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I remember Shubesuta had 4 images that came after this one. Unfortunately he seemed to have taken the gallery down and I can't find those four images anywhere.

Does anyone have them?

No. 7157
You mean with Daiyousei? Because I only have a few things from his blog, and a gallery page that got taken down.

It's annoying I agree.
No. 7158
Yeah those. It was the images that followed the one I just posted from the gallery called "picnic" or something.
No. 7159
I'm afraid I only have that image of Dai. She's also in Roorin 23, though it may not be to your taste.
No. 7169
I'll upload what I actually have from his homepage. There's other bits and pieces on *booru too.

No. 7170
I already have that as well.

Eh...it seems that the Daiyousei images I was looking for isn't there.

Ah well. Looks like it's lost forever. I did have those images in my previous comp but after the crash I lost most of it, including those images. When I went back to get it again, the gallery was taken down. I was hoping someone would have it.
No. 7172
File 128056842665.jpg - (174.21KB , 480x688 , 7ae63f39900df04c87aa8152df356d9e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh well, sorry.

As an aside, looks like he's picking on Alice again.
No. 7173
Are there any good translated Daiyousei doujins?
It's a pity she doesn't appear almost anywhere.
No. 7174
Indeed she doesn't. The only other work I've seen her in is Fairy Trap. But there's a few others. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything. There's a semi-complete listing at:

No. 11237
I think this is another one. It turned up on Futaba. I've also had another idea, let's see if it works.
No. 11243
File 129957105072.jpg - (414.54KB , 766x620 , daichan01-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yep I found them.

In a couple of days I'll upload whatever else has been deleted from his site as well.
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File 129957114830.jpg - (418.75KB , 766x620 , daichan01-3.jpg ) [iqdb]
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File 129957141427.jpg - (408.67KB , 766x620 , daichan01-4.jpg ) [iqdb]
And last one.
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File 129977952653.jpg - (287.46KB , 793x492 , diary212+.jpg ) [iqdb]
So I said I was going to upload his deleted pictures. Instead here's everything I could find. There's plenty missing, but it's still a pretty extensive collection.