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Just me, popping in here to try my hand at some smut writting. I came relatively close once and the thought of actually writting some has been bugging me for a good long while. So to get these thoughts to stop nagging me, I decided to post whatever Touhou porn writing I decide to cook up here.

Mind you, I'm won't focus a whole lot on this (even though I have several ideas I want to try), so don't expect much outta me in terms of production. I'm still relatively new at this so things are going to be a bit rough at first...yeah...

Also, Consider this pic...a prediction of things to come. Just making some final checks, before I post the actual story...

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"And that concludes today's history lesson." Came the voice of Keine as she turned from the chalkboard to look at the bored classroom of children who looked to be barely concious after her long lecture on the history of the Human Village. You honestly don't know how you were able to sit through the entire thing without falling asleep, of course, given how you work for Keine it's good that you don't doze off during lessons. Even so, from what you can tell, Keine never seemed bothered by the children's lack of interest in her or her lessons to them and simply went about teaching as she always does. "Tonight I want you all to write a 2 page report on the history of your family and if they played any part in this village's establishment. It's due a weeks from now, so that's plenty of time to get it done." The children don't really seem to care on how much time they had to get it done...it was just the fact of knowing they had homework that caused the lot of them to groan as they rose from their seats and headed for the door.

For the moment, all you can hear is the sounds of the children as they eagerly leave the burden of education and go about enjoying the life they really enjoyed. Something about this really seems to bring back memories of when you was in school...even though most of the children aren't that young compared to you. Most are well into their pre-teen to teenage years, while a small handful are younger than this. Even so Keine seemed to disregard the fact that some aren't technically kids anymore and continue to call the lot of them children, regardless of how old they maybe. Most of the older ones...don't take kindly to it...

You sit by at your desk located at the very back of the classroom, watching as the crowd of students leave the one room schoolhouse, taking with them the only source of sound as the classroom falls silent. Your eyes crane upward and met with Keine's as neither of you exchange any words to one another, the teacher now focusing on erasing the board in silence.

"...That went well, wouldn't you say?" You speak up as a means to break the ice, even though it probably would have melted with help of maybe Mokou showing up to visit Keine or something. "None of them fell asleep this time." That has to amount for something...especially in Keine's case.

"Yes, I noticed...but I still want them to have at least some interest in what I teach." Keine replied, turning to the blackboard that was filled with notes from her lecture; from the establishment of the village to the present, everything that seemed to pretain to the formation of this town was on the board. Unfortunately, knowing Keine's class, the children probably didn't even write any of it down. "If I can't get them to pay attention, then how else will they learn of their history?"

Keine's right, she was really the only teacher in the human village that had such an extensive knowlegde of history, there truly was no one else like her in this village. Still, for the children to begin paying attention to Keine, then there needed to be something of interest that she taught them, something that can hold their interests until the lesson ended. However, you've had a look at Keine's lesson plan for the students and the vast majority of it consisted of history. Of course, you're sure the teacher wouldn't mind taking suggestions. Aside from this, you knew Keine wasn't just well versed in history, she wasn't too short in other subjects either, so it's not like she didn't have a choice to change things up for once. "Well, this is just me sayin stuff, but maybe you should try teaching something else for a change?"

Keine pauses in the middle of erasing the board, her head turning toward you to answer. "What did you have in mind?"

"Uhm okay...how about Math?" That's a good suggestion, and you know Keine's good at it too. In fact, she's helped you with it in certain situations before.

"Tried it." Oh right...she did, just 4 days ago matter of fact. Okay then, let's try another subject.


"Tried it." 3 weeks ago, the class studied the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and other forms of japanese literature. If anything that ended worse than history...


"Tried it..." There was a field trip which...didn't really end very well. You're still rather surprised by the fact that Poison Ivy actually exists here in Gensokyo.

You were running out of ideas faster than food disappears when Yuyuko's eating a that diner across the street. What else could there be to say? You had already given Keine the top three suggestions that were swimming around in your head...oh well, looks like it's time to pull a wildcard!

"Sex Ed!"

"Tried-" Keine freezes and turns to face you, quirking an eyebrow to the suggestion you had given her. "Wait...what did you just say?"

"Uhm...Sex Ed?" You repeat, your hand rising to the side of your head as you ruffle your hair in a nervous manner. You...were sort of hoping Keine knew what 'Sex Ed' stood for. Oh well, let's hope she doesn't freak out too much upon you filling her in on it's true meaning and what not. "It's short for, Sexual Education. You basically teach the kids about...y'know, sex and other things related to...sex."

The moment, you uttered those words, Keine's face was practically set ablaze with a bright red blush. Keine's hands shot toward her mouth, stifiling a gasp from the shock of what you suggested her to teach to her next class. "You...you would suggest that I teach the children...about sex!?" Keine interjected before she huffs and turns her head away from you to focus on erasing the notes from the chalkboard. "Leave it to you, to suggest something so...lewd and innappropriate."

"Hey, it kept my attention when I was in school, why wouldn't it work for them?" Well, only at the parts where they guy meets the girl and the two of them go about having sexual relations with one another. This aside, you do take note of one thing that Keine seems to be overlooking, "Besides...you know the children aren't really that young anymore. Maybe it's about time for them to learn about this sorta thing?"

Keine still seems a bit reluctant on the idea, as she comes to cease erasing and lean against her desk, her stare dropping to the floor for a minute or two. Even so, it looks like that Keine can't deny the obvious, "I know the children are growing up now, but...isn't this sort of discussion left up to their parents?" True, it was, but the reason you learned was because some parents didn't have the guts to tell their kid about the birds and the bees. "Matter of fact, why did you have to sit through a class like that? Surely, the parents were a little upset about it?"

"Well, things work a bit differently on the outside than in here, Keine." Sort of. "Parents don't really mind it if their kid is taught Sex Ed, provided their old enough for it...I guess." The youngest you can remember being taught about sexual things was back in the 5th grade, back then it was dubbed 'Family Life' for some reason. The concept of the class was still the same as it would be in the later years of learning it, granted the name was just different.

"Still...I don't think I can do this..." Keine mutters, a faint blush reappearing on her fair cheeks. "I can't really teach the class a subject I lack experience in..."

"Lack experience, what are you-?" You silence yourself, having now figured out what was being said. Keine 'lacked experience, because she hasn't had any sex. It's strange because...Keine's noted for being very pretty among the villagers, you've even heard a few of the men say they would sex up the school teacher if they were ever given the chance. "Hold on...you're a virgin? Someone as pretty as you...a virgin!?"

Keine says nothing in response and turns her head away from you. The fact that Keine's never really had sex was a surprise to you. The teacher herself seemed like the kind of person who had all sorts of wisdom under their belt, sexual topics being one of them. Then again, Keine's a bit more devoted to her duty as the village guardian -and teacher- to worry about who she should spread her legs to, so maybe it's not as strange as you're making it out to be...

"...Do you know?" Keine mumbles, the sudden sound of her voice snapping you out of your thoughts.

"Do I know...what?"

"What sex is like?" Keine replies looking you dead in the eye. Something that doesn't exactly help your nerves when you try to find an answer to her question. "I'm just curious, since you've taken this so called 'Sex Ed' before."

"Ah, well...I do know a little about it, yes." Emphasis on 'little'. You're not really as experienced as you want to be on the matter either; the only real knowlegde you hold being from the class you suggested. Ah, in that case, maybe reacting the way you did earlier was a little of 'the pot calling the kettle black'? Or however that saying goes. Might as well be all out honest here, "But really though...I haven't really done it before myself either. I sorta...uhm..."

Maybe you don't have to be completely honest here. If you kept going, you would have to spill the fact that while you haven't had actual sexual contact with another lady, you made up for this with masturbation. Yeah...let's leave that part out...

"Then again, maybe I should just leave it at 'I have little experience'..."

"Oh, I see. In that case, we're practically in the same boat then..." Keine remarked as another wave of silence began to saturate the atmosphere. "...If we both haven't experienced what sex is like...then how are we going to teach it to the class?"

You pause and give Keine a bit of a funny look, as you're sure you heard her say that she was going to teach sex ed to the class. "Huh, you actually want to go through with it, I thought you were against it?"

"Well, I was never really against the idea. Just uncertain on if I should actually teach 'Sex Ed." Keine speaks up as she folds her arms underneath her ample bust, a sigh escaping her lips. "To be honest, I was more concerned about going in front of the class, with little knowledge of sex, and then end up making a fool out of myself in front of the children...and you."

"Keine, I wouldn't think any less of you if you went into the lesson blindly." You say to the teacher, stepping away from your desk on and coming closer to her own at the front of the class. "If anything, I would have been right up there with you to give you support. I mean...isn't that why I work here?" That was your job alright; Teacher's Aide for several months strong. It's alot easier than you thought it would be actually...

"Aha right, sometimes I forget how big of a help you really can be around my class." Keine replied, chuckling a bit as she stood up and glanced to a stack of blank papers on her desk. It's at that moment, that Keine seems to be striken with an idea. "Hmm, how about this; why don't we get together tonight and discuss the lesson? You can tell me whatever you remember from your class on Sexual Education and we can pull together some notes for tommorrow."

"That's all well and good, but...I don't really remember all that much..." You tell Keine who doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer.

"Even if it's only a little, I think we can still pull together a decent lesson for the children." Keine says as she heads for the door, taking a moment to peer outside as if searching for someone. "I don't think she's coming to the village today, so we don't have to worry of her...uhm, walking in on us when we're discussing this 'Sex Ed' thing." Keine chuckled lightly, having taken several seconds to look outside.

You were well aware that Keine was refering to her friend, Fujiwara no Mokou. The white haired lass was one of Keine's long time acquantinces (next to a young girl by the name of Akyuu) and she sometimes drops by when school lets out (you're not sure why she always comes by AFTER school, Keine says she's not that good with children). Upon your first meeting, you and Mokou were rough with each other, but eventually things smoothed out and now the two of you get along rather well. All this aside, the immortal was strangely absent these past few days...something Keine told you was normal, since she often fought with the (self proclaimed) Moon Princess, Kaguya Houraisan and needed a few days or two to "respawn" in case she were killed.

"Would you prefer if we talked here, at your house, or my house?" Keine asks walking back to her desk.

"Either place is fine with me, Keine." You didn't really see much problem with the location. In all honesty, you were fine with discussing it in here...but if Keine finds it more comfortable to talk about sex at home, then why argue?

"Alright, in that case, I'll see you at my house this evening. I have some books that I think may help with this." Keine says with a nod of her head. "You can take this time to see go get some rest if you'd like, I'm sure you're pretty tired from today's lesson." Yeah...now that she mentioned it you were a bit sluggish. Maybe a quick stop by your abode wasn't that bad of an idea.

"Yeah...I'm gonna head on home for a bit..." You yawn as you turn to take your leave, unaware that the following night, things between you and Keine would change forever...
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== (cont.) ==

Despite having worked at Keine's schoolhouse for more than a couple months or so, you haven't really been to her house much. You recall your first time seeing it when Mokou dragged you there after the both of you had been drinking quite a bit that night. You can remember that Keine chewed the immortal out quite a bit for 'being reckless' before she turned her tongue on you for 'not being a responsible drinker'. Anything prior to going to Keine's house and why you and Mokou were even drinking together is all but lost to oblivion, hangovers the morning after proved to do a fantastic job of genociding all the memory you may have had of that enigmatic night with Mokou. Well, that was all in the past now, so there's no need to dwell on it too much, right?

"I think this is really the first time you've ever seen the inside of my house, isn't it?" Keine noted as she leads you to a room located a little ways past her bedroom; an average sized room that housed a few bookcases and a single desk in front of a small window. You can only be certain that this is where Keine does her grading when she isn't in the classroom to do it "Usually only come in here when I grade the children's papers...but it wouldn't hurt to use it for this sort of dicussion. There might be some books to help us...even though I never really looked through them for sexually related subjects before."

You look around the room, to take note of the bookcases, and manage to spot one problem that maybe worth mentioning to Keine, "There's not many chairs around, is there?"

"Oh, sorry about that. I have been meaning to buy more of those for occassions like this...but the Kourindou shopkeeper doesn't seem to ever have too many of those Outside World chairs in stock anymore..." Keine replied as she motions towards the side of her desk, her hand drifting dangerously close to a mug of pencils that seemed to be a bit to close to the edge of her desk. "I guess you could stand here while I-" Keine suddenly stops herself midsentence as she notices her hand klumsily knocks over the cup of pencils. The teacher let's out a surprised gasp as she manages to catch the mug but not the pencils, watching as the lot of them go clattering across the floor.

"Oh fiddlesticks..." Keine muttered under her breath, bending over to collect the fallen writing utensils...and also seeming to forget that you were standing right behind her. Even though, you know full well that you shouldn't stare...you soon find that the only thing you can focus on now was the teacher's curvacious posterier that had been presented before your eyes in all it's rounded glory. You feel your body heat up from Keine's full moon, all of the blood that was pumping through your viens now heading to the deep south. Despite the fact that you're trying to keep your mind out of the gutters, you have to admit that Keine's ass is certainly a peach that's worth lusting after; the generous rear end being round, plump and ripe for the picking. A picking that you hold off on as you try and keep your erection (and actions) tamed until Keine arises again.

Then again...this was a once in a lifetime chance to finally shed your former skin of virginity and taste the sensual pleasures a woman can offer. Several months ago, you wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to sex up Keine -let alone talk about sex in detail around her. Now though, she was pretty much inviting you over to discuss it in detail. Why not be a little daring and try to push the envelope a bit? The worst that could happen is Keine gets offended with your acts and puts you out. The even worse coming into play when Mokou finds out what you tried to pull...


"K-Keine." You blurt out, the corner of your mind seeing this as the only oppurtunity to get a piece that succulent ass you gazed upon before. "I know a better way we could learn about sex."

"Hm?" The teacher looks up from below and perplexed look on her face as she rises up, with the pencils in hand. "What did you have in mind?"

You swallow down the lump in your throat, hesitating to give Keine your answer as your eyes hover to Keine's bountiful bosom, soaking in the visage of the lush valley of cleavage like a sponge to water. Eventually, you manage to tear your attention away from Keine's mammeries and take hold on the burning determination to lose your own virginity, as well as help Keine experience the wonders of sex. With a deep breath you come out with, "I think we should try the hands-on approach instead. You know...the 'Do it yourself' route?"

Keine doesn't seem to follow at first but, after a second or two of thinking, the teacher quickly realizes what you were getting at. Almost immedieatly upon her realization, her face is drenched in a bright red and her eyes grow wide. Keine doesn't really respond verbally to your suggestion though, and only seems to convey her reaction this through her silent actions. Natrually, you assume that she's been shocked by the suggestion and work to explain yourself a little more.

"Well...I just thought I'd suggest that since we'd be killing two birds with one stone that way." Be that as it may, it was still a suggestion that was driven by your impulse, so there was obviously little thought put into it besides the emotion of raw lust that gripped your body. "Listen...maybe we should just forget I said anything. I wasn't really thinking straight when I said that..."

"No, no...it's okay." Keine said with a shake of her head. "I think I understand what you mean by this; since we both are inexperienced in the ways of sex, what better way for us to learn than to teach other through our own bodies?"

"Well, yeah..." You say as you nervously rubbed the side of your head and glance elsewhere, your face beginning to heat up from the blush you were sporting. You can feel that you're slowly starting to lose yourself to your growing lust. "Still...you don't have to do it just because I suggested it."

"No, I want to do this...I want to see what sex is like, how it feels..." Keine pauses for a moment, as her face grows a deeper red. "How WE feel when we become one..." She adds, stepping closer to you, each step she takes making your heart pound harder against your chest. Before long, Keine has her hands placed upon your chest and she's gazing into your eyes. You can feel her soft bosom pressing against your torso, her inviting natrual aroma is wafting into your nostrils and lulling you closer and closer to the point of no return...

"You've always been such a big help with me in my class, and now, I think I can finally help you out in return this time." Keine says. "I may not be too experienced, but...if it's with you, I don't mind lending you my body for this lesson."

"Keine..." Is all you can say as the both of you dreamily gaze into each other's eyes before your lips meet in a deep kiss. You don't even think on what you're doing anymore, your body just seems to...move on it's own, your palm slowly running through Keine's long blue hair as your tongue dances with hers in a passionate waltz.

Your hands began to grow adventerous and soon come to grasp a hold of the flesh to Keine's ass, not hesitating to give it a healthy squeeze. Keine moans softly into your mouth, her arms wrapping around your neck as she fully embraces the both of you becoming one. You don't need any other sign to know that she's beginning to enjoy this and with that your free hand drift from her hair, across her legs and into her inner thighs. During this, you hoist Keine atop the desk nearby and you feel as you both lean onto the desk's top. Your hands meet with Keine's as they lock onto each other in an embrace, your fingers intertwinging with hers.

Soon enough, the kiss comes to an end and you pull away from Keine gazing at her face below, her bosom heaving up and down as she gasps. Your hands soon part with hers and they clasp around Keine's full breasts, your fingers sinking into the pillowy mounds. You could tell they were soft when looking at them, but you never thought they would feel this good! You peel Keine's dress from her shoulders and manage to set her breasts free of their fabricated prison. Just as you thought when you first met her, Keine has awesome tits. They're just as big as you thought they were, and look like loads of fun to play with.

Hell, why wait? Now's the time to test them out!

You don't ponder on why Keine's not wearing a bra and cup Keine's right breast into your hand, the size of it alone managing to over take the palm of your hand. Like a creamy mound of dough, your hand begins to kneed and mould it beneath your fingertips, each motion bringing up a moan from Keine who starts to tremble from the stimulation. Before you know it, your lips clamp around Keine's tit as you start to ravenously suck onto her nipple. Your other hand rises up and grasps on to her other breast tightly as you suck on her slowly hardening nipple like a straw.

"Ah, P-Please...not so rough..." Keine yelps, her cry letting you know to calm down and take things slowly.

"S-Sorry..." You apologize, bringing yourself to a stop. "I guess...I sorta lost myself..."

"It's okay...just try to be a bit more gentle and take things slowly..." Keine says as she brings her hand to your cheek and caresses your face, her lips curling into a warm smile. "There is no need for us to rush, we have all the time in the world to please each other."

She's right. There's no point in trying to go at things too fast, after all, it was only a couple minutes past sunset and you were sure Mokou wasn't going to come visit her either. That said, you go at it once again but, this time you take things more slowly as your tongue licks around the nipple of Keine's left breast. Your other free hand continues to give Keine's other breast more attention as well, as you squeeze it alongside the other.

You can feel Keine quiver and squirm on the desk, her moans rising in volume as you continue to suckle on her lushious tit. Keine arches her back slightly, her legs wrapping around you as her palms meet your head.

"Ahn...more...suck on it more...!" Keine begs to you, as she holds your head into the valley of her lush bosom. And you happily oblige to this request, you gentle suckle now growing harder . However, you know that this will not grant you the complete satisfaction you need. Even though Keine really enjoys it...there's only one place that you know can really hit the spot for the both of you. With this in your mind, you pull yourself away from Keine's bosom and look her in the eye.

"Keine...are you ready?" You ask to the teacher as you begin to undo your pants, rearing up for the Final Exam of this session.

"Yes...take me...oh gods, please take me." Keine gasps in a husky tone, lifting up her dress, spreading her legs wide to recieve your eager manhood and giving you a view of her black panties that were quickly growing wet in the crotch area. You pull Keine's black laced panties down, and slowly enter her hot, damp slit. However, you're soon met with some resistance near the entrance, the feeling of your penis touching this obstruction causing Keine to whimper a bit under her labored breathes. This must be Keine's hymen...the only remaining barrier between you and the inside of her virgin pussy. You glance to Keine who cringes a bit, and looks to brace herself against the desk...

"Here goes." You tell Keine as you give one forceful thrust and push past Keine's hymen and enter the tightened inside of Keine's vagina. Keine let's out a quick yelp of pain and hugs her arms around you as you slowly enter her more and more, the pace of it painful for you...but wonderful for Keine as she moans in an ecstasy that was unknown to her before. Eventually, your fully inside Keine, the tightness of her insides is something you take a moment yo get used to, but it only takes seconds for you to settle in and relish the indescribable feeling of being inside the teacher, let alone a woman, for the very first time. It's much MUCH better than your own right hand for once...

"Does it feel good, Keine...?" You ask Keine, brushing a strand of her gorgeous blue hair away from her perfect face.

"Like nothing I've ever felt before..." Keine replies softly as she rests her head on your shoulder, gently snuggling along your neck. "Please...go on...don't stop here..."

You nod and bring your hips out and send them deeper into Keine, the teacher moaning out loudly at the feeling of your shaft digging deeper into her unexplored interior. You continue on, and thrust in and out of Keine, you were a bit off beat at first but, you slowly start catching onto a nice rhythm that stroke her insides.

"Yes, oh yes!" Keine yells out to you, the bucking of your hips causing her breasts to bounce up and down widly as you picked up the pace, and plowed into her with a rising vigor. "More...give me more!" Her legs wrap around your waist again, as Keine locks you into an inescapable embrace, trapping you atop her heated body as you carried on with the intercourse. You wouldn't even dream of escaping from this...not ever.

You can feel your body growing hotter and hotter as you thrust into Keine harder, her moans of pleasure growing increasingly enthusiastic as you hit her every corner and crevice with each forceful push. You gaze down at Keine a smile of passion spreading across her face as you bring your head down and kiss her once more, Keine desperately returning the kiss as you .

The tension climbs to it's peak, as Keine's moans become screams that echo throughout the study and into the hallways of her house. You're about to finish this test and your going to ace it with flying colors. You push your "sharpened" pencil as fast and as hard as you can into Keine's voracious vagina, the sharpener practically devouring each thrust you give it. You can feel pressure beginning to build up in your loins, and you grasp Keine's thighs for the coming finale. It won't be long now...and Keine's about blow well...

"S-Something's coming!" Keine moans out as you feel her once quivering body tense up, her back beginning to arch as you grab onto her thighs and brace yourself for the swiftly approaching climax. You rear back and, with everything you've got, give Keine the finishing thrust. Keine clings onto your shirt as she throws her head back and screams to the heavens, her body beginning tremble in an orgasmic fervor. Your brain is clouded with the hazy euphoria of your own approaching orgasm, the inside of Keine quivering just as much as the teacher herself was. With a low grunt you, let loose with a warm, sticky load of semen, the fluid shooting up through the fleshy tunnel and flooding into Keine's womb.

Your first time completed, you let out a relieved sigh as you collapse onto Keine's soft bosom, the teacher's hands coming to affectionately stroke through your hair as you lay atop her chest, listening to the quickened pace of her beating heart. You forget that your pretty much laying on the desk, but at this point you don't really care on where you lay...so long as it's near Keine you could be in a pit somewhere.

"Hah...so this is what it's like to have finally had sex..." Keine says dreamily her hands still playing in your hair as you slowly raise your head from her breasts. "I...can get used to this feeling, at least...when I'm with you."

"That's good to hear, I can say the same for you." You reply as you give her a gentle kiss on the lips. You look down to where you and Keine were still joined, and saw the mixture of fluids pooling onto the desk Keine laid on. Keine seems to pick up on this and rises up to reassure you.

"It's okay, I'll clean it up later," She says. "No one really comes in here except me, so this little mess will be our secret."

"Well...if you say so," You answer as your mind begins to slowly return to it's normal functions again. Once everything upstairs is in thinking order again, you can't help but ask Keine a small question about the the sex you had with her. "So...what grade would you give me...you know, on the sex?" You honestly had no idea, why you were compelled to ask this...maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing?

"Hm, you actually want me to grade you?" Keine blinks before she places a finger to her chin and ponders on a response. "Well, if I really had to give you a grade, then I would give you...an A minus."

An A minus? Well...it's not bad, but you really thought you'd have scored higher than that, what with how hard you rocked Keine's body not too long ago. "Huh? but...I thought I did better than that?"

"Indeed you did, you were really good for your first time," Keine says before her face turns up in a false pout. "But... I had to deduct points because you were too rough with my bosom before..."

"Ah leave it to you to be such a strict teacher." You chuckle you hand resting on her face.

"No need to worry..." Keine reassures you as she leans in close and whispers, "There will be plenty of time for 'Extra Credit'~"


Annnnnd there you go. I know there was a lack of Keine H-stories, so I decided to give her a shot as my first time (how fitting to the story).

I'mma admit, I'm not too confident on myself in this field yet so, like I said before in the OP, it's may seem a bit rough. Even so, I hope you all enjoyed this piece.

I welcome all feedback, so please don't hold back for my sake. I have other ideas I want to get through, and I want to make sure I do them right for you guys.

Also, lol I forgot a picture for the last post.
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That was short and sweet.

Keine is my favourite Character so this is extra delicious
No. 6707
Not bad at all, I chuckled at the 'sharpened pencil' bit and felt that the scene in its entirety was pretty good. You're certainly better at easing your way into the scene than I am. I'm much more prone to roughing it and...

Okay I'll stop trying to make horrible puns now.
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I'm sorry, all I could see was Keine's ass and references to Keine's ass.

In other words, FUCK YES
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No. 6716

I didn't see any references to sea creatures in there.
No. 6719

No but school materials.
So more of school-utensil-Nasu is correct term.
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You forgot her breasts.

This did not disappoint, and I hope for possibly a "Sex Ed 202" story in the future.
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I was totally expecting Mokou to barge in as they finished.

...Is that bad?
Good story, more, perhaps?
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Now I know if the author does a Luize love scene in his main story, it'll be glorious.
No. 6737
Ooooh, she doesn't get enough attention!
No. 6738
Part 2? Hopefully.
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You could use a little work, but it was good. I find that even if it's one-shot fap material, quality is still important. You should always check for broken sentences, spelling and grammatical errors. You want people to choose your story over others, right?

>memories of when you was in school
This is just one example. However, if it was intended, that's fine. It made me laugh, regardless.

Keep at it.
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Choose? There' no need to choose, and for his first shot he's proven himself pretty well.
No. 6749
Yes, I'm painfully aware that there are people like you who have probably read everything pornographic on these boards without discriminating.

I meant should he ever choose to write elsewhere. You need to capture the attention of your target audience; whether you have competition or not, you should always work to better yourself.

I never said it was bad for his first time. However, I'm not about to see him off with Keine sex so hot durrrr.
No. 6750
>should he ever choose to write elsewhere

He does. He has a pretty regular audience, too.
No. 6763
Aside from the numerous grammar and typographical mistakes and jumping the gun a bit in the sex scene itself (like the writer just wanted to get it over as soon as possible) this was pretty decent.
No. 6776
Reminds me of Please Teach Me. But enjoyable, most certainly.
No. 6788
File 127734398089.png - (1.48KB , 66x58 , vul_i_see.png ) [iqdb]
At first, I was going to just let this be until my return to this thread with a story in hand, but I think I should go against that for once.

>Part 2
I've done some thinking on this and I'll most likely write a second part to this short (hell, it's even hinted at the end). Afterward, I planned on writing something involving the Moriya Shrine residents...and maybe Momiji and Ran...maybe.

>Grammatical issues, etc.
>>6742 does have a point. While the story is decent at best, I still need more work on spotting errors and the like. Using Word instead of Wordpad could help with this (honestly, I have no idea why I stick with Wordpad so much...I suppose I use it out of habit).

Even so, what I use isn't (much of) an excuse for overlooking obvious errors. Next time, I'll be sure to keep my eyes open a little more...unless I'm tired.
No. 6790
My solution?
Working while stone-drunk from Vodka.
No. 6791
That's not much of a solution

And I wasn't saying you have to do a Sex Ed 202 right away, just one some time.
No. 6864
Forgive me for saying but...that's not very depraved.
No. 6879
>student doing his teacher
Legal perhaps, but still considered taboo.
No. 6880
give the guy a break, he hasn't done H before, and with some of the attitudes on this site, the Keine scene might be considered depraved by some.

The guy was her assistant, though to be honest I think it's still kinda frowned upon in the outside world. Not so much in Gensokyo I figure.
No. 6882
I didn't mean it as an insult in any way. I was just making an observation.
No. 7465
This one took a bit of work to get right. I could have had it out a little sooner, but so many things got in the way of finishing it, plus that of sleep related issues. Even so, while I feel this part may not as good as the first, I think I did okay. I'll let you all be the judge of that though.


You moan lazily as you feel your mind slowly recollecting itself, your eyes opening up and coming to focus on the world that surrounded you. As you rub the sleep from your adjusting eyes, you pull yourself up and soon notice that you were still in Keine's house, more or less the study where you and her spent a little...quality time with each other. You're still smiling to yourself, having finally gotten rid of the virginity that you carried with you into Gensokyo, and on top of that, you lost it with someone as pretty as Keine. One could easily say that you managed to satisfy the feelings of lust you had for her sometime ago when you first arrived in the Human Village. As you let out a sigh, you turn around to see how Keine's doing but come to find out that she's nowhere to be found, the space you thought she would have occupied beside you, completely void of the teacher's prescense.

"Huh...now where did she get off to...?" You mumble, pulling yourself from the floor of the study and looking around for any clues as to where the teacher might have ran off to. It would seem that while you were patting yourself on the back for finally getting laid, you failed to realize that your sex partner had all but walked off somewhere, but it shouldn't be that much of a problem to find her, right? You glance up at the lone window in the room and come to see that it's well into the night time hours, the light from the full moon above illuminating the darkened night sky and the trees that surrounded Keine's back yard. With this in mind, you're positive that Keine's somewhere in her house, probably in her own bedroom fast asleep. Strange...Keine looked like the type who would love to cuddle after a good round of sex, ah well. With no sign of Keine nearby, and your body already wide awake, you decide to stick around until the morning and maybe have breakfast with Keine once she gets up.

Yeah, that sounds pretty nice, and you're sure Keine would enjoy the company instead of being left alone in the morning. Of course, it was nowhere near morning now (matter of fact, you had no idea what time it really was exactly), so you would have to either find you something to do or try and go back to sleep until sunrise. You gaze around the study and notice that there were some books around. read a few books here for a bit, just to pass the time. However as you fold up the blanket you had slept under, you pause for a second as your ears pick up a faint noise echoing from behind you. Turning on your heels you see that it's just Mokou...

Wait...Mokou? What is she doing here this time of night?

"Wha...what're you doing here?" Mokou questioned, taking the words right out of your opening mouth. Should you really tell her what happened here between you and Keine? It probably won't matter much, but just to be safe, let's just sugar coat it until Keine tells the immortal a little more about it herself.

"Uhm, me and Keine were grading papers together." You lie, your eyes shifting slightly to the left as you see Mokou give you an odd look. Taking this time to ask the question that's starting to bug you. "What're you doing here, it's...pretty late, you know."

"D-Don't worry about that!" Mokou replies sharply as she firmly grasps your wrist and starts pulling you toward the door of the study. "You have to leave. Now."

"Geeze, what's gotten into you, Mokou?" You struggle, using the heel of your bare feet to help slow Mokou's pull on you just long enough for you to get an explanation or two out of her. Even so, you're surprised by how strong Mokou really is, even though she's a tad bit shorter than you, the white haired lass still manages to show alot more physical strength than you ever had. "Did something happen?"

"No, but if you don't get outta here something WILL happen." Mokou replies, her answer is vauge but, you can tell from her voice and actions that this is something you should at least have some information on. It was a shame that Mokou didn't seem to be in any mood to give you any. Ugh, you honestly can't stand the feeling of people knowing something you don't...especially if this something is pretaining to you directly. Even so, Mokou doesn't stop pulling you, and this time seems even more intent to put you out of Keine's house despite your body language telling her otherwise. "Look, you don't have time to argue, if you stick around Keine's going to come after you."

Okay, that does it.

"Dammit Mokou, you're not making sense!" You manage to yank away from Mokou's tight grip and look her square in the eye, more than a little annoyed by her refusing to give you any further imformation on what was really going down. From what you can gather, it has something to do with Keine coming after you for some reason. It was also because of this "reason" that Mokou was trying to get you away from the teacher you had already banged and spent the night with. "Stop trying to hide something from me and just come out with whatever the heck is going on here?"

Mokou hesitates for a moment, looking away from you and taking in a deep breathe as she appears to be trying to calm herself down. Whatever this was about Keine, it had Mokou pretty spooked. It's around this time that you begin to wonder on whether you should be just as nervous as she is now. After all, Mokou was a tough girl, by human standards...if something about Keine had her scared, then perhaps you should share her emotions on the situation? "Okay listen...you may not believe it at face value, but...Keine's a were-beast...a were-hakutaku, to be exact."

"Come again...?" You say giving Mokou an odd look. Of course, who could blame your reaction, you were just told that the teacher you've known for is actually some kind of beast in disguise or something. Natrually you find this all hard to believe, but there is apart of your mind that wants to give this some form of credit. After all, Mokou wouldn't be so worked up for nothing...there's generally something going on with Keine that she wants you to get awat from and you can't argue with something like that. "I thought I just heard you imply that Keine was a were-beast."

"I shit you not. Keine's a were-beast and has been one for...hell, as long as I've known her." Which to say, maybe quite a while, according to Keine, Mokou's lived for a very long time. Far longer than an average human has by far. "Every night on a full moon, she transforms into her other form and usually she's about the same as her normal self but she still distances herself from the village so no one will see her true form."

"Then...I don't see the problem..." You reply with a shrug.

"That's because that's not the problem. The thing is...on certain nights of the month when Keine transforms, she starts to get a little...aggressive, if you catch what I'm sayin..." There she goes being vauge again, but for reasons unknown...you feel it's not the sort of aggressive you're thinking of. "I dunno why it happens, but on those nights Keine starts to get horny and, I mean REALLY horny." You blink several times as you stare at Mokou. In truth, your mind is hard at work producing images of Keine in the form of one of those sexy monster girls you've seen on the internet back home, the were-beast of a teacher grinding atop you and begging to be fucked like the animal she has become. You then picture her bending over and presenting you with her puckering asshole and her moistening vagina, moaning out to you in a primal lust like that of a female beast in heated estrus. Clearly, you have no problem with meeting such a side of Keine up close and personal...

"Hey!" Oh right...Mokou's here, isn't she? Good thing you didn't fully immerse into those thoughts or your hand would have been in a most...embarrasing place right about now. "You okay, you spaced out for a sec."

"Uhm...yeah sure..." You say jerking yourself back to reality. "I was just thinking on what I should do if Keine gets me in a cunt. W-wait. I mean, corner!" This was pretty much your libido talking, so of course it wasn't going to sound all that intelligent to someone who's thinking within reason.

"Ugh, get your head outta the gutter!" Mokou says as she bops you upside your head in annoyance. You sorta forgot that Mokou doesn't always take to perversion that well, especially if it's towards Keine. You learned this the hard way when you first met the immortal and you commented on how well Keine's dress complimented her womanly curves. You thought your head would never stop throbbing. "When Keine gets like that, it spells bad news if she ever gets a hold of ya!"

"Okay, okay...mind is now out of gutter...sheesh." You mutter, taking things into a more serious light now that your lewd thoughts of Keine riding you again are chained up and hung out to be played with later. "So anyways...suppose Keine does happen to get ahold of me while she's 'In the mood', what should I do then?"

"Lay there and take it like a man." Mokou replies bluntly before she clicks her teeth and gives you a distasteful glare. "But, I'm sure you wouldn't mind THAT, ya pervert." Great, now you've gone and pissed off the only person who's willing to help you escape from, what appeared to be, a more monstrous form of a the woman you laid up with. Supergood...

"Hey hey now, let's not go around calling names here." You still don't really like being called a pervert seeing as to how...well, you weren't really that much of one to be honest. Save for when you're actually horny, but that's only natural given the state of mind. In your eyes, such thoughts were all but natrual for a man like yourself. Seriously though, from what Mokou was telling you, Keine was going to become a sexually frustrated tigress who wants nothing more than a good fuck to put her at ease again; who wouldn't be a little aroused by that? "It's only natrual that I retain the interest in bagging Keine a second time."

There is a pause between you and Mokou, the both of you coming to stare at each other as you realize what you just said to her...

"A...second time?" Mokou echoed, those very words allowing you to realize you had just told Mokou the very reason on why you were here to begin with. Oops. "Wait, wait...is that the reason you were here...because you and Keine...?"

"Oh, well yeah..." You mutter eyes drifting everywhere but to Mokou's face. "You see, Keine wanted some ways to teach an interesting lesson to the class, I suggested sex ed because I was out of ideas...one thing led to another and..."

"N-never mind, I don't wanna hear it." Mokou cuts you off, her cheeks puffing crimson. "Now's not the time to be sharing sex stories...let's just forget about it and move on."

"Ah and here I thought you would react poorly to it." You chuckle only to be cut off by an angry glare from Mokou. "What's with that look?"

"Nothing..." Mokou sneered, obviously showing signs of hiding the truth from you.

"Don't be like that, Mokou. Something's bugging you...I can tell." You say. "Listen, if it's about Keine, then let me tell you that I didn't force Keine to do anything she didn't want to do."

"No, it's not that...well, it is sorta, but it's not what you're thinking." What? Well then, if it's not that, then what is it Mokou? "I guess, It's because...I wanted it to be me and you." So...Mokou was angry because you had sex with Keine instead of her? With all due respect...you had no idea Mokou felt that way about things. Mostly because she never opened her mouth to confirm she actually had this sort of attraction to you...

"Mokou, why didn't you just tell me how you felt?" You query to the immortal, who doesn't readily respond to your question. "I would have listened, you know."

"I was too nervous to say anything about it, okay?" Mokou scoffed, seemingly at herself and her own inability to tell you how she truly felt. You couldn't blame her though, it's not exactly easy trying to come out and tell someone you want them to have sex with you. "But...it doesn't change the fact that, what Keine has told me, helped me grow to really like you." Mokou then pauses as her cheeks tinge a shade of pink. "And then there was that night, when we both got drunk together, we almost..." The immortal trails off in her words, leaving you to pick up where she left off.

"...But we didn't..." You concluded, your mind only now managing to pull up the long lost shred of memory about that faithful night. You and Mokou were out in the forest drinking some rather strong sake you managed to score from that oni who was willing to share some of it with you. It was a rather nice, actually, you and Mokou joked and laughed a fair amount about various things and by the time you both had gotten completely wasted, your hands began to touch along Mokou's body. You groped her along her chest, rear end, and her inner thigh, the immortal herself enjoying your touch and encouraging you to go farther with your actions. You can vaugely remember that you did manage to get Mokou to go topless before...something happened that broke the two of you out of your rather amorous mood. What this something is exactly, your memory won't fully recall but, you can only remember long, dark hair. "I remember now...we came really close to having sex but, something happened that interrupted us..."

"Yeah...even though we were pretty messed up that night, apart of me did like what you were doing..." Mokou trailed off, a long silence now beginning to flood the room before the immortal turns around and slowly makes her way toward you. "Tell me, If we weren't drunk...would you have went all the way?"

"I only would go that far if you wanted me to, Mokou." You answer to Mokou, who gives you a faint smile as she starts to walk toward you. Before you can even query her on what she was up to, Mokou's lips embrace your own in a soft kiss, your eyes bulging wide in their sockets as you try to pull yourself to think on why she was kissing you now. Of course, once you're about ready to succumb to your natrual instinct of returning Mokou's affections, she breaks away and leaves you a little more confused on what she wanted to do with you.

"Once I get Keine settled...we'll finish what we started that night." Ah right...Keine was, apparently, a threat as of now. We mustn't forget about the task at hand.

"I look forward to it." You comment as you walk past Mokou and remember one last question before heading on out. "Are you sure you'll be okay? Judging by your tone earlier, Keine must be a great deal stronger when she goes hakutaku."

"I can subdue her when I need to, but it's really hard to talk some sense into her once she's all worked up for sex." Mokou replied before she gently nudges you closer to the door. A sure sign that it was your cue to exit and leave things to Mokou "Now get going, I'll meet you back at your house when I'm done."
No. 7466
File 128241942517.jpg - (339.49KB , 800x850 , e41db9d5cf7a7b78f66dedacac5759af.jpg ) [iqdb]
After bringng yourself to depart from Keine's home, you rush down the darkened paths of the slumbering village as fast as you could. Thankfully, you don't encounter Keine, or rather any form of monster that was after you, along your hurried journey to the safety and comfort of your own home. Before long, you reach your front door with little incident and immedieatly shut it behind you coming to gaze upon the darkened surroundings of your house. Your home isn't really all that special compared to that of Keine's; it's a little bit smaller than the teacher's house, yours having 2 less rooms than Keine's did. But overall, you didn't really care too much on the size of your house, just so long as you had to call your own could you really be happy with it. You take a moment or two to breathe in and let out a sigh as you now know that you're here in one piece with little incident from Keine...although you still wonder on how Mokou's doing. Well...she said she was going to be okay...so why not try to unwind a bit and wait for her to show up once's Keine's been dealt with. After all, once Mokou's done, you and her were going to pick up where you both left off on that faithful night long ago. You couldn't be all tense and jittery when that moment came! You trudge back into your room and don't even bother shutting the door, you just flop onto your bed facefirst and just lay there.

You really don't like the aspect of having to leave Mokou with such a tedious job, but if you know her, you'll know she won't take too kindly to help. Especially if she believes she can handle it. Well, you're already home now and a good distance away from Keine's house so the rest of all this depends on Mokou and her ability to talk Keine down to her usual, reasonable self. As you pull yourself up from your bed, now feeling that it would be best to get within your nightwear, you hear a sound resonate within your ear. It's faint, but it sounds like someone's walking towards your room. You're mind now locking on the fact that you were waiting for someone, you can only expect these footsteps to belong to Mokou.

"Oh, Mokou, you're done already-" You call out as you turn to meet the person who...was clearly not Mokou at all. From what you see, you can tell it's Keine but, you immedieatly notice something very different about her appearance the moment you lay your eyes on her. For one thing, her hair color is completely different now; ter once blue-ish locks now being a shade of light green, the higlights in her hair also taking on the same color albeit as a shade of dark green. Alongside this are the bovine-like horns that now jut from her head and a long, bushy tail swishing about behind her, it's color matching that of her newly changed hair. Keine didn't appear to be wearing much save for a white short that does very little justice in keeping her crotch concealed. Your eyes drift along her body and see that Keine...seems to have become slightly more buxom than normal, her breasts being a tad bit larger and were practically straining the top half of the shirt she wore, her cleveage being almost enough to snap the buttons right of their already stressed threads. Granted it's not too big a difference from Keine's human form, but given what you were looking at, the changes in her physique are just enough to make your brain have a system hang on what you wanted to say or do at the moment.

"I've been looking for you..." Keine spoke up, the very sound of her voice slithering into your ear and sending shivers down your spine as she steps toward you, her ample bosom bouncing slightly with each step she took. It looks like Keine didn't even bother to put on much of a bra tonight...you can only wonder if she's going commando too. Once Keine draws close enough, you feel her surprisingly strong grip clasp around your arms and drag you toward her...the were-hakutaku's large breasts squishing against your chest as she engages you in a ravenous kiss. Keine's tongue wrestles with yours, the salivating muscle roughly pinning and flipping your confused tongue about. You have no idea on what you should do, hell, you're still surprised at the appearance of Keine over all.

"Mmm just as delicious as before...I wonder what the rest of your body tastes like?" Keine takes only a moment to break the kiss before diving in for another, her forcefulness pushing you back inch by inch until you felt your legs press up against the sheets of your bed behind you.

"K-Keine, slow down, how did you even get in here?" You ask, somehow managing to pull away from her kiss. Keine doesn't say a single word and simply comes to give you a smirk. She already knew...she was only waiting for you to figure it out on your own. To which...you did, and came to mentally facepalm at your failure. "Oh, fu-"

"Hmhm, that's right. The door was unlocked so I simply let myself in." Keine chuckled, having seen that you were already piecing things together on your own. Keine then shoves you onto the bed and slinks forward to pin your waist down beneath her hips, her tongue snaking across her lips as she stares down at you like a predator ready to devour it's cornered prey. Even though you're practically facing the beast Mokou told you to avoid tonight...you can't help but feel aroused by how things were beginning to play out. This assertive and dominant streak Keine was on seemed to do a good job of setting off your hormones again, and you can practically feel the blood rushing to your steadily hardening cock pulling it closer and closer to full on erection status, preparing to satisfy this animal woman any way it could.

"Mokou..." You choked out, Keine looking up from undoing your pants to pay more attention to what you had to say. "Mokou...told me to wait for her to subdue you first. I made a promise to her...that we would have sex-" You lips are sealed shut as Keine brings her fingertip to your face and hushes your words.

"You do realize all three of us can do it together, right?" Keine says with a slight roll of her eyes before she brings her self down to your face, her lips and nose nearly touching against your own. "It's called a threesome...and Mokou's more than welcome into it." Well there was that, which only seems to raise the thought that Mokou only seemed to want you all to herself. In fact, you're beginning to think that Mokou was actually trying to keep Keine away from you because she didn't want the were beast to have her way with you before she got a chance to have sex with you alone first.

"But first, I want you satisfy me..." Keine says before she perks up in surprise and glances behind her to see a mound in your pants, stiff and throbbing with eagerness. because it's nestled between the cheeks of Keine's rounded bottom. With your attempt to hide your feelings now pretty much fragged, Keine brings her hands down to your pants and undoes them to set your cock free from it's restraints. The teacher turned hakutaku brings her rear up and positions herself over your length, ready to impale herself right onto it. "Let's see if you can score higher on this test than you did before." Keine whispers as she brings herself down, her slit opening to recieve your member within it.

Keine moans out, her hands gripping your shirt as your length fills her pulsating insides bit by bit. The sensation of being inside Keine again seems...different from before. It wasn't too tight, at least not in the sense of her first time hours ago. However, it still retains that enticing warmth that you experienced before..in fact, if you didn't know any better you'd say it was hotter than it was before on the inside. Keine wastes no time in getting down to business and already starts bucking her hips hard against yours, the stillness you had seeming to miff her quite a bit. "Why aren't you doing anything?" Keine chided in between her coarse breathes as she looks to you with disappointment seething from her red eyes. "Fuck me, fuck me hard! I'm not going anywhere until you do me in both holes!" Wow, Mokou was definately right when she said Keine was aggressive in this state. You waste no time in complying to her wills and began to thrust your hips along with hers, sending your legnth deeper into Keine and bring forth squeals of pleasure that only esclated in intensity.

"K-Keine..." You groan, feeling a familiar warm sensation tense up in your thrusting loins. "Gonna cum. I'm gonna cum."

"Hm, Already...?" Keine replied in a dejected tone, as she brings your face down to yours, her hands gripping your shirt with "You're not to cum inside of me until I orgasm. That's part 1 of your extra credit!"

"B-but Keine...I-" You say only to have your voice silenced by Keine's kiss.

"We cum together, end of dicussion." Keine says as she brings herself upright, her breasts . Keine continues to buck her hips wildly against yours, the pressure slowly beginning to build more and more as you held back your load, awaiting Keine to reach her own climax before letting it loose into her. The wait is strange cocktail of pain and pleasure, your member feeling as if it's painfully swelling with cum inside of Keine's voracious pussy, while theres a dash of pleasure as you feel Keine's insides beginning to constrict and quiver around you. Your hands grip Keine's thighs as things start to hit a critical point and you feel you just may let loose before Keine does. The offer sure is tempting but you're going to give Keine as much pleasure as possibly in this...even if it meant holding back your load for it.

Ngh...can't hold it anymore..." You groan, feeling as if you're about to explode at any given moment. You can feel cum beginning to dribble from the tip and you're sure that if Keine doesn't reach her climax soon, you're going to lose it and blow right into her regardless if she wanted you to or not. Thankfully, it didn't take long before Keine begins to reach her limit as well...

Keine lets out a feral howl to the moon as she throws her head back, your instinct picking up on her actions and telling you that she has finally hit her climax. Without a moment to spare, you relax and give your body it's much needed signal to unleash the creamly flood out into Keine's needy pussy. Your entire body goes completely limp as you feel as though you came your entire essence into the were-hakutaku's womb, you're barely able to witness Keine's eyes roll back into her head from the sheer pleasure of having your load shoot into her and letting loose with her own orgasm as well. Eventually, Keine settles and she comes to slump over you pulls herself from off of your dick a trail of . The were hakutaku slinks to the foot of your bed and bends over, putting her supple rear high in the air, while her hand gestures to her anus in betwixt her thick cheeks. "Now...do me here..." Keine panted, wiggling her ass as her tail waved about like flag.

"Ah...gimme a sec..." You pant as you try and regather your thoughts that had been temporarily erased from you when you came into Keine's pussy. "The spirit is willing but, the body is still limp and kinda out of it..." Keine doesn't seem to like your answer that much, but waits none the less, her butt still in the air as she stares back at you waiting for your next move.

Still, all it takes is a little starring at Keine's backside and before you know it, your cock is beginning to harden once more. With your equipment set for the job, you crawl over the the presenting Keine and motion your member over the opening, and begin the entry. Entering through Keine's asshole isn't as resistant as you thought it would be, although it's still takes a bit of effort to stick it in. The were-hakutaku below still enjoys the sensation none the less as you hear her moan in delight. Being inside Keine's asshole is slightly different from her slit, insomuch that it's not moist on the side, or rather not as moist. It's still pretty hot here. You start thrusting at a steady pace, but it only results in Keine telling you to go in harder, to which you obey and start pounding into her.

"Harder...Faster!" Keine moans out, her fluffy tail wrapping around you and treating you to a most interesting embrace. Your fingers grip the flesh of Keine's ass, your hips going in as hard as you can push them in an attempt to keep Keine as satisfied as possibly could. Judging by her cries, you're doing quite well, but having already done this before you're finding it harder to keep things up, in truth you're already starting to get tired. Even so, the feeling of Keine's anus puckering around your shaft is still just as pleasing as it was had you went into her pussy. You can feel yourself reaching the climax, and you feel this is your time to go for broke and pound Keine as hard as you could to make her do the same. You reach down and grab her by the horns, and drill into Keine's ass with as much vigor and strength you could muster.

"Yes!" Keine yowls out in sexual bliss. "Oh yes! Don't stop!" And you try not to, thrusting into her asshole several more times before you feel her anus tighten around you and her body tense up.

"Oh!" Keine gasps, arching her back as her limit is nearly reached. "C-coming...I'm coming!" You give her one final jab and let out a deep grunt as you spray another load into Keine's ass, the were-hakutaku joining you in the euphoria as she orgasms herself . As you feel Keine relax, you begin to pull out of her wet asshole only...to find something keeping the head of your penis from escaping. You look down and see that while most of the shaft is out, the tip seems...to be stuck.

"Ah geeze..." You mumur, your voice catching Keine's attention, as well as the odd motions you were making atop her. "Uhm, this is gonna sound weird but...I think I'm sorta stuck here..."

"Hmm, You say that like it's a bad thing." Keine replies, obviously teasing you a bit on the ordeal.

"Well yeah, I DO want to pull out and move on, you know..." You reply with a bit of a sigh, as you lower yourself into a sitting position, while Keine comes to lay on her belly. You try pulling several times again, but you get no real luck and decide to give it a rest for a moment, seeing as to how you're pretty worn out right about now. As you sit in silence you feel Keine's fluffy tail wrap itself around you again, softly brushing against your cheek. You can only guess that this is Keine's unique way of showing affection while in this form. "Hm, you're tail is pretty soft, Keine..." You compliment as you place your hands onto her ass, your fingers sinking into the supple flesh once you give it a healthy squeeze. "...On both accounts."

"Still, I have to thank you for helping me with my desires." Keine says to you, giggling slightly as you squeezed her rear again. "I share the instincts of a Hakutaku so, when they go into heat, I do as well." Ah so, Keine really does go into estrus. That said, you begin to wonder if you might have impregnated Keine from this. Ah well, we'll worry of that unless the obvious signs of such a thing begin to crop up in the near future, until then...let's focus on getting your penis out of Keine's backdoor...

However, just as you lay ready to use the fluids as a lubricant to pull your dick free from Keine's tight asshole...

"Oi! Are you in here!" A loud call resonates from somewhere in your home and you hear the sound of the front door to your house slam shut followed by the hurried patter of footsteps across the hardwood floors. There's barely enough time for you to react before the footsteps reach the entrace to your room, revealing the body of Mokou to be their owner. "Listen, we have a problem; Keine...is..." Mokou trails off as she stares at the both of you on the bed, the opened door to your room doing absolutely nothing to conceal the both of you from Mokou. The immortal's eyes storm wide with shock and her cheeks flush red with embarrasment as she takes in the full visage of having witnessed her friends getting ready to have anal sex...or rather that's what it appears to be. In truth, that's exactly what you just finished up with Keine...

"M-Mokou, I can explain." You say, temporarily forgetting your penis is still stuck. "I know we made a promise to finish what we started that night, but-"

"No, you don't have to, I can see it clearly myself." Mokou cuts you off. "You'd rather have Keine over me, is that it?" You don't like where this is going one bit. Indeed, you did like Keine, but you also liked Mokou as well, moreso since the immortal did imply she had feelings for you.

"Mokou, don't be like that." Keine spoke up. "You realize that we both can share him, right?"

"She's right, we can have a Threesome if you want to." You agree with a nod, Mokou seeming a little conflicted on if she wanted to really wanted to go along with what the two of you are saying to her. "Listen, I'm sorry that you feel I don't want to keep our promise, but even though I went along with Keine, I still hold out for a time where you and I can have our moment alone."

"Do you really mean that?" Mokou questioned as you nodded to her for comfirmation.

"I'll admit, Keine has a fuller figure than you do, but that doesn't mean I like her any less or more than I do you." You say.

Mokou gives you a smile, as her cheeks go red. "Hmm...thanks, that really means alot coming from you." Mokou's gaze then drifts to the floor for a moment, before she cast her glance toward Keine. "So you're telling me that...even though there's one guy, we can..."

"Certainly, it just requires a bit more work on the man's part." Keine answered as she threw a glance to you, a naughty smirk spreading across her flushed face. It would seem that you're about to get yet another round of sex, but this time you'll need to pleasure 2 girls at the same time. While exciting in more ways than one, you're not sure on how you can do this, being...well, you've never had a threesome before. Even so, all of this rode on if Mokou was actually willing to share instead of wanting you all to herself.

Mokou takes in a breathe and finally opens up with her answer. "Alright...I'll do it."


Part 3 once I get some sleep and finish/clean it up. I apologize in advance for the wait and I hope you enjoy a dominant EX-Keine (even though I sorta feel like I missed a few points on it).
No. 7474
Part two was quite enjoyable, and I'm happy that we've got writers such as you around here.
No. 7484
File 128254801114.jpg - (132.88KB , 700x700 , 1204497188023.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tonight was proving to be quite eventful for you, what with Keine , but now Mokou looking to join in on the fun. You only had time for a several second rest, which wasn't enough to bring back all of your stamina for the coming party, but you can still use what you can to move things along. The recent problem with being stuck inside Keine was quickly taken care of with a little lubricant and a forceful pull from your end, your length coming out with a messy 'slick' sound. Mokou had already dropped her red pants and shed her (rather worn) shirt giving both you and Keine a look at how. Her body was alot more modest than Keine's, a perfect contrast between the two.

"So, Mokou how do you want to start?" Keine asked to the immortal who slinked onto the bed and came to sit beside you. "I may have took a bit out of him before, but...he looks like he's ready for more, aren't you?" Keine leans down and strokes through your matted hair,

"I can take it." You tell Mokou, thumbing to yourself with a newfound confidence in your slowly returning second wind...even if it's not much of a second wind. "You can go about this however you want, just leave it to me." Let's not get too cocky here...you're pretty beat from taking on Keine and her animalistic lust.

"Just leave it to you, huh?" Mokou chuckled, shedding her hesitant disposition as she crawled toward and grasped your length, playing around with it's limpness for a bit. "How am I supposed to count on you, when you're all limp?" Well...you weren't totally limp, but you certainly weren't full on erect either.

"Let's help him get back up then." Keine suggested as she plopped her large bosom onto your crotch, the tip of your cock popping up from inbetween her tits, leaving Mokou to look at Keine's breasts with a bit of surprise. You're sure she's known that Keine is a rather chesty woman (strangely moreso when she goes Hakutaku), so you're a little confused on why she seems a bit taken aback by Keine's size. Then again, you're not really sure Mokou's actually seen them in the nude either. "Aren't you going to join in, Mokou?" Keine asks to Mokou, her green tail slowly waving about in anticipation of Mokou's actions. It looks like Keine's getting excited again...

"You sure I even have enough room too?" Mokou points out, cupping her own breasts and noting how much larger Keine's were compared to hers. "Yours are kinda big..."

"Nonsense, there's enough room for both of us here." Keine replies with a smile. "Besides, I'm sure he won't mind, having the breasts of two girls around his crotch shouldn't be something to complain about." Indeed it wasn't, you would give them both as much love as you could offer up, so breast size wasn't a problem for you. Mokou seems to take Keine's word for it and leans down, docking her tits with Keines. There's still an obvious difference in size, and you can barely feel Mokou's breasts against your cock, but you're sure she'll make up for this in other ways later on. The both of them start off slow, rubbing their breasts against your cock at a steady pace that starts to send shivers of pleasure through your loins and up your spine. You lean back, . However before you can even settle in with this feeling, Keine suddenly stops and brings herself back upright again.

"Ah, I think that should do it." Keine commented, her white haired friend a little confused on why she had suddenly stopped with the tittyfuck.

"What, why?" Mokou questioned as she rises up from your, now hardened cock. "He's about to squirt off, ain't he?"

"Well yes, but I have a feeling this will be his "last shot" for tonight. After all, he's came several times already." Keine replied as she moves behind you, her breasts pressing against your back as she reaches over your shoulder and grabs your engorged shaft. You quiver a bit under Keine's touch as her fingers begin to dance along the sides of your penis. "Besides, don't you want it inside you instead?" Mokou gazes down to your crotch, as she ponders for a moment on what she really wanted to do with you. Mokou doesn't give much of a verbal answer after ward though, and simply moves forward coming to position herself over your groin and laying ready to lower herself down.

"I hope your not completely worn out from fucking Keine, because I want you to go all out with me." Mokou says now coming to lower herself down onto your length, her slit slowly taking it in inch by inch. That is, until your member hits a barrier...Mokou's hymen. A hymen that has most likely been there for well over a thousand years, judging by how old Mokou truly is. Despite taking the lead a few seconds ago, Mokou now seems a bit hesitant to continue, more than likely because of the pain that's soon to follow once her hymen if broken. The were-hakutaku behind you takes quick note of this hesitation and steps in to set it straight.

"It will only hurt for a moment, Mokou." Keine reassures to the immortal, recalling her experience with you earlier in the evening. Mokou does seem to understand, but still hesitates on following through leaving you to take things into your own hands.

"Just hang on, it'll be okay." You tell the immortal as you slowly push forward and break through the organic barrier with as much ease you could allow. Mokou still gives out a pained gasp and grips your shoulders as she deals with the pain, her body slowly relaxing and getting used to the pleasure beyond the pain.

"How does it feel, Mokou?" Keine asked. "To finally have something like that inside you after so long?"

"R...really nice..." Mokou murmurs dreamily, relishing the sensation of your length now filling her every nook and crevice. You take the time to, for once, admire her beautiful white hair, running your hands through her locks which brings forth a loving sigh from Mokou. "After so many years of being a virgin...I'm glad that you're going to be my first."

"And I'm glad you feel that way, Mokou." You reply, Mokou giving you a warming smile as the both of you lock lips, instinctively using this chance to start thrusting into Mokou at a slow and steady pace. Mokou responds in kind to your actions with moans of delight, letting you know that you were doing well so far and encouraging you to take things a half step higher in performance. However as you and Mokou break the kiss you shared, Keine suddenly moves from behind you as she lowers your head down. Naturally curious on what Keine is up to, you lay ready to ask her yourself when your words are thoroughly killed in your throught as Keine comes to sit on your face, her still dribbling pussy right atop your mouth. The action is nearly enough to throw you off from pleasuring Mokou, but you manage to catch yourself and continue pumping your cock into the immortal's virgin slit, her cries rising in volume and ectasy the more you pounded into her.

"You didn't think I'd miss out on the fun did you~?" Keine giggles as she wiggles her hips, smothering you with her slit and giving you the cue to get down to business with partaking. This is it, your chance to take care of both Keine and Mokou's lust. You can only move forward now, so you do your best to please both of these girls and get down to business. You plunge your tongue as far as you can into Keine's slit, licking her inner walls and tasting the warm mixture of both her pussy juices and your cum. Your ears are rewarded with the melodious moan of the hakutaku, her hands planting themselves onto your head as she encourages you to go deeper, and ultimately make her cum once more. However, you do not forget Mokou who's enjoying your manhood being driven inside her like a stake.

"Ahh! Yes that's it!" Mokou "Ooh! Fuck me as hard as you can!" And you don't hold back. Even though the swiftly approaching climax will probably hurt quite a bit due to having came more than several times in one night, you go in as hard as you can and increasing the speed that your drove yourself into Mokou's needy pussy. You can feel the tip of your cock slap against the entrance to her womb and you know deep in the back of your mind that you're going in as hard and deep as you can ge with Mokou. You grasp Mokou's slender thighs and prepare for a rather messy release from the three of you.

You suck on Keine's pussy, voraciously feasting upon her delectable insides and slowly increasing fountain of love juices as Keine howls for you to suck her harder. By this point, all rationality you had before is thrown out the window as you surrender yourself to full on lust. Answering the call of both of these women who needed you to satisfy their carnal desires that burned at them so intensely, and in the process, becoming one with both the woman you had grown to love over your time living in Gensokyo.

You feel Mokou's walls spasm around your cock and know that she was about to orgasm, Keine as well. Soon enough, you let out a deep, throaty groan and set loose with your last stock into Mokou's untouched womb, filling it with your essence and being the first to plant your seed within her. Not too far behind you, Mokou and Keine scream out in a carnal bliss, the hakutaku on your face rewarding your efforts with a spray of her pussy juice into your mouth. To which, you happily drink up and indulge yourself on her sweet essence. Keine falls to the side of you, her wet pussy still in your face somewhat, while Mokou collapses forward and lays her head on Keine's cushiony butt, panting in exhaustion and sexual satisfaction. Finally...after a thousand years...she has tasted the joys of sex and it's all thanks to you.

"Hah...wow..." Mokou breathes out, smiling dumbly as her mind tries to edge itself back from the euphoria it was drenched within. You actually don't even know Mokou's talking to you, until your brain turns itself back on in order to hear her next words to you. "I always thought that my first time would be good...just not THAT good..."

"Aren't you glad you got it inside?" Keine cooed her tail rubbing along Mokou's back, and bring her to sigh in relaxation. With Mokou content with things, Keine then turns back to you, her palm resting atop your forehead as she strokes you as gently as she ever has since she came to you in this form. "How are you feeling, I can bet that you're very tired from tonight."

"Y-Yeah...that was pretty much all I had left..." You reply, now beginning to feel the uncomfortable soreness in your cock set in completely. "Still...it was nice of you to share your first night with Keine, Mokou."

"It's okay...now that I've gotten a taste of what you're like in bed, I'll be sure to beat Keine to the punch next time." Mokou says with a smirk, as her eyes drift to Keine who simply giggles at the immortal's proclamation. You're sure, Keine probably won't come back for you in such a wild lust unless she goes back into heat like she was tonight.

"So...what happens now?" You ask to Keine and Mokou, the latter only answering your question with a silent shrug of her shoulders. Keine however seems to put a bit more thought into her answer...like the scholar she is.

"Well for one, you might have to make time to satisfy us both like tonight, so I hope this was enough practice for you~" Keine says, moving herself from her position and coming to lay to you right side, cuddling close to you. "But for now...get some rest, you've earned your A+."


Annnd with this part done. Sexual Education comes to a close. Sorry for taking to long with it, various things came up that proved a hinderance to writing, you understand, don'tcha?

Next we'll most likely take on the Moriya Shrine folk or maybe some shota/Old Maidens of Gensokyo. It's going to be one of those two...I'm sure. In anycase, thanks for reading, and sorry for the wait.
No. 7488
Might we come back to this happy trio eventually?
No. 7515
Mokou is totally bluffing. Her hymen regenerates. She probably can't get pregnant, either.

I bet she's a complete slut in secret.
No. 7519
That must suck because she'll always have to feel the pain of her virginity being taken away. That and not being able to be mother, if that last bit is true.
No. 7520
Wish this silly idea would die a horrible death and never come back
No. 7531
>Wish this silly idea would die a horrible death and never come back
u mad, bro?
No. 7817
Hey, if it makes you feel better, you can imagine her hymen was broken before she drank the Hourai Elixir. No dice on the pregnancy thing, though; unless the elixir lets her regenerate ovarian follicles, she went through menopause centuries ago.
No. 8188
There's that word.
Mokou took the Hourai Elixir when she was a wee lass. She wasn't menopausal at the time.
The Hourai Elixir can cause whole limbs - and even the entire body - to regenerate when removed.

I'd lay money that either (A) she still has all her eggs and simply no longer ovulates, and is thus infertile, or (B) regenerates everything after menstruation.