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As always, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. However for this, I'm thinking of doing something a little different. Read to the end for more information.

It was a dark and stormy night at the Moriya Shrine. Outside the winds screamed, lashing the walls of the shrine house and making the timber structure creak and groan. Inside, far more than mere wind stirred restlessly in the darkness.

Kanako tried once again to move her hands, to twist them free of the rope looped around her wrists, and failed. As old and worn as they were, the ropes never failed, never lost their unnatural strength no matter the years. Wrapped around her naked body now, as they had been so many times in the past, they were every bit as sturdy as always.

The wind goddess of Moriya shrine tried in vain to turn her head one more time, straining against the harshness of the ropes. They rubbed her raw as they always did, scouring her brow and scoring the perfect flesh of her neck, and still refused to let her look upon her captor. Perhaps that was for the best. Kanako wasn’t sure she wanted to know just what Suwako looked like this time.

“You always look so pretty all tied up like that, Kanako.” The voice of the elder goddess was its normal high pitched and cheerful childish lilting, but there was a deeper and more sinister gurgling of a voice beneath it, like a monster lurking in the darkness. Suwako was in a bad mood. Kanako already knew why.

At an unspoken command, the ropes tightened once again. Kanako bit her tongue as her body was slowly crushed within the inescapable embrace, her limbs soon going numb from the unforgiving tightness. They forced her body into whatever posture Suwako wanted, as always, forcing her to arch her back and thrust her magnificent godly bosom to the cold stone ceiling of the Moriya shrine’s dungeon. Her limbs were dragged taught around her, spreading her into a most undignified star shape, and then Kanako had to bite the end of her tongue off to keep from screaming as her joints were forced backwards, grinding audibly.

“Oh what, bloody already dear?” Suwako sounded pleased with herself. Usually, these sessions started with soft touches and whispered confessions and pleasure aplenty. “If you can’t even hold your tongue for this, I don’t think you’ll much like where we’re going next.”

Again the ropes tightened, again Kanako’s teeth sank into her tongue. Her body could move only so far as the elder goddess allowed, not an inch of give in the ropes strangling her entire being, squeezing her divine self into a suffocating packet of tortured flesh. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t give her sadistic elder the excuse she was waiting for. As the rope around her neck squeezed the breath from her, Kanako feared, just for a second, that she might actually die...

“Stop! Please...”

It was out before she could even think it. The words sounded so pathetic as they spat from her lips, half-strangled and desperate. She sounded every bit the goddess she was; the very lowliest goddess of all.

With a snap of the frog god’s fingers, Kanako’s bindings disappeared into the ether from whence they had been summoned. Her exquisite figure fell to the cold stone floor with a hefty thud, coughing and gasping for breath she knew, at least the rational part of her knew, she didn’t need. Falling to her hands and knees before her elder partner, Kanako’s body trembled as the angry red marks left by her previous bondage quickly faded into invisibility on her flawless milky skin.

Something hot and slippery was very suddenly upon the wind goddess, slithering across her hands and along each of her forearms. Hot wet spongy flesh grasped her in an inescapable grip, and her arms were no longer supporting her weight, but above her, twisted painfully behind her back and hoisted into the air. She scrambled to stand as the tentacles, or whatever they were, lifted her upper body into the air, not stopping until she was balanced on her toes, bent uncomfortably in half. As usual, the sensation was utterly disgusting, thick pearls of hot glue-like slime exuded from the fleshy appendages wound unfailingly around her forearms, trickling slowly along her arms and dripping onto her nude back.

“You’re all wet, my lovely,” the frog goddess sang in her sadistic mirth, and slowly she circled her prey like a hungry animal.

Kanako tried for a moment to close her legs. The cold air wafting between them, playing over the utterly naked mound of her soaking wet sex, was almost as bad as the tongues on her arms. But of course, as soon as her feet moved but an inch, she was struck about the rear end by another of those disgusting fleshy limbs.

With the snake goddess’ musical wailing reverberating in her ears, Suwako relished the sight of Kanako’s bountiful buttocks and her perfectly plump thighs trembling from the unexpected strike of that unnatural tongue. Putting the younger deity in her place never failed to be most enjoyable.

“My darling Kanako,” Suwako pronounced with deliberate care. “Who, I ask you, is in charge of this shrine? Who exactly is the head of this shrine?”

Kanako failed to answer. She knew what she had done, and now she knew just how badly it had offended her so called ‘partner’ god, and she knew full well that nothing could lessen Suwako’s wrath upon her. She tried to shift her feet just a little closer together, to block out that annoying draft between her thighs, and was caught for a second time by the vicious lash of a tongue across her most generous backside.

“I am.” Without even the premise of an excuse, the tongue struck Kanako’s unprotected bottom once again, and again, bringing a desperate childish wailing from the snake goddess’ soft cherry lips each time.

“Moriya shrine does not belong to you, my beloved Kanako. You are not its ruler and you do not presume that such is true, not for one second.”

Normally, Suwako would be having far too much fun watching Kanako’s magnificent rear end quiver and tremble with the repeated lashings of that merciless tongue, the fleshy wet smacking of spongy meat against those creamy, flawless buttocks echoing in the stone room. Ordinarily, she would have stopped long ago to ravish her precious snake goddess’ opulently proportioned body until they both lay sweating and happy on the stone floor. This, however, was no ordinary punishment.

“I allow you many freedoms, Kanako. I graciously leave my shrine more or less in your hands, I allow you the greater share of the faith of our beloved followers, and I even let you do as you will with my most precious Sanae. I ask for so little in return...”

If Kanako’s body were so imperfect as to have any hair on the back of her neck at all, it would be standing on end. Her only hair was still caught in a tightly wound bun, as it always was for these lascivious punishment sessions. A cold sweat covered her flawlessly pale skin from the top of her head to the ends of her toes, even dripping slowly from the peak of her breasts as they hung beneath her. The hot slime continued to slither down her arms and splash across her naked, painfully twisted shoulders.

“Do you respect me, Kanako?”

“Of course,” the snake goddess replied automatically. She instantly regretted it.


Suwako’s voice boomed in the darkness, a chorus of rumbling behind her. The frog goddess put another tongue across her young partner’s flesh, this time hitting Kanako across her lower back instead.

Kanako screamed as a whip of spongy wet flesh hotter than the sun raced across her skin, crossing her diagonally from the crest of her right hip up towards her left breast. Her flesh blistered and seared and split in an instant from the unnatural nature of that unforgiving lash, showering her nakedness in a fine burst of red. Her muscles, unreal as they were, still threw her forward in her bonds with a frightening power, but the sticky bonds on her arms remained unfaltering. In the end, she could only squirm and yell and make her boobs bounce around a bit, which Suwako seemed to be appreciating if nothing else.

“I have given you all that you asked of me, my beloved Kanako.” Suwako spoke like the mother she truly was, her voice like a gentle warmth caressing Kanako’s shivering wet body. “There is nothing you can take from me that I would not surrender willingly. You call yourself my soul mate.”

“I’m sorry,” Kanako whimpered, barely able to speak above a whisper. “I...I’m truly sorry.”

“Then do not ever disrespect me so greatly ever again.”

The lash came again, bursting Kanako’s pristine, godly flesh almost without effort, leaving the snake goddess with a weeping, bloodied cross scored upon the skin of her back. For many minutes, she shook herself violently in her bonds, howling at the dark room in immeasurable agony.

“I understand that you wanted more faith, my sweet Kanako. If you wanted more worship, I would gladly give them dreams of you. I know better than anyone who wonderful that can be.”

Kanako, despite her situation, felt her face blossom with heat. A feather touch of the dainty goddess’ finger to her dangling (and by now quite sore) breasts made her shiver all over.

“Now, I could forgive you for asking Sanae to conceal your treachery from me. I know she is such a very good girl, she would never do anything to displease you.” Suwako’s fingers slowly closed about the plump crimson nugget of a nipple, and she squeezed the sensitive flesh until a gasp of lust escaped Kanako’s lips. “I would forgive you, had it ended there.”

Kanako yelped as her teat was almost ripped from her body by the tugging of her captor’s fingertips. Her bosom wobbled and swayed from the sudden motion, the shifting weight making her flesh ache all the more.

“But you lied to me. To my face. As if it would work.”

Kanako felt her body, now very much the limit of her being, chilled to the core. The slimy wet heat was moving up her supple calves, slithering and sliding like a pack of wild serpents in search of a meal. This was new.

“You looked me in the eye and lied. You know you cannot possibly hide anything from me, Kanako, and yet you thought to deceive me? To my face? That is the most absolutely disrespectful thing you have ever done, my darling love.”

As tongues upon tongues wound their way around her exposed limbs and forced her to stand upright once more, forced her into a most obscenely spread-eagled posture, Kanako found herself unable to think. Words failed her. Her body was a dead weight. For the first time in her very long life, Kanako was truly afraid. For she had never, ever, seen Suwako so angry.

“You do not deserve your godhood, my sweet Kanako. You are an animal. You are no more than a foul, selfish beast. So, this you shall be, until you have learned what it means to truly be a beast. When your mind is broken in two and you know, to the very soul, just how much divinity is worth, then I shall let you stand by my side once again.”

And then Suwako did the most horrible thing she had ever done.

She left.

“B...but...” Kanako tried to form some kind of sentence, just to find something to say, anything to say, as the blonde earth goddess strode from her sight into the darkness. “Wait...Suwa-”

She had expected to be lashed, her body flayed to pieces and left to piece itself back together by her own godly power. Perhaps driven to insanity as Suwako rode her mercilessly between indescribable agony and unbearable ecstasy for days on end. Or maybe just another unforgettable spanking that left her crying face buried in a pillow for hours. She had expected Suwako to do something.

Instead, the squirming, writhing, unstoppable swarm of tongues drove themselves with feverish enthusiasm into the space between Kanako’s perfect thighs. They attacked her in her most vulnerable area, hot wet sticky flesh lashing the so very sensitive folds of her soaking sex without mercy, and Kanako was convulsing in an orgasm so powerful it blinded her for a moment. Kanako’s voluptuous body thrashed uncontrollably in its bonds as a thousand tentacle-like tongues set to work on her exposed skin, her lurid cries for mercy quickly degenerating into complete incoherence.

As if sensing her mood, one of the disgusting wet things decided to wind itself in a messy ring around the base of her right breast and slowly closed the loop. Another quickly followed suit, and soon Kanako’s breasts felt like they might burst at any moment, straining and bulging obscenely from her body and jiggling wildly as the tentacles had their way with her.

Every inch of her screamed in torment. Her skin felt afire under the smothering touch of a score of tentacles, sending waves of torturous agony pulsating through her body. The ripe and blood-swollen folds of her still drenched pussy were wickedly split, splayed apart by the probing tips of a dozen tongues, folded wide to reveal the tender pinkness within. Kanako felt herself gape open, her inner passage gasping like a stranded fish, and promptly stuffed to capacity with the searing flesh of more tentacles than she could count. It felt as if they were already tearing her body to pieces, and boiling her skin from her bones with their touch. Nothing had ever hurt so in all her long years.

Then they found her other entrance, and Kanako hollered herself raw when a ravenous pack of the foul wet things pushed themselves into her unprotected asshole, crowding into her guts like hungry scavengers. Too much flesh inside her, too deep, too fast. Her felt as though it would burst from the strain. She was being utterly, thoroughly fucked by more appendages than she cared to number, had she any sense left in her head to do so. Her gloriously curvaceous body bounced and rocked in her bonds as the things had their way with it. As they stroked every bit of her naked flesh, and lashed her quivering body from head to toe leaving angry red stains on her perfect skin, and fought over each other to take turns in each of her holes even as they grew slack around the ever increasing masses of invading tongue flesh. Kanako felt them squirming around inside, in places nothing had ever touched, and felt sick in a way that was far beyond physical.

At first, she tried to withstand, to endure, and to outlast the vile torment of her flesh. She counted every single tentacle that entered her divine body, even as their numbers continued to swell exponentially. She counted the mind-shattering, repulsive orgasms that had been battered into her, screaming till her voice broke and she vomited air. She counted the minutes, and then the hours. But, in time, she lost count. And then she stopped counting at all.

After a time that could have been days, or years, or forever, Kanako let go of herself completely. She could no longer think. They never stopped, never paused, never even slowed down, not for a second. She had been trapped in this web of slime-covered flesh for an eternity, raped without end in every way she could have ever imagined, violated unspeakably. The tentacles mapped every single inch of her, inside and out, in their quest to reach her ultimate depths. They ripped, tore, burst, breached. She had died a thousand times, her insides scrambled to a fine paste, her body split open, or simply smothered to death by the undulating weight of flesh around her, crushing her alive. Her motherly body trembled as she was impaled end to end, the hot meat of an impossible tongue passing from anus to mouth, its end flailing and thrashing madly and slapping her face as it raped her. The tentacles broke her over and over, body and soul, penetrating the deepest corners of her womb and forcing her ovaries from her ripped belly for her to watch as they were burst from within. They reached into her head and minced her mind. They found countless new and interesting ways of destroying her ample breasts, from popping the ripe swells of flesh through sheer pressure, to simply ripping them from her body, or lashing them till they burst. They turned her inside-out and fucked everything they could find.

Finally, at long last, they stopped. Kanako was alone, in the darkness, crying silently on the cold stone floor, beyond anguish. She was an empty husk. She was nothing. And that was when Suwako finally returned.

The blonde woman took her youthful companion in her hands, lifted Kanako’s lifeless body up to cradle her against her bust. She put her head to Kanako’s, and spoke in a whisper.

“I hope you learned your lesson.”


Now then. The idea is simple. I've come up with this wonderful idea for Kanako, but when it came down to actually writing it, I found that I kinda suck. So I'm going to leave some decision-making up to you guys.

I'd like you to tell me what you'd like to see Suwako's Infinite Tentacle Works do to Kanako, and I'll write a short, detailed sort-of-scene for it. This can include anything. Anything at all. No limits. I may or may not use it, but I probably will.

My goal here is to just build up a nice collection of related single-scenes that would fit nicely into the above story to make it nice and meaty. And hopefully, fap-fodder. That is the general idea, after all.

Thanks in advance. And as always, share and enjoy!

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That was something.
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Fap fap fap fapfapfapfap f-
>Now then. The id-
>something something
>words words words

Sorry, wasn't listening.

Fap fap fap fapfapfapfap
No. 6553
That was really hot.
No. 6554
Magnificient, as for giving ideas, that'll take a few days to brew.
No. 6556
Suggestions? You already have Kana getting her insides liquefied, then being flayed alive. Your audience is going to have a hard time topping that in terms of the extreme... then again, maybe I'm just unimaginative at the moment.

All that aside, I would find it absolutely hilarious (and fappable) if, in some bizarre moment of pity after the countless ravagings they put her through, the tentacles gently and tenderly made love to her. A bout of tentacle happysex, if you will, instead of tentacle rape. Complete with a tentacle reaching out to softly stroke her cheek, and her clasping a hand over it while smiling. Might be going against the grain of what you intended with this series of shorts, but it's something I haven't seen done with tentacle sex before.
No. 6557
>tentacle happysex
This amuses me. Of course, then after the happysex comes more horrendous rape, because giving someone something they want and then taking it away is like Christmas for me.
No. 6558
Yeah, I am definitely going to try to do each of the things mentioned in the Totally Not A Montage, at the very least.

Don't think you have to "top" that, though. I just want to see what you guys want.
No. 6559
It's a bit too hardcore for me (Guro and death are kind of a boner kill.) but its still very well written and still very hot.
No. 6560
>If Kanako’s body were so imperfect as to have any hair on the back of her neck at all
My only complaint is that you made far too many references to how perfect Kanako's body is. I get the feeling you're infatuated with her. You still don't need to hammer the point in; one or two mentions of it would have been enough.
No. 6561
No. 6562
File 127608738728.gif - (1.54MB , 600x600 , 1270702175253.gif ) [iqdb]
Idea for a new story: Reimu and co decide to punish Aya for all the lies she has written.
No. 6563
>You still don't need to hammer the point in; one or two mentions of it would have been enough.
I kind of like it. Reinforcing the fact that she actually is a god and thus possesses a body mostly divorced from normal human bodies makes the entire story a much more pleasant read.
No. 6564
I don't think there is much more to explore in the hard tentacle rape arena really, this went pretty much all the way. How about alternative, more S&M'ish perspective, Suwako taking naked Kanako out on a walk, collar on of course. Humiliation is always fun and all that. Then there's forced body modification, whoring her out, perhaps some rather cruel interactions with Sanae, making her wear embarassing clothing (skimpy/see through/etc) or perhaps some good old sex slave training.

Yes, I know you asked specifically for tentacle related ideas, but honestly that route is finished far too quickly and there's only so many times tentacles wrapping around kanako's body is amusing.
No. 6565
I cannot believe anyone still remembers that. +5 Incredible Memory points.

I will have to think about these possibilities. I do like the idea of Sex Slave Sanae.

But first, I must finish this.
No. 6578
I agree that I don't see why the tentacle guro needs to be described in more detail than you have already. The only questions I have are: where are the tongues coming from... no, not like that, I mean, what are they attached to? And what does it feel like for Kanako to regenerate her body afterwards?
No. 6580
>Sex Slave Sanae.
Ugh, don't write that.
No. 6583
>don't write that.
Why? This story's already got Kanako enduring a long period of torture where she was basically raped to death repeatedly.
No. 6586
While I meant doing that to Kanako, Sanae sounds like a delicious target as well. Perhaps even both at the same time?
Oh you pure love normalfags have had enough material already, leave this thread to /d/eviants, thank you very much.
No. 6587
I will, sadly, be indulging in a more explicit TENTACLE RAPING at least a little bit. Just because I know I can do better than the crappy little sort-of-attempt above. I can also work in those two questions you asked at the same time, so yay!

I really can't express how much I like the idea of a naked tattooed Kanako being led around by her nose like an animal. Sex Slave Sanae is just icing on the cake.

I am also considering moving towards other characters, but I haven't really decided who or what yet.
No. 6589
File 127618556887.jpg - (179.54KB , 504x310 , 2cents.jpg ) [iqdb]
What I mean is that sex slave Sanae has already been done to death by every writer on the planet. Just about every doujin/story that involves Sanae and sex has her being a slutty cumdumpster or being raped. It's tired, it's overdone, and it's BORING.
No. 6590
It has been done poorly several times. I've yet to see a well executed storyline with that. And yes, I've read plenty of doujinshi.
No. 6595
In my mind, she's more of a "help me rape Kanako slave" and spends most of her time being a GOOD GIRL and gathering followers. She just occasionally has to wear a blindfold and do naughty things for her God Mother.
No. 6627

Suwako uses "LOL I'm a goddess" plot contrivance to disguise Kanako as someone or something else, then using trickery to get Sanae to do something demeaning to her. Say, making her appear as a youkai/tengu/kappa who has arrived at the shrine on a pilgrimage, and the explaining to Sanae that she's interested in flaggelation as a way of being cleansed of certain sins.