend the next hour having dinner with Hina and talking with her about anything that took place in your absence. Apparently Aya and Momiji had showed up, as well as Nitori, and the three girls as Hina tells you were genuinely surprised by your short affair with Reina. Aya, especially, was upset for her failure to get the news scooped, which is understandable considering her status as Gensokyo’s top journalist. While Nitori was relaxed that her other source of entertainment does not give way (Hina even remarks that the kappa is doing her best to emulate your decanting skill by building a machine that can duplicate each of the moves you had executed during the dinner), Momiji was more concerned of your job getting sidetracked by trivial affairs and even offered to help you with your business. Ah, such a kind-hearted wolf she is; maybe you should show her your gratitude when you have the chance.

“Anyway, how are you feeling tonight?” Hina asks.

You swallow the last chunk of the bread. “Still trying to recover from fatigue, but I feel much better now.” You wipe the bread crumbs off your mouth, only to have Hina cleaning them for you. “Thanks. I guess.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she replies, her smile never falls from her face. With the dinner finished, Hina excuses herself to wash the dishes and asks that you wait until she returns to her room. And so you wait, wondering on how many deeds this gorgeous woman has done just to keep you appeased, asking yourself what you can do to repay her.

Hina returns afterward. She sits beside you and places her hands upon your shoulders, massaging them tenderly. “I imagine the courtship between you and Miss Reina had you feeling sore everywhere,” she speaks.

“Hina, can I ask you about the curse?” The massaging stops. “I don’t know if you still remember it, but what are you going to do about it?”

“Oh, yes. The curse we have talked about earlier.” She lets go off your shoulders and sits in front of you. “I have determined two possible methods of extracting the curse out of your body and seal it in one of my dolls. The first method involves me using my ability to see into your body, separating the curse lines from the rest of your body, and painstakingly remove them using my curse-sewing needle.”

“Sounds like you’re going to do some surgical operation,” you remark.

“Indeed, but I fear that such method will leave you with… undesirable side-effect,” Hina continues. “You see, Mister Winemaker, unlike surgeons at your world, I don’t use any anaesthetic to null my ‘patients’, if you like. I have to perform the operation with them full awake, and I don’t think you want to go through another nightmarish experience.”

“I see.” You try to digest the fact. It must be a horrifying sight to see the curse lines being extracted out of your body while you’re wide awake. “So how about the second method?”

“That… well… you see…” Hina seems reluctant to proceed, and you’re worried that she may be unable to speak it aloud. “Do you not mind if I tell you straight to the point?”

“Do tell, if it’s going to help,” you speak.

“The second method… ah, how do I put it into perspective…” She coughs once. “Well, it will not work properly unless the host is able to extract the curse from its vessel by a… more direct approach.” She blushes furiously, and you believe you’re getting her message. “What am I trying to say here is… uhh…”

You place your hand on her shoulder. “Go on. You can tell me.”

She averts the gaze. “Is… we… both… need to be… connected… so that I…” She frowns, and seeing her biting her lower lip make you feel sorry to put her in this situation.

“So you’re telling me that both of us…” She nods reluctantly. “I see.”

“I’m sorry, Mister Winemaker,” she apologizes. “I… I don’t really want to trouble you again. I… I just want you to know that I want to help you anywhere I can. It’s just I…” You cut her off by pulling her into your arms, subsequently embracing her. “Mister Winemaker?”

“It is I who should be repaying your deed,” you speak. “You have done so much just to make me feel comfortable, and to be honest, I don’t want you to burden yourself doing it.” You pull her slightly away. “Hina, I know from the start that you’ve strived hard, maybe a bit too hard, to play your role as a deity, so I want to know if there is anything I can do for you in return as a human.” You pause. “I should reword that last bit, but eh.”

“For me?” Hina asks, her eyes staring up at you.

“Yes, for you,” you speak. “It would be unfair if one party is getting all the pleasure while the other is not, wouldn’t it?”

“I…” She blushes again, and in her struggle to construct the words she needs for its answer you give her a bit of help by kissing her softly on the lips. At once Hina sags in your arms, and you hold her as close as you can as you seal her mouth with yours. You break away from the kiss, just so that she can speak again. “Mister Winemaker…”

“Yes, my dear Hina?” you ask.

“I…” She blushes again, albeit this time she smiles. “Do you not mind if I…” She closes her eyes. “…if I ask you to take me with you? My body, my heart, my soul… I give everything to you…”

You kiss her again. “You don’t need to tell me, Hina.”
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As you deepen the kiss, your hands find the strings that keep her taut dress in place. You slowly undo those strings, feeling her full breasts spill forward when the clothes are taken off. She shudders slightly when you cope a feeling of her chest, and hisses into your mouth when you take her nipple between your fingers and roll it into an excited peak. “Did I hurt you?” you ask when you realize she starts whimpering due to the finger work.

“N-no…” she murmurs. “I’ve never felt this… good before…” She kisses you on the cheek. “Please continue…”

You resume your handiwork on her delectable mounds, all while you plant kisses upon her face, her neck and her shoulder lines, hearing Hina giggling in response to the featherlike touches. As you arrive at her chest, you bury your face beneath her cleavage, sighing at the wonderful warmth that you feel. You take her left nipple in your mouth and start sucking on it, feeling it hardening rapidly on contact. Hina moans and cradles your head in her arms as you continue licking and delving on her tits, switching from one side to another, grazing your teeth over them to further excite Hina.

You let go off Hina’s lush breasts and ascend back to her face. You claim her lips in another kiss, wrestling your tongue with hers and fondling her fullness, feeling her moans in your mouth. One of your hands finds the fasteners on her back and pull the strings; slowly the remaining clothes are falling down her body and are discarded somewhere in the room. You descend with Hina onto the bed, lips still interlocked, and you let go off her just to admire this Godsend majesty being presented before you. Her exquisitely silky skin glowing in the soft light of her room, her soft curves and full, motherly figure, the gracefulness of her hair, her long and lovely limbs…

Hina giggles quietly, snapping you out of your brief reverie. “I can’t ever recall the last time I got that sort of look…” she speaks softly. “Most would look upon me with the kind of eyes you’d call… predatory, so…”

You put a finger on her lips. “You are beautiful. There’s nothing more I can say about it.” You lean into Hina and take her lips into another kiss, clasping your hand with hers as you lie down together with this goddess in this room. You shudder when a sudden chill clinches your spine; you break off the kiss and turn to the window, realizing that it’s slightly ajar. “Now who on earth would leave the window open?”

Hina pulls you back down and kisses you, rather roughly this time. “Please… forget about everything else…” she murmurs, her eyelids half-closed in desire. You can’t say no to object this lovely woman, so you return the kiss with an equal eagerness, running your hand across her delectable body to further stimulate her. You, then, descend lower, planting kisses along her chest and abdomen until you reach her crotch-

“Wait.” You look up at her. “Before we proceed, I…” You’re not getting her at first but your doubt is brought down by the softness of her hand roaming across your body and unbuttoning your shirt, throwing the clothes to the same direction her dress is piled up. You shudder slightly as she brushes her moist lips on your chest, exploring every inch of its muscular features. Her hands tug at your waistline and forcibly pull your pants down, freeing your erection from its restrictive tent. She looks up at you even as she takes your manhood in the softness of her palm. “I need to have a taste of you first, so… may I?” You nod and lie down in relaxation as she starts working on your erection, sighing in pleasure as she strokes you in steady movement. Hina hums to herself as she licks the tip of your shaft and kisses it tenderly, before taking the whole length into her mouth. She, then, starts sucking on you, rolling her hot tongue around you, using the pre-cum as lubricate to smoothen the motion.

“You’re going to come, right?” You can only nod, unable to say anything. Hina smiles at you and takes your erection back into her mouth, sucking on it hungrier than before. You start twitching, and you want to find release but she seems to refuse to let you go as the bopping motion of her head goes erratic. You have to hold on a bit longer, hoping that-

Oh Gods!

You find release in Hina’s mouth, and your mind whites out as streams of hot and sticky fluid fills her mouth. She keeps sucking on you, milking every drop of you and swallowing everything down her throat. When she finally lets you go, she licks her lips and scoops the remaining semen with her fingers, licking them clean.

“Hina… that was…”

“Yes?” She crawls up your body and plants her lips upon yours, sharing the tangy taste as she prods your tongue with hers. It feels strange to taste your own cum, but you’re too clouded in euphoria to even bother it.

The kisses break off, and both of you are panting for the want of air. You run your hand across her scalp, removing the frilled ribbons off her head and feeling her silky hair spilling down onto your chest. You grab her on the hips and roll her around so that she’s lying on her back, and you kiss her back, feeling her arms and legs wrapping around your back. It’s a sign that she’s ready, but there’s something you’ve wanted to do first.

You let go off her and take the ribbons. With a surprised look, she stares at you as you bring her arms over her head and tie the ribbons around her wrists. “If you ask,” you say as you tighten the knot around her wrists but not too tight. “I have a rather… intriguing taste towards ribbons.” You have no idea why you’re doing this, but by the time you’re done Hina is all wrapped up – arms, body and legs. You loom over her and put your hand over the knot on her chest. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to unwrap this present really, really, carefully.”

She seems to catch up with the entire affair as she offers you a shy, yet seductive, smile. “Please be gentle~ ♥” she murmurs.

You begin by untying the ribbons around her chest, taking time to revere the fullness of her breasts as they’re slowly being freed from their restrictive binding. You lean into Hina, taking her erect nipple in your mouth and sucking on it hungrily, all while your hands continue unwrapping this special present. You move downward, planting more kisses along her torso before moving forward to her armpits and run your tongue across the skins, switching from side to side to indulge in her unique taste. Seeing Hina writhing around in pleasure, the remainder of herself still wrapped in the frilled ribbons, fuels your lust for the curse goddess; the fact that her chest is moving up and down, its movement still restricted by some of the ribbons, only serves to heat things up, and you aren’t sure if you can keep up with this teasing game.

Well, you don’t need to wait any further when Hina calls you in slight desperation. “Mister Winemaker…” You look back at her, and you see lust coming from her eyes. “I want you inside me… please?”

You remove the ribbons off her legs, and open her up for you as you position yourself at her lower entrance. You look up at her, asking for confirmation, and she nods. Straddling her hips with your arms you very gently spread open her lower lips and push all the way into her. Her eyes widen and she gives out a long moan of pleasure as your manhood slips into her depths, and when you’re fully inside out of her she lets out a sigh of contentment.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels good…” Hina mutters. “Please continue…”

You bend down. As your lips lock together, you pull yourself slight out of Hina before you thrust your hips forward, pressing yourself deeper into her. Hina moans with every stroke you make and is grinding her hips against yours as to match your movement. You rest your palm on her supple cheek, making sure she feels content with each every push, and her blissful smile assures you that she is.

“Feels good… please, more…”

You comply with the request and increase the tempo of your penetration, knocking her out of breath with each and every push you make. Her large breasts are jiggling in rhythm, and they’re just inviting you to feast upon them. Keeping Hina in your arms you lean yourself forward and ravage her breasts, marking them with bite marks, pinpricks and blood. She starts trashing on the bed, unable to have a fix on you, and her legs are locked around you as to push you deeper into her soiled cunt.

“Oh, yes! Deeper! Harder! Oh, goddamn it! Faster!!!”

Encircling your arms around her you plough deeper and faster into her, feeling her inner walls contracting around your pulsating member. She climaxes not soon afterwards, her body shuddering underneath as the power of her orgasm surges through her. You keep on pumping in and out of her, pleasuring her in the way she never imagines possible, and it’s only natural that your lips are harmoniously interlocked with hers in a powerful and desperate kiss, that her legs are entwined around your waist, hooking both of you together.

You break off the kisses, only because you feel something wrapping itself around you. You notice that her arms are freed from the ribbons that have been keeping them at bay, and she’s now embracing you very tightly, panting as her second orgasm is approaching. She shudders underneath you, and you can feel the force of her orgasm passing through her, but you aren’t hitting your limit yet. You almost wish you want to be joined together with Hina for as long as you can, and it seems your wish is granted when the ribbons gains sentience and wrap themselves around you and Hina, pulling and tying the two of you together. This is the best moment in your whole life ever, and you’re going to cherish every second of it.

Eventually the tempo of your penetration reaches its limit, and your brain is on the verge of whiting you. You feel your own orgasm coming and issue Hina a warning. “Oh, yes! Give me everything you have!” she screams. “Fill me… fill me please!!” You feel like you’re going to break her but it’s too late to turn back so you let out a groan and give it a final thrust. Hina’s nails drag down your back and you feel her arching, shuddering underneath you. Your mind is hazed in total whiteness as you feel her inner muscles contracting and clenching around you, making you join her in pure ecstasy. You groan deeply and find release, shooting your warm seed into her soiled cunt, and her cries are silenced when you seize her mouth in a hard and long kiss, feeling her orgasmic moans in your mouth.

The both of you come down from your carnal dance, and you collapse on top of Hina, resting your head beside her cheek. “Oh, damn,” you groan. “Can’t believe we… we actually did this…” you gasp as she gently strokes your back.

“Thank you…” Hina purrs. “Never before in my life would I feel so… complete. Thank you again…”

You kiss her again. “I’m glad I have helped you achieving that,” your murmur over her lips.

You feel drowsy and want to call it a day, so carefully you position yourself so you can rest on top of her, still bound together by her legs and ribbons. She squirms softly underneath you and purrs contently when you nuzzle the crook of her neck. Soon your eyes are shutting down, and just as you start falling asleep you feel Hina’s arms pulling you towards in a warm embrace. “Goodnight, Mister Winemaker…” her soft voice rings inside your ear, followed by a gentle kiss on your cheek.


Alright, I had to spend an entire night just to get the mood right, so if Anon finds this update unsatisfying, I apology in advance. Eh, can't find any picture suitable for this one, so yeah.
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>“I…” She blushes again, albeit this time she smiles. “Do you not mind if I…” She closes her eyes. “…if I ask you to take me with you? My body, my heart, my soul… I give everything to you…”
Oh yes, sweet lovely Hina. Love her until she is satisfied.
>“If you don’t mind, I’m going to unwrap this present really, really, carefully.”
This is my new fetish. Wrapping up Touhous in frilly ribbons.

The Window was open, so someone was watching?
No. 8171
File 128574920195.jpg - (190.62KB , 423x600 , 1276642609388.jpg ) [iqdb]
Care to take a guess?
No. 8172
File 128575325873.jpg - (99.38KB , 850x809 , f26b5dd3e25f4ca51d60f7d4b897bf41.jpg ) [iqdb]
I thought more along the line that she left it open so that someone can watch.
Maybe she gets aroused when watched.
No. 8179
She was on friendly terms with Aya... and maybe she made an agreement.
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File 12858979085.jpg - (640.33KB , 800x750 , c9aca493af9ac45755726d30ff84ee75.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You sure you don’t want to continue your business trip?” Hina asks.

“Well, considering that I have been away from home for days, I should go back home and see what have taken place,” you speak. “Besides, someone has to check the wine storage once in a while.”

“Well, if that is what you’re planning, I don’t have anything against it,” Hina says.

You smile. “Thanks for the accommodation again, Hina. I’ll be sure to repay your deeds.”

“It’s been my pleasure, too, Mister Winemaker. Oh, would you kindly please wait? I have something to give you as a parting gift.” She head backs to her room and returns afterwards, her hand clenching something. She approaches you and pins the item on you left pocket; as you step back, the item reveals itself as a small frilled ribbon. “Not really a lucky charm, mind you, but…” She chuckles. “At least I did give you something, didn’t I?”

You grin. “I’ll certainly cherish this little present.”

“Please be careful, Mister Winemaker,” Hina speaks, “and have a safe journey home.”

Bidding Hina farewell you mount on your bike and head back home. It’s been a fun and exalting experience, and you’re looking forward for another meeting with the curse goddess. For now, you want to get home, take proper shower and rest to recover your energy lost during the two days of courtship with your clients.

After a lengthy trip that almost takes the entire morning you arrive at your destination. You are finally at home, and you waste no time kneeling and kissing the fresh soil of the vineyard. Goodness, you haven’t done this since your inception into Gensokyo. It’s not really a ritual, but you’ve been doing this as a self-reminder of your origin.

You head straight for the nice cottage of yours and step in. Immediately your nose catches the pleasantly familiar scent of freshly baked bread coming from the kitchen. There’s only one person who’s spend an entire day at your home just to make bread. You head to the source of the aroma and greet the person. “Honey, you’re back!” Dropping the dough on the table Daiyousei tackles you and hugs you joyfully. “Welcome home! What took you so long?” she asks.

“Sorry, Daiyousei, but I’ve been sidetracked,” you answer and bend down as to plant playful kisses along her neck. “Still looking as lovely as ever, my dear Daiyousei. Wonder what you’ve done to enhance your beauty today.”

Your fairy lover squirms, giggling at the featherlike touches of your lips on her skin. “I miss you so much, you know,” she murmurs in your arms. “Many things have happened in your absence, and I ran out of hands to take care of everything.”

“Oh? I wonder if you can manage all of them without me beside you,” you speak and kiss her softly. “Still, you’re making bread like the last time. I see you have taken a liking to this art form.”

“Why can’t I?” she speaks. “I feel like doing it. Besides, we’re going to have tea party this afternoon.”

You arch an eyebrow. “We?”

“My fairy friends are coming, and I’m making bread just for the occasion,” she says gleefully. “It’s going to be special, so-” You catch her off-guard by taking her fingers into your mouth and sucking it clean, savouring the freshness of the dough. “H-hey, stop that!” she utters, shivering in delight as you gently nibble on the digits.

“Can’t I have the fresh taste of my fairy right here?” you ask and run your tongue across her palm to clean it off the dough that’s sticking on it. You take her other hand and repeat the same process, pleasing Daiyousei with licks and nibbles on her smooth skin. You leave her hands and move toward her face, seizing her moist lips in a hungry kiss, feeling Daiyousei sighing into your mouth as she returns the kiss with equal hungriness. One of your hands runs down her delectable body and squeezes the firm mound of her ass, causing her to gasp into your mouth, while your other hand rests on her chest and fondle her breasts softly. God, how you’ve missed the tenderness and ripeness of this great fairy even though you’ve left home for only a short time.

“Who’s coming here again, if I may ask?” you ask as you let go off her mouth.

“Star, Luna and Sunny,” Daiyousei murmurs, panting at the end of the answer. “Why?”

You grumble in silence. “Uhh… why those threes of all people?” you ask.

“Why? Is there something wrong?” Daiyousei asks back.

“Well, you know me not being friendly with those three,” you speak. “And I’m a bit worried that they’d use the wine storage as their hideout. Didn’t you know that I had to chase them out of this house because they drank the wines without my permission?”

“Don’t be so ridiculous,” Daiyousei tells you and slips free off your embrace. “I’ve told them not to mess around once they show up. Besides, you should be friendlier to us fairies; it will help you in long term,” she says while poking your nose playfully. “Now, I understand that you’re very hungry right now, but please take your shower first. You smell funny.” She furrows her eyebrows at the end of the sentence. “Did you do anything weird during the trip?”

“Not if I can remember, apart from engaged in intense negotiations with my clients,” you answer. You decide not to tell her what you have actually gone through, with a grim reminder inside your head that she’ll notice it sooner or later. “So Star Sapphire, Luna Child and Sunny Milk are showing up today.”

“Yes, they are.” Daiyousei corrects the knot of her apron that has gotten loose during your brief make-out. “I’ll make some more bread for you, or would you rather wait until the tea party?”

“I think I’ll wait,” you answer. “I haven’t had enough sleep for the past three days, so I’ll go to sleep after taking my shower.”

“Alright; I’ll wake you up before they arrive,” Daiyousei says.

After a quick shower you head to your room and lie down on the bed. You sigh, both of exhaustion from your trip and of pleasure from sniffing the therapeutic scent of your fairy lover that lingers on the mattress. You almost wish you could take Daiyousei into your arms and express your longing for her, but right now fatigue is taking over. As your eyelids are slowly drifting shut you wonder what Daiyousei had planned when she invited those three mischievous fairies to your cottage…
Writefag’s note:
Well, I decided to write more Daiyousei scene since I can’t get enough of her, but this time we’re having a visit from our resident mischievous fairies. You all know what will happen when they show up, right?

You are now imagining Daiyousei and our three mischievous fairies in a huge wine press, using their feet to extract the very essence of nature. And coated in grape juice in the process.
No. 8195
That made my day.
No. 8236
File 128616609899.jpg - (433.62KB , 700x700 , 93613b9fe73f10cc8d1b5240173d9080.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update is on the way, so please wait warmly. Picture fairly related to our adventure in this story.
No. 8257
File 128643616288.jpg - (374.88KB , 650x1600 , 89b7d38a1956b256eedf5db071900e70.jpg ) [iqdb]
Afternoon. As Daiyousei has promised, she wakes you up in time to greet the three fairies. She also reminds you to treat them as your guests, something you never really want to do considering your shaky relationship with them in the past; well, you guess you have to do it for Daiyousei’s sake, although…

“Why should I wear this?”

Daiyousei giggles as she fixes the bowtie on your neck. “Well, I found this uniform while I was cleaning the storeroom yesterday,” she speaks. “I found your name on the back of your collar, so I presumed it belonged to you.” She, then, fixes the beret on your head and gives it a few pats. “And we’re done! Goodness, you look so awesome. I wonder if I can get myself a matching pair of dress…”

You shake your head. Sometimes you have to wonder if Daiyousei’s really serious about sharing her commitment with you, but you don’t want to complain about it. “Right.” You clear your throat once. “We should meet the fairies, so where are they now?” you ask.

“Come with me,” Daiyousei speaks and heads outdoor. She points to a table where three winged girls are gathering and talking to one another. “They’re already here a few minutes ago.” She asks that you wait as she meets the fairies and informs them about your arrival. Then she returns to you and brings you to greet the trio.

“You sure this is a good idea to invite us, Dai?” the fairy with the ‘drilled hair’ fashion asks.

“Of course, Luna,” Daiyousei answers. “I’ll personally reprimand him if he ever chases you out of this estate.”

“At least he doesn’t seem to be in the mood,” the black-haired fairy speaks. “Right, Sunny?”

“Yup!” the pigtailed fairy answers. “Besides, we really want to make peace with him today. For real.”

You take a seat opposite the ‘drilled hair’ fairy. The girl notices you’re watching her and coughs indignantly. “What’s that look for?” the fairy grumbles.

“I see you’re not in the mood,” you say. Luna scoffs at the comment and looks away from you.

“Come on, Luna,” the black-haired one says. “Be nice to him just this once, okay?”

“Whatever,” you shrug. “So… Sunny Milk.”

“That I am!” Sunny answers.

“Star Sapphire,” you speak the name.

The fairy flashes you a playful wink. “Yes, yes, I am here~”

“And… Luna Child.” The fairy still averts her gaze from you, a reaction which only serves to entice you. You clear your throat a bit when you realize you’re getting derailed. “I must apology in advance if I don’t take this conversation to its supposed point.”

“Why not?” Star asks. “All of us can sit down and talk a lot about wine, right guys?”

“I suppose,” you speak. “Though it’d be somewhat strange if I have fairies as customers, especially if said fairies happen to be…”

“Oh? Then I assume the same can’t be said to Dai here~” Star says and winks at you again. “We’ve been watching both of you for quite a while, you know.” You feel yourself blushing slightly at the remark, and you see Daiyousei hiding her flushed cheeks out of the corner of your eyes. “Come on! Don’t be shy! We won’t complain if you and Dai make love every single day. Right, Luna?”

“Why are you asking me?” Luna demands.

“Duh! You obviously know the answer,” Star speaks and creeps toward her. “Or is it because you’re just too embarrassed to talk about it in front of him?” As she says this Star places her hands on both Luna’s cheeks and turns her face towards hers. You can see Luna’s face reddening deeply as Star closes the distance between them, her lips hovering over Luna’s by barely an inch. You don’t like the direction this conversation is headed to, not when your life behind the curtain is the main theme. You quickly change the topic before the trio delves way too much.

“Speaking of which, tomorrow is harvest day, and I was thinking if I could get enough hands to gather the grapes,” you speak. “Maybe-”

Star lets go off Luna’s face and giggles. “I thought you wouldn’t mention that, mister,” she speaks and points at a wooden bucket behind the table. “So we brought that.”

You look at the bucket. Its sizes dwarves anyone of the fairies, even you, by great measures. Someone could make a swimming pool out of it. “Where the hell did you get that?” you ask.

“We found this on our way here, and we couldn’t figure what it is for at first,” Sunny speaks. “Until Star came across that magazine at the shop.”

“Yup, that magazine. If I can recall it… they used to put all the grapes into this thing and stomp them to get the juices, right?” Star utters.

You can’t remember when the last time you used the traditional method, but it’s very popular back at your hometown, especially among female residents. You aren’t sure if they still practice the tradition in modern days, but it’s really fun seeing the girls and the women laughing to one another while pressing the grapes with their feet inside massive bucket. Wouldn’t it be fun to see these charming fairies doing the same?

“Oh~ that one?” Daiyousei looks back at you. “You told me about it once, I remember.”

“Yeah, I was,” you answer. “Though I haven’t used the technique for ages.”

“Hey, mister! Are the grapes here ripened already?” Sunny asks.

“They should be ready to be harvested tomorrow - or today, if I can check them first,” you tell the fairies. “Don’t tell me you girls are…” Before you can continue Sunny and Star head to the vineyards, Daiyousei joining them to collect the fruits. Only Luna stays behind, and the atmosphere between you and the fairy isn’t turning up well.

“What?” Luna demands.

“Look, if you’re looking for trouble with me, I suggest you do that after you’re done with the visit,” you reply.

Luna scoffs. “Hello, Mister Winemaker! You were the one who started first,” she speaks defiantly. “Pervert. You think I’d easily fall into your charm like what you often do to Daiyousei?”

You feel your veins popping on your temple. “Like anyone would, Miss Luna,” you address her mockingly. “Besides, I think I myself would fall into your appeal if you aren’t careful enough.” You’re making this fairy blush, though her response is less than you’d expect.

“Why should I let myself fall prey to the likes of you?” she insists. “I can’t believe why Daiyousei would spend her time with you. She should realize what she has done.”

Perhaps you should tease her a bit the tension between the two of you will cease, so as quietly as possible you undo your left shoe and bring your feet towards her. Good thing you and Luna are seated fairly close to each other, and you have no problem slipping your feet underneath her skirt and feeling her smooth skin.

“Daiyousei has made her choice, and she herself has told me she doesn’t regret it,” you speak as you give the inner part of her thigh a poke. Luna’s eyes storm wide at the gesture, and she shivers as you nudge your thumb on the backside of her knee. “Just because some humans are ill-mannered doesn’t mean all of us are.”

“What are you trying to imply here?” A shocked gasp escapes her lips as you bring your feet back to her inner thigh, and she starts sweating as you begin rubbing her skin. You grin quietly as you see Luna panting due to the stimulation while trying to keep herself composed the same time.

“Well, I’m sure you don’t mind me showing you how to treat humankind without prejudice.” You keep rubbing your foot on Luna’s thigh, occasionally bringing your feet close to the proximity of her crotch and give the area a few nudges before you pull back, causing her to grumble in annoyance. You aren’t sure if she’s upset or angry, but you keep on teasing her. It ends abruptly when Daiyousei, Star and Sunny return from the vineyard, their skirts full of harvested fruits. You quickly retract your feet from Luna’s skirt before they notice your foot play, and Luna is struggling to regain her breaths.

“Hey, Luna! Why did you stay behind?” Sunny asks as they pour the crop into the bucket. “We had fun plucking the grapes back there. You should join us!”

“I… I didn’t have the mood for any harvesting,” Luna replies. Her eyes, however, are staring at you as if she’s expecting more than just foot teasing.

“You think these are enough to make a bottle?” Star asks.

“I think all of us need to collect more,” Daiyousei says.

“Come on, Luna!” Sunny grabs Luna’s arm as the fairies head back to the vineyard. “The more we harvest, the earlier we can enjoy this wine!”

After a few more trips the bucket is half-filled with grapes, and you reckon the amount should enough for a winemaking session. “Alright, then!” Brimming in excitement Star steps into the bucket, sleeves and skirt tied up, and begins stomping the grapes. “Girls, let’s start stomping!” Sunny and Daiyousei are too eager to follow her lead, while Luna does so with reluctance; her eyes betray her mood, however, as she gives you an impish gaze. Looks like she’s getting the message.

“You guys do whatever you like,” you tell the girls and head back to the cottage. “I’ll get the tools ready - maybe a bottle or two for us to drink together when we rest.” After you’re done with the instruments, you return to the grape-stomping session with a Merlot in hand. “Alright, girls. Anybody wants a drink of-” Your lower jaw hangs down your face; the fairies are now stripped down to their lingerie, and they’re making all kinds of suggestive facial expressions and noise as they huddle together inside the bucket. You didn’t think you’d left them long enough for them to strip, but they are now. It doesn’t even help that the girls are now covered in grape juices, and you have trouble adjusting yourself to this situation.

It’s surely getting hot today.

“Uhh… Sunny, you’re tickling me,” Luna utters, gasping when Sunny runs her hand along the curvature of her hips.

“Stand still, will you? I’m trying to clean you!” Sunny speaks and plants her lips upon Luna’s neck as to suck the grape juice. Luna’s trembles seem to only encourage Sunny as she grabs the bountiful mound of Luna’s chest, and the fairy is shrieking in both distress and pleasure as she fondles her. “Star, will you hold Luna for me?”

“Oh, ho~ Luna is all submissive~” Star approaches the drill-haired fairy from behind and wraps her arms around her waist. She plants several kisses along her bare back down to her hip and moves upward to the nape of her neck, running her tongue along the length of her spine. Her attention is slightly distracted when Daiyousei hugs her from behind and nibbles her ear, causing Star to yelp in distress.

Your closer observation reveals some interesting facts about the three fairies. Of all three, Luna Child has the most perfect hips and well-developed chest, and she might as well rival Daiyousei in the department. Star Sapphire is no less impressive, her body figure glistening in sweat and fruit juice and her silky jet black tresses clinging on her wet skin. Out of all threes, Sunny Milk has the smallest chest size but her energetic charm makes up for the lack of it. Together, these fairies are a sight to behold, and you don’t think you’d regret anything from enjoying this scenery. You can’t help getting suspicion that they’re doing this on purpose, though, especially since they start descending into the meshed grapes, still interlocked in sweaty embraces.

Sunny kisses Luna on the lips, and the drilled-hair fairy moans as the pigtailed fairy pulls her bra upwards and fondles her exposed breasts. Still panting from Daiyousei’s playful nibbling on her ears Star crawls one of her hands towards Luna’s crotch and slips into her panties; she herself moan when Daiyousei takes her nipples in her hands and rolls them between her fingers. Sunny lets go off Luna’s swollen lips and takes one of her nipples into her mouth, and Luna is gasping breathlessly as she throws her head backward, moaning as her crotch is being rubbed methodically by Star, and she wraps her arm around Daiyousei’s head as to bring her down towards her face. The greater fairy is more than pleased to claim Luna’s lips, and they kiss, exchanging saliva and grape juice as their tongues wrestle, as they pant and moan inside each other’s mouth.

Their frolic continues, unaware that they are becoming the centre of attention, unaware that they are getting soaked in grape juices as well as their sweats and love fluids. You try to stay as calm as you possibly can, although your lust is not helping much. Careful not to alert the fairies you approach the table and put the Merlot on it before you make a hasty retreat into the cottage, but somehow you miscalculate your steps and fall into the ground. A familiar shade of umbrella covers you from the sunlight and you look up to notice a pair of dichromatic eyes looking down at you.

Crap, now you’ve got someone else’s attention.

“Gotcha,” Kogasa giggles as she pins you on the ground. “Surprised you, didn’t I?”

“Uhh… I don’t have time for your playtime, Kogasa,” you tell her.

“Hmm? Why not?” As she lowers the parasol you find yourself looking at Daiyousei, her heavenly body covered in all kind of juices. “I saw them having fun, and I thought I could join them,” Kogasa says. “Right, Daiyousei?”

“Of course you can, Kogasa~” Daiyousei murmurs as she sits atop of your crotch and fondles Kogasa, causing her to yelp in surprise. “But it’s not fun if it’s just us. Let’s share the fun with the girls~” She gets off you and notions at Kogasa to take you off the ground, and she leads you to the bucket, where the three fairies are waiting for you expectantly. Without any warning you are pushed into the bucket, and you’re now soaked in the mesh, which you’re certain is mixed with the girls’ love juice.

“Luna told me what you did to her during our absence,” Star speaks as she forcibly undoes your shirt and tosses it out of the way.

“Yeah! You didn’t even bother to wait for us,” Sunny utters as she pulls down the zipper and frees your erection. “You are so, so hungry! Just like me.”

You look at Luna. “I… I…” she stutters before she coughs. “You should be ashamed of yourself for treating me without any respect, mister,” she murmurs, her breasts dangling in open air. “You could have just asked, you know.”

“Come on, girls,” Daiyousei says as she walks into the bucket with Kogasa. “We’ve had fun with ours, now let’s share the fun with him right here.” She strips herself naked and sits atop of your belly, resting her hands upon your chest. Before you can have a say she presses her lips against yours, kissing you long and hard. She lets go off your mouth just enough to make you pant for air, making you realize that the fairy trio and Kogasa have already seated around you, all in their purest form.

“Now~” Daiyousei purrs. “How about you treat all of us right here~ ♥”


Inb4 Kogasa/Fairies surprise orgy. The next and the most exciting part will be posted, so please enjoy what I have presented.

For now, please post whatever pictures of our fairies you have to kill the time. I'll start with this delicious Luna[s]hips[/spoiler].
No. 8259
File 128643639318.jpg - (394.52KB , 640x1600 , 1db88baa809d61a371a1f120d016322a.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8261
File 128643661654.jpg - (339.85KB , 670x1600 , 75e411987b009c942dd5e9d92c7b3816.jpg ) [iqdb]
Last picture for now. Words of caution: this writefag will take no responsibility for any debate that caused by his depiction of the three fairies' personality and three measurements.
No. 8262
File 128643981090.jpg - (286.80KB , 1171x800 , 1283949930377.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Sunny Milk has the smallest chest size but her energetic charm makes up for the lack of it.
Yes yes. Delicious Fairies.
No. 8263
File 128643986365.jpg - (124.01KB , 900x1200 , 1282492735033.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8264
File 128644001092.jpg - (294.13KB , 1200x1150 , 1283730375087.jpg ) [iqdb]
>unaware that they are getting soaked in grape juices as well as their sweats and love fluids
This will be the most delicious wine.
No. 8265
File 128644941526.jpg - (266.40KB , 792x550 , Fairies 127151042427.jpg ) [iqdb]

I heard there was an uncensored version, but I did not find it yet.
No. 8266
All I could think of was how insanely unhygienic this all is.
No. 8267
File 128646254647.jpg - (658.84KB , 790x790 , 9083868a5fc0befa057ed9d6adb82fc2.jpg ) [iqdb]
The four fairies AND Kogasa too?
This just keeps getting better.
No. 8279
Seriously; having been raised by a food scientist, my mind immediately gets caught on "I wonder what kind of effect genital mucus would have on the fermentation process" and then I feel slightly ill.
No. 8283
That is not how fairies work.
They are made of magic.
Therefore, their vaginal mucous is also made of magic.
No. 8284
I see nothing wrong with that logic.
No. 8285
But I won't drink it.
No. 8286
Of course you have to be either:

a)Have a really perverted personality, like an old man's
b)You're extremely horny at that moment.

Then you are partially guarantee to drink that, ignoring other factors.
No. 8287
File 128676236253.png - (341.57KB , 500x1000 , 1841226f2ac25b2f65db771e030b23ed.png ) [iqdb]
You guys make me sad and miserable, you know. And you even make youkai moe angry, too :<

Anyway, update is on the way, so please wait patiently.
No. 8288
No. 8289
File 128677441440.jpg - (25.65KB , 640x360 , waowaowaowaowaowaow.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8297
File 128686153064.jpg - (112.95KB , 800x600 , 5534408e3eb0ccf4ea082fcd19d31135.jpg ) [iqdb]
You cannot believe the situation you’re in. Sure, you have worked and interacted with people of the opposite gender for as long as your life as a winemaker is concerned, but this requires a complete rethinking of what you want to call ‘relationship’. Not only you find yourself surrounded by these lovely... fairies and karakasa, you’re also immersed in meshed grapes, which are certainly mixed up with their sweats and love juices. The fact that Daiyousei is leading this pack of hungry and eager lasses doesn’t help you much; if anything, it only serves to make you go mad for them.

Your primary concern, however, is how are you supposed to make love with these girls when you have Daiyousei sitting atop of your chest, Luna and Star holding each of your arms, and Sunny and Kogasa rubbing themselves on your thighs?

“Hey~ are you just going to lie down and watch us?” Daiyousei asks.

“How am I supposed to start when you girls are pinning me down?” you ask back.

Daiyousei kisses you briefly on the lips. “It can’t be helped. You are the guilty one here,” she murmurs. “To think that you’d get away with your affair with your clients and not bothering to get rid of the evidence~” She runs her soft tongue along the length of your neck, sighing as she inhales the scent and savours the taste. “To think that I’d notice their lingering smell on you... it turns me on like never before~”

What? You can’t believe what you’re hearing, but your protest is cut short when Sunny tugs at your erection. “Oh! Sorry for that!” the pigtailed fairy apologizes.

“You have to be very careful, Sunny dear,” Daiyousei tells her. “He’s delicate, so you have to treat him very gently.”

“I know, but I’m really hungry,” Sunny remarks. “And you said you’d treat us with the bread you’re making!”

Daiyousei lets out a soft laugh. “Really? I’m sorry if I have forgotten.” She turns around so that she’s facing the eager fairy, all while presenting the tightness of her ass to you. You think you know what she wants from the way she’s wiggling her butt. “I’ll teach you and Kogasa how to enjoy this bread right here,” she says and looks back at you slyly. “If he doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, teach me Daiyousei!” both Kogasa and Sunny exclaim.

You’re trying to keep up with the girls on your lap when your lips are seized in a rough kiss. “Just because you let them take you doesn’t mean you can’t take me,” Luna murmurs over your mouth. Before you can have a say Luna straddles over your face and presses her damp pussy against your mouth. “Daiyousei, do you mind?” The greater fairy is too busy teaching her students, and Luna looks down at you with a hungry grin. “I guess she doesn’t mind. Then, I shall make you eat me and suffocate~”

Luna grinds her cunt on your mouth, almost pushing your head into the meshed grapes. Star offers your head her laps as support, and she winks at you knowingly before she takes Luna’s body into her arms. “Daiyousei said that we should be careful with him, right?” she says and kisses Luna. The drilled-hair fairy moans deeply and slows her grinding motion on your face, giving you some space to breath. “That’s it, Luna,” Star says. “We should treat our partner with great care and not deprive him.”

“Star, it’s just-” Luna shrieks when you grab her ass and pull her down to your face. You press your mouth against her lower lips and thrust your tongue into her, causing her to scream loudly. Her cries are silenced when Star takes her lips into another kiss, swirling and wrestling her tongue against her partner’s, and you can hear Luna hissing in Star’s mouth as the fairy in black hair fondles her breasts rather roughly. You leave them with their own fun and focus on eating Luna out, prodding and tugging at her nether-lips, using your tongue and teeth to stimulate this fairy. Luna starts trembling and tries to remain fixed on your face, but the combined assault of your tongue on her depth and Star’s kissing and fondling means that the fairy has gotten lost in a wave of pleasure.

Your focus is distracted by the girls on your lap. Leaving Luna’s pussy for a while you glance at them and notice that Daiyousei has gotten off your body and is now instructing Sunny to work on your erection from a comfortable position. The pigtailed fairy looks a bit concerned about using her hand on you but Daiyousei’s assuring her that it will be alright. After a slight hesitation Sunny takes your erection in her small hand and starts stroking it in slow motion, eyes widening when fluids flow down your length and onto her hand. Instructed by Daiyousei, she uses the creamy substance as lubricant, cooing at how smooth her stroking motion has become. Giggling Sunny hastens the stroking motion, humming happily as more and more cum flows down onto her digits.

“What about me?” Kogasa asks.

Leaving Sunny with your cock Daiyousei turns her attention to the karakasa. “Hmm, what about you? Let’s see~” Giggling she motions at Kogasa to sit beside Sunny. “Why don’t you share with Sunny?”

“Uhh... you sure?” Kogasa asks.

Daiyousei kisses her. “Of course, dear. You can~”

Nodding rather nervously Kogasa joins Sunny and helps the fairy with your erection. Sunny lets you go only to hand you over to the umbrella girl. Reluctant at first, Kogasa mimics Sunny’s handiworks on you and slowly gets the pace. Daiyousei herself has joined them and runs her delicate fingers on you, causing you to shudder slightly. You want to keep focusing on eating Luna’s pussy but the three girls on your lap seem have planned to distract you when together they run their tongues up along your manhood. Moans can be heard from the girls as they take turn in kissing the tip of your erection, licking every drop of your cum with their tongue. They stop, only to let Daiyousei show them what to do next, and you aren’t surprised as your fairy lover takes you into her mouth and sucks on you. She lets you go and tells Sunny to do the same, and the pigtailed fairy is all too eager as she swallows your full length all the way to her throat. Your focus slips and involuntarily thrust your hips upward, almost gagging the fairy in the process. Daiyousei and Kogasa have you pinned down firmly, even as Sunny continues bopping her head up and down your length, sucking you very hungrily you think she’s going to drain you.

You get your focus back on track just because you feel Luna moaning and panting on you. She’s getting close to her peak, so you drive your tongue deeply into her sex and prod at the switch that will send her over the edge. You move your hands upward and squeeze her breasts, pinching and rolling her hard tits between your fingers. At the same time Star deepens her kisses on Luna’s mouth, causing the fairy to trash uncontrollably on your face. Eventually Luna hits her orgasm, and she arches her body as she presses herself hard against your face, her love juices flowing out of her opening and onto your face. You lap on her sweet-tasting cum as she comes down from her threshold of passion, and you’re gasping for air as you push Luna’s ass away to your chest.

“Star, I think I just...” Luna pants.

“I know you did, Luna,” Star tells her and kisses her softly. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I... I don’t know if I did...” Luna murmurs, sighing as Star runs her hands down her sweating body. “But it felt good~”

“I know, right?” As they keep on kissing, Star repositions herself so that she’s hovering over your face. She lets go off Luna’s mouth just to glance at you. She bats an eyebrow, and you quickly get the meaning of the gesture. You grab her hips and pull her downward, thrusting your tongue into her hot tunnel, and at once Star grinds herself against your face, moaning loudly in the process. Luna brings Star’s body into her arms and presses her breasts against hers, and they start kissing and moaning into each other’s mouth as you continue fucking Star with your tongue.

The frolic on your lap, on the other hand, continues. Sunny is done with her turn and is taking Kogasa’s place as the karakasa takes her position. As reluctant as she is, Kogasa does what she can do best in pleasuring you. You can hear Daiyousei complimenting the umbrella girl and Kogasa humming happily in response. As the karakasa sucks on you deeply you can feel your orgasm approaching and you try issuing the girls a warning, but your words are drowned in screams of pleasure as Star climaxes, her creamy cum gushing onto you face and into the meshed grapes. You let out a loud shout of your own as you hit your orgasm, and you ejaculate into Kogasa’s mouth, taking her by surprise. She lets go off you and aims your cock at her face, letting you empty your loads onto her.

“My~ you look messy,” Daiyousei utters. “Let me clean you a bit.”

“Please do,” Kogasa says blissfully.

Daiyousei approaches the umbrella girls and, with the help of Sunny, licks the sticky substance off her face and heaving chest. Kogasa giggles when the fairies run their tongue across her body, and she squirms as Sunny takes her nipples in her mouth and sucks on them vigorously. Daiyousei herself is taking Kogasa’s lips into a kiss and shares the essence of the love fluid with the karakasa, and the greater fairy sighs softly as her partner fondles her breasts. By now Star and Luna have gotten off your chest and are crawling towards your crotch. They look at the limp phallus of yours and whisper to one another, as if having plan about it. Then they giggle and clean your manhood, using not only their tongues but also their breasts to do the job. Somehow you feel your erection springing back to life when it makes contact with the fairies’ silky skin, and it doesn’t help that Luna squishes your manhood between her magnificent mound and rubs it between the warm flesh.

“You like that, don’t you?” Luna asks and licks the tip of your cock. You can only nod in response, unable to say anything. “I’ll make you feel really good, then.” She resumes her breast-job, snickering every time you thrust your hips in response to her tongue lick. You hit your second orgasm without alert and you groan as you shoot your load onto Luna’s face and neck; the fairy frowns at you for not issuing her a proper warning, but she grins nevertheless as she keeps squeezing your manhood between her breasts. She eventually lets you go to let her partners cleaning her off the mess, moaning when Star and Sunny rub themselves against her body. You are drowning in the sea of pleasure, and seeing these lovely girls cleaning themselves with their tongue and body is driving you to the point of no return. Without knowing what you’re doing, you grab Luna’s arms and pull her towards you, cutting off her protests with a long, hard kiss. Her struggles only encourages your lust for her, and you bring her pussy over your erection as you sit upright, and with a swift motion you’re fully sheathed inside of the fairy.

“You’re really hungry, aren’t you?” you murmur into her ear as you thrust yourself upward.

“Oh, yes! Give it to me!!” Luna screams.

You comply to her demand and pound into her drenched cunt, cutting off her moans and pants with a passionate kiss. You have her large breasts into your hands and fondle them roughly, again causing the fairy to cry out into your mouth. Amidst the fierce tonguing and hip pounding, you notice Daiyousei pressing herself on Luna’s back and removing your hands from Luna’s breasts to be replaced with her own. Luna starts trashing on your lap, the combined force of your hard length’s friction along her inner walls, your tongue wrestling against hers and Daiyousei’s hands tugging at her erect nipples sending her to the upper level of pleasure. She orgasms not a moment too soon, her tunnel clenching around you and trying to milk you as you, too, come inside of her and stain her womb.

The hip thrusting coming to a halt, you slowly pull Luna off your lap and let her fall into the meshed grapes. You turn to the remaining fairies; already Sunny is standing on all four, presenting her needy pussy at you. You waste no time claiming the bounty before you and ram yourself into her tight pussy. The fairy screams and pants, her body being controlled by otherworldly hip movement, and you lean into Sunny body, taking her small mounds into your hands and squeezing them. Star makes the fairy moan into her mouth as she kisses her, and she rubs her hand on her clit, making the fairy tremble. Sunny hits her climax as well, and feeling her tight walls sucking on you causes you to thrust deeply into her, shooting your load into her.

You let go off Sunny, who has fallen limp into the grapes, and turns to Star. “Thought you’d be tired already~” she utters as pushes you back into the grapes. She hovers over your erection, spreading her pussy, and she grins covetously as she says “Now take me and fuck me hard.” Your mind is too clouded in euphoria to even worry about the consequences, so you guide your erection at her lower entrance and push yourself upward into her. Star cries out in passion as she grinds herself against you, riding you in the process. You tremble underneath her as her sex contracts around you repeatedly, firmly massaging your shaft, and you respond by running your hands up her body and fondle her breasts. Star quickens the pace of her riding, her inner walls contracting around your phallus and rubbing around it, and she moans loudly as you drive yourself into her. You hit your orgasm, and your mind whites out as you shoot your hot load into her womb, causing Star to climax intensely in the process. As she comes down from the ride of her life, you slowly pull her up your erection and let her join her partners in the afterglow of their carnal dance.

“It seems we have to do another harvest tomorrow,” Daiyousei says as she helps you walking out of the bucket. “I don’t think we can use these grapes for our winemaking session.”

“Should we leave them out here?” Kogasa asks worriedly while holding your drenched clothes.

“They’ll be fine. Besides.” Kissing you softly on the lips, Daiyousei takes your limp cock into her hand and stroke it gently. “Isn’t it time for him to give what both of us have wanted?”

You groan when you feel your cock hardening again. You remove Daiyousei’s hand from you and kiss the greater fairy hungrily. “I don’t think I want to have sex with you while I’m soaked in grape juices,” you speak over her swollen lips.

“Of course. We should do this properly,” Daiyousei utters. “Come, Kogasa, let’s help him cleaning his body first.”

“You do whatever you like, and I don’t mind, but first.” You pull Kogasa towards you and kiss her, catching her off-guard. You let go off her swollen, just in time to see her face burning brightly. “I surprised you this time, so we’re now even,” you tell her jokingly.

“That is not fair~!” Kogasa moans in frustration. “Surprising others is supposed to be my job!”


Well, there we go. I'm not sure if I should write a Winonymous/Daiyousei/Kogasa threesome after this (if Anon doesn't mind having an extended sex scene), but for now our affair with the three fairies is done. I should feel bad for fapping to my on story, on top of that, but who am I to complain?
No. 8298
>I'm not sure if I should write a Winonymous/Daiyousei/Kogasa threesome after this (if Anon doesn't mind having an extended sex scene)

I don't.
No. 8300
Who do you think we are? As if we ever minded extended scenes around here.
No. 8301
If you'r fapping on your own story, it's good. It means that you don't have nay self-esteem trouble.

Writers with inferiority complex are funny to pick a fight with, but they are tiring over time.
No. 8303
>Fapping to your own story.

Think of it as a "Quality Test".
No. 8309
File 128697730947.jpg - (303.68KB , 800x1132 , dbe55e5f55c9abfa5729919b6dbda954.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh. The passing days have been less entertaining and boring, and with the harvesting season gone away you have essentially nothing to do for the rest of the year. You have done your part in preparing the wines, bottling them, storing them in the underground storeroom and the likes, and you only have to wait for your handiworks to age. Daiyousei is not present, being at the Misty Lake to look after her ice fairy friend, and she’s not coming home until later the day.

You lift your head off the lazy chair and throw your sight at the emptiness that once was your vineyard. The harvesting season had been the most exhilarating ever, with not just Daiyousei and the three mischievous fairies helping you but also the Aki Sisters and Hina, Even Aya and Momiji were showing up, the former more than eager to promote your vineyard to the rest of the residents, as too were Reina, Reimu and Yuuka. All in all, you’re satisfied with this year's harvest, and are looking forward for the next year’s season.

“Well, daydreaming again, I see.”

You look back at the front and meet face-to-face with Yukari. You’re no longer surprised by this gap lady’s unorthodox method of appearance, and you merely lie on your back while staring at her. “Not really. I thought I could just enjoy the rest of the year doing nothing while waiting for the wines to mature,” you speak.

“Ah~ my favourite part of winemaking~” Yukari squeezes out of the gap, almost wiggling in the process. It’s somewhat erotic to see her doing this, especially since her large breasts are jiggling in front of you, almost asking to be fondled in your hands. She eventually lets herself free and sits on the gap, hovering in midair as she does. “Wonder if I’m allowed to have a taste on one of the aged wines~” she murmurs, her eyelids fluttering invitingly.

“I’m not in the mood right now, actually,” you say and get up from the lazy chair. “But if you like, there are some bottles I haven’t opened that you can sample.”

Yukari’s eyes narrow, and you can’t help noticing the predatory glint that are visible from them. “Wonderful~ that alone makes me happy,” she utters. You gesture at the gap lady to follow you into the cottage and head to the sheltered corner of the building where bottles after bottles of wines are stacked up on the rack. “More like a full collection of pure, unadulterated vintages, I see~” she comments.

“Yeah, I forgot that you gapped the whole residence, not just the vineyard,” you shrug.

Yukari giggles. “Now you’re making me blush, young boy,” she replies.

Approaching the rack you take one of the bottles and show it to Yukari. “This Chenin blanc of the Loire Valley has been kept unsealed for seventeen years now, and it hasn’t been opened since it was first bottled,” you speak.

Yukari chuckles. “Seventeen years old? My~ you have no idea how happy I am to hear that, you know?” She takes the bottle from your hand and examines it thoroughly, and she hums in acknowledgement before she returns it to you. “I think I’ll have this, if you don’t mind both of us sitting down and enjoying this brand,” she speaks.

You smile. “I’ll do my best to satisfy my loyal customer.”

You and Yukari head to the dining table, and you invite your guest to sit down while you prepare the decanting tools. “Oh~ why must you do the hard works when you could just have asked me?” As she’s saying this Yukari conjures a gap to appear over the table, and she just throws you a smile as she takes out the necessary instruments and places them in front of her.

“I owe you for that,” you tell her. “Thanks.”

“No need to. After all, I’m your benefactor,” Yukari says with a giggle. “Well, then, why don’t you show me what you’re capable of?”

You waste no time and starts decanting the seventeen-year-old wine, showing off your skills in preparing the vintage for your prestigious customer. You take a quick glance at Yukari in the middle of twists and turns, and notice that she’s paying full attention to the manoeuvres. The predatory gaze from her eyes is no longer there, being replaced by a look of wanting, a sign that her desire wants to be fulfilled. You wonder if she ever realizes this...

You’re done with the decanting and pour a glass of the Chenin blanc for Yukari. “Just for you, my special customer,” you speak.

“Hmm~ no elaborate moves? No blindfolding?” Yukari asks as she takes the glass from you.

“I’m afraid I’ll end up satisfying you with my physical prowess instead,” you reply and sit down beside her. You swear you’re making Yukari blush over the answer, and the way she’s hiding her flushed cheeks behind the paper fan seems to suggest that she’s enjoying it. “But enough talking. What business that has brought you here, anyway?”

“I thought you wouldn’t ask, but let me sample this wine first.” Yukari takes a small sip of the Chenin blanc, and she sighs happily as she swallows it down her throat. “My~ it tastes just like I’d expect from a seventeen-year-old vintage~” Licking her lips once she takes another sip, and this time she grins widely. “Excellent. Just excellent. I know I was right in bringing you to Gensokyo. Very few men I have met would give me this satisfaction, and even fewer would make me want more~

It’s your turn to blush. You don’t really understand, but you feel that she’s directing the comment at you. “W-well, I am glad that I have pleased you,” you utter.

Yukari chuckles. “Right. About why I’m here.” She takes another sip of the wine. “A friend of mine is going to have a reunion party in five days’ time. Family business, if you ask me.”

“What does it have to do with me?” you ask.

“She approached me and asked whether I knew anyone who could be invited to the gathering as entertainer,” Yukari says. “And immediately I thought of you! How nice of you to be able to go to a party~!”

“Me?” You shake your head in disbelief. “No, no, no. I’m a winemaker, not an entertainer. If you’re looking for one, I’m afraid this isn’t the right place.”

“Why not?” Yukari gets off the chair and hovers towards you, grinning as she notices your awkward response to the gesture. “You can entertain her and her family with your decanting expertise. Of course, your knowledge in winemaking will also help.” She snickers. “Besides, I believe this will be your first visit to Makai.”

“Makai, Yukari?”

She nods. “She’s... ah, how can we describe her...” She puckers her lips as she’s trying to find the suitable word.

“Owner,” you say.

“Yup! She owns Makai, and she also has full authorities over her realm,” Yukari answers. “The word ‘goddess’ will match her description perfectly.” She chuckles again. “Think of it: you get the goddess of Makai as your potential client, and you have the opportunity to hunt for the region’s best vintage. I heard there’s even a master winemaker living there.”

“Seriously?” you ask.

“I am,” Yukari replies. “Or should I show you how serious I am right now?”

“I don’t know, but you can try,” you shrug.

Yukari snickers. “I hope you will not regret it, young boy.” She fills her mouth with the wine and presses her lips against yours, prying them open to transfer the wine into your mouth. You’re pinned down on the chair, unable to escape the gap lady’s domination over you as she sits atop of your lap. Your brain short-circuits when Yukari forces her tongue in and touches the upper recess of your mouth, trying to rouse you into returning the kiss. She presses the fullness of her breasts against your chest, and she moans as you finally return the kiss, wrestling your tongue against hers. Your hands crawl up her chest and cope a feeling of her breasts, and she shudders as you knead the fresh mound gently.

Both of you break off the kiss, thick trail of saliva following the ascend of Yukari’s tongue. You keep fondling her and teasing her erect nipples, making her moan in pleasure, but she shakes her head as to ask you to stop. “Not now, young boy,” she reminds you in a soft voice. “Not now.” You stop massaging her breasts, although you still keep your hands rested upon her chest. “My~ you really are one eager human, you know~” she says with a chuckle.

“Can’t really help it, since you made me want to taste this “eternally seventeen” vintage in the first place,” you say. “Yeah, I can blame you for that.”

Yukari stares at you in disbelief, her face face blushing brightly as she does. Then she giggles and removes your hands from her chest, interlacing your fingers with hers. “Eternally seventeen~ you make me feel young again when you said that, young boy~” she utters and kisses you briefly. “Our time will come, and when it does.” She pokes you on the nose. “Both of us can enjoy it however and wherever we like~”

“Uninterrupted?” you speak.

“Just the two of us~ ♥” she answers playfully. “However, I expect only the best from you, so you better be prepared for our exclusive appointment~” She jumps off your lap and returns to her chair. “So! Write down the appointment in your calendar and make sure you aren’t busy for the next five days. I’ll let her know about your agreement in the meantime.”

You’re about have a say when you heard the door knocked. Excusing yourself you greet the visitor and meet a fairy who gives you a letter. “For me?” The fairy nods and quickly takes her leave before you can inquire her more.

“Whose letter is it from?” Yukari asks as she appears behind you, her head looming over your shoulder to look at the letter.

“No idea. Let me read it first.” You open up the letter and read it. “Well, this is interesting. According to this letter, the Great Judge of the Court of Yama is coming over to this place tomorrow to pay this winemaker an honorary visit along with the ferryman of the Sanzu River.” You close the letter; right, you remembered your first appointment with Shikieiki, and you recall her wish to indulge her curiosity.

“Oh~ Shiki and Machi are coming to town~” Yukari utters. “Looks like you’re going to have a very busy day entertaining them.”

“I suppose,” you sigh. “And to think I still haven’t fulfilled my promise to Yuuka yet. You know that she showed up during the harvesting day, didn’t you? She’s probably standing in front of her house right now, patiently waiting for me to show up-”

“Come on! Don’t be that gloomy,” Yukari tells you and gives you an assuring hug. “All I know is that some customers aren’t going to be satisfied with just a simple visit. I’m sure you’ve realized it by now.”

You can only chuckle. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”


Well, I was supposed to continue our fairy fun time with Daiyousei/Kogasa scene, but I suddenly had the urge to write down a Yukari scene instead. No H scene with her yet, Anon, since we still need to gather as much experience as we can to satisfy her need. According to our MC, we still haven't visited Yuuka yet, so yeah.
No. 8310
File 128697779437.jpg - (865.05KB , 2480x3507 , 6d5e903e4fd0be9a94a9d414538e503b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have another Yukarin while we're at it.
No. 8311
Winemaker's going to be a very busy guy
No. 8313
File 128697919045.jpg - (272.60KB , 750x1013 , c302674d2d51dd670c4cff47e25bb9fe.jpg ) [iqdb]
>A friend of mine is going to have a reunion party in five days’ time. Family business, if you ask me.
>You can entertain her and her family with your decanting expertise. Of course, your knowledge in winemaking will also help.
hahaha. She will get his "special" service. Or rather they will get the mother daughter special decanting service. Oh yes, and Wine too.

>According to this letter, the Great Judge of the Court of Yama is coming over to this place tomorrow to pay this winemaker an honorary visit along with the ferryman of the Sanzu River
YES. Great Success!
No. 8314
>Court of Yama
Shouldn't it be the Court of Xanadu, because Yama is her title?
No. 8315
File 128701812080.jpg - (1.99MB , 2507x3541 , 39ec2d6d3fb1e284be4d713299c02962.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, I think I made a slight error there. It will be rectified in the next update.

So I guess our next session with Shiki will include unwrapping the presents?
No. 8316
... Now that is fap material
No. 8368
File 128754198549.jpg - (326.53KB , 1018x806 , 012bc4a5dbe7f3c784cf5e6767c2441b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writing Eiki scene now, and I just want to know if there's anything Anon wants to see in it.
No. 8369
She is a judge. So why not just... judge him, parts of him and his... work.
No. 8373

Those legs.
No. 8378
Just as long as it's not something "you've been a bad boy and now I have to punish you"-ish again. I mean, I'd enjoy it but I'd like to have something different every once in a while.
No. 8386
Yeah I'd rather not see "Punishment Mode" Shiki again.

Hope we get to see some sexy rivalary between her and Komachi(If she's there)
No. 8391
Yeah no 'im gonna punish you for being a bad boy' Eiki again.

That said, I was wondering what kind of thoughts anon and ATA about virgin Kanako?

Sure she maybe a mother figure or sort of but how about a Kanako that experienced about everything except love and have a pure, untouched maiden's heart and body of course deep inside her, wanting and waiting for a right man to enter her life.

Oh friggit, I need to go fap. Fuckin thoughts of mine.
No. 8395
>Virgin Kanako

Interesting idea; more so as it'd be something Suwako'd tease her about, being a bit more worldly (how else would Sanae's bloodline get started?)
No. 8397
Bah, there's never enough "Punishment Time~".
No. 8399
>Virgin Kanako
I am against it. Fatherly Kanako who looks after her Sanae, warding off all males and try to protect her. But i have no idea how her sex scene would be like.
No. 8401
Either way, it'll be godly.
No. 8402
File 128770554746.jpg - (1.01MB , 924x1435 , b29e1a769e99daa5492182ea252f108d.jpg ) [iqdb]
She seems like the sort who wouldn't be too accustomed with the subject. I definitely don't think she'd be virgin, but it's quite possible to have had sex and still be inexperienced and unsure about it. Especially if you were drunk when the actual thing happened.
No. 8419
File 128785237183.jpg - (477.60KB , 565x800 , e6b338c545be255ad8412d331e09a6de.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wanna see some Kasen. Do you have something in mind about her?
No. 8423
Kasen handjob, hell yeah.
No. 8426

I second this.
No. 8427
Hermit tastes best with Wine. We have to find this out firsthand.
No. 8429
Well, I don't know. I haven't read the doujin yet, so I have to keep her in view, but yeah; I already have interesting ideas about her future scene. We're talking about those bandages, of course.

>virgin Kanako
Well, this is interesting. Let me think of this matter first.

And without any ado...


You feel extremely distressed. It’s only been two hours since dawn arrived, and yet the anticipation is killing you. Not too soon after you woke up you made haste to prepare your cottage for the visit by the High Judge of the Supreme Court of Xanadu. Anxiety runs deep in your blood; even though you have made sure everything is set up properly for the occasion you still aren’t sure if you are ready.

Daiyousei seems to understand the plight and calms you down with a kiss. “Relax; you’ve met her before, and you did very well,” she speaks.

“But this is the judge we’re talking of,” you tell her. “You know she always prioritizes quality over anything else.” Again, Daiyousei kisses you as to silence your protest, and you can do nothing but to let your fairy lover sooth your conflicting self.

“Why must you be worried?” Daiyousei speaks over your lips. “If I was you, I’d certainly see this as an opportunity to expand my business.” She kisses you again, and hisses as you squeeze the rump of her ass, moaning appreciatively as you deepen the kiss. For a while you and your fairy lover are locked in feverish interplays of tongue and mouth, and it takes all the courage to break off the kisses before you get carried away. “You’ll be alright, I know,” she tells you while caressing your face.

“I can only hope so,” you reply.

Tipping on her toes Daiyousei kisses your forehead, and then slips away from your arms. “Well, I better get going before Cirno gets restless. And don’t forget to have fun,” she says with a wink. “I’m sure your guest will appreciate your company.” You wave to your fairy lover and put your focus back on the visit. If having fun is what Daiyousei wants you to do, then there’s no reason not to enjoy this occasion. With the goal set in your mind you head to the front courtyard, just in time your guests arrive.

“Welcome to my humble cottage,” you greet them, bowing to them courteously.

“We arrived on time, aren’t we?” Komachi asks.

“I don’t see a reason why we should delay our arrival, Komachi,” Shikieiki answers.

“Come on, Boss, he’s certainly got to prepare some mumbo-jumbo,” Komachi says, in which the green-haired woman responds with a hit of the Rod of Remorse on her head.

Trying your best to woo these ladies, you first approach Komachi and take her hand to give its upper side a kiss. “But there is no need for such mumbo-jumbo in the presence of my lovely and attractive guests,” you speak. “Your mere presence is enough for me to appreciate.”

“Stop that, kid! You’re embarrassing me,” Komachi utters.

You turn your attention to Eiki. “Madam Shiki, I am very privileged to have the high judge of the Supreme Court herself as my honoured guest.” Repeating what you just did to Komachi you take her hand and plant a soft kiss on its skin. “You look absolutely lovely today, milady. It will be a great loss to let this beauty go unappreciated, don’t you think?” You swear you’re making Shikieiki tremble in embarrassment due to the gesture, and Komachi is fighting very hard to suppress her laughs.

“It will be a great pleasure to be able to learn more about this tradition from you, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki speaks in enforced intonation; the way she’s trying to keep her embarrassment at bay due to your praise suggests the otherwise. “Isn’t this the reason why we are paying him a visit, Komachi?”

“Of course it is, Boss!” Komachi exclaims. “There is no way anything can go wrong in our presence, right?”

“Anyway, I assume that both of you would like to have a quick your around the vineyard, yes?” you speak. “I wish you had visited me last week, because I could invite you to join the harvesting.”

“Aw, really?!” Komachi nudges her employer. “See, Boss! I told you we should drop by earlier! Now we missed the golden opportunity!”

“It will be of great benefit if you could show our host some degree of respect, Komachi,” Eiki speaks.

“Aw, don’t be that shy, Boss! There’s no need to be too formal when he’s around,” Komachi replies. “And you know there’s a saying that when a woman becomes commanding, it only makes the man-”

Another well-aimed smack of the Rod of Remorse on her cranium and the ferry-woman’s ranting is cut short. Leaving Komachi with a bruised head Eiki turns her attention to you. “As much as I hate to admit, yes, I would have dropped by and watched the harvest up close if it wasn’t for the papers I had to sign,” she speaks.

“All is not lost, milady,” you say. “In fact, there are still some grapes left for one more stomping session. If you don’t mind, I can set up the apparatus for a quick demonstration.”

“Stomping?” she inquires.

“I suppose action speaks louder than words,” you say. “Come with me. I’ll show you how it is done.”

With your guests you head to the workshop and waste no time preparing the wooden bucket along with the ingredients for the stomping session. You begin by explaining them the importance of this task in the winemaking process and how fun this simple activity can be. You then show them pictures* of the activity during the harvesting session, showing them just how popular it becomes in this region with predominantly Japanese culture.

“So how do we exactly do the stomping?” Eiki asks.

“First, we pour the fruits into the bucket,” you say and pour the remainder of the fruits into the bucket. “Then we take off our shoes and steps into the bucket. After that-”

“Hold on a second,” Eiki interrupts. “You’re supposed to step on those fruits with only bare foot?”

“Madam Shiki, this is the more modest way,” you tell her. “Back at my town, we would fill the bucket until the fruits are slightly over our knees-”

“-and the men would step in and mesh the grapes bare naked,” Komachi continues. Eiki turns to her employee who just throws out a grin. “I’ve done a lot of homework, Boss. Don’t think this shinigami only knows sleeping.”

“Right,” you shrug. “I don’t follow the custom for hygiene, obviously, but it would be rude for me to strip in front of my guests.”

“O-of course, I wasn’t even aware of this,” Eiki speaks. “Please continue.”

You step into the bucket. “Like I said, we take off our shoes, step in and start stomping the fruits. Hop in, both of you. It’s fun doing this when we have lots of people taking part.”

Komachi steps into the bucket, her skirt tied up and showing off her strong, well-built legs.”So all I have to do is to step on?” she asks.

“Just keep doing it until the juice is extracted from the fruits,” you tell her.

The pig-tailed woman steps once, then twice, and she gets into the rhythm not long afterwards. “This is fun! I can do this all day long!” she exclaims. “Hey, Boss! Give it a try, will you?”

Eiki looks reluctant. You aren’t sure if it’s because she wants to maintain her prestigious image as a high judge or because she doesn’t want to get dirty. Komachi has already gotten absorbed in the fun, so it’s up to you to persuade her. “I understand this is your first time,” you speak. “You don’t have to worry about doing a lot of works. Just do it in your own pace.”

“I’m not concerned about having to do many works, thank you very much,” Eiki replies. “But am I supposed to walk into the bucket and get messy in the process?”

“Look at her,” you say and point to Komachi. “Does she get bothered by the juices sticking on her? I don’t think she minds getting dirty.” You look back at Eiki. “After all, isn’t this the purpose of your visit to this humble workshop?”

“Well… I suppose you are right on the matter,” she says in doubt. She takes a seat on the nearby seat and crosses her legs, extending her right foot at you. “I have no desire to soil my shoes and socks with the grape juice, so please take them off for me,” she speaks while hiding her smile behind the Rod of Remorse.

You’re all too eager to fulfil the request but you have to keep yourself under control. “Of course,” you say and kneel in front of her. “I’ll do anything you ask.”

You first start by removing the high-heel shoes. Her toes start wriggling as you expose them to the air, and it’s really cute to see them. Looking up at her for permission, she gives you a nod of approval, and you reach for the end of her right thigh-high sock, pulling the garment down her long, slender leg. With the garment removed, Eiki changes the position of her legs as to let you undo her left sock, stopping at halfway to run your fingers down her smooth thighs. She shivers in response to the touch, and moans quietly as your fingers crawl along the length of her perfect limb.

“Sensitive, aren’t we?” you ask teasingly.

“You should know you could’ve been punished for this behaviour,” Eiki utters and gasps when you prod the backside of her knee.

You finish undoing Eiki’s socks and put them aside. You rest your hand on her knee and take the time in admiring this magnificent work of art. She shivers when you run your hand down her leg to her calf and in spite of her efforts to stay calm the expression on her face is a clear indication that she’s fighting against the temptation. You give the backside of her knee another nudge, causing her to moan in pleasure.

“I believe it’s time for you to experience what a winemaker goes through on daily basis before we get carried away,” you speak.

“…yes, I should,” she says and brings her hand forward. “Please teach me everything about winemaking.”

You snicker and take her hand. “With all my pleasure, Madam Shiki.”

“…please… you may call me Eiki,” she utters with a smile.

You nod and softly kiss her palm. “Of course, Eiki.”
No. 8430

No. 8443
If this doesn't end with us licking Eiki's feet clean, I'll be very disappointed.
No. 8448
Not only her feet. I still stand by my point and want her legs as well.
No. 8562
File 128858270974.jpg - (504.50KB , 800x1131 , 2c6f83fc8e6995b745bba7a7185ac5f1.jpg ) [iqdb]
So Anon wants to see sexy feet-cleaning ritual? I'm fine with it.

Bumping because this thread is saged to second page. Picture not very related unless of course Anon wants to visit the SDM next.
No. 8566
Just say that we'll eventually get to teach Koakuma about the joys of wine and I'll be happy.
No. 8567

SDM? Interesting... Wonder what is your depiction of Flandre in this story... I'll be more than looking forward for this. Damn, so many appointments to attend, so little time to do all of it..
No. 8579
I am fine with the way things are.
No. 8585
Licking her feet while she squirms in pleasure and ticklishness would be delicious.
No. 8601
Lick more than her feet.
Lick everything.
No. 8603
Still want >>8391
No. 8611
File 128880634492.jpg - (577.69KB , 872x1200 , 7814863be18b8f759f0b39dd8fba4549.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hang on there, mate. We'll get there eventually.

In before Winonymous is too busy feasting upon Eiki he forgets to teach her about winemaking.

Update is on the way as we speak, so please wait.
No. 8613
Will he get a side of Higan Melon to go with his wet yama?
No. 8682
File 128901983014.jpg - (573.85KB , 1008x1008 , 06821adbb5ea596a2f6583255d96e37f.jpg ) [iqdb]
We'll get there, eventually.

Also, fuck, writing this update has driven me nuts. What the hell?


Komachi snickers. You just shake your head.

It’s clear to both of you that Eiki is having problem adjusting herself to the stomping activity, and she’s struggling to keep up the pace with both of you. It’s interesting to see Komachi drilling Eiki to get the stomping right, though, and it’s somewhat entertaining to see the navigator of Sanzu River lecturing the high judge. You have to lament the fact that you have absolutely no role in this part, but who are you to complain? At least you get to see Eiki responding uncharacteristically to Komachi’s teasing.

And you’re just sitting outside the wooden bucket as the duo is engaged in a dynamic conversation about their visit to your place. At least someone else isn’t barging in to see the commotion, right?

Wrong, because almost at once you feel a strong breeze followed by the sound of wings flapping next to you. You turn to the newcomer, and you aren’t sure if you want to welcome her or kick her out of the workshop.

“What did I just miss?” the enthusiastic Aya asks as she sits beside you.

“Always eager for hot news, aren’t we?” you ask.

“I’m always hungry for information,” Aya says. “So, you have the people from Higan visiting you, huh? That’s really a surprise.”

“Tell me, though,” Aya speaks. “Aren’t you getting worn out by all the romps you have gone through? First it was Reimu; then it was the Komeiji Sisters. After that you went after Shizuha and Minoriko.” She taps the tip of her pen on your head. “You even made out with Hina, who as far as I can remember, has never had proper sex in ages – and I mean ‘proper’. What are you made of, seriously?”

You aren’t very pleased. “Must you delve into someone else’s private life, Aya?”

“Well, duh! I’m a journalist, it is my job to gather information and spread it to the people,” Aya answers dignifiedly. She closes the distance between you and her, and flutters her eyebrows as she says “of course I’ll give you my very own service for negotiable charge, if you like~”

“Cut that out,” you grumble and push her aside. “If you want to cover this story, go ahead. If you want to look for interview, do it another day.”

“Aye-aye, captain!” Aya replies cheerfully.

You hear a splash. Both you and Aya turn to the noise and see Eiki sitting in the meshed grapes, getting laughed at by Komachi. “You did it wrong, Boss!” the shinigami says. “Now look what happened to you.”

“Then get me off these grapes,” Eiki orders.

“Alright, alright. Here we go. Oof!” With great strength Komachi lifts the drenched judge off the grapes and puts her back on her feet. “What a mess. Did you bring any spare clothes?”

“Why should I?” Eiki asks. “I’m fine with what I am wearing right now.”

“Well, you should know that those grapes will stick on your body like slime,” Komachi utters. “You know how it feels when you have sticky goo all over your body, right?”

You can see Eiki blushing over the remark. “Is there any problem with having my body covered in grape juice?” she asks.

“Well, what if I do something like this?” Komachi scoops a handful of grapes and pours them onto Eiki’s head. You just watch as the drenched high judge turns from shocked to angry, and she’s yelling at her worker to no avail.

“May I ask what’s going on?” Aya inquires.

“Nothing like the drama of a supervisor-employee relationship,” you reply.

“Have you realized what you did, Komachi?” Eiki demands.

“Did you ask anything?” Komachi replies. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my chest!” She laughs, causing much embarrassment to Eiki. “But seriously.” She puts her hands under Eiki’s armpits and lifts her off the grapes. “Look at you. Trying to act formal, justified and dignified. Can’t you at least chill out and enjoy this trip? It’s not that you’re going to assess him based on his past experience, are you?” The Amazonian woman puts her employer back on her feet and steps out of the bucket, giving your shoulder a slap as she approaches you. “Right, kid?”

“Don’t know what to say here,” you reply.

“Come on! You should know that Boss is dying to learn about winemaking from you,” Komachi tells you. “She practically had to beg me to come with her because she felt very insecure about visiting him alone.”

“Seriously?!” Aya exclaims. “This is the most unexpected scoop I’ve ever come across!” She scribbles inside her notepad as to jot down the information. “I really should get this printed and distributed right away!”

You cough. “Ladies, please. This is not the time to embarrass my customer right now, so may I suggest that you leave us for a while?” you tell her.

Komachi snickers. “Can’t say no to that, can I?” Yawning, she outstretches her arms, highlighting her huge rack in such a way that seems to torment Eiki. “Right, I think I need to take a quick nap. Can I borrow your couch for a while?”

“Go ahead,” you shrug. “Like you’ll sleep all day long and forget your work.”

The shinigami just chuckles and gives your back a hard slap. “Chill out, kid! Our chance will come, so enjoy your time with Boss!” She approaches Eiki and does the same to her back. “And the same goes to you, Boss. Enjoy your time with him!” With a wink she leaves the workshop and heads to your house.

“I’ll go check some of your wines, too,” Aya tells you.

“Be careful inside there, and try not to break anything, will you?” you warn her. “I’ve had enough pranks from the fairies, and I appreciate it when a tengu is not trying to do the same.”

“I know what I’m doing, don’t worry!” Aya replies and heads to your house. “See you later!”

With Komachi and Aya leaving the workshop your attention is now focused on Eiki. “Well, I think your official visit just got botched,” you tell her.

Eiki sighs in exasperation. “That Komachi… I never thought she would be so irresponsible today, embarrassing me in front of the tengu,” she grumbles. “And look what she has done to my clothes!”

“There are spare clothes I can lend you if you like,” you say “I also believe you need to get yourself cleaned, like, right now?”

She stares at you, and then breaks off the eye contact. “Don’t tell me you already have planned this in advance,” she speaks, her cheeks flushing.

“Why should I do that?” you ask back. “You are my customer. That means I have the obligation to fulfil whatever my customer requests.”

Eiki furrows her eyebrow. “What kind of tradition is that?” she questions.

“Milady, you should have, at least, heard of the term ‘ladies first’,” you speak as you walk her out of the bucket. “I believe you should learn to appreciate us humans more before you begin judging them,” You, then, invite her to sit on the chair. “Well?”

Eiki stares at you, both in surprise and intrigue. “If you say so…” She sits down and extends her left leg forward; drops after drops of grape juice can be seen dripping down her toe, and it’s somewhat enticing to see her wriggling her toes temptingly. “Do whatever you like, as long as you can make me clean.”

“Is this an invitation?” you ask, feigning surprise.

Eiki pouts. “I am your customer, right? I command you to treat me like how you’d treat your customer,” she speaks.

You kneel in front of her and take her feet in your hand. “Your wish is my deepest desire, milady.” You start by planting soft kisses on her delicate toes, chuckling to see her twitching when you nip at her skin. You poke your tongue at the skin between her toes, licking and licking it off the grape juice. Eiki bites her lower lip, trying to suppress her moans from coming out of her mouth, and her struggles only serve to make you want her.

“Can’t you calm down for a while?” you ask when you realize she starts trembling on the chair.

“But how am I supposed to stay calm when you…” Eiki gasps when you nibble at her toe. “Ah~ don’t… do that!” You look up at her, and she’s staring at you in uncertainty. “It’s… it’s my weak spot, so…”

You snicker; looks like you have found the right switch. “Well, do you want me to stop cleaning your feet?” you ask teasingly.

Eiki shakes her head. “Why… why would you?” she asks.

“Because.” You leave her feet and move upward, running your tongue along the perfect length of her calf. You keep looking at Eiki, who has gone from trembling to trashing, as well as panting due to your handiwork on her leg. “You just love having your legs admired this way. I know I do.” You plant a soft kiss on her kneecap.

Eiki stares at you, her eyelids half-closed in desire. “You.. think so?” You can’t help wondering that Eiki has acted uncharacteristically, very unsuitable to her established image as the high judge of the court of Xanadu.

“Well, I can stop here if you want,” you tell her. To your surprise, Eiki shakes her head and asks that you continue. You smile softly at her. “If you say so. Just tell me if I’m hurting you, okay?”

She nods. “I will.”

Positioning yourself on your knee, you move upward to her face and claim her lips in a generous, hearing her sighing into your mouth. Your hand finds its way to her chest and starts unbuttoning her dress, and you feel rather than hear Eiki whimpering when you cope a feeling of her chest. It’s not very well-developed as you notice, though the cupsize still fits right in your hand. You pull away from her and bend down to lick her neck, all while you begin fondling her breast. Eiki purrs into your ear when you roll her nipple between your fingers, and she sighs contently as you run your tongue across the velvety skin of her shoulder.

“Please don’t stop…” she murmurs.

You can’t even if you want to. You descend toward her chest and find her hardened nipple. You take her nipple in your mouth and lick it vigorously, hearing Eiki moaning in delight. You can feel her hands fumbling through your hair and clenching on them as you keep working on her chest, and hearing her sweet pants and moans is starting to drive you crazy.

You let go off her breasts and move downward to her belly, licking any grape juice that is still sticking on her. By now Eiki’s moans have gone out of control and she’s trashing on the chair; does this mean she’s going to-

“M-Mister Winemaker…” You look up at her and see her staring at you in lust. “I… I don’t think I can hold on for any longer…”

You kiss her once and bring your hand to her crotch; she’s already drenched. “Then allow me to help you through it.” She nods, and you nod back at her as you pull her soaking panties aside. The smell of her love juice fills the air and instantly it turns you on. Kissing Eiki once more, you descend to her crotch and waste no time feasting on her pussy. Eiki’s moans grow more frequent as you drive your tongue into the depth of her sex, licking and delving on every inch of her inner walls.

“I-I think I’m going to…!”

You thrust your tongue even deeper, sending Eiki into the highest peak of pleasure as possible. She shudders and grabs your hair as she’s hitting her climax, and she lets out a long sigh of pleasure as she’s riding her orgasm. You lap on her love juice that’s flowing onto the chair, cleaning her off any mess that’s coming with it. You leave her crotch and move back to her face, kissing her once again and filling her mouth with the tangy taste of her own sex.

“How does it feel, Eiki?” you ask over swollen lips.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt good like this before…” Eiki murmurs.

You kiss her forehead. “I’m glad I have helped you with that,” you speak.

Eiki pulls you down and starts kissing you feverishly. “But I don’t think I’m done with this lesson yet,” she tells you between kisses. “You think you can teach me more about winemaking?”

You smile at her. “Of course, Eiki. I have the whole day just for-” You hear shutter clicking, and both of you turn to the source of the interruption. “Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

“Oh, that was excellent!!” Aya exclaims. “Just perfect for my next publication!”

“What the hell, Aya?” you scream. “Remove it from your camera right now!”

“Hey, don’t blame me for getting yourself photographed!” Aya replies. “It’s your fault for granting the Yama’s request in the first place. Booyah!”

“Goddam it, Aya!” You chase after Aya only to be outrunned as she already takes her leave. “Fucking paparazzi, always trying to get on my nerves.” You return to Eiki and get the high judge covered in a quilt. “We better make sure you’re properly dressed up if you wish to learn more about this tradition,” you tell her.

Eiki nods. “I’m aware of it.”

“So.” You kiss her again. “You don’t mind if you have to spend your night at my place just for the occasion?”

“What are you talking of?” She returns the kiss eagerly. “I’ve been waiting for this opportunity ever since you struck the deal with me.”
No. 8694
No. 8703
File 128906396459.jpg - (353.64KB , 1000x2630 , EiByaku 12.jpg ) [iqdb]
>You hear shutter clicking, and both of you turn to the source of the interruption.
Dammit Aya, why do you always interrupt Eiki's special time?
No. 8739
File 128935839442.jpg - (547.04KB , 700x1841 , 99e9ac18134181543efea73bb842ea6f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Funny that you posted that, because ByakuEiki is my favourite crack pairing. And you cannot go wrong with the notion of Byakuren in naked apron.

Bumping this thread again.
No. 8744
Checking every day for Updates.
No. 8766
File 12895337437.jpg - (93.11KB , 606x876 , 6296c99974bfcf3247bd9bde8944269b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right, I suppose I should recap all of our customers before I can proceed with the update.

Customers we have delivered our wine to:
+ Reimu
+ Komeiji Sisters
+ Komachi
+ Daiyousei
+ Yumemi
+ Aki Sisters
+ Reina
+ Three Mischievous Fairies
+ Hina

Current client:
+ Shikieiki (complete with feet cleaning ritual)

Customers we have yet to meet:
+ Yuuka (VVIP-tier)
+ Shikieiki (VVIP-tier)
+ Yukari (VVVIP-tier)
+ Shinki (and possibly Alice)

Potential customers:
+ Aya
+ Momiji
+ Letty
+ Yuyuko (with Youmu as dessert)
+ Scarlet Devil Mansion

Posting Koakuma because I know where we want to go to this Christmas.
No. 8767
No. 8773
> Current client:
> + Shikieiki

> Customers we have yet to meet:
> + Shikieiki

Shikieiki has an identical twin sister with the exact same name?
No. 8775
File 128956598251.jpg - (80.39KB , 595x842 , 1289553831500.jpg ) [iqdb]
Damn, I overlooked that when I posted it. Sorry about that.
No. 8810
Hmm, I suppose I could do this instead:

+ Luize
+ Sara
+ Yuki
+ Mai
+ Yumeko
+ Shinki

+ Orange
+ Kurumi
+ Elly
+ Yuuka
+ Mugetsu & Gengetsu

Other PC-98s
+ Yumemi
+ Chiyuri
+ Kana
+ Kotohime
+ Rikako
+ Rika

Hakurei Shrine
+ Reimu
+ Suika
+ Mima
+ Kasen

Scarlet Devil Mansion
+ Meiling
+ Koakuma
+ Patchouli
+ Sakuya
+ Scarlet Sisters (Remilia & Flandre)
+ Fairy maids

+ Chen
+ Ran
+ Yukari

Hakugyokuro (yes, I include the Prismriver and Lily White for convenience)
+ Lily White
+ Lunasa
+ Merlin
+ Lyrica
+ Youmu
+ Yuyuko

Forest of Magic
+ Marisa
+ Alice
+ Shanghai & Hourai
+ Rumia
+ Mystia
+ Wriggle
+ Three Mischiveous Fairies (Sunny, Luna & Star)
+ Reina

Misty Lake
+ Cirno
+ Daiyousei

Human Village
+ Keine
+ Akyuu

Bamboo Forest of the Lost (and Eientei)
+ Mokou
+ Kaguya
+ Eirin
+ Tewi
+ Reisen

+ Komachi
+ Shikieiki (current customer)
+ Lily Black
+ Medicine

Youkai Mountains
+ Aki Sisters (Shizuha & Minoriko)
+ Hina
+ Nitori
+ Momiji
+ Aya
+ Sanae
+ Kanako
+ Suwako

+ Kisume
+ Yamame
+ Parsee
+ Yuugi
+ Komeiji Sisters (Satori & Koishi)
+ Rin
+ Utsuho

Myouren Temple
+ Nazrin
+ Kogasa
+ Ichirin
+ Murasa
+ Shou
+ Byakuren
+ Nue

Celestial Realms
+ Iku
+ Tenshi

I don't think I'm missing anymore girls, do I?
No. 8818
Scarlet Devil Mansion
Forest of Magic
+ Mystia

Is this actually going to happen? Seriously?
No. 8819
If enough of us readers want it to happen, I would assume so.
No. 8823
File 128986193515.png - (2.08KB , 57x62 , fchibiyuugenmagan.png ) [iqdb]
No Yuugenmagan? No Sariel, Kongara or Elis? What is this I don't even.
No. 8824

And you forgot Lily Black as well.
No. 8827

Look more carefully,

+ Komachi
+ Shikieiki (current customer)
+ Lily Black
+ Medicine

Taken from ATA's post above.
No. 8832
I thought Lily Black was just Lily white dressing up and the both of them in SSiB was a screw up; like so many other things.
No. 8843

Depends on the writer.
No. 8846
Well yeah, but it's not like we're supposed to adhere to canon or anything.
No. 8850
Perhaps not perfectly, but some respect that should be shown. What are you? Someone from shrinemaiden?
No. 8851
Yes, yes, gentlemen. But remember - hot blonde chick plus her hot twin dressed in opposite colors.

Quit nerding it up and accept the awesome for what it is. It's not like he's breaking canon in half.
No. 8856
But this issue is black and white!
Actually, if anything, the ones sticking to canon with overbearing intensity bordering on insanity would be the shrinemaiden types. THP has always been relaxed.
No. 8857
In Fairy Wars, Lily Black and Lily White are two different boss.
We can't say for sure if they are one or what.
No. 8858

ZUN's wording was "Lily White's cosplaying as the judge" or thereabouts.

Personally I don't really care; if everyone stuck to strict canon most fanfic writers would be out of a job.
No. 8860
>But this issue is black and white!
... Funny.
No. 8861
About Lily Black being either an alternate persona of Lily White or being an actual different character, doesn't Silent Sinner in Blue actually show both at that party at Remilia's? From what I remember isn't that doujinshi/manga "canon", or am I incorrect about that?
No. 8871
File 12902238956.jpg - (81.91KB , 600x600 , c7ca99f800398ecc89e7adaa92d22235.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Yuugenmagan, Kongala, Sariel, Ellis but you forgot Kikuri
I understand Ellis and Kongala (I might base her on Ancient Gensokyo's, but Yuugenmagan, Sariel and Kikuri? How am I supposed to write H-scene with two inanimate objects and a he/she angel?

>Not wanting to see Lily White/Lily Black threesome
You guys are horrible. Seriously. ಠ_ಠ

Canon or not, I'm going to write Lily Black scene soon.
No. 8872
Are we getting that threesome with her? I for one very much want.
No. 8873
I was debating if she was canon or not, not against any hypothetical threesomes.
No. 8882
File 129025289583.jpg - (200.13KB , 422x598 , 1284751175494.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Canon or not, I'm going to write Lily Black scene soon.
The only thing better than this that i can think of is feeding loli Yukari with pudding and other sweets.
No. 8891
As opposed to feeding adult Yukari ice cream?
Patchwork, please come back!
No. 9024
File 129129990581.jpg - (188.39KB , 850x1000 , 270fa6a4550217f403e2ae30ae6f5919.jpg ) [iqdb]
What are you implying?

Sorry for the lack of update here, so please be patient.
No. 9051

See pic on post you quoted

There have been futa stories before. You wouldn't be the first.

Kikuri is a true inanimate object hence why I did not include her!
No. 9132
File 129227422795.png - (668.49KB , 675x900 , 11288916.png ) [iqdb]
Did you already did Yuuka's part?
If no, I found the perfect picture.
No. 9144
Not yet, but thanks for the picture.
No. 9176

Well, getting Yuka drunk is probably the only way you'll get to do her without a 100% chance of getting turned into a bloddy pulp.

With a drunk yuka, you only have a 89% chance, with 50% being her getting too 'rough' with you.
No. 9187

But remember during his time with Reina, Yuuka expressed it that she [/italic]wants[/italic] the Winemaker. I doubt it that she'll turn him into a bloody mess during there time.
No. 9189

I meant some random shmuck who came out of nowhere, this at least has an excuse plot.
No. 9195
>getting Yuka drunk
I don't think there exists enough wine in Gensokyo for such a monumental task.
No. 9215

Yuka isn't an Oni though, so yes, there is more than enough.
No. 9531
File 129411062655.jpg - (602.25KB , 1400x1000 , 9bc1eedadbf6c562f66ba475e9f98b95.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay, but update is on the way, so please wait warmly. Expect more delicious Eiki-cleaning session.
No. 9545
File 12941930904.jpg - (171.48KB , 850x1000 , sample-22d13d05dce515cc08089d0a6c237d6f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Image source: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/733645


“Eiki, you sure you don’t need any help?”

“I’m doing just fine right now,” Eiki answers from behind the door.

“Alright. I’ll be at the kitchen if you need anything,” you tell her.

“Just give me a few minutes, and I’ll be done,” she replies.

You leave her with her unfinished matter and head straight to the kitchen. You’re going to have lunch with Shikieiki and you can’t wait to show your privileged guest your gourmet skill. With that in mind you begin preparing the ingredients; you hope that you not only catch the high judge’s attention to the wine but also to the culinary unique to your hometown.

Your attention to the cooking is, however, distracted by the presence of Aya who has walked into the kitchen without you knowing. You pay her no attention as she’s watching at the recipe you’re preparing over your shoulder. “Blueberry pie? Come on, I was expecting something classier than that,” she comments.

“I would, if only you will stop rubbing and pressing against on me,” you retort.

“Can’t I show you my level of interest?” she asks as she continues to press her chest against your back. “I can offer to bake cheesecake for you, if you like. I happen to be an expect in cheese, especially the thick and creamy variety~”

“Just let go off me before someone gets roasted by the oven,” you say.

“Hey, is that a threat to my dignity?” Aya protests.

“Not if I strip and season you first,” you reply. Aya laughs and presses herself against you even closer. “Look. If you really want to get an exclusive interview with me,” you say and turn around so that you’re facing her. “Why don’t you just arrange for an appointment instead?”

“Why? Don’t you like the way I’m getting information?” she asks with a foxy grin; it doesn’t even help that the upper part of her shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her cleavage to you. Good God, is there a time when a woman doesn’t make a move on you? “Come on~ I know you like it when it’s hot and spicy~” she purrs.

“Step aside, Aya,” Komachi utters and pulls Aya away from you. “Can’t you see he’s preparing special food for Boss?”

“But I almost got him to do an interview with me,” Aya whines.

“While using your expertise in blackmailing against him?” Komachi wags a fighter at the journalist. “Aya, oh Aya. I know you habit all too well, and seriously, when will you actually start respecting other’s privacy?”

“But when will I get an interview from him?” Aya asks. “How long am I supposed to wait until I get my turn?”

“Ladies, let’s talk about this matter after lunch, okay?” you tell both of them. “Now that you two are here, do me a favour and help me with the meals. I was going to have lunch with Miss Eiki only, but since you’re already here-”

“Great! I can start making cheesecake right away! I’ll be right back!” As fast as lightning Aya dashes out of your cottage to get the ingredients at her place, and that leaves you alone with Komachi.

“Cooking for Boss, eh? Well, allow me,” she says and takes over the kitchen. “Years of living and working with her have taught about how to satisfy her taste bud,” she tells you. “Watch.”

With the help of Aya and Komachi you’re able to turn the dining table into a gourmet exhibition stand. With your blueberry pie, Aya’s cheesecake (“I got this recipe from my special friend, and I’m not telling you. Booyah!”) and Komachi’s special presentation of Chinese seafood, all you have to do is to invite Eiki over to the table. You’re in luck as she shows up in time for you to prepare the decanting tools, and her appearance catches you completely off-guard: contrary to what you’d expect Eiki has chosen to wear simple, all-white gown with a matching laced sunhat. A yellow ribbon is tied on her left wrist, and a small flower-shaped hairpin decorates her hair. You’re at loss of words, and it takes Komachi to break the silence that’s enveloping the three of you.

“No wonder why she took so long to dress up,” Komachi comments with an amused grin.

Aya quickly takes pictures of Eiki in the dress. “I hope you don’t mind!” she says.

Eiki pays both of them no attention and turns to you. You can only offer her a smile and invite her to sit. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose,” you speak.

“Thank you for the compliment, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki replies.

“Alright, ladies! Please sit down while I prepare the wine to complement today’s lunch,” you tell your guests. Aya and Komachi clap their hands while Eiki just gives you an amused smile. “So, would you like the wine prepared simple and clean or over the top?”

“Come on, kid! You know all of us here won’t be satisfied with just a simple presentation,” Komachi jeers. “Right, Boss?”

“Of course,” Eiki answers. “I expect nothing but the best from our host.”

“Well, if that is what you want to see. Aya, help me with the blindfold.”

The journalist grins widely. “Don’t tell me you want to do the same thing like you did in front of Hina and Momiji.” Giddily she ties the blindfold around your eyes, and you can feel her whole body pressed against you as if she’s trying to seduce you; you have to be careful not to let the gesture arouse you.

She steps back from you. “Alright, everyone. You may hold your breath.”

You start decanting. You spin, you flex, you bend over, and you keel, and you’re performing these seemingly impossible manoeuvres blindfolded with one goal in mind: entertaining your guests. You know you’ve gained their attention from the way they’re cheering for you. You have an idea, so after the decanting is done, you fill two glasses for Aya and Komachi, still being blindfolded. Then you take another glass and ask Eiki to hold it for you, causing the two ladies to wolf-whistle teasingly.

“Well, too bad we don’t get a bigger audience here,” Komachi says.

“Then I’ll just take pictures and sell them,” Aya suggests.

“Save some for me, will you?” Komachi tells her ‘partner-in-crime’. “And I want them free.”

“What? No! That will kill my business,” Aya protests.

“Silence, both of you,” Eiki scolds them, her voice trembling in embarrassment.

You focus on getting your position right so that you can fill the glass without spilling the wine. With intricate hand gestures you bring the decanting jar to the glass, amusing them even more. You can’t afford to screw this up and embarrass yourself in front of Eiki and everyone else. “Here. We. Go.” You pour the decanted wine into the glass, and you swear to yourself it goes on and on, almost as if you’re filling a jar with a very deep bottom.

Your ear catches the faint sound of your heartbeat. You stop, and slowly lift the decanting jar from the glass. You undo your blindfold, and you sigh in relief as you realize you’re almost half an inch from spilling the wine. “That was almost close,” you utter.

“Uh-huh, so close Eiki was almost on the verge of fainting,” Aya tells you.

“And she didn’t even want to warn you that you almost spilled the wine,” Komachi adds.

“I… I… will you cut that out for once, Komachi?” Eiki demands.

You invite your guests to enjoy the meals. Eiki expresses her delight for the entertainment skit you showed, adding that she was very thrilled every time you almost misjudged the decanting. Aya and Komachi are sharing the same sentiment as Eiki; Aya, especially, has never seen decanting done “so deliberately off-key” in her whole life and asks that she interviews you on the spot. You find yourself barraged with questions that focus more on your affair with the girls than your winemaking career; you decide to play along with her as you continue your conversation with your Higan guests.

“So what’s your plan this winter?” Eiki asks. “I understand a winemaker like you will have very little to do in this season.”

“Not really. I could process some of the leftover grapes into marmalades or vinegar,” you answer. “As for schedules… I have been invited to Makai by Yukari’s friend; Shinki, I think it’s her name.”

“Or you could invite the Akis to stay over,” Aya suggests. “That would be nice.”

“Why would I do that?” you ask.

“Well, duh! They like you very much, that’s why,” Aya replies. “And don’t forget that you still have me as your next customer. Put our appointment in your calendar, okay?”

“He surely has an active lifestyle, isn’t he?” Eiki asks.

“You bet he is, Boss,” Komachi answers. “That is if he doesn’t get worn out first.”

You shake your head. You begin to dislike where this conversation is headed to, and you have to do something about it. “It’s not the problem of whether or not I have enough strength to deliver wines to my customers around this place,” you speak. “In fact, I view it as beneficial to my business, and it’s good for my physical workout, too. At least I don’t have to lock myself inside this house all day long.”

“You should know that some girls will drain you out, figuratively and literally,” Eiki speaks. “I’m telling you this because I’m concerned about the consequences of you… living your life actively.”

“Thanks for the concern, Miss Eiki, but I don’t regret it,” you tell her. “I’ve never felt this free ever since I moved in to here months ago. Gensokyo has given me the opportunity to express myself as a winemaker in the way I could never have done back at my original place.” You chuckle. “Well, if I have to regret something, it’s that some, if not all, of the girls I meet always want to make their moves on me.” You can hear Komachi and Aya coughing lightly. “Yeah, some of them.”

“Why, if I may ask?” Eiki asks.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too nice to them.”

Eiki scratches her chin. “I find this matter concerning. Komachi, I would like to seek an audience with this gentleman, so please leave us for a while.”

“With all your respect, Eiki, shouldn’t I stay with you?” Aya asks, yet Komachi’s loyalty gets the better of her as she gets dragged out of the kitchen. “Aw, come on Eiki! Can’t you give me a chance?” she asks.

“I really need to thank you for that,” you say after Aya and Komachi have left. “So, what is it that you want to seek from me?”

“It’s your relationship with your customers,” Eiki speaks. “I know you enjoy their company very much, but don’t get attached to them. You will find that some of them are not hesitant to not let you go.”

“I know, but it’s my responsibility to fulfil my customers’ satisfaction,” you reply.

“That doesn’t mean you can take advantage over them,” Eiki states.

“Taking advantage, milady?” You laugh. “Please, why should I do that when it’s them who are playing the game against me?”

“Are you saying that they should be blamed as well?” Eiki, then, does the unexpected by rubbing her feet against your ankle lightly.

“Why, I can refuse them if they fail to recognize their right as a customer,” you answer and take off your shoe secretly. “Of course, turning them down will only hurt my business in long-time term.” You nudge your feet on hers, causing her to gasp. “There’s no way I’d do anything to hurt my customers’ heart.”

“Exactly,” Eiki says and returns the nudging equally playfully. “But you have to be very careful in running your business. I’ve seen too many businesses doomed to fail in the past because they took the risk for granted. Like,” she utters and rubs the sole of her feet on your shin. “Cheating on their customers with low-quality products in the name of profit.”

“You certainly have the observation skills of a commerce analyzer; I can give you credits for that,” you reply and nudge your toe on Eiki’s feet. She gasps again but then she giggles as she keeps playing with you.

“I’m a judge, and that means I have the right to evaluate which business is good and which is not,” she speaks.

“Touché,” you reply. “So what do you think of my business’ future prospect?” Eiki smiles as she rests her feet on your knee. You take it as cue and put your hand under the table to touch her feet. She makes a low-sounding sigh as you give her feet a quick massage, and slightly yelps when you pinch her toe. “Well, I guess that will qualify as a yes,” you say.

“Maybe,” Eiki utters.

“Right, I don’t think this matter can be discussed here,” you speak and put her feet back on the floor, “so how about a quick visit to my greenhouse?”

“You have a greenhouse? That’s a surprising fact,” Eiki remarks.

“Yes, I have a greenhouse; just in case I need to start another business in case the one I’m working on goes south.”

You take Eiki to the greenhouse not far from the vineyard. There, you introduce her to the varieties of flowers you cultivate in the building. “You certainly have a lot of time looking after these flowers,” Eiki says and plucks one of the roses from its tree. “She will be very envious of you if she sees this.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, you haven’t known already? Yuuka, the flower that never withers away,” she answers. You frown when she mentions the name. “What’s the matter?” Eiki asks as she notices the worried look on her face.

“I just remembered my appointment with her,” you answer and shake your head. “I can’t believe I almost forgot about her. She’s been looking forward to see me.” You sigh. “I’ll feel very guilty of myself if I keep her waiting.”

“May I offer you a piece of advice?” Eiki asks.

“If that’s going to help, why not?”

Eiki makes a few coughs before she proceeds. “Yuuka is one of the older living beings in Gensokyo. She has gone through many events and she has met many people with different opinions about her,” she speaks. “She’s feared by many - humans and youkai - for her unpredictability. Those who dare crossing her often have to pay with their own life.”

“…that’s not very helpful at all,” you tell her.

“I’m not finished yet. The fact she wants to see you means that you must have done something to gain her trust,” Eiki speaks. “May I know what have you done?”

“Eh, it’s not that important,” you say. “I just helped Yuuka’s friend with her domestic affair, and she was very grateful for that.” You feel guilty for lying to Eiki about your affair with Reina, but some things are better not discussed. “But Eiki, I think you’ve got it wrong when you said she’s feared by everyone.”

“Well, what do you think about her?” Eiki asks.

“It’s hard to tell from first impression,” you answer and seat on bench. “But as far as I can tell, she’s a nice person.”

“You’re taking your chance, Mister Winemaker,” she points out. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Every business has its risks,” you say matter-of-factly. “If I can get Yuuka to be my customers, then it will be a risk worth taking.”

Eiki sits next to you. “Then let me judge your readiness to take the chance,” she says.

You can’t help laughing. “Now you’re making your move on me,” you tell her jokingly. “That’s not fair.”

“Shut up, I’m not,” she answers defiantly, cheeks blushing. “Now stay still, or shall I restrain you?” She sits atop of your lap and puts her arms on your shoulders. “What do you think of me?” she questions.

“As a judge, a guest, a customer or a regular person?” you ask, feeling the weight of her lithe body pressing on you.

“None of them,” she answers.

“I can’t give you an answer for that question,” you tell her.

“Maybe this will help you.” Eiki bends down and presses her lips against yours. She’s kissing you, and she’s doing it rather roughly. You can feel her exerting some force into the kiss to rouse you into returning the kiss. She breaks off the kiss before you can kiss her back, and is staring at you in contempt. “You aren’t cooperating,” she retorts.

“I like it when you don’t put too much force into that kiss,” you point out. If the bright blush that’s decorating her face isn’t telling you anything about her feeling, nothing else will. “Besides, I think you’re forgetting one important lesson in wine tasting:” you speak and take the sunhat off her head. “You should not rush yourself.”

“You… you’re right,” Eiki utters. “My apology for forcing to cooperate with me against your will.”

“It’s alright. I understand your need.” You wrap your arms around her and embrace her close to you. You bring her face to meet yours and take her lips in a soft kiss. You run your hand through the silky strands of her hair while you rest your other hand underneath her ass. Eiki moans softly into your mouth and presses herself against you closer still. When both of you pull away from each other you offer her a smile. “I forgot to say this, but you look absolutely gorgeous in this dress.”

She smiles in return. “Thank you so much.”
No. 9546
File 129419319716.jpg - (209.71KB , 621x878 , bbe372d668cf97cafbedb6f5bb8549dd.jpg ) [iqdb]

Both of you kiss again. You put your hands on her shoulders and remove the laced strings that are keeping her dress in place. You let go off her swollen lips for a while and plant featherlike kisses on her face and along her pulsing throat, hearing her sighing into your ear at the same time. You run your hand along her back, finding and unfastening any strings you can find, and the flimsy fabric falls down her arms with little resistance. You plant more kisses upon her shoulder and chest before you move down to her breasts. You bury your face between the warm mounds; you can actually feel her heart pounding against your cheek.

“Mmm… shouldn’t we do this… somewhere more comfortable?” Eiki asks and moans as you take her stiff nipple in your mouth. You run your tongue across the tip of her nipple once, and she responds by clutching your hair in her hands. Your hand finds its way to her unhindered right breast and fondles it softly; Eiki moans again and squirms on your lap, and she hisses as you graze your teeth on her erect nipple.

You let go off her breasts and move back to her face. Your lips meets hers once more, and the two of you start kissing more vigorously than before. You thrust your tongue into her mouth and prod the upper recess of its inner part; she responds by pressing your tongue down with hers. Not the one to get beaten you wrestle your tongue against hers, and both of you are soon interlocked in fierce and sloppy tongue play. You keep fondling her breasts at the same time, and she moans deeply into your mouth as you tug at her nipples.

“Sensitive, aren’t we?” you utter as you break off the slippery kiss.

“Unfortunately, my weak spots are not on my chest,” Eiki replies, panting.

You snicker. “Well, I think I can fix that.” You haul her up in your arms and place her on a patch of grass nearby. You loom over her and kiss her again; you pull her gown down her body and toss it somewhere in the greenhouse as you do. You let go off her mouth and brush your lips down her trembling body to her thighs. Reaching for your pocket, you take out a bunch of grapes you collected at the vineyard and squeeze them onto her legs; a delighted giggle escapes her lips as you rub the juice along the perfectly shaped limb.

“What a mess,” you say teasingly. “I should have you cleaned up right now.”

“Yes,” Eiki says with a seductive smile. “Please clean me however you like.”

You lift her left foot off the grass and gently lick her toes. You prod the skin between her toes with your tongue, licking any trace of grape juice clean off her foot. You repeat the process on her right foot, and each time you nibble her toe Eiki responds by moaning playfully. You keep on cleaning her feet before you run your tongue up her shin and to her knee. You bring her legs into an upright position and press your lips against the backside of her knee; this time Eiki gives out a loud moan.

“Yes… more!”

You prod your tongue on the dent of her skin, pleased to see Eiki writhing on the grass. Keeping her legs steady you run your tongue along the backside of her thighs, switching from side to side to clean her velvety skin off the grape juice. Eiki moans louder and starts trashing on the grass as a result of your handiwork on her legs. You figure that it will be more interesting if you tease the high judge some more, so you put her legs back on the grass and take something out of your pocket. You show it to Eiki, and you swear to yourself she’s blushing very, very brightly.

“What… are you going to do with the ribbons?” she asks.

You move back to her face and kiss her. “I hope you don’t mind me wrapping this present first,” you say and lift her arms over her head.

“You… you should be sent to eternal damnation for this immoral act,” she interjects; the excitement in her eyes betrays the threat she’s issuing, however.

“If that is the case, I’ll be more than grateful to accept such punishment.” You tie the frilled ribbons around her waist and wrap them around her arms. You wrap the remainder of the ribbon around her chest, abdomen and hips, and all the time you’re wrapping her she keeps moaning and panting, occasionally gasping when you tighten the ribbons around her. You take another piece of ribbons and tie them around her legs; you don’t think you’re wrapping her too tight, but the way Eiki’s writhing and moaning is fuelling the lust you have for her.

You’re done wrapping the high judge and loom over her. “Well, Miss Eiki,” you speak. “Shall I take off the blue ribbons first or the red ribbons?”

“You’re one naughty human,” she murmurs. “I shall restrain you twice as much after we’re done with this.”

You chuckle and kiss her. “I’ll be looking forward to it.” You bring your hand to her legs and untie the knot on her ankles, pulling the strings slowly and deliberately as to see how she’s responding to this teasing game. You discard the red ribbons and pull her soaked panties down her legs, groaning when the smell of her pussy fills in your nostrils. You spread her thighs apart and press your mouth against her lower lips, and she starts moaning as you run your tongue across her pussy. She tastes delicate: a mixture of peach and raspberry, with a little bit hint of mint mixed in.

As you continue feasting upon her, Eiki’s moans have gotten louder and more frequent. She now presses her thighs on both sides of your head, but she’s still restricted to just writhing due to her body still being tied in the blue ribbons. She’s getting close to her climax, so you thrust your tongue into the depth of her sex, and this triggers her orgasm as she’s screaming out in lust. You press your face against her hips, lapping on every drop of her love juice that’s dripping out of her snatch. You let go off her crotch afterwards and crawl upward to her face, kissing her once more and filling her mouth with the tangy taste of her own sex.

“I want you inside me…” Eiki pleads in desperation. “…please?”

You stare at her, as if asking for permission, and she nods. You step aside and remove your pants, revealing your erection that has been kept restrained along the time. You notice that she’s staring at your cock hungrily, so you approach her face and put your pulsing member into her mouth. You shudder as Eiki starts sucking on you, and you groan when she encircles her hot tongue around you. You pump your cock in and out of her mouth, and she moans in pleasure as she’s sucking on you hungrily. You pull out before you shoot off your load prematurely, and put yourself between her thighs. Straddling her hips with your hands you gently push yourself against her pussy and thrust your member all way in. She moans and wraps her legs around your lower back as you push yourself deeper into her, and both of you moan in ecstasy as you’ve penetrated her up to the hilt.

“Feel so good…” Eiki sighs. “…more…”

You bring your head down, and your lips are locked with hers as you start pumping in and out of her. Eiki moans every time you stroke your member along her inner walls, and is grinding her hips against yours as to match the movement you make. You untie the ribbons around her wrists to allow her to embrace you properly, and soon the two of you are locked in a sweaty embrace, kissing and biting each other’s lips.

“Faster! Harder!!”

You plough yourself harder into her, and trigger her second orgasm. You can feel her inner walls contracting around you, and you silence her cries in a kiss as you keep pumping in and out of her. You show down and switch position so that she’s on top of you. You grab her hips and move her up and down your erection, but she swats your hands away as she starts riding you. You respond by thrusting your hips upward, causing her to cry out passionately. Once again Eiki comes, and she gives you a few more rides before she collapses on top of you, panting and gasping for air. You give her pussy a few slow thrusts before you pull out of her and push her aside.

“So eager, aren’t we?” you say as Eiki groans in protest. You make her stand on all four and position yourself at her lower entrance. With a swift movement you’re sheathed inside of her again. Her body arches and she shoots her head backward in excitement.

“Yes, yes!” she moans out. “Oh god yes! Fuck me!”

You pound your hips roughly against hers, using your hands to keep them in position. Eiki moans loudly and lustfully, and with each thrust you make she’s literally knocked out of breath and voice. Confident that you can keep her hips in place without any assistance you reach her breasts and squeeze them hard; this act elicits a high-pitched squeal from Eiki, and she hisses as you roll her nipples between your fingers. One of your hands leaves her chest and moves down to her crotch, and you start rubbing her clit in the opposite direction of your movement. Combined with your other hand fondling her breasts, and your cock pumped in and out of her snatch Eiki’s moans have turned into a voiceless scream of lust that echoes across the vacant greenhouse.

“How noisy,” you mutter. You bend over her back, bringing yourself closer to her face, and you give her ear a quick nip as you whisper, “but you like it deep and hard, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes! Fuck me harder! Break me! I don’t care what you do!!”

You comply to her demand and pump in and out of her soiled cunt, each thrust more vigorously than before. You keep on rubbing her clit and squeezing her breasts, pleasuring her in the way she never imagines possible, and she screams even louder with each passing second. Eventually your body reaches its limit, and you grab Eiki’s hips before thrusting yourself as deeply into her as you can. Your brain whites out as you feel your member twitching violent inside her, and with a deep groan you find release, shooting your hot seed into her womb. You can feel her walls tightening around you as you trigger her final and most intense orgasm as well, her body desperately milking you for as much as you can.

You pull yourself out of Eiki’s cunt, reluctant to leave the comfortable warmth of her insides at first, but you quickly join up with her as she collapses onto the grass. Both of you lie on your sides, content with holding each other in a post-coital embrace, and you can hear Eiki sighing in pleasure as she nuzzles her face up against your chest.

“I never felt this good before…” she murmurs.

“I’m glad to hear that,” you say and tighten your arms around her. “So about that…”

She giggles. “I think my turn in tying you up will have to wait; if you don’t mind waiting, that is,” she answers.

You chuckle. “I can’t wait to see what kind of tricks you want to show me.”

She groans quietly and positions herself comfortably beneath your arms. “Still…”


“You’re serious about meeting Yuuka in the future? I’m worried that whatever she’s going to do to you, you’re not going to make it till the next morning,” she speaks.

“I don’t know,” you say and brush your lips upon her scalp. “Why would you think of that?”

She squirms a little. “Because my experience in meeting her tells me that she needs someone. A partner- more like… someone who doesn’t mind staying by her side when everyone else’s avoiding her.” She pauses, then she continues: “maybe that’s why she wants you to meet her.”

“I see if I can do anything about it.” You rest your chin on her head as drowsiness quickly sets in for both of you, your eyes struggling to remain open in the face of warm, fuzzy sleepiness. “Thanks for the advices, Eiki,” you manage to tell her as you drift off to sleep.

“I’m glad that I have helped, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki utters, giving you one last peck on the lips.


Here are the updates, and sorry for the delay.
No. 9547
>“You… you should be sent to eternal damnation for this immoral act,”
>“Yes,” Eiki says with a seductive smile. “Please clean me however you like.”
>“You’re one naughty human,” she murmurs. “I shall restrain you twice as much after we’re done with this.”
You sir, are a poet. It was well worth the wait. Seems like all the signs point to Yuuka next.
No. 9660

That's a weird way to spell Aya.
No. 9812
File 12949789184.jpg - (338.47KB , 600x1520 , 6aef6a5b3c6228526fb76e0a2f312837.jpg ) [iqdb]

I thought everyone's very eager to visit Makai after this? Just a lame excuse to post this guy's Aya.
No. 9817
So the Siki-Komachi sexual rivalry'll to wait?
No. 9843
If we keep Yuuka waiting any longer she might come after us.
No. 9844
Well, she wants her wine and is sick of waiting.
No. 9963
File 129550240924.jpg - (276.49KB , 1068x1519 , 0cdb6b32d41d70450412173dd51c758c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update is on the way, please wait.
No. 10026
File 129566169173.jpg - (363.11KB , 1024x768 , c9cbc3fdf88f5549380e85e07a9ccc1a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reposted with some edit.


“This visit has proven to be very invaluable for the two of us,” Eiki speaks as she and Komachi are preparing to return to Higan. “I shall cherish this experience very much, all thanks to you.”

“It's an honour to help you indulge in the pleasure of wine, milady,” you speak. “My only regret is that Komachi didn't join us and enjoy the experience together.”

“I see what you mean, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki utters with a smirk. “Did you hear that, Komachi? I expect you to come and sit down with me when we visit him again and not steal your time to doze off.”

“Well, shucks,” Komachi groans.

“I look forward for your next delivery of wine to the court, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki says and hides her shy-yet-seductive smile behind the Rod of Remorse. “And when you do pay me a visit, I expect another wine-tasting session with you.”

You smile back at her. “Don't worry about it, milady. I shall please you as much as you want,” you speak. “Oh, before you're leaving I have a special parting gift for you. Wait for a minute while I go get it.” You head to the storage room and return with a Nero d'Avola in hand. “Just for my very special customer,” you say and give the bottle to Eiki.

“Thank you for this gift, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki replies and asks Komachi to carry it. “Well, I guess it's time for us to say goodbye. Komachi, do you have anything to tell him before we leave?”

“I'll be waiting for more quality time with you, kid,” Komachi tells you with a playful wink. “And you can invite Boss, too, if you catch my drift.” You can only chuckle as Eiki's glowering at her co-worker over the remark and getting teased at by Komachi in return. “Right, we better get going before the paper works start piling up on the table. Thanks again for teaching us how to wine press, that was really fun.”

“We'll visit you again in the next harvesting season,” Eiki tells you. “Let's go, Komachi.”

The High Judge and the Grim Reaper bid their farewell, and you wave them goodbye just as they start disappearing from view. You're very pleased with your achievement, and you feel proud for delivering another successful customer service. “As for you,” you utter and turn to Aya who has been standing beside you from the start. “I was wondering if I could do anything to confiscate your only source of livelihood for trespassing my privacy.”

“I didn't even do anything,” Aya protests in spite of the playfulness tone in her voice.

“Maybe I should have you skinned and seasoned for real, this time.” you tell her. Aya furrows her eyebrows in disdain over the remark and knocks your head with the tip of her pen. “See? This is what I mean by violating the right of privacy. You should learn to respect others' private moment.”

“But where's the fun in that? I can't run my business on modesty alone,” Aya insists. “Sometimes you've got to cross the line just to get a little piece of information.”

“Right, and you better start showing me some respect,” you say.

“Oh? Then won't you consider inviting me for a wine-tasting session?” she suggests. “Treating me with opening course before we get to the main dish will be nice.”

“You're one eager news-reporter, you know,” you utter.

She giggles, even as she starts rubbing herself against you. “It's only natural that I, as a tengu, have an insatiable desire for knowledge.” Her hand crawls up your body and starts unbuttoning your shirt, while her other hand moves towards your waist and tugs at your belt. A provocative grin creeps across her face as she presses her breasts on your now-exposed chest. “Come on, I'm starting to get very, very hungry right now~”

“It's going to be difficult to satisfy you with just a simple opening course,” you say and place your hands on her chest as to push her away. It causes Aya to moan appreciatively, and her grin gets hungrier as you start groping her; you can actually feel the lack of bra or second layer of clothing underneath her shirt.

“Of course! I only feast myself upon complete and properly made dishes,” Aya remarks, moaning again as you pinch her erect nipples. “And I know that some of your customers won't be satisfied with just one dish. I've seen it all,” she speaks before she seizes your lips in a wet and sloppy kiss. “But I'll be happy to have just dessert for today,” she murmurs.

You stare at her without saying anything, although you keep on caressing her breasts. “Well?” she asks invitingly.

“I don't think I'd mind having you for dessert,” you answer and turn around before pinning her against the wall. Aya's yelp goes unnoticed as you wrap your arms around her in a tight embrace, and she shudders as you press your thighs against hers. She looks up at you in surprise, and as she opens her mouth to speak her mind you claim her lips in a kiss, silencing any of her protests. For about a minute or two you keep on kissing Aya and exchanging tongue plays with her; occasionally you run your finger up and down her spine to further excite her, and she moans into your mouth as you slip your hand underneath her underwear and squeeze the tight romp of her ass.

“Me? Dessert? But I was just joking when I said I'd have dessert today,” Aya murmurs breathlessly as you let go off her swollen lips.

“Don't be silly,” you say teasingly and kiss her again. “You did say you want to be satisfied, so I have the obligation to carry out the duty.” You plant kisses upon her face and neck, brushing your lips on her velvety skin and savouring its sweet taste. Aya purrs into your ear as you run your tongue along her pulsing throat, and giggles when you nip on her shoulder.

Rising slowly so that your mouths meet, both of you push forward, wanting to dominate the other's mouth. You unbutton her shirt and toss it somewhere in the house before you take her exposed breasts in your hand. You begin fondling them, making Aya moan in pleasure; then you bring your head down to her chest, taking one of her hardened nipples into your mouth and sucking on it softly. Aya moans in delight and encircles her arms and legs around you with the intention of holding onto you.

“Let's do it somewhere more comfortable,” she says, but not really wanting to move. You're only to happy to oblige, so you haul her up in your arms and walk into the living room. You place her on the table and lean forward, taking her breasts again into your mouth and feasting upon their fullness. One of your hands finds its way to her crotch and slips underneath her skirt; finding her drenched panties in your way you give her a slight nudge, causing her to shudder underneath you.

“Mmm... yes, it feels so good...”

Letting go off her breasts you put one hand on each side of the undergarment and begin to pull. Aya lifts her legs to help you removing her panties, dragging the wet clothing up her limb. The smell of her lower lips fills the air and it's completely intoxicating. You look up at Aya who has spread her thighs invitingly with a lustful smile on her face.

“Bon appetite~” she murmurs seductively.

With your head positioned between her thighs you push forward, licking and caressing her outer lips with your tongue. Sliding your tongue into her snatch you find her hard clit and lick on it softly; Aya screams loudly and clamps her thighs on both sides of your head, pushing your face into her crotch. Keeping her hips steady with your hands you plunge your tongue into her depths and delve at every inch of her inner walls, collecting every drop of her warm juice your mouth can get. You glance up and see her head tossing from side to side as she's moaning in excitement, her hands running up her body to fondle her breasts.

“Oh! I-I'm coming!!”

She arches her back and suddenly lets out a shriek when she climaxes, and she fumbles her hands in your hair as she's riding her orgasm. You continue feeding yourself with her love juices before you move back to her flushed face. Smiling at her, you seize her vibrant lips in another kiss and push your tongue past her lips to fill her mouth with the tangy flavour of her own sex. You both break off the kisses, thick trails of saliva following the ascent of your tongue. You place your hand on her naked breast and fondle it gently, making her moan in pleasure, but she swats your hand aside and laces her fingers with yours.

“You think this table can support our weights?” Aya asks, her eyelids half-closed in desire. You grin at the meaning of the question, so you grab her hips and roll over so that she's sitting on your thighs. With a rather impatient urgency she undoes your belt and forcibly pull your trousers down; she bats an eyebrow at the sight of your erect cock springing free from its restrictive tent. You stare up at the tengu journalist curiously, though her mischievous grin tells you that you'll never know what's in her mind... as if it matters right now.

“Ready for me?” Aya asks in a sultry voice, steadying herself over you. The tip of your shaft disappears under her skirt, and you gasp when you feel her bare slit brushing against you. You can only answer to answer yes, and she chuckles at your response even as she's licking her lips hungrily. “I hope you have enough desserts to feed me~” she chuckles.

She mounts you slowly, and a long, lustful moan escapes her mouth as she's inching her way down your hard length. At last she's taken you in down to the hilt, and both of you moan in ecstasy. “Yes...” she hisses with pleasure, her sultry smile turning blissful. “...oh yes, that is nice.”

You can't argue with her about that. You grind your hips against hers wordlessly, pleased to see her cooing in response. Moving her hips gradually she begins to ride you, and you watch in amazement as a pair of wings sprout from her back and flutters along with the rhythm of her quivering body.

It is slow at first, but soon the pace quickens as the two of you find the rhythm, and Aya does little to prevent her from riding you vigorously as she gives herself to you. Her breasts seem to bounce only for you, and the way her head sways and her wings flap uncontrollably only heightens the lust you have for her. You enjoy this angelic sight being presented before you, and take your time in pleasuring her as she dominates you all over, timing it so that both of you could reach the apex of your lovemaking together.

Aya arches her back and you feel her walls tighten around you as she screams “make me cum! Oh god, make me cum hard!!” You grab her butt and drive yourself as deeply into her as you can. Gasping you find release, and you hear her let out a piercing cry as you're filling her aching body with your hot seed. Her hips grinding coming to a halt, she collapses on top of you, gasping for air as she's out of strength.

“More...” she murmurs. “Can I have more...?” You don't have to say anything as you grip her waist and turn around so that this time she's lying on her back. She groans in protest when you pull your still-erect shaft out of her, and you grin at her before you push back into her in one swift motion.

“Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Harder!!”

You pound your hips roughly against her, pumping your member in and out of her, groaning when you feel her inner walls rapidly contracting and tightening around you. She keeps moaning and panting, her breaths being knocked out of her as you continue ploughing her drenched cunt. You lean forward and silence her cries with a kiss, while at the same time you increase the tempo of your penetration; the combined assault of your hard length and tongue, added with the rough fondling on her breasts, means that you're sending her to the highest threshold of passion.

Once again Aya climaxes, and she's clinging onto you for a while as the power of her orgasm surges through her body. You give her thoroughly fucked hole a few more thrusts before you pull out of her just as you're hitting your own orgasm. You take aim and unload yourself onto her face, breasts and tummy, stroking your erection so that every drop of the sticky substance is not wasted. Instinctively her lips part as you shoot the remainder of your semen into her mouth, a pure blissful expression clearly visible on her face.

You loom over Aya and claim her cum-coated lips in a generous kiss, and she moans in pleasure as you massage her sweaty breasts gently. Then you lift her from the table and lie down on the floor with Aya on top of you. She lets out a content sigh and wraps her arms around you as the two of you are basking in the afterglow of your sex.

“Best dessert I've ever had~” she utters.

“If you enjoyed it, then I'm glad,” you answer.

She groans quietly and adjusts herself so that her cheek's rested upon your chest. “So tell me, you really meant it when you said you wanted to meet Yuuka, right?” she asks. “I'm sorry if I eavesdropped without your consent, but it couldn't be helped.”

“What are you talking about?” you say while running your fingers through her soft hair. “I owe her an appointment, and she owes me an apology.” Aya lifts her head and stares at you in confusion. “It's a complicated story, and I don't want to think about it.”

“Okay, I won't ask you again,” she utters and rests her head beside your cheek; you're slightly tickled by the warmth of her breath upon your face. “When will you meet her?” she asks and squirms when you embrace her.

“Later this afternoon, after I get all my strength back,” you answer and brush your lips upon her forehead. “And what's so funny this time?” you ask when you hear her giggling.

“Nothing,” she replies tiredly. “But I enjoyed this moment with you very much, and I thank you,” she murmurs and kisses you lovingly. “I hope the two of us will be able to sit down and enjoy desserts together just like this in the future.” She smiles. “And I hope you aren't reluctant to let me interview you.”

“Whatever you say, Aya,” you shrug.
No. 10028
Very nice and if he pleased Aya well, he's on his way to being ready for Yukari.
No. 10190

Not sure. Winemaker still haven't screw the two oni and other powerful beings yet. If he can bypass Them, he is deem worthy enough to screw Yukari silly.
No. 10295
File 129678659751.jpg - (767.53KB , 900x990 , bb3156ce62ed6ab6c62d00404ed51cd3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Let's see...

+ Suika & Yuugi
+ Yuuka
+ Yukari
+ Sariel
+ Shinki
+ Eirin
+ Yuyuko
+ Mima

But I know where everyone wants to go after, so yeah.
No. 10297
There's also the Prismrivers, Chiyuri, Keine and whoever else was in the list in the last thread.
No. 10298
File 129679088153.png - (1.19MB , 1500x1171 , 4877fa542561b3f18ba1b0e1cf388f91.png ) [iqdb]
That list was for Gensokyo's powerful residents, FYI.

But I'll repost the full list just in case:

+ Luize
+ Sara
+ Yuki
+ Mai
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Celestial Realms
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Update will be posted after this, so please wait.
No. 10299
File 129679161598.jpg - (663.66KB , 1015x1024 , fefee867551f49dc2d4307742fbbccaa.jpg ) [iqdb]
"So tell me,” you ask. "What were you thinking when you said you wanted to come along with me?”

"Why can’t I?” Aya laughs from the back of your rickshaw. "I get to hitch a ride, I get to see the world from a traveller’s point of view, and I can ask you many questions along the way, too!”

"So that’s your intention?” you say with a laugh. "Do whatever you like but be careful with the bottles. I don’t want to waste my time going back home just to replace some bottles you might accidentally break.”

"I was just joking about the interview,” Aya replies. "You know what? It’d be better if you could learn how to fly if you’re really keen to expand your business. I’ll even offer you my help, if you like.”

"Thanks, but I’m old-school,” you tell her. "I prefer taking the roads everyone travels less and meeting new people along the way.”

After cycling across the countryside for an hour or so, you arrive at your destination. There’s practically nothing to be seen but sunflowers after sunflowers after sunflowers, and the valley stretches across the land as far as the eye can see. Aya whistles from the rickshaw when she looks at the scenery. “You know she isn't called the Youkai of Four Seasons for no reasons,” she says as she disembarks from the rickshaw.

“What's the point of telling me that?” you ask.

“You don't know? How many times you have to be reminded about this matter?” Aya scoffs and taps your forehead with her pen. “And you must know that she's lived longer than you and I both. Old beings like us tend to stick to the old tradition, fiercely.”

“That doesn't mean I don't have the right to treat her like any other customers,” you answer and begin cycling down the road that stretches across the sunflower field. “Youkai or human, they all are same to me.”

“Whatever you say,” Aya shrugs.

You and Aya arrive at a small cottage that stands out in the middle of the golden yellow ocean. You look around but can't see any sign of Yuuka. “I think we showed up a bit too early,” Aya utters and floats over the cottage. “She usually walks somewhere in the field at time like this. Let me find her for you.” You start unloading your stuffs from the rickshaw and place them on a bench in front of the cottage, and sit down as to enjoy the gentle breeze of the evening.

Aya shows up a few minutes later. “Well, can't find her anywhere in the field, either. She must have gone somewhere,” she tells you. “What are you going to do now?”

“I'll wait for her, of course,” you answer. “And I'm not going to go home until my business here is done.”

“A foolhardy one, eh? I can give you credit for that,” Aya says with an amused smile. “Well, I'm heading off now. Can't let my reports go unpublished, or I'll lose my readers. Till then!” She waves you goodbye and wiggles her hips as to briefly flash her panties at you before she flies away. Oh, my. She's still persistent to get an interview with you. She'll get a proper interview soon enough.

With your business with Aya done you concentrate on your next task. You've known a bit about the sunflower lady from both Shikieiki and Aya, as well as the brief meeting with Yuuka herself at her 'little flower's shack. You know none of those will help you in preparing yourself for whatever thing that's going to be thrown at you.

You close your eyes. It wouldn't be bad to take a nap for a few minutes, especially with the warm breeze blowing onto your face. In fact, you kind of like this isolation. Maybe this is why Yuuka chooses such a secluded location...
“Oh, my. You surely have the guts to sleep out here without my consent, hmm?”

You open your eyes, and find yourself staring into the vibrant gaze of Yuuka's maroon eyes. She smiles at your unassuming response to her staring, even as she twirls her umbrella in her hand. “Don't get freaked out that easily, it's not that I'm going to bury you alive at my garden,” she says.

“At least I came here as promised, didn't I?” you ask back. “How long did I fall asleep?”

She smiles again. “Not too long before I returned from my errand at Reimu's place,” she utters. “I thought you wouldn't show up. Seeing you here has surprised me.”

“Can't afford to keep you waiting, you know,” you answer. She honest-to-goodness giggles, and for some reason your heart skips when you notice that she's smiling warmly at you. “Anyway, you can't just let me sit out here like a fool, can you?”

Yuuka chuckles. “Of course.” She stands up and extends her hand at you. “Shall I welcome you to the Garden of the Sun, Mister Winemaker?”

You smile at her. “For once, I feel like I'm the king here,” you joke and take her hand. “But I thank you for this warm welcome, Miss Yuuka.”

She smiles back. “I look forward to the wine appreciation session between the two of us,” she speaks and leads you into her cottage. “I'll serve tea and muffin to celebrate our meeting, if you don't mind.”

“Sitting down and enjoying tea with you under the evening sun? Lovely,” you utter.


I think this will do to begin our quality time with Yuuka.
No. 10302
File 12968015361.png - (239.84KB , 470x669 , 1281109032214.png ) [iqdb]
>Shanghai & Hourai
This will probably be a real challenge.

But for now i am looking forward to the current customer.
No. 11082
File 129921289556.jpg - (700.14KB , 1000x1206 , 284853fc7442c56fcbd0ab60fdfcf608.jpg ) [iqdb]
>This will probably be a real challenge.

Do tell me.

Right, I just want to tell everyone that update is on the way, but it's going to take some time before I can complete it. For now, if anyone has any questions, just ask away and I'll try to answer most of them.
No. 11468
File 129981177614.png - (1.70MB , 884x1200 , f5675bc5190f4548657385dbcf040966.png ) [iqdb]
Forget about the Q&A, but update is on the way. Please wait.
No. 11471
File 129981561125.jpg - (494.45KB , 1000x1415 , 0f62872db7d07560a55702196df44d14.jpg ) [iqdb]
“So tell me,” Yuuka speaks. “What do you think of my little flower?”

“Reina?” You laugh a bit. “Well, she’s quite a friendly fellow, though she did wear me out.” You scratch the back of the head; you’re actually reluctant to tell her about Reina’s sexual appetite, and yet you're not sure if you should keep Yuuka in the dark about it. Chances are she'd already know, so it's no use hiding it from her. “I had difficult time in keeping up with her, but that's about it. Pity that I didn't get the chance to teach her about the actual pleasure of wine tasting.”

“It's alright,” Yuuka answers and puts down the empty cup. “More importantly, you had satisfied her well. If she was happy, then I was happy.” A smile creeps across her face. “But if anything, it's I who should apologize for the troubles you had to go through.”

“No, I'm fine with that,” you reply. “I didn't want to blame you on that matter, too. It's tough to turn down our close friends' request, isn't it?”

Yuuka chuckles. “Of course. In the face of an eager shrine maiden and a restless border lady, who am I to refuse them?” she utters. “Still, even without the extra strength we'd have given you, you were able to play your role as a winemaker. That alone has intrigued me.”

“There's nothing intriguing about being a winemaker. I've got to make sure my customers are satisfied in all aspects,” you shrug. “It's my job to provide them with the best experience in wine tasting.” Yuuka's smiles becomes foxy as you notice, and you're thinking if it's because you have piqued her interests even more. “Hey, I've got to treat everyone with same degree of respect if they respect my profession in return.”

“I can imagine that,” Yuuka says. “But we can't just go straight for the wines without getting to understand each other's mutual need, right?”

“That's why people like me exist,” you answer. “It's only natural that we're gifted with the ability to satisfy the needs of our most special customers.” You smile sheepishly. “Though I have to say, it's going to be a monumental task to please people of high calibre such as you.”

“Such as me?” To your delight, Yuuka bursts into a fit of laughter, and it's somewhat heartwarming to see this woman laughing her heart out. “Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh like this, but...” She keeps laughing. “I'd never been praised like this in a long time! Oh dear me, to hear such words coming from you~”

You smile. “It's always my pleasure to make you happy,” you tell her.

The tea session continues. As it goes, you learn more and more about Yuuka; apparently she once had a vast collection of wines at her old mansion, but sadly it was lost during a confrontation between Yuuka and the older Hakurei and Kirisame years ago. Listening to her lament over her inabilitty to indulge in the pleasure of wine tasting makes you resolute to help her regaining her old time hobby. “Had those two didn't tear my home down, I'd have lived my life like you, a wine taster dedicated to her passion.”

“So you decide to compensate for the loss by growing sunflower,” you say. “You're a great gardener, to be honest. Those plants are magnificent when I first saw them.”

“Thank you, that's very sweet of you,” Yuuka utters. “But there aren't many who can appreciate my... obsession, if you will.” There's a bit of regret coming from her mouth as she speaks. “Wherever I go people would call me the flower that's grown too old for its own good. They'd even make fun of my... old age, saying that I'm not unlike a grandmother who easilt gets angry whenever someone's trespassing her lawn.”

“Well, why didn't you follow where her heart would lead you?” you ask.

Yuuka smiles. “If I did, the whole population wouldn't even exist today,” she answers. “I'm an old being, Mister Winemaker. Old people like me tend to stick to their old way very fiercely. I'm very sorry if I'm letting you down, but this is how things at Gensokyo work.”

“Excuse me, Miss Yuuka, but I think I have to disagree with you.” Yuuka stares at you in surprise over the answer. “Being old at the outside doesn't mean you have to be old on the inside, too. You have a vast sunflower garden around your home, and you once collected wines. Surely those two things wouldn't keep you young at heart, would it?”

“Oh my~ you should be careful with your words,” Yuuka tells you in slight warning.

“I'm very sorry if I'm being too honest, but if I don't tell you, who else will?” you reply. “You're not being confident of yourself, I can tell. You always want to hang out with ordinary people but your age's setting you apart from them. That's why.” You take out a bottle of champagne and put it on the table. “You decide to act your age and treat everyone as if you're a senior citizen. Hell, I bet my money and life on this original Champagne that you miss your yesteryears very dearly.”

Both of you are caught in a deep silence, looking at each other as you do. The only sound visible is the sunflowers rustling gently at the outside, and for a while it looks like you and Yuuka are going to end up staring into each other's desire. Then Yuuka starts laughing, and so are you. “You... you are funny!” she utters between her laughs. “I can't believe how funny you are! Oh, dear me, I should have thought of this in advance before meeting you...”

You offer her a glass of champagne. “Here, have this,” you say. “It might help in calming you down.” Taking the glass from you she offers you her sweet-looking smile and sips a portion of the drink. You wait as she's finishing her glass, and you have a moment of victory when you see an expression of bliss coming from her face.

“Ahn... it's been a long time since I last drankchampagne~” Yuuka sighs. “You have no idea of how delighted I was when you offered me the glass, Mister Winemaker.”

“If you're happy, then I'm happy,” you speak.

She smiles and puts down the glass. “I was thinking of going out for a walk,” she tells you and stands up from the couch. “Do you want to be my companion for the rest of the evening? We can talk a lot about wine tasting, if you like.”

“It's always my pleasure to share my knowledge with you, Miss Yuuka,” you answer and follow her to the door. “But I've been thinking. All this time people keep calling me as the winemaker, don't you think it's a bit too cumbersome?”

“Oh, you're asking me about whether people should start calling you with a name?” Yuuka asks as both of you walk out of the small mansion and to the sunflower field.

“Well, I'm just speaking my mind aloud, but I don't know about you,” you utter. “What do you have in mind?”

“Hmm~ that's a good question~” Spinning the parasol handle in her hands, Yuuka stops walking and turns around so that she's facing you. “How about you let me call you... let's say... Deion?” You arch an eyebrow when she mentions the name. “I know you'd be confused, but you know Deion is derived from Dionysus, don't you?”

“The god of winemaking?” You feel slightly embarrassed by the fact that she's naming you after an important figure in Greek mythology. “I'm flattered to be named in his honour, but why would you choose the name?”

Yuuka smiles. Walking towards you in slow, even pace, she closes the distance between you and her until you can feel her warm breath caressing your face. “Isn't it obvious?” She kisses you softly on your cheek, and you can feel your heart beating crazily against your ribcage as she whispers into your ear: “I'm going to like you after this.” She steps away from you, giggling as you're trying in vain to brush off the embarrassed look on your face. “Well, Deion, would you like to spend this evening with this never-withering flower?” she asks.

“Well, I...” After struggling to construct the words needed for an answer, you decide to settle with taking her hand and holding it as gentlemanly as you can. “I'm looking forward to enjoy this quality time together with you.”
No. 11477

Yes, Kasen will be a challenge, because it carries the high risk of removing her immortality and eternal youth, thus gaining all those years she didn't gain in the meantime in the span of a couple of seconds.

And you can't fuck dust, as Kasen isn't a dust youkai.
No. 11489
>implying that she isn't secretly an Oni.
No. 11493
I'm Sorry. All of this talk of Kasen and I don't know who she is. Is she a new character or something? I know everyone except her.
No. 11496
Manga only character.
Shows up in Wild And Horned Hermit
No. 11507
Thank you.
No. 12605
File 130259511239.jpg - (250.33KB , 644x900 , ff4f98cee9caa7d7a4baebfd26ddeb83.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bumping from second page, because update is on the way, so please wait.
No. 12628
File 130264242116.jpg - (512.11KB , 1000x800 , Don't read the post and look at this.jpg ) [iqdb]
So in short, you bumped your own thread to say "I'm not updating this, but I'm going to, so stay tuned and keep F5ing."

And I'm still here, spamming F5.
I hate you.
No. 13043
File 130348404716.png - (501.48KB , 777x1087 , 5f9ddcea04f83da9fd122cdb2f1eaae5.png ) [iqdb]
“Would you like to accompany me to the human village?” Yuuka asks as both she and you are reaching the end of the road that stretches across the sunflower field.

“I don't see why not, though I'm wondering why,” you say.

She giggles. “Oh please, what were you thinking when I asked you?” She gives your nose a playful poke. “I thought I could meet some interesting people there, and maybe using the chance to introduce you to them.”

“I'd like to. After all, having more customers will be very helpful in ensuring the survival of my business,” you speak.

“Oh, you and your business-minded self,” Yuuka utters. “But that's what I like about you. Always being honest to yourself.”

“Umm... thanks for the compliment,” you tell her, slightly overwhelmed by the praise. “But isn't it a bit... late right now? I mean, people like me would rather stay at home than to-” Yuuka silences your protests by putting her delicate finger on your mouth; at that very moment your heart halts for a second. Moreover, the close proximity between both of you means that you can feel her warm breath upon your face. Goodness, why must you be put in this unbearable situation?

Yuuka steps away from you. “Well?” she asks you expectantly. You're not in the best situation to decline right now, so you end up nodding to say 'yes' while scratching the back of your head. “Good! Be prepared, because you're going to be very busy.” You wonder what she means by that...
You're stumped.

When she said you'd be busy, you didn't expect yourself to entertain the girls at the village's only pub. This is very uncalled for, having to entertain them with your decanting skills when you're unprepared to do such thing. On top of that, it's not just Yuuka who is watching; Daiyousei, Kogasa, the Aki Sisters and Hina are present at the bar, as so are Aya and Reimu. There's also this hermit girl who's accompanying Reimu, as well as others but you can't recognize most of them. You can't complain, nor can you stop, and you can't afford to spoil the best moment in your life yet in front of these important people.

“I hope you don't mind me borrowing your bar for a while, sir,” you tell the barkeeper as you're preparing the necessary decanting tools.

“Oh, no I don't mind,” the middle-aged man answers. “Had you not showed up, I'd have closed this place and retired to my countryside home. It's good to see people gathering here and keeping this business alive.”

You just snicker and turn yourself to the eager spectators. “May I have your attention, please?” you call out. “First and foremost, I thank you all for attending to this special event. As everyone may know, I've been requested by Miss Yuuka over here to do a decanting demonstration, and I'm very honoured to please each and every one of you as my respected customers.”

The girls clap their hands giddily. “That's the winemaker we all know, right Minori?” Shizuha asks.

“We're supposed to sleep at this hour, Shizuha,” the not-amused Minoriko grumbles and yawns.

“But if we don't show up to give him our morale support, who else will?” Shizuha says. “Right, Hina?”

“Of course it is,” Hina answers, even as she's throwing an eye gaze that's you swear full of desire. “Besides, exposure to the public is good for one's business. Isn't that right, Aya?”

“Hey now, can we get the demonstration started already?” Aya points.

“So says the tengu paparazzi who wants the man for himself,” Reimu comments, causing Aya to cough in displease. “Come on. Like I don't know your hunger for information. Give him a break; he can't please you all day long.”

You cough once, as to get their attention again. “Alright, ladies, there isn't much time to lose, so can we start this demonstration now?” you ask the audience.

“Yes, please~!” Shizuha answers.



And it's over. You have brought amusement to the crowd, and judging from the reaction they're enjoying it. As you're taking a break from your routine, the Aki Sisters and Kogasa are trying their hand on the decanting technique with hilarious result, Aya is trying to get an interview from Yuuka to no avail, and Reimu and the hermit girl are having a taste of the wine you decanted. You kind of like this atmosphere; maybe you should hold nightly wine-tasting demonstration after this.

You hear the front door being kicked. You turn to the direction of the noise and see a group of people walking into the bar. You stay at your place and observe them looking around before they approach the crowd. Party crasher? You hope they aren't.

“Bro! Look,” one of the people says and points to Yuuka. “Looks like we've got a jackpot tonight.”

“Hell yeah it is.” He walks towards Yuuka and roughly pushes Aya aside. “Hello there, lovely lady. I see you're having a bit of problem with your companion here. Why don't you let me sit down and be your partner for tonight?” At once the commotion attracts the attention of the patrons, as the girls are looking at him in a mixture of intrigue and disdain.

“Hey, mister, sorry to break your bubbles, but you're being rude at Miss Yuuka,” Shizuha states. “Can't you see she wants to have privacy right now?”

“Here, in this social gathering place?” the man asks and laughs. “What do you know about bar? This is the place to hang around and get lots of attention. If privacy is what she wants, she better goes home and sleep.” His friends nod as to agree with him. “My friends agree, so your argument is invalid.”

Shizuha snaps in anger over the remark but she gets pulled away by Minoriko before she starts throwing foul words at him. The man laughs at her helplessness and turns back at Yuuka. “Now that I've gotten rid of the pesky distraction, where were we just now?”

“I appreciate your attention, dear,” Yuuka finally utters after keeping quiet for so long. “But I am sorry, your proposal to be my partner is delightfully rejected.” The man's jaw drop low, and you have to cover your mouth to prevent your laughs from being heard. “I already have a companion, and that man happens to share the same interest as mine,” she speaks and gestures at you.

“Hah! What good can she get from making friend with that idiot?” the thug says while pointing at your face.

“He may look like an idiot,” Yuuka answers. “But at least he knows how to please the women.”

“Come on! Does he even have enough balls to please you? I bet he doesn't,” he scoffs. “What can he do? Getting drunk on daily basis? He's no oni, he's just a human! I mean, look!” He points at the wine bottles near you. “What are those wine bottles for? Decorations?”

This is beyond disgrace. This is an insult, a mockery to your dignity as a winemaker. Without letting Yuuka (or anyone) have a say about this matter, you step forward and pull the man away from her. “I don’t know what kind of problem you gave with this lady, but I really appreciate it when you act like a true gentleman and honour her request to be left alone,” you speak.

“What the fuck is your problem?” he demands, wincing in pain as you tighten the grip on his wrist.

“Like I said earlier, start acting like a gentleman and leave her alone,” you answer. “And I’m here to remind you that you should mind your manners; this is a public area, there’s no need to show off your useless banter.” The man screams foul and throws his fist at you; nimbly you twist your body as to dodge the oncoming attack, and you use the momentum you’ve gained from the motion to deliver a backhand blow onto his cranium. The man falls flat onto the floor with a loud thud, and he doesn’t wake up after a while. “These decanting skills surely come in handy in tight situation,” you comment.

“Bro!” His friends lift him off the floor. “You’re going to pay for hurting Bro, outsider!”

“Look, I don’t want to look for a fight with anyone of you, and I’m sure you’re having the same thought, too,” you tell them. “If you insist, however, let’s settle this at the outside. I don’t want to create a mess in this place.” You notice that safe for one thug that’s carrying the unconscious man, everyone in the group is producing a weapon of sort from their shirt; you can only shake head in wonder over their stubbornness. “Some people never want to learn, do they?”

Just as you’re about to face the thugs a gap appears above them, and piles of mattresses crash onto them, pinning them on the floor. Everyone inside the bar is confounded by the unexpected twist of event, and you look at the gap as to see a puffy hat squeezing out of it. “Jeez, trying to inflict harm onto my very important supplier, what were they thinking?” Yukari grumbles as she sits atop of the mattresses.

“Oh, look, the rescuer is here,” Reimu comments.

“Good grief, Yukari, you’re full of surprise, you know,” you utter.

“Why, thank you for the compliment, Mister Winemaker~” Yukari answers delightfully. “I see you’re enjoying your quality time with Yuuka, hmm. How’s your day?”

“Thanks, but it would’ve been more enjoyable if it wasn’t for those thugs,” you say.

“I can see that.” The lady of boundaries opens up her fan and covers her smile behind it. “You surely have the guts to take on them by yourself, Mister Winemaker. And to know that you’d act this gallantly in front of the youkai moe~ and the girls, too~” Her eyes are fixed on Yuuka. “Well, I can safely say that you’ve finally done the right thing.”

“I hope you didn’t plan to set up another prank on him, Yukari,” Reimu utters.

Yukari giggles. “Come on Reimu~ I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her for the rest of the night~” She jumps off the mattresses, which are sent to the outside alongside the thugs, and approaches you, hopping off the floor like an excited kindergartener. Her breasts are bouncing mesmerizingly with the hopping movement, and it doesn’t help that she’s donning her signature nightgown. Her steps come to an end as she’s standing in front of you, and seeing her seductive smile is almost making you lose control of yourself.

“So! Have you made up your mind?” Yukari asks.

“Excuse me? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You’re puzzled by the question, and you want to know why she’s asking.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” she scoffs. “Your visit to Makai! Have you made up your mind about it?” At once you can hear the girls whispering to each other over the remark, and seeing this state is distressing.

“I thought it won’t be a few more days until I can go there,” you point out.

“I know~!” Yukari exclaims in sing-song voice. “But I figure that it’s better for you to attend the party early. Of course you can-”

“Yukari.” Yuuka approaches the lady of boundaries and pulls her away from you. “I need to talk with you for a while. Deion, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Take your time. I’ll wait for you.” Yuuka thanks you once and takes Yukari to the less crowded section of the bar. You have to thank Yuuka for this later, but right now you're distracted by Kogasa whining over her failure to do the decanting perfectly.

“I can't get it right!” Kogasa whines.

“But you were trying to do it in blindfold, that's why,” Shizuha tells her.

“That's exactly what I wanted to do,” Kogasa says.

Seeing the determination makes you chuckle. You approach the umbrella girl and offer her some advice on decanting. “That's not the way you decant wine, Kogasa,” you say and take the bottle from her hand. “Here; let me show you.”
No. 13046
File 130348504678.jpg - (350.03KB , 1063x1063 , 71493026577c63b65ddce6225fd6a9d2.jpg ) [iqdb]


You're back at the sunflower field. It's almost midnight, and you're feeling very tired. The events at the pub has left you exhausted, and you really need to have a proper, undisturbed sleep to replace the energy lost. As you walk down the path that leads to Yuuka's small cottage you keep an eye over the sunflower lady; she hasn't stopped talking about wine-tasting, and you wonder when she will ever stop.

“Wait here,” Yuuka tells you as you're near the door. “I need to get dressed up for… you know, sleep time? I hope you don't mind.”

“Well, I don't think I'd mind waiting out here first,” you answer. “Take your time. I won't go anywhere.” She nods and walks into the house, and you use the opportunity to review what Yukari said about your visit to Makai. You didn't think you'd be having a trip to the place that early, but if that's what Yukari has planned in advance, there's nothing you can do about it.

Your momentary self commentary is distracted when Yuuka summons you in. Not expecting anything spectacular you walk in, and the first sight that's greeting you is as breathtaking as it is unexpected. Standing near the door to her bedroom, Yuuka has discarded her signature tartar dress in favour of a light pink nightgown, and there's a pocketwatch hanging from the waistline with the matching colour as her dress.

“Why are you standing there?” she asks in soft, but commanding, voice. “Come over here. It's not that I'm going to eat you or anything.” You just oblige and walk toward the woman, and as you're within an arm's reach from her, she approaches you. “You should know that I don't like to see a man acting like he's the toughest person in front of me. It only hurts his dignity,” she speaks.

“Umm… I'm sorry for that,” you apologize. “I know I shouldn't act like a fool in front of you and everyone, but it couldn't be helped, I guess.”

“Apology accepted; I understand you didn't want them to make fun of your profession.” She's now standing very close to you. “Hold me.”

You blink. “I'm sorry?” you reply.

“Just hold me, Deion.” She bites her lower lip. “Please?”

You want to refuse at first, but you realize you'd be upsetting her if you do. So as carefully as you can, you wrap your arms about Yuuka’s body and hold her in a soft embrace. You can hear her actually sighing happily as you’re slightly tightening the hug, a good sign for you. You keep yourself as steady as you can while you have this warm woman in your arms, and you have to be careful not to let your hand wander somewhere else. You have to admit you’re the luckiest person ever to have this kind of privilege, but you can’t help wondering about Yuuka’s actual intention.

At least she looks very adorable in the nightgown.


“Uhh… yes, Yuuka?”

She buries her face beneath your shirt. “…thank you for what you did at the bar.” Another happy sigh. “You have no idea how I really felt when you stood up for me. Never before in my entire life would a human – a man – do such thing. It was a moment I will never forget in my entire life.”

She lifts her face. Her shiny ruby eyes, her warm breath upon your face, her perfectly shaped face, the softness of her body in your arms. Goodness, she’s really beautiful in this close proximity.

“Thank you, Deion.”

And she kisses you.

It isn’t the one filled with desperation or lust of sort. It’s just a kiss, as simple as it can get. You let yourself be swept away by the warmth that’s seeping from her mouth and into you; for a second or two you have a shivering sensation down your spine as the kiss deepens slightly and she thrusts her tongue into your mouth, although you can still feel the restrain she’s applying. You don’t think it’s a good idea to return the kiss, and it’s better that you let Yuuka kiss you for as long as she want.

After what seems to be forever she lets go off your mouth. You keep staring at her; you can barely believe that you actually got kissed by the avatar of summer herself - and survived. For a moment you stare at her slightly flushed face; she notices the confused look on your face and giggles before she pokes you on the nose. “We better get some sleep, okay? Tomorrow you and I are going to be very busy expanding our knowledge on wine tasting,” she utters. “And if you don't mind, I'd share the bed with you. Is that alright?”

You can only nod. “I think so.” Good grief, if only you could tell her how badly you want her right now…


Sorry for the wait, but here is the update.
No. 13051
1) Wait for update.
2) Finally, update.
3) No sex.
4) What the fuck is that?!
5) Hugging Yuuka.
6) I'm fine with that.
7) “Thank you, Deion.”
8) Best non-H update ever.

My impressions. Sometimes, just flirting or spending time with someone is enough. But if you want to write more of those soft scene, consider starting a story on another board, since I'm not sure if /at/ is suited for this.
No. 13060
it will lead up to a H-scene, there is a thing called build up you know.
No. 13062
That was pretty nice.
No. 13065
I wonder if that little scene in the bar will lead to Kasen loving down the line.
No. 13080
File 130360453467.png - (619.55KB , 859x1200 , d815bbabb46d578e6201aea936ade780.png ) [iqdb]
My reader is obsessed with the idea of making Yuuka's flower blooms?

Well, Winonymous hasn't been introduced to Kasen yet, but we'll see.
No. 13217
File 13039673001.jpg - (1.35MB , 1332x1863 , f9ecef80bf43824fe0e2fdd3cd31e8ae.jpg ) [iqdb]
The gentle warmth of the morning sun seeps through the frilled curtains and heats up the room. You’re stirred by the heat and wake up, lazily stretching your body and limbs underneath the blanket. You open your still-heavy eyelids and turn your head to your partner; it surely is peaceful to have Yuuka by your side, admiring her serene face while getting tickled by her warm breath on your face as she’s sleeping next to you. It occurs to you that you just spent the entire night with her on the same bed, and you feel lucky that you didn’t lose any of your body parts or-

Hold on.

Yuuka’s holding you very close to her while she’s in only her lingerie. Where’s her lovely nightgown that suits her so perfectly? Not only that, you realize that you’re missing your entire clothes, leaving only your boxer to cover your gentleman’s part. This is very disturbing, not to mention that her exposed leg is hooked onto your body, arousing you very rapidly. You have to be careful not to let her bump onto your rising mast, or it won’t end well to you.

“Good morning, Deion.”

You look back at Yuuka. She has woken up, and is staring at you sleepily and adoringly. “Good morning, Yuuka,” you greet her. “How was your sleep?”

“I enjoyed it very much, thank you,” she answers and kisses you. “You made me feel so secured, and I don’t know how to express my gratitude for you.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that,” you say. “What happened to our clothes?”

She giggles. “It was very hot last night, so I took them off,” she tells you. “Why? Aren’t you feeling comfortable sleeping in only briefs?”

You shake your head. “Not really, I think.” She smiles and presses herself against you; is it you, or is she actually making her move on you? “So, Yuuka, about the-”

“Hush now.” The moment she says that Yuuka has you firmly held in her arms and legs as she’s embracing you so tightly you think she’s going to break you. You groan quietly as she nibbles your ear, and shiver when her hand is rested dangerously close to your crotch. “I just want to hold you for as long as I want,” she murmurs and rests her head upon your shoulder.

“Do what you feel is the most comfortable,” you shrug and close your eyes again. After a minute of uneasy silence, you decide to start a conversation with her. “So, umm… we didn’t do anything peculiar last night, did we?” you ask.

“If we did, you wouldn’t even be here today,” she answers jokingly. “Do I look like someone who’d take advantage over someone’s weakness?”

“I guess not,” you say and give her hand a gentle squeeze. “Sorry for asking.”

“It’s alright,” she utters. “I understand my need, and I understand yours, too.” She lifts her head a bit to allow you to slip your arm underneath her shoulder, then shifts her position so that she can rest her head upon your bare chest, purring contently as she places her cheek near your heart.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

You cough as to clear your throat. “All these things you did… letting me befriend Reina, inviting me to your home, taking me to hang out with your friends, allowing me to, umm… sleep with you…” You pause for a minute, then you continue: “I’ve been wondering, did you do all those acts out of… trust? What kind of trust you have on me?” She doesn’t answer, choosing instead to tighten her grip on your hand. It’s painful, but you have to bear with it. “I take it as a no, then.”

“No, you’ve got it wrong,” she answers. “Yes, I did all of them because I trusted you, and even now I’m still putting all my beliefs on you.” She lets out a rather melancholic sigh and nestles herself closer to you. “A long time ago, I met this young man who was in many ways similar to you: charming, kind, understanding. He wasn’t a winemaker, mind you, but he did something that earned him my belief.”

“What happened, back then?” you ask.

She chuckles half-heartedly. “Oh, you know, when a girl was full of curiosity, brimming with energy and a bit reckless, she’d go to such length to have her curiosity fulfilled,” she speaks. “When I met him, I thought he would be the one to help me satisfying my need. Guess I was wrong.”

You lie on your side and encircle you arms around her, taking her into an embrace. “Guess I shouldn’t know what happened to him in the end. Sorry if my question has troubled you.”

She sighs again. “Since then, I never trusted men and regarded them as lowly dirt,” she says. “In my eyes, they’re nothing more than hungry, opportunistic and greedy predators. It hurts me to think that they can do whatever they want, whatever they like, and not thinking of the end result.”

“To put it bluntly, you hate men.” She nods. “Then what about me? Why would you ever allow me to hold you like this if you know it’s going to hurt you even more?”

“I… I couldn’t help it,” she speaks, her voice getting shaky. “When Yukari told me about you, I thought you’re just a typical man who’d love a woman and then…” Her voice gets stuck in her throat, and she’s struggling to construct the words she so needs. You give her a bit of comfort by planting a kiss upon her scalp, and its effect is instantaneous as she sags in your arms. “You’re… you’re a demon. To think that you’d comfort me even though I’m a youkai…” She clings onto you. “I hate being treated by someone who doesn’t even care of his own life…”

“A charming demon, perhaps,” you utter and rub her back softly. “But it’s my job as a winemaker to satisfy my customers and give them the best product and service they can get.” You kiss her scalp again. “It’s alright if you hate me. I know, who am I to compare with a woman who has lived longer than anybody else, who has seen so many things in her lifetime?”

“I…” She falls silent. They way she’s avoiding the question is on the borderline of adorable and tempting; in spite of the passion you’re having for her, however, you know you can’t make your move just yet. You don’t want to end up hurting Yuuka if you decide to love her against her will.

“Touch me.”

You arch an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

She looks up at you. “…I want to feel how it’s like to be touched by a man again…” You can see in her eyes the look of desire that’s been kept for too long. “Touch me, Deion… touch me like you’d touch your lover…”

You stare at her. This woman, who you perceive as a strong, independent and self-confident individual, is as vulnerable as you can imagine and is at the mercy of your care. You’re not sure if you should fulfil her desire, but can you deny those ruby eyes that are staring lovingly at you?

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

“Do you really trust me, Yuuka?”

She puts her hand on your face and touches your cheek affectionately. “…I trust you, Deion…” she murmurs and smiles, much to your relief. “But please… be gentle…”

You nod. “I will, Yuuka.”
No. 13218
File 130396753358.png - (419.44KB , 800x600 , 9bd7331dfdf2ce63afb09615fc759675.png ) [iqdb]
You lean forward and kiss her parted lips, hearing her sigh into your mouth. Carefully you get up from the bed and sit down, hauling her up and putting her on your lap, keeping her steady with your arm. Still kissing Yuuka, your hand moves down her chest and finds the front clasp of her bra. You unhook the fastener and slip the garment down her arms, letting her magnificent breasts spill forward in all their glory. Resting your hand on her exposed bosom, you give the warm mound a gentle massage, making her moan in pleasure.

“…yes…” Yuuka hisses as your thumb touches the tip of her nipple. “…more, Deion…”

You can’t say no even if you want to. You trail your mouth down her face and along her pulsating throat, nipping and delving at her velvety skin and savouring her scent. She has the smell of sunflower, rose and all kind of flowers that usually bloom during summer, and you take a deep breath to inhale the wonderful aroma. Gods, just by smelling her heavenly fragrance you’re driven mad by the desire to have her for your own.

You descend lower and run your tongue across her heaving chest, causing her to giggle appreciatively. You move on and arrive at her unhindered left breast; giving her nipple a soft kiss, you take it into your mouth and start sucking it, feeling it hardening rapidly on contact with your tongue. Yuuka arches her back as a response, and she moans as you begin fondling her right breast. You keep on licking her tits, switching from side to side as to ravish them; occasionally you graze and tug at her nipples with your teeth, making her tremble in your arms.

“You’re beautiful, Yuuka…” you say and bury your face beneath her cleavage, listening to the steady rhythm of her heartbeat. She moans again and cradles your head, not letting go off you for a while. Then you wiggle yourself out of her arms and move back to her face, finding her moist lips and kissing her generously. You continue massaging her breasts for a while before moving your hand down her body and to her waist; gently you give her crotch a nudge, causing her to hiss into your mouth.

“More, Deion…” she utter and moans again as you pull her panties down her legs, exposing her nether-lips to the air. You rest your hand upon her crotch just to get a feel of the dampness of her pussy, and she buries her face in your shoulders, murmuring “…oh yes, that feels good…”

You start rubbing her, and every stroke you make is making your lover pant breathlessly and cling onto you. You give her cheek a soft kiss, assuring her that you won’t hurt her, and she just nods in response. Then, as gently as you can, you part her lower lips and insert your fingers into her, causing her to dig her nails into your back. “Do you want me to stop, Yuuka?” you utter in slight discomfort due to the pain she’s inflicting.

“I’m sorry…” she apologizes. “Please continue…”

Slowly you pump your fingers in and out of her drenched cunt, feeling her thighs clamping on your hand as to urge you to go deeper. Then as you find the rhythm you quicken the fingering, and she has begun to moan loudly with each thrust you make. You thrust your fingers deeper into her, and at once Yuuka lets out a very loud moan as she climaxes, her inner walls clamping around your fingers as her love juice gush out of her pussy and onto your hand. You pull your fingers out of her and lick them, savouring each drop of her love as you can. “Tastes like heaven,” you utter and let her have a taste of her own cum. “How does it feel, Yuuka?”

“I’ve never felt this good in my whole life…” she answers and moans in pleasure as she’s sucking your fingers clean. She takes your fingers out of her mouth and interlaces them with hers while she’s staring at you affectionately. “I love you, Deion…” You’re a bit surprised by the confession and you’re at the loss of words to say a proper response; if the glimpse of honesty in her eyes is an indication, you shouldn’t do anything to break her heart.

“I’m flattered to hear that,” you tell her. “But-”

“No buts, Deion. I really love you,” she mutters and presses her lips against yours, kissing you very roughly this time. Your shocked cries go unnoticed as she deepens the kiss, and you shudder as she thrusts her tongue past your lips and into your mouth, trying to rouse you into returning the kiss. At the same time she pushes you back into the bed, using the weight of her body to pin you down. She lets go off your mouth only to allow you to take a breather, and you notice with an alarm that vine-like appendages have begun to appear around the bed.

“Yuuka, what are you…” Your voice dies out as she leans onto you, licking and nibbling you on the neck, shoulder and chest, and at the same time the appendages wrap themselves around your wrists and ankles, restraining you in the process. This is getting too much for you to handle, being bound and getting ravished while having no chance whatsoever to defend yourself.

Yuuka arrives at your crotch, and swiftly she pulls your boxer down, freeing your raging erection from its restrictive tend. With the combined look of curiosity, hunger, lust and desire, she glances at you briefly before focusing on your manhood. An electrifying sensation surges across your body as she licks the tip of your member, and your vision blurs at once as she’s taking you whole in. You throw your head back, overwhelmed by the pleasure of having Yuuka’s lips on your cock, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to give yourself to her just yet.

She lets go off your member, giving you the relief you so desperately want. Smiling, she crawls up your body ever-so-slowly, almost as if she’s tempting you with her womanly body. Your eyes widen when she positions her lower lips over the tip of your cock. “Deion… I want to have you inside me…” she mutters. You don’t know how to respond to her need, especially when you’re almost blinded by the heat that’s flowing off of her, but there’s no turning back. You’re pushed almost to the point of insanity for not able to express your love for her.

Yuuka seems to notice your plight, because the vines that are wrapped around your hands have loosened, freeing your hands so that you can place them on her hips. “Yuuka.” You look up at her. “You have to be very gentle. After all, a good wine is best tasted when it’s not done in a rush.” If the bright blush on her face isn’t telling you, nothing else will.

“Of course,” she utters and chuckles rather guiltily. “I wasn’t even aware of it. I’m sorry for putting you into this situation.” She gasps when the tip of your erection brushes against her slit, and quietly moans as you tightly squeeze her firm ass. “Deion… please take me…”

Removing your hand from her hips you guide her head down and take her lips in a kiss. “You ready, Yuuka?” She nods, and with that gesture as a confirmation you guide her down your shaft, pushing past her lower lips and into her inner tunnels. A long, lustful moan escapes her mouth and echoes across the house the moment you’ve penetrated her up in the hilt.

“It’s been too long…” she mutters and traces her finger along her abdomen as to see how much you’re inside her. “I couldn’t recall it since that day, but now…” She kisses you again. “…thank you, Deion… please continue…”

You guide her hips up and down your manhood, rubbing yourself against her inner walls and seeing her moan appreciatively every time your hips pound against hers. Soon you no longer have to use your hands as she starts riding you, and seeing her being knocked out of breath with each and every thrust you make is fuelling the lust you have for her.

“Harder, faster… oh, Deion, harder!!” Yuuka gasps breathlessly. You oblige and thrust yourself upward with more strength, eliciting a shocked but pleased cry from her. Your hands crawl up her sweaty body and firmly grab her breasts; you fondle them roughly and pinch her nipples hard, earning more passionate cries from your lover.

Your focus on making love to Yuuka is sidetracked when the same vines reappear around you; instead of restraining you, they form a supporting frame on your back and push you up from the bed and toward Yuuka. Both your bodies meet, and the same vines that form the frame are wrapped around you, binding you and Yuuka together. You’re not comfortable in this position and are having difficulty in claiming her tight hole, but it doesn’t matter. Yuuka wants to be loved, she needs to be loved, and it’s only natural that you’re putting all the efforts into loving her until she’s thoroughly satisfied.

The tempo of your penetration becomes ever more frequent, and the onslaught of your mouth and tongue on her breasts becomes ever wilder and out of control. Yuuka’s voiceless cries of pleasure is adding up to the passion you have for each other, and you are too clouded in euphoria to even feel the pain of her nails digging deeper into your back. Your lips meet hers once more, and both of you are interlocked in a powerful, wet and desperate kiss; her legs are wrapped around your lower back as to bring you even closer to her than what the vines do.

Eventually, you can no longer fight this absolute passion, so just before you’re hitting your orgasm you break off the sloppy kisses and issue Yuuka a warning. “…give it to me, Deion!” she cries out. “…everything… give me everything you have! I… I…” She tries to speak more but gets cut off by a loud cry of pleasure, overtaken by the overwhelming power of her orgasm that’s coursing through her body. Feeling Yuuka’s warm love juice flowing down your hard cock is more than enough to send you overboard, and you groan deep in your chest as you release your warm seed into her.

Both of you fall back onto the bed, your descent of which is slowed down by the vines, and cuddle each other as the two of you are enjoying the warmth of the afterglow. The vines slowly recede into obscurity, leaving you and Yuuka in a post-coital embrace, and she purrs contently as she rests on top of you, enjoying the moment together with you. “I love you…” she utters and kisses you one last time.

“I know, Yuuka,” you answer and run your finger through her hair. “I know you do.”

She smiles happily and puts her head beside yours, positioning it so that you can feel her gentle breath on your ear. “…thank you… thank you for willing to make me feel loved again…” she whispers.

“If you’re happy, I’m happy,” you answer, drawing her into a tight hug.

“I am happy,” she murmurs. “Deion?”

“Yes, Yuuka?” She doesn’t answer; when you turn at her you realize she has fallen asleep. You can’t help smiling as you learn the true extent of your relationship with Yuuka, and you’re too tired to even think of its consequences. Kissing her softly on the cheek, you wrap your arms around her and allow drowsiness to take over. As you finally start falling asleep, you can only hope that nobody’s barging in and taking full opportunity over this situation…


Well, here it is. I'm not sure this update will wrap up our session with Yuuka, but I do know that Anon's been waiting for this. Now, which Touhous Anon wants to see after this?
No. 13219
I want to say Yoshika, but Anon keeps saying that it's necrophilia, so I'm not sure if I want.
No. 13220
I'm...not too sure after this...

Is Yuka willing to share?
No. 13226

Pfff We already have a Scat thread so I don't think a scene with Yoshika will matter much as long as you keep her... corpsyness to a minimum.
No. 13232
Specifically? Not sure if one could fit another encounter before the Makai trip (which would involve Elis, Luize, Shinki, etc)
No. 13253
Thinking on it, I'll wait until after the Makai trip to suggest girls; so yeah I want to go ahead with the trip and who it'd bring.
No. 13257
A trip to Eientei would be lovely. The doctor or a certain moon bunny could use some wine.
No. 13260
Eh, fuck eientewi, we need Tenshi.
No. 13844
File 130579921060.jpg - (1.96MB , 2400x1200 , 0f5137ddefe1cc21e8322e8feced7891.jpg ) [iqdb]
Guess who's gonna be next (and no, I'm not talking about having an orgy with these girls.)

Well, I don't know if Daiyousei's even willing to share Winonymous with Yuuka, but I'm sure Anon here won't mind having a fairy and a sunflower youkai moe as our wives.
No. 13887
File 130587074237.png - (517.00KB , 800x1000 , 86868ad585b0de3363132e1e39e3dc88.png ) [iqdb]
“Well, I guess I should be going now,” you tell Yuuka as you've finished packing your stuffs. “I really enjoued the quality time I had with you. I'll certainly cherish it.”

“I should thank you for visiting me,” Yuuka says. “Will you come over and see me again, Deion?”

“Of course I will,” you answer. It seems to you that Yuuka isn't satisfied with the answer as she embraces you tightly, and your first thought is that she isn't willing to let you go. “Don't worry, Yuuka, I will always find a way to accompany you, one way or another,” you tell her while returning the hug.

“You better be,” Yuuka murmurs. She lifts her head and leans forward, taking your lips in a loving kiss. “I love you, Deion,” she murmurs in whisper.

“I know, Yuuka,” you answer and kiss her in return. “I know you do.” You let go off her and give her a bottle of Champagne as a parting gift. “I have to apology for not able to share more of my wine-tasting experience with you, so please keep the bottle as a reminder of our future session,” you tell her.

“Of course,” she says with a giggle. “We should do a proper wine-tasting session in the future. I'll see you, then.”

Bidding Yuuka farewell you cycle out of the sunflower field and head to your next destination. It doesn't take long for you to realize that the weather's changing, and the sound of the distant thunder suggests that it's going to rain. You make haste to the nearest cover you can find, and stumble across an old hut near the road. You're lucky that you're not drenched in the downpour, and that you can continue the trip once the rain stops. Right now you feel sleepy, and a quick nap will fix the problem. You lie down on the dry section of the floor and close your eyes, letting your ears enjoy the serene sound of the rain falling on the roof...



Something heavy's pressing on your chest. For a while, you thought you were having a dream, but you can also hear a humming voice inside your ear, followed by a stinging pain on your neck. Immediately you push the perpetrator away and wake up, noticing that you've just pushed a girl away from you. “Hey! What was that for?” the girl with an eccentric pair of wings demands.

“What was that for?” you ask. “First: you interrupted my sleep. Second: you were sitting on my chest. Third: you were trying to bite me.”

Trying? But what's what I am for,” the girl replies. “I'm a vampire, and I saw you lying down on the floor. I figured out that a quick snack would be nice before I head back to the Scarlet Lake.” You bat an eyebrow over the remark, which gets noticed by the girl. “Oh? Didn't I make myself clear? I'm a vampire, is that enough?”

“No, that's not what I meant,” you reply.

“What? You really are- darn, my clothes are all wet. What am I supposed to do now?” She does the unexpected by unbuttoning her drenched dress and tossing it somewhere in the hut, almost hindered by the wings that are standing in the way. She reaches for the frontal clasp of the bra but stops when she realizes your presence. “Shouldn't you, at least, turn around, and let me undress first?” she asks matter-of-factly.

“How am I supposed to do that when you're stripping yourself?” you ask.

The girl pouts at the word 'stripping'. “Well, excuse me for being too daring, but if you have any spare clothes to lend, I'll gladly wear them,” she tells you. “Or would you rather stay in this shelter with a naked vampire?”

“That's not- oh, forget it,” you groan in defeat. “Who are you anyway?”

“The name is Kurumi,” she answers and takes her place beside you. “Now, will you please stay still? I'm feeling cold right now, and I could use some heat you have.”

“And risking myself getting bitten in the process? I think I'll pass,” you say.

Kurumi giggles. “Oh, you. You'd think I'd satisfy my thirst for blood by sucking others, wouldn't you?” She rests her head on your shoulder, and you feel a sudden rush of blood into your face as she presents herself to you; the fact that this girl is so brazen and shameless is driving you crazy, and you have to be careful not to let her see the rising tent in your pants. “And what about you?” she asks.

“A winemaker by trade, I am,” you answer.

Kurumi hums in acknowledgment. “A winemaker, hmm? I didn't think I've seen you before, but you look like a really nice guy to make friend to,” she remarks.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“But you smell funny,” she adds. “And I think I've had that smell before.” She repositions herself so that she's sitting on your lap, and she leans forward as she presses her lips against the crook of your neck. “Stay still. I'm not going to bite you.” You flinch when she runs her tongue across your skin, and immediately you get a hard-on as you hear her moaning suggestively into your ear. You have no idea of what she's going to do, but you hope that she doesn't bite your neck.

Kurumi lets go off your neck and looks at you again. “Did you meet Miss Yuuka by any chance?” she asks.

“Well... yes, I did,” you answer hesitantly. “Why do you ask?”

“Just as I thought! No wonder why I can smell her all over you,” she remarks with a giggle. “I haven't seen her in a very long time, you see! How is she doing?”

“She's doing fine, I guess,” you answer. “Do you know her?” She nods excitedly, and the fact that her wings are flapping giddily as well is turning this young woman into a sight to behold.

“Of course I do! I'm a close friend of her,” she answers. She sits down, almost deliberately grinding herself against your crotch. Is it you, or is she making her move on you? This is becoming uncomfortable, not to mention that your lust has started to build up and your erection is screaming to be let free from its restrictive tent. Without knowing what you're doing, your hands creep underneath her skirt and grope her ass. Kurumi lets out a shocked, almost erotic yelp, and she moans in distress as you start squeezing her lower mound. “H-hey, not too sudden,” she tells you, moaning again as you remove her underwear and slides it down her thighs.

“Not my fault when you were the one who was trying to bite me while I was asleep,” you tell her.

Kurumi moans again as you continually massaging her ass. “That was because you were presenting yourself as a prey,” she answers.

“A prey, eh? I guess I should be careful from now on.” You let go off her ass for a while only to move your hand up her spine and brush your finger against the base of her wings, causing her to arch her back. You place your other hand on her crotch, noticing that she's already dripping; Kurumi offers you a protesting pout as a response to the investigative touch. “What is it this time?” you ask.

“Now look what you've done. What are you going to do about it?” she utters.

“Well, how about we fix this problem right away?” you reply and lift her off your lap as to allow her to fully discard the drenched panties. You haul her up her ass and bring her up to your crotch, offering her to undo the zipper of your pants. “This is your first time?” you ask when you notice the combined look of uncertainty and excitement in her eyes.

“That's not it,” Kurumi says as she pulls your pants down, freeing your erection in the process. “I admit, this is my first, but it's only because I haven't had a man in a very long time~” She giggles rather shyly. “I'm sorry if my answer's scaring you.”

“No, not really,” you answer and bring herself to hover over your manhood. As she brings her chest close to your face, you unhook her bra and discard it somewhere in the hut. “You're magnificent,” you utter as her breasts are revealed in all their glory.

“Thank you,” she giggles and moans as you softly kiss her hard nipple. “I follow only the best example. She's the most perfect person I've met in my life.”

“I guess Yuuka's very important to you, isn't she?” you ask.

“Very,” Kurumi answers. She gasps once more as the tip of your erection brushes against her bare slit. “I... I don't think I can wait any longer if I...” she speaks in hoarse voice.

You nod and position yourself at her lower entrance. “I understand. You ready?”

“Please... don't make me wait.”

You grab her waist and lower her until the tip of your manhood pushes against her lower lips. Taking a deep breath, you thrust upward and fill her hole in one swift motion; Kurumi moans loudly as you plunge all the way into her, and she lets out an ecstatic sigh as you've penetrated her down to the hilt. She falls limp against you, apparently content with the feeling of herself filled, and sighs happily as you gently stroke her wings.

“How do you feel?” you ask.

“It's been a very long time...” Kurumi murmurs. “...thank you, please continue.”

You lift her up your erection and bring her back down to your crotch. Her inner walls start constricting around your hot rod and she wraps her arms around your neck for support as you pump in an out of her. Then, keeping her steady in your arms, you put her on her back and loom over her. Smiling, you resume claiming her tight hole, faster and harder than before, and she moans encouragingly at you even as she's wrapped her legs around your lower back. You bring your face up to hers and claim her lips in a kiss; both of you moan deeply inside each other's mouth as your tongues are mingling against each other

You let go off Kurumi's swollen lips only because you feel a stinging pain on your back. You realize that she's digging her claws into your flesh, and that she's hurting you so much. Without any second thought you ravage her breasts, marring her pale skin with bite marks, pinpricks and blood; she doesn't seem to be bothered by the rough feast on her chest as her moans gets louder than before.

Kurumi's inner walls constrict around your pulsating member as you continue plowing her warm tunnel, and her lustful cries become louder by the minute as you keep on feasting her breasts. The pain you feel on your back has receded, being replaced by the sheer pleasure of making love to this wonderful girl, and it feels incredible to be in her presence, however briefly it may be.

Your brain's on the verge of whiting out. The pressure in your groin is becoming too much to bear, and you try issuing Kurumi a warming that you're going to come. “Yes, yes! 'm going to-” She's cut off by orgasmic cries as she climaxes, and her love juice flows down your hard length and gushes out of her thoroughly fucked hole as she rides her orgasm. You hit your own orgasm seconds later, and you groan deeply as you thrust yourself as deeply into her as you can and empty your entire load into her womb in one continuous stream. You fall limp onto her, breathing heavily as you're coming down from the ride of your life. You lean in and brush your lips against the crook of her neck, hearing her moan in pleasure as she's stroking your back.

“I've never felt so fulfilled like this before...”

“If you're happy, then I'm happy.”

She smiles and kisses you briefly. “I imagine you're chasing your schedule, right? I saw a lot of stuffs on your bicycle,” she says. “So why don't we stay here and wait for the rain to stop?”

“Good idea,” you say and slowly pull your limp cock out of her. She groans slightly when you move her body so that she's lying on her side, but then giggles as you take your place behind her and wrap your arms around her. The size of her wings slightly bothers you, but you don't pay too much attention to it. “Besides, I want to hear everything about Yuuka from you.”

“I can see that,” she utters and moans softly as you gently massage her breasts. “Hey, can you be honest with me?”

“I'll try.”

She slightly gasps when you pinch her erect nipples. “How is you feeling towards Miss Yuuka?”

You're hesitant for a while, but you answer her anyway. “I can't say whether I love her or not, but I'll be damned if I refuse to accept her love.”

“You better be,” she says and places her hands on yours as to make you stop fondling her, although not really pushing them away. “Miss Yuuka... once you break her heart, accidental or not, she will hate you for the rest of your life. I know, because I've seen too many men trying to gain her love, only to turn into dust in the end.” She turns her head so that she can face you. “I hope you realize what you're into by being Miss Yuuka's partner, so please, whatever happens, don't hurt her feeling

“I will not mar the winemakers' tradition of honouring their customers,” you say as you smile at Kurumi. “That I promise you.”
No. 13893
Very nice despite skipping over any sort of description (this bit is really just nitpicking)
No. 14373
File 130763242919.jpg - (367.20KB , 960x556 , a9fca4a81a7e4699fee2a43dbb7ecdd8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bumping, because I just want to inform everyone that I'm working on the first part of this story's Makai Arc, so please wait warmly. Before that, I have some votes to consider before I can proceed:

Possible wine variety for Reimu:
[ ] White (specify brand)
[ ] Red (specify brand)

Possible partner for our threesome with Reimu (pick only one):
[ ] Marisa
[ ] Kasen
[ ] Suika
[ ] Mima
No. 14374
[x] Red (St Emillion)
[x] Mima

Noblesse oblige, Mima!
No. 14375
[X] Mima
[X] Suika

Because I can count the number of Mima H-scenes I've seen on my fapping hand alone.
No. 14386
[x] Kasen
Why not? As for wines, I know nothing on that so I won't make a vote on that.
No. 14388
[x] Suika
Don't know jack about wines, but Suika seems like good appetizer.
No. 14389
[x] Mima

I hope we get Suika, Kasen and Marisa scenes later, but it's unlikely anyone will do a Mima scene anytime soon if at all.
No. 14390
[X] Mima
No. 14392
File 130768239934.png - (0.98MB , 867x1140 , a944ec1d9e3448e137f1d5cb1baddc37.png ) [iqdb]
Alright, vote for Mima has been called. Writing now, and expect a hot miko/ghost/winemaker threesome. I'm surprised people didn't get the white wine/red wine joke, though, but whatever.
No. 14393
Oh I got the joke, but I figured it'd be WAY Too obvious to mention.
No. 14398
Yes, that was a little too obvious.

But don't even think about blending red and white wines, just because she asks.
No. 14400
File 13077096779.jpg - (414.45KB , 1518x1075 , 92cc1807a91498735f69ba7c8f5c20ed.jpg ) [iqdb]
It won't, I assure you.
No. 14847
File 130888942380.jpg - (411.14KB , 600x800 , a41702e1defae76d340f729ce7e910cb.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You're late.”

You can only laugh. “Sorry, but I got sidetracked,” you say.

“Well said, young boy, but you'd think that I'd buy that excuse of yours, wouldn't you?” Yukari replies and prods your forehead with her fan. Sitting next to her, Reimu is as equally not impressed as the lady of boundaries is, and you find it hard to appease these two women given the current situation you're in. “Just because you're a winemaker doesn't mean that you can play with time however you like. Silly winemaker, like we didn't know your affair with Yuuka.”

“Well, excuse me for being too outlandish, Missus Yukari,” you retort. “But how am I supposed to visit Makai right away when I got caught in rain and had to wait for it to stop?” Yukari and Reimu arch their eyebrows, a clear sign that they aren't buying your excuse. “Jeez, must I tell you what I had gone through for the past two days?”

Yukari taps your head with her fan again. “On the contrary, you're probably tired. Why don't you get some rest for your trip tomorrow? Besides, some stores are better not told, especially those that take place behind the curtains~” She chuckles afterwards. “Well, I guess I'll have to inform her to postpone the party until you show up, so you have a lot of time to do the necessary preparation.”

“I have to thank you for that,” you tell her.

“Oh, hohoho~ don't thank me, young boy,” Yukari replies. “Thank Reimu for that. She told me she hasn't had wine-tasting session with you ever since that day.” She crawls towards you until her voluptous chest is pressed against you, and you shiver when she playfully blows into your ear. “You better do it good, because fter all, shrine maidens are the most difficult to please~”

“Alright, Yukari, playtime's over,” Reimu says and pulls Yukari away from you. “I'm allowing him to stay here because he can only reach Makai from this shrine. And it has nothing to do with wine-tasting.”

“But Reimu, this is your time to help him strengthening his reputation~” Yukari answers. “Use your maidenhood skills if you have to~”

“Haha, very funny,” Reimu retorts. “Now go. Shoo. Scram. Get out of here before I decided to kick you in the butt.”

“Aw~! Reimu is being a meanie~” Yukari grumbles. She giggles afterwards and gives you a flying kiss before stepping into a gap that has always been leading her home. “Have fun, you two~” is the last words from her moments before the gap closes and disappears in thin air.

“Jeez, always want to decided how I'd spend my night,” Reimu grumbles and turns to you. “And as for you, Mister Winemaker.”

“As for me, Miss Reimu?” you ask, trying your best to be polite to her.

“Now you're acting like a gentleman, get out of here,” she scoffs.

“Sorry,” you apologize.

“Apology accepted, Mister Winemaker.” To your relief, she chuckles, a sure sign that you'd enjoy the stay with her. “Right, I suppose I should have the accomodation ready so that my visitor can have a relaxing sleep. In return, you'll teach me everything about wine tasting.”

“Is there a price I have to pay?” you ask.

Reimu laughs. “Come on! Like you don't know already,” she utters. “But enough talk, I have some questions that you must answer honestly.”

“I'll try.”

For a while, Reimu doesn't say anything, only because she's inviting you to sit outside with her at the porch. You take your spot beside her and realize her intention as she points you to the night sky, “Stargazing, I like that,” you utter.

“That's not the reason we're out here,” Reimu tells you. “You know winter's approaching, right? I'm wondering if I could seek for your advice on how to spend the season wisely.”

You laugh. “Who, me? Please, why would you want my advice in the first place?”

“Because,” Reimu says and takes a deep breath before she continues: “you have a lot of free time, and I figure that you'd use the time to, well, you know-”

You laugh again. “Free time? Me? I find that a hard fact to ingest, especially since it comes from the most carefree person I know.” You snicker when you notice that Reimu's blushing, and you offer her a glass of Saint-Émilion. “For the eternal maiden of Hakurei Shrine, I salute you.”

Reimu stares at you in a mixture of disbelief, shock, elated and joy, and she chuckles shyly even as she's taking the glass from you. “I find such compliment a bit... overwhelming, and I should knock your head for being a charming demon, but I appreciate it. Thank you.” She holds the glass in her hands but doesn't really drink its content, and throws her sight back at the skies. “Tell me, Mister Winemaker.”

“What is it?” you ask as you're filling your own glass with Saint-Émilion.

“How long are you going to live this lifestyle of yours?” she begins. “I know for sure that this... occupation requires you to form social relationship with your customers, and I don't see any problem with that.”

“It's a part of my daily job. What's troubling you?”

“Well, what I'm trying to say is...” She pauses; her delicate fingers can be seen trailing along the lips of the wine glass, and the way she's hiding her uncertainty is a stark contrast than the first time you met her, when she was enthusiastic and brimming with confidence.

“For one thing,” you utter and take a sip of the wine. “I don't regret making the decision to move to Gensokyo. Yes, it's sometimes lonely to be cut off from my homeland, I have to admit, but then again I wouldn't be able to meet everyone here if I didn't take the chance.”

“Touche.” You notice that she hasn't taken a sip of the wine yet. Perhaps you should give her some 'encouragement'. “And to know that those words came from the very person Yuuka has longed to have... maybe you should be more considerate of our feeling as a woman.”

You sigh. “I guess I was being too nice to everyone.”

“And that's why some of the girls have gotten attached to you,” Reimu says. “I'll just name a few: Daiyousei, Shizuha, Yuuka.” You blush at the mention of the names. “Don't get me started om Yukari already, you know how she is.”

You cough. You've realized how sharp Reimu's perception is, even if she's not clearly showing it. Trying not to show your anxiety, you take another sip of the wine and say “I'm curious, Reimu. Why did you mention the names? I can understand if it's because they're my customers, but...”

“Be careful with the path you take, Mister Winemaker,” Reimu tells you and – to your absolute delight – drinks the wine. “You should realize that you're playing a dangerous game of chance by having affair with the girls; Yuuka, especially.”


Reimu takes another sip of the Saint-Émilion and continues: “Once she gets something she likes, she won't let it go and she won't share it with everyone else. You do know that she has lived a solitude life for too long, don't you?”

You can't believe you'd be talking about Yuuka of all people with Reimu. “I do. She even admits that... well, let's be safe that she was grateful that I was willing to be her companion.” Reimu glances at you suspiciously, and you have to force yourself to smile. “Isn't it natural that a winemaker like me will do whatever it takes to satisfy his customers? If she's happy, then I'm happy.”

“I can see that, and I won't object your future decision,” Reimu says.

“I thank you for that. How does the wine taste?”

“It's a bit bitter at first, and it's difficult to let my tongue have a taste of it.”

You snicker. “Well, wine tasting isn't something that you can do in a rush. You have to fully appreciate the efforts that have been put in creating this product. Have no doubt; I have personally handpicked it for you, and I can guarantee you it's the kind of matured wine you've craved.” It's Reimu's turn to blush, and you can't help feeling victorious.

“O-of course, I prefer wines that have aged well over everything else.” She drinks the wine to its last drop, and asks that you refill her glass. “So what is your plan tonight?”

“If you ask me, well...”
No. 14848
File 130888955865.jpg - (177.99KB , 1024x768 , 35ada61f92449344dfaefc651d045348.jpg ) [iqdb]


“Reimu!!” A pair of green sleeves seizes Reimu's head and pull her into an embrace. You watch in surprise as a woman in dark blue/green attire appears out of nowhere and is holding the shrine maiden almost possessively. “Hey~! You aren't answering my call! What's wrong with you? I was hoping that you would greet me like a dedicated wife would,” the woman retorts.

“Stop playing the game of house, Mima,” lazily Reimu answers. “I'm not even in the mood to fulfil your need tonight, so don't.”

“Jeez, you're so cold, no wonder why you have so few friends,” the woman utters. She notices your presence and turns to you. “And speaking of friends, did you decide to kidnap someone and take him home, Reimu? I find your taste for man... intriguing.”

“Cut the slack, he's staying for only one night,” Reimu says as she finally manages to push the woman off her. “And what about you? I thought you'd stay over at Sariel's place for a week.”

“I am, but Sariel is so boring! I never get satisfied with her,” the woman answers. “He, on the other hand, has rekindled my interest for human of the opposite gender.” She inches her way towards you, and you can't help noticing the ghostly appendage that's sticking out of where her legs should be. You have a slight concern over her intention when you see her gingerly licking her lips, as if she finds you appetizing. “Is he a boyfriend of yours, Reimu? What a fine specimen he is,” she utters.

You introduce yourself. “A winemaker, I am, and visiting Makai is why I'm staying with Reimu. Pleased to meet you.”

“Oh, you're going to visit Makai on your own? How interesting,” she says. “The name is Mima, I'm very pleased to meet you.” She's now hovering close to you, and you notice with alarm that the upper half of her dress is unbuttoned, exposing her somewhat sweaty cleavage. You don't know whether she's drunk or not, but she looks like she's making a move on you. “Hey, Reimu.”

“What is it, Mima?” Reimu replies, but not really wanting to respond.

“Can I keep him for one night? Of course you can share him with me if you ever like~” By now she has hovered dangerously close to your face, and you hold your breath as she sits atop of your lap, scandalously wrapping her ghostly appendage around your waist. “I'm sure he doesn't mind, right winemaker boy?”

“Mima.” Both of you turn to Reimu. She nonchalantly drinks the wine, oblivious to your surprised reaction. “Must you have sex with every man you meet?” she asks, hiccuping between each word. “Like it's the only way you say hello to people.”

“Reimu, you're drunk,” you tell her.

“Hah! As if I can be defeated by alcohol!” She empties the glass in one gulp and refills the glass again. She drinks the win half-way and holds the glass, half full, half empty, in her shaky hands. “I don't like you, Mister Winemaker.”

You blink, as so is the woman on your lap. “Reimu?”

“You always have sex with every girl you meet,” she mutters. “And you always have doing them... you think I'm going to forgive you for that?” You almost want to speak your mind aloud but you realize you're being compromised by Mima, who has wrapped her arms around your neck.

“Hey, look at me.” You turn back at Reimu, but Mima makes you face her as she forces your face to stay in her sight. “Hey~! Are you listening to me, Mister Winemaker?” she demands.

“Of course he is, Reimu,” Mima says as she dilligently unbuttons your shirt and rubs her hand on your exposed chest. “It's just that I can't even hear him over the sound of my hunger for dinner~” She licks her lips as she traces her finger down your body, and giggles as you're shivering due to her cold, almost inhuman, touch. “Hey~ like you never have sex with a ghost before,” she utters.

“I find your statement awfully blunt,” you say matter-of-factly.

She laughs. “They don't call me Mima the Charming Demon for nothing.” Her hand reaches your belt buckle, and she licks her lips once more as she unzips your trouser, freeing your erection in the process. “Hmm~ you make me even hungries, winemaker boy~”

You start getting dizzy, not because the lust has filled the atmosphere around you but because you're being dominated by Mima, and she doesn't even pay attention to Reimu who has pulled your pants and thrown them away to the lawn. As if it isn't enough, she has stripped herself naked and transformed the ghostly appendage into the sexiest, most luscious pair of legs you've ever seen. She grins as she pushes you on the floor and sits on top of you.

“Mima, you unfair ghost-demon.” You look at Reimu who has lost her dress, now only clad in her underwear and sarashi. She looks as contempt as she is drunk, and is trying in vain to push Mima off you. She realizes Mima wouldn't budge and moves to the front, squatting in front of your face. “I got him first, so let me have him!” The way she's presenting her ass is driving you crazy, and you almost lost your consciousness if it isn't for Mima pressing her weight on your chest, almost suffocating you.

“And the problem will be?” Mima asks, even as she rests her hands upon Reimu's butt.

Reimu gasps as the green-haired woman starts groping her ass. “You're cutting the line, that's what,” she utters in uneven voice.

“So says the miko who's very eager to have him alone,” Mima replies and glances at you. “Isn't that right, winemaker boy?”

Reimu looks at you. You can see her face blushing in a mixture of drunkenness and excitement. She wiggles her butt in front of your face, almost as if she wants you to have her right away. You pull her already drenched panties aside and pull her down onto your face until your mouth makes contact with her lower lips. She gasps, and shrieks as your tongue finds her hard clit and lick it; then you thrust your tongue past her wet nether-lips and delve at her inner walls, making her pant and trash on your face. Her cries get silenced as Mima kisses her, and she moans deeply into her partner's mouth as she whisks her tongue with Mima's. Both you and the green-haired woman let go off her, making her pout at you. “Why did you stop?” she demands. “Are you going to continue or what?”

“As a matter of fact.” Mima lifts her off your face and repositions Reimu so that she's leaning on her body. Lifting her legs off the floor, Mima pulls the panties up her limbs and tosses the damp cloth to where your trouser is, and she places her hand on Reimu's crotch as to spread her lower lips. You immediately bury your face in her groin and feast upon her heavenly taste.

“More, please!” Reimu begs and cries out as you thrust your tongue into her warm tunnel. “Oh, Gods yes! More!”

Keeping Reimu steady in one arm, Mima unwraps her sarashi and massages her breast, and she silences the shrine maiden's protests with a kiss as she pinches Reimu's erect nipple. You stop eating Reimu's pussy and look up; seeing Reimu and Mima exchanging fierce tongue play and biting each other's lips while Mima's continually fondling her is as steamy as it can get.

You resume your handiwork on Reimu's crotch, expertly using your tongue and finger to find the spot that will turn her on. As you've found the spot you give it a nudge with your tongue, causing the shrine maiden to arch her back and moan into Mima's mouth. You keep prodding the soft spot with your tongue, ocassionally looking up to see Reimu trembling uncontrollably in Mima's arms; she's going to come, and you're going to make her come hard.

“O-oh! I'm going to-”

Reimu arches her back and lets out an orgasmic cry as she climaxes. You press your mouth on her pussy as to delve her love juice that's gushing out of her hole; Mima kisses her once more, allowing her to moan into her mouth as she's riding her orgasm. You let go off her and take a deep breath, letting Reimu fall limp in Mima's arms, basking in the afterglow of her climax.

“Satisfied, Reimu?” Mima asks and gives her ear a gentle nip.

“I... I don't think I am,” she mutters.

Mima chuckles and pushes Reimu off you. “That's too bad, because it's my turn to get eaten.” She positions herself over your face and grinds her crotch against your mouth. “Oh, yes! This is much better,” she groans as her pussy makes contact with your lips. She reaches for the wine bottle and empties its content over her, and she giggles foxily as you look at her in shock. “Just to make things sweeter, boy~” she utters. You aren't in the position to argue, plus Reimu has gotten back on your chest and starts kissing Mima passionately, so you put your best effort in pleasing the woman.

Keeping Mima steady with one hand, you bring your other hand up to her chest and fondle her full breasts. Mima moans appreciatively and responds by grinding her crotch against your face harder, and she groans as you pinch and twist her nipple. You're confident that you can leave her hips unassisted, so you let go off her butt and massage her warm mound with both your hands. Mima moans again as you squeeze her breasts roughly, and she presses her pussy on your mouth even harder.

You feel your hands swatted off Mima's chest. You glance up and see Reimu pressing herself against the woman and grope Mima's breasts while kissing Mima as deeply as she can. You can her them calling each other's name amidst their panting, and listening to them smaking each other's butt is driving you to the breaking point. Then they let go off each other's swollen lips and scream loudly as they hit their orgasm, hugging each other tightly as they fall off your body and collapse on the floor, their body covered in sweat and love juice.

“That was fun, wasn't it?” Mima asks as she nibbles Reimu's neck.

“So says the charming demon,” Reimu mumbles.

Mima giggles and lets go off Reimu as she approaches your crotch. “Well, I imagine the hot romp both of us had have let him physically and mentally tormented,” she says as she strokes your pulsating cock. Reimu has gotten back on all four and is joining Mima in feasting on your erection. “Shall we give some comfort, Reimu?” The shrine maiden doesn't say anything, opting instead to take your member in your mouth and swallow it whole. Your eyes widen in shock, and you can feel the blood surging to your groin as she's bopping her head up and down your hot length, almost as if she's desperately hungry to have you.

Mima approaches your face and kisses you as to comfort you. “You're going to come, aren't you?” You can only nod, unable to say anything as you're swept away by the pleasure of the shrine maiden having you. Mima smiles and kisses you again before she joins Reimu, and the shrine maiden lets go off you as to allow the green-haired woman do her work. She gingerly licks the fluid that's flowing down your length, and Reimu joins her as well; both of them run their hot tongue up and down your member, licking and nipping at-

Oh gods!!

You thrust your hips upward and shoot your load on Reimu and Mima. Shocked at first, they giddily grin and open their mouth as to catch the sticky substance that's being emptied on their face and naked breasts. They giggle sensually as they scoop the semen off their face and lick each other's finger as to clean it. “What a mess,” Mima says.

“You don't say,” Reimu utters and strokes your limp cock back to its erect state. She glances at you, and you can't help noticing the predatory look in her eyes as she straddles herself over you. “Don't think we're done with that, Mister Winemaker,” she utters.

“My~ Reimu surely is very hungry tonight,” Mima remarks.

“Shut up, Mima, let me have him first,” Reimu replies and stares at you. “What are you waiting for? Put it in me.” You look back at her; you realize that she's desperately impatient to be filled, and you realize you'd be in a bad situation if you refuse her. Positioning yourself at her lower entrance, you grab her hips and lower her down your erection. She screams loudly as you're slowly filling her, and both of you moan in ecstacy as you're penetrated her down to the hilt. After taking a minute to adjust yourself, you slowly lift her off your crotch and bring her back down again, knocking her out of breath and making her scream passionately. “Yes... yes!!” she groans and moans again as you thrust your hips upward, again knocking the air out of her. “Oh, Gods yes! More!”

You keep pounding Reimu's hips, pumping in an out of her while savouring the sight of her running out of breath. You leave her hips and let her ride you while you take her breasts in your hands and fondle them hard. Reimu's moans become louder, only to get muffled as Mima seizes her moist lips in a kiss, and both of them are locked in animalistic make-out as they're trying to out-tongue each other.

You push Mima aside and sit upright, positioning Reimu so that she's leaning against you. Hooking her legs up you once again thurst your hard member into her cunt, and Reimu moans ever enthusiastically as you resume claiming her hot tunnel. Mima moves to your back and rubs herself against you, purring seductively into your ear. “Let's do something different for a change,” she mutters. You halt and look back at her who just smiles. “Let go off Reimu and I'll show you.”

Reluctantly you pull out of Reimu and handle her to Mima. You watch in intrigue as a phallic appendage growns from her crotch, and you stare at her with an arched eyebrow. Giggling Mima positions the protrusion at Reimu's asshole and push all the way in. At once Reimu's eyes widen in shock, and she gasps breathlessly as Mima's ravaging her anally. Mima glances at you invitingly, almost as if she's inviting you. You position yourself at Reimu's cunt and thrust back into her; Reimu screams very loudly this time, and her eyes roll back into her head as the pleasure of getting fucked simultaneously by you and your partner is taking over. You find it difficult at first, having to match your hip thrusting pace with that of Mima's, but this is as hot as it can get, a threesome between a winemaker, a shrine maiden and a charming demon.

The pain in your crotch is excruciating, and you realize it's only a matter of time before you're unable to contain the build-up towards your orgasm. You turn to Mima, who is just as eager to flush out her tension as you are. “Let's come together,” she says, her voice drowned by Reimu's voiceless cries of ecstacy. Your body stiffens as you reach your limit, and you groan deeply in your chest as you you shoot all your load into Reimu's womb. Mima also climaxes, and she lets out a long, satisfied sigh as she empties herself into Reimu's other hole. The shrine maiden cries out very loudly, and you can feel her hot love juice flowing down your member and gushing out of her cunt as she comes.
No. 14849
File 13088897367.png - (55.78KB , 500x500 , 45b4d8c5ffd42faf2b0b5255b75fffba.png ) [iqdb]


Carefully you pull out of Reimu, as so is Mima, and you let her fall limp against you. “That was so intense...” she mutters breathlessly.

“Are you pleased now, Reimu dear?” Mima asks, as the phallic appendage has disappeared without a single trace of its existence. She must have used magic or something to get rid of it.

“You both should take responsibility for this...” she says. “...jeez, doing me at the same time and not letting me know...?” She looks up at yoyu and kisses you, a long, hard, deep and slippery kiss that leaves you reeling. “I don't care if you're going to have sex with Mima after this, but I'm expecting you to donate before you leave. Got it?” Her eyes gets droopy, and you can barely hear her saying anything before she falls asleep on you.

“So much for being the eternal shrine maiden,” you comment.

“I can see that,” Mima says. “Put her in her room, after that it's our turn to have fun with each other.” You nod and carry Reimu to her room, tucking her in and adjusting the blanket so that she sleeps comfortably underneath it. You turn to Mima who later takes you to the room next by and pins you against the floor. “Both of us had satisfied Reimu, so I want you to do the same to me,” she remarks as she's stroking your manhood back to its erect state.

“You're one charming demon,” you reply and groan in pleasure as she softly kisses your erection. “Goddamn it, that feels nice.”

“I knew you'd say that.” She rolls over so that you're looming over her, and she wraps her luscious legs around your waist as to guide you to her lower entrance. “But I'm so tired from being always on top already, and I kind of want to be underneath once in a while~” She moans quietly as the tip of your manhood brushes against her lower lips. “Well?”

“I'm warning you,” you say and position yourself. “I don't think I'm going to be gentle with you tonight.” Taking a deep breath, you push yourself past her lower lips and slowly begin to enter her, and Mima moans appreciatively as you're inching yourself into her.

“Yes...” she sighs as you've filled her up to the hilt. “Oh, fuck yes!”

You bring your face to hers, and your lips meet hers in a hard kiss as you pump in and out of her, stroking her warm tunnel with your hard member and making her writhe underneath you. She's tight, so tight that you thought you're going to hurt yourself, but the sight of this gorgeous woman presenting herself to you is more than enough to compensate for the pain.

Hooking your arms behind her back you lift Mima off the floor and pin her against the wall. She moans happily as you grind your crotch against hers and responds by tightening her arms and legs around you, urging you to ravage her even harder. You continue ploughing her hole, amazed by how light she is in spite of her physique, and the way she's panting and screaming with each strike is fuelling your lust for her.

You switch position againb. This time, you wiggle yourself loose from Mima's embrace and hook her left leg with your right arm before positioning her right leg between your thighs. Mima looks at you in surprise but her protests get silenced as you ram into her soiled cunt. “Oh... oh! You've found my favourite position!” She moans loudly as you roughly squeeze her breast, while at the same time quickening the tempo of your penetration. Your lean forward, and once again you and Mima kiss, wrestling and biting each other's tongue as you continue fucking her. You don't know how long this lasts: five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, but you don't care of the time you've lost. You're too clouded in euphoria to even think about whatever is going on around you.

Eventually after what seems to be an eternity Mima climaxes, and she screams loudly as the power of her orgasm courses through her trembling body. You give her thoroughly fucked hole a few more thrusts before you, too, come, and your brain whites out as you empty your long-suppressed seed into her womb. You stay in the position, savouring the sight of Mima growing out of breath, then you slowly pull out of her and bring her into your arms. “You're better than I thought,” she mutters as she kisses you.

“Thank you for the compliment,” you reply. “You're tired?”

She laughs heartily. “A demon like me never gets tired very easily, but you are,” she answers and points to your shaky legs. “I was thinking of going for round three, but I don't think you'll be able to keep up with me, so let's call it quit for tonight.” She takes you to the mattress and lies down, taking you with her. You take your spot beside her and embrace her sweaty body again, kissing her softly before you roll onto your back, letting her rest on top of you.

“I hope she doesn't notice our... quality time, though,” you murmur as you toss the blanket over both of you.

Mima giggles and rests her head upon your chest. “Reimu won't even hear a pin dropped on the floor once she's asleep.” She closes her eyes and wraps her arms around you. “What's your plan after this?”

“I don't know,” you answer as the fatigue of the intense sex is taking over. “Like I said earlier, I'm going to visit Makai tomorrow, and I think I'll have to ask for someone as a guide. You interested?”

She hums happily. “Sounds great, but let me think of it.” She looks at you again and kisses you once more. “Goodnight, winemaker boy~” she whispers and falls asleep on you.


Alright, this concludes the first part Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo: Makai arc. I'm not sure if I delivered this right, since this is my first try at funatari, but I don't want to think about it too much.
No. 14850
I must say this passed on all accounts; though I wonder if evil spirit sperm is cold or not.
No. 14904
>“You both should take responsibility for this...” she says. “...jeez, doing me at the same time and not letting me know...?” She looks up at yoyu

So winemaker is already dead by now?
No. 14908
File 130904608217.jpg - (519.25KB , 1000x844 , 170637a402df2a86c203a6eeea528d05.jpg ) [iqdb]
My bad, that was my mistake on the spelling part. And I assume that Anon is very impatient to see Yuyuko after our trip to Makai?
No. 14909
Truly, waiting for this was more than worth it.
Maybe a short stop at eientei.
No. 14916
I haven't thought about that, I was saving that until after the Makai trip.

Though you know, going to Eientei would feel a bit weird, seeing how you have anotehr story there. Even in a separate universe it'll be rather weird to see Deion 'service' Yuri's Waifu.
No. 14943
That wasn't even close to being the only typo/error in the text though. You really should ask for proofreading on IRC or something.
No. 15033
File 13094907072.jpg - (784.25KB , 1050x1125 , a63c1355d3b318cded42fe6a63219a83.jpg ) [iqdb]
Documents updates:


Picture not related, just because it's summer time. It's still autumn in this CYOA's timeline, so yeah.
No. 15642
File 13117552227.jpg - (193.24KB , 1000x833 , 8b87c4e54002ed0758e18099c19d1527.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bumping, as update is on the way. Guess who's our next customer.
No. 15652
Marisa and Yukari?
No. 15653
Not sure if funny man or uninformed, but it's Yumeko.
No. 15669

To be fair, they do look similar.
No. 15673
File 131184645618.jpg - (973.99KB , 883x1000 , Not a fucking laughing matter.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's obviously Mugetsu and Gengetsu.
No. 15694
File 131195535917.png - (1.24MB , 1600x1200 , 15008259.png ) [iqdb]
I wish. But a Yumeko is fine too.

Uninformed it is.
No. 15731
File 131217202132.jpg - (171.73KB , 648x906 , fa384d7818f33133171ea270de7b3ab2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Are you guys trying to entice me to write a threesome with Yumeko, Mugetsu, Sakuya and Ruukoto? ಠ_ಠ

Anyway, update will be up in a few days, so please wait warmly~
No. 15733


“So you're really going to Makai, huh?” You just nod as to answer Reimu's question, even as she's helping you with the bottle racks. “Well, it really sucks that I'm the only person available to say goodbye. What the hell was Mima thinking when she said she's going back to Sariel's place?” she grumbles.

“Don't be so disgruntled. At the very least, this is my chance of thanking you to let me sleep here for a night,” you utter.

“Hey, if it wasn't for Yukari urging me to allow you to stay, I wouldn't even let you sleep at the courtyard,” she replies; you can't help smiling at her reluctance to answer you properly, and she's quick to look away from you as she realizes your goofy grin. “Don't even think about it.”

“I didn't even do anything,” you reply. Reimu scoffs at the answer, and her response is as surprising as it can get as she lunches at you and pins you on the floor, sitting atop of your hips as to prevent you from escaping. “Oh, come on!! Must you take everything I say seriously?” you ask.

“Yes, I must,” she retorts. “Now that I'm in control of you, I wonder what kind of punishment I should put on you.” You notice with worry that she's staring at you seductively, very unfitting for her as a shrine maiden. It doesn't help that she's deliberately pressing her weight on your crotch, causing pain to your private part. Oh, dear, she can't be drunk this morning, can she?

Then comes the help you need the most, as Yukari pops out of her gap and pulls Reimu off you. “Alright, both of you, go get a room if you want to make steamy love to each other,” she scoffs. “And you, winemaker boy, you didn't even bother to say no to Reimu! How could you forsake your self-control?”

“I don't care if I'm kicking my dignity out of the window, but right now you look like a holy saviour to me!” you reply. “God-damn it, Yukari! Be responsible for once and restrain her hunger, will you?”

Responsible? Oh, my, you seriously have no idea what you're talking of,” Yukari says and turns to the shrine maiden. “So, Reimu, how was your 'quality time' with him last night? Did he please you well?” Reimu looks as contempt as you can imagine, and she glances back at you, seemingly frustrated that Yukari interrupted her. “Now, now, Reimu~ you know you can't claim him as your own,” Yukari tells her. “Good items are meant to be shared, you know that.”

“Yeah, right,” Reimu grumbles. “You should throw Mima somewhere else the next time he shows up.”

Yukari chuckles and stands up, pulling both of you off the floor. “Alright, everyone! Trans-Boundary Express will depart to Makai from Platform Y-17, so get packing or we'll miss the train.”

“Nicely said, are you supposed to gap him to Makai and leave him on his own?” Reimu asks.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk~” Yukari wags her finger at Reimu in her trademark 'no, no~' gesture. “Sending him away in gaps is way too cheap, and I don't want to waste my resource to transport only one material.” She snickers. “You know Yumeko, by any chance?”

“Yumeko? That Yumeko? Goddamn it, Yukari, I haven't seen her for ten years!!” Reimu says in surprise. “How is she related to this?”

“It occurs that she's returning from her... self-rediscovery journey, if you catch my drift,” Yukari answers. “Why, Reimu? Surprised that you finally heard of her? Shame on you, you know both she and your mother had been very close friends~”

“Excuse me for interrupting, but who is this Yumeko?” you ask.

“A picture speaks a thousand words, follow me.” You and Reimu follow Yukari to the courtyard, and you spot a woman in crimson red-white maid uniform leaning against the entrance gate's pillar. Yukari approaches the woman and speaks something while pointing at you; you don't get the whole point of the conversation until Reimu jumps forward and throws a fist at the woman.

“Yumeko!!” Reimu throws a roundhouse, which is deftly parried by the woman. “Where the hell have you been?!” She continues with a low kick that misses as the woman effortlessly jumps to the courtyard. “Goddamn it! Ten years... ten years of waiting, and you finally show up?! Where the hell were you?”

“Hello, Reimu, I see you still haven't lost all the skills I taught you,” the woman answers.

“Don't hello at me! You... you...” The mixture of anger and disappointment is visible in her voice, and it's somehow disturbing to see her on the verge of crying. “You didn't show up when Mom passed away... and Ruukoto... Ruukoto is...” She cries. She cries. Wow, this must be your first time seeing her breaking down into tears. You realize you don't have to do anything to comfort her as the woman approaches Reimu and pulls her into her arms, cuddling and saying soothing words into her ear. You look at Yukari, who just tells you to keep quiet with a finger over her lips.

After a few minutes of hugging and patting the maid lets go off Reimu and smiles. “My cute Reimu cannot be this grown up,” she utters, much to Reimu's chagrin. “But it's nice to see you after all these years. Gods, how I missed you~”

“You're horrible,” Reimu retorts and wipes all her tears.

“I kid, I kid, I'm sorry,” she laughs apologetically. She notices your presence and gently pushes Reimu aside. “My, you must be the winemaker Miss Yakumo was talking of just now,” she utters.

“That I am,” you reply and tip your beret forward as sign of respect. “As the goddess of Makai's guest of honour, I am very honoured to meet you.”

“Of course, you're the special guest for Miss Shinki's reunion party,” she speaks. “I guess that means I have the obligation to serve you accordingly. My name is Yumeko, it's an honour to meet you, as well.”

After bidding Reimu and Yukari farewell you follow Yumeko and leave Hakurei Shrine, heading to where you believe to be the Forest of Magic. You ask Yumeko the reason you're headed there, and she points to the “better” method of travelling to Makai; you opt not to question her anymore and just follow her lead, although you decide to ask her about Reimu. “Good question, but I wonder if I can recall the memories,” she utters. “I can honestly say that I've known her ever since I fought her mother.”

“You did? What happened back then?”

Yumeko shrugs., even as she's taking a detour at a junction. “Nothing very serious. Just some of the residents making bad decisions that made Hakurei and her magician friend trashing the whole place. And that was three decades ago.”

“Trashing? I don't find the term appropriate,” you utter.

She chuckles. “Of course, but you should know that Gensokyo in the past was very different. Peace through force, survival of the fittest, only the strongest thrives, you name it,” she says. You stare at her strangely due to the answer, causing her to laugh rather amusedly. “What's the matter? You don't find my answer satisfactory?”

“No, but I'm more amazed by how you manage to look young after three decades,” you say.

Yumeko laughs. “Oh, that? I was wondering why you'd ask, but it's a secret only Miss Shinki knows~” She winks playfully at you, and you can't help feeling being played at by her. “So! Tell me
everything about you. It wouldn't be fair if only one side tells the story, would it?”

“Who, me? Apart from being a winemaker who finds comfortably living in his homeland? Nothing,” you tell her. “Well, if you're talking about having to deal with my customers' never-ending appetite for matured wine.”

“My~ I can imagine you're leading a rather... busy lifestyle,” Yumeko says. “I kind of understand the nature of your business, socially interacting with your customers, swooning them with your skill and knowledge. I like to see how far you can impress Miss Shinki and the household; I'll be your judge, if you like.”

“If that is a challenge, I'm more than ready to take it,” you answer. “I just hope it doesn't include various trials I have to pass.”

Yumeko laughs again. “You're funny.”

The two of you continue your trip until you arrive at a patch of cleared land, and you notice with alarm monolithic stones arranged in circular formation. Ancient ruins? “Mind telling me what are we doing here?”

“My very own method of travelling to Makai,” Yumeko answers. “You'd be wondering why I didn't just ask Miss Yakumo to gap us there.” She opens up her palms, and an instant magic circles appear underneath and over the place. You are both dumbfounded and worried over the development and asks her for explanation. “Well, you wouldn't think this loyal servant to Satan would learn nothing from her master after serving her for her entire life, would you?” she asks, even as the magic circles start rotating in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. “Are you seasick, by the way?”

“I think I can handle this just as fine,” you answer.

“Good, so hold on tight. This is going to be a bumpy ride.”

You close your eyes as your eyes get overwhelmed by a ringing noise that are coming out of nowhere. It's painful, it hurts your head, and you have to wait for the process to end. You glance at Yumeko; she seems to be strained, and you almost want to ask whether she's alright when the ringing noise becomes louder. You fall onto your knees, overwhelmed by the noise that's screaming inside your head; not even your scream of pain can be heard as it's quickly drowned by the unpleasant sound.

Then blinding flash surrounds both of you.

And before you know it, the world around you goes black…
No. 15734


You groan.

You didn't think you would survive the ordeal, but you are now as you're lying on a patch of grass. Forcibly you open your aching eyelids and spot the monolithic stones; you're still in the ancient ruins, so does that mean you didn't arrive at Makai? Oh great, there goes your chance of making Shinki your next important customer.

No, that's not it.

There's something warm, soft and weighty on top of you.

You look up to the front, and find yourself staring at Yumeko. She's sleeping.

Thank God she's just sleeping.

At least you don't have to worry about not knowing what really happened. You close your eyes, allowing her to sleep-

Wait a minute.

On top?

It doesn't take long before you realize you're in a compromising position, what with her warm breath caressing your face, her breasts pressing against your chest, her upturned skirt revealing her well-built thighs that are frustratingly covered in black thigh-high socks. You have to strain yourself from thrusting your hips upward when she unconsciously grinds her crotch against yours.

What the hell?

“Mmm...” she lets out a soft groan as she slowly opens your eyes. The moment she makes eye contact with you she blushes as brightly as you can imagine. “Are you alright?” she manages to ask.

“I'm fine, but what about you?”

She groans again and rests her head upon your chest. “I didn't think I would screw the magic, but I do know that we have arrived,” she murmurs.

“How can you tell?” you ask. She points to a winged statue, which wasn't present at the forest, and you notice the reddish colouring in the skies. “I guess that means we have arrived in Makai. What do you mean you screwed up with the magic?”

“Help me, please.” You sit up and put Yumeko on your lap; she quickly rests herself upon you the moment you encircle your arms about her. She feels soft, warm, and you somehow like having her in your arms. “I'm a combat maid, so using my strength for magical purpose is not something I'm used to, not even after three decades of perfecting it” she speaks. “I hope you don't mind me resting on you for a while.”

“Not that I'd mind,” you shrug. She moans softly again and nestles herself closer to you, and in spite of this intriguing development you can't help wanting to “appreciate” her, so as carefully as you can you move your hand down her spine and squeeze her buttock. Her surprised yelp goes unnoticed as you slip your hand underneath her panties and massage the firm, warm flesh. She looks up at you in a mixture of resent, amazed and aroused; before you know what happens next she pushes her face forward and presses her lips against yours. It only lasts for a few seconds, and as she lets go off you, you find yourself breathing hard. “Uhh... what was that for?”

“I just realized,” she utters and straddles herself upon your lap. “I haven't had a man touching me for many years, and you happen to be the first~” She kisses you again, deeper than before, and your shudder as she slips her tongue past your lips and whisks it against your tongue. She takes your hand and rests it upon her breast, urging you to fondle her. When you choose to undo her shirt instead, she moans appreciatively into your mouth, and she smiles on your lips as you softly massage her breasts.

Yumeko pulls away from you, a thin strand of saliva following the ascent of her tongue. You look up at her and notice the look of desire flashing in her eyes; no words are needed as you take her stiff nipple in your mouth and licking it softly. “How do you feel?” you ask and kiss the velvety skin of her bosom.

“It feels so good,” she murmurs and cradles your head, causing you to suffocate as she pushes your face between her breasts. “Oh Gods, how I missed this feeling~”

You slip away from her arm and bring your face up to hers. “When was the last time you went through this?” you ask over her moist lips.

“Way too long for me to wait,” she answers. “Please... don't make me wait...”

You kiss her, thrusting your tongue past her wet lips and wrestling her tongue with yours. Putting your arms around her, you slowly lift her off the ground and place her on one of the stone slabs. Still interlocked in slippery kisses, your hand finds the fastener of her skirt and unties, throwing both the skirt and the apron aside. You pull her soaking panties aside and rub her crotch, causing her to gasp into your mouth.

You let go off Yumeko's mouth, and you loom over her, admiring the beauty that's being presented before you. “I'm wondering if you're willing to share the secret of eternal youth with me,” you utter as you slowly slide her drenched panties down her trembling legs. She offers you a coy smile and places her hands on your waist, diligently undoing the zippers and freeing your erection, and she chuckles as you stare at her. “Well, I guess I have to work hard to get the answer, then.”

You bring your face forward, and once more your lips seize hers, kissing her more passionately than before. Lifting her knees up, you position yourself at her lower entrance, and the heat that's seeping out of her cunt drives your lust. Without a second thought you push your hot rod past her nether-lips and push all the way into her warm tunnel. She pulls away from your mouth and moans loudly as you penetrate her up to the hilt.

“Oh, yes~” she sighs and clings onto you. “Oh Gods yes... how great it is to have a man inside me... please continue.”

Adjusting yourself so that you're in a comfortable position you start pumping yourself in and out of her, each stroke making Yumeko moan in ecstasy. The tempo of the penetration rhythm soon increases, and you speed up, claiming her tight hole over and over again, driven by the lust you have for this maid. You lean forward and ravage her heaving breasts, devouring and feasting upon her like a beast would do to satiate its primal hunger.

“Harder, please... oh Gods! Harder!!”

Hooking her legs over your shoulders, you pound against her hips as fast as you can, and she's more than eager to accept your dominance as she wraps her legs around your waist, pushing your ever closer to her. Fingers interlace, mouths meet, tongues swirls and dance, hips crash, chests pressing together; everything you do is heightening the passion both of you have for each other, and taking you closer and closer to climax. Each passing second seems to last for eternity, as you're giving everything you have to her.

The pain in your groin is becoming too much to handle, and you realize you won't be able to contain it any longer. You give Yumeko's thoroughly fucked hole a few more thrusts before you hit your orgasm, and you groan deeply in your chest as you shoot your long-awaiting load into her womb. Yumeko's eyes widen, and she lets out a long, passionate wail as she climaxes, and she clings onto you as the power of her orgasm courses through her. Eventually the two of you lay still on the stone slab, embracing each other and basking in the afterglow of your sex.

“Ohh... I felt so good~” Yumeko mutters and kisses you. “Thank you... I owe you one.”

“It's my duty to satisfy my customers any way I can,” you reply. You lift her off the stone slab and lie back on the ground, positioning yourself so that both of you lie on your side. “So tell me, is it true that Makai has its own winemaker?”

Yumeko lets out a rather tired laugh. “We haven't had one in three decades, so that makes you the only person qualified to be one,” she answers. She gasps when you pull your limp member out of her, but then she sighs happily as you embrace her and pull her close. “Thank you again... I'll try to repay your deed,” she utters.

“I'll be looking forward to it,” you answer.


Well, this will do for now.
No. 16254
File 131341319434.jpg - (816.57KB , 800x1200 , 02e0b26560fa8c2441354f87ea72f293.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not an update, but I have the need to bump this thread.

I'm recently facing writer's block and unable to continue writing the update. That doesn't mean I'm going to ditch this story altogether, but I've been thinking whether Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo should continue as short stories collection, or be rebooted as a proper CYOA (choosing the second option means that I have to rewrite this story from the start). In the meantime, this story is put into hiatus until a decision is made.

Posting picture because every route is eventually a Yukari route in the end.
No. 16262
I'm perfectly fine with keeping this as a collection of short stories with perhaps pseudovoting by giving the writer ideas.
No. 16274
This, also you can drop by IRC to try brainstorming.
No. 17840
Your trip continues, and along the way Yumeko explains in details everything about Makai, its history and inhabitants and so on, though you feel a little disappointed as she doesn’t tell you about the region’s best wines (or maybe there isn’t any). You decide not to think about it too much and ask Yumeko why so few things remain standing in Makai. “As you can see, this is what’s left of Makai; nothing more than rubbles and ruins, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

“I can see that,” you comment.

“Fifty thousands people used to live here, but now it’s a ghost town, thanks to the shrine maiden and her magician friend,” she continues. “No efforts are being made to rebuild Makai, and even if we do manage to restore it to its former glory, who’s going to move out and stay here anyway?” She giggles, and you can’t help feeling pity for her. “Well, yeah, I don’t have to explain in details, do I?”

“Shadow of its past,” you comment. “That means I have to spend my night in someplace less luxurious, huh? I can live with that.” She nods and asks you to follow her; you oblige and follow her footsteps until you arrive at a small lodge near a river. “Well, I’ll be darned.”

“This is where you’ll spend your,” Yumeko explains. “The “only” other place in the entire Makai safe for travellers, so to speak.”

“I thought for sure I’d spend my nights with the family,” you utter, causing Yumeko to laugh amusedly at you. “Whatever it is, at least I know I don’t have to worry about getting lost in the wilderness. What about you?”

“I guess I’ll have to share the bunk with Miss Alice, then,” she answers.

“Seriously? We can share the room, if you like,” you say.

“Thank you for the generosity, but right now I have to clean the house before everybody shows up.” She gives a playful wink. “Don’t worry, we will have our time~”
You’re done with your shower, and are now lying on the single bed that occupies the whole interior of the lodge. There’s nothing else you can do for now except to wait for the reunion party and even if you do have the chance to venture downtown, you’ve seen with your eyes how empty Makai is. Maybe you should just spend the entire evening in the lodge, lying around and taking it easy.

Come to think about it, you should do something to repay Yumeko’s deeds. She has done so much just to keep you comfortable. Maybe you should do something to please her in return - apart from satisfying her inner desire, that is. Right now you need to get as much rest as you can. You better be prepared if you’re going to survive what you can presume as a long night with the family.



Your slumber is disturbed by female voices coming from the front. Hesitantly you open your eyes and see the glimpse of two girls sitting near your crotch. You’re both astounded by their presence and bothered by the compromising position they’re in; it doesn’t help that the younger of the twos – the one who sports a dark red hat - is staring at you in a mixture of curiosity and eagerness.

“Oh, hey, he’s waking up,” the girl with the hat speaks. “He surely has the nerve to intrude Makai without our consent.”

“You’re kidding me, right? He’s the one Big Sis Yumeko told us earlier,” the other girl speaks. You get the glimpse of small pinkish wings sticking out of her back. She doesn’t notice you and turns her attention to her partner. “Yuki, I know that look on your face. Don’t even think about it,” she reminds her.

“Come on, Mai, he obviously made a serious offence,” the girl with the hat states.

“You call using this empty lodge an offence? You just had to do that, hadn’t you?” the other girl asks.

The girl with the hat giggles. “Well, I can forgive him since he’s mother’s guest,” she utters. “But knowing this, we haven’t had a man showing up in Makai for a long time~” She licks her lips in a seductive matter, and you find yourself aroused very quickly. “Let’s give him a bit of surprise~”

“Yuki, you’re putting a dead weight on him.”

The girl with the hat giggles again. “Well, what if I don’t?” Slowly, so slowly, she sits atop of your hips and begins grinding herself against the bump underneath your pants. You groan quietly, and shiver as she deliberately rubs her crotch against the bump. “Hmm~ he’s getting all worked up.” Yuki, you presume, moves her hands up your chest and removes the buttons of your shirt with such eagerness that takes you by surprise. She isn’t fazed when you try pushing her off your hips, and responds by pinning your hands on the mattress.

“Jeez, I’m out of here,” her partner says and heads for the door.

“Aw, come on! Why don’t you stay and enjoy the show?” Yuki asks.

“When you’re around? I think I’m going to pass,” the girl shrugs.

The door closes. “Huh, it’s her loss for not wanting to share,” Yuki grumbles. She turns back at you, licking her moist lips sensually once more, and she gasps erotically as you involuntarily jerk your hips upward. “Hey! I’m not even ready yet.”

“Like hell I am,” you tell her.

She laughs. “Come on! Why are you blaming me when you’re the excited one?” She keeps pressing her crotch against yours, grinning as you begin losing control of yourself. “See? Your mouth says no, but your ‘you-know-what’ obviously says ‘yes’.”

“My what?”

She frowns. “Don’t lie at me. I know you are; want a proof?” She gets off your crotch, and you take a very deep breath of relief. You look back at her, who is busy finding the fastener of your pants. “Found it~” She forcefully undoes the zipper and tosses your pants somewhere in the room, and she doesn’t flinch at the sight of your cock, freed from its restrictive tent. Giggling sensuously, she brushes her lips on your erection, and she’s completely oblivious of your reaction as she diligently kisses and licks the stiff length.

“I’m not ready for this,” you say, groaning again as she lightly nibbles your manhood. “Let go off me.”

“Silence, I’m trying to enjoy this.” She brings her face over the tip of your erection and takes the whole length into her mouth without any second thought. Your eyes storm open, and you find yourself losing all senses as she bops her head up and down your manhood, sucking and licking and swallowing you whole. This is crazy; you don’t even know her, and already she’s lusting for you?

Yuki lets go off your cock, a thin trail of saliva following the ascent of her tongue. She licks her lips once again, and strokes your throbbing cock in her lithe hand. “That was nice~” she utters. “But it would be nice if you put it in a proper place, right?” You try saying your mind aloud but get denied when she tightens her grab on your cock. “Well? What will be your answer, mister?”

“Yuki, will you please stop torturing our guest?” Her attention to you and your cock is distracted when Yumeko shows up at the door, and the shocked look is visible on her face as she turns around to face the maid. “I really find the lack of patience disturbing. Why can’t you take example from Mai for once?” Yumeko asks.

“But Big Sis, I’m already hungry! Can’t I have him right now?” she asks.

“You will, after you’re done cleaning the house,” Yumeko answers. “Now go, help Mai moving the couch before dinner.”

“…fine.” She gives your cock one last nudge and leaves the door. For some reason only God knows, she returns to you and leans in as she whispers into your ear: “tonight, one o’clock, meet me at the garden.” You look at her in surprise, and she merely giggles before she walks out of the lodge, and yet she still manages to throw you one last ‘naughty’ smile.

“Children. Always too impatient,” Yumeko grumbles. “As for you, sir, I wonder if you didn’t refuse her on purpose.”

“I… I would, but letting down a girl’s desire isn’t going to be helpful, right?” you ask. You cringe again when your erection throbs almost uncontrollably, almost on the verge of a premature release. “Yumeko, I…”

“Hmm, I believe you’re in the need for a quick relief.” You can only nod. “Well, why don’t you relax and let me do you the favour?” You stay still on your back, and your eyes widen when Yumeko begins stripping in front of you; first the crimson skirt and apron falls onto the floor as a pile of heap, and she gently kicks it away from the bed. Then she carefully unbuttons her dress, fiddling with all sorts of frill and string that decorate the garment before she folds it and places it on the bedside table. Her brassiere is next, and her heaving breasts majestically spill out as the front clasp is removed; after that her headgear is next, and she lets loose her golden yellow hair as she sways her head left and right.

She looms over your hips and separates your legs, allowing her access to your manhood. As if it isn’t new to her, she traces her finger down your stiff length and nods in acknowledgment. “Either you have one hell of a libido, or you’re under influence by this place’s residual magic,” she utters. She moves a bit, and after a few considerations, takes your erection between her warm breasts. At once you gasp, and groan in pleasure as she presses and rubs her mound around you. “Either way, you need to be relieved before the pressure becomes too much to handle. Is that alright with you?”

“…please, go ahead.”

She smiles and resumes her breast job, using the weight of her arm to keep your thighs pinned. The pressure starts rising, and you find yourself getting out of breath as the excitement is quickly catching up. She keeps rubbing and squeezing your manhood between her breasts, and each movement she makes further sends you off the threshold.

You find release not a moment too soon, and your cock pulses as bursts of thick semen splat on her face and upper chest. Yumeko halts, only to let herself being showered by the sticky substance that’s being emptied onto her, almost missing her eye and mouth. “My~ you have quite a hefty load~” Letting go off your cock, she scoops the semen off her face and licks it gingerly, humming approvingly as she cleans her fingers off the substance. “Well, how do you feel now?”

You groan. “A bit better, I guess…”

She smiles. “Good. Now why don’t you take another bath and cleaned up for real? Dinner will be served anytime soon, and the whole family is expecting you to join.”

You don’t feel any better. In fact, you’re even more frustrated after the release, and seeing the half-naked Yumeko coated in your own cum is pushing you off the limit. Without even thinking of the consequences, you seize her arm and pull her back into the bed, pinning her hands at each side of her head to prevent her from fleeing. No words are needed as you claim her parted mouth and kiss her as deeply as you can; her shocked gasp goes unnoticed as you plunge your tongue past her lips and deep into her throat. You let go off her wrists and interlace your fingers with hers as you continue tonguing and ravaging her swollen lips, then you bring your face to her breasts and start ravishing her warm mound, paying no attention to the semen that’s smeared all over her. The lust is powerfully overwhelming, and you don’t think you’ll be able to hold it for any longer.

Luckily Yumeko seems to understand your plight.

“I’ll take it from you,” she mutters into your ear, moaning as you plant hungry kisses and bites on her chest. “I’ll take everything… everything… just put it in me.” She lowers her legs, allowing you to remove her panties and positioning yourself at her lower entrance. You push your erection past her nether-lips and fill her in one single stroke, making her moan loudly. You start pumping in and out of her, and you go back to ravage her heaving breasts, making her tremble in pleasure.

You push deeper into her, feeling your hips connect with her, feeling her breasts rubbing against your chest. You thrust back and forth, Yumeko’s mouth gaping open for air as her breath is being knocked out of her with each pound. Your pace, then, quickens as you feel something rising in your trembling cock. Your hands tightly clasp hers for support as you empty your load into her inner tunnel, and no sooner have you come her legs wrap around you and pull you deeper into her. She screams underneath you in pleasure as you feel her pussy clench around you, and you silence her ecstatic cries in a kiss as the power of orgasm surges through her body.

You pull out, panting for breath as the remainder of your cum dribbles onto the bed. Your body collapses on top of her, and for a minute or two both of you are holding onto each other, content with simply basking in the afterglow. “Goddamn it… I’m so sorry,” you apologize, even as you nuzzle your nose on the crook of her neck, savouring her exquisitely womanly scent. “It was just…”

“It’s alright,” Yumeko says as she softly rubs your back. “I should be the one apologizing for not telling you about Mai.” You roll around and position her so that she’s resting comfortably on top of you. “You know, you’ve been trying to be nice to me, even though we’ve known each other for a day,” she utters, moaning slightly as you rub her back.

“I… I guess I just want to help you anyway I can,” you say. She chuckles and lifts her head, allowing you a view of her slightly flushed face. “Did I say something wrong?”

“How nice of you,” she utters. “Offering me a help? Anyway you can? That’s the most gentlemanly thing I’ve ever heard from anyone.” She kisses you briefly. “But let’s put the thought aside. Right now, family comes first. Let’s focus on that, shall we?”

You find yourself laughing miserably. “Yeah, I almost forgot.”

Author’s note:
Well, yeah, sorry for the delay, and I get the feeling that this isn’t going to end in just one chapter. I also want to have Shinki say the infamous Sgt Hartman’s quote of “fucking my daughter” to Winonymous regarding her children but I’ll just save it for Yuugi.

Inb4 Yumeko as our true waifu Yuuka/Daiyousei/Yumeko/Hina/Shizuha polygamy route [s]Don’t believe my words for it.[s]
No. 17841
Update! Hooray!
No. 17844
>spoiler stuff

You have some interesting ideas which I'd like to subcribe to.
No. 18438
File 131598900189.jpg - (158.57KB , 547x585 , b310388918bf2c54c83d8dd373be7ef0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Even better option:
Daiyousei for breakfast, Hina for lunch, Yumeko for supper, Yuuka for dinner, and Shizuha for dessert. You know you want to.

So guys, I was thinking of writing a Halloween oneshot special to supplement the current story. Is it alright with you guys? Also, which Touhou you'd like to see in the oneshot? Picture may or may not be an obvious indication.
No. 18439
As far as a particular focus? Since the whole thing is costumes/disguise, perhaps Alice, Nue, or Mamizou

But I'd like to see what you come up with for various girls' costumes.
No. 18616
I'd like some more foot action in the future
No. 19109
I'm fine with the picture. Aki sisters need more love
No. 19530
File 131798340732.jpg - (415.79KB , 792x928 , 39b12cf9cf59168c2f1175489d6da9ea.jpg ) [iqdb]
Which Touhou would you like to clean their feet?

Of course! In fact I have plans to write an Aki Sister Halloween special. Wish I'm not lazy/busy to focus on writing, but alas!


“She’s not going to show up?”

Yumeko nods. “I’m afraid that is the fact. I received news that she’s going to extend her stay at Alice’s place for one more night before coming home,” she speaks. “The details escape me, though, but I believe it has to do with

“That’s a let down, because I thought I could start the wine-tasting session with her tonight,” you utter and spin the half-filled wineglass in your hand. “It would be nice if I could introduce her to the exquisite pleasure of wine-tasking. Plus, I could ask her anything about Makai’s best wines, if there’s any.”

“I’m sure she will enjoy your session very much,” she speaks and takes a bite of the blueberry pie. “So how do you like your stay in Makai?”

“I can’t say that I’m getting used to it,” you speak and refill Yumeko’s empty glass. “But I’m glad I’m given the opportunity to travel to this exotic place.”

Yumeko smiles. “Try saying that to Miss Shinki, I’m very sure she will be elated to hear it.” Her attention, as well as yours, to dinner is distracted by Yuki and Mai staring at both of you, and she stops eating as to look back at them. “Is there any problem, girl?”

“You and Mister Nice Guy over here are talking like you’ve already known each other for a long time,” Yuki says, while pointing at you.

“Yes, what will the problem be?” you ask. You suspect that you know her reason of asking, but…

“Why don’t you get a room and have hot, steamy sex like you did?” The impromptu question causes you to choke the wine you’re drinking. You glare at Yuki who responds by sticking her tongue at you. “What’s up with that face? You two were having lots of fun back there, and I was jealous.”

“You have no idea what you just said, Yuki,” Mai dryly comments.

“Oh? I’m sure you’re as jealous as I am right now,” Yuki quips while elbowing her sister. “Knowing that she can do this and that to him while you can only peep at them while trying to you’re your hunger unfulfilled.” She snickers, at you. “Right?”

You take a quick look at Yumeko. It appears she’s trying to suppress her anger, and you’re curious about whether it’s directed at Yuki. You’re not sure if you should consult the girls or stay mum while waiting for Yumeko to vent out her disdain.

You cough. “Right, I think I better go out and take some fresh air,” you say and leave your meal unfinished.

“Oh? You’re going out?” Yumeko asks but not looking at you. “Do be careful. It’s a different world compared to Gensokyo at night.”

“I’ll be careful.” As you’re about to walk out of the front door, you can hear Yumeko giving the girls the harshest lecture you’ve ever heard, ironically being delivered in her usual soft tone. Poor girls, they should really be careful with their speech.

Right. Where to go?

There isn’t really anything you can do after dinner, so you decide to go back to the road you had taken on the way to the cottage. The night view, when compared to the surface, is really incredible although the absence of stars and moon makes it rather bland. You don’t really mind, so long as you get enough fresh air.

You take a detour and arrive at a garden. You take a seat on the boulder and lie down on it, staring into the black pitch above. You suddenly remember Yuki’s promise about meeting you at midnight, but it’s still fairly early in the night. There’s no use of thinking about it too much, as you start feeling drowsy. Maybe you should take a quick nap before heading back to your lodge.



Or not, as you feel your crotch being forcefully rubbed. You open your eyes and come face to face with Yuki, and she looks as eager as she was when you first met her. “Hey, you’re ruining my surprise,” she says as she yanks your pants down your legs.

“What are you doing?” you ask, but not really wanting to push her away. The delicate touch of her fingers around your member sends chill up your spine, and you shiver as your manhood hardens in her soft yet firm grasp.

“Why? Have you forgotten the promise I made?” she asks

“I do, but what are you doing?” you ask. “Forget about it, aren’t you supposed to stay at the cottage?”

“Big Sis Yumeko let us to spend our free time,” she answers and diligently kisses your hard-on. “And I thought both of us could finish where we started.”

“I thought she wouldn’t allow you to go outdoors after the scolding,” you utter, gasping when her tongue wraps around you. She doesn’t answer as she’s too engrossed devouring the entire length of you in her mouth, and you throw your head back on the boulder, letting her enjoy what she’s doing. She’s doing it in a rush, and her eagerness in finishing it as quickly as possible is visible on her lustful face. You want to tell her to do it slowly but the feeling of having her lips and mouth around you prevents you from doing so.

You feel your orgasm quickly rising and issue her a warning, but she ignores your plea as she keep on sucking you. You reach out and pull her head up, just in time you ejaculate onto her face, and she looks surprised as you empty your load onto her. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to come?” she asks in protests.

“I did, but you wouldn’t listen to my warning,” you answer. She stares at you, as if the answer isn’t satisfying her. Then she snickers and scoops some semen off her face, licking it clean off her finger. You can only watch as she undoes her dress, even as she’s giving you one of her teasing grins. She stops pulling her shirt halfway as sit atop of your belly, and she doesn’t seem to care about your distressed state as she pulls her shirt slightly up so that you can see the underside of her breasts.

“Well, how about we begin right now?”

She surely is a tease.

No. 19553
Kappa feet are the best feet
No. 19593
I bet webbed toes feel nice.
No. 19611
I agree. Being amphibious and magical has to count for something. When that something is a slimy, slippery skin at will, then I'm all for it.

Why do we use spoilers anyway? Everyone reads that text, one way or the other.
No. 19847
File 131900793126.jpg - (341.81KB , 715x1000 , b5f6da9ca9a67e0e3bba9e46fdca1d3f.jpg ) [iqdb]
sounds good to me too

also are we going to get more daiyousei at any point in time?
No. 19857
File 131903471944.jpg - (424.88KB , 720x1040 , delicious seigathighs~.jpg ) [iqdb]
First of all, don't use a name if you aren't a writefag.

Secondly, there will be future Daiyousei scenes, it's just that she's busy enjoying Aki Sisters' heavenly bounties we haven't even scratched the surface of Makai. Implying that Anon wants a mother/daughter threesome with Shinki and Alice. Or more quality time with Yumeko attending to our physical and spiritual need.

Wait. That last part is supposed to be exclusively Koakuma's, but oh well.

Picture not related. I think.
No. 20521
File 132136725436.png - (223.71KB , 800x800 , f8346a13f82cef4a57028a467408c35a.png ) [iqdb]
<<partial revival and bumping effort>>

Just want to say here that update is on the way, albeit in very painfully slow pace. I blame my laziness and my hectic work schedule.

And while we're at it, I'll update the list of customers with the TD casts:

Ten Desires (where are they located, by the way?
+ Kyouko
+ Yoshika
+ Seiga
+ Tojiko
+ Futo
+ Miko
+ Mamizou

And I think I forgot to add Tokiko in the Human Village list, so yeah.

Picture not related, but posting just because this Koishi is deliciously love~
No. 20522
Behind the Myouren Temple
No. 20523

> Kyouko & Mamizou
Myouren Temple.

Myouren Temple Graveyard.

>Seiga, Tojiko, Futo, Miko
Dream Palace Great Mausoleum, under the Myouren Temple Graveyard.
No. 20532
In some of the endings, Miko's main group makes their own place that is everywhere yet no where, allowing for particularly comical enterances into some scenes, such as Miko popping out from one of the Hakurei shrine's road stones.

But yeah Kyouko and Mamizou are definite temper resident as of post TD. Possible Kyouko and Kogasa threesome?
No. 20533
Possible Nue and Mamizou ménage à trois?
No. 20535
File 13214539998.jpg - (192.06KB , 1000x1050 , a3824ee02c04b84e1108fd2a89a4fb0d.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Kyouko/Kogasa threesome
I still owe my readers Koishi/Kogasa threesome, so I'm not sure about this. I bet it's somehow fun to have a Koishi/Kogasa/Kyouko foursome, though.

>Nue/Mamizou ménage à trois
You are now hearing Nue & Mamizou as sexy seductive French mistresses from 50's noir movie. Manually.

Seriously, you guys are giving me & Winonymous a hard time pleasing all the ladies as awesome as you can get. Writing now, but don't expect the update to be posted soon-ish.
No. 20704
Sorry for the delay!


You and Yuki.

Both of you are alone, together in the garden, apparently alone and without anyone to watch. And she’s sitting on top of you, purposely slowing her undressing as to allow you to see the underside of her chest, and she entices you with a smile that is as sultry as the girl herself. She knows how to tease her partner, and she knows you won’t be able to resist the temptation.

“Hey, are you just going to lie down and wait?” she asks in an impatient tone.

“How am I supposed to start when you’re sitting on me?” you ask.

She chuckles and finally pulls the shirt over her head. You’re impressed by her well-toned body in spite of her rather petite figure, and she giggles as she notices that you’re staring at her chest. Without any warning, she leans forward and seizes your lips in a kiss; it’s rough, it’s aggressive, and it leaves you reeling. You slightly groan when she forcibly thrusts her tongue past your lips and into your mouth, rousing you to return the tongue play. Taking hold of your hand, she places it on her chest and urges you to fondle her; she moans appreciatively into your mouth as you caress her warm mound, and slightly gasps when you pinch her erect nipples.

“Mmm… that feels good…” She kisses you again, more aggressive than before, and she doesn’t hesitate unbuttoning your shirt and planting hot kisses all over your exposed chest. You shiver as she runs her tongue across your naked skin, feeling its moist hotness over you, and you let out a shocked gasp when she playfully nibbles at your chest. This is getting all too frustrating, not to mention that your manhood is twitching and pulsing, desperate to be shoved into her hole.

“Hey, don’t give up now~” Yuki murmurs while she keeps licking your chest. “Or is it because you’re too hot already?” You want to speak but your voice gets stuck inside your throat as she positions herself over your erection; your mind whites out as she immediately lowers herself down your length, moaning all the way. She chuckles as she’s mounted you down to the hilt. “I’m going to ride you until you can’t even stand~” she murmurs.

She leans forward, her hands digging into your shoulders as she starts riding you, her breathes heavy and hoarse every time she slams her hips against you. You bring your hands up and fondle her breasts, and she moans lustfully as you bring her nipples into your mouth, licking and devouring them. Her body starts tightening up, and her legs shiver as she rides you even faster; her love juices are already flowing out of her nether-lips and making a pool under the boulder.

“I-I’m gonna-!” Her voices are cut off as she screams loudly, back arching as she climaxes. She keeps riding you for a few moments before she collapses on top of you, and moans in pleasure as she licks and bites your neck. It takes you a few more minutes to finally able to pull out of her, and she gasps as you turn her around so that she’s lying on her back. “Don’t you dare leaving me out here,” she grumbles.

In spite of your fatigue, you still manage to find some strength and position yourself at her lower entrance. “Did I?” You loom over her and immediately mash your face to hers, your tongue sliding deep into her mouth, silencing any of her protests. You thrust in, spreading her nether-lips open, and she groans at the tightness, feeling her pussy expand to fit your cock. She screams and bucks her hips upward as you’ve penetrated her up to the hilt. “Someone doesn’t like the idea of getting deep and hard while being underneath, it seems,” you utter jokingly and retreat slightly before pounding back into her hole, making her shriek in pleasure. You grin at her twisted face and withdraw, before thrusting your hot rod back into her. “How do you like it?” you ask into her ear.

“Oh, harder…”

You arc an eyebrow and continue pumping in and out of her. “I can’t hear you. What did you just say?” you ask into her ear. She tries speaking but her words get drowned by her screams of lust. You grin at her inabilities to voice her desires, and grind your hips against hers, causing her to quiver underneath you.

“Oh, harder!!” she finally gives in. “Ravage me, violate me! I don’t care what you do!”

“My, you surely are one vocal girl,” you utter and lean down as to nibble her pulsing throat. “But I’ll keep you satisfied until then.”

Hooking her legs over your shoulders, you pump yourself in and out of her drenched cunt, groaning when her inner walls rapidly contract and tighten around you. You pound your hips against hers, causing her to convulse underneath you, her face contorting in excitement. Confident that you can leave her legs hooked around you without support, you reach for your shirt pocket and take out handful of frilled ribbons, and you grin as she sees the item in surprise. Once again you silence her protests with a kiss, and you lift her arms over her head for easy access to her body.

“Didn’t you say anything about riding me until I can’t stand up?” you coo, even as you tie the ribbons over her arms and keeping them still on the boulder. You’re done with the tying, and you loom over her, admiring the handiwork that’s being presented before you. You swear you can feel rather than see her face burning brightly in embarrassment, and that her lustful moans are getting heavier and more apparent than before. “Look who’s talking now,” you mutter and nibble her ear, making her yelp.

“Y-you…” Her back arches as you pound against her hips harder still, and the ribbons are doing their tricks in keeping her still, allowing you full control over her. For a moment she’s caught in surprise and fear, unable to grasp the fact that you’re dominating her, but after a while the fearful look on her face disappears, replaced by the expressions of lust and desire. Once again you kiss her, feeling her tongue thrusting into your mouth and wrestling with yours, and you return the tongue play with equal aggressiveness, making her moan into your mouth.

Yuki’s lust voices get louder and louder, and her hips are desperately grinding against yours as her orgasm is approaching fast. You go even faster, and you wrap your arms around her as the tempo of your pounding reaches its limit. You find release and thrust yourself deep into her, filling her with thick load of semen. She lets out a loud, high-pitched scream, burying her face in your shoulder as her cum flows out onto the boulder. Slowly you pull out with a moist slurping sound and go limp on top of her, feeling her chest rise and fall with her gasps for breath.

“Jeez, you should’ve told me about ribbon play,” she finally murmurs as the afterglow fades.

“Sorry, but I intended to keep it as a surprise,” you reply and roll over, allowing her to rest on top of you. “Besides, I only did what I could to satisfy you.”

She groans and yanks herself free of the ribbons. “Still, you’ve made me filled and satisfied,” she says and wraps her arms around you. “Now I know why Big Sis is very happy.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“…you didn’t know?” she asks back. “She told us that you made her feel appreciated. She doesn’t mind you staying here for as long as you like.” That’s a revelation you didn’t expect to hear. “Well, do you like Big Sis?”

“I… I don’t know,” you answer in reluctance. “I’ve always seen her as a great partner, but… liking her?”

“Jeez, either you’re dense, or you don’t want to admit your feeling,” she grumbles. “Whatever, I’m going to sleep right now, so don’t even think of leaving me out here,” she says and rests her head upon your chest. You opt to remain quiet and embrace her, and she moans softly as you run your hands down her sweaty back. For some reason, you feel like you’re being watched…


I almost ventured into the BDSM territory, didn't I?

Part 3 of 3 will be a scene with Mai, so yeah.
No. 20705
>“I’ve always seen her as a great partner, but… liking her?”

Oh come on, even teenage hunters and russian soldiers aren't that dense.... I hope.
No. 20707
File 132220502969.jpg - (621.42KB , 1024x758 , b3625c792e59573ab6f8c753bd4eb67b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tell that to a man who has to worry over looking after a youkai of four seasons, a curse goddess, a greater fairy lover, and (soon) an entire Makai family. And that doesn't include a border lady whom we have yet to make an appointment with (as well as a potential little devil who longs to be loved).

Don't mind me.
No. 22147
File 132601660174.jpg - (149.29KB , 900x1259 , 1412ee718292add9281920690933afa4.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hello there, boy~”

That all-too-familiar voice. You don’t need to ask to know who it belongs to. Still, it’s worth opening your eyes to reveal her identity. So as you do, you find yourself staring into the face of the woman you’ve become acquainted to. “I see you’re having too much time with ribbon play, hmm~” Yukari mutters.

“You were watching,” you reply dryly.

The woman chuckles, even as she reveals her translucent nightgown for you to see in all its glory. If the fact that such garment only serves to give you instant boner doesn’t make you blush, you don’t know what else will. “Careful with this game you’re playing, winemaker boy,” Yukari reminds you while wagging her finger. “If you aren’t, it will come back and bite you twice as much.”

“You tell me,” you retort, even as you’re hiding your erection from getting seen.

“Oh, you and your hunger~” Yukari giggles and gives you a full kiss on the lips. You’re stunned, and you’re unable to move as she deepens the kiss and presses her breasts against you. Ironic, considering how bold she is right now, she’s helping you with suppressing your libido (and it works, as you can feel your manhood receding). “I just don’t like making love with you when the situation is against us. I’d prefer to enjoy it fully.”

“What are you saying here?” you ask, feeling dizzy as a result of the kiss.

“Well, I thought I could drop by and see how you’re doing. Turns out I don’t have to.” She pushes you down until you’re sitting on a gap, and she places herself upon your lap, allowing you full view of her. “So! How do you like Makai?” she asks and wraps her arms about your neck.

You have to resist the urge to grope her, choosing instead to rest your hands underneath her hips. She responds with an approving purr and adjusts her position so that she’ clinging onto you. “I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the company of Shinki’s family. Pity the head of the family herself wasn’t present to greet me,” you answer.

“I know, that’s why I went to find her,” Yukari says.

You realize you’re unable to fight this woman’s inviting warmth, so you bring your hand down and give her buttock a soft rub; you realize she isn’t wearing anything underneath the silk dress. “Well, what did she say?” you ask.

“She said she apologized for not being present,” Yukari answers, moaning when you slip your hand underneath her dress and squeeze the warm mound. “She was spending her nights at Myouren’s temple and forgot that she had a family reunion to attend.” Her words get cut off by another moan that results from you continually caressing her ass, and she buries her face beneath your robe as to muffle her whimpers. “…she told me she’d crop by tomorrow to greet you properly, so…” Once again, she moans and tightens her embrace. You never thought she’d have a sensitive ass, but as someone would say ‘you always learn something new everyday.’ You wonder how she’d react if she gets wrapped in frilled ribbons…

You realize your mind must have wandered off somewhere, because Yukari’s kissing you very roughly. Your brain short-circuits when she thrusts her tongue past your lips, provoking you to return her kisses. You can’t tell whether she’s aroused by your handiwork on her ass or is pretending to be, but all you know is that you’re kissing her as eagerly as she is, your hands diligently exploring every inch of her magnificent body.

“Now I know why the girls are all over you,” Yukari murmurs over your mouth, her breath heavy and erratic. “I think I’ll fall into your charm if I’m not being careful.”

“Well, I’ll just play safe with you next time,” you reply.

She giggles and kisses you, softly this time. “Well, as I said earlier, Shinki’s going to show up tomorrow, so be happy that your host is finally present to welcome you,” she utters. “Hmm~ I wonder if she approves of your affair with her beloved children~”

Yukari gets off your lap and slips into a gap that’s appeared behind her. “Now, I understand you want to go sleep after this, so~” Smiling, she lifts her hand and places it upon your forehead. “Wake up and smell the ashes~”


You wake up. You find yourself back in the cabin, and Yuki’s no longer with you. Yukari must have seen both of you at the secret garden, sleeping and holding each other naked, and brought you here. You just hope she didn’t use it as a blackmailing material, though…

You feel a sharp light piercing through your eyelids. You turn your head to the nearby window. Is it morning already? You hope you aren’t losing too much time, because you already have planned to walk around Makai until the ‘grandmaster’ shows up. Your body reeks of afterglow, and you need to take a bath, so you jump off the bed, grab the nearest towel and head to the bathroom.

Or so you think you’re going to do, when the front door opens and Mai walks into the room.

“Good morning, Mai,” you greet her, trying not to look shocked by her uninvited presence. “May I ask what brings you here?”

“Big Sis and Yuki are doing preparations for the reunion party, so she’s asked me to look after you for today,” she speaks. She puts the clothes she’s carrying in her arms on the table, and you can’t help noticing that she isn’t looking at you. “Already going for a bath, I see. Then I shall wait at the outside.”

“Implying that you can patiently wait,” you add. “It would be nice if you bring breakfast, too. We could sit down and enjoy the meal together.”

“No, thank you,” she replies. “And I’d rather stay here and wait for you to dress up.”

You shrug. “Oh, alright. I’ll let you know when I need something.” She doesn’t answer as she goes to clean up the room. You excuse yourself and head to the bathroom, but you decide not to take your bath as you stand beside the door. She’s hiding something, you know she’s not going to keep it for any longer, and you’ll keep waiting until she spills it out.

“I saw what you did with her.” Ah, so she was the one who was actually eavesdropping.

“Yuki? Well, what did it have to do with you?” you ask.

Mai is quick to turn her face as to hide her flushed cheek. “It’s none of your business.”

You find yourself snickering like an idiot. “Oh? Surely you didn’t feel excited after that?”

She ignores you, even as she pulls the curtains open as to let more sunlight to beam in. It only serves to highlight her finely shaped figure, the most prominent being her bare back. Her ass looks nice, too; you wonder if you can tap it. After fiddling with the furniture and the likes, she sighs and approaches you. “Fine.” She turns around, showing her bare back. “Do it however you like.” For someone who’s as cold as ice, she surely knows how to take the initiative, but you know she’s forcing herself.

“Mai, Mai.” You put your arms around her waist, pulling her body towards you. “Did I forget to tell you that I prefer to play it nice and slow?” you ask.

“But you almost broke her,” Mai mutters and moans as you unbutton her dress and slip the silky fabric off her shoulders, planting kisses upon her collarbone and neck. “And she even liked you doing her hard.”

“I did what I had to do to satisfy her need, and she demanded that I treated her as such,” you answer. “Of course, I can do the same to you only if you ask.” She shivers in your arms as you nip at her skin, and a husky pant escapes her lips as you lift her bra upward and take her hefty breasts in your hands, kneading them gently. Your lips meet hers, and she hooks her arm over your head, moaning as she returns the kiss. “I take it that you prefer it gentle, hmm?” you ask over her swollen lips.

“Aren’t you supposed to take your bath first?” Mai replies, her eyelids half-closed in desire.

You smile and kiss her again. “That’s my plan at first,” you say. “But what do you want me to do?”

She giggles and returns the kiss, deeper this time. “Well, what do YOU want to do?”

[ ] Let her join you in the bathroom.
[ ] Take her to the bed.

Add more playthings?
[ ] Ribbons.
[ ] “Feet cleaning ritual”.
[ ] Others.

Writefag’s note: well, yeah, this is a few places in this story where voting is required to continue the story. It’s not that important, so yeah. About the first option, either you can pick one or pick both (and do it in sequence). As if Anon would mind taking both.

Picture not related to the Cause.
No. 22148
[x] Let her join you in the bathroom.
[x] Take her to the bed.

IN this order

and [x] Perhaps some Ice if there's some available.
No. 22149
I agree with the vote.
No. 22152
I'm joining this band wagon.
No. 22173
Hey Serial ATA the link to the first part of this story is 404ing it seems. You got a backup? As I never got to the end of the first thread...
No. 22179


Archives for our site are here, just punch in the name and fiddle with the options.
No. 22180
Thanks. I'll have to remember that site. Thanks man
No. 22191
File 132611273221.jpg - (334.49KB , 1050x840 , 4e3e56d22ca668913814affa208d7696.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I think everybody pretty much wants to do both option (plus the ice plaything). Writing now.

Also, this picture is missing one person.
No. 22198
at least one if not or 2 more.
No. 22210
The other picture in that set has a dagger wedged deep in Yuuka's eye. Scary...
No. 22322
File 132653392518.jpg - (720.39KB , 900x900 , 70e06f480a0dc937abb93383762afa0d (2).jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, sorry for the delay in the update, but it's better than not to update, I guess. Just a lame excuse to post this picture, but eh.

After this, we'll be welcoming Shinki home, so the next scene will be all about her.


[c] Let her join you in the bathroom.
[c] Take her to the bed.
[c] Perhaps some ice if there’s some available.

You press your lips against the back of Mai’s neck, deeply inhaling her feminine scent. She moans as you begin planting kisses on her throat, reaching for the buttons that are keeping her dress in place, occasionally fondling her breasts. You move your hand toward her crotch and press your finger against the wet fabric of her panties. “I think both of us need a shower badly,” you muffle on her neck.

She moans her response, nodding submissively as you pull her into the shower. You turn the warm water on and push her against the wall, watching the water splash down over her, turning her dress transparent and showing all of her. You snicker at the sight, even as more water is soaking her shirt, making the wet fabric cling to her body, enhancing her gentle curve. You let go off her shoulders and slide your hands up her hips, tossing the unwanted clothes out of the way and moving up towards her breasts, squeezing them tightly, rolling her nipples in your fingers.

“Damn,” she moans, “this is so hot.”

You chuckle. “This,” you utter as you trail your fingers around the curvature of her breasts, “is very nice.”

You lean in, giving her neck a long lick as you cup her generous mound. She moans breathlessly into your ear as you move your hand toward her crotch and remove the laced strings of her panties; you give her pussy a quick nudge, making her squeal. She pushes you away and starts removing the clothing articles off your body, and she gives out a guttural growl as she plants wet kisses upon your chest and licking down towards your belly. As she kneels down, she brushes her lips on your throbbing manhood, kissing it gingerly.

“You’re really hard now,” she murmurs.

“Very,” you groan.

She runs her tongue around your cock, licking it as if it were ice cream. Slowly, she put her lips over the tip and pushes her head forward, taking your member into her mouth. You groan quietly and place your hands on her shoulders to keep her steady, as she pumps her head back and forth, sucking and deep-throating you. You groan at the pleasure of having her hot tongue all over you, and you throw your head backward as she keeps sucking on you.

You dig your fingers through her wet hair, and in one swift, pull her back onto her feet. You kiss her once again, your tongues wrestling against each other, your naked bodies pressing. She moans deeply into your mouth as you squeeze her breast and ass, methodically caressing both mounds to further pleasure her.

“H-hey,” she gasps for breath. “We should get a better place…”

You stare into her eyes, snickering at her impatience. Wordlessly you sweep her off her feet and carry her back into the bedroom. Not caring for your wet bodies, you place her on bed, her breasts jiggling as she lays on her back. You lean in and take her stiff nipple in your mouth, switching left and right and leaving bite marks on her skin. You let go off her breasts and move back to her face, seizing her inviting lips and kissing her once more.

“M-mister Winemaker…” You look up at her. Her face is deeply flushed, her breathing erratic, her eyes half-closed. “I… can you do me a favour…?”

You arch your eyebrow, not understanding her intention, but you doubt you can decline her. You haul her up her ass and rest her upon your lap, her naked back pressing against your chest. “What is your desire, Mai?” you ask while nibbling and licking her neckline.

You feel something stingingly cold wrapping your hands. You bring them up and notice a peculiar object being placed on your palm. Ice? Before you can figure out what’s going on, Mai guides both your hands onto her breasts, and a sharp, audible gasp escapes her mouth the moment your cold palm touches her nipple. For some reason, you don’t feel your hands freezing in spite of the spine-chilling sensation.

Now you understand.

You bring one of your ‘freezing’ hands down to her belly, and she squeaks in surprise as you touch the tip of her clit with your cold fingers. You laugh and pinch her erect nipple with your ‘frozen’ fingers, making her moan in ecstasy. You match the movement of your hand rubbing her pussy with your handiwork on her breast, and her moans get high-pitched at each passing second. You lean forward and nibble the velvety skin of her neck, further pleasuring the girl.

Eventually Mai starts trashing on your lap, and her back arches as she let out an ecstatic scream. You turn her head around and kiss her, silencing her lustful cries as her body trembles in pleasure. She falls limp against your chest, moaning softly as she basks in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Ice play, eh?” you ask as you wrap your arms around her waist. “Naughty girl, trying to play cold with me.” Placing your hands on her hips, you lift her and guide her over your erection; she eagerly takes your manhood and brings her to her pussy. “I see someone is really hungry right now,” you say jokingly.

“Very,” she murmurs.

You guide her until her lower lips brushes the tip of your erection. Then, taking a deep breath, you bring her down your length, filling her hot tunnel inch by inch. When at last you’ve rested her on your length, Mai lets out a lengthy moan of pleasure and puts her hand on her belly as to see how much you’ve filled her. She feels so tight, and you have a hard time restraining yourself from giving away to the pleasure.

“You ready?” you ask.

“I’m all yours,” she answers.

You lift her slightly off your lap and bring her back down, groaning as her pussy is quick to tighten around your manhood. Hooking your arms around her sweaty body, you start ramming into her, moving faster as the pressure builds up. Mai throws her head backward and moans, biting her lower lip as she hangs her arm around your neck to keep herself steady. You pump in and out of her, driving into her over and over, your still ‘cold’ fingers reaching for anything to hang onto her body. She moans incessantly as her sweaty body slips up and down on yours, her nipples hard on your palm.

Mai screams once more as she climaxes, torrents of her love juice gushing out of her soiled cunt and soaking the mattress underneath. You keep thrusting your hot rod into her before you slow down and pull yourself out of her. You kiss her to silent any of her protests as you lay her down, your cold hands still massaging her breasts. “Do you mind,” you speak over her swollen lips and take out the same frilled ribbons you used to tie Yuki up. “If I do this?”

“Oh?” It takes her a few seconds to apprehend your request, and as she does a seductive, knowing smile creeps upon her face. “I thought ice play wouldn’t satisfy you~” she murmurs.

You bring her arms over her head and tie the ribbons around her wrists. “Well, winemaker like I often has to experiment with different tastes.” You wrap the ribbons around her body, deliberately leaving her breasts exposed, and continue wrapping the ribbons around her legs, taking a few seconds to run your hand along the creamy thighs. You give the wrapping a finishing touch by tying a butterfly-shaped bow around her ankles. You loom over her once more, kissing her generously. “I’m now going to unwrap this present really, really slowly. Do I have the permission?” you ask.

“Please, unwrap me gently~ ♥” she replies.

You untie the ribbons from her legs, and guide yourself at her lower entrance. You push yourself in one quick thrust, and she moans loudly as you’re filling her once more. You pull yourself slightly out of her before your thrust your hips forward, pressing deeper into her. Mai moans with each of your stroke and grinds her hips against yours as to match your movement. Keeping her in your arms you lean forward and feast upon her breasts, marring them with bites, pinpricks and blood. She starts trashing underneath you, and her legs are locked around you as to push you deeper into her.

You switch position and make Mai stand on all four. You continue ravaging her thoroughly fucked hole, and all the while Mai’s shouting at you to go faster and harder, moaning passionately as you play with her ass and sometimes her breasts. It doesn’t take too long before the pressure becomes too much to bear, and you do a couple more thrusts before you come hard inside her.

You never thought you’d blank out for a moment, but as you open your eyes you’re suddenly laying on your back, a tired but blissfully happy Mai on top of you. You put your arms around her, still wrapped in the ribbons, holding her while enjoying the afterglow.

“…you’re good…” Mai murmurs. “…no wonder Big Sis is very happy with you.”

“I only did what I could to make her happy,” you answer. “I’m just unsure if she approves of playthings.”

She giggles. “Knowing you, she’ll more than eager to let you have your way at her.” She groans quietly as you run your fingers along her spine. “So… how was she?”

“Yuki? Impatient and a bit too aggressive, but very fun to tease,” you say. “You should see her face when I first showed the ribbons.”

She giggles again. “I knew she would be surprised at what you’d do. She’s always edgy when she can’t have things go her way, so it’s good when you teach her a few lessons.” She looks up at you. “By the way.”


“Do you have a name?” she asks. “It’s bothersome to have to call you ‘Mister Winemaker’ all the time. I know Big Sis is dying to know your name, and mother’s going to show up soon, so…”

You snicker. “Just call me Deion.”

She stares at you, as if unable to believe to hear the simple name. After a few minutes she chuckles and kisses you, before resting her head upon your chest. “Deion… isn’t it?” she asks sleepily. “It’s a nice name; I’m sure she’ll like it.”
No. 22772
So, when should we expect a new update? I've been F5ing for a while now...
No. 22785
File 132809026951.jpg - (727.61KB , 900x1200 , ba622c25491e2b5fdf3d8662de1eb71b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, what are you expecting in the next update? saging for not actually updating, and picture not related to current story.

And I expect Anon to ask for more playthings/foreplays in the future.

Update is on the way, actually, but real-life issue has caught me off-guard, so yeah, sorry for any delay.
No. 22787
What am I expecting, eh? Well I'd like to see Deion impress the ladies with his decanting skills if Shinki shows up. After that, I'd like to see our friendly winemaker socialize with someone. Maybe Sara or Luize. That sounds pretty nice...
No. 23017

... or maybe Shinki could bring Alice along with her? ... hm... that could be a nice possibility...
No. 23594
File 133190258714.jpg - (245.25KB , 600x800 , 71a7e35e218f3fef5b5691813f09f1d8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, guys, I know this is already overdue, but I'm bumping this thread just to inform everyone that update is on the way. Don't cross your fingers yet, as I doubt I can have it done in the shortest time.

You all can guess who's next.
No. 23595
You are a horrible person. You're bumping your own story to tell us you're updating, instead of keeping your mouth shut. Which means that now, we're going to wait eagerly for two weeks before you actually update.
No. 23607
He's been busy with other stuff, such as two other stories. There's other writers who don't update for months on end without much good explanation.
No. 23608
File 133195753573.jpg - (649.19KB , 1200x968 , 85f044f67798966bf5647d71eb12103b.jpg ) [iqdb]
...and I'm sorry for getting on everyone's nerves, so here it is.


“So remind me, what are we doing again?”

“You don’t know?” Yumeko asks as she passes the tea set. “Miss Shinki is coming home today; I thought you’ve been looking forward to meet her.”

“I am,” you answer. “Then why am I helping you with the chores?”

“Because there’s no one else I can rely,” she says. “Yuki went to the cliff and hasn’t come back yet. Mai…” She pauses, only because she’s staring at you suspiciously. “Did something happen between both of you?”

“Something?” You cough; she must have found out about the frolic you and Mai had this morning. “I wouldn’t call it something if it was fulfilling a girl’s desire.” You put the decanting set on nearby table, fixing its position so that it matches the rest of the utensils. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No, there isn’t,” she says, “but next time, please let me know whenever you and they are doing things. Looking after them is quite a hassle, especially with Miss Shinki; she’s among a few people whose antics I can get away with.”

‘Get away’ is an understatement,” you utter and pour red wine into one of the glasses. “If it’s how they express themselves, so why not playing along with them?” You give the filled glass to Yumeko, and fill your own glass afterwards. “Cheers to eternal youth.”

“Can’t say no to the gentleman himself, can I?” she utters and clangs the glass she’s holding with yours. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, sure.”

“What exactly is your business in Gensokyo?” she inquires. “I can’t imagine you, being a winemaker and all, having to travel a lot just to meet your customer.”

You find yourself snickering. “Oh? For someone who has, I bet, travelled a lot, you haven’t learned about winemaking. You see, Yumeko, winemaking isn’t just about making the best wine out of the best ingredients nature can offer, it’s about sharing such gift with people who can appreciate all the efforts we, as winemakers, have to go through.” You refill Yumeko’s glass. “Besides, it’s only natural that I want to learn about my customers as much as I can.”

“You sound like you’re having too much fun,” Yumeko says.

“Humans only live once, so why don’t we live our life to its fullest?” you reply. “After all, life back at my old hometown has become dull and uninteresting. Imagine, thousands tourists flocking the town yet none of them are buying from my shop.”

“Maybe you didn’t promote your business hard enough,” Yumeko suggests.

“I did.” You sigh. “Maybe it’s because traditional ways are fading away.” You refill your own glass. “Perhaps… I should thank Yukari for showing me the way to expand my business and maybe… spreading the love and pleasure of wine across this land of fantasy.”


“I know, right?” you chuckle. “Say, I’m very curious about your affair with Reimu,” you speak. “What’s up with that? I never saw her throwing her anger at you like that before.”

She takes a deep breath. “It’s a very complicated story, and as I had told you before, I knew her mother long before she was born,” she answers. “And yes, Reimu has every reason to be angry at me for not attending her mother’s funeral.” She throws her sight into the reddish sky. “Reiko and I had been very close friends ever since she and her magician friends wrecked havoc in Makai. I never bore any grudge against them for what they had done, not even after what they had done to Miss Shinki in the end.”

“Tell me more about it,” you say.

She chuckles. “Oh, it’s not that significant. Miss Shinki just thought that, after witnessing their strength, decided that they were worthy of opponent and challenged them. Of course, that didn’t stop us from having our asses kicked to curb.”

“Literally or figuratively?” Yumeko doesn’t answer, choosing instead to drink the wine to its last drop. You decide not to meddle further with the issue and offer to refill her glass; you really wish you could delve further into her past and know the truth. “So, how does the wine taste? I handpicked it just for the occasion.”

“Isn’t this Dolcetto?”

You can’t help snickering. “I’m surprised you already know its name,” you utter.

“I figured it as much,” Yumeko adds. “It would be nice if we had pasta to compliment it.” She takes another sip of the Dolcetto, murmuring something in a language you’re unsure if you’ve heard it somewhere. She, then, puts the glass on the table and approaches you, until her face is a couple of inches away from yours. “I’m curious about one thing, though,” she utters, her breath softly caressing your cheek.

“Which is?”

“You’re sure you can keep up with Miss Shinki should she start requesting you to entertain her?” As she asks the question she lifts her right leg, allowing you to lift her skirt halfway up her limb. You run your hand along her well-built calf, noticing with alarm that it’s dotted with old scars; a slight gasp escapes her mouth when you prod one of the scars, prompting you to apologize. “It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about it,” she murmurs.

You continue lifting her skirt until you’re exposing her thigh, and run your hand along its underside. She moans approvingly when you prod her knee-pit, and gasps when you hook your other arm underneath her left leg, lifting her off the floor. “Thought we could go somewhere more comfortable,” you speak and head to the couch, placing her upon your lap. “Besides, I’m curious about the kind of request she’d be asking from me.”

“Well, why don’t you inquire the person herself when she shows up?” Yumeko asks. She shudders as you stroke her taut thighs, and moans softly when you bring her closer to you until her breasts are pressed upon your chest. You bring your hands up to her ass and squeeze it gently, making her giggle. She encircles her arms about your neck, and presses her lips against yours as she kisses you. You return the kiss, and bring your face down to the crook of her neck, nibbling and licking her velvety skin.

Your hands leave the warmth of her ass and move upward to her chest, unbuttoning her dress and bra, exposing her breasts to the air. You bring your face down and press your lips between her warm mounds, feeling rather than hearing her heartbeat pounding against your cheek. Yumeko moans and arcs her back, shivering in your arms as you feast upon her erect nipples, unable to get a fix of you.

You leave her pert nipples and move back to her face, and you waste no time seizing her lips in another kiss. She moans into your mouth as the two of you start wrestling your tongues against one another, and lets out a shocked hiss when you rub her wet crotch, clamping your hand between her thighs as to bring it closer. You and Yumeko continue making out, oblivious of the surrounding environment, even as you and her are swept away by the wave of passion.

“You’re too occupied with him that you didn’t notice me arriving, eh Yumeko?”

Both you and Yumeko pull away from the kisses and turn to the voice. “M-Miss Shinki?” the shocked Yumeko asks. “Since when…”

“Surprise~ ♥” Shinki exclaims. Standing next to the youthful woman clad in contemporary clothes (that comprises of denim skirt and ribbed sweater that does nothing but to highlight her motherly figure) is Alice, and she appears to be unfazed by what she’s seeing (she, too, is dressed in the same manner as Shinki). “Didn’t expect to see me showing up this early, did you? I figured that I should alert you earlier, but seeing you enjoying your time with him makes me wonder if I should ever come back here.”

Quickly she buttons her dress and gets off your lap as she approaches Shinki and apologizes profusely for ignoring her. “Now, now, Yumeko, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having you look after his welfare,” she says and nudges the maid on the waist. “If you know what. I. Mean~ ♥”

You approach the entourage and greet the goddess of Makai. “Well, well, if it isn’t our guest of honour,” Shinki says and bows to you. “I welcome you to Makai. I hope you didn’t get bored waiting for me, Mister Winemaker.”

“That I am, ma’am,” you say while tipping your beret. “And I must thank you for the invitation, because I, for one thing, had already gotten bored up there.”

“Oh, you,” she says while waving her hand at you dismissively. “I’m sure you won’t be bored by this place. Right, Yumeko?”

“Indeed it is, Miss Shinki,” Yumeko speaks in all her professionalism as a maid. “He will find Makai the most interesting place to live in.”

“Well, then, I guess we don’t have much time to waste, so!” You invite them to the table. “Why don’t all of us get acquainted while I serve you with the best wine the outside world has to offer?”
No. 24379
File 133576588458.png - (1.43MB , 1008x1500 , 4664925f1b269779361161413a2ce9cf.png ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay~


“And that, ladies, is how you decant your wine,” you say as to end your demonstration. Almost as soon as you put down the wineglass filled with your handiwork your audience claps their hand, and you bow to them in full courtesy. “Thank you for paying full attention to this demonstration. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly,” you speak.

“Splendid, as expected from an expert winemaker,” Shinki says in compliment. “I know Yukari chose the right man for this occasion. I should thank her the next time we meet.”

You fill the glasses and pass them to your audience. “And before I forget, I should mention that today’s vintage selection is Barolo, the greatest red wine Italy has to offer,” you speak. You watch in anticipation as the ladies are having a taste of the vintage, and snicker at their varied reaction.

“You know, I’ve wanted to know this gentleman in person,” Shinki says as she takes a sip of the wine. “Yumeko, could you bring the children indoor? I’d like to seek for a private audience with him.” Is it you, or is the goddess of Makai herself offering you a place in her audience? An opportunity is an opportunity, and you aren’t going to let it slip away.

“Aw, when I thought we could have him for ourselves only…” the disgruntled Yuki says.

“Come on, Yuki; it’s Mother we’re talking about here. Do you want to do anything to invoke her anger?” Mai asks.

“Uh-huh. I bet Mother and him is going to enjoy their time very, very much,” Yuki states; you swear you can see the frustration in her eyes as she’s looking at you, the kind of frustration you know is a result of from being unable to satiate her inner desire.

Yuki turns to Yumeko. “Big Sis, say something about this, will you?” she asks.

The maid merely laughs and pats both the girls’ head. “Well, they always say never to interrupt someone’s quality time. Come, girls, let’s go prepare the house. I bet Miss Shinki and Miss Alice are very tired from their trip.”

“Aw, but Big Sis!” Yuki protests.

Yumeko drags the two sisters back to the home, leaving you with the lovely company of Shinki and Alice. “Well, ladies, I guess this is the time all of us get to know each other better, yes?” you say as you refill the glasses.

“Actually, it’s more like ‘the two of us get to know you better’,” Shinki says. “If. You. Inow. What. I mean~ ♥” You stare at the woman, who in turn giggles and jabs you on the waist. “You already took the initiative and had Yumeko for yourself. I was really surprised by that.” She wags her finger at your face. “Now, now, Mister Winemaker, you know it’s impolite to date someone’s daughter without asking for permission from her mother first~”

Alice coughs disapprovingly. “Mom, must you embarrass yourself in front of him?” she asks. “And I must correct you on the subject of daughter before he misunderstands the whole situation.”

“Oh, stop being so modest and embrace your true self once in a while,” Shinki answers while waving her hand dismissively at her daughter. “Silly Alice, it’s not like we can meet him everyday and have fun with him like this.” She glances at you. “Right~?”

“For your information, dear mother, his antics have spread across the land like a wildfire,” Alice speaks in defence of herself. “Yes, when I said his antics, I meant his affairs with his “loyal” customers.” She stares deeply at you, causing you to panic slightly. “Oh, don’t give me that look, oh Mister Winemaker who has made the goddess of curse very filled and extremely happy.

“Come on, Alice dear, stop being so harsh on him,” Shinki tells her. “You know he’s travelled so far just to attend our reunion party. Be considerate to him and show some manners, please?”

“Whatever, Mom,” Alice sighs. “I’m too tired to argue with you or him right now, I’m going to sleep. Wake me up when dinner is ready, alright?” Without saying anything afterwards Alice leaves you in the garden and heads back to the house. You wonder whether the travelling distance she has to go through has made her this cranky…

Shinki giggles. “She’s just too shy to admit it, that girl,” she speaks. “But don’t let that grumpiness deceive you, dear sir. She’s really a good girl; you just need to give her some time and space to prove herself.”

“And here I have her mother, who’s every bit as basking in the full energy of eternal youthfulness as I can imagine, who isn’t very shy to make the first move,” you add. She promptly responds by punching you on the arm; it doesn’t hurt, but it surely takes you by surprise. “I was stating the obvious, don’t be that mad.”

“Oh, yes I am,” Shinki answer in all her seriousness, although the playful tone in her voice somewhat betrays the mood. “You shamelessly made out with Yumeko without my consent, right in front of my eyes on top of that. I know both of you are madly in love with each other, but have you got no shame, Mister Winemaker?”

You cough. “For your information, Miss Shinki, can I, as a winemaker who always prioritizes my customers, allow myself to deny her request? I know I can’t, because that’s what my profession is all about.”

“And let your self-control be swept away in the sea of desire? I believe you need to learn to restrain yourself in lots of way, Mister Winemaker,” Shinki continues.

“Well, I know for sure I won’t be able to refuse you if you asked the same thing.” That does the trick, because Shinki is now blushing very brightly. You laugh and offer to refill her glass with another shot of Barolo. “Come on. You said you wanted me to show you the tools of the trade, didn’t you?”

She smiles and clanks her glass with you. “Well, then, Mister Winemaker, please teach me.”

“With all my pleasure. By the way, Miss Shinki-”

“Please, Mister Winemaker, don’t be too formal and just call me Shinki,” she cuts you off. “I find it creepy when a man addresses me with that suffix.”

“At least I was trying to be polite,” you say.

“You already are,” Shinki assures.

“Well, then, I guess we should address each other with names,” you say. “So please call me Deion. It’s a pleasure to know your name.”

“Oh, so you do have a name!” she exclaims in mocked shock. “I was thinking of giving you a proper name, but since you already have one~” She invites you to sit on nearby bench, and you’re all too happy to oblige as you follow her. “You know, I’ve been looking forward for this occasion since Yukari informed me about you. It isn’t easy to have this opportunity very often since people left Makai years ago.”

“It will be an honour to serve you accordingly,” you speak. “Even if that means I have to walk you out of melancholy.”

She giggles. “Thank you for the kind thought, but your presence is enough for me,” she answers. “So tell me, how do you like Makai? I hope my children didn’t burden you with their various demands and such.”

You laugh miserably. She already saw you and Yumeko making out with each other, so it’s best that you keep your affair with Yuki and Mai secret from her. On the other hand, she might have sniffed out, so hiding anything from her is futile. “At least they’re doing their best to keep me company,” you answer.

“Oh~ I see you enjoy their presence very much,” she speaks.

“If my customers are happy, then I have performed my responsibility properly, thank you very much,” you utter. “I look forward to spend quality time with you, now that you’re already here.”

Shinki smiles. “I, too, am looking forward to it.”

“How is the wine? I hope you don’t find it too strong for your taste.”

“Hmm~” She takes another sip. This time, you can clearly notice a faint blush on her youthful face. The way her vibrant lips part invitingly as she brings the glass to her mouth, the way she breathes into the glass, the way her shapely chest heaves up and down, its movement restricted by the tightness of her ribbed sweater, how the denim skirt is just long enough to cover her modesty, but still short enough to expose her thighs to the air…

Good grief, it’s like she wants you to take the initiative on her.

“I like this vintage very much,” Shinki speaks, subsequently breaking your fantasy. “What was it again? Barolo?”

“Yes, it’s Barolo,” you stammer.

She laughs and claps her hands happily. “Yay, I got the answer right on my first try~” she cheers. She takes a last sip of the wine and puts the glass away. She, then, does what you’ve suspected: putting her hand upon your lap, enticing you to take her hand and hold it. You have to restrain yourself; after all, she is the goddess of Makai, and one wrong step could mean the early end of your trip.

Eventually, the temptation is too much to bear.

You close the distance between you and Shinki. You bring your hand up to her cheek and turn her face so that she’s facing you. You expect her to be surprised, but instead she’s staring at you longingly, almost as if she has been waiting for this. “Shinki, can I?”

She nods and closes her eyes. “Yes, but please be gentle.”

You take a deep breath. You bring your face forward, and your mouths meet as you claim her lips in a kiss. You want to take it slow and easy, not wanting to startle her with any sudden move, but then she moans, almost as if she’s encouraging you to take another step. You deepen the kiss, feeling her sighing into your mouth as she parts her lips to allow you access to her mouth. You thrust your tongue, and a shuddering sigh escapes her as your tongue meets hers, playfully wrestling against each other. Your hand leaves the warmth of her face and rests upon her chest, and she moans happily as you gently massage her breast. The kiss deepens once more, and you find yourself groaning into her mouth as she pushes your hand against her chest, urging you to fondle her more. She’s starting to lose herself, but who are you to not fulfil her desire?

Your kisses break off. Both of you stare at each other, short gasps coming out of your mouths, faces blushing brightly. For a moment, it’s as if you and Shinki are not going to be able to resist each other’s passion, when she presses her lips against yours, rousing you to kiss her deeper. You’re swept away in the deepest desire, and you’re unable to refrain yourself from enjoying every bit of this youthful woman’s presence.

Finally Shinki pulls away from your face, thick trails of saliva following the ascent of her tongue. Amidst her heavy breathes, she giggles and places her finger upon your mouth, asking you to keep quiet. “I used my magic to restrain your… umm, passion, for the lack of better word,” she says rather timidly. “I understand this is too sudden for you, but I was really pleased that you were willing to treat me accordingly.”

“If you’re happy, then I’m happy,” you speak, feeling at ease now that your libido has faded away. “Still, that was a surprisingly a bold move. I never expected to see this coming from you.”

She giggles again, albeit mischievously. “They may call me a goddess, and I don’t mind being called one, but I’m a demon by nature,” she answers. “It’s only natural that a demon will get what she wants by all means.”

“If that’s the case, I should be more careful from now on,” you tell her.

“Oh, yes you will, because if you aren’t careful and expose your back…” Your eyes widen as three pair of wings sprout from her back and spread wide in such magnificence that leaves you speechless and awestruck. She smiles down at you, and for the first time it strikes in your mind that you’re dealing with a powerful demon lord, and it becomes apparent that you should never take this woman for granted, however gorgeous she is.

Shinki giggles and places her finger upon mouth. “Well, I should stop scaring my guest away with my power display,” she utters and casts the wings off her. “But then again, you didn’t black out as I’d have expected. Hmm, there’s something about you that makes me very curious~” She gets off your lap and pulls you back to your feet. “Well, then, Mister Deion! I hope you’re free tonight, because I’ll ask Yumeko to prepare dinner for the three of us-”

“Three? Oh, you must be talking about Alice,” you speak. “I hope she doesn’t mind you making your move on me, because honestly, you freaked me out.” You scratch the back of your head. “At least you should alert me about those wings.”

She giggles. “Come on, at least I didn’t shoot lightning or summon fireball, did I?” She turns around and takes your hands as she stares at your face. “Well, what do you say if I request for another demonstration for tonight’s dinner?”

You can’t help smiling. “For you, Milady, I will do anything to please you,” you say and squeeze her hands in return.

“And I expect only the best from you,” Shinki adds. “If. You. Know. What. I. Mean~ ♥”
No. 24380
Delicious, but I do hope it's not all. Apologizing for a delay with an update ending before the main event? You monster.
No. 24383
File 133586481883.jpg - (103.28KB , 600x827 , f6e2b1e7e729792525cc7a15f161afce.jpg ) [iqdb]
And then this writefag is GlaDOS.You monster.

I was having quite fun writing this next scene, so behold~


“How troublesome.”

“Is there something wrong?” you ask after you escort Shinki to the mansion; Yuki and Mai are nowhere to be seen, and you assume they’re playing somewhere else.

Yumeko sighs. “It’s Alice. She hasn’t left her room, and doesn’t answer my calls for many times. I know she’s tired, but that doesn’t mean she has to lock herself in. What if something wrong happens to her?”

“Maybe I should go see her,” you suggest. “Should I inform Shinki first about this?”

“No, please, just leave it to me. I don’t want to make her worried,” Yumeko says.

“I see what I can do.” You excuse yourself and head back into the mansion. You make your way to her room, and knock the door twice. It takes a couple of knockings before you hear ruffling sound from behind the door. “W-who is it?” you hear Alice asking.

“It’s yours truly,” you answer.

You hear another ruffling. “P-please come in, the door isn’t locked.” You walk into the room, and the first thing you notice that how hastily Alice’s dressed, and that she’s standing near her equally messy bed. You wonder what kind of trouble she has gone through.

“Yumeko asked me to look for you,” you inform. “She said you locked yourself in and didn’t answer her calls.”

“Oh, that? I’m sorry, I was just tired,” Alice answers while shaking her head in frantic. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” She folds the blanket while not looking at you. “I hope you don’t have anything else to do, but please feel free to look around. You have my permission.”

You look around her room. You can see two of her favourite dolls – Shanghai and Hourai – seated on a table in suspended animation, and they too are dressed in the same way as their puppet master. You recall your previous conversation with Yukari about the latest fashion trend at the outside world, and that such trend has found its way to Gensokyo recently. Not that you’re interested in it, but you do find girls in sweaters an appealing sight to behold.

“Well, if there isn’t anything you want to ask, I should be leaving now.” You excuse yourself and leave her, but your steps halt when Alice calls you back. You turn around and notice the uncertain look on her face as she’s looking at you. “What is it this time?”

“Would… would you please?” she asks, her fingers clenching the fabric of the blanket.

“Is there anything wrong, Alice? Your face is flushed red,” you tell her.

“N-no, don’t mind my face, there’s nothing wrong with it!” she barks. “I-I’m sorry for yelling at you, but… here’s something that I want you to do for me.” She gulps. “I hope you don’t mind, so…” You watch in intrigue as she stands up and lifts her sweater, and you can see why: her underwear is drenched. Maybe this is the reason she locked herself in.

You approach her. “It seems you need someone to… relieve yourself, if my guess is correct,” you say while putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Yes, I am,” she answers. “I’m sorry for acting harsh in front of you before. It was…” She’s stammering, and you allow her construct her words, even as you bring her to sit on the bed. “…ah, my mood wasn’t really good since this morning, and I was going to see Eirin when mom showed up at the doorstep,” she utters. She chuckles and breaks eye contact, presumably out of shame. “I’m sorry, but I hope you understand this situation.”

You brush your lips upon her scalp. “I do, Alice. I really do.” You bring your hand down to her crotch. The stickiness is apparent the moment your finger touch the fabric of her panties, and she gasps when you slowly pull the panties down her thighs. “Does this hurt you?” you ask while prodding your finger upon her nether-lips.

She shakes her head. “N-no… it’s just what I wanted you to do…” she mutters. She gasps again as you rub her pussy, and a silent moan escapes her lips when you rest your fingers upon her clit. You put your hand over her shoulder and guide her down onto her back, and you immerse yourself in the splendid sight of this young woman as her arms splay out above her head, her hair a tumbled mess on the bed.

You brush strands of hair out of her eyes and lean down for a kiss. Your lips rake over hers, pinching and sucking her warm tongue. Her soft, pleased whimpers echo in your ears, urging you to go further. You give her damp pussy a hard nudge, and she responds by wrapping her arms about your neck, moaning deeply into your mouth. You let go off her swollen lips and brush your lips along her neck and collarbone, making her squirm underneath you.

You wonder if she’s been waiting for this.

You lift yourself up and tug the underside of her sweater, before pulling the attire over her head and tossing it away from the bed. You unclip the front fastening of her bra, allowing her breasts to spill forward with a jiggle. You feast yourself upon the sight of her bare chest, chucking at her attempt to cover her modesty.

“I… I’m not as good-looking as mom or Yumeko,” she mutters, her face redder than the reddest rose. “Please…?” You ignore her plea and take her pert nipple in your mouth, licking and sucking on it vigorously, all while you continue your handiwork on her crotch. She starts trashing on the bed, her body trying to have a fix on you. You continue feasting upon her breasts, switching from one side to another, running your tongue along her nipples that rapidly harden in contact.

You stop, only because you feel your hand coated with sticky substance. You stop rubbing her crotch, and using two fingers you slowly spread her lower lips. Alice lets out a long, lustful moan, and her thighs clamp automatically around your hand. You run your fingers back and forth over her clit, almost batting it between your fingers. Alice’s moans become more vigorous, and her body goes into an involuntary spasm, alternating between tensing every muscle in her body and going totally limp from your touch.

You leave the lushness of her breasts and bring your head up to hers. Looming over her sweaty face, you lean down and claim her lips in another kiss, while at the same time you thrust two fingers into the depth of her sex. At once she screams into your mouth, her back arching in excitement, and her pussy shivers and clench around you. You begin pumping your fingers back and forth, rubbing your thumb in quick circles against her clit.

Alice’s moans becomes louder, more frequent with each pumping of your fingers. You can feel her inner walls tighten around you, and her love juices start flowing out and onto the mattress. You feel like you’re going to break her, but instead of slowing down she urges you to go faster. You comply with a kiss, and speed up your fingering until she finally lets out a long, orgasmic scream. Her pussy contracts around your fingers, and her back arches as she climaxes. You allow her to ride her orgasm with your fingers still inside her until she calms down, and you pull your fingers out of her, licking them clean.

“Like the best combination of wines in the world,” you comment and put your fingers into her mouth, allowing her to have a taste of her own cum. She moans in pleasure, her chest heaving up and down as she’s basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. You kiss her generously, and she moans happily as she returns the kiss. “How do you feel now, Alice?” you ask.

“Much better, I guess,” she murmurs. “Thank you for helping me.”

“It’s a pleasure,” you answer. You pull her up and throw a blanket over her sweaty body. “I’ll let them know that you’re still resting. In the meantime, you need to take a bath. You looked like a mess when I came in.”

She giggles. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You’re about to leave her when she calls you again, and as you turn around she grabs you by the collar and pulls you down, pressing her lips upon yours as she kisses you deeply. She lets you go moments before you can react, and smiles invitingly as she puts a finger over your mouth. “I’ll try to return your deed whenever possible, and I promise it will be special,” she says. “Now shoo, mom and Yumeko might be wondering why you took so long.”

You excuse yourself and walk out, only to be greeted by Shinki and Yumeko near the door. You stare at them long enough to make them chuckle like schoolgirls, and it doesn’t take too long before your face turns red at the realization of being eavesdropped. “Now, now, Deion, there’s no reason to hide it from us,” Shinki says. “You know it will end up the same to us, sooner or later.”

“Miss Shinki, I think you’re embarrassing him more than you should,” Yumeko says, even as the colour on your face changes to pale white. “Look at his face. He obviously doesn’t want his duty to be interrupted – or seen.”

“Come on, Yumeko, you know you don’t mind sharing him with us,” Shinki says dismissively. “If. You. Know. What. I. Mean~ ♥”

The urge to palm your face is fast rising. Good grief.


// dinner time //

“And so that’s how it goes~” Shinki says at the end of her storytelling. “You should really see Byakuren’s face when I mentioned that to her. It’s really funny! Ah, such a pleasant memory~”

“And the next thing we knew, she visited to the night bird’s stand and went drunk, all while her followers were begging her to get back to her sense,” Alice adds. “Seriously, mom, I know you and Miss Byakuren are very close friends, but must you bring back that embarrassing moment in front of her?”

“But that’s what friends are for!” Shinki objects. “Besides, if it wasn’t for me being generous enough to look after her, she’d have spent her sentence in Makai alone and not taken care of. Right, Mister Deion?”

You don’t say anything to agree or disagree with her. You don’t know anything much about Byakuren apart from the fact that one of her disciples once visited you to buy a bottle of vintage (was it the tiger of Vaisravana? You can’t remember). You, instead, focus on eating your meal, pleased to know that it’s your favourite blueberry pie. “I was expecting something more extravagant for dinner, but I guess simple is sometimes better,” you say in compliment. “Thank you, Yumeko, for treating us with this delicious meal.”

“You’re very much welcome, sir,” Yumeko replies.

“It’s Deion, Yumeko,” Shinki reminds her. “Don’t be too formal with him when I’m around.”

“With due respect, Miss Shinki, it is my duty to look after our guest, and it will be a great shame if I fail to do my duty responsibly,” Yumeko answers.

“Jeez, Yumeko, you’re being too strict,” Shinki grumbles. “Don’t you think all maids need to loosen up every once in a while, Mister Deion?”

“I don’t have a maid, so I wouldn’t know,” you answer.

“But you do have your fairy lover,” Alice says. “Don’t think that I didn’t know your affair with Daiyousei, sir. She’s practically brimming in happiness whenever she talks with me about you.” you stare at her, causing her to look away in discomfort. “What? If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask her yourself?”

“Anyway, I understand tomorrow will be your last day in Makai,” Shinki continues. “But it would be more beneficial if you could extend your stay, maybe for a couple of days or two. After all, there’s a lot the three of us here want to talk with you. That is.” Her eyes, then, narrow. “If you don’t mind me keeping you for a while~”

You cough in discomfort. “Well, I’ll be damn happy if I could extend my stay in Makai, but I’m afraid I’d left the rest of my clients out there unfulfilled.” You make the straightest poker face possible as you say: “if you understand what I’m talking about.”

Shinki giggles, as so does Yumeko. “Oh, you. I’m sure they’d understand if you explain to them you had an invitation from the goddess of Makai,” she assures you.


Shinki puts down the knife she’s using to cut the steak. “Yes, dear?”

“Don’t you want to talk about our guest here?” she asks while gesturing at you.

“Ah, yes, I almost forgot,” Shinki answers. “Mister Deion, I hope you don’t mind, but please leave us for a moment. It seems we have to discuss over an important matter without your presence,” she tells you.

“It’s alright, I was starting to get full from the pie already,” you say.

“And Yumeko, you stay,” Shinki says to her servant.

“But Miss Shinki, perhaps I at least should escort him back to his lodge,” Yumeko says. “I can come back here after that.”

“Yumeko, stay.” It’s enough to make the maid freeze in her place, and her face turns pale as Shinki stares at her, almost as if her sight can pierce through her.

“Well, then, I guess I’ll be seeing the three of you after dinner, yes?” you say and leave the table. You really wish you could participate in the conversation but you don’t want to upset your hostess. Plus, you could use this time to explore Makai, or you could…

[ ] …go back to your lodge and rest.
[ ] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.
[ ] …go find Mai. She’s not as frustrated as Yuki, but maybe…
[ ] …go find Shanghai and Hourai, because dolls~


Another votes, just because.
No. 24384
[x] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.

Deion and her both could use some relief.
No. 24386
File 133587021332.png - (325.82KB , 800x1170 , The Duke.png ) [iqdb]
[x] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.

I have a soft spot for her, yeah.
No. 24388
[X] go find Shanghai and Hourai, because dolls~
No. 24427
[X] go find Shanghai and Hourai, because dolls~
.. in gensokyo doll sex means much more..
No. 24429
[x] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.

And hey, why stop at Yuki? Why not have Yuki AND Mai?
No. 24432
[X] go find Shanghai and Hourai, because dolls~

>Not voting to fuck the dolls

Really, guys?
No. 24433
[x] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.
No. 24434
It's not a real option and I don't think anyone'd be amused by spending "quality time" with dolls.
No. 24435
Dolls are people too! ...Kinda!
No. 24439
[ ] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.

well, tomorrow IS your last day in Makai
No. 24448
so you're not the least bit interested in just how "real" Alice has made her two favorite dolls?
No. 24449
I might be tempted if it was a real choice, but it's not. It's a strikethrough'd "not really a choice" joke choice.

That and Yuki needs relief more.
No. 24450
File 13364523826.jpg - (155.52KB , 591x824 , 3b51857f4f896bc1f44ec6efb3d51d5e.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's decided, we'll go find Yuki and help her relieve herself. Writing now, but don't expect an update anytime soon.

Picture not related. I think.
No. 24897
File 133902914057.jpg - (39.99KB , 512x384 , eb583cc42394a707ee53c4f91ccdf4f7427.jpg ) [iqdb]
[c] …go find Yuki. She’s upset that her desire is left unfulfilled, and you’re going to fix that.

You sigh. That girl Yuki; you just remembered the frustrated look on her face when Shinki told the girls to leave her. You know all too well how frustrated it is not to have your desire fulfilled, and you understand just how she’s feeling right now. It’s decided; you’ll find Yuki and help her find relief, in one way or another.

And you believe where you can find her.

You head to the cliff, and as you’ve suspected, you see Yuki standing under a tree, presumably looking at the scenery. You approach her and greet her, only to get an angry glare from her. “Whoa, calm down, I’m not going to push you off the cliff,” you tell her.

“I’m not calm,” Yuki answers. “I’ve been looking forward to enjoy more time with you, but instead I had to go somewhere and wait for mom to be done with you.” She pouts. “Jeez, when I thought I could have you for the whole day…”

“Well, you know you can’t disobey your mother.” The reply is enough to silence her, and she turns away from you, trying very hard to hide her embarrassment. You can’t help chuckling and hug her from behind. “Yuki, I know you’re frustrated, and I know you want to vent off that frustration right now.”

“What does it have to do with you?” she asks and gasps as you slip your hand underneath her skin and prod her crotch. You tug at the drenched panties and pull it down her thighs, causing her to shiver. “Hey, I’m not ready yet,” she protests.

“Your mouth may say no, but I don’t think your body wants to agree with you,” you murmur and give her ear a quick nip. She moans huskily and removes your hand from her crotch, interlacing your fingers with hers. “Do you want me to help you or not?” There’s no use asking the question since she’s already reacting to your handiwork on her crotch.

“P…please…” Finally she relents. “Please do it however you like,” she grumbles.

“Very well,” you reply. “But you need to chill. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from Mai?” You guide your hand underneath her shirt and fondle her breasts. A sharp hiss escapes her lips when you roll her erect nipple between her fingers, and she trembles in your arms as you rub her already damp crotch.

“K-kiss me!”

You bring your face to hers. Your lips mash with hers as you kiss her passionately, tongues swirling inside your mouth. You pin her against the tree, kissing her deeper than before. Automatically her legs wrap around your lower waist as she returns the kiss, and she pants into your mouth as you continue playing with her nipples and clit.

“H-hey, I don’t think I can wait any longer…” she murmurs breathlessly. “Can we… get started right now? Please…?”

“Always an eager girl, aren’t you?” you answer with a chuckle. Kissing her once more, you lower her legs as to allow you to remove her skirt and drenched panties. Hooking her legs around you again, you unzip your pants and guide your pulsing manhood to her pussy. You slowly push yourself in, groaning when her inner tunnels clench around you. Yuki moans loudly as you’re entering her inch by inch, and she lets out a satisfied sigh as you’re fully embedded inside her.

“Yes… fuck me!”

You begin pumping in and out of her. Her body bounces up and down each time your hips connect, and Yuki moans loudly as you penetrate her up to the hilt. You grip her hips and bring her to the ground, giving you a full view of her. She wraps her arms and legs around you, holding you very tightly as the speed of your cock pumping increases.

Yuki suddenly clings onto you, and you wince when her warm tunnel clenches around your erection. Her cries are cut off when she kisses you hard, and she screams inside your mouth as she hits her orgasm. At the same time you climax, and you groan as you come hard inside her, filling her womb with your seed and all the pent-up frustrations. You almost black out but manage to regain composure, and you pull Yuki off the ground before holding her in post-coital embrace.

“Feeling better?” you ask.

“…y-yes, I think so,” Yuki mutters.

After holding each other for a few minutes, you slowly pull out of her, and lay her on the ground. “Sorry to leave you out here, but I don’t think I can make Shinki wait,” you tell her. “Is it alright with you?”

She nods. “It’s alright, go have fun with Mommy and Alice,” she says. “Hey, mister winemaker.”

“What is it?”

She smiles. “I… I’m sorry for acting so selfish at you. I just wanted to have you before you leave,” she tells you.

You chuckle and kiss her softly. “If there’s another invitation to Makai, I’ll make sure to visit you first.”
You make haste to the mansion. You don’t know how much time you spent with Yuki, but you know for sure you can’t afford to be late. You meet up with Yumeko who informs you that Shinki is already awaiting you in her room. You thank her and head directly to her room, and you don’t even bother knocking as you walk in. The first sight that greets you is Shinki, seated on the bed, wearing nothing more than naked sweater.

She’s gorgeous.

“Well, well, you didn’t even knock the door,” Shinki says. “How rude of you. You should watch your manners when I’m around~”

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m already late,” you apology.

She smiles and beckons at you to approach her. You oblige and sit down next to her, allowing you full view of her. “Apology accepted, Deion, but please be more punctual next time,” she utters. “You may be my guest, but that doesn’t mean you can waste time as you like.”

“Yeah, I’ll try,” you tell her. You gulp when Shinki places her hand on your chest, and your heart skips as she unbuttons your shirt, feeling the warmth of her palm seeping through your skin.

“I hope you still have your strength after you helped Yuki getting over her frustration,” she mutters, her voice almost a whisper in your ear. “Because you’re in for a long, long night~”

“You don’t say,” you reply, almost laughing when Shinki pushes you onto the bed. She sits atop of you, almost pressing you deeper into the mattress. “I thought you’d display some modesty to your guest,” you say in faked surprise.

“When my guest is making a move on me~?” she purrs. She leans down and kisses you long and hard; you find yourself panting for air as she lets go off your mouth. “I don’t think I can be modest with you.” She takes your hand and presses it against her chest; you notice with intrigue that she isn’t wearing anything underneath the sweater. “Let’s continue from where we left, shall we~? ♥”

You get up from the bed. You wrap your arms around Shinki and place her upon your lap. You tug the underside of her sweater and lift it up, making her hefty breasts spill forward. You bring your head down and take her stiff nipple in your mouth, licking it vigorously. Shinki moans when you fondle her exposed breast, and her voice gets ragged as you run your tongue over the naked skin of her chest.

“Mmm… yes, more…”

You lift her off your lap turn around, so that she’s underneath you. Her face is burning hard as you loom over her, and you claim her inviting lips in a kiss as you tug at the laced strings that are keeping her panties in place, tossing it alongside her sweater somewhere in the room. You break off the kiss, and bring your face to the crook of her neck, sucking and savouring on her velvety feminine taste. You continue fondling her breasts, making her moan in pleasure, and she shudders when you run your finger down her torso.

You let go off her lush breasts. Smiling at her, you plant kisses all over her sweating body and descend to her private area. The musky scent of her lower lips brings you into a trance, and you lose all your sense as you dive in and press your lips against her crotch. Shinki moans loudly as you run your tongue across her pussy, her thighs automatically clamping both sides of your head to prevent you from leaving her.

“I-I’m going to-!” Her back arches as she climaxes, and you groan as streams of her love juice splat onto your face. You feast yourself upon the heavenly taste and let go off her crotch afterwards, before you crawl back to her face. Smiling at her once more, you kiss her and fill her mouth with the tangy taste of her own sex. She moan in pleasure and wraps her arms around your head as to urge you to kiss her deeper.

“That… that was amazing…” Shinki murmurs after the kiss breaks off.

“I know, right?” you ask while enjoying the beauty of her face. You kiss her again, and encircle your arms around her as you turn onto your back and allow her to rest on top of you. “So what now?” you ask. “I don’t think this is all you asked from me, right?”

She giggles. “I seem to have forgotten something.” She kisses you briefly and gets off you. “Wait here. I have a really nice surprise for you~” Not bothered by the fact that she doesn’t wear anything, Shinki heads for the door and pulls someone into the room. Your eyes widen at the sight of Alice walking in, and you’re even more bothered by the fact that, like her mother, she is naked.

“Ladies, don’t tell me…”

Shinki chuckles and whispers something into Alice’s ears. For a while, the young woman is looking back and forth between her mother and you, and you start getting worried when you notice the predatory look in her eyes. “Well, Mister Winemaker, I did say I’d repay your deed whenever possible, and that it would be special, didn’t I?” Alice asks, the excitement in her eyes betraying her shyness.

“I did remember that, but what does it have to-” Before you know it you’re tied by invisible strings that seem to appear from nowhere, and the same strings are now restraining you on the bed. You struggle in vain to escape, but you surrender as you find yourself at the mercy of the mother/daughter couple. “Oh great, I certainly didn’t expect this,” you utter in half-defeat.

“Mister Deion, we kind of wanted to try something new with you,” Shinki says as she and Alice loom over you, their breasts dangling dangerously close to your face. “So… I hope you don’t mind we sharing your bunk for the night~” All your protests are swept away as Shinki and Alice kiss you, taking turn in smothering your lips with hers. Your mind is on the verge of whiting out, but you manage to gather enough strength to stay conscious. You feel like you’re going to have your life force drained away, but can you do anything in the presence of these lovely, eager women?

“Mister Winemaker, please teach us the pleasure of wine tasting~ ♥” they murmur breathlessly.


Sorry for the long delay, but here it is. And I hope Anon doesn’t mind we taking Shinki and Alice for a wild ride of the night~
No. 24931
Just a reminder: we never did get around to offering Chiyuri a taste nor Kogasa for that matter (reread the first thread for the Aki scenes)
No. 24932
File 133924137520.jpg - (750.38KB , 1000x705 , 531b5fc6869c7e838d82d15b6ca2181b.jpg ) [iqdb]
If anyone wants a Chiyuri scene, I'll write it, no problem.

I still owe Anon a Kogasa/Koishi threesome, so yeah, I'll work on it after we're done with our Makai trip.

Just a reminder: Winonymous will probably need to take a few days of rest before he can continue his shenanigan wine promotion tour.

Sage for no update.
No. 24934
For me, of course, don't mind at all.

In fact, I welcome it. With open arms.
No. 26008
File 134397495059.jpg - (1.54MB , 1200x1500 , 1c1a7b5c36b44192f409b2593092017e.jpg ) [iqdb]
You’re dumbfounded. On one hand, you’re feeling lucky to have two gorgeous women presenting themselves at you, very eager to accept everything you’re throwing at them. On the other hand, you’re not sure which one you should go for first, and even if you’re able to choose the strings are getting in the way.

And they seem to know it.

“You know, mom, we should relieve our guest first~” Alice move her hand to your waist and pulls your pants down. She and Shinki hum hungrily at the sight of your erection, and they giggle as they move down to your crotch. “How about we do this first?” They press their breasts together, sandwiching your manhood between their mound. You groan and are unable to move, drown by the excitement of having them massaging your manhood between their breasts. They glance at you for a while before they bring faces together, and their lips meet together as they kiss and moan into each other’s mouth. Seeing them making out with each other while working on your erection is as intoxicating as you can possibly imagine.

You feel your climax quickly rising and issue them a warning. “Ladies, I’m-” Shinki and Alice don’t notice your plight as they’re too engrossed in their passionate kisses. You hold on, hoping that they will let you go before the frustration grows, but eventually the pressure becomes too much to hold back. You find release, and Shinki and Alice stop kissing just in time their face and breasts get splattered by thick semen. They giggle, unfazed by the interruption, and continue massaging your erection as to squeeze every drop of your cum.

They finally let go off you, allowing you to fall limp into the bed. “You look like a mess, dear~” Shinki utters as she scoops the semen off Alice’s face and licks her finger gingerly. Alice brings her face to Shinki’s chest and licks her clean, making her moan in pleasure. You’re finally free from the strings and sit up, shaking your head as to shrug off the pain you’ve endured. Shinki and Alice don’t seem to notice you as they’re busy cleaning each other, occasionally fondling and squeezing each other’s breasts and ass.

You drag Shinki away from Alice. You ignore her surprised gasp as you kiss her deeply, and she moans lustfully into your mouth, groaning as you pinch her erect nipple. You let go off her face and pull Alice toward you, mashing your lips with hers. She, too, moans and shudders as you suck on her tongue. You continue exchanging kisses and tongue play with the mother-daughter couple, taking time in pleasuring each of them. By the time you let go off them they’re panting heavily, their face flushed in passion. They squeal when you push them into their back, and smile invitingly as you stare at them.

“Do you think you can take both of us~?” Shinki asks and spreads her thighs, presenting her glistening pussy to you. Alice does the same, and the musky scent of their sex instantly drives you nut.

“I’d like to,” you answer. “But then again, how am I supposed to have a taste of two of the best vintages I’ve come across at the same time?” Once again, you get tied up by the invisible strings and pulled to the space between them. “Well, I suppose I should let you ladies decide, eh?”

“How about we do this?” Shinki crawls atop of you and straddles over your crotch. The seeping heat of her damp pussy is intoxicating, and the woman seems to understand your hunger as she guides herself over your erection. Both of you moan as your manhood pushes apart her nether-lips and fills her hot tunnel in one motion. You’ve filled her up to the hilt, and she sighs in pleasure as she strokes her belly as if to check how much you’ve filled her.

“Mmm, this feels good… Alice dear, come here~”

“Yes, mom~” She sits atop of your chest, pinning you further into the bed with her weight. She moans when Shinki fondles her breasts, but swaps her mother’s hands aside and guides your hands to her chest. “Pleasure us, Mister Winemaker~” she murmurs.

As if on cue, Shinki starts moving up and down your erection, using your legs as support as she moans with each stroke you make. Alice cries incessantly as you massage her breasts, and hooks her arm around Shinki’s head, pulling her down for a kiss. Both of them moan passionately into each other’s mouth, and Alice groans as Shinki nibbles her neck and shoulder. You continue pumping in and out of Shinki’s cunt, while your hands move up and down Alice’s sweating body, stroking and caressing every spot of her to further pleasure her.

You feel your manhood pulsing, and you grab Shinki’s hips as you thrust upward and come hard inside her. Shinki moans loudly as she hits her orgasm, and clings onto Alice as you’re emptying your load into her womb. Your thrusting motion comes to a slow halt, and you allow yourself to immerse in the afterglow before you pull Shinki off your erection. You push her aside and wrap your arms around Alice. You get off your back and grab her hips as you position her over your erection.

“Don’t forget me, okay?” she asks huskily.

You kiss her. “I won’t.” You bring her down your manhood, moving inch by an inch until you’ve fully filled her. You smile at her and slowly pump in and out of her, taking time to admire the sight of Alice sighing lustfully. You kiss her once more as you bring your hand to her crotch and stroke her clit. Then you bring your face down to her chest and feast upon her breasts, marring them with pinpricks and love bites. She moans loudly and wraps her arms and legs around you, her breath being knocked out of her with each and every push.

You switch position and make her stand on all four, your chest rubbing against her back as you continue ravaging her thoroughly fucked hole and fondle her body. “Don’t leave your mother, dear~” You notice Shinki moving underneath Alice and pulling her down, kissing and caressing her daughter even as your pumping speed increases. It’s getting a bit awkward, not to mention both of them start rubbing their crotch against each other, but at this point you don’t even care. You’re too clouded by passion, and you don’t think you want this to end soon.

Alice breaks off the kiss and moans loudly, “Mom, I’m going to-” She buries her face between Shinki’s bosom, and lets out an orgasmic cry as she comes. You hit your threshold, as well, and you drive yourself deep inside Alice as you orgasm and fill her womb with your seed. You pull out, allowing yourself to collapse next to Shinki who’s soothing her exhausted daughter with a kiss.

“Are you feeling well, Alice?” Shinki asks.

“Definitely,” Alice answers and moans as Shinki fondles her ass. She gets off from Shinki and crawls towards you. “Hey, don’t sleep now, we’re still not done yet,” she murmurs.

“You heard her, Deion dear,” Shinki adds. “I don’t think we want the best ride of our life to end right now~” She traces a finger down your body until it reaches your limp shaft. She strokes it tenderly until it rises into a full mast. “Hmm~ I think he still has enough strength for both of us~”

You can’t stand the teasing anymore. You push Shinki onto her back and loom over her in a missionary position. She gasps at the sudden change of position, but then she giggles as you lean down to ravage her breasts. “You know I’m not going to let you take the lead all the time,” you utter and kiss her roughly before thrusting yourself back into her. “Let’s see who can out-lead each other.”



By dawn break, it’s over. You lay on the bed, exhausted after spending the entire night taking Shinki and Alice through what you could only think as the most intense carnal dance ever. They’re equally tired, as well, and are clinging onto you as they sleep peacefully on both your sides. Marks of various kinds mar your body, proofs of the passionate romp you and the mother-and-daughter couple have gone through. You never thought you’d go through such an experience, and honestly believe you wouldn’t even make it to the morning.

You feel something warm and moist pressing against your cheek. You turn your head to the left and notice that Shinki has woken up. She smiles at you dreamily and rests her head upon your shoulder. “That was the best ride of our life,” she murmurs. “Thank you, Deion~”

You run your fingers through her silvery grey tresses. “Glad that I helped.” Shinki squirms and dozes off, wrapping her arms around you as to hold you close. You don’t care if Yumeko or the sisters walk in, and you don’t even care of everything. Your only concern, as your eyelids slowly close shut, is to get back home and take few days’ rest. You really need to take a break…


Note: sorry for the very long delay, but here it is~! Also, before I can continue with the next update, please select the next place we’ll visit after we take our break.

[ ] Myouren Temple.
[ ] Underground Palace.
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[ ] Dream Palace Great Mausoleum.
[ ] Youkai Mountain (and Moriya Shrine).
[ ] Hakugyokurou.
No. 26012
[X] Dream Palace Great Mausoleum
No. 26013
[x] Myouren Temple.

Well I do like to see Alice and Shinki more in the future as they have a very high possibility of joining the group of women Deion has a deeper connection with, but it's too soon to tell.
No. 26014
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
No. 26016
File 134399471799.jpg - (0.96MB , 1791x1791 , 1abb1cc90499bd04e5c28f9582733f76.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update will be posted in a new thread, so keep voting until this thread can no longer be saged.
No. 26022
[x] Myouren Temple.
No. 26029
I can't choose. Taoists learning the joy of Decanting or bringing a fine wine to Remilia and the others who know how to thoroughly enjoy its refined taste
No. 26030
[X] Dream Palace Great Mausoleum

Just for something new.
No. 26031
[X] Dream Palace Great Mausoleum

Nitpicking, but they're actually in a pocket realm.
No. 26032
[X] Dream Palace Great Mausoleum

Let's fulfill ten desires~
No. 26041
[X] Dream Palace Great Mausoleum
Givin' it a go.
No. 26060
[X] Youkai Mountain (and Moriya Shrine).

Because, you know.
No. 26396
ロ Dream Palace Great Mausoleum.

..lessee what his Ten Desires are, shall we?