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her gap is always open for you, anon

No. 6937
As with the Patchouli thread:


Also, do we really need two of these?
No. 6943
No fun allowed.jpg

Yes, the *boorus and pixiv are best but what's the point of an porn imageboard when there's no porn images?
No. 6944

Linking to a massive repository of touhou porn is pretty much the same thing. Also, the board still has doujinshi, stories and that 3d cosplay thread.
No. 6949
seems kinda odd that to find images here, your either gravedigging, downloading a doujin, or going thru a story thread for images
No. 6950
Dammit !lgg get back to working on MTG already.
No. 6952
I just don't see the point in reposting images which are already on danbooru (let's ignore pixiv since it's not easily accessible to most people) and using up the site's bandwidth when they can be easily acquired through the link above. I'm not trying to kill the fun, I just think it's a bit superfluous.

1. Go to danbooru (or even gelbooru).

2. Type in the character name.

3. Put a space, type -rating:s (or -rating:safe)

You'll find more than ample fapping material for a number of sessions.
No. 6954

but what about images you can't find there?
No. 6955

Most of the images you won't find there are buried in pixiv, and the majority (no offense) of the people who would be dumping images are probably the ones who aren't going digging through pixiv. Especially because said digging can be very time consuming.

That or they got deleted, and are hidden under status:deleted which you can see with the Better Danbooru firefox plugin.

I will acquiesce on the point of either images not on danbooru or deleted from it.
No. 6976
File 127855204972.png - (241.12KB , 571x443 , サチト - にとりんアーム活用法.png ) [iqdb]
I'm going to have to agree with not dumping danbooru here. Finding already posted images on pixiv isn't hard, you just need to make time for it (which I'm pretty sure most of us have).
No. 6988
While I too am opposed to simply blindly dumping pictures from danbooru here, I would be appreciative of a "post pictures from artists you consider awesome"-thread, that would allow me to expand my collection of artists that I follow.
No. 6989

A thread for posting works from specific artists would be pretty neat. It's certainly more helpful than blind images dumps followed by 'HEY WHO IS THIS ARTIST?', and expanding tastes is always good.
No. 6993
The main reason I come here, is because of the wonderful original content, and much slower pace. Image posting happens often enough on other boards.
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File 127873193935.jpg - (565.35KB , 875x1044 , Yukari nude 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, one or two of particular quality aren't so bad.
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File 127873480638.jpg - (116.09KB , 768x1024 , 美央奈 - 四人対戦ゆかりん.jpg ) [iqdb]
Enough talk, MORE POSTING!
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File 127891679831.png - (705.08KB , 1280x1024 , 7224274.png ) [iqdb]
An image thread should be fine as long as we don't get crazy with them.

Just stick to posting your favorites.
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