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Someone called her. But she didn't react.
Louder this time. Looks like this person really want to wake her.
The face still sleepy, Nue awoke herself.
-Hmmm. It's 7h30, and Murasa is preparing the breakfast."
-Yes, that's me. And Unzan is here too."
Speaking of the devil... of the man-faced cloud...
-Okay, I get up."

Nue got up, and went down to the main room. Shou and Byakuren weren't here, of course. Byakuren, as a monk, is in charge of the temple, and Shou, as a follower, never quit her. But, by chance, Nazrin, Shou's underling, and Ichirin, who was another monk, are here.
Any time Nue had to eat alone with Murasa, it ended bad. Because Murasa was the one trying to free Hijiri, and Murasa did her best to slow her. Since this time, Murasa held a grudge again Nue. Last time, Murasa begin to speak about her relative, who sealed a horrible creature with a bow. Just 2 minutes later, that was the war.
Usually, Ichirin try to settle things between Nue and Murasa, but she fail every time. So, it's an habit for those girls, each time they got a bone to pick, to go into the forest, and to fight until they got tired. Or until Shou come to see what's causing the ruckus.

But, since Nazrin was here, Murasa didn't try anything. And Nue was not enough stupid to attack without provocation.
So, the meal was calm. Even if Murasa and Nue echanged deathly glare, 'tout allait pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes'.
Until Nazrin said something:
-So, Ichirin? Do you have something planned for today?"
-Yes! Mistress Byakuren asked me to go talk with some in the village, and to hunt a youkai named Rumia."
-That's great!"
Then Nazrin turned her face toward Nue, and said:
-And you, do you have something to do?"
That was obviously a trap. Pretty unique coming from Nazrin. Usually, she was neutral during fights. But Nue saying she didn't have anything planned means she was a freeloader, and Murasa would laugh about that during weeks.
-Of course I've something... Go and trying to redeem the karakasa (umbrella-monster using human's fear to feed themselves) youkai near the temple!"
-Oh, her? Well, good luck. I heard she's pretty air-headed. And I heard she's constantly attacked by a miko."
-Which one?"
-The green one."

And the result was, that Nue was wandering randomly around the temple, trying to get this girl. According to the reports, she has to look after a "Heterochromia-person". That's all Nazrin said to her.
-That little mouse... Why is she sooo arrogant?... I should have said something else... I can't believe I said that... I'm gonna wander all the day... Instead of napping from 10 to 10... Drinking sake and singing obscene song..."
Kogasa was right now in front of Nue, tongue out, her red eye closed.
-What's THAT supposed to be?"
Shocked by the cold tone, Kogasa began to cry.
-Can't you act like you were surprised?"
-Excuse me? Were you trying to surprise me with THAT?"
-Uuu... Yes?"
-If you want to surprise someone, try this!"
And Nue immediatly used Nue Sign "Mysterious Snake Show" (If you don't know what is it, just consider it as a deadly attack).
-Whaaa! Stop it! Noo!"

-You see? That's how you surprise people..."
Kogasa was laying on the ground, badly hurt. Logical. After taking in the face 5 specials attacks, and 4 normal attacks, the outcome was obvious.
But Kogasa was a youkai. Youkai are dangerous things that can't be stopped in normal ways! Even if you rip off their tongue, stomach, while raping them, they're not even damaged!
Using her karakasa's strengh, Kogasa was already up, cleaning her dress, while asking:
-Teach me how to scare humans!"
-I can't! I mean, I'm from the temple..."
-Please! If I can't scare them, I'll die for starvation!"
Nue think about it a long time. Of course, attacking human was bad, but if it was just to scare them? They won't die from being scared, and it will save her... Saving a life is always a good thing. Byakuren will probably be okay with that. Isn't the Buddha religion some stuff saying "All lives are precious"? With that, she can't be scolded of she help a poor and lonely youkai...
-Okay. But just a little, okay? After that, you'll have to find it by yourself!"
-I'm fine with that. Show me!"

Near the human village, there was two shadows. Well, 3, in facts, with the little ball of darkness floating around here, repeating "Is that so?"
One of the shadow was Nue, and the other was Kogasa. And her umbrella. They were watching a busy, who was cleaning his tools in the river. Isolated. But he was not unarmed. Gensokyo's native human are always repared for everything.
Almost everything, in fact.
-Tatara, you stay here, and watch how I'm doing to surprise him, okay?"
Then Nue changed herself, taking the form of a massive creature, with the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake as a tail. A real nue, in fact.
Kogasa watched Nue sneak behind the man, who was actually cleaning his tools, and ask:
-Excuse me, can you give me some fire? I wanna try to bake some potatoes."
Using all his power, the man disappeared, leaving his tools at the river. Nue turned her face toward Kogasa, changed back in her normal form, and said:
-You see? It's not a big deal."
-Oh, okay, I see. Thanks."
-Sure. Good luck. See ya."
And Nue let Kogasa, with the satisfaction of a good action, and spent the day napping around randomly.

The trouble came later. When Nue came back to the temple, the day was out, and the night was here. And Shou was waiting her.
-Ah, Nue Houjuu. Byakuren want to talk with you."
-Why? What's happened?"
-Hmmm. I think it's better if she's the one explaining you. Follow me please."
And Shou took Nue to Hijiri's room. A really strange room, by the way. There was two desk, the first one was a oriental style, with kotatsu under it, and the other one was occidental style, with a chair. But the important thing was, there was 3 peoples in the room, and 2 of them had no reason to be inside. Ichirin, Unzan. The last one was Hijiri Byakuren, the great monk, taking care of the temple. When Nue entered, Ichirin looked at her with a sad face, and went, with Unzan on her feet.
-Byakuren, Nue Houjuu is here."
-Thank you, Shou. Can you leave us alone?"
Shou walked to the door, opened it, and leaved. Byakuren closed the door herself, and then sat on front of Nue, who was still standing up.
-What happe..."
-Don't talk, please."
And then, Nue noticed that Byakuren was angry. That was not really easy to notice, since Byakuren was almost everytime smiling, but this time... her smile has something... ferocious.
That was the kind of smile you wore when you're learning that all your family was killed by a dog you took from the street 2 years ago.
After spending a little time, writing papers on the desk, Byakuren turned her face to Nue, and began to talk.
-Murasa and Nazrin told me you wanted to help a little umbrella, is that right?"
She was really scary. Because she was smiling. If she was shouting, with an angry face, Nue would know how to react, but a scolding person acting like this was... unusual.
-Y-Yes. Well, I already saw her near here, and I wanted to help her."
-Nice from you. Can you tell me more about it?"
-Well, she complained she cannot scare humans, so I helped her a little..."
-Can you tell me how you 'helped her a little'?"
-Well, I... scared someone to show her..."
-That's the trouble. You scared someone. While Ichirin was trying to convince the peoples at the human village that they can coexist with youkai, you, from our temple, scared a poor and isolated man..."
-Well, that's because..."
-Can you please stop using "well"? It's annoying."
-Thanks to your effort, Ichirin was kicked out of the village. We spent lot of time to gain human's trust, and we'll have to restart from the beginning."
-I'm sorry."
-I hope you are. Ichirin was actually asking to not being too "mean" with you, but I think I'll have to. In fact, I prefer to be sure you'll learn. Some of the villagers threw stone to Ichirin, do you know? Murasa and Nazrin healed her, but she's shocked. She doesn't want to go back to the village nanymore"
-I was thinking of throwing you out of the temple, but Murasa said you have nowhere to go."
-So, I'm thinking about something else. Since you're ruining our effort, acting like a child, how about punishing you like a child?"
-Wha-what do you mean?"
-I mean a spanking, of course. That was very used when I was young, and I think it's suited for you."
-No! I-I mean...I'm sorry."
-Of course you are. I hope you are. Follow me."

Byakuren rose, and came near the second desk. Of course, unsing a occidental chair is more convenient.
She sat on the chair, and stared Nue, but Nue never received spanking, so she didn't really now what to do. She was just still, motionless, not knowing how to act.
With a sigh, Byakuren rose once again, take Nue's wrist, and bring her near the chair. Then, she sat on the chair, and put a surprised Nue over her lap.
-Let's do it correctly."
-Wha~ ?"
But the first slap interrupt Nue. That was surprising. Byakuren looked really weak for a human, but, in fact, she was a strong human, with a decent physical strengh.
But the worst, for Nue, was Byakuren's magic power. Byakuren was focusing her power into her arms, to increase her strengh, her speed, and to cause fire damage +24.
The second slap was... too early. The first was a surprise, but Nue didn't have proper time to react that Byakuren already hit her a second time.
The thirst slap was hot. But the heat didn't go. It was sticking at Nue's bottom.
The fourth slap added heat.
With the fifth slap, Nue was already certain she was in hell, with fire licking her butt.
But the worst came after that.

Byakuren pull Nue's skirt. Perhaps she wouldn't do it if Nue stopped her, but Nue herself was too surprised, with her hot butt, to notice the little wind on her bottom.
She noticed her lack of protection only when Byakuren slap her bare bottom once again. Because this time, the heat wasn't coming from her skirt, but directly from a hand.
Another slap. And another. And another. Nue was now really crying, because she felt that her bottom will burn any moment now.
Nue continued to cry, almost quietly, and Byakuren continued to spank her, keeping her from moving.

Then finally, Byakuren had enough. Her hand was painful, and Nue was heavy on her knees. She looked a last time at Nue's bottom. All red. Not even a palm's trace. That's why magic is convenient.
Compared with how it was in the old times. It was really difficult to spank someone. Thinking about that, that was one of the reason Byakuren became a magician.
If someone managed to see Nue like that, he'll never understand how she was spanked. Except another magician, of course. And Byakuren was pretty sure she was the only magician in the area, who used magic to spank.
Byakuren put Nue back on her feet, and said to her:
-I think it's good now. You can stay in this temple."
-When you'll be better, go thank Ichirin and Murasa. If they didn't said anything, I would have kicked you out of the temple."
-... Y-Yes."
-All right."

Some minutes after Nue went out, Shou came.
-It is okay to not say everyone that we now have youkai on our side?"
-Of course. Our goal is the coexistence between human and youkais. With Nue's help, Youkai are ready to make the first step."
Yes. Youkai have noticed that a powerful Nue was with Byakuren. They will be easier to 'redeem', since they know Byakuren has the power to control a powerful youkai.

While Nue was giving thanks, Kogasa was busy.
Her job didn't stopped with night. She HAS to scare someone, otherwise she died.
-Look like someone is coming... Is it finally meal-time?"
Kogasa prepared a ambush, hiding herself in a tree.
The person came, passing under the tree. Then, Kogasa jumped down, and shouted:
But when she saw WHO she was trying to scare, she discovered she was cursed.
-Oh? Kogasa? I was looking for you, it's nice to show yourself."
The green miko. Sanae Kochiya. A shinto priestess, with god's power. A brutal sadist girl, who like to torment and bully -almost- innocents youkais.
-Ah-Oh... Wh-why that?"
"Retreat. NOW" That's what Kogasa's mind was telling to her.
With a perfect and innocent smile, the green devil continued to speak:
-Oh... You really don't know ANYTHING about that?"
-No-not at all..."
The green miko was now slowly approching Kogasa, still with her innocent smile.
-Well, I heard strange thing about a evil youkai scaring human near the village. So, as a good priestess, I came to do some youkai-hunting...
Her smile became evil.
-...as usual."
Without even thinking, Kogasa turned around, and flew as fast as she can.
Because Sanae's exorcism were never nice. I mean, a exorcism is never nice, of course.
But this girl has her own way to exterminate youkai. Kogasa has already experimented it before, and she doesn't want to try it once again.
-Ooh? You're running? This is beginning to look like a hunt..."
She was fast. Faster than Kogasa, in fact. But Kogasa was running with the dispair's strengh, making her going faster.
-I'm gonna catch you, Kogasa..."
But, even with that, a simple karakasa cannot beat a shinto priestess.

Kogasa was catch by Sanae. Caught by a sadist miko. That was not the best way to be exterminate.
The green devil was still smiling.
-Do you know how we, human, exterminate youkai?"
-I-I don't know..."
"And I don't want to know!!!"
-Simply by causing them too much pain... With enough pain, they "die", and respawn some hours later.
-But the important things is the PAIN. The pain is a lesson. "Stop attacking human, and you'll stop feeling pain". That's it, Kogasa."
-But the thing who interest me is: how much pain must a youkai receive before being "exterminated"? And that's why i was searching for you!"
But Sanae was already sitting, putting Kogasa over her lap.
-I am feeling like a scientist who'll discover something great! That's exciting..."
She quickly rose Kogasa's dress, pulled down her panties, and began immediatly to spank her.
-Not even a warming?..."
Managed to say a surprised Kogasa.
-I don't need any. I already began my experiment on aother youkai who was floating near the temple..."
And she continued to spank a shocked Kogasa. It was difficult to understand what was Kogasa thinking, but here is a synthesis:
"I can't believe a girl like her is allowed to be a miko!"
That's what Kogasa thought. At the beginning. Very soon -1,95 seconds later-, all she was thinking about was her hot butt.
"That hurt."
Soon after that, she noticed that the pain was getting worse and worse. She turned her crying face to Sanae, and understood.
Sanae was getting excited, and was no longer interested about the amount of pain a youkai can receive (was she really interested about it?). The only thing she was thinking now was: spank this cute bottom.
She was really a sadist.

Kogasa disappear in a crying scream...
-Oh? Too bad... I was so close..."
This is what a disappointed Sanae said.
-I was almost at the climax. She really has no endurance..."
She sighed.
-Screw that. I'll just wait for her respawn."

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