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Repost of the prior Utsuho H scene as mentioned.

IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn

[x] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[x] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you


A grin crosses your face. It's almost cruel, but perhaps hide and seek would be a good choice. The thought of doing something perverted to this girl lingers in the back of your mind. If she found you, the both of you would most likely be in a private place. “Hey, Utsuho,” you say. She cocks her head. “How about a round of hide and seek?”

She pumps a fist into the air with excitement. “Alright! I want to seek, though!” she insists. “I'll stand right here and start counting.” This will probably be the easiest game you've ever played. Utsuho shuts her eyes tightly, turns about and begins counting. Off in the distance you spot what looks like some sort of stable or something. You take off in another direction first in an attempt to misdirect her. Wrapping around the side of another building, you dart for your target.

Off in the distance you can see Utsuho still standing where you left her. You imagine she has lost count a few times by now. As you reach the entrance to the stable, she finally moves. She follows your misdirection as was expected. You gently press the door open and slip inside.

The interior of the structure is dimly lit and musty. In the back sits a ladder leading up to a loft. You climb up the rickety ladder and look around. A couple piles of straw are spread about the upper level. The roof has a large hole in it, allowing light to stream in. You scoot a pile over to the edge of the loft and crawl inside, positioning yourself on your stomach. You then watch the entrance, waiting patiently. Minutes pass and you begin to wonder if she is ever coming.

A sneeze spooks you and breaks your focus. You roll out of the pile in surprise and shout when you come face-to-face with Utsuho floating above you, inches from your face. This surprises her in turn which results in her suddenly dropping onto your chest. “Ow, ow, ow,” she groans quietly.

“What are you doing?” you ask her. “You were supposed to find me, not scare me.”

Utsuho shifts her position on your body. Her soft breasts rub against your upper body, her leg sliding up against your crotch. “I did find you, but I was waiting for you to say something,” she whines. This girl truly is something else. But in a way, her density is sort of cute and endearing. Not to mention she has a wonderful body.

You shake your head in disbelief. “Well, how long were you there?” you inquire. She shrugs and says that it was a while. “I guess my next question is how you found me so quickly.” Utsuho giggles and touches her nose. A moment later, her attention seems to be taken away by something else.

“Unyu?” she says, cocking her head. She uses your body for support and props herself up, her leg still pressed against your growing erection. “What is this?” Utsuho looks down between your bodies and stares at the bulge it makes in your pants.

You swallow nervously and blush slightly. “That's, uh, well,” you stammer. This is the sort of moment you wanted, although it isn't how you expected it to go. You try to sit up, but the strength and weight of her hands against your shoulders holds you down on the straw. One of her hands reaches for your arousal and rests on the fabric covering it. You moan softly as she gently pokes at it in curiosity.

She seems nervous and a blush covers her cute face. “I think this is one of those things,” she says with uncertainty. “But, but Orin said other people don't have them.” Utsuho seems to be focused on your penis and talking to herself. Her hand rubs at it clumsily for a minute or two before she looks back at you. “Do you mind if I look?” she requests. “I have to know if it's the same thing.”

You're not entirely sure what she is doing, but you nod anyway. “Go ahead, but be careful.” She releases your shoulders and slides down your body.

Utsuho carefully pulls down your pants and releases your stiff penis. She stares at it in amazement, softly touching the head with her fingers. “Wow, I thought only Orin had this thing,” she says. “It's a bit smaller, but it smells nicer, and it's hot and, and,” she stutters nervously. She slowly peels the foreskin down. “It's kinda weird with all this extra skin, though.” Utsuho swallows and exhales slowly, glancing between you and your penis. Her face is flushed and she fidgets slightly. “I feel different from when it's her, though,” she says to herself.

You are rather confused by the whole situation. “Different?” you ask her, drawing attention. She nods hesitantly. “What do you mean?”

“Orin, um, I don't know, when I see her like that it's kind of weird, but,” she starts nervously. “I don't know, it just feels more right when I see you like this.” She shrugs slightly. “If that makes any sense.” As far as you can gather, it seems like Utsuho has only a partial understanding of what's happening. She stares into your eyes, her face covered in a mixture of emotions: doubt, worry and curiosity. “Do you think I could see the rest of you?”

You nod to her again. “If I can see you in return,” you answer. If she's inexperienced, this might be a good opportunity to help teach her. She blushes and nods, grabbing at your pants and pulling them off your legs. Her hands pull you up a bit and tug your shirt off. She unbuttons her own shirt and slides it off of her body. That large jewel remains, though, embedded in her. Her fairly large breasts jiggle slightly, Utsuho shifting back and forth as she slides her skirt off. She had no bra, and she has no panties on either. A patch of untamed hair surrounds her pussy lips, a bit damp and glistening. “You're beautiful,” you mutter, penis fully at attention now.

She shakes her head and averts her gaze in embarrassment. “I don't know,” she says. She glances back and closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath. Her hand reaches up and rests on the chest ornament. “I just want to look and see if you're the same, okay?” You watch her in silence, allowing Utsuho permission to do as she pleases. She leans down to your crotch and takes hold of your penis, lifting it up and back. Her fingers poke cautiously at your sack. “You've got this thing,” she says, shaking your penis, “but you've got these instead of what I have.” Her fingers gently squeeze you, causing you to jump and groan quietly. She sits up and moves up your body, straddling your waist. Fingers run along your chest and brush over your nipples. “You're flat like her, too,” she adds.

“Does Orin do anything to you?” you ask her. She smiles and nods, turning about. Utsuho reaches back and grabs your penis. With her other hand, she points at her anus. “How about anything else?”

Black hair bobs up and down as she returns to face you. “She made me use my mouth and hands on this,” she replies, touching the tip of your cock. “Orin said one day I can use this hole, but only when I want it.” Her finger points down towards her damp cunt. “Do you think I could try that stuff with you too?” she asks sheepishly. You take her hand and wrap it around the length of your hard cock, nodding in silence. A happy smile crosses Utsuho's face. At this point, denying her feels like it would be impossible. Her soft hand gently squeezes down on your penis and begins to move along the shaft. She stares in amazement as the foreskin rolls back and forth across the head. She leans in close and inhales deeply. “It smells so good,” she mutters quietly.

You moan weakly when the tip of her tongue flicks out and slides over the exposed tip. A quiet 'mm' escapes her as she slowly tastes your cock. “Utsuho,” you moan out, placing a hand on her head and running it through that silky hair. You relax against the straw and look down your chest at the girl working on you. She glances hesitantly up towards you as her lips part and allow your stiff length to slip between them. Utsuho closes her mouth around the head of your penis and gently sucks on it. Her wet, hot tongue causes pleasure to course through you when it rolls around you. Muffled, happy noises can be heard from her. She sucks contentedly on you, simply happy to just taste you. Her eyes close and her body leans forward. Inch by inch, she draws you deeper into the warm and tight confines of her mouth and throat.

With a loud cough and gag, she pulls back from your shaft. Utsuho's jaw hangs out while she gasps for air. “It tastes so good,” she moans, staring at you with eyes full of lust. You sit up and push her back onto the hay behind her. “Unyu?” she says curiously. You're now on your hands and knees above her body. Turning around carefully, you place your crotch directly above her face.

“This way, we can make each other feel good,” you explain. You lay your body against hers and bury your face in the fine hairs of her pussy. They're damp with a mixture of her sweat and juices. The smell of her body is strong and overpowering, yet serves only to fuel your lust. A sharp yelp can be heard when your tongue parts the slick lips of her cunt. Hands grab your rear and pull it downwards, followed by Utsuho's warm mouth surrounding your engorged cock and sucking hungrily on it. Hard nipples can be felt pressing against your stomach. Using one hand to support yourself, you slide the other down between her body and your own. Quiet moans of pleasure fill your ears the moment you grab a hold of one of her soft breasts. A hand leaves your butt and grasps your shaft firmly, your own cries of pleasure ringing out as Utsuho sucks on and strokes you.

Suddenly, you are rolled forcefully onto your back. The soaked pussy before you pushes down on your face, grinding against it. You reach up and squeeze her ass firmly as your tongue fucks her wet hole. “Feels so good!” she cries out, her mouth having freed itself from your cock during the swap. Utsuho sits up on your face, the weight of her body bearing down on your head and burying it in her crotch. Her hand still holds on to your stiff length, pumping away at it vigorously. A loud cry of pleasure leaves her as an orgasm floods your face with her fluids. She sits up from your face and releases you, her legs wobbling unevenly. Crawling forward a few feet, the front half of her body collapses in the straw. One hand reaches up and grabs at her rear. “More,” she moans, spreading her anus and wiggling her rump at you.

You stand carefully and take your position behind Utsuho. Your cock is coated in a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. You briefly rub your fingers in the fluid coating your mouth and chest. She groans loudly, your fingers pushing inside of her loose anus and lubing it up with her own cum. The tip of your cock rests against her opening as you bend over and rest on her back. Utsuho's surprising strength and ability to hold your weight makes this all the more fun. Moans fill the loft when your penis enters her asshole in a single, smooth motion. She's hot and loose inside, obviously well-used, but this doesn't detract from the amazing feeling. The muscles of her anus contract and squeeze your length. Your hands move to her chest, squeezing those large, soft mounds. She whines quietly while you tease her nipples, rolling them between your fingers and pinching them. A single sharp gasp exits her lips in response to your member drawing itself out from her slick pucker. It's followed by a short groan and the sound of a loud, wet slap as you fall back into place.

“Inside of me,” she whispers to you. You firmly hold on to Utsuho's body and roll her over. Your hands leave her breasts and grab at her legs, pulling them up to her chest and holding them in place. Her silky hair spreads across your chest and tickles your skin. You thrust upwards into her ass from below, moaning softly as she instinctively clenches it. Short cries of pleasure follow each stroke of your cock into her anus. The tension is building up, you've suffered two of her mouths with no release. You speed up the pace, drilling into her sloppy asshole with your rock-hard shaft. Utsuho breaks her legs free from your hold, planting them firmly on the floor and bouncing herself up and down on your lap. You run your hands up her stomach and grab at her jiggling tits from below. She writhes in your arms and moans, getting close to another peak. Your own orgasm finally hits, body going rigid and toes curling up as you flood her. You scream and lift her body up in the air, Utsuho joining you in ecstasy with a shout of her own. Fluids stream out from her asshole and pussy, running down your shaft and balls to settle on the wooden floorboards.

You groan and drop your arms to the straw surrounding you. Utsuho slides off of your body and drops down beside you. You glance down at your spent penis and then to your partner. She smiles weakly, a blush coming across her face as she scoots up against you. “So, what now?” you inquire.

“I don't know,” she shrugs. “But I think I want to try something new with you,” she adds, her face covered in a look of uncertainty and doubt. She rolls up onto your stomach and looks at you face-to-face. Her lips press to your cheek briefly before moving down to rest beside your ear. “I think I'm ready for the other one,” Utsuho whispers.

You raise an eyebrow in surprise. “What about this Orin person?” you ask of her.

She slowly shakes her head. “Orin is Orin, and she's my best friend, but,” she starts, pausing to swallow, “but, it feels different to me, if that makes any sense.” Her chest rises and falls, pressing to your own with each breath she takes. A soft sigh passes over your ear. “It's still weird to me, and I'm sort of confused, but my body tells me it's right.” You nod and embrace Utsuho, kissing the side of her head. Her own arms slip around your back and tightly hold onto you. She brings her head back up to look at you. “Please?” she asks, her face now taking on a very intense and serious look.

[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
[ ] Restrain yourself... does she really understand what she is asking?

No. 6962
File 127853763664.jpg - (332.25KB , 562x800 , 41020624076bf055408c8dd5d4d8e58f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.


You're a bit taken aback by her request, especially in the little time she has known you. It may be for the best that she truly discovers herself, even if she still hasn't completely grasped it. “Alright, I will honor your request,” you tell her. She smiles and nods, worming her way out of your grasp and moving herself up onto a thicker patch of the straw. You sit up and watch Utsuho as she spreads her legs in anticipation. Her body is rather beautiful in the light of the sun, her skin glistening with a coat of sweat. Semen still trickles from the entrance of her asshole. You crawl over to her and up between her open legs. Dragging your fingers across her rear, you gather a thick glob of semen and push it between the lips of her tight cunt. She shudders slightly in response to the sudden intrusion. You position your cock head at the opening of her slippery tunnel. “Are you ready?” you ask her, placing one hand on her left breast and the other on that large jewel.

She squirms at your touch and nods nervously. “I think so,” she replies. Very gently, you push against the slit of her pussy. Utsuho makes a few, quiet noises as the tip works its way inside. You take a deep breath and release it in an attempt to steady yourself. Her vagina is, in stark contrast to the previous hole, very tight. While she may have been defiled in other ways, her body is still absolutely pure in this regard. The notion that she is asking you to spoil her serves to arouse you further. Your stiff penis slowly pushes in deeper and deeper until it finally stops at the wall of her virginity. A pained sound leaves her lips when you touch against the barrier.

“It's going to hurt a bit, Utsuho,” you tell her. She nods and grits her teeth in preparation. You put pressure on her hymen, her face contorting in pain as it gives way. She sharply inhales as the wall is broken down and your cock fully embeds itself within her. Her arms wrap around your back in tandem with a loud sigh of relief. Utsuho's wet hole tightly clenches around your hard length. You moan softly and return her embrace, slipping your arms into the space between her back and the straw.

The girl in your arms wiggles back and forth, pressing her pelvis up against your own. “It feels different, but good,” she whispers to you. Smiling to Utsuho, you lightly place your lips upon her cheek and kiss it. You tighten your grip on her body and rest your head on her shoulder. A content moan escapes her when you grind against that sloppy cunt. “More,” she asks of you. You're all too eager to give her what she desires. After all, nothing quite compares to corrupting the body of an untouched woman.

You draw back slightly and thrust into her virginal body. A loud slap of flesh, joined by a moan of pleasure, echoes throughout the building. She arches her back and causes your head to slide from her shoulder. Those large breasts of hers are now pressed against your face. You lap and suck on her nipples, moving quickly back and forth the both of them. An idea passes through your mind and you run your tongue across that large gem between her ample bust. It doesn't really have a taste, but it's warm and glowing softly. Utsuho, on the other hand, gasps and groans loudly in sudden response to your tongue. “Utsuho,” you start quietly, “do you want me to keep doing this?”

“Yes, yes,” she moans out. You shift your position, allowing you easier access to her body. She holds her back in the air, presenting her body to you. Your hands slide along her backside and support her body as you continue to taste the jewel before you. Her body shudders and convulses at the combined assault of your hard shaft and wet tongue. She reaches up and grabs on to your shoulders, pulling herself up. You sit back a bit, Utsuho now nearly upright on your crotch and straddling your body while you pump your cock into her. Her pussy contracts around your penis and her breathing grows heavier. “I, I think I'm going to,” she calls out between breaths.

You kiss the crystal briefly. “I know,” you reply, returning to her chest afterward. You're getting close to that point yourself, your penis twitching and throbbing eagerly inside of her warm snatch. A loud scream of pleasure rings out from Utsuho as her orgasm passes through her. Your own shout follows shortly after, cum flowing from your rock hard cock and staining the inside of her cunt. She clings to you for a time as her pussy seems to suck and drain the semen from your body.

Finally, Utsuho's arms weaken and slip from your shoulders, dropping to her sides on the soft hay. She groans quietly and slowly shuts her eyes. Her appreciable breasts rise and fall as she breathes heavily. “Thank you,” she mutters tiredly, her body worn out from the experience. You release her body and gently lay her down. A smile crosses the girl's face and she nods wearily. Carefully, you slide out from between her legs and tentatively stand up, your legs shaking unsteadily. It seems a shame to leave her here now, but she seems content. You take her clothes and set them beside her before grabbing your own and dressing. Turning back once more to Utsuho, you gaze upon her beautiful body briefly. She has already fallen asleep. A light snoring can be heard while you depart down the ladder.

“Noisy, right?” questions the voice of Chen when you reach firm ground. You spin around from the ladder, Chen and Kogasa coming into view.

Kogasa smiles and nods. “Really noisy!” she cheerfully calls out, throwing her arms into the air in excitement.

You stare at them both in shock. “Don't worry,” Chen says to you. “We didn't watch, and we weren't here very long.”

“Just long enough to,” Kogasa starts, breaking into a fit of giggles along with Chen. You sigh in exasperation and shake your head. They move to either side of you as you begin walking forward, each girl taking one of your arms. The bright afternoon sun greets everyone when they exit the building. “You were gone a while, so Chen and I came to look for you when we were done!” she announces.

Chen laughs quietly. “Yeah, finding you was pretty easy though, just follow the sound of you humping Utsuho,” she says with amusement. Kogasa presses her nose up against your arm and inhales deeply. “What are you doing?” the other girl asks in surprise.

“He always smells really good, especially after doing that,” Kogasa answers after a few more sniffs.

Leaning in hesitantly, Chen takes a whiff herself. Her noses wrinkles cutely in response. “I don't know, he just smells sweaty to me,” she replies, then adding in mock disgust, “really sweaty!”

You glance down towards Kogasa and then over to Chen. She looks up at you with a shit-eating grin on her face. Her skin has a bit of a sheen to it, similar to Utsuho after you finished with her. “It seems I'm not the only sweaty one here, am I?” you inquire. Chen immediately averts her gaze. “What exactly were you two doing while I was gone?”

Kogasa tugs at your shirt and smiles up at you. “Oh, Chen and I were just,” she starts rather nonchalantly. Chen nearly knocks you down as she jumps over to place a hand on Kogasa's mouth.

“Interesting,” is all you say, chuckling softly. It seems rather odd that Chen would be so embarrassed by such a thing, but it's not a large concern. “So, what are you two up to now?” you ask the girls.

Chen looks up from Kogasa, hand still firmly over the squirming girl's mouth. “Well, we were just checking up on you, that's all!” she says with a nervous chuckle. “I was going to show Kogasa around the rest of the house.” Her captive nods in agreement and sticks a thumb up.

After a few moments of wiggling back and forth, Kogasa manages to slip from Chen's grasp. She runs a few paces ahead and turns around to look back in your direction. “Come on, Chen, let's go!” she shouts cheerfully. “After you show me around, I can go tell him what we did together.” With a laugh, she takes off towards the house.

“Come back here, Kogasa!” Chen shouts after her, running to catch up. You shake your head and continue walking along slowly. You're not entirely sure what to do now, it's only mid-afternoon and you've got plenty of time to kill. At this point, you could do just about anything around Mayohiga. Ran or Yukari may be free now, or you could just lay around and relax.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 6963
The second one is a bit shorter than the first, but keep in mind they're basically one large scene together.
No. 6964
Also this is thread 8, I fucked up.
No. 6966
Yay an update! Quite a delicious one too.

[X]See if Ran is free
No. 6967

[X]See if Ran is free

Not enough Ran time yet.

Finishing up XS before more?
No. 6968

Maybe. I've got one dungeon left in XS2. We'll see.

Just don't flood the thread and cause it to go autosage before I update again.
No. 6969
[x] See what Kogasa and Chen are up to.

Delicious Chen and Kogasa, must love.
No. 6970
[x] See if Master Yukari needs anything.
[x] See what Kogasa and Chen are up to.

I figure we should check before carrying on.
No. 6971
By the way, you guys aren't getting H-scenes for a few updates. This story needs more story. Don't forget things like the sword and such. They may be important sooner or later.
No. 6972

In that case...


Changing my vote to

[x] See if Master Yukari needs anything.
No. 6973

You wouldn't be having sex with her this day in the story anyway. Make sure to look back over some of the old posts for current references to what's happening~
No. 6974
I wasn't expecting H really, just some time spending, and I voted checking on Yukari just to show some consideration from a good pet.
No. 6975
[x] See if Master Yukari needs anything.
-[x] See what Kogasa and Chen are up to.
--[x] Could always practice danmaku

Eh they probably just need to finish setting up Kogasa's room, moving furniture etc. Not to mention it's been a good while since he had any serious practice with his sword. I'm sure Kogasa and Chen would love to see him in action beyond intimacy.
No. 6977
[X]See if Ran is free

I read it quickly, but from OP in the last thread it seems like Yukari might still be busy, and while intruding might let us learn more plot, it might be a little intrusive.
No. 6978
I'd have voted that, but I figured it'd be better to keep an eye on Chen and Kogasa. That and I think we have a date with Ran tomorrow in story time. Then it'd be all about Ran.
No. 6979

[c] See if Ran is free.
No. 6980
In terms of issues worth exploring:
Use of the sword and danmaku
Our mysterious scent (detectable by Kogasa, Shou, and Utsuho so far)
The (possibly) prophetic dreams
Our immunity to danmaku
The mystery guest Yukari is hosting tonight

Am I missing anything? Anyway, ready back through past updates:
>She cuts you off, “Great, so you've seen what it can do. I can help you harness that through this sword, and Yukari can assist in developing it further than I,” she says.

[x] Ask for Yukari's help with danmaku
[x] Ask what normally happens if a person gets hit with danmaku

Now that we've got the time, I'd like to explore this a little more. Shiki was pretty insistent on getting us to learn danmaku to help protect ourselves, so in case it becomes important on our trip up the mountain or in the future, I'd like to become a little more proficient. I wonder what Yukari is going to think about obliging a request based on a recommendation from Shiki, though. Quality time with Yukari is time well spent, though.
No. 6981

List looks pretty good. I'm not too worried about danmaku right now because Rick is immune to it. We should learn it eventually, but right now Yukari is with her guest/preparing for her guest probably. We could always ask Ran to help.
No. 6983
An Update! Praise the lord!

[X] See if Ran is free

Master Yukarin is still probably busy, go spent some time with Ran.
No. 6984
You mean shiNki, right?
No. 6985
I concur with the decision to further danmaku skills.
No. 6987

Immunity may have other ramifications though. Keep that in mind.
No. 6990
[x] Look if there is someone else to mess with in Mayohiga.


[x] See what Kogasa and Chen are up to.

Glad to see you back in action.
No. 6992
I've got a few one-shots I'd like to work on during downtime when I am bored. I'll be writing a bit of a Nazrin scene tomorrow, most likely.
No. 6994
[X] See if Ran is free
No. 6995
Anonymous isn't hive-minding! I'm very pleased!
No. 6998
Thats what I want you to think.
No. 6999
I see, so we're more likely to fight melee-danmaku duels, IaMP style.

I was going with the assumption he just had a really, really small hitbox. Like in his dick or something.

Though, if both are correct, this is really gonna hurt.
No. 7000

Not necessarily. The sword is fully functional as a melee weapon but is more of a focus item.
No. 7001
[x] See if Ran is free.

Let us not forget about our date with her.
No. 7002
[X] See if Ran is free
No. 7003
Immunity has ramifications? Something like since we can't have a fair danmaku duel, the youkai wins by default, fight Rumia, get eaten by her? That would certainly involve ramificating her.
No. 7004
I should think if we're late for our date, that will have Ranifications.
No. 7005
The 'date' is tomorrow, she just wanted to talk to you today some time.


no not really
No. 7006
Is there a way to archive all these "Mind the Gap" stories for future generations?
No. 7007

I'll upload the newest file in .doc form on my mediafire once the next update goes through.
No. 7008
Mind if I mirror the thing? Just...for posterity.
No. 7009

If you really want. I'd probably update it every new thread or 10-15 posts.
No. 7029
I guess I'll close votes on Monday morning and then see if I can get some writing done that day.
No. 7039
[x]Lounge about.
I fully expect this vote to do nothing at this point, but I think the MC needs some alone time, I cant recall a point in the story where hes been truly alone and managed to get some introspection going for a sustained period of time. I don't know.
Sage because I'm a faggot
No. 7042

I agree, Rick does need some alone/relaxation time at some point or another. He hasn't had a break for eight days except to sleep, more or less!
No. 7043
Dream sequence.
More bizarre Not!Yukari shenanigans.
More Alicewtf?
Maybe some more jizzing on dreamNue's clothes. Because that was hot.
No. 7044

Rick doesn't even get a break in his sleep.
No. 7053
Looks like [X]See if Ran is free. won with six or seven votes.

I might write today. I might not. I'll -try- to though.
No. 7056
No. 7058
I wrote a bit today. Not a whole lot, was occupado.
No. 7059
no worries we're just happy to see you active again. also i know this "choose your own adventure" style path, what with our sword and our grazing hack, would any more danmakus be involved?
No. 7060
File 127899832770.jpg - (146.20KB , 850x1201 , sample-9ec3663da1d62c10a405d8e6b1d513d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7063
Today was a really shitty day. Tomorrow is also going to be a shitty day. I'll probably be delivering my mom to the hospital within the next few days as well. Don't expect anything.
No. 7064
Oh man, I hope everything is okay with you and your mom.
No. 7065
Goddamn, I know how you feel. Well, my case is potentially worse, but the feeling of seeing a family member hurt and being unable to do anything it's still there.
No. 7070
She has Crohn's and has had it for about 20 years now. Sometimes it flares up badly, other times it's not a big deal.
No. 7111
Next update will come next week. Sorry for the delay.

Also, thanks for not flooding the thread.
No. 7118
Waiting warmly~
No. 7145
I haven't updated because I've been: Trying to de-flea and clean our entire house (yay for a bad flea year in Florida), getting distracted by TV Tropes, and playing Aion.
No. 7146
No. 7147
Try not to drown in all those tabs.

I hope that if you find the article on Lemons you'll think of us, though.
No. 7180


It is fun early on, but dat grind man.

Oh, and I picked Chanter as my class. I don't know about now, but Chanter used to be the weakest class. I thought the buffing/healing class sounded cool. Should really look into these things.
No. 7192
So did anyone archive all the stories so far?

It's a pain to browse through all the pages to find the threads
No. 7193
No. 7194
I'm torn between Aion, SC2 and writing right now. I am such a lazy writer. I want to write, it's just that I sit down and I get easily dis... ooh, shiny.
No. 7195
Paper draft?
No. 7213
Don't worry guys, I'm not gone!
No. 7214
No. 7251
I should be writing again soon. Aion expires in a week or two and I'm going to stop bothering with SC2 until either more, up-to-date mapping tutorials come out or more good maps.

That just leaves writing and a few other things to bother doing!
No. 7265
File 12814822504.jpg - (31.61KB , 330x357 , bad.jpg ) [iqdb]

>MtG at the bottom of a list of things to do
No. 7347
I needs me some goddess of the winds and rain, my good chum.
No. 7354
Not for a long while yet. First we have to have some PLOT, and then our first encounter will likely be Hina.
No. 7359
Or futa Aya
No. 7363
Or even more likely none of them, considering the writefag seems to have gone into indefinite hiatus mode. Even if he manages to churn out one update somehow, it'll still take something like 10-15 updates before we even introduce Kanako. At this rate it means we'll have her in approximately two or three years.
No. 7365

It hasn't honestly gotten quite there yet, but it is starting to feel like it. I still have a little faith, though. Luckily, other writers have been making their own contributions to this board, so it's less of a loss.
No. 7372
Yeah, I'm lazy. I want to write, though, for what it's worth. I don't even have a good excuse any more, just 'I'm lazy, sorry guys'. Back to Brutal SC2 campaign!
No. 7375
Try forcing yourself to write absolute garbage stream-of-consciousness crap for at least, like, ten minutes every day. Might work it out of you.
No. 7396
Someone I talked to last night thinks that, apparently, my readers want something different (and he apparently knows what you want after reading my work for ten minutes). So, while I'm fairly confident, I pose this question.

Are my readers happy with the content (ignoring the slow rate of it for the moment)? Are there things that you would want done differently in the scenes? I'm not talking about fetishes and characters unwritten, I mean the content of the updates themselves. Are the characterizations bothersome? Is anything particularly 'off'?

Or should I continue writing the way I do now?

tl;dr some guy thinks too much over porn
No. 7397
Nope, the only thing I'd want changed is faster updates.
No. 7398

I knew that was coming.
No. 7399
I just want loving Ran sex, personally.
No. 7400
This. Is all the "change" we need.
No. 7401
I think we'll be getting that perhaps before we leave for the mountain.
No. 7402

Pretty much this if anything, the writing itself is fine.
No. 7404
Far as characterizations go, half the fun in my opinion is reading how different authors choose to write characters.
No. 7406
More Ran tails, but everything else has been great up to now. Maybe he's commenting on the initial backlash to analplay (if you could call it that), or my initial fears of chastity rings.

Please give me some heads up if there will be chastity rings... those things terrify me for some strange reason.
No. 7407
Change we can believe in! Or not.
No. 7408

Nah, the only posts he read of my story were in this thread.
No. 7417
[x] Nope, the only thing I'd want changed is faster updates.
No. 7438
Seriously, there's nothing wrong with your writing. Just do more of it.
No. 7478
I still don't like the analplay, and it's in every damn h-scene.

Story's good, though.
No. 7479
I do admit it's too common, but it could be much worse in terms of things that are too common.
No. 7490
To be honest, the only reason I've been following this story so long is because of the encounter with shinki.
Not because of shinki- just what happend at that point. We suddenly have our character make commitments, learning danmaku, etc. What will happen next? What about Shinki and her daughter?
Character development balanced with the right amount of cliffhangers make a good story. Don't get me wrong, we're not asking for a best selling novel or something, but IMO, bootycalls can be traded for good end.
No. 7491
Sorry, all of the anal probably isn't even intentional. I am probably trying to fit it in subconsciously since I am a big fan of almost anything anal related. That and it's not a bad way to extend the scene, especially due to complaints that some scenes are too short (I write two fucking pages and it doesn't appear that long because this image board software is variable width depending on resolution).
No. 7492

Well, you don't have to apologize to me for it. The tail-fucking scene with Ran is by far my favorite, and I'm looking forward to more stuff like that!
No. 7494
Fluffy tails~
Read that as QFT.
No. 7495
Length isn't a problem and while I found them a bit too common, but it kinda makes sense (most of the girls/women we've met have been around two sizable perverts; in more way than ones)

Chen could have gotten a taste for Anal play from seeing Yukari do it to Ran or someone.
No. 7496
I love anal play, so there's no problems here.
In fact, I think some of the scenes lately have been a bit too tame. We need more fetishes and BDSM to spice up our lives.

But all in good time, we should go relax with Ran.
No. 7497
>We need more fetishes and BDSM to spice up our lives
Also, we need updates.
No. 7499
I'm sure they'll happen when Rick leaves for the mountain... and with Kanako, I think BSDM is a given more or less.
No. 7500
The scenes have been 'mostly' tame because a lot of the choices made were tame. Shinki and Byakuren were the most normal in terms of choices (despite Byakuren's mother thing).
No. 7501
We'll probably get to see BDSM with Kanako, but will we get to see anything with Yuuka?
No. 7506
We might not survive that...
No. 7507

Oh, Yuuka is coming. I've had my ideas planted in my mind for some time. Rick will have plenty of time to get WRAPPED up in them, although some of my ideas may not SOUND very good to my readers.
No. 7508
Well, it sounds very good to me at least.
No. 7509
Yuuka has a rap fetish? Does she like niggers?
No. 7510

If you're implying what I think you're implying, it sounds like a good time! A good, very kinky time. Role-reversal of the Nazrin one-shot, perhaps?
No. 7512

Stop that.


What do you think I am implying?

Also, the Nazrin scene would be more like the reversal of the Yuuka scene, since the ideas for the Yuuka scene came first.
No. 7513

I can see that being the case. It's a very Yuka kind of thing, after all.
No. 7521
Say, writer, since you have obviously gone into a rut, how about doing some timeskipping and jumping into scenes that interest you more. I don't think we'd mind much if you promised you'd write those missing scenes later on, what matters much more is just getting the stone rolling again.
No. 7522

I considered that. In fact, I did write a bit of some future H scenes. But I changed my mind because I don't want to compromise the story behind it. While there is a lot of 'sex for the sake of sex', a good portion of the scenes have interesting or amusing lead-ups that are not conducive to me posting future scenes as if they were one-shots. They also provide explanations for 'Why is character X like this?'
No. 7523

Also, I do want to return to writing some more soon. I just get easily occupied by other things, even if I technically have time during the middle of the day. I'm going to start returning to my old habits, i.e. taking my archos and my doujinshi with me when i leave in order to facilitate writing.

I feel bad about leaving you guys hanging, but I'm easily distracted by other things.

Also, I am going to be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Story will be paused during November again. I'll be writing this story, basically, in non-CYOA format from third person perspective. Reusing ideas, but not reusing existing work. I believe I'm allowed to use my existing ideas as long as the work itself is new.
No. 7525
That's assuming it ever starts up before then.
No. 7533
Knew it would happen eventually somehow, here comes the (plant) tent rape.
No. 7551
So, at some point we are going to get to Nitori.

Unfortunately, it seems that she was canonically written as the kind of kappa that would take a shirikodama from a person. I was originally under the impression she wasn't that kind of girl.

With that said, do we have any Japanese mythology experts here?

If so: What happens if the Shirikodama is taken? Do you die? Is it your soul? Is it superfluous?

I am pretty put off by the whole 'killing humans' thing that most youkai do, so I'm hoping to get around this.

I normally don't post spoilers in my threads, but I was thinking of handling it in a few ways.

1. Nitori doesn't do it because she claims 'Gensokyo is small enough as it is, it doesn't need to get any smaller.

2. Fudge mythology and make the Shirikodama unnecessary, like an appendix. Doesn't matter if it's removed. I am fudging mythology as it is by having humans dicking youkai.
No. 7552

I actually have a potential solution to this, but I won't post it here. I would still appreciate reader input, however.

With that said, I am going to begin writing shortly.
No. 7554
I looked around the internet and:
>They feed on these victims by sucking out their shirikodama (尻子玉?), a mythical ball inside the anus.
>They are known to attack cattle, children and people, drag them into the river, suck their blood and take away their life force.
I think they kill people. There was also a lot about drowning, which is where the shirikodama thing came from (people who drowned sometimes had a swollen rectal)
No. 7555
I'd personally rather not have you kink up Nitori.
No. 7556
>going to start writing

And it's non-porn "lolz this is teh plot stuff" time too. Which somehow manages to be almost if not exactly as awesome as the porn.

Go forth, writedude!
No. 7557
Not knowing a lick about Japanese mythology, I would say the second spoilered option would be preferable, as the first comes off as sort of weak.
You could always just write her slightly out of character with her not taking it. Or just avoid mentioning it at all, unless its necessary.
No. 7558

I assumed the death wasn't from losing the shirikodama itself, but a side effect since they'd drag you into the water and you'd drown while they tried to do it.

Anyway, I have a solution that should please 'almost' everyone. Probably not >>7555 though.
No. 7559
I'd rather have more of machine play kink than yet another ass-related one.
No. 7560

Machine play and something ass-related are the only things that, for me, fit Nitori.

Besides, you guys shouldn't knock the anal play til you've tried it.
No. 7561
File 128293113253.jpg - (1.49MB , 1200x1620 , ef46e013044e46da43d12182493a24d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Poked around for an appropriate image for a while, closest I can do is this!

[X]See if Ran is free.


Ran! Of course, that seems to be the best course of action at this point. Any time spent with Ran is time well spent. She was last in the kitchen, but she's probably done working by now. You head to the sitting room and slide the door open slightly, peeking in. Ran is sitting on the long couch, feet propped up and book in hand. A pair of reading glasses adorns her face at the moment. You've never seen her with glasses, she's absolutely adorable in them.

“Ran?” you call out to her quietly, pushing the door aside. She jumps at your sudden appearance and drops the book.

She looks up to you, a blush covering her face. “Oh, hello, I wasn't expecting you,” she says in return. Ran adjusts herself on the sofa, offering space beside her. You're more than happy to join her and you cross the room to do so.

After settling down on the seat, you look over to her with a smile. “They suit you, you know.”

She cocks her head as if not understanding initially. “Oh!” she exclaims in realization. “Thank you, I don't use them very often. Yukari likes to tease me about them.” Ran's eyes flick down to the book and back to you.

“What were you reading?” you inquire, bending down to retrieve the dropped book. Before she can speak, you read the title aloud. “A Guide to Understanding Human-Youkai Relationships.” She blushes profusely and snatches the book from your hand.

“It's nothing, just an old book from different times,” she says. Indeed, the book is old. You have a chance to look at the back now that she's holding it. The book seems to be dated from about four or five hundred years ago. It's hard to fathom that Ran is as old as she is, or the others in the house for that matter.

You reach up and push the book aside, encouraging her to set it down on the table. “Why do you need a book to tell you that sort of stuff?”

Ran shakes her head slightly. “I'm not used to dealing with men, especially human men,” she answers.

Laughing quietly, you offer her a kind smile. “I don't think a book can really teach you that sort of thing, Ran.” She watches you with curiosity, waiting for your next words. “I think the best thing that you can do is what your instincts tell you,” you continue, sounding like some sort of wizened old sage. “Always trust them, Ran.”

Her face is beet red now, and her teeth chew nervously on her lower lip. “So I should do what they say, then?” she inquires. You give her an encouraging nod. “My instincts tell me I should have done this from the moment you sat down.” Ran leans over to you and presses her lips to your own. Your eyes widen in surprise, not having expected her to be so bold. She sighs contentedly and shuts her eyes, kissing your lips fondly. She takes your hand in her own and wraps her fingers within yours. The kiss is broken and she sits back up, grinning stupidly at you like some sort of lovestruck teenager.

“I like your instincts, Ran,” you chuckle. “Aren't you glad you went with them?”

She nods and releases your hand. “There's one other thing they are telling me to do right now,” she tells you. Ran stands up from the sofa. “Would you mind waiting here?” she asks. “I'll be back in just a moment.” You nod and relax on the sofa, kicking your legs up to remove them from her path. She walks past and out of the room.

“What have I gotten myself into?” you wonder aloud while waiting for your companion.

A quiet laugh echoes in your ear, followed by a familiar voice. “Something good, my friend,” whispers Nue in your ear. “I actually have a tiny favor to ask of you before bed tonight.”

You sigh audibly and nod with hesitation. “Alright, tell me then, but for the mean time keep it quiet, nobody else knows you are here and it would be best to keep it that way,” you tell her firmly. The ring squeezes lightly on your finger and Nue goes silent. Not a moment too soon, either. Ran enters the room in short order. You glance over to her and are stunned by what she is wearing. A silky dress, reminiscent of her usual wear, covers her body. Stockings and garters clothe her legs, and long gloves run up her arms. Ran seems to be a bit embarrassed by her appearance, but once she realizes your approval her confidence seems to return a bit. “I didn't know you had something like that, Ran,” you say.

She blushes slightly and nods. “Yukari bought me this many years ago,” she replies. “She said it would be good for attracting a man, but up until now,” she pauses, swallowing nervously. Well, it certainly does show a very Yukari-like taste in clothing. “I've never had a man I wanted to attract.” You lower your legs from the sofa as Ran sits down beside you. “It looks nice, doesn't it?”

“You look absolutely stunning in it,” you answer. You can't help but wonder how she'd look with the glasses on, though.

Ran leans in and kisses you lightly on the cheek. “Thank you,” is all she says before drifting off into silence. The two of you stare at one another for what seems like an eternity. She slowly lifts from her seat and slides into your lap, sitting on it sideways. You reach up with one hand to stroke her cheek briefly, before setting it down on her soft and fluffy tails. “I like spending time with you like this.” You receive another gentle kiss.

You grin and return her affections eagerly. “I could say the same, it's a shame that we don't get to do this more often,” you say to her. Something has been bugging you for a bit, though. Ran shows you her adoration, but you wonder how she feels about your situation. “Ran, may I ask you a rather sensitive question?” you inquire. She nods and watches you with anticipation. “How do you feel about this whole thing?”

“What do you mean?” she asks.

You sigh quietly. “With me having to run off, sleeping with Yukari's friends and the others, does that bother you?”

Ran seems taken slightly aback but then shakes her head dismissively. “No, I understand,” she answers. “If the situation were more ordinary, then yes, I would be bothered.” She takes your hand and pulls it up onto her lap. “But things work differently in this place, and I realize that.” She squeezes your hand gently. “I would prefer to be able to keep you all to myself and perhaps have a normal relationship, but we can't,” Ran says with a hint of sadness in her voice. “With that said, I am happy to have someone like you around.” Her tone and expression pick up a bit. “Even if I wasn't very pleased with you at first,” she teases.

You chuckle briefly and then lean in to kiss her on the mouth. “You most certainly weren't, were you?” you ask rhetorically. “You really are quite beautiful in this dress,” you say, shifting the conversation.

“I didn't really care for the dress at first, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.” Ran shifts in your lap, her butt pressing down against your crotch. “It makes me feel sexy, and that's something I don't get to feel very often,” she adds with a sigh.

You raise an eyebrow and slip your hand from hers, running it along the smooth dress and placing it on her stomach. “That's a bit of an understatement, isn't it?” You close your eyes and kiss her on the lips affectionately. She moans and presses back against you, returning the sentiment. One hand gently strokes her tails and the other slides up her stomach and cups her right breast from below. Your eyes open and the kiss is broken. Ran's head leans back slightly, her own eyes shut, as you squeeze her sizable bust. You release the breast and reach up, pushing one of the dress straps from her shoulder. The dress slips down and exposes a translucent, lacy bra. Her hard nipple stands up beneath the fabric, begging to be teased. She gasps sharply when your fingers gently pinch the hardened tip. Ran's breasts jiggle slightly, still held mostly in place by the bra.

She shifts uncomfortably and shakes her head. “No, no, please, not yet,” she begs.

Pausing your assault, you release her chest. “Are you sure, Ran?” you inquire.

Ran nods and brings her head back up. “I want you, but I want you at the right time and in the right place,” she states. “Right now is neither for me.” You nod in understanding, it would be best not to push her when she doesn't want it. “I know you want it, but just wait a little bit longer, alright?”

“You just tell me when you're ready, Ran,” you reply. She lets out a quiet 'thank you' and kisses your cheek.

Sitting up properly, she slides from your lap and stands. “I did enjoy the time we spent together tonight, but I have some things to get done before bed.” You nod and give her a smile. “I'll see you tomorrow morning, and we'll get together after breakfast.” Ran moves past you gracefully, heading for the door. “Please don't think I'm leaving because you made me uncomfortable, I really do have things to get done,” she says reassuringly.

You nod in understanding. “Go, finish up what you need to do, we'll do stuff together tomorrow,” you tell her. She nods and leaves the room, quietly closing the sliding door behind her.

You sigh in exasperation as she disappears. “Don't even say a word, Nue, please,” you plead.

“Oh?” she chuckles. “I wasn't going to, but now that you've got a few moments alone...”

Groaning quietly, you throw yourself backwards on the sofa. “All right, what was your request going to be?”

She giggles softly and materializes on your stomach, the weight of her light frame pressing down on you. “I can take the shape of many things, aside from what you've seen so far,” she starts. You watch her curiously. “If you ever need a condom, I'd like to request that you use me instead.”

“What do you mean?” you ask. She places a pale finger on your lips as if to silence you. Her form fades from you and is replaced by a long, rubbery condom that falls onto your chest.

“Think of it like the ring,” she clarifies. “Do you understand now?” You nod and pick the condom up between two fingers. “I won't do anything funny, and I'll repay the favor in the future,” Nue says, shifting into a more lustful tone for the second half of her comment. The condom reforms back into a ring, which is returned to your finger.

You sit up and sigh once more. “We'll see,” you answer. Standing up from the sofa, you stretch and glance around the room. You laugh upon noticing the book on the table. Things definitely turned out better this way than anything she could have gleaned from that book. The two of you stayed here an awfully long time and it is now night out. You head towards the door and leave the room yourself, making your way back to the room shared by Kogasa and yourself.

The house is eerily silent at this time. You'd expect Chen to be running around at the very least, or maybe some noise from Kogasa. You're not even sure what happened to dinner, but that's alright, you aren't particularly hungry. That silence is broken as you approach the hallway containing Yukari's room and your own. The sound of two women talking can be heard. You approach quietly, listening to the voices. You can't make out what is being said, but you recognize one voice as Yukari. The other seems much more youthful, but it isn't anyone you know. This must be your master's friend.

[ ] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.
[ ] Barge into Yukari's room and surprise them.
[ ] Forget it, just go to your room. You'll meet her sooner or later.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 7562
[x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.

Curious that's all and it'd be rude to barge in.
No. 7564
[x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.

More youthful sounding? Reimu maybe?
No. 7565
[x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.

I figure we either go undetected and satisfy our curiosity or we get found and most likely get something else satisfied. It's win-win!
No. 7566
[x] Forget it, just go to your room. You'll meet her sooner or later.

Be good, you'll meet them sooner or later.
No. 7569
File 128294286836.jpg - (526.96KB , 807x1000 , yukari horse.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Barge into Yukari's room and surprise them.

Yukari will notice us anyway, and after that first scene with Shou it seems in-character to be so brazen.

>much more youthful
Much more youthful than 17 years old? It must be another loli.
No. 7570
[x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.
No. 7571
Huzzah! Updates!

[x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.

I supposed compared to Yukari, Yuyu would be considered youthful.
No. 7572
File 128294563336.jpg - (123.82KB , 735x800 , look what i bought.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was thinking another 'friend' of Yukari's.
No. 7573
Votes will close tomorrow. I will be updating over this weekend as well. I enjoyed writing this and the one shot, I should be resuming regular updates.
No. 7574
>“If you ever need a condom, I'd like to request that you use me instead.”
Well, I've got a new fetish.

[X] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.
No. 7575
Imagine if Nue was the condom during the Shinki scene! Ouch, poor Nue.
No. 7576
[x] Barge into Yukari's room and surprise them.
Oblivious to all. Let's goooo!
No. 7577
[ ] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.
No. 7578
[x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.
Well, it could be Reimu, or Tenshi, or Yuyuko. Hmm...
No. 7579
File 128296225731.jpg - (222.16KB , 800x800 , 9955418_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who in their right mind...
No. 7580
File 128296227211.jpg - (229.55KB , 800x800 , 9955418_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
would frost a cake...
No. 7581
File 128296228883.jpg - (241.30KB , 800x800 , 9955418_p2.jpg ) [iqdb]
with their butt?

Mm, that looks delicious!
No. 7582
File 128296265759.jpg - (376.55KB , 1000x1000 , 6782003.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't mind me, I just feel like shitting up my thread in the interim. It keeps things lively.

I fucking love this artist, too.
No. 7584
[ ] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.
No. 7585
>I fucking love this artist
>Don't post a link to more
Shame on you.


Although Danbooru doesn't have some of his best/strangest stuff (i.e. Yuugi breaking Nitori's hand with her ass muscles).
No. 7586
I'm definitely looking forward to time with Ran tomorrow... wonder if she'd wear the same dress or not.
No. 7587
I would have liked a bit more detail on that dress, just saying it's remniscent of what she usually wears doesn't tell all that much. Skirt length, interesting cuts, potential translucency effects, all add a nice touch. And at this day and time I curse my clothing fetish.
No. 7591
Then again, it could be our favorite watermelon oni.
No. 7593
I imagine the dress as in that pic with the update.
No. 7595
Could be, though I don't see how that is even remotely remniscent of what she normally wears, but eh.
No. 7597

Sorry, it was late and I didn't think about it!


Like I said in the post, I looked around for a while and that was the best I could do in terms of relevant images.
No. 7598
Also votes closed, [x] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is. won.
No. 7599
File 128299961156.jpg - (679.37KB , 1390x2000 , AVP2_016.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Unfortunately, it seems that she was canonically written as the kind of kappa that would take a shirikodama from a person. I was originally under the impression she wasn't that kind of girl.
Tengu lies and slander. Nitori considers humans friends of the kappa, read her profile and dialogue.

>For a long time, kappa haven't let themselves be seen by humans, but since they usually hide to watch humans, they like to think that they are on good terms with humans.
>She may suddenly change her attitude or speech, and she possesses a rather odd personality, but she's unexpectedly shy. She runs away the moment she sees a human.
No. 7601

I read her original profile and dialogue, but I wasn't sure if the shirikodama thing was 'hurr durr tengu reportan' or 'ZUN rewriting Nitori'. You can never really tell with him.
No. 7604
File 128301149141.jpg - (357.88KB , 666x1000 , 60bf4e6b8abb1941437720511eb574d1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Somewhat short update. I will update a second time today if I end up getting enough votes on this one.

[X] Peek into Yukari's room carefully, see who her companion is.


Your master did, more or less, invite you to peek earlier. You aren't entirely sure if she's expecting you to or not. Yukari can be rather difficult to figure out at times. Candlelight peeks out from the bedroom as you slide the door slightly ajar. A pair of women sit together on Yukari's bed, both of them nude. Yukari is holding the other woman in her arms and touching her body. The second woman looks familiar, but you can't place it right now. The only thing you can make out from here is her long, brown hair, petite body and small breasts. She's not a young girl like Chen or Nazrin, no, she's definitely older than them. At least in terms of physical appearance, that is.

“So,” Yukari begins to speak,“what stresses of life do I need to take away from you this week, my dear?” Her slender hands move across the other girl's body and gently caress it.

She moans softly, leaning back into Yukari's body. “The usual things,” she answers. Her body slides down along that of her partner until her head rests upon your master's bosom. “No money coming into the shrine, people losing faith,” she sighs. “Troublesome youkai.”

Yukari laughs quietly. “I'm a troublesome youkai,” she states, stroking the breasts of her companion.

“You're the most troublesome of them all,” the younger girl says with a giggle. Yukari leans down and kisses her briefly. “That's nice,” she moans. “But you're also the most helpful, I'm not sure what I'd do without you.”

Your master nods and lets out a sigh, gazing off towards the wall in thought. “You and I are the ones who keep everything in balance, aren't we, Reimu?” she asks. 'Reimu', you think to yourself. You finally have a face to go with the name. That's who Shinki mentioned to you, wasn't it? You can't help but watch on as the destroyer of Makai receives affections from your master. But perhaps it was a necessary evil. After all, Yukari did mention they keep things in balance. “Mm, Reimu?” Yukari says questioningly, gathering the attention of the other.

Reimu glances up towards Yukari. “Yes? Something on your mind?”

She nods slightly to Reimu. “Oh, I was just wondering if you'd like to meet my future husband,” she says nonchalantly. You stare in shock at Yukari, and Reimu seems to be doing the same. It is as if all color has drained from her face.

“You brought another human to Gensokyo, didn't you?” she starts, clearly upset. “Are you going to eat this one, too?” Reimu seems to be quite annoyed with Yukari and is launching into some sort of lecture. “I hope you don't expect me to perform the wedding, either.”

Yukari responds with raucous laughter. “Oh, please, Reimu, I'm just teasing you,” she says. “Yes, I did bring another human here, and I have eaten him.” Reimu's eyes widen in surprise. “Just not the way you are thinking, my dear.” The surprise is replaced with an embarrassed look and a crimson blush spreading across her face. “He's truly wonderful, I can't wait for you to meet him!” Yukari exclaims happily. “He's loyal, obedient, sweet, and can definitely please me.” Yukari briefly raises her hands and makes a gesture that seems to indicate 'he's this big'. Her partner's embarrassment seems to be growing ever stronger. “And you know how picky I can be, don't you?”

Reimu nods slowly. “Maybe I should meet him sometime, but...”

“But you're still not used to dealing with or being with men, are you?” Yukari inquires.

The brown-haired girl shakes her head. “I just don't know if I'm ready, and doing that would be,” she pauses, swallowing nervously. “I need to remain pure, Yukari.”

Master laughs once more. “Pure in the hole that matters, right? You're sure eager for me to tease your body and play with you,” she says with a wicked grin.

“Oh, stop, Yukari, don't be mean,” Reimu pleads. Yukari briefly squeezes her small little breasts before slipping her own hands down the small body of the shrine maiden. “Besides, you need this just as badly as I do.”

Yukari smiles and rests a hand on Reimu's crotch. “Oh? I'm simply doing this as a favor, I've got a man to take care of my needs now,” she teases. “And the needs of my friends as well.” She leans down and kisses those sweet little lips again.

Reimu takes a deep breath as Yukari parts her lower lips and pushes the tip of her index finger inside. “What do you mean?” she inquires. Your master's hand rises up from that tight pussy and into the air. Her finger glistens in the flickering light, coated with Reimu's nectar.

“You're getting rather horny aren't you?” Yukari asks. “Is all of this talk about a man arousing you?” She raises an eyebrow and watches the younger woman. Reimu shakes her head defiantly, trying to push the thoughts from her head. “He has been watching us for quite some time,” she states as a matter of fact. “Would you like to meet him?” Reimu's eyes go wide, and your heart skips a beat. A brief glance downward shows that your body approves as well.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 7606
[x] Enter. Room and Reimu.
You know you want to.
No. 7607
[x] Open the door more to poke your head in. Wave, grin sheepishly. Don't want to appear cocky (lol) or full of ourself, do we?

[x] Enter. Room and Reimu.
No. 7609
[x] Enter. Room and Reimu.

It's probably going to happen no matter what we choose, so might as well get to the point!
No. 7610
[x] Enter. Room and Reimu.
No. 7612
[x] Enter. Room and Reimu.

Backdoor? Don't want to tear anymore gaps in the Hakurei border
No. 7613
File 128302687940.jpg - (105.13KB , 480x640 , 10955299.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“Oh, I was just wondering if you'd like to meet my future husband,”
Oh boy, our subconscious is going to have a field day with this. I wonder how serious she. Not that I have any problems with that, but our MC seems pretty intent on Shinki at the moment. I also share the same sentiments about Reimu and how she caused Shinki to become so lonely, but then again we only have one side of the story, so being overtly hostile isn't appropriate. Words will need to be had with Yukari later though.

>“I need to remain pure, Yukari.”
Ammo with which to troll Sanae on Kogasa's behalf perhaps?

[X] Wait for Reimu to decide

For the sake of being different, even though I half way expect sexy time with Reimu and Yukari is inevitable short of running away/refusing outright. I know being assertive has had incredible effect before (our first meeting with Shou was awesome), but I feel like letting Reimu decide for herself how this plays out. Maybe this is my misgivings about banging Shinki's malefactor getting the better of me, I dunno. Then again, having the border team all to ourselves... damn.
No. 7617
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide

Seems like a pointless vote but meh.
No. 7620
[?] Wait for Reimu to decide
No. 7621
[x] Open the door more to poke your head in. Wave, grin sheepishly. Don't want to appear cocky (lol) or full of ourself, do we?
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide
Gattai da!
No. 7622
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide
No. 7623
I think it's more Aya's wisecracking remarks; Tengu have a nasty tendency of looking down at most other species save for the Oni whose asses they desperately kiss.

[X] Wait for Reimu to decide.
-[x] If she says yes, introduce yourself in a modest fashion.
No. 7624
[X] Open the door more to poke your head in. Wave, grin sheepishly. Don't want to appear cocky or full of ourself, do we?
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide
No. 7625
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide

Don't rush her.
No. 7626
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide.
-[x] If she says yes, introduce yourself in a modest fashion.

This will do
No. 7627
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide.
-[x] If she says yes, introduce yourself in a modest fashion.

Never rush a lady.
No. 7628
File 128306321422.jpg - (145.39KB , 800x800 , 6162387.jpg ) [iqdb]

Assuming there isn't a mass shift back to waltzing in (literally and... biblically?), that Reimu does indeed want to meet us, and she'd like to learn to deal with men better... is Reimu the first actual human we'll meet? I'd say this is something pretty crazy, but genuine humans are a rare breed in Gensokyo. I wonder if there's a way to reinforce peaceful relationships between humans and youkai in this situation.

I just realized that about 80% of my Reimu porn images are futa related. Fuck yeah.
No. 7629
Not at all. She also states she wants to remain pure, so we shouldn't act too hasty.

[X]Enter room
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide
No. 7630
Entering the room is rather hasty in itself as it basically force the decision.
No. 7633
[X] Wait for Reimu to decide. won.

The sub-vote for being modest is sort of a given in this situation, though.
No. 7636
Dear writefag,

I love your fantasies fucking much. It is very delicious. I would like to ask you to put a warning tag when you're putting futa-related content. I do not mind other fetishes but futa are turn-offs for me. Okay?
No. 7637
File 128308781141.jpg - (559.80KB , 1052x682 , reimu cockblocked.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Wait for Reimu to decide
Well, this being Reimu...I don't think were going to get any.

On the other hand, this is fapfic.
No. 7638

I planned on putting warnings on certain scenes anyway, i.e. sounding, futa, urination, etc.

Have no fear, anonymous.

Well, as long as I can remember to put the warning.

Going to start writing in about 60-90 minutes.
No. 7639
File 128308958598.png - (110.60KB , 600x746 , 1239689116068.png ) [iqdb]
In that case I'd like a warning for anal play.
No. 7640
File 128308985574.jpg - (29.05KB , 251x219 , my face.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7642

But then I'd have to put a warning on almost every po-- Oh, I see what you did there. You're such a card, anonymous.


It's not like I didn't hint at it before.
No. 7643
Sounding, futa, and anal play = d(^-^)b

For me, at least.
No. 7644
File 12830979805.jpg - (870.61KB , 860x1200 , d03af37753f463ba946f88b165a3347b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Short update. Same as yesterday, if I get enough votes before the evening I'll update again.

[x] Wait for Reimu to decide.


“He's really here?” Reimu asks, her voice filled with both curiosity and concern. You briefly stick a few fingers through the door and give a sort of wave. “I, I see...”

Yukari giggles and rubs Reimu's crotch slowly. “You're not sure what to do, are you?” your master asks. “But you are interested in learning more about men, are you not?”

The shrine maiden nods hesitantly. “Well, yes, but,” she starts. Your stomach lurches and you find yourself standing inside of the room, stark naked, in front of the two women. Instinctively, you cover your body in embarrassment. Not something you'd normally do, but you don't want to upset Reimu. “Yukari!” she gasps, covering her mouth in shock.

“I've always found that in matters like this, a little push is necessary,” Yukari tells her partner. “Don't be so shy, my dear, show her your body,” she insists. Despite your concern, you comply with her order. Reimu's eyes avert themselves slightly at first, her face covered in a deep blush. Slowly, her eyes focus on your body, wandering over your naked form. They briefly settle on your half-erect penis before flicking back up to your face.

Reimu swallows nervously. “I suppose he's not so bad,” she says quietly, lowering her hands from her face. She seems oblivious to the fact that you're looking at her naked body in return. She's quite a lovely young woman, and she's so adorable. How could this girl cause so much destruction, you wonder. You glance down to her natural, unshaven crotch. It isn't thick like a mature woman, but there is a fine layer of hair. It glistens with her juices and seems to sparkle in the light, fueling your own arousal. A quiet gasp slips from her lips in response to your growing length.

The older woman chuckles quietly. “He may be a peeping tom, but he's sweet, isn't he?” she asks. “He is kind enough to not pressure you, even if I am not.” Yukari winks at you from behind Reimu and kisses the top of her head. “Join us on the bed, dear?” You stare at her for a moment before nodding dumbly and sitting on the bed a fair distance away from the two of them. You're not shy, you're just concerned about Reimu. She tries to scoot away slightly and ends up pushing back against Yukari. “I see, if you two are going to play it that way, I'll have to take more extreme measures!” she threatens playfully. Within moments, a sudden weight drops into your lap. Your master stands by the door with a grin on her face.

“Yukari?” you ask in surprise, looking down at the dazed girl in your arms. “What do you think you're doing?”

She laughs and slides the door open. “Reimu wants to learn about men, and I think you could use a human companion for once,” she answers. “So, I'm going to seal the two of you in here for a few hours.” She's serious, isn't she? There's nothing about Yukari that indicates it is a joke of some sort. “Even if you both simply talked, it'd do you some good.” She leaves and shuts the door behind her. Seconds later, the room briefly rumbles and shakes. You aren't sure what Yukari did, but chances are that you truly are sealed in here.

Reimu is still in shock, staring at you with her mouth agape. She suddenly starts flailing and scrambling out of your lap, crawling across the silky sheets of Yukari's bed. “Don't try and hurt me like the others, I swear you'll regret it,” she says, her voice shaky yet threatening. She faces away and pulls her legs up to her chest.

“Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you, Reimu,” you reassure her. “That's not the kind of person I am.” She looks back towards you and stares, perhaps in expectation of some sort of hostile action. “Yukari's right, let's just talk for a bit, okay?” you suggest.

She sighs and nods slightly. “Alright, alright,” she replies. The two of you engage in a staring contest for a minute or two before Reimu finally speaks up. “So, you're Yukari's fiancee, huh?” she inquires.

“I wouldn't say 'fiancee',” you chuckle.

Reimu tilts her head in curiosity. “Boyfriend?” she follows up. You shake your head. “What, then?”

You blush and scratch your chin nervously. “More like a servant or a pet, I suppose. She makes me call her master.”

“Master?” she says with a giggle. “That's just like Yukari, isn't it?” She seems to be loosening up a bit, but there's still a hint of concern in her face. “Aren't you afraid of Yukari, though? She does eat people from time to time.”

You shake your head and sigh softly. “I was at first, but I'm not any more,” you tell her. Reimu seems to have a look on her face that asks why. “I'm not afraid of Yukari because...” You pause mid-sentence, thinking on what to say next.

[ ] “... I love Yukari, and you can't love someone without trusting them.”
[ ] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
[ ] “... I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”
[ ] Write-in.
No. 7645
[derp] “... I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”
No. 7646
[x] “... I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

1 was a little too serious, 2 somehow felt too cold (even though that's my initial thought).

This one is juuuuuuuust right
No. 7648
[x] “... I can cook for her, why would she
need to eat me!”

Lighten the mood up.
No. 7649
[x] “... I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

A bit of humor never hurts.
No. 7650
[x] “... I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

We haven't done any cooking though, right?

Let us cook for the lovely ladies.
No. 7652
[X] “... I love Yukari, and you can't love someone without trusting them.”

Not all love is marrying love.
No. 7653
[X] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”

Cooking one seems too flippant, or at least the wrong way for the current discussion.
No. 7654
I don't think that'd work, trying to meet concern with a flimsy joke is more upsetting than comforting.

I think option two is far closer to the truth.
No. 7655
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
No. 7656
[X] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
No. 7657
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
No. 7659

Shinki and Chen were cooked for, can't recall anyone else off the top of my head since I just got up from a nap.
No. 7660
[X] “... I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

Sure, why not?
No. 7661
I was going to close votes after the tie was broken, but I don't have time to squeeze in another update while I'm here. I'll close them tomorrow as usual. Who knows, maybe someone will come up with an exciting and interesting write-in?

Lord knows I've been waiting for some good write-ins for a while.
No. 7662
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] But I also care for her and trust her.

The whole cooking thing sounds too cold and the love thing is a bit too much, so I think this sounds best. But I do think he does care for her on some level.
No. 7664
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
No. 7665
[X] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
No. 7666
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”
No. 7667
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

This combination seems best. Give an honest answer, but then lighten the mood a little to calm her nerves.
No. 7668
Well I did originally vote for the cooking thing, but this one works for me.

[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

>>7649 was me if it matters at all.
No. 7669
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”

This will do
No. 7670
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”
No. 7671
File 128313991599.png - (1.35MB , 1390x2000 , 5998955.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "...well, I actually am quite fond of the way she 'eats me' if you know what I mean~"
[X] "Wait, she made that joke first, didn't she?"
[X] "Honestly, I am still a little afraid of her. But that really doesn't matter to me; I trust Yukari, and that's all that's important."

Yukari is a reality bending non-human. She's made that readily apparent since the day she brought us to Gensokyo, as well as the fact that she has complete dominion over our well-being. That said, she's never forced or coerced us into doing anything (or anyone) we weren't willing to do. We've even done some pretty gutsy things (getting in a fight with Shou, becoming emotionally attached to Shinki, fucking her familiar's familiar, bringing Kogasa back to Mayohiga to live with us, etc.) and she has never said 'boo.' Despite the difference in ability/species, our faith in Yukari and her support of our endeavors has never wavered. Yukari may be an Elder God with a pretty face, but I believe she has everyone's best wishes in mind.

There might be some sublime metaphor regarding human and youkai interactions in there, or maybe I'm just drunk.
No. 7672
[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would
she need to eat me!”
No. 7673

What anon said.
No. 7674
There are a total of 13 votes for

[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”

One of them is a subvote for

-[x] But I also care for her and trust her.

Six of them are a subvote for

-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would
she need to eat me!”

Rather than wait for a tie breaker or something, I'm just going to go with

[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me,
and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would
she need to eat me!”

because there are so many of the subvote present.

tl;dr votes closed


I like you and your vote. It's a shame it didn't win (don't take this comment as a sign of trouble for rick).
No. 7675
If you like the write-in, perhaps you could include some of it to spice the story up and make it more pleasant. This is your story after all.
No. 7676
Yeah. I like the write-in better too. I'd vote for it had the vote not been called already.
No. 7678
File 128318531145.jpg - (215.81KB , 1024x768 , 235b900b18672c0dd98624101b650649.jpg ) [iqdb]
There were a bunch of images I liked for the post, so I'll upload them all!

[x] “... Yukari has always been good to me, and I see no reason to worry.”
-[x] “Besides, I can cook for her, why would she need to eat me!”


“... Yukari has always been good to me,” you continue. “I see no reason to worry, to be honest.” Reimu smiles slightly and nods in understanding. “Besides, I can cook for her, why would see need to eat me!” you exclaim with a grin on your face.

Reimu stares at you blankly for a moment and then bursts into a fit of giggles. “Okay, okay, you've convinced me, Yukari is good to you,” she says. “She's good to me too, so I understand.” You're not sure when it happened, but some time during the conversation you ended up much closer to Reimu. The two of you are nearly side by side on the bed now.

You smile at her and take her hand. She doesn't seem to mind, instead returning the smile with a blush on her face. “You asked me a question, so it's my turn,” you state. “It's probably a bit of a touchy subject, though.”

“What is it?” she inquires.

Sighing, you scratch at the back of your head with your free hand. “You said something a bit ago, about me trying to hurt you like the others,” you say. Her eyes flick down towards the bed and her expression sours slightly. “I'm sorry if it's a bit sensitive, I just,” you start.

“No, it's okay, I'll explain,” she cuts in. “When I was younger, some of the human men tried to hurt me, you know, down there.” You frown and squeeze her hand reassuringly. “Ever since then, I've tended to avoid men.” Reimu looks back up to you. “Until I met you, there's only one I really got along with, and he doesn't like women anyway,” she says with a giggle. “Do you think I'm pretty?” she suddenly asks, out of nowhere.

You blush and nod to her. “I think you're quite beautiful, Reimu,” you answer.

“It's nice to have someone attracted to me that isn't another woman, or isn't someone who wants to take advantage of me,” she says in return. “You know, I actually used to have a crush on that other guy until he told me he was into men.” She laughs quietly and looks into your eyes. “He's still a good friend, though.”

You stare back into her eyes. They're hauntingly beautiful in the dim light of the room. “Honestly, I was under the impression that I was the only man in this place!” you say with a laugh.

She giggles and nods knowingly. “You might as well be, at least to the female youkai,” she replies. “There are men in the village, and there is Rinnosuke, who is the man I was talking about before.” Reimu stretches slightly and then relaxes back onto the bed. You bring a hand to rest on her smooth stomach while she talks. “The human men are all afraid of the youkai and they're abusive towards the human girls,” she explains. A content sigh passes from her lips as your hand strokes her stomach. “That's why Yukari brought you here, isn't it? You are less likely to be afraid, after all.” You lay down on your side next to Reimu and receive a look from her that seems to urge you closer. Your body touches her own and your semi-erect penis settles on her thigh. She briefly licks her lips, but you aren't sure if it's an act of lust or if she is simply wetting them. “She may be a monster to the inhabitants here, but to you she is simply a beautiful woman, no?” she asks. You nod and slide your hand further up her belly.

“Reimu, you mentioned Yukari taking care of you,” you say. “Do you want me to do the same?”

She nods and reaches down towards your penis. “I am still a little afraid, but yes, I do,” she answers with a smile. “Do you mind if I...?” she requests nervously. You nod and press your body tighter against her own. Reimu's soft, slender fingers touch the length of your cock and stroke it. It jerks and grows to full strength, pushing into her flesh. “All I ask is that you don't put it inside of me, alright?” You nod in agreement. “But we can do anything else.” She rolls onto her side and wraps her arms and legs around your body. The hard nipples of her small breasts poke into your flesh, and her head rests on your shoulder.

You sigh contentedly and kiss the side of her neck. “You know, you're the first human I've met or been with since I came here,” you say.

“After being with so many youkai, how does a human compare?” she asks curiously.

You chuckle and kiss her neck again, briefly nipping the flesh and sucking on it. “I don't know, I need to experience a bit more,” comes your answer.

Reimu leans back from your body, exposing her nipples. “I think I do as well,” she giggles. Your mouth goes straight for her chest, sucking one of her hard nubs between your lips. She gasps and moans at your affections, bringing one arm up around your head and pressing her body into your face. The other hand releases you and darts down, wrapping around your stiff cock. She acts confident, but her inexperience shows. Her grip is shaky and nervous, but it feels wonderful all the same as she starts to jerk your length. A quiet yelp escapes her lips when you playfully bite her nipple. Her body isn't so different from the other girls, but there's something about it that fuels your lust. She's so warm and fragile in your arms. You feel as if you could break her if you were too rough, but that's part of the attraction. You make quiet 'mm' sounds while you taste her pale flesh, her own content moans filling the air. Your own legs intertwine with her own and your arms embrace her. One hand slowly descends her back, squeezing her tiny rump once it reaches the bottom.

You briefly remove your lips from her chest to catch your breath and speak. “I think I prefer humans,” you tell her. “I like the youkai, but you're so natural and perfect,” you add, caught up in your lust.

She moans happily when your mouth returns to her breasts. “It's nice being with a man,” she says shakily, trying to maintain her composure. Her small hand grips your cock roughly and strokes at it with renewed vigor. “And, I, I like how you touch me...” You let out a questioning 'mm?' as your assault on the body of your precious, fragile china doll continues. “The youkai I've been with all touch me with lust,” she answers. Another sharp gasp interrupts her briefly. “Your touch is affectionate.” Reimu slides down your body, pulling your mouth from her chest. Her lips push into your own fervently, locking the both of you into a heated kiss. You tighten your grip on her fragile form, pressing it tightly to your own as if trying to drain the warmth. The both of you moan and gasp heavily into the kiss. Her unskillful touch is steadily bringing you to orgasm. You squeeze her little butt and slide your fingers into the crack of it. She groans when the tips pass over her pucker, but they continue, reaching down between her legs from behind.

“Reimu,” you mumble through the kiss, saying her name just for the sake of doing so. Her tongue takes advantage of the situation and forces itself clumsily into your mouth. Your fingers part her slit and gently push inside. Reimu moans loudly and breaks the kiss, pushing her hips down against your hand. The tight, moist lips of her pussy devour your fingers hungrily. Her body crawls further down your own, her lips kissing your chest affectionately.

You can hear Reimu taking deep breaths through her nose. “Has anybody ever told you how good you smell?” she asks lustfully. Her tongue runs along your own nipples, muffled moans coming out while you finger her pussy. She buries her nose into your armpit, inhaling deeply. “Smells so good,” she moans. You're on the edge and you aren't sure how much longer you can go without cumming.

Reimu's hand furiously jerks on your shaft, but what finally sends you over is the head of your cock grinding into her thigh. “Reimu, I'm going to cum,” you warn her, but it's too late. Your penis throbs and spasms in her hand. She gasps as thick torrents of semen soak her inner thighs and roll down the back of her leg. Your fingers bury themselves in her virginal cunt, bringing her own release. She moans loudly and squirts out her own juices, splattering them all over your crotch and legs, as well as her own. Her grip weakens and she rolls on to her back, breathing loudly and attempting to catch her breath. You flop on your back and do the same. “That was,” you groan.

“Good,” she finishes. You look at one another and laugh quietly. The two of you relax on the bed and look at one another. The two of you lay there in silence for some time and you start to find yourself on the edge of sleep. “Hey,” Reimu says, gathering your attention. “I should probably have Yukari take me home, shouldn't I?” She lets out a loud yawn. “I'm pretty tired after that.”

You sit up on Yukari's bed and look to Reimu. “Yeah, I guess you're right,” you reply. “I should probably get to bed myself.”

She nods and smiles. “Go ahead, I'll wait for Yukari,” she says, followed by another yawn. The only question now is where to sleep for the night.

[ ] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.
[ ] Stay here and wait for Yukari, sleep with her.
[ ] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
[ ] Ran's room, see if you can go to bed with her.
[ ] Find an empty room, try to coax Nue out for the evening.
[ ] Maybe Chen could use some company?
[ ] Write-in.

Note: don't assume all of these result in an H-scene.
No. 7679
File 128318533163.jpg - (184.56KB , 600x600 , 7a40caaf084797890bbd01c1334c9f58.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7680
File 128318535390.jpg - (545.57KB , 1000x870 , 52b44008b9be2b6a768dca95336c1373.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7681
I'd have voted for it if I thought it was going to change the tide, but alas it was too late.
No. 7682
File 128318538872.jpg - (173.26KB , 1130x800 , c278efb9c2c42db51f0e061f79705d7d.jpg ) [iqdb]
I obviously pushed the update off due to image uploads. For those F5ing the main page, check the thread!
No. 7683
[~] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.
[~] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

I figure Reimu could get a second opinion in case she's still unsure of Rick.
No. 7684
I should clarify: Option one is sleeping in Yukari's room with Reimu.
No. 7685
[x] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.

Come on, it's not everyday Rick spends the night with a human. 'sides, he's living in a house full of youkai.
No. 7687
No GATTAI, please. Yes, write-in sort of suggests that option, but the idea is 'pick one'.
No. 7688
[x] Maybe Chen could use some company?
- [x] Say good night to Kogasa on the way.

I'd rather not pressure Reimu too much, and a night with Ran now might be a bit awkward. The notion of trying to share a bed with Yukari and Reimu is very tempting.

Nue? I'd be willing to spend time in a way that it wouldn't raise questions, which finding an empty room would.
No. 7689
[x] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.
No. 7690
[X] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

Even if there's no H-scene, Kogasa is too adorable to pass up.
No. 7691
[x] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.
No. 7692
>Reimu taking deep breaths through her nose. “Has anybody ever told you how good you smell?”

Oh shit, add Reimu to the list!

[X] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

Spending the night with Reimu sounds really good, but it's also Kogasa's first night at Mayohiga. Even though she and Chen are getting along quite well, I think she could use the company. Hopefully needing a condom won't come up since Kogasa doesn't get along very well with Nue.
No. 7695
[x] Kogasa
No. 7696
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
I am saddened that Rinnosuke is gay. That takes out potential tag-teaming scenes.
No. 7697
[X] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

Let's give Reimu some more time to get used to the idea before we pressure her any. I'm sure Kogasa would be sad to spend her first night here alone, after all.
No. 7698
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

Ran vote is pointless
No. 7701
There can be... it's just Rick that'll be double teamed.

Isn't it sad, Chen?
No. 7702

Rick's double teaming won't involve Rinnosuke.
No. 7703
[x] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.
No. 7704
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

She needs some love.
No. 7705
[ ] Push all the futons together in one room.
[ ] Sleep on a pile of naked women.

...Okay, maybe not.

[X] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
No. 7709

...You have my attention.
No. 7710
Orin, remember?

[x] Ask Reimu to spend the night with you.
No. 7711

Not Orin either, sorry!
No. 7713
Mr. Kirisame?
No. 7715
Presense post etc. Vote not required since we're winning anyway.
No. 7716
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
Kogasa is too adorable to pass up. We should attend to Chen fairly soon, though.
No. 7717

I don't even know where you'd come up with that idea. I can't possibly fathom how you came to that conclusion.
No. 7718
File 128321976598.jpg - (1.03MB , 1290x903 , 50f69ea76057c88123e8b22ac67334a5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also, before I go to sleep, I'd like to point out that I fucking love Yamame.

I don't just fucking love Yamame, I love her with spider legs.

Don't like dem legs? Oh well.
No. 7720
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
No. 7721
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
No. 7725
[x] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.

Dem legs
No. 7726
I'm pretty sure I don't even need to count them up, but Reimu.. I mean, Kogasa won.
No. 7729
File 128326392555.jpg - (0.98MB , 1074x757 , 4780908.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, one of my friends IMed me this morning and basically said, 'you're copying the yamame spider thing from that doujin, aren't you?'

Now, this annoys me. It also picks at me since I don't like my readers thinking I am outright copying something, especially when I'm not. Yes, I am self-conscious.

With that said, I've pretty much liked spider Yamame since I saw Sai-go's first image of her over a year ago. Shit's hot, man. When I started writing, one of the first things I said to myself was 'if I get to Yamame, I'm giving her spider legs!' Inspired by is one thing, copying is another.

Pic related.

Also, writing will start in like 30-60 minutes.
No. 7731
[X] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.
Tengu Commander.
No. 7733
File 128327234669.jpg - (810.38KB , 1600x1200 , 749bf4b5246c4499c29255e58f78b4c6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to your own room, sleep with Kogasa.


“Good night, Reimu,” you say to her, standing from the bed and moving towards the door. The room seems to rumble again as it did when Yukari left you both there. Glancing back, you wave to Reimu, although it appears she has dozed off on the bed. With a shrug of your shoulders, you exit the bedroom and shut the door tightly. “Thank you, Yukari,” you call out quietly.

A soft giggle passes by your ears. “You're quite welcome, my pet,” she answers. You pause and turn around, catching naught but the glimpse of her door sliding shut once more.

You chuckle while continuing on to your bedroom. Your master always was the kind of woman to toy with your senses. A content sigh leaves your lips. “I wonder if Kogasa is in bed,” you say to yourself. You half expect Nue to pipe up, but she's oddly silent. Perhaps she is asleep herself? You're not entirely sure how the ring thing works. Standing in front of your bedroom, you knock quietly.

A muffled, cheerful voice shouts, but you can't make out the words. You step into the room and look around, not immediately spotting Kogasa in the dim light. Something moves in the corner of the room, near a pile of unwashed clothing. A pair of legs and a cute butt poke out from the pile, trying to free themselves

You approach the legs and gently touch the back of them. Kogasa yelps and shakes in the pile, rolling over onto her back. Her head pokes out from the pile, a pair of your pants draped across it. “What are you doing?” you inquire with a laugh.

Kogasa grabs the pants from her head and stares at you, her face covered in a deep blush. “You weren't around and your clothes made me think of you,” she answers in embarrassment. “Sorry, I shouldn't be going through your things.”

With a laugh, you kneel down and lean in to give Kogasa a playful kiss on the lips. “That's alright, it's my fault for not being around.” You stand and offer her a hand, which she eagerly takes. You pull her from the pile in one swift motion, catching the girl in your arms as she comes up. She blushes and wraps her arms around you affectionately. “So, are you ready for bed, Kogasa?” you ask, looking down at her. She's nearly naked, save for a pair of striped panties. You sort of spaced it out, but you're still naked yourself.

“Yep!” she replies, her voice full of mirth. “Are we gonna sleep like this, though?” she asks curiously, glancing down to your flaccid length.

You shrug and return her embrace. “That depends, does it bother you?”

She shakes her head. “Not really, but it's not fair since I've got my underwear on still,” she tells you in return, shifting a hand from your back to release the tie on the side of her panties. They drop silently to the floor, leaving her completely naked in your arms. Her chest rises and falls, bumping her ample breasts against you with each breath. Your cock rises slightly, pushing against her leg. She releases you and takes your hand, leading you over to the futon.

“I don't think we've ever spent the night together, have we?” you wonder aloud. Kogasa looks at you with curiosity. “I mean, we've taken naps, but never the whole night.”

She cocks her head and seems lost in thought for a moment. “Huh, I guess you're right,” she states. Her eyes light up suddenly. “I get to sleep with my human!” she exclaims, pulling you excitedly down to the bedding. You nearly topple over on to her, but manage to maintain your composure. Kogasa hooks her arms beneath yours, wrapping them around your waist. Her hot, soft body presses against your own. She inhales deeply, sighing contentedly. “I love my human and I love how he smells,” she says without a shred of shame.

You chuckle and kiss the top of Kogasa's head. “I'm glad you're happy.” You smile and watch her for a few moments as she explores your upper body with her nose. “We should get to sleep, shouldn't we?” you suggest.

Kogasa glances up from your chest, her eyes meeting your own. She smiles and nods, releasing her grip. “I wanna sleep like this,” she says, rolling on to her other side and facing away. She presses her back into your body. “And you put your arms around me.” You comply, resting your right arm around her waist and slipping the other beneath her body, supporting her from below. “Byakuren taught me about sleeping like this, it's really nice, I can't remember what it was called though.”

“Spooning,” you inform her.

She nods, her hair brushing against your chest. “Right, but I don't really get the name.”

You chuckle and squeeze her around the waist. “Have you ever looked at the spoons in a drawer?” you question, receiving a short nod. “They fit so perfectly together the way they sit, like we do now.”

“I like how the little spoons sit in the bigger ones,” she says cheerfully. “And I'm smaller than you, so that makes me the little one.”

You kiss her on the top of the head once more and rest your chin against it. “Yes, Kogasa, that does,” you reply. She lets out a happy sigh and nestles back into the crook of your body. You close your eyes and start to drift off to sleep, listening to the sound of her breathing.

“Hey,” Kogasa says, causing you to stir. “I've been thinking about some stuff for a while,” she starts. “Ever since the bath with Byakuren.” Her voice takes on a more sullen tone. “She wanted you to put it in me, remember?”

You nod and tighten your embrace on Kogasa. “I remember, but you weren't ready, and I wasn't going to force you.”

Her hand reaches back and slips between her body and your own, the fingertips touching your limp penis. “I wanted to sleep with you like this because,” she pauses, swallowing nervously. “I love my human and I'm ready for you,” she continues, her voice filled with a mixture of fear and adoration.

“Right here?” you ask. “Right now?”

She nods and presses her butt back against your crotch, rubbing it against your now growing length. “I love my human and I want to make him happy,” she tells you. “I know you're tired, but I'm ready when you want me.” She wants it, but is now really the right moment?

[ ] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[ ] Use the condom.
--[ ] Don't use the condom.
[ ] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 7735
[X] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[X] Use the condom.
--[ ] Don't use the condom.
No. 7737
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.

I'll say we use condom when we fuck non-virgins.(Ran not included)
No. 7739
[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
It's much more enjoyable when both are not dead tired.
No. 7740
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.

If it was anyone else, I'd go for the condom, but using it with Kogasa might be asking for trouble. Plus, even if she didn't find out about it, I'd feel kind of bad for doing it. It would sort of be like we were really fucking Nue, and our first time with Kogasa should actually be WITH KOGASA.

That's what I think, at least.
No. 7742
It would be funny to see what happens.

[X] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[X] Use the condom.
No. 7744
[X] Use the condom.
No. 7745
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.

Yeah, as previously stated, if it were anyone else, I'd have gone with using it. Yet since it's Kogasa, I'd rather keep the Nue-condom as uninvolved as possible.
No. 7746
[X] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[X] Use the condom.
No. 7747
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.
No. 7750
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.
No. 7752
>“I know you're tired,
>She wants it, but is now really the right moment?
>[ ] It's late, and you're tired.

Do you guys even take hints? The writer can be ambiguous at times, but he also has a tendency to drop extremely obvious hints. This is that time. The writer is generally good to us, but he has said in the past that there are still limits.

With that said,

[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
No. 7753
[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
No. 7754
[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
No. 7755
You should ease up and take it easy, though. You're not going to convince anyone by insulting them. I'm also curious as to when the author mentioned limits?

Anyway, it's a good point; rick was dozing off just as she brought it up and he's had a pretty long day. He was passed out for the better part of the day after his aphrodisiac-fueled rampage with Byakuran. While I doubt Kogasa will be nearly as strenuous, it would be a shame to miss out on a pleasant morning with Ran. And that's not to say Kogasa won't get priority after we rest up. It's also kinda rare to see commentary about our physiological status in votes. It's something worth noting.

[X] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.

As an aside, I think it's kind of funny that for the very first time (?) we'd be turning down sex, and it's with the person we've been building up to the most.
No. 7756
>Votes: 11v5
Are we now?
No. 7757

I'm pretty sure that, a long time ago, I said something along the lines of 'bad things can happen but there aren't any bad ends'. Which is basically what the guy implied, or at least that's how I read it.

With that said, there are ends. They just range from neutral to good.

Please don't fight, though~ Maybe he just cares too much.
No. 7758
[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.

Changing previous vote... again...
No. 7759
[X] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[X] Use the condom.
No. 7760
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.

Next time, maybe, but not this time, Nue.
No. 7761
No. 7762
[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.

Best to err on the side of caution here. We're tired now and Kogasa deserves a proper fucking.

Nue can have Round 2.
No. 7763
--[ ] Use the condom.
No. 7764
[-] Use the condom
No. 7765
-Use the condom
No. 7766
[ ] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her
No. 7767

Wow, your finger must have slipped hardcore there, bro. I mean, votespamming eight times and then completely slipping and voting for something else entirely? That takes some talent.

You should practice safe typing, since you're so concerned about the use of condoms. Try wearing condoms over your fingers while typing, you might avoid making a mistake you'll come to regret.
No. 7768
I asked Mode to keep the posts for embarrassing posterity. The votes will obviously be discounted. Seriously, why breach the code of honor regarding votes?

By the way: I wouldn't have even noticed if you didn't post the condom subvote three times in a row.
No. 7771
[X] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[X] Don't use the condom.

Pretty much for the same reasons as >>7740
No. 7772
Currently 8 for taking Kogasa w/o Condom and 7 for sleeping.
No. 7773
Let's make it 8 all.
[X] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
No. 7774
[X] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
[X] After a restful night's sleep, "good morning" sex.

Sex followed shortly by breakfast is one of life's greatest pleasures.
No. 7776
[X] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[X] Don't use the condom.
No. 7777
[X] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.

I can take a hint...
No. 7778
[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
Sir, yes sir.
No. 7779
[X] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
[X] After a restful night's sleep, "good morning" sex.

I like this. Better to enjoy it after a refreshing sleep.
No. 7781

[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her, but ALSO CUDDLE too.

If you disagree with this, I shall slap you accordingly.
No. 7782
The same dude was begging for more Nue scenes a few days ago (see >>7628 for the posts that have since been deleted) in a very similar fashion (blatant samefagging). I don't know who linked this board to /b/, but this is painful.

I'm liking the shift towards taking it easy, but I really hope Kogasa isn't hurt by the decision. I'm wishing that the MC can effectively communicate he'd rather give her his all (as >>7739 initially observed) rather than be a dead fish in bed.
No. 7783

I know, I got his posts deleted during another samefag check. MODS = GODS
No. 7784
Deleted my earlier vote and going with this...

[X] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her.
-[X] After a restful night's sleep, surprise her softly with "good morning" sex.

Just stir her from her slumber with some fondly before engaging
No. 7786
I'm tired of recounting so I'm just going to close votes.

[x] It's late, and you're tired. She'll still be ready later, and perhaps it's best to just rest with her. won
No. 7787
File 128331261758.jpg - (420.17KB , 800x1060 , not today.jpg ) [iqdb]
My count is
Using Condom: 2 (one legit vote, and the first of the spam)
Not Using Condom: 8
Sleepy time: 13 (3 of which include 'good morning sex' sub-options)

Saging a thread in autosage. Kinda curious what the image for the new thread will be.
No. 7791
[x] Take Kogasa right here. She's ready and you've wanted her for some time.
--[x] Don't use the condom.
No. 7792

Votes were closed sometime last night.

Anyway, I'll probably be writing today. I might have to go out and do some stuff, not entirely sure.
No. 7794
Yeah, I'll give you guys a new thread tomorrow. I'm sure you'll all forgive me since I've been updating consistently again.

So, in the mean time, how 'bout some Q&A or wild, mass speculation?
No. 7795
Sorry. I'm very new here, and haven't gotten used to this type of Replying. When I posted, I didn't understand the edit system, or password system. I'm a newbie. It isn't like a forum where you sign up and your a member. I'm not sure what you would call sites like these. Anyway, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience or confussion caused, I hope you'll forgive me.
No. 7797
Here's a Q:
How far into the story would you say we are currently, percentage-wise?
No. 7798

Ah jeeze, I'd have to sit down and go through all my notes and plans.

NotVeryFar% into the story at the moment.

The story will be a year old in a few months, and I figure it'll extend another year beyond that. If it wasn't for the fact I took almost five months worth of breaks, we'd be a lot farther along.
No. 7799
I think you're in the wrong thread.
No. 7800
When we first got to the Myouren shrine, you said we'd some residents, since you didn't have anything in mind for Nue, Ichirin, or Murasa and we'd get them later. In the end we got Nue, so how did she come along? Inspiration struck?

Speaking of our trip there, did the "mother knows best" write-in change that update, or was it just extra dialog? I figure it was basically the same as the "call her mother" vote, but that was a very "whoa" kind of moment.

Are we going to have some free time before heading up the mountain? I'm still keen on training up our danmaku and talking to Yukari. Speaking of which, did Yukari ever say why she brought us here? I mean, there's the obvious reason, but is there something more sophisticated?
No. 7801

First: Inspiration struck, yes.

Second: Extra dialogue, got a few bonus goodies in the scene.

Third: A little free time. It's good at least somebody is thinking of the story beyond sex, though. During open ended free time moments (for example, >>6962 ended in such a moment) you could write-in to train or talk to characters about specific things. As for Yukari's reasons, you'll learn more about them as time goes on.
No. 7806
wasn't there a place to go to see all the previous threads?
No. 7807

Yes, the archives. There's a link on the front page.
No. 7818

No, the post was intended at the mod. Or, is there a place to say apologys to teh mods?
No. 7820
The best way to apologize to the mods is to not do it again.
No. 7823
Okay seeing how we won't be doing anything with Kogasa... it might have to wait until we get back from the mountain (seeing how she wouldn't be too eager to tag along)

So tomorrow: Fully Ran
Day after that start on the trip

Then when we do get back, first night will be with Chen or Kogasa, barring if anything else comes up first, such as mainly Yukari wanting a go at us.
No. 7825
IRC will do. Of course, there are troll in it, but all of the modos are in too. I even heard that there are weretroll.
Modo during the day, troll during the night.
No. 7826

'More or less'.
No. 7831
File 128348133360.jpg - (74.85KB , 460x678 , 4009653.jpg ) [iqdb]
We'll be robbing ourselves of some glorious opportunities if we don't get some danmaku training in with Ran, Yukari, Chen, Kogasa, or who ever else might be visiting Mayohiga before we depart for Youkai Mountain. Considering the myriad of factions vying for authority there, I doubt our trip up the mountain will be as casual as our trips to Makai and the Myouren Shrine. If we can't properly duel then we probably won't be able to keep our danmaku immunity secret, and if such a status (in the words of Yukari)
>makes you extremely valuable to me.
I think it's best to assume other major players might be very interested.

We've got a kick ass sword from Shinki, and we have our obligation to Yukari. It may not be sex, but satisfying that aspect of the story is just as fulfilling to me, at least
No. 7833
What contention? In canon, All the Youkai mountain groups live in peace.
No. 7834
I like when my readers talk about something other than making Rick put his penis in the girls.
No. 7845
I like when a porn writer puts effort into a plot rather than simply sexsexsex.
No. 7847

I started this story because I was tired of one-shot scenes and nothing to go with them (ironic how i've written two, isn't it?)
No. 7848
Yeah, there's no real internal conflicts on the mountain. Mistake on my part, sorry. That said
>However, because of that strong internal cohesion, the pressures and criticisms facing outsiders or strangers can be quite formidable.
>Especially with regard to trespassers or invaders, no matter the circumstances, and if necessary unleashing all available power, these opponents will be turned away.

A strange human carrying a sword is going to be wandering around on this mountain. While I sincerely doubt the author would come down on us especially hard for undertaking this trip 'unprepared' (especially since Yukari probably would have said something if she suspected there would be problems), I still think it behooves us to become proficient with danmaku before we set off.

I didn't realize how many places were associated with the youkai mountain though. Heaven and the 'Underground Geyser Center' eh? Seems like a place ripe for interesting meetings.
No. 7852

You see I'm a new to IRC, I've heard of it on Forums but I don't really get it, do I just Copy and Paste into my adress bar or something?
No. 7853
Oh, I'm sorry to double post, but I have a question to the author, what gave you the idea to start a story?
No. 7854

I've written adult material for about 10-12 years now.

I've been interested in Touhou for a long time, since a few months after POFV released.

I love the fuck out of both, and I wanted to get back into writing, so I figured I'd combine two things I love. Porn and Touhou. Touhou is pretty high up on the 'list of things important in my life', a couple spots below family / relationship / career.

Now, if only I could draw competently, so I could draw pictures for each update...
No. 7861
New thread tomorrow. Wednesday was lazy, Thursday and Friday were really fucking busy. I'm making up for it with writan tomorrow.

During the interim, I was wondering: What is everyone's favorite H scene from this story?
No. 7862
At the moment? Shou.
No. 7864
Either that Ran gap blowjob or her tailfucking you. Love it when you incorporate a character's powers/attributes into the H scenes.

And Ran.
No. 7866
My favorite was Chen and Nazrin at the same time.
No. 7867

I love Ran.
No. 7868
hard to say, many good scenes.

Yukari for smuttiness

Chen for a mix of innocence and naughtiness. The deflowering was kinda daw before Yukari arrived. Nazrin for similar reasons.

Shinki for a the mix of tender loving and how she got off on breast groping.

Byakuren for milky fake incest sex.

Kogasa for the weird yet awesome mix of sexy adn moe.

Okuu for a different mix of innocent and horniness.
No. 7869
Looking forward to the new thread~

Absolute favorite was Shinki's ultimate scene. Queuing up "Somebody to Love" and putting it on repeat was spectacular. Hitting the 'find me somebody to love' part after she poked a hole in the condom drove me insane. Shinki is love, no doubt about that.

After that, the whole encounter with Yukari and Ran wandering in after Chen and the MC started doing it was fantastic. It doesn't get much better (for me) than when the whole Yakumo family gets into the swing of things
No. 7875
I'm looking forward to the Ran scene.
No. 7876
My favorite scene has to be the very first one with Yukari. Being treated like fun toy or pet is a huge turn on for me.

On a different note, who else is gunning to try and get Nue and Kogasa to like each other.
It just seems wrong to have those two hate each other.
No. 7883
Ran's tailfuck scene is still my favorite. Byakuren and Kogasa's scene is a close second, if only for how much action Rick got in a single update.
No. 7884
I don't think it'll be possible and for Kogasa and Okuu being fond of each other, there's "Let's Go" for that.
No. 7886
It's hard to pick a favorite scene although I'd have to say Shou's one if I had to choose, the night with Yukari before leaving for Makai is a close second though.
No. 7887
So, I realized today when I sat down to write that I left all of my shit on my laptop, and none of it is up to date at home. Oops.

Also I was out on town for 4 hours.


I'm not sure why you think Kogasa and Okuu wouldn't get along. I also have no idea what you mean by >there's "Let's Go" for that.
No. 7889
I meant Nue instead of Okuu... and in "Let's Go", a story in /others, Kogasa and Nue are partners in pranks; though Nue's a bit of a bad influence. Between the two of them you have the perfect wife.
No. 7890

Oh. I don't read any stories on THP any more. The last thing I read was HLA 1 and WFTW.
No. 7893
File 128366198640.png - (50.45KB , 627x620 , 1229119994573.png ) [iqdb]
>I don't read any stories on THP any more.

Ha ha, oh wow. At least we won't be getting caught up in shit we've seen before~
No. 7894
But at the same time, he'd miss out on various trends and other enjoyable stories.

To be honest though, some of the more recent stories just aren't that great
No. 7896
>shit we've seen before

And now you know why I won't write Mima. Patchwork already did it perfectly, I see no reason to try and one-up him. Anything I do will probably be tainted by my subconscious since I've read that scene.

Really, the only things I check on THP are the doujin threads, MtG/SCD and if someone says 'hey look at this real quick'. No offense to the other writers here. They do some fine work, it's just I don't have the time/interest to look at a variety of stories.
No. 7909
I spent the day with my family instead of writing. Even though labor day is one of those stupid holidays that people only care about because it means you get a day off.
No. 7915
I got about.. half-ish of the update done today. It's taking me longer than expected (and that's without distractions)
No. 7916
http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/515828/ A take on the whole Kappa/Ass jewel thing.
No. 7931
I spent today formatting and reinstalling windows XP on my laptop. So no writing since the laptop is what I use to write.

Good news, though, I got my new phone which will give me a stable connection to the internet on said laptop while I write.
No. 7933
Apparently my laptop won't boot up now that I've formatted and put a new XP install on it. And buying a new one is out of the question.
No. 7934
Good lord that's brutal. XP installs are usually pretty pain free, but I guess laptops and obscure drivers present a unique challenge. Thought about trying 7?
No. 7936

My laptop is ten years old. I'm not confident in putting Windows 7 on it. It had XP on it before I formatted it, also. I'm not sure what I am going to do for writing at the moment as the laptop is what I used. I could write at night, but I really loathe writing in the evening. I'm tired and not at my peak by that time, plus I play eq2 in the evenings currently.
No. 7937
pen and paper is out of the question?
No. 7940

Haha, oh wow, you know, I considered it, but my writing is fucking atrocious. I'm lucky I can sign my own name let alone write three or four pages worth of material (and then type it into the computer)
No. 7967
Alright, give me 2-3 days and I'll start writing in the evening instead.
No. 7987
File 128460984438.jpg - (67.23KB , 422x527 , 434864.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have you considered a *nix operating system instead of Windows? The driver support is probably lackluster, but getting something that actually works on a perfectly capable piece of hardware is a lot more desirable than mucking about with something hobbled together from the mess of Microsoft solutions.
No. 8110
File 128530687735.png - (753.65KB , 750x1043 , 12167708.png ) [iqdb]
How's the laptop situation going?
No. 8126
My dad is working on it for me. I may have one next week. Maybe. We'll see.
No. 8147
Update will 'probably' be next monday. Laptop issue is being sorted out nicely.
No. 8151
File 128565409185.jpg - (133.50KB , 500x804 , 3369518.jpg ) [iqdb]
Awaiting updates patiently; thanks for keeping us informed.
No. 8177
Humping Bumping for update.
No. 8240
Update on situation:

Laptop thing was taken care of, hooray! The laptop is all set up and such. Bad news: I forgot to take my flash drive with me. Derp. Tomorrow is busy, I'll 'try' to write but don't expect it til wednesday.
No. 8268
Alright, so, I've been trying to write. Not too sure on the update, might scrap it and re-do. Only like, half-written. Trying to recapture my groove.
No. 8270
Scrapping the scene as is. Sorry. It's forced and mediocre and I'm not feeling it. Will start over.
No. 8271
Don't worry, all you missed out on was sex with Alice. Nothing important. Will work on the revised scene a bit over the weekend, though I do have things to do.
No. 8278
File 128667769678.jpg - (70.72KB , 735x900 , 1197160516338.jpg ) [iqdb]
>all you missed out on was sex with Alice.
No. 8281
Oh well, I'd prefer Ran anyways...
No. 8282
And nothing of value was lost
No. 8291
>all you missed out on was sex with Alice

*shed tears and crying like a little baby*

This will give depression for a fortnight.
No. 8292
>all you missed out on was sex with Alice.


>Nothing important.


>Will work on the revised scene a bit over the weekend

That means you still include Alice's scene as well, right?
No. 8293

nah it just doesn't work here.

you'll probably get it, either in dreams or in the waking world, just not yet.
No. 8294
I hope the Alice scene wasn't the 'reward' for choosing to refuse Kogasa.
No. 8296

no, was a spur of the moment idea that turned out to suck for this specific moment.
No. 8349
File 128745918513.jpg - (133.00KB , 473x496 , 1285811053910.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 8350
Status report on the update?
No. 8355
later this week I guess. I've written a 'little' but I've mostly been distracted.
No. 8383
Don't forget this, peoples.
No. 8385
it's pointless; WAY past auto-sage.
No. 8418
Sorry about the delays. I have all these really great ideas, I just can't seem to get them down on paper (e-paper?). I was hoping to get another thread going before NaNoWriMo started, but I'm not sure if I'm even going to write for that this year.
No. 8461
New thread for those F5ing this: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/8460.html