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First, try to keep the bitching down, there's a topic in /blue/ as this is for half way intelligent discussion.

I guess a good start would be 'specialist' artists or artists that focus on one character mainly.

Examples would be Ito(u) Life, who mainly does Wriggle and Uro/Jalapeno Chips who focuses on Alice in an moderate yet very appealing way.

Such artists either can do other characters pretty well or not at all. The two I mentioned are examples of the former. As for the latter? houtengeki(No doujins), the "everyone's Mokou" guy. His lack of face/figure variance has really limited his options, though he has been trying to improve his range.

There are other kinds of specialists as in figure types, such as SAZ/Sobe (Busty girls/breast play), or Joylanser/Avian Village F who can basically only do a few types of faces and mainly a busty figure. There's 04U/misasagi tasuku who seems to have learned that multi-girl doujins are a bad idea when you can only do one kind of figure.

I put down two names as to cover both circle names and danbooru tags.

As for those concerned with happy sex, Itou Life's prone to doing it; just look at Reisen's face in the pic! 04U's Yuuka doujins have some happy sex in spite of Yuuka's tsundereness.

I'll post some links from the doujin threads for reference next time; it would be nice if others did likewise.

No. 8036
Isn't there already a thread for this? (I like this one better though.)
No. 8037
Not that I'm aware of; just threads for posting

Translated doujins

raw doujins

Nominating doujins to be translated; though this might have a bit of discussion while the current round is ongoing.

And of course said bitching thread in /blue/

>>7694 is from the guy who does the Iron of Yin and Yang comics on danbooru, where his writing skills and talent for adding sexy to various Touhous are evident. Though the current translation of this Yamame doujin is highly questionable, I was able to get some understanding of the plot. It's basically a Tale of how Yamame became kind towards humans.

I do think she's his absolute favorite with some of his pixiv stuff dedicated to her and how she appeared on Buront's tunic in one panel. Though that's home to various commentaries, such as "I wanna draw Meiling's breats!" "Aya's Bust"
No. 8039
>Not that I'm aware of; just threads for posting
No. 8040
It got buried under Sata's story, and there wasn't really any discussion in it by the time I looked back. And the OP of that didn't bring up any points like I did.
No. 8042
No. Just No.
I am fine with hard rape, mind break and even partly guro.
But that that is just evil to the bone.
No. 8043
Buruman/tajima_yuuki is a terribly twisted individual as he's fond of various Guro pics; mainly with Sakuya. I get the impression he's a fan of hers, but what a twisted way to show his love.

Patchouli or Meiling don't exactly get off lightly with this guy either.

I'd think more people would favorite him if not for his tendency for guro/guroish stuff as his normal stuff's pretty nice.

It's not as shocking as when I found out Juan Gotoh's fondness for guro when I went digging around for doujins.

That brings the matter of the compulsion of some artists to do shocking stuff. Take that Zero artist on danbooru, draws some decent stuff. He then draws a series of Cow on Eirin pictures that go quickly into DO NOT WANT territory.

The same may go for aya_shachou/gokusaishiki generally draws nice clean yuri, but s/he's the one who did the Doujin of Maribel having sex for drugs.

I really wonder if things are as such that they can't stand on the merits of their own art alone.

There needs to be more of Shigunyan's stuff translated as his stuff has shapely cute touhous and zero guilt.
No. 8044
I looked around on his pixiv and found nothing that was R-18G. What are you talking about?
No. 8046
I'm a little confused on this. Rape and mind break and guro is a-ok, but abuse isn't?

He's got two accounts. One is pretty normal, but the other is guro, guro, guro. And here it is:

OP of >>8029 here, by the way. You guys break my heart...
No. 8047
He has a separate pixiv for his guro as seen on his Danbooru wiki entry. On danbooru, pictures from both accounts are put under his tags, including all the guro.
No. 8048
I kinda prefered the 22nd one, with Patchy telling a story to the SDM. Also it was longer. Still, the guy draws one sex-appealing Patchy.
No. 8049
That is clearly no abuse. It is much harder than that. Not even S%M.
No. 8050
My apologies for what happened if I was aware of the thread, I'd have added to it. Let's just focus on this, since we have the same goals.

As far as the doujin mentioned? It's rather heartbreaking to anyone who likes SakuMei as it's basically the full extension of the flawed relationship in fanon between those two, similar to the infamous video where Alice goes yandere on the SDM and Reimu.

I'm surprised there as no Guro in it. I get the feeling the author's saying to Sayuka "Maybe she'd still be a kind girl if you didn't use her as a pin cushion!"

It's not bad but I do have a few minor issues.

A) The fact things started off with a life like Dildo
B) While faptastic, it's a bit hard to tell that girl as Patchouli due to a lack of distinctive things (No hat, no hair bows), just the moon hair pin. I first mistook it for a Byakuren Doujin.
C) Too short!

Rather minor though; I might check out any other one by that guy.

On that note, there's a decent amount of old doujin left untranslated; well that' what the nominate a doujin thread is for; though the next round won't be until December.

Anyone else read those Iron of Ying and Yang comics on danbooru? Not often where one finds such nice art AND writing. During a certain scene with Shanghai, you WILL cry.

Even on the Danbooru scene, there's some nice artists, such as Orange Jelly (Touhou Tag Dream) who has a nack for drawing Touhou nicely. He also has a real knack for costume design. I don't think he's crossed the line yet but if he does I'm sure he'll make some nice stuff. Not a bad little series, but you might be annoyed by how some of the matches turn out.

tora tooru does Gensokyo Tag Tournament, an interesting anything goes spell battle with Random pairings. Don't assume anything as teamwork and tactics matter more than power. General fanon status do not apply at all. Take for example, Meiling/Patchouli vs Sakuya/Alice; the result isn't typical. The series is noted for all the clothing damage that occurs; in Kanako's match, one strong breeze is all it'd take for her chest to be on full display.
No. 8052
Oh come on, Meiling just smacked Sakuya around a bit. It's really not as bad as you're making it out to be.
No. 8055
That's after she had Sakuya gangraped in a previous doujin by the same guy; untranslated though it wouldn't take much work.
No. 8058
(http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/1335 , right?)

Ah, but you just said you were fine with hard rape and mind break.
No. 8059
>>8055 is not me >>8042
No. 8060
Oh. Whoops, sorry.
No. 8061
You know, I'm still not really seeing the problem.
No. 8064
To be honest I'm not sure what his problem is myself as those two doujins are pretty goddamn tame by his standards. One gangrape followed by abusive futa rape? Sakuya's lucky she merely got raped and beaten up as opposed to getting chopped to bits like in some of his pictures.
No. 8065

Hmm. I could've sworn he gave her chainsaw arms in one...
No. 8070
About Pixel Cot: "Colorful Love Song" is not pleasant but does not seem to be meant to be pleasant either - clearly it was not meant for you to take any pleasure out of either.

However, are all of Pixel Cot's other works really as tragic as that one? Like, isn't there Red Honey Moon (untranslated), Rainbow-DIA (untranslated), and so on?
No. 8071
>>1633 is rape, but not mind crushing or anything. It's also loldream.
No. 8075
>Red Honey Moon
Which ones are those? Who are the main characters/victims?
No. 8077
>clearly it was not meant for you to take any pleasure out of either.
Are you referring to any specific individual? Because I took immense pleasure in reading it.
No. 8081
I seen bits of the Keine one with her getting knocked up and somehow Mokou's taking care of the baby upset at things, of course it doesn't help some boys are gangbanging a fairy nearby.

Pixel Cot must have a real fetish for quasi-pointless rape and the despair that follows.

And who'd get pleasure out of such a thing WITHOUT feeling guilty? Twisted perverts.

Me reading such doujins: Fapping then feeling guilt for even enjoying it.
No. 8082
>Pixel Cot must have a real fetish for quasi-pointless rape and the despair that follows.
>And who'd get pleasure out of such a thing WITHOUT feeling guilty? Twisted perverts.
HMM... Demonizing things you don't like, and calling them pointless. Where have I heard this before.
No. 8083
Rape for the sake of fantasy tittilation is one thing. Rape for the sake of DIS PEAR is another. Mixing the two... Ergh, makes me feel wretched afterwards.
Maybe it's different for guys, but there's a distinct line between the two for me.
No. 8084
Most of the rape in Paranoia Cat's stories generally end with "Things get better" more or less, the only exception that I've noticed is the Smiling Knife one. That's "things don't get better... but they don't care at this point"

It's not so much demonizing as it's referencing normal human behavior. The fact that I can even fap to it hints at some sort of twistedness in me.
No. 8085
>I've noticed is the Smiling Knife one. That's "things don't get better... but they don't care at this point"

They have awakened to the lust of penis. Notihng wrong with that.
No. 8086
Eh, to be honest I was just being confrontational for the sake of an answer, and didn't feel like asking politely at the time. Apologies if I offended either of you.

>Rape for the sake of fantasy tittilation is one thing. Rape for the sake of DIS PEAR is another.
I think the two happen to be the exact same thing, concerning the subject we're talking about (you know, rape). And not to be a nitpicky jerk, but it's spelled titillation.

>The fact that I can even fap to it hints at some sort of twistedness in me.
I personally don't think it's twisted, primarily because while I may enjoy it in porn, I'd never even dream of doing it in real life; I'm simply not that kind of person.
No. 8087
I could believe that if not for the guy with the magic knife watching with a twisted smile, lending a bit of suspicion that even with the knife gone, whatever been done remains.

Such doujins vary in how much they drive certain points home, rape doujins with "it gets better" "Or Justice is done" is generally easier on some folks' mind than say how an Fatal Pulse doujin ends.

I think the reason why people enjoy rape in H-doujins and such is that it's prettied up as well as offering an intensity and/or kinkiness that isn't found in gentler works. Other reason come into play such as a lack of the alternative or just wanting to see some lesbian from a yurifag-loved anime getting dicked and loving it.

Of the latter I suspect there's a good number of doujins of that nature, the Netotare Alice doujin is an example. They seemed to grown in popular as things pander more and more to the yurifags. It's not so much the pure yuri-ness that pisses folks off but the smugness of those that do like it. Hell it doesn't even have to be rape like that Alice doujin; it could be some guy cleanly seducing her way from her girlfriend.

Mind you I like yuri a nice deal, but I can't stand those bastards. I'm still pissed that ViviD made NatoFate canon. Yeah Nanoha's ruined forever. There's still hope for Erio's manga though.

I've also found something out, Fujirosabou, who made some pretty nice doujins also did a rather sad picture of Lunasa getting gang raped. Yeah it was a case of mood whiplash when I found out. It was an exception among his works so it doesn't get near XRation levels. That involves making a perfectly cute happy scene... then RUINING it with sick deprived rape.

Such a whiplashes occur a decent deal in looking up pics or doujins. "Oh look a cute chibi Sakuya, let's see what other- OH MY FUCKING GOD!" (Someone looking up Tajima Yuji's stuff on danbooru for the first time)
No. 8088
This word is made of letters, but means absolutely nothing to me. I'm afraid you'll have to explain. I'm only passingly familiar with Nanoha, all I know is "massive lasers the size of a medium-sized city," "Fate's mom is a jerk," "Nanoha is fucking hardcore," and anything I can glean from porn, which is essentially nothing.

Also I'm just going to say: I like reading rape doujins because while the going-ons are (usually) sexy, I'm interested in what happens after the act is done. Primarily what the victim thinks and goes through. And yes, I know, reading porn for plot is like trying to glean any sort of meaningful something out of Utterly Generic Sports Game 20XX, but I like reading the (oftentimes) bad dialogue.

I think this is on topic to the conversation. I think I went off on a tangent.
No. 8089
Nanoha/Fate yuri pairing; not bad and wouldn't have minded such a result if not for THEM.
No. 8090

As a former member of the legion (yes, I used to be them), just mentioning this word will make me rage at them to no point. My opinion of this pairing (and the whole show) has been ruined by the presence of the bastards, and I'd really like it if no one of us here ever mentions it anymore.

But this is Touhou Project, and I don't want to derail this thread. I don't really have any artist/doujin to highlight here, so yeah.
No. 8094
my apologies for the tangent. Back on topic

I like Omchicken's stuff pretty cute; almost wish he did more H. That Sanae/Kogasa doujin could have gone into H easily.

I like his pictures as he tends to do a cute yet shapely Yuuka. He's on my list of Yuuka specialists, which also has Mokku. Though there's just something special about her that makes her stand out even compared to the other shapely ladies of Touhou.
No. 8096

Whoo, boy, I fapped. That's it. I'm going to hell on a bullet train.
No. 8098
At least you are not alone. Most of /jp/ and THP will join us.
No. 8099
Save me a seat when you get there. Hell isn't all that bad, if you don't subscribe to hellfire and brimstone, or the Divine Comedy's Hell.
No. 8100
So did I... that is when I wasn't going "NNNNGGGGHHH!!!" A very cute doujin, though I wished Flan had a bit of lolibust.
No. 8101
>It's not so much the pure yuri-ness that pisses folks off but the smugness of those that do like it.

This seems to be my main gripe with Touhou, honestly. While I don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be, it's still a bit off putting (the fact I'm not much on yuri to begin with seems to only make matters worse when it comes to finding doujins, and basically any content from Touhou I can enjoy without having to sit through yuri).

This being said, I do try to keep a sharp eye out for doujins that move away from this (this is also why my doujin collection is as small as it is).

As far as doujins go, I'll read anything once (as long as it's not yuri), rape doujins I don't really pay much attention to being I usually stay away from those. Even so, I do like Paranoia Cat and his stuff. Although Jema and 04U are one of my favorites, I favour shapely Touhous quite a bit, you see.
No. 8102
Loliplus is rarer than hen's teeth.
No. 8103
>the smugness of those that do like it
You're talking about Americans here. In Japan, things like マリアリが俺のジャスティス or "MariAri is my justice!" doesn't bother people even half as much. I once saw some comment like "百合は最悪" or "yuri is the worst" but not much. People are much more focused on the community culture in Japan, which exists probably not because of Confucianism, but rather because fans are more productive in Japan (fan-art and doujinshi-wise), than English-speakers, who I guess would have nothing to do other than be smug. The only annoying thing I have found in the Japanese culture so far is 「。。。は俺の嫁だ!」 or "... is my wife!" in expressing love for a character, although it does piss people off sometimes. I heard that it was actually quite normal for anyone to say it, though, within the fan-crowd.

As a general rule, I stay away from the English-speaking Touhou crowd (with only a few exceptions - of those exceptions, I only enter half-heartedly), though.
No. 8104
Don't mistake me I wasn't talking about big boobs but something above being flat. The same artist did a Remilia based one; not sure if that's translated or not.
No. 8105
>04U's Yuuka doujins
Requesting title and/or download links to the said doujins, please?

Downloading like the Fist of Northern Motherfucking Star.

Also, while on topic, what's everyone's thought on Paranoia Cat?
No. 8106
Incoming links.



No. 8107
I don't mind their art; it's refreshingly moderate, though I could do with the rape that seems common in their works, but even then things are more or less better at the end. And there's still a decent amount of stuff left untranslated.

I hope the Remilia one is translated soon if it's not already.
No. 8111
>Paranoia Cat
One of the best i would say. Sakuya/Meiling were very good made.
Not to say that the Sanae one, where she picks up a stranger and has sex with him, wasn't any less good.
No. 8113
>I hope the Remilia one is translated soon
What Remilia one?
No. 8123
I think he's talking about the princess Remilia one following >>8095.

Paranoia Cat's drawing style were pretty nice overall, although I still preferred either Itou Life's or Shigunyan's drawings. Nounai Kanojo's style were quite pleasant too, and the recent series was quite interesting with a tolerable protagonist. A rare thing.

Speaking of which, does anyone know when would the next part come out?
No. 8125
I like that series despite the writer's lolicon leanings. The whole series is an enjoys able read and I hope Youmu gets a loving scene by the end.

He's kinda the opposite of rapid rabbit; he generally takes a cup size from most Touhous while RR generally adds a size or two. See the Iron of Yin and Yang for an example.

I wish I knew when the next Nounai Kanojo is coming out, but I'm sure it'll translated.
No. 8131
File 128539356644.jpg - (436.99KB , 1125x1600 , 009_6e5ra.jpg ) [iqdb]
That was rather interesting.
No. 8132
Yes it was, and there's a part two. Those two are an ass fetishist's wet dream come true.
No. 8135
Speak of the devil. >>8134
No. 8137
Read it, and it's a rarity: happy gangbang; and Keine doesn't even wait for such festivals as she fucks students inbetween them.
No. 8138
So... hats are so symbolic to Touhou that I'm surprised that I have never seen a Touhous x Touhou Hats doujin.

Has anyone seen such a doujin? If so, where can I get it?
No. 8142
Every time Kogasa's in a doujin, they use the word "surprised" so much I can't stop laughing. It kind of gets in the way.
No. 8143
That's a given, but good god, that was ridiculous. I don't think there was one speech bubble in that whole scene that didn't have the word surprise in it. Besides the "Aah! Aah!" stuff, of course.
No. 8144
I do consider that a bit of suspect writing as there's other aspects of Kogasa to play off of.

Also in terms of happy sex, there's the Friction girl series by Inoue Makito, not Touhou, but certainly happy sex.
No. 8157
File 128566341953.jpg - (313.29KB , 1081x1517 , delicious hat.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Touhous x Touhou Hats

This is the only thing I've ever seen on the subject. It's from Luft Forst's Tenshi doujin, but this is the only relevant material to be found there.
No. 8159
It was pretty good until the guy showed up. Ruined it for me.
No. 8166
This could have been good.
I hate mind break. I really, really, really hate mind break.
No. 8169
When they previous done a "Frogs gangraping Cirno" it kinda sets the course for a circle.
No. 8173
They only do such things. Beastiality, pregant, hard rape, drugs, poor Touhous getting eggs and other stuff laid in them and so on.
No. 8176

Marked-Two, Takaku-ya, Pixel Cot and Chiriakuta are artists that I won't touch with a 10 foot stick. All they can make is this kind of stuff and I really don't care to read it.
No. 8180
That one at least had a good ending. Frolicking about with her froggy 'children'. No further rape, etc.
No. 8181
The artist of this is a bit "Sameface/Same height" but it's still a good fap and either by improving his range for focusing on single non-loli height Touhous, he'd do well.
No. 8182
I wish I was strong as you. If I see a translated Touhou doujin, I HAVE to read it. I knew what I was getting in to...not that it made it any easier.
It was a good fap at first, but everything after Reimu being put in the tentacle bag thing just slayed my boner.
No. 8183
>If I see a translated Touhou doujin, I HAVE to read it.
You might want to see a doctor about something like that.
No. 8184
Oh, no, it's nothing like that.
No. 8185
Then you bring half the stuff upon yourself; I might take glances but only read ones that come off as halfway decent and download the ones I really like.
No. 8190
I am really amazed at the speed new doujin get translated. About 2 each day.
Kind of hard to know them all at this point. Maybe some torrent with everything translated up to this point would be great.
No. 8191
Try asking in the actual doujin thread, as I'm sure they have some rars at least for download.
No. 8197
For the time being, you can refer to my spreadsheet document and sort the list by translated doujins.

No. 8204

I maintain a torrent and a mediafire of all translated douijns that I've been able to find.

The link to the mediafire page is here:


The torrent is here:


The mediafire is more updated than the torrent, as it's much easier to update. That gets updated about once every day. I'll update the torrent next when I hit 300 doujins.

Keep in mind that this is meant to be a complete archive of every translated doujin out there. I don't vouch for the quality of anything inside. But I'm trying to write reviews of what's in there so you know what to expect. Check the manifest insode the torrent for a list of the doujins inside and my opinions of a few of them.
No. 8205
You are a good man. Keep up the good work.
No. 8208
OR you could just leave all the discussion in this thread, regardless of what happens in the upload thread.
No. 8243

Holy shit, it's out!
No. 8244
Oh man, that was excellent, to be expected from this series.
No. 8245

Jesus Christ I love this guy. I hope more artists put out doujins like this.
No. 8247
Yep and in his notes it's obvious how much of a lolicon he is (he considers Reisen in that part to be "Between normal and huge"), now to wait for the next part.
No. 8251
File 128630378014.png - (143.78KB , 558x583 , 1286274006373.png ) [iqdb]
Reisen raising her power level made me laugh.
No. 8273
Semper eadem means always the same, I believe.
No. 8274
My god, that cover page. And the last page too.

I can fap to Sakuya in that suit, and Remilia in that dress. The rest of the doujin was pretty good, I liked the art style.
No. 8275
Hand Drawn.
No. 8307
As opposed to foot drawn?
No. 8308
As opposed to CG rendering, photoshop touchup, SAI...
No. 8328
I only saw a few pages. It has ear stapling at least. I'd say more abuse than guro based on that.
No. 8337
Didn't like that one as much. I wonder why.
Who's next?
No. 8338
I think the guy wants to do 6 more books.
No. 8339
Pretty accurate description of abused women, by the way. But it doesn't help, I hate it.
No. 8347

I love how the translators ripped this one a new one in the translation notes. Apparently they didn't much like working on it. I wouldn't have either, to be honest.
No. 8351
Yeah... why did they mess up a good thing... not what I was expecting at all from this.

This was way more creepy than cute, unlike the Flan one.
No. 8352
I didn't find it all that offensive. Standard fauxloli gangrape "till she likes it" junk you get in hentai all the time.
No. 8358
>implying we generally like such a thing, especially with how young Remilia looks in that.
No. 8359
Didn't we already agree to stop this ridiculous whining about doujinshi content. If you don't like it, fine, but stop spamming the board, nobody gives a fuck about your opinion.
No. 8360
Yeah. Flandre and Remilia look really young in those 2. Even if she is like 10 or so i like her a bit healthy.
No. 8363
No, we agreed to stop filling the doujin translation thread with it. That's what this thread is for.

>nobody gives a fuck about your opinion.
I guess we better just not discuss anything at all then.
No. 8376
>Implying we give a shit about yours.
No. 8381
So much rage. Shouldn't we channel all the rage into >>8370?
No. 8382
Somehow, even if I like Youmu, I don't think I'll read this.
No. 8387
more or less, though it's entered "We should know this by now" with seeing the Circle's name.

Both Nitorin H things mainly consistant of a guy having lots of sex with a busty/scantily clad Nitori. The first has a bit of rather healthy Marisa.
No. 8388
>Doesn't really make sense.
Guess who it was translated by. Go on, guess.
No. 8392
"Don't blame cgrascal. Blame Google Translate" - Anonymous
No. 8394
Is that what CGRascal uses in his translations?
No. 8396
Jesus christ shut up
No. 8398
I doubt he's that bad. Even if he is, he's at least able to transcribe the text in the first place, which is a hell of a lot more than I can do.

If he is using google translate, it shouldn't be too hard to catch him. Someone once pointed out that "遥夢社" (Youmusa) becomes "far dream corporation" when machine translated, which is what it was tagged under in World of Gensokyo.

I believe that CGRascal primarily makes translations way too literal, which is why you commonly see stuff like question marks after things that are in no way questions and awkward sentence flow. The English in his translations is frequently terrible, but his posts on imageboards/his blog are fine.
No. 8400
It's just a clever way of saying "His translations are bad". No he doesn't use Google Translate.
No. 8405

Go eat a bag of dicks. That agreement was only about the translation thread itself. The expressed purpose of this thread is to discuss opinions of doujins and artists. My opinion of Chiriakuta and his/her work is incredibly low. If you can't deal with people stating their opinions, get the fuck out.


On the contrary, if you like Youmu, it's a reason not to read it.

If you hate Youmu, then read away, you'll see her mindbroken and destroyed. And you'll probably get some enjoyment out of it too, you sick motherfucker.


Come on, man. his translations aren't taht bad. IF you hink about how the translation might have been done incorrectly or in a more literal way than usual, the true meanings of the phrases come out. But it sometimes requires a lot of effort to figure out. CGRascal obviously doesn't speak English natively, but he's translating things for your benefit and doing the best he can. Would you rather have the doujins remain untranslated?
No. 8406
>On the contrary, if you like Youmu, it's a reason not to read it.
>If you hate Youmu, then read away, you'll see her mindbroken and destroyed. And you'll probably get some enjoyment out of it too, you sick motherfucker.
Oh hey thanks for telling me that. I didn't realize you were crowned president of the One True Way Society, alongside being the sole judge of what's sick and not sick concerning what people get off to.
No. 8411
File 128776833033.jpg - (61.47KB , 850x616 , 0c0c484e4bae866c3b87448f7d1b0122.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8413
his efforts vary, some come off as quite readable, and others not so much (such as the Yamame doujin; good thing someone else is doing a translation of that)

Just chill out already; it's just an opinion, and this is a thread to discuss such things.
No. 8414
Youmu rape is the worst kinda of rape.
No. 8422
But Anon, porn is serious business.

Also his attitude pisses me off.
No. 8432

No. 8433

How about we not turn this place into another cesspool of meme-spamming?
No. 8440
The boobs being unrealistic is easily forgiven, considering the doujin itself includes a minor plot point of Marisa inventing a working breast enhancement potion.

Yeah, I thought about that myself.

>CGRascal obviously doesn't speak English natively, but he's translating things for your benefit and doing the best he can.
Rule #1 of translating anything is "have a firm grasp of both languages before you do it." If you're not good at speaking, reading, and (important) writing in English, you won't be good at translating things into English. This is evident in CGRascal's case; in his amateurish pseudo-English sentence construction, anything more complicated than "oh, ah, yes" sounds ridiculous.

To make matters worse, he refuses to listen to constructive criticism. I've tried countless times, and nothing. The only time he ever gave any heed to what I had to say was when I corrected him on a title (he had misread キュートサキュバス as "gyuuto sagyubasu" rather than "cute succubus", an error that would have been caught had he proofread his own work).

SO, I'd say he isn't doing the best he can.

>Would you rather have the doujins remain untranslated?
Actually, yes. Yes I would. Two reasons:

1. A doujin having already been translated (regardless of quality) dramatically slashes the chances of a good translator picking it up and treating it right.

2. If it's untranslated, at least you don't have horrible Engrish rammed down your optic nerves every time someone speaks a sentence longer than three words.

Besides all that, I have a significant problem with CGRascal's "quantity over quality" ethic. He doesn't seem to care if he does the job right, just so long as it's done fast.

>The English in his translations is frequently terrible, but his posts on imageboards/his blog are fine.
The posts on his blog are seldom long enough to get a grasp of his ability to speak the language. When they are, he's just as unintelligible as in his worst translations.
No. 8441
>I worked as an amateur translator for a while, and I'll be even more accurate, you never translate from your language to a foreign language! It's always:
Foreign -> Native.

Maybe CGRascal is nice, but he need a proofreader or something like that, because his translated doujin are impossible to understand.
(Well, since it's H, story is less relevant than in normal doujin, but...)
No. 8444
the odd part is his translation quality varies from "well this a tad rough" to "what?"

Though one'd think that someone would want to one up the guy, to make a better translation.

But if English isn't his main language, then why is he translating stuff in it as oppsoed to his native language?
No. 8447
>Well, what about other boys in Odaiba High? To be honest, I'm not the most popular girl in school. Hell, besides the tennis team, I'd be virtually a nobody. Besides, some of these dipheads just want some brainless, flighty, girl who would swoon over them. I am not one of those persons. Also, most of those sport jocks always set their perverted radar on one target. The stupid cheerleader set. You know, those who giggles over every goddamned thing and goes on and on about makeup and about how cute Mr. 'So-and-so' is. I swear I'd vomit if I have to listen to that kind of stuff. Wait a minute! Vomiting would make me have something in common with some of those anorexics. And to think, they actually enjoy getting their ass slapped and/or pinched.

>country: USA

This really doesn't sound like the poor English of a non-native speaker. It's more like the poor English of a teenaged dumbass (and since this is 9 years old, he may very well have been ~13). I still say his Japanese skills suck and his awkward English is just a result of his bad translations.
No. 8466
So, in the end, we can't know if CGRascal is a american teenager who sucks, or a japanese teenager who sucks.

Hell, I don't care. He sucks anyway.
No. 8487
Wow what a difference a good translation makes.
No. 8488
Regarding all those [Chirakuta] rape/mindbreak doujins with Rinnosuke...

What boggles the mind is the sheer logistics behind it all. There's been... 11 people offhand in his mindcontrolled harem. Where does he keep the room to house all of them? How does he make enough money to feed them all, and so on? It's not as if for the inital length of time they can help him with anything.

What'd the rush to get to the bathroom be like, assuming there was only one at the time in Kourindou?

It really is very confusing.
No. 8490
How he makes money? He sells doujins based on his conquests.
No. 8491
That was amusing.
No. 8492
You'd think someone would have noticed what he was up too by now and killed him.
No. 8495

He does have the Hakugyoukurou, Eientei, Reimu, Marisa, Alice and SDM as his slave harem. Chen and Ran included. Nobody would ever want to try anything to upset them. Yukari can kill him but easy to say - it's her hibernation period.
No. 8496
Rinnosuke's youkai ability is "able to recognize the name and purpose of an item at a glance." At first, this seems like a shitty ability compared to Yukari, Yuyuko, or any of the other big hitters with powers that have a good deal of versatility.

However, an alternate meaning of the word item as defined by Urban Dictionary is "pair of poeple, commonly seen as dating, or about to date." The key word here is "about" to date. Since in theory, ANY pair of people can be "about" to date, and thus become an item, Rinnosuke's ability can be used to discover the name and ability of any one person. Still a shitty power, but at least he can act as a kind of scouter for unknown people.

Which leads to my next point. In mythology and legend, knowing a being's true name gives you power over them. Usually, this power over them is vaguely defined, but things include: killing, banishing, weakening, enslaving, or just flat out depowering it.

Thus, following this reasoning, we can believe that Rinnosuke, using his ability, has discovered the true name of the characters he's enslaved and used that name to control them to his whims.

After all, who's going to fuck with you when you can get Yuyuko to OHKO people for you? Spellcard rules? Fuck the spellcard rules, I have a ghost princess that can kill you by willing it.
No. 8497
Christ, he does?
I'm sad now.
No. 8500

Look on the bright side. At least he's not letting any other male touch or fuck his slaves. He's very possessive about his harem and that's a good thing. Unlike some doujin where one guy rapes and then get his buddies to join in as well.
No. 8502
That's a very dull bright side. There's still a dozen or so people broken into shells of their former selves.
No. 8503
That's selfish. Why does he need so many?
No. 8505

Men are selfish in nature. So does women. Only the difference is that men prefer quantity and women prefer quality.

Those who decided to share knew in the bottom of the heart that they can't pleasure that one person forever and will running out of stamina to keep up with her.
No. 8506

I prefer not to touch or view any of these pieces of shit. These doujins aren't even worth the paper they were printed on, or the hard drive space required to store them.
No. 8507
go back to Fakku.
No. 8515
Oh god, it's like Joe, but somehow even worse.
Also, the whole concept of laid-back, low-key shopkeeper with a mundane but nifty power mind-breaking and enslaving absurdly strong, effectively immortal, don't-function-by-the-same-rules-as-humans-do beings, all of vastly different natures and origin, some of whom are actually noted for their iron will...
I dunno. If it was Koishi or Eirin or Yukari it'd work just fine; what with them actually having the wherewithal and temperment to do that kind of thing. It seems like Rinnosuke was used simply because he's male, without much regard to anything else.
Verdict: D. It's hard to schlick properly when I'm 'spergin. MY IMMERSION and whatnot.
No. 8519
People have a right to their opinion here as long as it doesn't devolve into pure bitching.

On that extension, you could have just said "I don't like them" as you were rather close to the "Bitching" zone.

One can't compare Joe to that Rinnosuke.

Let's see...
Yuuka- Joe pounced her and had his way, which she loved.

Alice- Got drunk tied him down and had her way with him.

Marisa- Joe got high on mushrooms and raped her partially.

Tenshi- Got turned on by her "parents" and seduced "daddy" (with assistance from Anon) I Have no regrets
No. 8521
I meant in terms of "wow this is painful to read", not in terms of heinousnous. Both cause me to sperg the fuck out, which is characterized by an unpleasent tingling in the brain and an inability to move the mind on to other things that don't cause you to sperg out.
The only cure is to bitch about it to anyone nearby. This is why aspies love the internet: bitching about pointless shit is standard operating procedure.
No. 8522
No. 8525
... so in other news Halloween is coming up and I was wondering what scares kids the most.
No. 8526
And you're asking on the porn board?
...what are you planing?
No. 8527
Thus, the best thing to do is leave them alone.
No. 8528
Show them your penis.
No. 8529
File 128842996759.jpg - (32.00KB , 492x542 , demotivational-posters-pedo-terminator.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is what kids are afraid of.
No. 8533
You speak as if that's something to be proud of...

Average Joe, a story in /border/, perhaps the only story that regularly updates there. I missed the days when Patchwork used to update more than once a year.

No. 8537
Link me the tread.

Or teach me how to use the search function
No. 8540
The joe story isn't exactly hard to find; there's the story list option and just search Joe.
No. 8541
I'm posting my opinions on rape doujin on a porn board for CYOA Touhou fanfiction.
Having Asparagus Disease is hardly the most shameful thing about me.
No. 8550
Yeah I cant seem to find the place where I can search.
Just link me to that page so I can search on my own.
Give a man a fish... Teach him to fish...
No. 8551
Go on
Press Ctrl+F (using Firefuck), and write "Joe".

That wasn't that hard.
No. 8553
Or http://touhou-project.com/storylist.html, from the [Story List] link at the top.
No. 8558
that's what I meant but somehow he just couldn't see that option on top of the page.
No. 8587

Shit. Now I can't wait for Scarlet Sex to be translate. Others have already finished so I can expect SS to be translated as well.
No. 8589
It already has, see >>6544.
No. 8590
Links broken
No. 8592

Excuse me, but the link you're posting does contained the same file.

No. 8594
Must've copied the wrong link.

No. 8597
File 128870650061.jpg - (232.94KB , 1000x1000 , 0a830460d0589485b097939a3059de9c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Delicious Flandre.
No. 8605
Well, I think that's all of them. No more CHIRIAKUTA.

I actually read this one. Figured "hey, I hate Eirin. Maybe it'll be good."
I was wrong. God damn. I think CHIRIAKUTA's moved above pixel cot on terms of my most hated circle.
No. 8607
I fapped 2 times to it. Wasn't that bad like people want it to be.
No. 8612
The problem isn't fappability, but the massive guilt that comes afterwards. And the implication that a few related folks will get drawn into the web.
No. 8614
pixel cot is still one of my hated circles. CHIRIAKUTA is the best in terms of rape, and mind-break and the fact that the author uses same male lead.

The author uses the same male character is good materials for me. This circle, Nounai Kanojo, Panzers and any other circles that uses one and same male lead character are my favorite circles.

Now to wait for CHIRIAKUTA's next Remilia doujin.
No. 8615
I'm curious: what makes pixel cot so terrible, then? Both circles seem cut from the same cloth.
No. 8618
I don't quite understand how you can feel guilt from this kind of doujin.
No. 8620
It's called having a soul, and I'm kinda relieved to feel such guilt as it's a sign that I'm not a totally fucked up individual.
No. 8621
File 128883604063.jpg - (10.95KB , 131x225 , 1269986957396.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8622
Boy howdy I sure do wish I could feel compassion for fictional characters like you do.
No. 8625
I have a soul, assuming by 'soul' you mean the capacity to care for people.

I just can't bring myself to care about characters in a doujin that I enjoy because I enjoy misery of people who I don't personally consider as a friend.

Well, as much misery as you can have while being a completely fictional character given speech and dialogue by a porn artist.
No. 8627

pixel cot's trend in rape doujin are evilish and despair (pregnant and people not taking responsibilities like Keine's case) and it's somewhat not consistent at all(In Alice's case, she killed the rapist and blocked her own of that ever happened). In most cases, gang-rape is not my cup of coffee.

In CHIRIAKUTA's trend, rape, drug, and broken, lastly acceptance and moving on to the next target. I somewhat love the idea of using one male character and have interactions on other female characters which is good for me because it makes me easier for understand their thought processes.

For examples, VN games like Suika A.S, Soul Link and ef are not among the english-translated VNs I would read because it features multiple male characters. I tend to stick to one protagonist since it's easier for to accept it rather than switch other POVs. In normal games like fighting, RPGs, ect., I can adapt to that but in VNs and manga, it is a different matter to boot with.

tl;dr It's different people tastes. Try not to dwell into it too much. I have not read pixel cot's entire library but I must admit I like some of it except yuri doujins.
No. 8630

Really? We're done with Chiriakuta's doujins? Thank god. Rape is a huge turn-off for me, and I'm somewhat wary of people who like it. I don't see how you could enjoy rape and still not be some kind of fucked-up rapist.

But remember, there will always be other doujin artists like Pixel Cot, Marked-Two and Takaku-ya to fuck things up for people with a stronger conscience than most. It's the way of things.

Just don't read the doujins. I would rather gouge out my eyes than read anything by the four artists mentioned above again.
No. 8631
File 128888007072.jpg - (18.34KB , 370x300 , 1288879376148.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Stop liking what i don't like.
No. 8632
>I don't see how you could enjoy rape and still not be some kind of fucked-up rapist.
So you're unable to separate fantasy from reality? Okay, sure. No wonder you're a boring person.
No. 8634

>I don't see how you could enjoy rape and still not be some kind of fucked-up rapist

And I don't see how you could enjoy loli and still not be some kind of fucked-up lolicon IN REAL LIFE. Seriously, if you can't differentiate between fantasy and reality, then I don't even know why you still reading stuffs here.

These things are not real. They were made by some people's imagination. It does not affect real life at all. That is why people call it fiction. If you are, in anyway were affected by these things, then you are some kind of weak-minded dude who can't take a joke or whatever.

I've been reading rape doujins since I was 13 years old and I'm still not a rapist in real life. I've been reading loli doujins since I was 14 and till this day, I'm not freaking lolicon. Sometimes, I'm reading loli x rape doujins and you get the idea.

tl;dr Think logically. And before you reply and say "I already heard in some cases, it happens and I have proof," and ect.., that's because those people are already maniac, crazy and phycotic to begin with. And not mature if need to add.
No. 8645
File 128893188673.jpg - (238.57KB , 900x1061 , Komachi sperm.jpg ) [iqdb]
Lets just love our Touhous and nothing more, ok?
No. 8646
Are you the idiot that kept posting those on /t-h/?
No. 8647

Shut up faggot and get used to it.
No. 8648
File 128895874363.jpg - (255.77KB , 900x1061 , Komachi eating sperm02.jpg ) [iqdb]

Here's another one just to spite your crybaby ass.
No. 8649
File 128895925284.jpg - (576.22KB , 900x1061 , d5f0c5129f959b961d01076e82bddb2c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Get the fuck out. Stop adding your drivel to perfectly fine pictures.
No. 8650

I was going to be done with that last Sanae image I edited but since your stupid crybaby ass went and said something I'm going to find 5 more images to edit. If you say anything else after that then I'll post 5 more just to spite you again asshole.
No. 8651
File 128896426342.jpg - (202.72KB , 500x500 , 双生陽-999.jpg ) [iqdb]

See image.


You've got the right idea. This is porn, not serious business.
No. 8653

Gotta admit it is funny when people start complaining about these things whatever the topic may be.

Anyway, I'm finished editing. here's the topic where I posted a some edited Sanae images if you all want something to laugh at or get upset at:


Start at post No.22880
No. 8654
>but since your stupid crybaby ass went and said something I'm going to find 5 more images to edit. If you say anything else after that then I'll post 5 more just to spite you again asshole.

Clearly, he's the crybaby in this scenario. Tell me, which did you just arrive from; shrinemaiden, or pooshlmer?

Your stupidity aside, if you're honestly going to go through all this effort over someone not liking your shitty edits, the least you could do is actually put effort into making them not look like horseshitstop making them altogether use better colors. They clash with the images in the worst way. I mean, mspaint blue borders on pink hair? Really?
No. 8655

You know, I find it funny you are getting upset with that person for editing those images but yet I bet you and that other person are the same people who are posting those guro, rape and scat images on that same board.

At the same time I don't see anyone making posts telling them to stop posting that nasty stuff on that board but yet someone comes along and edits some images to add text and now he's told he needs to stop all because some of you don't like what he added and how he added them; way to go in the fucking logic department.

I really don't give a damn how the person added the text to the images and if they look perfect or not but some of you really need to shut your fucking mouths up because half of you clowns just love posting things on these boards that are even more fucked up than a person adding text to some stupid images.

I'm glad the person did make those images because we got to see who else is fucked up in the mind when it comes to certain things that get posted.
No. 8656

I actually don't like the rape/guro/scat stuff, try again. I do like the way you assume it's your edits themselves that offend me, when it's the way you're shitting up the 'Doujin/Artist Discussion thread' by posting them here instead of making your own thread I would be more than happy to scoff at, but otherwise ignore; the same thing I do for rape/guro/scat doujins, by the way.

Also, just a tip, here; You screwed up on the whole 'name field' thing. It being completely blank kind of ruins it when you try to say 'I FOR ONE TRULY ENJOY THE EDITS MADE BY THAT ONE GUY WHO IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT ME', and really just destroys any chance you have at successfully samefagging, something that rarely slides by as it is.
No. 8659
File 128898126938.jpg - (564.02KB , 1920x1200 , 2dd810af1f62e7c2c7f55b6208cecef5.jpg ) [iqdb]
>shrinemaiden, or pooshlmer?
Don't even lump us in with yukkuri-type users, the only reason they're still around is because "being annoying" technically isn't breaking the rules.


In general, I do like Reverse Noise (I enjoy the artist's art style because it reminds me of the style of PC-98 games) and Aya Shachou (Renko x Maribel is fantastic and bonus points for colored eyelashes).

I also like Kiezya, but only for the normal art. Liking him for his porn is... painful.
No. 8661
I agree for Kieyza. Unfortunatly, he's mostly ignored.
No. 8662
File 128898555187.png - (334.43KB , 800x878 , 14305243.png ) [iqdb]
Kieyza normally draws happy stories, which is one thing I like. I have no idea why but I like the art style too, porn or not. Just my thing.

>Aya Shachou
Who is this? I'm interested.

>Reverse Noise
Good variety, and consistently high quality. I wonder if anyone can actually hate this circle.
No. 8664
I'll second Reverse Noise as excellent (particularly their futa-on-normal-girl offerings like Fingertips KISS) and throw in Paranoia Cat, too. Paranoia Cat is excellent because, even though they're big on the faceless men (something I hate), they more than make up for it in that, goddamn, they know how to draw *women*. Sakuya and Meiling in Smiling Knife were just drool-worthy.

The only real downside is that most of their earlier stuff got translated by CGRascal, who managed to turn some gems such as Remilia Koroshi (sexiest Koa I've seen this side of Reverse Noise) into completely unintelligible shitfests.
No. 8665

Try again dumbass. trying to say that it's me is just a weak way of saying you have a little secret in your mind you don't want anyone to know about.
No. 8666
>Reverse Noise
Lovely style, perhaps among the top notch Koas though many other characters can be of high quality. I'm shocked that more of their stuff isn't translated.

Though there's a copy cat on Pixiv who comes close to the style but focuses more on PC-98 characters.

Unrefined but nice; I feel his strengths lie outside of H due to the wild expressions used and the fact that his nudes aren't remarkable at all. Folks like to bash him due to the unrefined nature of his art.

>Aya Shachou
That's the name on Danbooru, the circle name are Gokusai Color and Gokusaishiki.
Nice work if a bit skinny, though the H kinda suffers before getting the whole Druggie Whore Maribel matter in one doujin. His clean yuri is a lot nicer.

Try putting that in the doujin nomination contest when it starts up again; though you'd need a copy of the raw. But I'm tempted on starting a thread listing "things done that CGRascal that need re-translating"

I like Paranoia Cat's more mundane proportions. Sometimes a break from "Breasts the size of a girl's head" style busty is nice.
No. 8668
>>8666 Here

What bugs me most about that Druggie Whore Maribel doujin is that the artist feels they need to resort to such stuff when their material stands rather strong on its own.

I'm sure other people saw a picture by an artist, went "This is nice, I wonder how their doujins/other art are like", look and were shocked by what's in them. A decent chunk of the time, this comes off as a desperate move for attention.

Such things tend to alienate more people than they attract. And such obvious appeal moves in general rarely go over with the original fan base and the fans they're after. The original fans feel alienated and betrayed while the prospective fans scoff at a pandering wannabe. The exception to the rule is Yuri Pandering, which has a very high success rate. Funny how bestiality fans would be more picky than yuri fans.
No. 8669


Yes, of course. It's quite clearly coincidence that the name field is entirely blank, lacking even 'Anonymous'. This couldn't possibly indicate the same person postioh wait, I get it, you're trolling. At least, I hope you're trolling. I've never actually thought someone was too stupid to live and meant it.

>trying to say that it's me is just a weak way of saying you have a little secret in your mind you don't want anyone to know about.

I don't even know what you're implying, here, and I'm past caring. If anyone is watching, I'd like to ask for the thread to be cleaned of recent off-topic material. To the guy who most certainly is not the same person, if you want to continue being stupid, do it elsewhere. If you want to continue being appalled and horrendously offended by rape/scat/guro/ fine, but leave your edits, your rabid zealous defense of your edits, and your failed samefagging contained in your own thread or on a different site.

Sort of back on topic, I can't help but notice all the talk about how terrible CGRascal is. Just how far off base is he, out of curiosity? My moonrunes are pretty much nonexistant, so I can't exactly judge anything but his skills with English, which aren't exactly great, but that's a different argument I don't feel like pursuing.
No. 8670
>Such things tend to alienate more people than they attract. And such obvious appeal moves in general rarely go over with the original fan base and the fans they're after
Maybe he just wanted to draw a druggie doujin, and doesn't care about attracting people at all. Avion Village F, which normally does rather tame doujinshi, did a similar themed doujinshi as well.
No. 8674
if he honestly felt like that, it'd have shown through the fanart as opposed to a doujin which makes money.

I'd sooner believe that artist Zero of wanting to try stuff out as he just made pictures of a cow fucking Eirin, not a doujin of it.

And Avian Village F is prone to doing various rape doujins, some of which of a theme that Rinnosuke runs a whorehouse in Gensokyo and that he introduces new girls by having them gang-raped until they don't care.

Joylanzer, one of the artist is fond of making various rape art, that and only able to do one type of face and body, but that's besides the point. Most of the circle's tamer stuff came from the other artists. Point stands that Rape variations are among Avian Village F's bread and butter.

That's part of the reason why there's so many rape doujins, there's a market for it filled with boys and guys utterly dominated by their Shrewish, controlling sisters/mothers/girlfriends/wives.

So when an artist better known for cleaner/loving stuff ends up doing something completely different, it's pretty obvious that s/he feels they need to kink things up a bit to stand out.

Some other of my favorite artists are Kujiran and Kurikara (Who's a major artist of Toy Box), both mainly known for paizuri and the large pillowy breasts they give girls, mostly from Touhou. It's pretty easy to get them mixed up due to how similar their styles are; it'd take an experienced eye to tell them apart.

I'm rather peeved that more of their stuff haven't been translated as well.
No. 8675
>And Avian Village F is prone to doing various rape doujins, some of which of a theme that Rinnosuke runs a whorehouse in Gensokyo and that he introduces new girls by having them gang-raped until they don't care.
That's Avion Village. They're two different circles.

>Joylanzer, one of the artist
Again, Avion Village

>if he honestly felt like that, it'd have shown through the fanart as opposed to a doujin which makes money.
I highly doubt doujinshi make a lot of money.
No. 8677
>Sort of back on topic, I can't help but notice all the talk about how terrible CGRascal is. Just how far off base is he, out of curiosity?
Oh, boy. Well, since you asked...

For your consideration, a selection of lines from CGRascal's translation of Byoujo no Sho (>>7694) and the re-translation (>>8484):

>Rascal: "Which border where such an incomplete border exists? It's hard to comprehend."
>Correct: "With a border this incomplete, it's hard to tell where the edges are."
Regarding that argument about whether or not he's a native English speaker a few posts back: show me a native English speaker who can produce a sentence like that, and I'll show you a tragic case of brain damage/mental retardation.

>Rascal: "At the very least, I've fallen for you. I want to die now since I've slept with you..."
>Correct: "I just wanted to die holding the one who stole my heart..."
Even ignoring the fact that "sleep with you" doesn't appear in the original Japanese... "I want to die since I've slept with you"? Really? That's the least romantic way to express the "I can die happy now" sentiment that I've ever read.

And my personal favorite:
>Rascal: "She fed on the spirit inside of his ayakashi. This person had his knowledge stolen and will change into something else."
>Correct: "Among monsters, there are some beings with the ability to feed on life energy, stealing knowledge and altering themselves."
The best part of this one is that due to Japanese's subject dropping, CGRascal's translation is almost reasonable, assuming he didn't know what "ayakashi" meant (which he clearly didn't, given that he just plunked it down, completely untranslated and without any hint for the reader as to its meaning, into the finished script). And, admittedly, "ayakashi" is not an altogether common word in Japanese, so it's not like we can really blame him for not knowing the definition of-- oh wait it's on Wikipedia.

>In contemporary usage it is often roughly synonymous to yōkai
So, basically, he got this rather important line completely ass-backwards because he's too fucking stupid to use a search engine.

Honestly, it wouldn't bother me so much if he stuck to translating simple stuff like Gensokyo Ass Festival; he still fucks those up too, of course, but it's not quite as bad as something with an actual story. I mean, at some level, he has to realize that he's fucking awful at all parts of the scanlation process, and it's not like there's a shortage of Touhou doujin out there. I know you lurk these boards, CGRascal; can't you please, please, leave the hard stuff to the real translators, the ones who know Japanese (and English)?
No. 8678
File 128900365227.jpg - (318.09KB , 989x836 , e738c813d34abca9b4eb44e2dc8a276f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>That's part of the reason why there's so many rape doujins, there's a market for it filled with boys and guys utterly dominated by their Shrewish, controlling sisters/mothers/girlfriends/wives.
See, that's something I don't really get. I mean, I don't have fantasies about seeing powerful, confident, independent men being dominated and broken by some twisted woman because my dad and brothers drive me nuts.

... Although, actually thinking about it, it does have a certain appeal. I kinda wonder where I could find something like that. The closest there seems to be is the stereotypical "milquetoast wimp taken advantage of by aggressive women" and some yaoi, but neither of those count.
It'd be thematically apropos for some Touhous as well.
No. 8679
File 128901538285.jpg - (210.73KB , 500x679 , 3c0961a601ef1725389c51e696ca8a0c.jpg ) [iqdb]
One Moralfaggot ruining the fun for everyone.
No. 8680
Where do you live? In the west, there isn't so much gender oppression much these days, and I suspect most remotely oppressed women would rather watch something where girls are kicking male ass, killing of males, especially anything with castration.

But I've gathered a notion of how japanese society works... and from what I see, boys and men are one way or another under a woman's thumb.

Childhood: Domineering grade obsessed mother.
Adolesance: Tsundereish at best, money minded romantic interest who has a bunch of prospects with only the most handsome and/or promising winning.
Adulthood: Domineering wife who controls house fiances with an iron fist.

in this regard, rape doujins and JAVs do japan a major service by letting these poor guys vent their frustrations before they blow over into reality. This also explains why Shounen, which is aimed at young boys, basically makes 99% of female characters bystanders as to give the readers a sense of empowerment impossible in life.

Mind you it's just a theory.
No. 8681
No. 8683
I don't think it's just a theory.
No. 8684
File 12890237874.jpg - (377.22KB , 704x900 , 8f9db3984684c13a9cb96ea4e41e9f97.jpg ) [iqdb]
... So, have you heard this solely from 2chan?
Women have it signifigantly harder in Japan than they do in America. They're still very much a country with very strict gender roles, and stepping out of them is frowned upon. In Japan, a woman has four paths available:
A) Marry a wealthy man, in which case she can do pretty much anything she wants, have children, etc. Hence, why they tend to be so obsessed with landing a rich husband compared to the West.
B) Marry a middle/lower class man, in which case she will probably have to continue to have a full time job as well as taking care of any children they might have, as her husband will be unable to due to working absurdly long hours. If either one of you loses their job, you're in serious trouble.
C) Don't get married. Japan, being obsessed with tradition and gender roles and such, tends to pound it into women's heads that this is a Terrible Fate Indeed, and thus women will try to avoid this fate as much as possible.
D) Become a fujoshi. If you have gone this route, you obviously don't give a shit what Japanese society thinks about you anyway. Their numbers have increased explosively over the past couple decades. 70% of Doujin these days are made by women. Nearly 40% of H-Doujin are made by women, a percentage which has been rising for the past 8 years.
As should be obvious from the fact that I am here to post this, I would be considered a "D" in Japan.
Additionally, in Japan a common social tidbit is that women who engage in or ask for sex of their own initiative are sluts. This is vanishing from actual Japanese culture rapidly, but it's taking quite a bit longer to leave fictional Japanese culture.
And most simply of all, the Japanese are a very repressed people. Most yaoi h-manga/doujin is rape too.
No. 8685
Oh shit, are you really that stupid or just naturally retarded.
Seriously. How dumb can one person get. I had to laugh a few times while reading this.
No. 8687
Oh that artist. I asked about that same drug-Maribel work earlier. Was pretty sad. I'll see what else he has to offer.
No. 8688
That's Britain, not Japan.
No. 8691
>C) Don't get married. Japan, being obsessed with tradition and gender roles and such, tends to pound it into women's heads that this is a Terrible Fate Indeed, and thus women will try to avoid this fate as much as possible.
In theory, this is correct. However, in actuality, the marriage rate in Japan is plummeting. Japanese women, statistically, are more interested in living the single life forever, and in avoiding the trappings of motherhood and family life entirely. This is a significant contributor to the unfortunate fact of the (similarly) plummeting birth rate among ethnic Japanese.

Keep in mind one thing above all: Japanese men are far more willing to accept traditional gender roles, which includes Japanese women being the ones to control the household finances. Essentially, the traditional position of the Japanese woman is "gold digger", and that aspect - for good or ill - has not changed.
No. 8693
I'm interested in him too. I like his art, but I didn't liked the drugged Maribel.
No. 8696
In addition to DURGS, Aya Shachou is also fond of urine-play and (recently) scat. Tread with caution.
No. 8700
Not exactly, but the prevalence of certain types of roles combined with a bunch of asian mothers I've heard about. What roles? The pathetic geeky male and the tsundere, who often ends up the one the guy chooses. In contrast, in the west, one'd go for someone less difficult because nothing's the shit these guys take from the tsunderes.

Though considering what you say, the female tendencies I mentioned could easily be created by such a culture. I'd imagine mothers being obsessed with their son's grades as to ensure he'd be able to take care of them when they get older.

As far as Yoai being rape, it's more for the sake of drama yaoi fangirls get off on. But the point "Japan is a terribly repressed culture" is very much on the mark.
No. 8701
File 128905626738.jpg - (568.80KB , 750x600 , 2628300ab02df992123bc9f5c724fb44.jpg ) [iqdb]
Indeed! Thank you, I actually forgot to point out the "control of house finances" part.

>As far as Yoai being rape, it's more for the sake of drama yaoi fangirls get off on.
... Does tentacles-on-guy count as drama? 'Cause I sure as hell get off on that.
No. 8702
On that note, while he doesn't do hentai, Ao Usagi is pretty good with H, but he sometimes over does it with the 'droopy' eyes. That isn't going into the nigh-legendary tendency of his art to cause people to go "What"
No. 8707
And here's part two of Extend Party. It's long! Yay.
No. 8768
I had such high hopes for this doujin when I saw the preview pages on pixiv. It looked like I would finally be getting a vibrator and sex toy focused Touhou doujin, and it was even about Yukari. It promised bondage, aphrodisiacs, direct clit stimulation, pretty much all of my biggest fetishes.
Months later it finally comes out, and lo and behold, there's maybe two or three more pages that follow the same theme as the previews, followed by half a doujin of the same mind-broken sex slave scenario I've seen a hundred times before and hated from the start.
Easily the biggest disappointment I've ever had involving porn. Ugh.
No. 8769
I wanted the doujin to drag out the whole thing with Yukari and the toys. I know people don't break in that short a time period, her being a youkai as old and powerful as she is would've made her a lot more resistant to that kind of thing.

Oh well, art's still nice.
No. 8771
Fantastic as always. I have no idea how these manage to stay fresh for so long, despite the same recurring theme. Maybe it's the silly/cute faces.
No. 8782
They're pretty funny and if the artist works on his H-aspects, then perhaps they'd be as fappable as they are funny.
No. 8800
File 128966007649.jpg - (101.34KB , 707x1000 , 14525888_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well we're getting Daiyousei next time. Can't wait.
No. 8806
Was disappointed. Was expecting romantic YoumuxReisen with Eirin trying to break apart their love.

But it turned out to be Reisen raping Youmu.
No. 8849
With all the talk of mindbreak going on I suddenly have the urge to write an h - story with PROPER mindbreak.

Here's the plot.

Sakyua goes back in time and changes sex in order to have a child with herself, which turns out to be her and her identical twin sisters, who are also her.

Meiling's mind promptly snaps. Then the Sakyuas have an orgy with the mindbroke guard.
No. 8853
More like Reisen getting loved by Youmu.
No. 8854
So basically "--All You Zombies--" with porn?

...Hey, what the hell. I say fund it.
No. 8859
That situation is confusing, but I can't realistically(?) see someone losing their mind over it. Especially in Gensokyo.
No. 8881
In the sequel, it turns out that Meiling is also Sakuya. Turns out that getting too much into an M role might make you suppress your own memory.

As it happens, so's Patchy. And Remilia. In fact, everyone in Gensokyo, Former Hells and The Moon are all Sakuya, who has been subconsiously using her powers to alter their effect. It turns out Gensokyo is an entire Sakuya Recolonisation Effort to reseed the planet with life after the Sakuyaships left for the stars some 14,000 years ago. And it went horribly, horribly [spoiler]right[/spoiler].


This incidentally is practically the plot of the man who folded himself.

That mind-breaky enough?
No. 8899
...not really...well, ok, sorta, I guess.
It's certainly ridiculous, though.
No. 8913
>I don't often see rape in Touhou doujins

...you living under a rock?
No. 8914
Who is the copycat of Reverse Noise?
No. 8917
Honestly I have no name which to call him by, all that I know is that he does various PC-98 touhous in a RN-ish style.
No. 8918
...so link to him.
No. 8959
Do you at least have one of his pictures? It might be searchable from iqdb.
No. 9039
It's rape. She's shouting "No! No!" the whole time. She deserved it, as hard as it is to admit, but it's still rape
No. 9043
She was saying no... but in the end she didn't mind.
No. 9044
No. 9045
No is just another word for yes.
No. 9046
By that logic, there's no rape in porn.
No. 9047
There is no rape in porn.
No. 9048
...well, you're wrong.
No. 9050
It's a shame that nowdays kids like you have so many wrong opinions.
No. 9052

I don't think that any jury would jet you off the hook with that excuse. You'll have to do better than that.
No. 9053
Irrelevant. He's not trying to justify rape in real life.
No. 9054

A little late but, just in case you haven't found it yet...
No. 9055
That's probably why this needless debate started.

>PC-98 characters
>Reverse Noise faces
Very very worth waiting for. Thanks!
No. 9122
Doujin was alright, imo. Nothing too good, and it was short. Also not as much rape or misery as I'd like.
No. 9124
Excellent. Rape without mind-break is hard to come by these days.
No. 9126
File 129222827448.jpg - (333.42KB , 1042x1026 , shellmongleyougood.jpg ) [iqdb]
Am I weird for not having problems with all the rape/mindbreak doujins due to subject, but rather due to a lot of them not making any damn sense? Namely, what seems to be random schmoes being able to violently rape Flandre or Yukari without being reduced to a fine mist or turned inside-out? I mean, I can maybe buy Yukari going along with it as a lark, then breaking free and laughing about how she had fun, 'cause that's the sort of thing she'd do. But having normal, consensual, loving sex with Flandre is still something you'd be careful about. Rough sex that got her worked up would be like trying to fuck a food processor. Raping her would be like trying to fuck a food processor while it's turned on.
Hell, Suika, Yuugi, and Yuuka are all strong enough that if they really didn't want someone sticking it in, they could inflict some truly horrific horrific damage simply by clenching.
It's like those Gurren Lagann doujin where Yoko or whoever somehow ends up getting impregnated via beastman rape; you know, despite the fact that it was a pretty important plot point that beastmen are sterile. It's just sloppy and stupid.
I dunno, maybe I'm just setting my standards for quality too high. MY IMMERSION ;_; and whatnot.
No. 9127
Nothing wrong with liking rape/mindbreak/NTR/etc if it's fictional. As for realism, hating obviously stupid errors like that is fine. But most /h/ works depend on unrealism. What do you think of, say, Nounai Kanojo's works?

[ ] Magic
[ ] Eirin's shady new drug
[ ] Yukari is fooling around again

Pick one? They're also good explainations to your problem.

No. 9128
Templates like that are forbidden.

>Am I weird for not having problems with all the rape/mindbreak doujins due to subject, but rather due to a lot of them not making any damn sense?
I have a problem with the majority of rape doujins for this problem, too. Although I guess I don't count that much since I've learned to just ignore the glaring violation of canon in pursuit of fapping.
No. 9129
>Raping her would be like trying to fuck a food processor while it's turned on.

Jokes asides, I'm pretty sure you can't rape anyone in touhou. Even the "weak" stage 1 boss, several of them are cannibals or not-human-friendly (Letty may be an exception, but if you read the wiki, she's quite hostile).
And trying to rape an extra boss is... a Darwin Award for you.
No. 9163
Actually in BAiJR, there's a report about basically a bunch of folks, reimu included bum rushing Letty and driving her off.

You shouldn't take PMiSS at face value. Also if one tries to rape Letty; hope they enjoy freezing to death.

But the fact is even someone as "weak" as Rumia is still a few steps above most would be rapists.
No. 9168
File 12923442419.png - (87.87KB , 300x300 , c9eb445ca0b802fac3565d2f5be2d22e.png ) [iqdb]
The average human in Gensokyo is stronger than the average Youkai. However, any boss or miniboss tier character is quite a bit above average.
So actually, I guess it'd be feasible for a Gensokyo native to be able to molest a rabbit, but Tewi or Reisen would be pretty damn unlikely.

I suppose if you managed to drug Marisa, then gag her and immobilize her hands, fingers, and arms... But even then, she'd probably have some kind of contingency.

Akyu... Akyu is pretty much SoL.
No. 9172
File 129237053568.jpg - (161.90KB , 600x600 , akyuu scared.jpg ) [iqdb]
Odd. I fap to most Touhou rape, but Akyuu is off-limits. I mean, she's already sickly and/or dying...
No. 9173
This reminds me of the /jp/ Threads "Which Touhou would you win a fistfight with"
No. 9174

Definitely Yuugi. I think I'd win a fistfight with Yuugi so hard.
No. 9177
I'd might still hit it provided it that the sickness doesn't diverges into guro.
No. 9179
File 129239788829.jpg - (1.23MB , 1500x1500 , c5a4719d97465e26b50f66ecfe2027f0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Akyuu's a bit of a split case.

On the one hand, there's the shy, gentle Akyuu who, after writing the Gensokyo Chronicle, is basically forced to breed with some random guy her family chooses to ensure that the Hieda line continues, which is an Akyuu I would gently embrace and tenderly make love to...
No. 9180
File 129239823520.jpg - (1.41MB , 2033x2987 , 51.jpg ) [iqdb]
...then on the other hand, there's the adult-in-a-child's-body Akyuu who, despite her cheery personality, is an outsider in society due to her family's wealth and her 'condition', and consequently has nine lifetimes' worth of sexual experience and nobody to share it with, which is an Akyuu that I would bang until neither of us could walk straight.

I'm torn.
No. 9188
Heh; it doesn't help most artists seem to think she's an early/fast bloomer for her tender young age(10-12)
No. 9190
500 year old vampire sisters in loli bodies, 1000 year old always-17 Yukari, etc. The age scale in Touhou is messed up. Why should fanworks care?
No. 9216
At least we haven't seen any folks going "Akyu porn? Okay, fap time. Flan porn? OMFG! YOU PEDO!" despite the former getting you arrested in many many places and the latter bringing into it some debate.
No. 9244
I need a source on this
No. 9245
File 129275145939.jpg - (319.40KB , 1000x1129 , 14007250.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's from LoliBitch, characterful title no?


Akyu's only a small part of it however. It's a collaboration. Not all of the Touhous in it are canon loli, picture related.
No. 9253
I see a lot of loli, but not a whole lot of bitch part, huh.
No. 9255
>One thing to note is that "bitch" (in Engrish) is Japanese slang meaning, essentially, "slut".
>"slut" in Japanese is applied to pretty much any woman who enjoys sex, and there are a few stories with blushing and shyness to complement the "OM NOM DELICIOUS COCK" stories, if that's your thing.
No. 9364
Someone gravely misunderstood Hijiri's function in Gensokyo
No. 9374

New thread

No. 23490
No. 23491